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September 20, 2018

Volume 107

No. 38



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kneehill county

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Stettler County

Smoking bylaw

gains detailed


Audrey Nelson of Trochu fills out the petition form as Evelyn Bauer of Torrington helps her. The petition is to have

Alberta Municipal Affairs perform an investigation into Kneehill County practices.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Residents request transparency

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

A group of concerned citizens

known as ‘Urban & Rural

Kneehill County’ on Facebook

has made several moves,

including a petition, to have

Municipal Affairs conduct an

investigation into a series of

decisions made by both the current

council and Chief

Administrative Officer (CAO) of

Kneehill County.

So far, the group – which was

created in response to council

pulling funds for the Regional

Resources Urban Sustainability

Grant in April – has travelled to

most corners of the county visiting

eight locations to spread

their message and gain signatures

for this petition.

As of Mon. Sept. 17, the group

has accumulated 1,140 confirmed

eligible voter signatures.

Many more from neighbouring

communities like

Carbon and Linden have also

signed their name to show support

although uneligible in the

eye of Municipal Affairs.

On Thurs. Sept. 13, approximately

70 people came to listen

to members of the group in the

Sunterra Room of the Trochu

Community Hall.

Paul Devos, a former

Torrington Fire Department

volunteer, went through a

13-page letter outlining the concerns

of transparency and

proper decision making of

Kneehill County Council while

Kim Albrecht kept the speaker

on track and added to the


Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The smoking bylaw,

which had passed first

reading, had many

observers but no one with

input on how the bylaw

should be set up during its

public hearing held on Wed.

Sept. 12.

Council passed second

reading and launched into

discussion on some

changes that could be done

including definitions of

what a public space is.

The main focus of the

conversation was what the

bylaw would look like as a

strict cannabis consumption

bylaw which excludes

tobacco and alcoholic


Tobacco and alcohol

would still fall under other

legislation known as the

Smoking and Tobacco

Consumption Act.

Prescribed distances to

smoke like being 10 metres

away from playgrounds

and arenas were taken out

so anyone can smoke beside

a building.

County-owned property

was added to the list of

public spaces as well.

A nuisance bylaw will

come into effect if the smell

of the cannabis is too


Campground and golf

courses act the same as

council does not wish to

‘dictate how they run their


The provincial government

will be determining

religious freedom as some

ceremonies require the


Administration added

that the bylaw can be

amended to allow this provincial

legislation of

religious ceremony rather

than coming up with

seperate legislation that

could be overruled later on.

The legislation states:

“Nothing in this bylaw

abrogates or derogates from

the rights of persons of

aboriginal ancestry from

participating in their cultural

or spiritual


Councillor Ernie Gendre

felt this was a way for

people to escape regulations


“I would like to see it

removed and if they want to

challenge it, they challenge

it. I think there should be

no preference to anyone

else over anyone else by

law,” said Gendre.

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Paintearth council ...................... 2

Red Deer county ......................... 2

Hardisty council ......................... 2

Clive council ............................... 3

Coronation council ..................... 3

PrairieView ................................. 6

Obituaries .................................. 7

Agriculture ............................ 8 - 9

Real Estate/Homes ............ 10 - 12

Sports ............................12-13, 16

Classifieds/Careers ............ 14 - 15


Be informed

and prepared

Page 6



kid competes

at European


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win home

opener in


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Coronation AG Foods



Food Fare, Castor


Ace Hardware, Oyen


Home Hardware, Clive


Heartland Auto





Blow Out




October 6

• Windows & Doors

• Siding & Roofing

• Flooring • Tools

• Mineral & Feed

1 block E. of

museum on

East access road to

Hwy 36 (N of bottle depot)

408 - 5th St. E

Hanna, AB

(403) 854-2802

2 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o n a t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Greengate wind energy letter submitted

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

The Alberta Utilities Commission

(AUC) has submitted a letter to potentially

affected parties including

Paintearth County council for the

Garden Plain Wind Power Project

Facility Application.

Written applications for those who

had concerns had a deadline of Mon.

Sept. 17.

Garden Plain 1 is a branch owned by

TransAlta Corporation.

The company has applied to construct

a 130-megawatt wind power

project consisting of 36 turbines.

The application outlines that the

turbines will stretch to a height of 110

metres with 67.2 metre blades


The project would be located 30 km

north of Hanna, mainly alongside

Sullivan Lake, on approximately 6,100

hectares of privately-owned land

within the Special Areas No. 2 and

County of Paintearth.

If anyone wishes to participate in

the AUC proceeding visit their website

and log in to the e Filing System and

enter in Proceeding 23651 and register

under the ‘registered parties’ tab or

call 310-4282 for more information.

The letter was accepted as


Preston Tower Agreement

Council agreed to additional broad

ban equipment on the Preston Tower

following a presentation from Edward

Councillor Connie Beringer

informed council at their regular

meeting, Sept. 11, the Beautification

Committee has decided to proceed

with using Hi Signs, an Alberta based

company, to construct two new

‘Welcome Signs’ for Hardisty and the

estimated cost for the project would be

approximately $75,000.

The exact wording on the sign is still

being decided upon.

“I think the majority of it would be

paid for,” stated Beringer when

council discussed fundraising efforts

that will be made to pay for the sign.

Council made the decision to put the

two new welcome to Hardisty signs in

to the 2019 Capital Budget for the

$75,000 with the understanding the

Beautification Committee will pay the

funds back as they get them. This will

enable the project to get started.

Traffic Impact Study

Council reviewed the feedback from

Alberta Transportation regarding the

Traffic Impact assessment for the

Hardisty South -East Industrial

Subdivision Area.

They felt it would be prudent to

invite the engineers out for an onsite

visit so they can all be there at the

same time and consult further on the

intersections that may be affected by

future development.

Code of Conduct bylaw

Council reviewed the first draft of

the Code of Conduct Bylaw where

everyone had a chance to comment on

the informal and formal complaint

process, compliance and enforcement

of the bylaw, approval of missed meetings,

elections and campaign process,

gifts and hospitality, remuneration

Paintearth County Council

Griffiths, C.E.T. of Vital Networks Inc.

to present a delegation.

His presentation was regarding the

Preston Tower Agreement and what

future plans there might be for it.

Griffiths offered coverage that would

help rural residents find effective

internet options within their area.

The county agreed to lease a spot to

Vital Networks Inc. to mount some

broadband equipment under the same

terms and conditions as others who

use the tower.

Relationships strengthen

The Intermunicipal Development

Plan (IDP) bylaw is a document that

Volunteer firefighter recruitment drive


Red Deer County has launched a

new campaign aimed at recruiting volunteer


Volunteer firefighters make a huge

difference in their communities, and

can gain valuable experience in a

number of different areas.

According to the National Fire

Protection Association, 97 per cent of

Canadian fire departments are staffed

by volunteers.

Red Deer County Fire Services operates

in the communities of Bowden,

Delburne, Elnora, Red Deer South and

North (immediately outside the city of

Hardisty Council

Construction of new welcome signs to proceed

Lisa Bye

and expenses, expectations regarding

ECA Review

orientation and training attendance, as

well as other components of the bylaw.

Hardisty Cemetery

The Hardisty Cemetery Advisory

Committee is recommending the Town

have another columbarium built as the

compartments in the existing one that

was built in 2008 are almost sold out.

A columbarium is a structure or

building with niches for funeral urns


for entries:

Nov. 1


Theme: At Work in

Stettler County.

Let your photo

tell the story.

outlines how municipalities work and

do business with their surrounding

neighbours with common boundaries

as required by new changes to the

Municipal Government Act (MGA).

The county council went over first

reading of IDPs with Provost, Castor

and Coronation which were carried.

The Intermunicipal Collaboration

Framework (ICF) bylaw provides that

two or more councils of municipalities

that have common boundaries must,

by each passing a bylaw, adopt an

intermunicipal collaboration framework

to provide for the integrated and

strategic planning, delivery and

funding of municipal services, to

Red Deer County

Red Deer), as well as Spruce View and


Volunteers are generally matched

with the station closest to their homes.

All volunteers must be at least 18

years of age, and have a Class 5 driver’s

license. Volunteers must also be able to

pass a physical fitness test.

All other training and equipment

are provided by County Fire Services.

Red Deer County’s Director of

Community and Protective Services,

Dave Brand, says, “Our Fire Services

volunteers get the chance to experience

unique challenges and rewards

you can’t find in other jobs. We want

to be stored.

The town of Hardisty is requesting

proposals for a designed, supplied,

delivered and installed columbarium

for the budget amount of $30,000.

Capital Project updates

The Hardisty Arena Dressing Room

project is expected to be completed by

0ct. 1 except for the tiling in the


Supervisory Control and Data

Photo Contest 2018

‘At Work in Stettler County’

Submit your photos online at by

midnight November 1, for a chance to be published in our

2019 County Calendar. Grand Prize wins a

128 GB iPad mini 4!

Contest Rules

Maximum entries: 3 per person

Amateur Photographers only.

If you run a photography business, you are not eligible

steward scarce resources efficiently in

providing local services, and to ensure

municipalities contribute funding services

that benefit their residents.

Council carried first reading of the

ICF bylaw.

This pushes the county to the

halfway mark as Todd Pawsey,

Development Officer, described during

the reading.

Now the county only has to make

both bylaws with Special Areas and

Flagstaff County.

