SJCS 2016-2017 Annual Report


St. Joseph Catholic School 2016 - 2017 Annual Report. Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

2016-2017 Annual Report

The mission of St. Joseph Catholic School is

to educate each student by embracing our faith and upholding academic excellence

within a Catholic community devoted to the whole child.

Blue Ribbon School Celebration

A word from our Principal

Dear parents and friends of the school,

What an amazing school year we had this past year. The school

was once again named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the

Department of Education. In order to earn the award, a school must

demonstrate students’ achievement is within the top 15% of all schools

in the nation. This award is only earned by 50 private schools each year,

and it demonstrates what a commitment to excellence we have from

our school community—students, teachers, and parents, alike. We all

work hard, because these children are worth it!

Your generous support of the school has allowed us to do a number

of things this past year, but one much-needed improvement involved

our technology here at St. Joseph Catholic School. We were able to add

new wireless routers to increase our wireless capabilities; we increased

bandwidth for faster internet access, and the addition of new devices

brought technology into even more classrooms. It is always so exciting

to see the learning that takes place within the classrooms using the

technology—the children never cease to amaze me.

Our goal each year is to provide an exceptional education, both spiritual

and academic, to the children within our charge. Your continued financial

support of the school is so greatly appreciated—thank you! We hold

each of you within our prayers at our school Mass, and hope that you

hold us, and the gift of Catholic education, in your prayers, too.

Thank you.


Patricia Allen, Ph.D.


Dr. Patricia Allen &

Archbishop Gregory

2016-17 School Leadership

Monsignor John Walsh, Pastor

Dr. Patricia Allen, Principal

Mrs. Jill Rice, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Cynthia Granger, Director of Operations

Mrs. Jackie Fusaro, Development Director

Mrs. Vicki Sandlin, Technology Director

Mrs. Judith Brodell, Executive Assistant

Mr. John Darby, Maintenance Director

Advisory Committee

Monsignor John Walsh, Pastor

Dr. Pat Allen, Principal

Mrs. Paula Todd, Chairperson

Mrs. Michelle Michaud

Mr. Frank DeMarco

Mr. John Rittenhouse

Mrs. Stefanie Kramer

Mrs. Elizabeth Goff

Mr. Patrick Devereux

Mrs. Christina Updyke

Finance Committee

Monsignor John Walsh, Pastor

Dr. Pat Allen, Principal

Mr. Brian Hershberger, Parent

Mr. Dan Krieger, Parent

Mr. John Luckett, Parent

Mr. John Rittenhouse, Parent

Technology Committee

Monsignor John Walsh, Pastor

Dr. Pat Allen, Principal

Mr. Mark Buynoski, Parent

Mr. John Cassazza, Parent

Mr. Chuck Niswonger, Parent

Mr. Michael Roth, Parent

Mrs. Megan Crabtree, Teacher

Mrs. Stacee Schwab, Teacher

Mrs. Melinda Setchell, Teacher

Mrs. Vicki Sandlin, Technologist

Home and School Committee

Mrs. Stefanie Kramer, Co-President

Ms. Michele Austin, Secretary

Dr. Maricelis Armstrong, Treasurer

Student Council Officers

Alison Stefansic, President

Helen Lepp, Vice President

Ana Bernardo, Secretary

Anna Roberts, Officer

JP Squeri, Officer

Belle Mbaezue, Officer

Liam Watson, Officer

Megan Swade, Officer

SJCS Shines Bright

School Highlights

SJCS Class of 2017 Award Recipients



SJCS Awarded Blue Ribbon

School of Excellence

Dr. Allen & Monsignor Walsh

Employee of the year:

Stacee Schwab – 1st Grade

Mrs. Schwab teaching a math class

H&S Volunteer of the Year:

