Sandia Prep Application Booklet - 2019-2020




Application Process Tips

Start early.

It is often hard for parents to believe that the application process

starts around September for enrollment the following school year.

The admission process has a few steps, and you will position your

child better if you allow plenty of time for your family to complete

the application.

All applicants are eligible for our First Choice Program,

an early decision privilege for any family who knows that

Sandia Prep is their first choice.

Why First Choice?

• Your child will be considered with a smaller pool of

applicants before the general pool.

• You will receive a decision much sooner, by early December.

• You will have peace of mind and be able to look forward to

the coming school year.

Questions? Ask our Admission Team for more information at or 505.338.3007.

Do your research ahead of time by talking to families who have

students at Prep.

Ask them about their children's learning or educational experience,

and just as importantly, their overall happiness. Are their children

engaged, challenged, and supported? What is the stress level like?

What kind of athletic and extracurricular activities will be available to

your child? How are parents included in the school community? Ask

families to explain how the school supports academic and personal

growth at all grade levels.

Don't sweat the test.

We care more about school engagement and performance than just

test scores. Putting pressure on your child can create undue anxiety

and hinder admission test performance.

Applying for financial aid? Familiarize yourself with the process.

Sandia Prep offers tuition assistance for most income levels. In fact,

39% of our current students receive tuition assistance. Investment in

elementary, middle, and high school prepares students for a lifetime

of academic and career success. Moreover, independent and private

schools can provide expertise in securing funding for college when

the time comes. See page 14 for more information on affording

Sandia Prep.


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