A public hearing is scheduled for

October 2 for both IDP and ICF


members from a wide variety of backgrounds

who are committed to

learning new skills, being part of a

team and making a difference in our

community, no matter what your

career or previous experience is.”

The deadline for applications is

October 12, 2018.

For more information on volunteering,

go to the Red Deer County


To stay up to date with Red Deer

County, visit or go to

our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Acquisition (SCADA) project on the

water treatment plant will hopefully

start at the end of September in


The work at Heisler is completed and

Killam is almost done. Once this is

complete real time data will be able to

be monitored, gathered and processed

locally or remotely.

The asbestos abatement has been

done on the 5012-48th street dwelling

and demolition will begin soon.

Anyone can Enter!

There are no age or residency requirements but the photograph must be taken by

the entrant.

Photos should be High Quality.

Set your camera to the HIGHEST RESOLUTION. Landcape vs. portrait?

Landscapes lend themselves best to our calendar format.

Photos MUST be taken in the County of Stettler.

Photographs taken in the Town of Stettler and Villages of Big Valley, Donalda and

Gadsby will be accepted but will not be considered for the grand prize. You must

confirm ‘where’ in the County of Stettler the photo was taken in order to be eligible.

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 3

Clive Council

Clive franchise fees remain stable

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Clive council, held on Mon. Sept. 10,

saw a clear solution to the current

franchise fee rates within the village.

Franchise fees are a fee that a

person pays into in order to operate a

franchise branch of a larger company

and enjoy the profits and/or services.

In return, the person who pays into

the system may enjoy the use of the

franchisor’s system and name for a

Grant pays for LED

lights in arena

Lisa Bye

ECA Review

MLA Rick Strankman for the

Drumheller-Stettler constituency

attended the Sept. 10 Coronation town

council meeting to present a

Community Facility Enhancement

Program cheque for $27,622 to the

Coronation Memorial Arena Board for

the Arena upgrading project.

“It is for north of $27,000 that they

applied for and the department was

gracious enough to see that forward,”

stated Strankman when discussing the

grant application process with council.

“Thank you very much, it really

helps out our arena,” said Recreation

Director Barry Brigley who accepted

the cheque on behalf of the arena


Strankman was able to see firsthand

what some of the grant money was

used for as he attended the Coronation

Royal Rumbull Bullarama on August

15 and commented on how the new

LED lighting made things much

brighter and easier to see in the arena.

Development application

Council approved a development

application for a rental office and

repair bay for automotive repair and

services at 4810-4814 Victoria Avenue.

The development will also include

storage and display of rental light

tower equipment along the easterly

vacant lot of the property.

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The first reading of Bylaw 2018-661—

Intermunicipal Development Plan

(IDP) was passed by council.

Minor amendments were made to

limited time as well as assistance if

needed. The fees also provide an alternative

revenue stream for

municipalities to add to their yearly

budgets that get put back into the


The Village of Clive implemented a

franchise fee of 9.00 per cent in 2012

with Fortis. The Atco Gas Franchise

Fee is currently 16.17 per cent.

The franchise fees are calculated on

the distribution revenue from the

delivery of energy to customers within

coronation council

MLA Rick Strankman

was on hand at

the Coronation

town council

meeting Sept. 10 to

present Coronation

Recreation Director

Barry Brigley with a

Community Facility

E n h a n c e m e n t

Program cheque

for the Coronation

Memorial Arena

Board for $27,622.

ECA Review/L.Bye

the current IDP in the areas of future

uses of residential growth, industrial

growth, county development and priorities,

transportation networks and

administration processes.

A public hearing will be planned for

public input on the proposed amendments

to the new IDP.

Council reports

Coun. Shelly Cook reported that the

Communities in Bloom Committee

(CIB) had been busy installing lights

along the walking path to the dam.

“I must say having camped above

them in the group area at night when

you look down that path it is just stunning,

it is beautiful,” commented Chief

Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra

Kulyk when council talked about how

well the lights illuminated the path

and that they could be seen from so far


Coun. Cook went on to add that

unfortunately some of the lights have

been stolen and a new way of putting

up future lights will be used to prevent

further thefts.

The over-abundance of weeds along

the curbs was addressed by Coun.

Jackie Brigley and Mayor Mark


Suggestions were made to have a

plan in place for weed control next


The neighbouring town of Consort

was chosen to host a Roger Brooks

Community Development Tour

Presentation called “Downtown:

Creating a Place That People Want to

Visit.” CAO Kulyk passed on all the

information to the councillors so they

could attend if their schedules permit.

the Village of Clive and does not

include the cost of energy.

Clive residents pay the franchise fees

to their energy provider where it

shows up as a line item called

Municipal Franchise Fee on the individual’s

energy bill.

The maximum electricity franchise

fee a municipality can charge is 20 per

cent and the maximum natural gas

franchise fee a Municipality can

charge is 35 per cent.

In 2017, the Fortis franchise fee

remitted $32,072 to the village and

ATCO’s franchise fee brought in


Despite all the numbers, residents

are rest assured there will be no real

change in their electric bill.

Councillor Jeremy Whelan did

foreshadow a possible slight raise in

water usage and garbage disposal.

Keeping this cost level would help alleviate

the influx in taxes.

“Unless we had some major project

we know we wanted where we have to

raise some additional revenue, then we

would need to change it,” said Chief

Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla


Council made a motion to keep the

franchise fee as the same rate for 2019

as is in 2018 which was unanimously


Since the franchise rate will now

remain the same, Clive’s annual franchise

fees will increase or decrease by

the amount that Fortis and Atco’s distribution

rates change.

For every 1 per cent increase in the

Franchise Fee Rate it is estimated to

result in $0.89 per month or $10.68 per

year increase in a residential power

bill and a $3,978 increase in the

Village’s annual franchise fee


Friendly Workplaces Act additions

CAO Kenney brought forth some

unfinished business regarding how

the village compensates and regulates

employee standards within the workplace

to keep in line with the

provincial government’s changes to

the Friendly Workplaces Act.

This act governs things like vacation

pay, benefits, compensation, employment

practices, rights, and health and


‘Immediate family members of

Councillors, the Chief Administrative

Officer, and department heads are not

eligible for hire’ was stricken from the

village’s act, allowing relatives to

become a part of the village if they so

choose to find a career there.

Under the Smoking, Alcohol and

Drugs section, council ran in to a grey

area of prescription marijuana and the

rules surrounding it.

Employees must make it known to

employers if they require any prescription

during work hours and how that

will affect themselves, according to

councillor Jeremy Whelan.

When cannabis becomes legal, an

employee does not necessarily have to

disclose recreational use.

The use of cannabis on the worksite

was a large part

of the conversation

as many

factors must be


Whelan said

“It’s only if they

have to take their


during work

hours. If they are

prescribed for

‘Hey, I need to

have this to go to

sleep at night,’

Correction Notice

In the circular beginning

Friday, September 21,

2018, we incorrectly

listed 18093BM1

a sale price for

Bernat® Blanket,

Bernat® Blanket Big,

Bernat® Blanket Pet &

Bernat® Velvet Yarn and

it should not have been

on sale. We apologize for

any inconvenience this

may have caused.

they are not supposed to be using that

at work so then that’s where you kind

of run in to that almost grey area. Or it

comes down to an incident where they

have to do a urine test if they haven’t

told you previously that they have a

prescription and they failed their

urine test. They still can be terminated,

they have to be open and honest

with the employer.”

Mayor Lucienne Henri added that

they must be accomodating when prescriptions

are disclosed.

“We have to do our very best. OK so

they could be drowsy at 2:00 if that is

the time they have to take it so what

can we get them to do that isn’t dangerous

even though they are on it so

there is quite a bit to the cannabis stuff

still.” said Henri.

Vacation pay was ‘better’ than

before as employment standards act

has now changed to 12 per cent.

A section of the act was brought to

attention about employees having CPR

and First Aid training.

Mayor Lucienne Henri asked administration

to check and make sure

employees are not obligated to do so or

else they will need get that certification


Minimum wage will be increasing

from $13.60 per hour to $15 per hour as

of October 1 in two weeks.

All employees working for the village

have already reached that

threshold so no changes in wages will

be seen when October 1 begins.

Hanna Hospital Auxiliary



Sat., Oct. 6

10 am - 2:30 pm

Hanna Arena &

Curling Rink

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your calendar!

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central Alberta with your

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4 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Erskine self drainage pipe contract awarded

Cont’d from Pg 1

Administration warned that the

county would be going against federal

law and that the most stringent of laws

are what is followed or laws that are

most relaxed.

“Freedom of religion is under the

Charter of Rights and Freedoms so

regardless of what religion you are,

whether you are aboriginal or not,

you’re ability to practice your religion

would fall under the parameters of the

Charter of Rights and Freedoms but

this is specifically referring to the use

of cannabis in a spiritual practice.

It is something that some of the

aboriginal cultures have indicated is

necessary for their spiritual things,”

said Shawna Benson, Legislative

Services Advisor.

Coun. Wayne Nixon disagreed with

Gendre as he felt there would be no

problems with the current clause.

“I don’t think it will be an issue. I

say we leave it in the federal legislation,”

said Nixon.

Nixon made a motion to include the

clause until more research has been

conducted before third reading which

was carried.

Once the bylaw is amended to add

these changes, the public will have a

chance to share their views one more

time before third reading on October


“We have to make this work as best

we can for us to totally for everyone,”

said Nixon.