Karen Hershberger

Highest GPA

• Avery Hawkins

St. Pius X Catholic High

School Chi Rho Award

• Abel Yared

Knights of Columbus

2nd place in the state writing contest

• Lauren Moore

Principal’s Award

• Helen Lepp

Outstanding Christian Award

• Jenny Almeida

PE Awards

• Alex Mena

• Sophie Michaud

English Highest GPA

• Lauren Moore

Literature Highest GPA

• Lauren Moore

8th Grade Mathematics

Highest GPA

• Julia Simonsen

Algebra Highest GPA

• Lauren Moore

Computation Highest GPA

• Alex Mena

• Avery Hawkins

Religion Highest GPA

• Avery Hawkins

Science Highest GPA

• Lauren Moore

• Avery Hawkins

Social Studies Highest GPA

• Avery Hawkins

Spanish Highest GPA

• Avery Hawkins

Spanish Achievement Award

• Gaby Morales

Spanish Club

• Jenny Almeida

• Laura Ginter

• Avery Hawkins

• Charlie Oberman

• Avery Shumpert

Writing Awards

• Isabel Hardy

• Belle Mbaezue

• Anna Roberts

President’s Educational Excellence Award

Jenny Almeida

Rachael Beno

Ana Bernardo

Abby Crane

Sophia DeSantis

Natalie Didier

Kelly Doychak

Licia Fallah

Laura Ginter

Brian Goldblatt

Reese Hall

Isabel Hardy

Avery Hawkins

Helen Lepp

Belle Mbaezue

Morgan McGrath

Alex Mena

Lauren Moore

Computer Award

• G T DeClemente

Math League Test Winners

• Ben Hamacher

• Morgan McGrath

• Eric Natera

• Charlie Oberman

• Griffin Peck

• Abel Yared

Gaby Morales

Bella Nearhood

Jason Nelson

Charlie Oberman

Griffin Peck

Anna Roberts

Avery Shumpert

Julia Simonsen

JP Squeri

Alison Stefansic

Megan Swade

Ashley Tootle

Liam Watson

Evan Walsh

Sarah Wolfe

Abel Yared

SJCS School Statistics


Number of Families...........................................332

Catholic Families...................................... 96%

Non-Catholic Families............................... 4%

St. Joseph parishioners.................................... 43%

Parishes represented............................................21

Number faculty/staff...........................................53

Combined teaching years’ experience............341

Faculty & staff with advanced degrees.......... 26%

Faculty & staff who are alumni,

parents of alumni, or with children

enrolled as students......................................... 66%

Class of 2017 High School Selections

Blessed Trinity High School........................... 45%

Public/Cobb County High Schools............... 22%

Magnet High School Programs..................... 20%

St. Pius/Marist Catholic High Schools............ 8%

Christian/Private High School........................ 6%

Class of 2017

2016-2017 %


Tuition & Fees..................................... $3,254,630 83%

Tuition Assistance................................. $233,070 6%

Other Revenue....................................... $192,489 5%

Fundraising............................................ $147,672 4%

Extended Care & Cafeteria..................... $98,897 2%

Capital Campaign..............................................$0 0%

Contra Revenue (minus).....................-$296,718

TOTAL SUPPORT............................. $3,630,040 100%


Salaries & Benefits.............................. $2,702,624 74%

Mortgage................................................. $173,493 5%

Instructional Materials......................... $207,365 6%

Facilities.................................................. $191,700 5%

Student Service........................................ $70,141 2%

Technology............................................. $152,253 4%

Administration........................................ $37,466 1%

Development/Marketing........................ $91,955 3%


TOTAL EXPENDITURES................ $3,626,997 100%


Monthly Payments.................................. $14,458

Annual Payments.................................. $173,493

Projected Payment Date....................... 1-Feb-20



Cost to Educate...........................................$8,521



Gifts of $5,000 or more

Mr. & Mrs. John Luckett

Domain Capital Advisors, LL


Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999

Mr. Patrick O’Neill


Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499

Dr. Patricia & Mr. Ric Allen

Ms. Ana Bond

Mr. & Mrs. David Contreras

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dickman

Dr. & Mrs. George Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Maciejewski

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Mathies

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Michaud

Dr. Dirk Williams


Gifts of $500 – $999

ABBVIE Foundation

Mrs. Leah Suzanne Akiki

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daniel

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Foy

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Goldblatt

Dr. & Mrs. Tony Ha

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hardy

Home Depot Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Hustin

Dr. & Mrs. Elias Issa

Mr. & Mrs. Navin Lakatoo

Mr. & Mrs. Carson Lyons

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Novela

Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio Odivilas

Ms. Kathy Scott

Mr. & Mrs. James Smith

SunTrust Foundation

Matching Gifts Program

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Swift

Voya c/o Frontstream

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walsh

Mr. & Ms. Christopher Withers

Dr. & Mr. James Wolfe


Gifts up to $499

Mr. & Mrs. John Abel

Ms. Joyce Abraham

Mr & Mrs. Humberto Alessandrini

Mrs. Karyta Almeida

Mrs. Jennifer E. Almeida

Mr. Marroquin & Ms. Maria Alvarez

Dr. & Dr. Juan Carlos Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Aschwege

