Sandia Prep Application Booklet - 2019-2020


Welcome to Sandia Prep Admission

2019 - 2020 Academic Year


Admission Dates

Learn about our First Choice Program on page 6.




First Choice Program - Due November 19, 2018

General Pool - Due February 12, 2019

Welcome to Sandia Preparatory School Admission

To apply for the 2019 - 2020 school year, please complete the following:

Apply online at ($65 application fee)


At Sandia Prep - November 17, January 12, February 9

Off-Campus - December 1, February 2

Then log into your Sandia Prep application account to:

Register for an admission test date


First Choice Program - Due November 26, 2018

General Pool - Due February 22, 2019

Request records from your child’s school

Email teacher recommendation forms (available early November)


First Choice Program - Notified December 10, 2018

General Pool - Notified March 22, 2019

Schedule your child’s student interview (required)

Schedule your child’s student visit day (optional)


First Choice Program - Due January 11, 2019

General Pool - Due April 5, 2019

If applying for tuition assistance, submit completed tuition

assistance application at



When I greet our students each day in the drop-off area with a handshake

and a “Good morning,” I’m reminded of why I am honored to work

at Sandia Prep. As I walk around campus, I am always struck by how

welcoming and kind our students are.

Sandia Prep is a one-of-a-kind place, and I have come to believe that

student and faculty engagement both define and differentiate our community. At Prep, a

palpable sense of enthusiasm underscores the day-to-day classroom experience. Students

are appreciated as individuals, and the journey through adolescence is prized as much as

the destination.

The world into which our children will graduate is changing at a pace nearly impossible

to fathom. To prepare them, schools must cultivate intellect while nurturing the social and

emotional skills that go hand-in-glove with innovation. Sandia Prep students go on to serve

their communities and to excel in their chosen careers. They look back at Prep as the place

that encouraged their curiosity, allowed them to take risks, and challenged their intellect

and work ethic beyond what they once thought possible.

I am delighted that you are considering Sandia Prep for your child. It is my sincere hope

that you will join me on campus over the coming admission season to experience our

remarkable school for yourself.


Bill Sinfield, Head of School

Sandia Preparatory School

532 Osuna Road NE

Albuquerque, NM 87113

p: 505.338.3007 • f: 505.212.0109

Laura Fitzpatrick - Director of Admission

Roxanna Caird - Associate Director of Admission

Patricia Snow - Admission Coordinator



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High fives in the hallway. Lions and Unicorns. Celebrating one another’s successes. More

than just a campus, Sandia Prep is a community, bringing together innovative, advanced

classes, dynamic arts and athletics, and leadership opportunities for every type of student.


We offer a unique array of rigorous courses

that challenge and motivate.

Classes include:

Robotics • Physics 2 • Extreme Theater

Entrepreneurial Studies • Global Literature

Engineering & Mechatronics • Calculus 2

Molecular Biology • Western Civilization 2

Spanish Model UN • Broadcasting


Academics • Arts • Athletics

Activities • Atmosphere

Sandia Prep cultivates each student’s

passions, talents, creativity, and intellectual

development through our Five A’s.

The goal: Strong leaders who are

well-rounded and know how to think critically.


525 students in

grades 6 - 12


68 faculty members





7 - to - 1 15 students



The joy of learning and living is at the center of

all we do. Sandia Preparatory School provides

remarkable opportunities for intellectual and

personal growth within a challenging and balanced

program. As an extension of our families, Sandia

Prep's diverse community inspires students to find

their academic focus, talents, and creativity.




Seniors accepted to

four-year colleges

Students of color

Faculty who hold

advanced degrees


Developing essential skills and intellectual potential

through challenging academics

Cultivating a socially responsible environment of

innovation and creativity

Students who receive

tuition assistance


Engaging as a vibrant community for the

betterment of society


Higher level cognitive

skills are developed

throughout curriculum

(Founding Member)

All courses are

honors level


Emphasis on


and innovation

(Founding Member)



You’re invited to Sandia Prep’s Admission events especially for prospective families!

Make sure to complete a pre-application online for official invites to student workshops,

athletic clinics, theater performances, and much more. much more!



October 21, 2018

An interactive open house for

prospective students and their families

February 6, 2019

An evening for parents to meet

Sandia Prep’s exceptional faculty





April 2, 2019

A preview of Sundevil traditions and a cookout

on the Quad for newly admitted students

In-Session Campus Tour

& Coffee with Bill

See classes in action and get to know

Head of School, Bill Sinfield




Application Process Tips

Start early.

