Troubleshoot the Boost or Startup Issue in Lenovo Laptop


Check this pdf, you will know how to troubleshoot the boost or startup issue in Lenovo laptop. If you will follow these steps then you will know about this. For more information just dial Lenovo Customer Support Helpline Number +61-283173389 or visit our website

Troubleshoot the Boost or Start up Issue in

Lenovo Laptop

Probably every laptop or computer device has to face

this issue over a period. This might be done when you

too much use your device and have no antivirus in your

device or expired antivirus. Lenovo Laptop has a great

market value and this type of issue cannot degrade

their market value down. Its devices are so reliable and

durable at the cost of nothing. If you are looking to buy

a laptop or a desktop screen, go for the Lenovo device

without thinking twice.

If you are here to solve the issue in your laptop of

startup and boost, then we must tell you that you have

landed at the right place. Here you will be greeted by

the best experts.

Our experts are here to solve every single issue in your

device’s hardware or software.

To find out the issue in your device, you are

supposed to follow these below steps precisely:

Method 1

• In the window start screen search for startup.

• There, choose the option “change advance startup


• Then, select the Restart Now under the Advanced


• And select the Troubleshoot option from the list and

click on an Advance option.

• Choose Startup Repair among other options

Method 2

• Power off your system or shut it down.

• Press the NOVO button which is at the side of your

Lenovo Laptop and then selects BIOS setup.

• After this, set the boost mode to UEFI or Legacy

Support in the boot menu.

If you encounter any glitch pertaining to your Lenovo

device, feel free to call us at our Lenovo Support

Australia +61-283173389 and find other solutions for

your daily issue. You can talk to our experts or

engineers to find the solution and we will provide you

the great response from our side.

Lenovo Customer Support Australia

Helpline Number:


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