Mr. David Audrain

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Baribeau

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Beach

Mr. & Mrs. William Bell

Dr. Nichole Guillory &

Mr. Jerome Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Beno

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Biebel

Ms. Erin Walker Black

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Blatnik

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bloniarz

Mrs. Judith Brodell

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Burke

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Burkly

Mrs. Susan Burwell

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Buynoski

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Cain

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Capitillo

Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Chacon

Mr. Eduardo Chacon

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Chauveau

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Choo-Hen

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Collins

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Comsudes

Dr. Susan Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Cornejo

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Crabtree

Mrs. Megan Crabtree

Mr. & Mrs. Cranmer

Mrs. Julia Cree

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Creel

Mr. & Mrs. Chase Crowson

Mrs. Patricia Crudele

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cumberland

Mrs. Kellye Cunningham


Supporting SJCS:

Thank you for helping

our school grow!

Mr. John Darby

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Daskal

Mr. Grivaldo De Souza &

Ms. Maria Chacon

Delta Air Lines Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Dendinger

Mr. & Mrs. DePadro

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin DeSagun

Ms. Deborah DeSantiago

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Devereux

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Didier

Mr. & Mrs. Diep

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Dinsmore

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dorko

Mr. & Mrs. Robleiq Dos Santos

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Duelmer

Mr. Mark Dunson & Ms. Debra Isgro

Ms. Patricia Dykes

EADS Distribution, LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Earp

Mr. & Mrs. David Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ehlers

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Elliott

Dr. Charmaine Emelife

Mrs. Carol English

Mr. & Mrs. Esho

Mr. & Ms. Jason Fedevich

Mrs. Dania Ferrer

Ms. Becki Fiorelli

Mr. & Mrs. James Flading

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Flynn

Ms. Michal Foley

Ms. Marjorie Foley

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Forese

Ms. Kimberlie Francis

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Frazer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Freer

Mrs. Jackie Fusaro

Mr. & Mrs. John Gagne

Mrs. Patricia Garvey

GE Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John Geis III

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ginter

Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Giraldo

Mr. & Mrs. Miles Godfrey

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Goff

Mr. Gonsalves & Ms. DaCosta

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Granger

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Grannis

Mr. & Mrs. Blair Greenhill

Mr. & Mrs. William Grier

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Guggenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Guggenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Hainje

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Hamacher

Dr. & Mrs. James Hartley

Mr. & Mrs. Bart Henderson

Mr. & Ms. Bolivar Hernandez

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herold

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hershberger

Mr. & Mrs. Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hicks

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hildebrandt

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hogan

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hohman

Dr. & Dr. Daniel Holtz

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Holzman

Mr. Joshua Hood & Mrs. Cuevas

Ms. Mary Horstmann

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Huffman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Huggins

IBM International Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Jean

Mrs. Deana Jones-Puig

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Joy

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kilinski

Ms. Katie Kirchof

Mrs. Tara Klodnicki

Mrs. Terri Korff

Dr. & Dr. Jeffrey Kovacic

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laguitan

Mrs. Maribeth Lane

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lennox

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Leon

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lepp

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Letsch

Ms. DeAnna Marie Lewis

Ms. Amy Lightsey

LEMPAC Charity Program

Mr. & Mrs. Peter London

Mrs. Lorenzo

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Lozano

Ms. Meghan Manthey

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Martel

Ms. Shelley Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart McConnell

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCormick

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos McCray

Mr. & Mrs. McEntegart

Mr. & Mrs. Randy McKnight

Mr. & Mrs. Corey McLaughlin

Mr. & Mrs. William Mendez


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Milian

Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Miller

Ms. Stacia Minton

Ms. Molly Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Moore

Mr. Juan Morales

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mott

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Mullings

Ms. Ana Munoz

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Murr

Mrs. Stephanie Nash

Mr. & Mrs. Corey Nason

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Nesmith

Mr. & Mrs. Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Niswonger

Mr. & Mrs. John Norlander

Mr. & Mrs. Oaks

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O’Dell

Mr. & Mrs. O’Hegarty

Old Mill Cabinet Company

Mr. & Mrs. Olise

Mrs. Andrea Oliver

Mr. & Mrs. Johan Olsson

Mr. & Mrs. Omisore

Mr. & Mrs. Travis O’Neal

Mr. & Mrs. Arturo Ordoqui

Mr. & Ms. Salvador Osorio

Mrs. Susan Ouellette

Mr. & Mrs. Owens

Dr. & Mrs. Craig Patterson

Mrs. Teresa Pawlik (Wilkinson)