Council meets new

managing librarian

Stettler’s new managing librarian,

Rhonda O’Neill, came to Stettler

County Council chambers during the

second half of the meeting to introduce


Jane Skocdopole, chair of the

library board, gave a heartwarming

introduction on her behalf and gave a

brief explanation as to why O’Neill

made the perfect fit for Stettler.

“First of all, when we met Rhonda,

when hiring her we were very

impressed, we immediately thought

this was a really good candidate to

manage our library and then I phoned

her references and by the third reference

we didn’t need any more because

there was nothing more that we could

say,” said Skocdopole.

She has worked in Lacombe as a

Library Technician, Nunavut and a

long history in law libraries. Her experience

and impressive references

made her an easy choice for the board.

“She had mentioned that she had,

you know, worked with setting up the

court library in the new Calgary court

house. When I phoned her boss who

was one of her references, he said

‘Yeah, she did the whole thing. She

worked with everybody and she

worked with engineers, she worked

with architects, she worked with

designers, there is not a book there or

a file there that isn’t there that wasn’t

where Rhonda decided it should be.”

Erskine self drainage pipe

contract awarded

Tenders were sent out earlier this

year to get a self draining pipe as

public works has found they must

pump out water often. This pipe would

allow the water to be pumped in the

direction it is supposed to.

They received nine bidders in total

but recommended a local company,

Action Plumbing & Excavating Ltd., to

do the work for $82,500 as it was the

lowest bid.

Public Works has outlined in their

tender for directional drilling so the

work was not altered. A number of

utilities will be in the way if they try

to open up the surface to open cut it.

The work was budgeted for $75,000

so this will add a strain of $7,500.

The panel of councillors decided to

take money from general funding and

allocate it to the project.

Rick Green, Director of Engineering

and Public Works, said “I think we are

okay on our overall budget. There is

going to be some pluses and minuses.”

Six hookups for

Pheasantback Close waterline

Council motioned to allow the rural

water extension to Pheasantback Close

and to re-tender for the Omega

Cemetery water project.

As of Sept. 12., the county had six

confirmed rural water hookups for the

rural waterline extension to

Pheasantback Close with still two

more possibly underway.

With the six confirmed hookups

generating $90,000 in fees and a ‘ballpark’

figure of $180,000 to complete the

installation, administration requires

an estimated $90,000 out of the 2018


Allocation of

$100,000 to complete

the project.

“As there is

still a possibility

of two more

hookups, I would

like to tender the

project and have

Council make the

final decision at

the Oct. 10, 2018

Council Meeting

to proceed,” said

Director of




Engineering and Public Works Rick


The Omega Cemetery requested

that council consider their application

for a water hook up in 2018.

In October 2017, the county received

three quotes for the installation

including supply, materials and labour

to the Omega Cemetery. Action

Plumbing came in as the lowest bid

with $17,990.

“We have spoken with Action

Plumbing as the low bidder if this

price would stand however Action

Plumbing requested that the cost be

increased to $20,000 for the installation,”

continued Green.

The Rural Water Hookup fee is

$15,000. The estimated cost for installation

is $20,000 leaving an estimated

cost to the County of approximately

$5,000, which could be funded out of

the estimated remaining 2018 Budget

allocation of $10,000.

Green explained the tender was

back to council for reconsideration as

the prices have gone up as the previous

estimate is over a year old. The

workers are anxious to get the line in

before the weather changes.

3” wide version



Canadian Prairie Pickers

are once again touring the area.

Paying Cash For Coin Collections, Silver & Gold Coins,

Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also Buying Gold Jewelry

We purchase rolls, bags or boxes of silver coins


To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit call

Kellie at 778-257-8647

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3.75” wide version



Canadian Prairie Pickers

are once again touring the area.

Paying Cash For Coin Collections, Silver & Gold Coins,

Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also Buying Gold Jewelry

We purchase rolls, bags or boxes of silver coins


To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit call

Kellie at 778-257-8647

This is Alana and her grandkids Harlee and Walker.

Alana has a mortgage, and a chequing and savings

account at Vision Credit Union. Last December, she got

a $942 profit shares cash payout from Vision. Alana

spent her share on a big kitchen table that’s perfect for

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Learn what your share could be.

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project Profit Shares Campaign publication East Central Alberta Review

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 5

Proud of the awareness they have raised

Cont’d from Pg 1

“Well there has been discrepancies –

I mean we have put out information to

the ratepayers about stuff that we feel

some of the decisions had not been

arrived at by using due processes and

consultation with the ratepayers,” said

Devos in an interview with the ECA


“We as a group are not necessarily

opposed to any of the

decisions made but we are

severely opposed to what tools

were used and how those decisions

were arrived at. We feel if

those tools are properly used,

some of those decisions would

have been different.”

“We have no concern with

it,” said Kneehill County Reeve

Jerry Wittstock in an interview

with the ECA Review as he was

not present at the meeting.

Devos and fellow firefighter

Ed Look were recently let go

from their positions on the fire

department after comments

were made on social media

about the county.

Firefighters are considered

employees even if the position

is of volunteer status.

Kneehill County has direct

control of the Torrington Fire

Department as the former town

has dissolved to a hamlet.

“We know the reasons. I

mean it’s because we have

somebody that’s in control. We

are considered employees

although there is one person

that is in charge of employees

at Kneehill County and that’s

the CAO and he got his feelings hurt

and this is his way of getting even,”

said Devos.

“He will have his legal reasons for it

that have conflicted like rules of conduct

or whatever but the bottom line is

that it is a personal vendetta against

certain people that he feels are opposed

to the way he does business.”

Residents of Kneehill County and surrounding areas

gathered in Trochu at the Sunterra Room in the Community

Hall on Thurs. Sept. 13, 2018. Paul Devos and Kim Albrecht

(not pictured) guided the group of approximately 70

people through a 13 page letter that will be sent to

Municipal Affairs outlining their concerns of transparency

and inclusion in decision making. A petition has been

signed over 1,100 times to get Municipal Affairs to conduct

a review of the county.

ECA Review/T.Huxley

Wittstock found the story to be quite

opposite saying, “So if you are running

around bad mouthing your employer

and starting rumours, putting false

information out there, how long do you

think your job would last? And I’m not

saying that is why they got released but

I’m just asking you a question.”

The Regional Resources Urban

Sustainability Grant was a $1 million

grant given to communities

residing within Kneehill County

including Three Hills, Trochu,

Carbon, Acme, and Linden.

Council voted to stop funding this

grant earlier this year.

Trochu Mayor Barry Kletke

who was interviewed by the ECA

Review later, said his community

has felt the adverse effects of

when the grant taken away.

“Well it definitely hurt us

because we are in the middle of a

budget year and we were

expecting that money. They had

started clawing it back in the last

few years but again it’s because

they say that their linear assessment

was down.

“There is two parts to taxation:

assessment, mill rate. Assessment

came down $500 million from two

billion, mill rate went up and the

revenue stayed the same so that

was a frustrating part for me

when they pulled it away and they

said that they lost that much

money,” said Kletke

Regardless of what the review

brings, the petition group is proud

of the awareness they have raised

among ratepayers.

“We believe that basically the

grassroots awareness we’ve been

building through this process is very

evidently supported by the residents of

Kneehill County,” said Devos. “The

more people we bring the issues forward

to, the more people say ‘Holy

crap, what’s going on?’”

On Tues. Sept. 18, the 13-page letter

along with the booklets of signatures

will be sent to the Minister of

Municipal Affairs for review.

The review process is expected to

take up to 45 days for the department to

make a decision as to whether or not

the petition will be valid to continue

forward with an internal review of the


The group has made steps towards

becoming an advocacy group for residents

to turn to if they do not

understand what council is doing.

“We are going to remain vigilant, we

are leaving our kneehill petition email

address open, we are continuing to

canvas grass root support, and ultimately

we hope to get organized

enough so that we can become a group

of people that can be advocates for the

ratepayers,” said Devos.

Reeve Wittstock encourages anyone

who has questions or concerns to contact

their councillor or the county

office for more information.

“If someone does want to know the

facts and do want to participate and

gather information, by all means

phone your councillor, phone the

office, phone the reeve,” said Wittstock.

“We are more than willing to discuss. I

mean we don’t have to agree on everything

but we certainly will discuss the

issues that are happening and share


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6 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w


Be informed

and prepared


The opinions expressed are not necessarily

the opinions of this newspaper.






Published by




B. Schimke

ECA Review

Legal cannabis use in Canada is 29

days away.

Its legalization has potential pitfalls

for non-users and users alike travelling

to the United States.

In July at the International Society

of Weekly Newspaper Editors who met

in Portland, Oregon, heard regulators,

producers and retailers, representing

their cannabis industry. The State of

Oregon fully legalized their cannabis

industry on December 31, 2016.

Mark Pettinger from the Oregon

State Liquor Board has been working

on the new regulatory process for two

and a half years.

“With any new, innovative and

entrepreneurial industry”, said

Pettinger, “regulations have and will

continue to evolve”.

If Canadian, and

crossing into the U.S.,

be prepared to honestly

answer the questions

that will be asked after

October 18.

Working with industry groups, regulators

are developing licensing,

compliance and enforcement regulations

with a focus to keep cannabis out

of the hands of children and force out

the criminal element.

Oregon’s cannabis industry has

faced some interesting roadblocks.

Many nationally-owned newspapers

and media outlets do not accept cannabis

industry advertising and many

growers and retailers were initially

unable to secure investment dollars or

even open bank accounts.