It is often hard for parents to believe that the application process

starts around September for enrollment the following school year.

The admission process has a few steps, and you will position your

child better if you allow plenty of time for your family to complete

the application.

All applicants are eligible for our First Choice Program,

an early decision privilege for any family who knows that

Sandia Prep is their first choice.

Why First Choice?

• Your child will be considered with a smaller pool of

applicants before the general pool.

• You will receive a decision much sooner, by early December.

• You will have peace of mind and be able to look forward to

the coming school year.

Questions? Ask our Admission Team for more information at or 505.338.3007.

Do your research ahead of time by talking to families who have

students at Prep.

Ask them about their children's learning or educational experience,

and just as importantly, their overall happiness. Are their children

engaged, challenged, and supported? What is the stress level like?

What kind of athletic and extracurricular activities will be available to

your child? How are parents included in the school community? Ask

families to explain how the school supports academic and personal

growth at all grade levels.

Don't sweat the test.

We care more about school engagement and performance than just

test scores. Putting pressure on your child can create undue anxiety

and hinder admission test performance.

Applying for financial aid? Familiarize yourself with the process.

Sandia Prep offers tuition assistance for most income levels. In fact,

39% of our current students receive tuition assistance. Investment in

elementary, middle, and high school prepares students for a lifetime

of academic and career success. Moreover, independent and private

schools can provide expertise in securing funding for college when

the time comes. See page 14 for more information on affording

Sandia Prep.



Sandia Prep is accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Independent schools are private, nonprofit schools that serve students in pre-kindergarten,

elementary, middle, and/or high school. These schools are governed by independent boards

of trustees and each school has a unique mission and culture.

Graduates from independent schools are more likely than other students to:


go to college

Nearly 100% of graduates of

independent schools that belong

to the National Association of

Independent Schools go to college.

have higher average SAT scores

2 3

NAIS students on average

score 293 points higher

than other students.

enjoy being challenged academically

76% of NAIS students say their school

work makes them curious to learn more

(compared to 61% of public school

students) and 74% enjoy tasks that require

a lot of mental effort (compared to 59%).

attend a highly-ranked college

NAIS grads are more than three

take part in experiential learning

4 5 6

42% of NAIS graduates conducted

times as likely to attend top ranked

research with a professor in college

universities or liberal arts colleges than

(compared to 35% of public school

graduates of other high schools.

graduates) and 42% worked on a longterm

project (compared to 32%).

feel prepared for college

In their first year of college, NAIS grads

are more likely to have learned to ask

questions in class, integrate skills/

knowledge, and support opinions with

logical arguments.


finish college on time

77% of NAIS grads

complete college

on time, compared

to 64% of public

school grads.


have a path to success for firstgenerational

and minority students

More than three-quarters of NAIS minority

graduates (77%) graduated from college within

four years, while 62% of minority graduates

from public high schools did the same.

Sources: National Association of Independent Schools -

NAIS 2015-16 SAT Test Scores Report - NAIS

NAIS Report on the 2016 High School Survey of Student Engagement

NAIS-Gallup Report on NAIS Graduates, Gallup, Inc

“‘It’s everything else you do..’: Alumni views on extracurricular activities and

employability.” - Sage Journals

“Four-Year Myth: Make College More Affordable. Restore the Promise of

Graduating on Time, Complete College America


Where Our

Graduates Go


American University

Boston College

Brown University

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

University of California, Berkeley

Carnegie Mellon University

Colorado College

Colgate University

Dartmouth College

University of Denver

The George Washington University

Harvard University

Kenyon College

Macalester College

University of Michigan

New York University

Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences

Occidental College

Princeton University

Reed College

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rhode Island School of Design

University of San Diego

Tufts University

United States Air Force Academy

United States Naval Academy

University of Washington

Yale University

KATIE SHARP ’03 • Postdoctoral Researcher at the UC

Berkeley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology •

BS in Biochemistry from the University of Rochester

and a PhD. in Genetics from Stanford University

“You can draw a pretty straight line from Prep’s science

program to my job now. Still, Prep’s emphasis on learning

to write well was perhaps the most important preparation.