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Peck

Mr. & Mrs. Christian Pecone

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pieper

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Pierson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Poole

Publix Super Markets Charities

Ms. Azane Quacoe

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Ramatowski

Mrs. Beth R. Ramatowski

Mrs. Jill Rice

Mr. & Mrs. Avelino Ribeiro

Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Richmond

Mr. & Mrs. John Rittenhouse

Mr. & Mrs. Robertson

Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Robinson

Mrs. Katherine Roland

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roth

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Runey

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. Saldierna-Ortiz

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Sales

Dr. Charlotte L Salgado

Ms. Amy Sandbothe

Mr. & Mrs. James Sanders

Mrs. Vicki Sandlin

Mr. & Mrs. Sangster

Ms. Karlha Sanjuan

Mr. & Mrs. William Santangelo

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Schmitz

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Setchell

Mr. Paul Burin

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Shinholster

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Shinkle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shumpert

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kerby Siglin

Ms. Sandra Siminoski

Mr. & Mrs. Elie Smeen

Mrs. Wendy Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Enrico Squeri

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Stanley

Mr. Scott Stefansic

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Subacz

Mrs. Dagmara Szkaradek

Mrs. Josefina Taffel

Mrs. Montine Tanner

Mrs. Janet Terrasse

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Teverino


Mr. & Mrs. Leland Thrash

Mr. & Mrs. John Thur

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Tootle

Ms. Callie Traeger

Mr. & Mrs. William Updyke

Mrs. Maria Viteri

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wallace

Mr. & Mrs. Waterman

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Witte

Dr. & Mrs. Spencer Wynne



ABBVIE Foundation

Coca Cola Company

Delta Air Lines Foundation

Federal Home Loan

First Data Corporation

GE Foundation

Home Depot Foundation

IBM International Foundation


Intercontinental Hotels

Kimberly Clark

LEMPAC Charity Program

Lincoln Financial



Norfolk Southern


SunTrust Bank


Grandparent Lend-A-Hand


Bruce & Michelle Brumfield

For Katie Morgan

A. R. Cuevas Jr.

For Angie Hood

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Fischer

For Ben, David, Will & Ryan Hamacher

David & Marjorie Hamacher

For Ben, David, Will & Ryan Hamacher

Theresa Jansen

For Zachary Jansen

Daniel & Madeline Joy

For Daniel, Ellie & Nicholas Joy

Bob & Patsy Lagen

For Callie & Drew Duelmer

Richard & Marilyn Lukens

For Alana Lyons, Lucy Lyons, Elissa Lyons

Paul & Sandra Mathies

For Payton & Sarah Ann Mathies

Dr. & Mrs. Corsino M. Mena

For Alex & Andrew Mena

Edward & Julia Miller

For Dillon & Ashley Miller

Joe & Linda Reinauer

For Alex & Kate Thrash

Rhonda & Cary Rhodes

For Frances Withers

Daniel Rowe

For Sydney Rose Allen

Gene & Judy Sandbothe

For Warren P. Sandbothe

Susan Santangelo

For Caroline & Sophia Santangelo

Deb & Ernie Seymour

For Ethan & Evelyn Burin

Larry & Terry Subacz

For Matthew, William & Charlotte Subacz

Richard & Susan Trotter

For Jenny Almeida

Ben & Virgie Urzendowski

For Caitlin Urzendowski

BLUE HANDS ($100-$249)

Mary & Ray Acosta

For Caroline & Sophia Santangelo

Jeff & Laurel Armbruster

For Daniel, Elizabeth & Nicholas Joy

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Ayer

For Julia & Jack Gagne

Karen M. Bennis

For Reed Thomas Frazer

William & Emily Bond

For Robert & Isabella Bond

Linda Savage & Kevin Boyer

For Liam & Brogan Grannis

Mark & Ines Burin

For Ethan & Evelyn Burin

Marie Carr

For Natalie & Ben Didier

John Casazza

For Emma & Calli Casazza

Audrey & Tom Castracane

For Anna McLaughlin

Peggy Cleveland

For James Austen Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Edgardo Constantino

For Seth & Skye Constantino

Jack & Linda Cosby

For Nora Lightsey

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Couch

In memory of Anthony Link Couch, Jr.