American States that legalize cannabis

are technically criminals within

their own country. Federal law prohibits

the use, sale and production of

cannabis and any such act is a criminal


Thus, federally regulated banks

could not legally open bank accounts

for the cannabis industry, nor give


Over time, State-regulated credit

unions became the go-to for the cannabis

industry and some producers

turned to Canada for investment


Subsequent and ironically, U.S. federal

laws have changed to allow

non-Oregonians to invest in that

State’s cannabis industry.

Canadians will have different issues

especially those who travel to the

United States.

If Canadian, and crossing into the

U.S., be prepared to honestly answer

the questions that will be asked after

October 18.

Do you use or have you ever used

marijuana? Do you have marijuana in

your possession? Have you ever been

charged with possession or trafficking?

Do you work in any aspect of

the marijuana industry? Are you

invested in the marijuana industry?

For those who can’t get enough of

shopping, vacationing or living parttime

in the United States, question

number five needs your full attention

as it relates to your mutual fund


For many Canadians, including

myself, we pay little attention to what’s

in our mutual funds.

Yet I do know bank shares make up

my portfolio and yet it would defy logic

that Canadian banks aren’t earning

profits from the cannabis industry?

Surely prudent fund managers are

also adding this emerging cannabis

industry to their portfolios.

The growth and profit potential is

too tempting, especially as more and

more States continue to move towards


I do ponder whether American

border agents are asking the same

questions of citizens from the

Netherlands, a country with legalized

cannabis, or is it just another example

of the current President’s irrational

jealousy towards Canada.

Whatever the case, be informed and

prepared before crossing the border

after October 18.


All printed material, written, display advertising and photographs are the sole property of The ECA

Review. No reproduction of this material or layout including social media is permitted without written

consent of the Publisher. Call us for more info.

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welcomed • Must be signed and a phone

number included so the writer’s identity can be

verified. • ECA Review reserves the right to edit

letters for legal considerations, taste and brevity.

Letters and columns submitted are not

necessarily the opinion of this newspaper.

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Tipping the scales

by Herman Schwenk

If you are a member of the United

Conservative Party (UCP), you will

have the opportunity and obligation to

use it.

On Sept. 27, polls will open in

Provost from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and in

Coronation from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

In Stettler and Drumheller on Sept.

28 from 4:30 - 8:30 p.m.

On Sept. 29 they will open in Oyen

from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and in Hanna

from 1:30 p.m. till 7 p.m.

The winner of this nomination will

no doubt be our next MLA, so it is

vitally important that you make the

effort and take the opportunity to


In the Sept. 13/18 issue of the ECA

Review, there was a letter to the editor,

titled “Working together for the

common good”, pg. 6.

The writer was critical of my column

titled, Sabotaging a nomination, Aug.

30, pg. 6 in the ECA Review.

He accused me of trying to tarnish

the reputation of Nate Horner and of

mudslinging and dirty politics.

I have no idea how he came to those

conclusions from reading that column.

It may be of interest

that everyone purged

from the previous board

had been members of

the Wildrose Legacy


Everything that I wrote in that column

are actual facts.

As I stated in the column that was a

founding meeting, it was not intended

to be a political rally.

The Electoral Boundary

Commission adjusted the boundaries

of Alberta’s 87 constituencies to more

Alberta Press Council

Do you have a concern or

complaint about a newspaper

article or ad? If after bringing

your concerns to the attention

of this newspaper, you are not

satisfied, you may contact

the Alberta Press Council


or toll free in Alberta at

1-888-580-4104 for


JoYCe Webster


BoNNY Williams

Circulation Manager

closely even out the number of voters

in each constituency.

When the process is finished, a

founding meeting is required in every

party to elect a Constituency

Association (CA)

Board that represents

all party

members in the

new CA, in this

case for the United

Conservative Party


Over the years I

have attended several


meetings for both

federal and provincial


as well I have attended many annual

meetings at both levels.

The normal attendance at these

meetings is about 60 to 80 people.

If a high profile speaker has been

invited, there could be up to 100 in


I was at the March 29 meeting in

Hanna. There were over 300 people

who attended that event.

It was a perfection ally organized

campaign to motivate hundreds of

people to attend the meeting.

It was obvious to me that this

meeting was rigged to make sure that

the board elected would represent the

Horner campaign.

Why else would people be presented

with the list of names that they were

encouraged to vote for when entering

the meeting?

Mr. Stuart has the audacity to write

that it was impossible to rig the


Why else were there that many

people at the meeting and why else

were they coached as to whom they

were to vote for?

I will state what happened again.

Forty-two candidates let their name

stand for election to that board.

The 30 names on the list were elected

and the other 12 who had been members

of the previous board were


brenda SCHimke

Editorial Writer


Reporter 587-321-0030

YvoNNe tHulien



Turn to Purge, Pg 8

GAYle JarawAY

Marketing 403-578-4111

LiSA mYers-sortlANd

Graphic Artist


Marketing 403-740-2492


18 pt

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 7


Exercise your democratic right

by Rick Strankman MLA, the local candidate nomination committee

felt it appropriate to have only

Drumheller Stettler

The 16th and arguably one of the two polling stations based on the geography

of the riding.

greatest Presidents of the United

States, Abraham Lincoln, is well

Feedback I received throughout the

known for his notable quotes.

riding was opposed to this limited

One such quote has always stood out access to polling.

as a measure of leadership.

After significant input, I was

“Nearly all men can

informed that we will now

stand the test of adversity,

have six polling stations in

but if you really want to test

Provost, Coronation, Stettler,

a man’s character, give him

Drumheller, Oyen and Hanna.


In the second largest rural

With the unification of

riding in the province, I too, felt

the two Alberta provincial

it unconscionable that there

conservative parties, there

would be unachievable time

have been some rough

allocations and distance constraints

for UCP members spots!


The vote to achieve a unification

result was met with

highly motivated member

participation and a high

degree of acceptance with an overwhelming

95 per cent approval from

both legacy parties.

Recently, it’s been reported in the

Drumheller-Stettler constituency, that


wished to cast a ballot.

In the past, I have explained

how unintended consequences

can be created by a lack of


One such unintended consequence

in this case would be the public perception

and bevy of interesting questions

pertaining to polling.


How could it be that in the

“Drumheller-Stettler” constituency

there would be no polling stations in

either Drumheller or Stettler?

Doesn’t it seem unusual that there

would not be polling stations in either

of the two largest population centers in

the riding?

Not to mention neglecting the towns

that the constituency is named after?

It raises even more questions, considering

the local CA has the financial

stability to allow them to have various

polling locations throughout the


On a shoestring budget, the 2011 edition

of the Wildrose Constituency

Association had member voting in six

different locations, in what was then a

smaller constituency in both landmass

and population.

For some members wishing to exercise

their democratic right to vote, they

will be facing even further adversity as

a result of the nomination process

being initiated during what is traditionally

prairie harvest time.

Family, a big part of Jim’s life

The timing being in the middle of

harvest also adversely affects the

ability for a significant portion of those

wishing to vote to do so; as does the

scheduled polling time-constraints

that many members will be limited by.

All of the above aside, Albertans

have historically overcome challenges

and more often than not, they use the

democratic power they have to be successful

over the adversity they face.

It’s how our province became one of

the greatest places in the world to live.

It’s the successful attitude that pervades

here and it’s the fabric of who we


Most importantly, take the time to

get out and vote on Sept. 27 in Provost

and Coronation, on Sept. 28 in Stettler

and Drumheller, and on Sept 29 in

Oyen and Hanna.

Exercise your democratic right to

show who possesses the power!

Do your part in making Alberta

great again and bring back the Alberta


James Robert (Jim) Duncan was

born April 29, 1930 in the Castor

Hospital. Jim passed away at age 88 on

Sept. 6, 2018 in Stettler. He

was the eleventh of 12 children

born to Harry and

Sicelia Duncan.

Jim married Elsie

Schilling on April 24, 1953

and together they loved,

laughed and worked very

hard on the Duncan family

farm south of Halkirk,

raising their family of four

children, Gwen, Randy and Duncan

Ross (twins) and Murray.

Jim farmed with his

brother Donald, and together, with

help from the families and a lot of hard

work they ran a successful farm

known as Duncan Brothers.

Many great memories will be cherished

from the years on the farm

between the two families.

Since Jim and Elsie lived on the

original Duncan farm, their home was

quite often the gathering spot for all

the brothers and sisters to bring their

families to meet for special occasions,

like Christmas and Easter.

Many impromptu Christmas concerts

and lots of reminiscing was

enjoyed in the living room and

kitchen, always followed by a delicious

meal for everyone.

Family was a big part of Jim’s life.

He was also very community-minded

and was an active member of the

Halkirk Elks and was also a delegate

for the Alberta Dairy Association.

He enjoyed dancing, curling and

snowmobiling. In 1979 when they sold

the farm, Jim and Elsie bought a

motorhome and moved to Stettler.

It was during this time that they got

to relax a little and enjoyed travelling

and camping and fishing with their

good friends, the Johnson’s, Davis’s

and Berry’s.

Playing the organ was a favourite

pastime for Dad. Dad (Gramps)

enjoyed many rounds of golf with his

family and friends.

In the winter, Dad and Mom made

many trips to watch the “Calgary

Flames” in the Saddledome.

