Sandia Prep Application Booklet - 2019-2020



Depth and expertise over standardization

• Comprehensive college counseling beginning in ninth grade

Senior Capstone

Academic research,

community service, or

exposure to a profession

culminating in a public


Interdisciplinary Studies

Students engage in creative,

critical, and constructive

processes to develop

products, ideas, and projects

to advance communities.

• 7 : 1 student-teacher ratio

• 100% of seniors accepted to four-year colleges

• Dual enrollment classes for college credit

• More than $4 million merit scholarships awarded annually to

graduating classes of approximately 70 students

Heritage Language Program

Advanced language

instruction typically for

students who speak Spanish

at home or come from

dual language programs

Odyssey Scholars Program

Students combine elements

of independent study,

capstone classes, and ongoing

research for in-depth

study in a particular area.


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