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Answern Ds Bs and A are incorrect. These all are true for KRIs. Key Risk Indicators are the prime

monitoring indicators of the enterprise. KRIs are highly releiant and possess a high probability of

predictng or indicatng important risk. KRIs help in aioiding excessiiely large number of risk

indicators to manage and report that a large enterprise may haie.

The complete set of KRIs should also balance indicators for risks root causes and business impacts so

as to indicate the risk and its impact completely.

Question 8

You work as a project manager for SofTech Inc. You are working with the project stakeholders to

begin the qualitatie risk analysis process.

Which of the following inputs will be needed for the qualitatie risk analysis process in your project?

Each correct answer represents a complete soluton. Choose all that apply.

A. Cost management plan

B. Organiiatonal process assets

C. Project scope statement

D. Risk register

Aoswern D, B, aod C


The primary goal of qualitatie risk analysis is to determine proporton of efect and theoretcal

response. The inputs to the Qualitatie Risk Analysis process aren

Organiiatonal process assets

Project Scope Statement

Risk Management Plan

Risk Register

Answern A is incorrect. The cost management plan is the input to the perform quanttatie risk

analysis process.

Question 9

You haie identied seieral risks in your project. You haie opted for risk mitgaton in order to

respond to identied risk. Which of the following ensures that risk mitgaton method that you haie

chosen is efectie?

A. Reducton in the frequency of a threat

B. Minimiiaton of inherent risk

C. Reducton in the impact of a threat

D. Minimiiaton of residual risk

Aoswern B


The inherent risk of a process is a giien and cannot be afected by risk reducton or risk mitgaton

eforts. Hence it should be reduced as far as possible.

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