Dad (Gramps) will be lovingly

remembered by his sons, Ross (Karen)

Duncan; Murray (Linda) Duncan; sonin-law,

Larry Jeske; sisters-in-law,

Irene Duncan and Doreen Ortwein;

grandchildren: Steve (Christy) Jeske,

Sherri (Shaun) Bollinger, Ryan

(Carleen) Jeske; Derek

(Rhonda) Duncan, Heather

(Darren) MacMillan, Dallas

Duncan; Michelle (Richard)

Bonin, Dustin (Ashley)

Duncan; Tyler (Jenn) Duncan

and Tanner (Michelle)


Heis also survived by 17

great-grandchildren and

numerous nieces, nephews

and friends.

He is now reunited with his

wife Elsie, daughter Gwen,

and son Randy, his parents, Harry and

Celia and all his brothers and sisters:

Beattie, Peggy, Edwin, Sis, Toots, Fern,

Jean, Alec, Donald, baby Mary and


A celebration of Jim’s life was held

Tues. Sept. 11, 2018 in the Heartland

Chapel at the Stettler Funeral Home.

Interment was held at the Halkirk


Card of Thanks

Thanks to Bernie Doan for the

touching service and to Cathy

Schaffner for the beautiful music.

Also, thanks to Teresa’s Catering for

preparing and serving the lunch after

the service.

On behalf of Jim’s family, we wish to

express our deepest gratitude for your

many thoughts, hugs and prayers.

Our heartfelt thanks to the staff at

Paragon Place and Points West for the

care given to Jim over the past years.

Also, thank you to the staff, nurses,

and Dr. du Toit of the Stettler Hospital

for caring for Jim in his final days.

A special thank you to Corinne

Adair and staff of the Stettler Funeral

Home. Your kindness and compassion

is appreciated very much. The family

would like to sincerely thank everyone

for the food, flowers, cards, and


Donations in Jim’s memory may be

made to a charity of your choice, c/o

Stettler Funeral Home who have been

entrusted with the care and arrangements,

P.O. Box 1780, Stettler, Alberta

T0C 2L0, 403-742-3422

Lovingly remembered,

Ross & Karen and Family

Murray & Linda and Family

Randy’s Family

Larry Jeske and Family

FAMILY where LIFE begins and

LOVE never ends

Gave his time freely to others

Geoffrey Charles Lawrence Dean

was taken from us without warning on

Aug. 16, 2018. He was loving,

thoughtful, calm and heroic until the

end. A reflection of how he lived his


He is survived by his wife Louella

and his parents Dana and Vera Dean of

Castor, Ab., his father-in-law Dean

Cassells of Galahad, Ab., his

grandmother Lauretta Baker

of Liscomb, NS; many family

members; and an ever growing

circle of friends.

Geoffrey was born in Truro,

NS, on Jan. 15, 1985. As part of

a military family he relocated

from Bible Hill to Dartmouth,

NS, then to Oromocto, NB,

Chilliwack, BC, and finally to

Windsor, Ont. where he graduated

from Riverside High

School in 2003.


He was an accomplished pianist who

began playing Sunday services at a

young age. He had the opportunity to

work as the organist at St. Paul’s

Church and later at Canterbury

College at the University of Windsor.

In 2011, he moved to Edgerton, Ab. to

be close to his parents. He managed the

Mobile Shop in Lloydminster where he

continued to demonstrate his knack for

technology, interpersonal skills and


Two months after relocating to

Alberta, he met Louella and the two

were soon inseparable. In June of 2012,

Geoff moved to Castor and began

working at F.C. Hunt Agencies where

he put all his skills to use.

Geoff was a great people

person who would bring his

cheerful personality along

with patience and a great

sense of humour to every


Geoff and Louella were

married on July 5, 2014 in a

uniquely beautiful outdoor

wedding at the Battle River

Crossing Resort in Galahad,

Ab. Then it was “onward to


Together they sang in

choirs, completed home renovations,

joined the mixed curling league and

went on endless camping and golf

adventures across Alberta.

The two of them also set aside time

out of their busy schedules to start

travelling the world: Scotland, Croatia

and Venice were crossed off the bucket


Geoff was also an active member of

the Castor community. He was a

member of the Elks, Masonic Lodge,

Golf Club, Curling Club, Trap Club and

most recently the Hospital Auxiliary


Time is our most precious gift

because we only have a set amount of

it. Geoff was kind and generous giving

his time so freely to others.

We carry Geoffrey in our hearts

when we follow the example he set.

Why wait when you could do it now.

And do it with a smile.

Funeral services were held at Castor

Community Hall on Tues. Aug. 28, 2018

with Rev. Jope Langejans officiating.

Several friends and family gave

loving tributes.

Donations will be gratefully

accepted Canadian Diabetes, Castor

Cemetery or to a charity of your own


Sympathies may be forwarded to the

family by signing the guestbook at

Parkview Funeral Chapels &

Crematorium, 403-882-3141, entrusted

with the care and funeral


A g r i c u l t u r e

8 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

Purge of previous

Wildrose supporters

Cont’d from Pg 6

It may be of interest that everyone

purged from the previous board had

been members of the Wildrose Legacy


With one exception, all the members

of the new board had been members of

the PC Legacy Party.

Mr. Stuart was correct in stating

that the point of joining the two parties

into the UCP was to work together for

the common good of Albertans.

If that was the objective, why did the

Horner campaign purge those that had

been Wildrose supporters from the


Rather than elect a neutral board,

there is no doubt in my mind that what

went on in that meeting was for the

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East Central AB Review-9.4856x7.25in

sole purpose of tipping the scales in

favour of one candidate.

If you are a member of the UCP you

have a right and a responsibility to

vote at a poll for the person who, in

your opinion, exhibits integrity, has

experience, is effective, and would be a

reliable and principled MLA.

Are you ready for Winter?

Market your product or service

to help prepare our readers for

the winter ahead

in our Oct. 5 issue.

Deadline Mon. Oct. 1

Contact your rep for more information.

Ironman Scrap

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Central AB



Don & Debra Whitecotton Retirement

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Farm Equipment

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Cultivator; Allis Chalmers 14ft Deep Tillage

Cultivator; Chisel Plow Cultivator 15ft

– needs repairs; Haybuster Bale Shredder

256+; 3Pt Hitch Fertilizer Speader 1

Tonne capacity;

Attachments & other Equip

9ft PTO 3Pt Hitch Snowblower; 2Way 10ft

Dozer Blade for Skid Steer; Bale Hugger

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loader; Hydraulic Wire Roller for Skid Steer

up to 8ft wire; Hydraulic Post Puller fits

Skid Steer - Home Built; ;

Augers & Fuel Tanks

Antique Scoop a Second Auger; Allied 26ft

x 6in Auger; Westfield 61ft x 10in Auger;

500 Gal Fuel Tank; 300 Gal Fuel Tank; 1000

Gal Fuel Tank Meridian Dbl Wall w/pump,

solar panel & Bty

Livestock Equipment

Manure Spreader PTO 13ft box – works

great; Bale Feeders


2016 Chev Silverado 3500 Bumper w/

driving lights; Shallow Topper for Long

Box from 1996 Dodge; Homemade wood

splitter; OSB 7/16” 4ftx8ft (Approx 50

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new); New Holland Finishing Mower –

tow behind; Antenna Tower approx. 45ft;

Dowled Rail 3 ¼ “ x 12’ (approx. 28 pc);

Antique Wood Cook Stove w/2 wood heaters;

Aluminum Extension ladder; 250lb

Propane tank; Implement Tires; Welders

– need repairs; Hydraulic pump; Winch

10,000 lb Electric; Motormaster 26inch


Green House & Pet Houses

Green House Frame 6’x12’; Planting Plastic

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Norbert 1999 5th Wheel Flat Deck 30’- 3-

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Hanna: 605 1 Ave. West. 403-854-4370

Delia: 101 Railway Ave. 403-364-3922

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A G r i c u L t u r e

E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 9

New Green Certificate Program


Poultry technician joins the list of

programs already being offered

through the Green Certificate

Program (GCP) and funded through a

partnership between Alberta

Education and Agriculture and


Other courses include: Beekeeper

production technician, Cow-calf beef

production technician, Dairy production

technician, Equine technician,

Feedlot beef production technician,

Field crop production technician,

Greenhouse technician, Irrigated field

crop production technician, Sheep production

technician, and Swine

production technician.

“Our government is excited to

expand this important program, as it

provides real-life, hands-on learning

for students who work on a farm or for

students interested in the agriculture

industry. The program helps students

to develop the confidence, skills and

knowledge they need for their future,”

said David Eggen, Minister of


The Green Certificate Program provides

opportunities for students to

develop the confidence, skills and

knowledge they need for careers in the

agricultural industry. It fosters

employability skills that support the

development of a skilled and educated


“This program is great for rural

Alberta, our communities and our

kids. It provides opportunities for

youth to see training close to home

and helps to develop the leaders the

industry needs. Expanding this program

means even more choices for

students to explore career options in

agriculture. We are committed to supporting

families by improving growth

in rural programs and the agricultural

industry,” said Oneil Carlier,

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

The program was well received by

the agriculture industry, but schools

identified that the single largest barrier

to participation in the GCP was

the course fees.

As a result, the province is investing

up to $400,000 annually to cover the

course fees for students enrolled in the


“Adding poultry technician to the

Green Certificate Program fills a critical

gap in the program and provides

an enhanced training path for our

future broiler farmers and farm technicians,”

said Robert Renema,

producer programs manager of the

Alberta Chicken Producers. “We recognize

the incredible efforts of those

driving the development of this program

and were happy to have been

involved in the process.”