For Collin & Cole Couch

Dale & Linda Cross

For Charlie & Bennett Owens

Ellen Cross

For Charlie & Bennett Owens

Melissa & Mark Davenport

For Ethan Segars

Elizabeth Davis

For Adyson & Charlotte Miller

Ray & Jan DeSloover

For Olivia Godfrey

Theresa & Tom Diasio

For Nicholas Cooper

Hector & Joyce Dudley

For Reese Hall

Charles & Martha Engelberger Jr.

For Karson & Logan Engelberger

Bob & Danette Foley

For Zachary Jansen

Joseph & Rose Forese

For Isabella Forese

Les & Loretta Foy

For Sarah Foy

Mr. & Mrs. William “Bill” Fuller

For Jacob Fowlkes

Diane Garrison

For Max Poole

Maryann & John Geis

For Julia & Jackson Geis

Lynn Goldblatt

For Brian & Jason Goldblatt

John & Karen Hanten

For Katelyn & Brooklyn Brannan

John & Mary Anne Harner

For Kathryn & Adam Kovacic

Mike & Petite Harpenau

For Alex, Oliver, & Max Crowson

Don & Laura Hatcher

For Bennett Schwab

Steve & Karen Hess

For Evelyn Holtz

In memory of Kaye M. Paterson

Ron & Faye Irvin

For Pierce Crane

Margie Kellett & John Fiely

For Tyler Grund

Greta Kramer

For Will & Susan Kramer

Monica & Bob Lyons

For Alana & Lucy Lyons

Bill & Betty Mackey

For Sairsha Connor

Robert Martel, Sr.

For Brady Martel & Henry Martel

Ana McGary

For Haley McGary

Randy & Carolyne McKnight

In memory of Tony Couch

For Collin & Cole Couch

Angela & Kevin Metz

For Tony Barros

Dave & Jane Micheletto

For Jackson & Cora Micheletto

Stephen & Darlene Moore

For Nicholas Wilson

Paul & Karen Moore

For Felicity Moore

Frank & Gwen Moran

For Emily & Olivia Daniel

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Morgan

For Katie Morgan

Sarah G. Nave

For Payton & Sarah Ann Mathies

Chuck & Madeline Nesmith

For Mary & James Nesmith

Mr. & Mrs. Larry O’Dell

For Anna & Emma Clare O’Dell

Arturo & Maria Ordoqui

For Taylor Ordoqui

Rita Ginter Petrowicz

For Laura Ginter

Mike & Gwen Powderly

For Anna Shinholster

Karen & John Qualls

For Madeline Dendinger

Patricia Quinn

For Myles & Melissa Herold

Susan Rea

For Addison & Sadie Earp

Bill & Catherine Rittenhouse

For Emma, Daniel, & Matt Rittenhouse

Jeanne & Bill Robertson

For Jaiden & Justice Ramatowski

Gloria Ruiz

For Alexander R. Milan

Harry & May Schwab

For Bennett Schwab

Earline & Ronnie Schwartz

For Colleen Schwartz

Marie Simervil

For Diane & Luvensky Pierre-Louis

David R. Smith

For William D. Smart

Anthony & Eleanor Teverino

For Luke, Liv & Brendan Teverino

Ernie & Jan Thayer

For Anthony N. DePadro

Jim & Peggy Thur

For Ellis & Owen Thur

Lou & Joanie Ushupun

For Sophia Kelly

Barbara & Frank Walsh

For Kyle & Kelci Walsh

Dian & Michael Watson

For Liam & Rylen Watson

Michael & Louise Wiggins

For Julia & Jackson Geis

Nona & Chris Withers

For Frances Withers

Grandparent Lend-A-Hand

Additional Gifts to SJCS

GREY HANDS (up to $99)