A career as an academic scientist requires strong writing

skills to win grants and fellowships to fund your work as

well as to get your work published.”

DAVID TENORIO ’13 • BS in Engineering from Harvey

Mudd College • Engineering Internship at Intel

Prep gave me a great foundation to succeed in college. I

would not have even known about Harvey Mudd without

the wonderful college counseling department - Mudd has

indeed turned out to be the perfect fit.”

ALI HASHEMIAN ‘01 • Owns Los Angeles-based

Kinetic Financial • BS in Mathematics and Computer

Science and MS in Business Administration from the

University of San Diego

Prep was one of the most influential experiences of

my life. The skills I acquired during my seven years as a

Sundevil were essential to my collegiate success as well

as my professional achievements as an author, speaker,

business owner, financial adviser, and philanthropist.”



Depth and expertise over standardization

• Comprehensive college counseling beginning in ninth grade

Senior Capstone

Academic research,

community service, or

exposure to a profession

culminating in a public


Interdisciplinary Studies

Students engage in creative,

critical, and constructive

processes to develop

products, ideas, and projects

to advance communities.

• 7 : 1 student-teacher ratio

• 100% of seniors accepted to four-year colleges

• Dual enrollment classes for college credit

• More than $4 million merit scholarships awarded annually to

graduating classes of approximately 70 students

Heritage Language Program

Advanced language

instruction typically for

students who speak Spanish

at home or come from

dual language programs

Odyssey Scholars Program

Students combine elements

of independent study,

capstone classes, and ongoing

research for in-depth

study in a particular area.



State champions. No-cut policy.

Inclusive no-cut athletic program led by a renowned

coaching staff that produces state champions

Beginning in Sixth Grade

Basketball • Cross Country • Dance • Flag Football

Soccer • Softball • Volleyball • Tennis • Track and Field

Beginning in Eighth Grade

Baseball • Bowling • Golf • Dance Team • Swim & Dive • Lacrosse

50 State Championships

Multiple NMAA Coaches of the Year



Vital. Vibrant. Vast.

Performing arts and visual arts offered at every grade level,

including a comprehensive middle school theater program.


Guitar • Strings • Chorus • Jazz Band


Musical Theater • Drama • Technical Theater • Dance Company

Visual Arts

Photography • Painting • Sculpture • Ceramics • Drawing • Digital Film • Graphic Design



Explore your potential.

An Activity period is built into our weekly schedule with more than 30 activities offered each quarter.


SPACE (Sandia Prep’s Makerspace)

Student Government

Helping Hands Community Service


El Modelo Naciones Unidas

(Spanish Model UN)

Mock Trial

Model UN

Outdoor Leadership Program

La Chispa Literary Magazine

Math Competition

ACT Prep




Ultimate Frisbee


Native American

Sandia Prep Alliance (NASPA)



We’re more than just a campus.

We’re a community.

We think of it as the heart and soul of our school: the relationships

that carry our students forward each and every day.

Culture of kindness

Personalized, frequent communication with parents and guardians

Sixth-grade hub building

Secure, closed campus

Unpretentious, welcoming community

Grade-level retreats

Diverse student body

Advisory program

Full-time nurse

Certified mental health counselor





Tuition ($1,000 nonrefundable registration fee included) .......................... $22,390*

Tuition covers campus organizations, retreats, PE clothing, athletic and field trip

buses, etc. * Reflects 2018-2019 tuition; 2019-2020 tuition will be determined by

the Board of Trustees in early 2019.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

We partner with School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) in our financial aid

process. Sandia Prep offers aid in the form of financial aid grants to families who

demonstrate financial need. The amount of each grant varies, depending on the

family’s need and our available resources. Families are required to file for financial

aid on an annual basis. Aid awards are typically similar from one year to the next

unless financial circumstances have changed. Sandia Prep is unable to make an

award until both the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and required tax documents

are received. If parents are divorced or separated, both parents must participate in

the financial aid process by each submitting a separate application directly to SSS.

Late filing may jeopardize an award.

Tuition assistance application available at

Important Tuition Assistance Information

Sandia Prep SSS Code: 7079

First Choice Applicants: PFS and 2017 taxes due by November 26, 2018

General Pool Applicants: PFS and 2018 taxes due by February 22, 2019


An independent college preparatory school for grades 6 - 12

532 Osuna Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

505.338.3007 •

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