L. Strom

Custom Corral Cleaning

and Manure Spreading:

- equipped for big or small jobs:

low sheds and confined areas.

General Contracting:

- all types of skid steer service

403 574 2222

The GCP was

developed by


Agriculture and

Forestry in 1975

as a way to

address labour

market needs for

Alberta’s agriculture


On average,

more than 750

students participate

in the GCP

each year.

403-882-2490 • 780-879-2267

Clean up your trees and shrubs


Weed and Grass Killer

General Information A successful weed control program requires the use of herbicides

known to be effective on troublesome weeds. Casoron 4G easily handles many

problem weeds in and around established woody landscape ornamentals, non-crop

areas, fruit and nut trees and respective nurseries. Apply late fall or early spring.

Amur Corktree

Arbor Vitae




Beauty Bush







Cleyera japonica






Eastern Red Cedar


Elwood Cypress

English Walnut

C4 Bobcat & Mulching



Flowering Almond

Flowering Quince






Holly (/lex Spp.)2


phone or text Shawn Charbonneau

403 741 6660 • Halkirk

• Mulching/


of fence lines

and hedges

Ivy (Hedera helix)










Mock Orange

• Fence removal/

large wire roller

• Bin anchor driver

• Corral cleaning/

snow removal

• Landscaping/

dirt work

Mountain Ash
















Russian Olive





Yew (Taxus)

farm transition seminars seminars

planned for for november november 2018 2018

farm transition seminars

planned for november 2018

You’ve You’ve worked worked hard hard your your entireentir

life You’ve life to build to worked build your hard your family your family farm. entire farm.

life to build your family farm.

Together, Together,




can we


create can create

create a


transition transition plan. plan.

transition plan.

DON’T let CRA be the beneficiary of your farm

Boys Financial Services










403-742-6450 Call to

to to


pre-register. for being mailed in October



for Invitations

for Invitations





in October

in October

10 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s

E C A r e v i e w

Sensible advice for setting up your wine cellar

Are you a wine lover? Do you want

to create a space in which to store your

favourite bottles?

Before getting started, you should

know that many elements must be considered

in order to preserve your best


Would you like to create a space

where you can apply your skincare

products, do your makeup and style

your hair in peace?

Make sure your beauty corner

includes the following three


1. A Mirror

Get yourself a mirror that’s big

enough for you to see your face and

hair clearly. It will be easier for you to

get ready if you can view your work in

its entirety.

To see even more clearly, try a magnifying


Cook comfortably with

ergonomic kitchen tools

Do you want to improve your kitchen’s

ergonomics? A few choice accessories

could do wonders for your cooking


First of all, if you have a hard time

reaching items at the back of your

cabinets, get a skid-proof step stool.

You’ll find all sorts of safe and

stylish models on the market.

Next, in order to cook comfortably

for as long as you like, get an

adjustable-height swivelling

stool. This will allow you

to change positions frequently to

avoid muscle fatigue as well as

move around your workspace


Finally, put an anti-fatigue

mat in front of your sink. This

will help prevent muscle tension,

particularly when

you’re washing the dishes.

Upgrade your kitchen’s

ergonomics with an

adjustable stool or an

anti-fatigue mat.

Here are five recommendations for

setting up the perfect wine cellar.

1. Maintain an optimal


Your wine cellar shouldn’t be too

cold or too hot. Ideally, the

Three essential

elements for setting up

your beauty corner

2. Lighting

Avoid unwanted shadows — which

are definitely not ideal when you’re

putting makeup on! — by installing

lights on either side of your mirror so

that the beams cross. You can use

built-in lights, hanging lights or wall

fixtures to do this.

3. Storage

Keep your beauty corner well-organized

with pretty jars for your

brushes and transparent organizers

to store your beauty products by category

(lipstick, eye shadow, mascara,

eyeliner, etc.).

temperature should be kept between

11 and 14 °C. Otherwise, your wine

runs the risk of premature aging.

2. Manage

humidity levels

The ideal humidity level for a wine

cellar is usually between 60 and 80 per

cent. If it’s too high, the corks could get

mouldy; too low, and the wine’s quality

could be affected.

3. Avoid strong lighting

Since wine is very sensitive to light,

it’s best to store it in a dark place.

Choose a low intensity light source for

when you need to see what you’re


4. Opt for individual


To avoid having to move your bottles

around too frequently, store them

horizontally in individual compartments.

Wine doesn’t respond well to

being moved around, so storing each

bottle in its own compartment is the

best way to preserve its flavour.

5. Keep strong smells away

Remember that wine breathes.

Avoid storing or using strong-smelling

Email or drop off your



to ECA Review


drop off:

4921 Victoria Ave.,


Remember to identify all

people in your photos.

Largest Selection of

• Carpet • Area Rugs

• Linoleum • Tile

• Laminate • Hardwood

products in your cellar, because the

smells could eventually get through

the cork and alter the taste of the wine.

Castor & District

Housing Authority has



One Bedroom

Suites Available

Rent is based on Total Income to

a Maximum Rent Ceiling of $525

Which includes all utilities

except power, satellite, parking

For more


or for a tour

Call Marcy




& Renovation

Box 590 Veteran AB T0C 2S0

Phone 403-575-3864

Cell 403-575-5036

(780) 753-2960

Provost, AB

Customer Satisfaction

is our business


The following land within the Starland County is offered for sale by

tender, subject to the restrictions in the existing Certificate of Title:







ROADWIDENING 407LK .405 1.00



153 acres ± of cultivated land

6 acres ± of slough bottom and drainage ditch

Possession date: November 1, 2018.

Interested parties may receive a Tender package from Herman,

Kloot & Company at 98 - 3 Avenue West, PO Box 970, Drumheller,

Alberta, T0J 0Y0, which will detail terms of the sale and requirements

of Tenderer. Please request Tender Package for “File # 18-17944”.

Tenders close at 12:00 noon, October 5, 2018.

E C A r e v i e w R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s

H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 11

Renew your home’s facade

without breaking the bank

Would you like to give your home’s

exterior a makeover?

If you don’t want to spend a fortune

on a full renovation, there are

several affordable solutions that will

get you similar results.

Here are three smart ideas to help

you spruce up the look of your home

without going broke.

1. Paint

To effectively refresh your home’s

exterior, there’s nothing better than a

few coats of paint in one or more strategic


Why not dare to try a brighter

colour on your front door or window

frames? Eye-catching results,


2. Light

Adding chic lighting (wall-mounted

lights, solar-powered lanterns, etc.) is

a great way to brighten up your

entryway. Just make sure the fixtures

you choose complement the

overall style of your home.

3. Landscaping

Well-thought-out landscaping and a

few choice accessories (a unique

mailbox or address plaque, for

instance) will significantly enhance

your home’s curb appeal.

Go green with recycled paint

Made from leftover paint that’s

been filtered, purified and remixed,

recycled paint is the perfect ecofriendly

option for all of your home

renovation projects.

In terms of quality and ease of

use, recycled paint is similar to most

other paint options on the market.

The only

slight drawback

is that

there’s a limited


of colours

and finishes

to choose


However, its


price tag

more than

makes up for

the relative

The shelf life for

Facebook, Twitter and

the like is


Send birth,

wedding, birthday

& anniversary


to the ECA Review

to ensure that these

life-changing events

become part of

history forever, and

for as little as $13.50

in the word classifieds

to a display ad with

photo for as little as



lack of variety.

Not only does recycled paint support

efforts to reuse and recycle, it’s

more energy efficient to produce

than conventional paint.

So why not give it a go for your

next remodelling project?

Dark Knight Electric

Residential & Commercial

Electrical Solutions

BOX 996

CASTOR,AB 403-740-4812

T0C 0X0

Land for Sale by Tender

NE-3-40-16-W4 is for sale by sealed tender until 12:00 noon on

November 1, 2018. All bids must be in writing in a sealed envelope accompanied

by a certified cheque made payable to “Sutton landmark Realty” for 10% of the

amount of the bid and must be delivered before 12:00 noon on November 1, 2018

to the office of Sutton landmark Realty Castor, 5205 - 50 Ave Box 442 Castor AB

T0C 0X0. The balance of the purchase price on an accepted bid shall be paid to

E. Roger Spady on or before December 4,2018.

Property taxes shall be adjusted as of December 3, 2018. The SLR is $2,500

and will be prorated. Mineral rights, if any are not included in the sale. If the

successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after acceptance of that

tender, the deposit shall be forfeited.

The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.





Gordon “Hoss” Nichols

882-HOSS (4677)

MLS Realtor

Dane Jackson

Basil Nichols


MLS Realtor


Bathtub materials at a glance

Sinking into a tub of warm, lightly

scented water is definitely one of the

best ways to relax after a long day.

Are you in the market for the perfect

bathtub? In addition to choosing

the type of tub and faucet, you’ll need

to think about the material you want

your bathtub to be made of.

Here’s an overview of a few popular


Composite materials

An array of synthetic materials

with many useful qualities (superior

watertightness, smooth finish, vast

colour selection, etc.) are available for

modern bathtubs.

Enamelled steel

Covered with a layer of porcelain,

this ma terial is affordable and

requires very little upkeep. It’s resistant

to scratching, rust

and fading.


Lightweight and easy

to clean, acrylic is good at maintaining

an ideal water temperature. A good

choice for those who love long baths!