Mr. & Mrs. James Addison

For M.J. & Kat Addison

Kathie Allen

For Sydney Allen

Ancell & Karen Atkins

For Mary Kate Atkins

George & Joan Buynoski

For Amelia & Sadie Buynoski

Mary & Renato Cesaretti

For Isabella Forese

Lee & Kathy Christianson

For Camryn Christianson

Bob & Rena Crouch

For Olivia & Joseph Dickman

Peter Meilunas

For Haley McGary

Noretta Moore

For Lauren Moore

Steve & Barbara Murr

For Matthew Landon Murr

Michael & Janet Northway

For Michael Thomas Setchell

Ray & Janet Phillips

For Gillian Huffman

Carmen M. Soto

For Galilea Szabo

Ann Thompson

For Joaquin & Nathan Thompson

Ron & Mary Ellen Von Holt

For Liam & Rylen Watson

Ralph & Cammy Wagner

For Peyton & Lily Fortner

Helen Wiggins

For Julia & John Geis

Mr. Walter Willingan

For Charles Oberman

Pat & Mike Yarnold

For Sarah Foy



(Formerly Capital Campaign)

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Aschwege

Ms. Becki Fiorelli

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Ginter

Girl Scout Troop 2223

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hohman

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart McConnell

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kerby Siglin

Mr. Scott Stefansic

Mr. & Mrs. Scot Teverino



Dr. Patricia & Mr. Ric Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Esho

Mrs. Magdaline Guerrier

Mrs. Marie Piekarski

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wethington

Foundation Gifts

Catholic Foundation of North Georgia

Conrads Family Foundation

David P. & Marjorie L. Hamacher Fund

Greater Milwaukee Foundation


Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Diasio

Ms. Becki Fiorelli

Mr. Gonsalves & Ms. DaCosta

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pieper

Mr. & Mrs. Scot Teverino


Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schmeltzer

Elizabeth Davis

For Lucky Phillip Davis

Nancy & James Depadro

For Anthony DePadro

Joseph & Carmen Dickman

For Olivia & Joseph Dickman

Patricia Freer

For Reagan Freer

Brenda & Lamar Grier

In memory of Ruth Grier

For Lillian & Hayden Grier

Kathy Harris

For Alex & Sammie Francis

Mike & Tracy Hill

For Brody Payton

Elaine L. Huggins

For Madeline & Thomas Huggins

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Johnson

For Hunter James Hicks

Ray & Mary Krieger

For Mary & Matthew Krieger

Michael & Bonnie McLain

For Karson Lynn & Logan Kate Engelberger

Blue Ribbon Gala & Silent Auction

February 7, 2017 Marietta Country Club

Committee: Michelle Nichols, Sheila Shinholster, Alessandra Elliott & Laura Hildebrandt

Excellence Sponsor:

United Office Systems, Document Imaging Solutions


Mr. & Mrs. John & Michelle Abel

Ms. Brittney Biddle

Ms. Erin Buckley

Mrs. Marianne Burke

Mr. & Mrs. David & Kellie Contreras

Mr. & Mrs. Doug & Megan Crabtree

Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Jan Desloover

Mr. Allan Dodson

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sheila Edwards

Mr. Rusty Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Re’an Geis

Mr. & Mrs. Justin & Elizabeth Goff

Archbishop Wilton Gregory

Mr. & Mrs. Brad & Michele Hainje

Mr. & Mrs. Brad & Jill Hamacher

Mr. & Mrs. Luis & Maria Hernandez

Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Laura Hildebrandt

Ms. Deb Isgro

Dr. & Mrs. George & Stefanie Kramer

Mr. Chris Leeds

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Laura Lennox

Mr. Richard McGrath

Mrs. Denise Mott

Ms. Vanessa Nicolettos

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Bozena O’Neill

Mrs. Jennifer Payton

Ms. Lauren Reeves

Ms. Ashley Rae Riddick

Mrs. Connie Sadler

Mr. & Mrs. Enrico & Iris Squeri

Mrs. Mary Ellen Von Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Mary Wallace


Atlanta Braves

Jan & Ray DeSloover

Michele Austin & Brad Hainje

Jill & Brad Hamacher

Luis & Maria Hernandez

Dr. John Stroop

Dr. Dustin Tipton

(Farrar & Tipton)

Mary Ellen Ron Von Holt

Mary & Patrick Wallace

SJCS parents who donated gift cards and time for Classroom Creations!