This material is similar to acrylic in

many ways but is slightly less expensive.

Its thickness varies from model

to model.

Cast iron

This high-end

material that

calls to mind

classic clawfoot

bathtubs has

exceptional longevity.

It retains

heat well and

doesn’t chip.


Stone bathtubs

are built from

carefully carved

and polished

river stones. They

have low porosity,

they’re easy to

maintain, and

each one is completely



Seniors Lodge



(403) 577-3832

We proudly offer:

• Home cooked meals

• Weekly housekeeping

• On-site

homecare office

• Call Bell equipped

• Staffed 24/7

• Recreation Programs

• Salon & Chapel

The following property is offered for sale by tender subject to restrictions in

the existing Certificate of Title:

PLAN 0814121





(Portion of NW 3-30-24-W4 and SW 10-30-24-W4)

located in Kneehill County. The property includes natural shelter belt, 2150

sq. ft. 3 bedroom bungalow with 3 and 1/2 baths, 26’x38’ attached garage

with heated floor built in 2008, underground sprinkler system around house,

40’x90’ quonset, 50’x85’ shop with heated cement floor & separate 25’ RV

bay with 50 amp plug-in, 60’x100’ Zipper Loc building with cement floor,

2 complete RV hook-ups with sewer/water and 30&50 amp service, 3 - 3000

bu bins, 4 - 5000 bu bins (1 with air), 1 - 5000 bu hopper bin.

Viewing by appointment only. Please contact 403-443-2200 to arrange.

Buyer to be responsible for all costs associated with registration.

Tenders will be accepted in sealed envelopes accompanied by a deposit in

the form of a certified cheque for 10% of the amount of the tender and must

be in the hands of Norman L. Tainsh, Barrister & Solicitor of 205 Main

Street, P.O. Box 1234, Three Hills, AB (403-443-2200), by 12:00 o’clock

noon on the 15th day of October, A.D. 2018.

If the successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after acceptance,

the deposit shall be forfeited. The highest or any tender not necessarily

accepted. Cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them.

12 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . R e a l E s t a t e / H o m e s

E C A r e v i e w

Coronation kid competes at European tourney

Brynn Scoville, right, mows over one of the competitors during the peewee hockey

tournament in Prague, Czech Republic. Scoville and 51 other people took a tour

across five countries in Europe and played hockey during their time there.

Brynn Scoville, 12, passes the puck to a teammate as they try to set up the play for a goal.

Photos courtesy of Carrie Scoville

Terri Huxley

ECA Review

Brynn Scoville of Coronation has

had a trip of a lifetime after coming

back to Canadian soil with a few more

hockey games under his belt.

The 12-year-old peewee hockey

player was given the opportunity to

travel amongst 51 other excited

players, parents, and coaches across

Europe before entering a high-skill

level tournament in Prague, Germany.

Scoville was even named assistant

captain for the Canadian Cowboys

team after being scouted in a league

game. The team is comprised of

peewee players from western Canada.

“It was fun, it was exciting. The

teams are pretty good over there. They

were pretty competitive,” said Scoville.

The large group travelled through

Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, and

Germany from Aug. 1 – 12,

earlier this year.

“It was really fun to see all

the places and what they look

like. It was fun to play the

teams there and to play

hockey in the summer,” said

Scoville. “We got to meet the

USA team and that was one

of the only teams we got to

meet there that could speak



“We got to see some really

interesting places that you

probably wouldn’t have gone to if you

hadn’t gone on something specific like

that,” added Brynn’s father Rod

Scoville. Rod was one of the assistant

coaches during the tournament as


They were able to practice in the

Olympic Stadium in Innsbruck,

Austria which was a highlight.

Innsbruck has hosted the Olympics

twice; one of three locations that have

ever done so since the Olympics


The team

played a couple

exhibition games

in the Czech

Republic and then

spent the final

five days in

Prague where the

tournament was


“The tournament


multiple age

groups there so

the tournament

itself was huge.

The tournament


party we went to,

there was over

1,200 people at




Your tree health specialist

and surgeon with over

17 years of experience


that party that were players, coaches

and families there for the tournament,”

described Rod.

A guide helped the team as they navigated

the countries, even converting

other languages to English during

game play for the players to understand

the call from referees and other


The Canadian Cowboys won one

game, tied another game and lost three

during their time on ice.

“Not as successful as we hoped but it

is a little tricky when you are playing a

team out of their home rink that were

there for the tournament. We went on a

four hour walking tour of Prague

Castle and in 30 degree heat and then

tried to play a hockey game,” said Rod.

The group of Canadians were

stopped during one point of their

touring as a pride parade erupted

around them.

“That was an experience

all on its own,” Rod laughed.

“We were in Prague and just

happened to be touring this

big square.

“They dropped us off and

said ‘Okay, meet back here at

1 o’clock and go for lunch at

this designated restaurant’

and it just so happened that it

was the day of their gay pride

parade. We were right where

they were starting.

“There was definitely some

eyes opened there. We weren’t in

Coronation anymore, put it that way.

Not that there’s anything wrong with

that it’s just different than what we are

typically used to seeing for sure.”

The pair had a great time to say the


“Overall it was a really fantastic

experience where you just get to play

hockey and see a bunch of the world,”

said Rod.

Dead Spots ????

Cotoneaster hedge full of dead spots?

Have your hedge rejuvenated to bring it back to life.

Call David

for all your

tree care needs

A.L.L. STARS Realty Ltd Ph. (780) 434-4700


Hm/Off. (403) 578-2255 Cell. (403) 578-7000


4802 York Ave. Coronation, AB -

Beautiful newer 1640 sqft bungalow, 5

bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, main floor

laundry, fully developed basement,

double attached insulated and heated

garage, fenced backyard, hot tub, 5

appliances and so many other upgrades

and bonuses! REDUCED $375,000


5118 Alexander Ave., Coronation

- Large 7 bedroom bi-level home

located across the street from the

golf course. Features a large double

attached insulated and heated

garage, and main floor laundry.

REDUCED $195,000 $189,000

4818 Royal St., Coronation -

Excellent Location. 2 Storey

Commercial/Residential property on

corner of Royal & Victoria. Apartment

a full residential 3 bedroom. Great

location for a restaurant, pub, office

or retail. Listed for $70,000

5016 Norfolk Ave., Coronation -

1150 sqft 5 bedroom 3 bathroom

manufactured home on a full

basement. Multiple updates including

siding, window, furnaces, H2O on

demand, bathrooms, flooring etc. This

is a spacious property located close to

all amenities. Listed for $129,000

5401 Norfolk, Coronation - 1200

sqft 3 bedroom bungalow on a corner

lot across the street from the hospital

in Coronation, AB This home features

original hardwood thru out, fenced

backyard & detached garage. Listed

for $99,000

4402 Park Crescent, Coronation,

AB - 2 bedroom mobile home that

has been substantially renovated!!!

Siding, windows, flooring, paint,

trim, doors. This is clean and

comfortable home on a large lot.

Listed @ $24,900

4465 Park Crescent, Coronation,

AB - Large lot with a 20’x24’ garagecement

floor, insulated and heated. 2

sheds. This property is ready for a

snow bird to park their RV in the

summer or a new mobile home.

Listed @ $24,900

5101 Norfolk Ave, Coronation -

1420 sqft home. This property has

been gutted and renovated from the

top to bottom. 2 bedrooms, large open

loft, deck, fenced yard, RV parking and

an apartment the generates $650/

month! REDUCED $165,000


5314 Victoria Ave., Coronation -

Spacious 16’x72’ mobile. This mobile

is located on a residential lot near the

hall in Coronation. 3 bedrooms, 2

baths, open floor plan, 5 appliances,

and garden shed. REDUCED $79,900

$69,900 Available for Rent,

Contact Listing Agent.

4613 Imperial Ave., Coronation -

Spacious 3+1 bedroom bungalow.

This home features a main floor

laundry, a large fenced back yard and

a large car port. Currently rented.

REDUCED $119,900 $109,000

New Listings

5014 Victoria Ave. Coronation,

Short Stop Liquor - Outstanding

Opportunity!! Short Stop liquor store in

Coronation is for sale. 4875 sqft

building and all equipment. Liquor

inventory is not included. Contact

Shelly for pricing and further


5021-51 Street Consort, AB -

Immaculate 3 bedroom 2 bathroom

mobile home one street over from

main street! Includes all appliances,

A/C, multiple upgrades, double

detached insulated and heated garage,

shed, and low maintenance exteriors.

This property really is a must see!

Listed for $109,900


11531 TWP RD 364 County of

Paintearth - 11.96 acres, 1396 sqft 3

bedroom bungalow, 30’x40’ quonset,

well developed shelter belt, approx. 8

acres hay land. Great for the horse

lover or hobby farmer! Listed @


for additional photos:


E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 13

Drumheller Dragons goalie Hunter Virostek, 31, (above) blocks

access to the net as a Brooks Bandits player leans on him.

Defenceman Troy Dudley, 11, of the Dragons moves to get the puck

away from the net. Drumheller Dragons left defensive player Aiden

Yakimchuk (top right) reaches for the puck to steal it away from

Brooks Bandits defenceman Luke Bast, 8. The Drumheller Dragons

(bottom right) celebrate one of their 11 points on the ice against

their hometown rivals the Brooks Bandits.

Photos courtesy of Athena Winchester, Broken Curfew Photography.