1st Day School Supplies


Almeda interiors

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

Atlanta Braves

Big Green Egg

Blessed Trinity High School

Broadway in Atlanta

Cason Photography

Chateau Elan

Chick Fil A

Cobb Energy Performing Arts

Centre Foundation

College Football Hall of Fame

Cook’s Warehouse


Cougar Athletics Association

Dakota Enterprises, Inc/Subway

Darrah Photo

Dr. John Stroop. D.M.D.

Dr. Martin Krieger

Eighth Grade Parents

Dr. Dustin Tipton - Farrar

& Tipton Othodontics

Fifth Grade Parents

First Grade Parents

Fourth Grade Parents

High Museum of Art

Home Depot

James Avery Jewelry

Joel C. Pugh, Esq.

Kayal Dermatology & Skin

Cancer Specialists

Kindergarten Parents

La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

Luna Designs

Marietta Dental Associates

Marietta Pizza Company

Marlow’s Tavern

Massage on the Square


Second Grade Parents

Seventh Grade Parents



Sixth Grade Parents

Sparkles Family Fun Centers

St. Joseph Catholic School

St. Pius High School

Third Grade Parents

Total Wine


Uniform Source

Walt Disney World Co.



Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Addison

Dr. & Mr. Ric Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cregan

Mr. Nathan James Cunningham

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daniel

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Didier

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Dinsmore

Mr. Mark Dunson & Ms. Debra Isgro

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Elliott

Mrs. Carol English

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Flynn

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Foy

Mrs. Jackie Fusaro

Mr. & Mrs. John Gagne

Mr. & Mrs. John Geis III

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Goff

Mr. & Mrs. John Gordan

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Hamacher

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hershberger

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hicks

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Hildebrandt

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Joy

Dr. & Dr. Jeffrey Kovacic

Dr. & Mrs. George Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Peter London

Mr. & Mrs. James Martin

Mrs. Hannah Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Michaud

Mr. & Mrs. Micheletto

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mott

Mrs. Stephanie Nash

Mr. & Mrs. Corey Nason

Mrs. Mary C. Natera

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Nelson

Mrs. Michelle Telenko Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Niswonger

Mr. & Mrs. O’Hegarty

Mr. & Mrs. Owens

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Patton

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Payton

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Pierson

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Ramatowski

Mrs. Jill Rice

Mr. & Mrs. John Rittenhouse

Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Robinson

Mrs. Vicki Sandlin

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sciarappa

Mr. & Mrs. Elie Smeen

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Swift

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Tootle

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Von Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Waterman

Mr. & Mrs. Ian Watson

Grace Scholars:

Georgia Residents Assisting Children’s Education

Families and friends of SJCS, as well as anonymous donors, redirected

$88,501 in scholarship aid to our school in the calendar year 2017.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Acosta

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Addison

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ahr

Mr. & Mrs. Randy J. Arnold

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Barone

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy N. Barrett

Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Barrett

The Reverend Paul W. Berny

Ms. Judith A. Bitter

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Blatnik

Mr. & Ms. Gerald O. Bruch

Mr. George F. Buchkowski &

Dr. Jeni M. Buchkowski

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Burkly

Mr. & Mrs. John Callozzo

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Campolmi

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Carlin

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Carrigan Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Clancy

Mr. James L. Conway

Mr. & Ms. Joseph L. Cregan

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. D’Ambra

Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. DeMarco

Mr. Russell W. Dene

Dr. & Mrs. William T. Dowdell

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Duff

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony S. Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Fadus

Mr. & Mrs. Loyd J. Fasselt

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Foy

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Fusaro

Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Gasper

Mr. & Mrs. Terry A. Gibbs

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew H. Granger

Mr. Eric C. Shafer & Mrs. Patricia

R. Grossman

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Harpenau

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Havlik Jr.

Mr. Clinton C. Hawkins & Dr. Mary

Anne T. Hawkins

Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Humphrey

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar D. Hux

Mrs. Theresa A. Jansen

Dr. Lisa K. Edwards & Dr. Christopher

W. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Knoblock

Mr. Michael T. Kopp & Mrs. Rita

G. Holbrook

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan T. Korff

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin D. Kosbab

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Lambremont

Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Liposky

Ms. Jennifer B. Loucks

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Luckett

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. McClain

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard P. McPartlan

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Metz

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Moulton

The Reverend Larry P. Niese

Mr. & Mrs. Randall W. Nowlin

Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. O’Grady

Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. O’Malley

Mr. & Mrs. L. Laszlo Pallos

Mr. & Mrs. Dean J. Paonessa

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Park

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley A. Pictor

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Prochaska

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Renteria

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Rodriguez

Mrs. Elsa I. Rullan & Mr. Thomas

I. Cabrera

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Ryan

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Sanders

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Santangelo

Mr. & Ms. Kenneth D. Sheffield

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight D. Shoemaker

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Snyder

Mr. Scott Stefansic

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore F. Vonck Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Withers

Mr. & Mrs. Adam F. Wrublewski

Mr. Andrew R. Yustat & Mrs. Patricia


Mr. & Mrs. Mario A. Zuniga

Giving Opportunities


The Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition and the cost to

educate. It includes proceeds from the Grandparent Lend-A-Hand

and Cougar Pride campaigns. This important fund helps SJCS grow.


As part of the Annual Fund, the Grandparent Lend-A-Hand Campaign

has become an essential part of our fundraising efforts. Established

in 2010, this important fund has raised money to improve the school

Media Center and add technology upgrades to our school. Thank you

Grandparents for your unending support of our school.


GRACE is a student scholarship organization (SSO) established by

the Archdiocese providing tuition assistance to families with financial

need. Donors can designate specific schools - like St. Joseph Catholic

School - to receive their donation. A taxpayer in Georgia can “use” part

of his Georgia income tax to provide scholarships for students entering

Catholic schools in Georgia. This occurs because the tax payer receives

a 100% tax credit against his GA tax liability for the amount donated to

GRACE Scholars. Therefore, money that was going to pay taxes is being

“used” to support Catholic education for those in need.


This fund was established in memory of Lisa W. Moon - beloved

and devoted mother of SJCS students Sean and Chase. The interest from

this fund is used in our Performing Arts Department.


This fund is available to families suffering temporary financial hardship.

St. Joseph Catholic School

welcomes gifts made by cash, check,

or credit card. You can make your

credit card gift online. If you

prefer to write a check, please

make check payable to St. Joseph

Catholic School and mail to:

St. Joseph Catholic School

81 Lacy Street

Marietta, GA 30060

The campaign year for

St. Joseph Catholic School is

July 1 to June 30.

St. Joseph School is a 501(c)(3)

nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation.

All gifts to the school are tax

deductible to the extent specified

by law. Donors are encouraged to

consult with their tax advisor

regarding implications of their gifts.

To find out more about ways

you can contribute to our

school, please contact the

Advancement Office

or call 770/428-3328 ext. 124.


Each winter, SJCS hosts an Annual Silent Auction & Gala. Fun and creative themes have included Denim & Diamonds,

Speakeasy Soiree and in 2017, we celebrated our Blue Ribbon Award. Attendees bid on thousands of dollars in donated

products, vacations, and services, in addition to the popular SJCS exclusives like Carpool Queen, the beloved school quilt,

and the 2nd grade communion runner! Attendees take part in the lively Paddle Call, where donations are directed

toward a specific need for the school, whereas auction proceeds are directed toward our school’s Mortgage Debt Reduction

campaign. Thank you to the committee volunteers, sponsors, and attendees for your continued support of this fun-filled

fundraising event.

The Advancement Office of St. Joseph Catholic School publishes the Annual Report to express gratitude to those who

have given to our community. We have made every effort to include all of our generous donors in this report and ensure their

names are listed properly. Please accept our sincere apology for any errors or omissions. We are thankful for every donation

received and you may contact Jackie Fusaro, Advancement Director by phone at: 770-428-3328, extension 124

or email at: to correct our records.

Class of 2017

Today I pledge, to keep Jesus

in my mind, on my lips, and in my heart.

I promise my actions and words will be

kind and true amd I will not hurt others with what

I say or do. I am very proud to be a student

here at St. Joseph Catholic School.

St. Joseph Catholic School is a twice-recognized

National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

and accredited through AdvancED,

the parent corporation of the

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

St. Joseph Catholic School • 81 Lacy Street • Marietta, GA. 30060 • 770-428-3328 •

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