Dragons win home

opener in landslide

The Drumheller Dragons

faced off against their biggest

rivals: the Brooks

Bandits on Fri. Sept. 14, at

the Drumheller Memorial


A full house of fans supported

the local team as the

season kick-started.

After three competitive

periods, the Dragons came

1976 Ford F250 Camper Special

1991 Ford Custom Super Duty

1.5 ton Flat Deck Truck

2007 Load Lifter Fork Lift


Fork Lift

Retirement Sale

• Dentures

• Partials

Cheetah Sandblasting & Painting Ltd.

out on top, beating the

Bandits 11 – 3.

The Dragons travelled to

Camrose to play the

Kodiaks the next night

where the team won again

with a score of 4 – 1.

These wins have made

the Dragons second in the

league with four points.

Next game at home Sept. 18.

Retirement Sale

1976 Ford F250 Camper Special

S/N 273799UCH412.

• 1991 LeRoy 375 Compressor, 4 cyl. Cummins engine, 1123

hrs., S/N 3172X270.

Cheetah Sandblasting • 2009 - 25’ Bumper Pull Tandem & Axle Hi-Boy Painting Trailer, Ltd.

Compressor & Sand Pot w/Trailer

Vince 2DACC42465T004727. & Terry George

S/N 525019896, attachments sell separate - brush cutter, 8 hyd.

snow blade and 8’ snow bucket.

2007 Load Lifter 12,000 lb. Fork Lift c/w new 500 hrs. Perkins

Saturday, rebuilt engine, 16’ mast, side Sept. shift & fork adj., 22, model 2018 241612-D, - 10 a.m.

Land/Buildings & Major Equipment 3646 hrs., S/N Sell 2955. at Noon • Live & On-Line Bidding volt Available pump • Westeel • Lunch Double Wall by Containment Bev’s Catering Fuel Vault, 4530

Lift King Fork Lift

• Manitou 10,000 lb. M50-4 Fork Lift, 16’ mast, side shift, 8184 litres, M12; 2012 • Metal 8’ x 8’ Ice Fishing Shack c/w wood stove

Having received instructions from Vince, we Land/Buildings & Major Equipment Sell at Noon

hrs., will S/N sell 3-E2. by Public Auction on his land located SE 24-38-22-W4 • Champion HD Rural 9000W County Generator Stettler, • Frost being Fighter from Diesel the 320,000 junction

of Hwy. #12 & Hwy. #11A south 1/4 mile across tracks, Live on & immediate On-Line left Bidding and south 2.5 Available miles. Watch for signs.

• Lift King 10,000 lb. Fork Lift, Perkins engine, dual stage, 6676 BTU • 100 lb. Propane Tank • 3 phase 15 h.p. Electric Motor • Misc.

hrs, S/N LK8506.

Metal - 4’ x 4’ x 7’ Engineered Fork Lift Man Basket • Aluminum


• Mitsubishi

- 110,000 bay. If




Lunch enjoy






by Bev’s soak


in Catering



hot tub



Step &






• Saffold




• Scaffolding

floors, overhead

• Corral

1991 Ford Custom Super Duty stage, 9744 hrs., S/N 19A50356.

Gates • Trailer Axles • Fork Lift Extensions • Jerry Cans • Receiver

If you’re in the market for a beautiful acreage


or • received 40’ are x 8’ x instructions 8’ property C-Can from



a 20





sell by


Public Auction


on his


land Hitches located


SE • Tie 24-38-22-W4 Downs high intensity • Rural Slings • flourescent Creeper • Chains lights, 2 • side Boomers

1.5 ton Flat Deck Truck

Manitou M50-4 Fork Lift

looking for a perfect location for a business County this

• Stettler, 2001


Ford being Expedition

a hot from tub the junction and



150 of Truck, Hwy. stove #12 p.s.,

for & Hwy. p.b.,

the #11A cold

V8 gas south winter

engine, 1/4 months. mile across • Come-a-longs tracks, doors, on a immediate 20

• Skil

x 20


back left Drill


Press • Torque

door and


a 23’




and south


2.5 miles.







Level • Dewalt Biscuit Joiner • Socket Sets • Air Nailer • Staples

the spot for you. Sitting on 8.22 acres just off Hwy. • 1976 Ford This F250 property Camper also Special, includes 460 gas an 80’ engine, x 40’ Wooden p.s., p.b., Arch • Powerfest front 600 overhead ft. lbs. Torque door. There Wrench is a • 24’ Levels x 14’ • detached Craftsman office/lunchroom


11 near Erskine, this property has a 1717 sq. ft.








which PROPERTY includes a rear SELLS addition, AT NOON cement

Planer • 150 Welder • Table



a bathroom

• Misc. Pallet


of Paint




the Manitou M50-4 Fork Lift

2003 Ford F150 XLT Triton V8 Truck, p.s., p.b., air bag, air • Electric Jointer • Misc. Nails • Bolts • Staples • Electrical Supplies

with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, hot water heating, compressor, a floors, 228,845 2 overhead kms, S/N 2FTRX18L53CA21494.

radiant heaters, high intensity • Cords shops • Grinders as well. • Drills For • the Sanders animal • Water lovers Pumps there and is a items small too

If you’re in the market for a beautiful acreage or are looking for perfect location for a business this is the spot for you. Sitting on

wood stove in the den and a deck off both 8.22 the

acres front

1991 Ford

just off Hwy. flourescent

Custom Super

11 near Erskine, lights,


this property as well


has a as


1717 a man


sq. ft. door


home with and


4 14’ bedrooms x 20


and 2 pasture

to mention.

baths, hot water complete heating, with a water, perfect for horses or a

V/8 gas engine, p.s., p.b., tool boxes, 145,628 kms,

and back with exquisite views of the property. wood stove

S/N There in


the den and overhead a deck off both door the in front the and front back with and exquisite a 16’ x views 20’ of overhead the property. There is small a 29’ x 51’ - 3 car detached

RECREATION herd of cattle or sheep. EQUIPMENT

Brokered by Century

garage, heat in all but 1 bay. If you enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot tub this property has a 20 ft. octagon gazebo complete with a hot

is a 29’ x 51’ - 3 car detached garage, heat tub in and all wood but stove for the door cold in winter AUCTION the months. back. This There property NOTE: is also a includes 70’ x an 30’ 80’ Insulated

x 40’ Wooden Arch • 1999 Rib 21 Arctic Shop (Terry which Cat includes 1000 Chesla). cc a rear Thunder Cat Snowmobile, 2461 kms,

addition, cement floors, 2 overhead radiant heaters, high intensity flourescent lights, as well as S/N a man 9934492.

Westeel Fuel Vault

door and 14’ x 20’ overhead

We thank the Georges very much for the sale.

MAJOR EQUIPMENT - Sells door in After the front and a hrs., 16’ x 20’ S/N overhead 2955. door • Manitou in the back. 10,000 There is lb. also M50-4 a 70’ x 30’ Fork Insulated Lift, Tarp 16’ • 1997 Building • Ski-Doo 35-1 complete Airless Rotax with cement Paint Formula Sprayer 500 • Snowmobile, IST 10 gal. Paint 5846 kms,

We have a beautiful acreage on offer plus this would be a


MaxAir Tank Filler

floors, overhead heating, high intensity flourescent lights, 2 side doors, a 20’ x 20’ back overhead S/N door 124300909.

and a 23’ x 20’ front overhead

Property On Line & Live • Ingersol great Rand sale to mast, add side to your shift, sandblasting 8184 hrs., and S/N painting 3-E2. • Lift supplies, King 10,000

door. There is a 24’ x 14’ detached office/lunchroom with a bathroom located next to the shops as • 1999 well. For Sea-doo Recycler

the animal GTX800 • MaxAir

lovers there Water 4500

is Craft, psi Gas-powered S/N 22N02876K697. Breathing Air

some household and smaller tools sell at 10:00 a.m. and

375 Air Compressor c/w 4 cyl. Cummings turbo a small pasture diesel complete lb. with Fork water, Lift, perfect Perkins for horses engine, or a small dual herd stage, of cattle or 6676 sheep. hrs, Brokered S/N

• Coleman by Century Tank


Filler 21 (Terry Plastic

• Blast Chesla). Canoe.

Shields • Blast Hoods • Blast Coveralls

at noon we will sell the acreage and then right onto the • 14’ Aluminum Boat c/w 12.9 h.p. Chrysler engine and boat 2007 Load Lifter Fork Lift

engine, sand pot on a 29’ bumper hitch triple axle painting, LK8506. sandblasting • Mitsubishi and 10,000 major lb. equipment, Fork Lift, model FD40, trailer, model • Bullard 22BA, Spray S/N 1019. Hoods • Hood Lenses • Recycle Bags

trailer, S/N for Compressor 311549UDK413. • 2011 MAJOR 12’ EQUIPMENT: mast, see dual you stage, SELLS sale 9744 day. AFTER hrs., S/N PROPERTY 19A50356. • ON 40’

• 8’ x LINE 8’



8’ & Walk LIVE Gloves

in Cooler

• Tryvex

c/w compressor.

Spray Overalls • Rubber Gloves

Ingersol Rand XP375 Compressor c/w 4 cyl. • Ingersol JD diesel Rand 375 Air x Compressor 8’ x 8’ C-Can c/w 4 cyl. • 2001 Cummings Ford turbo Expedition • 4 - 6 cubic XLT foot 150 Sand Truck, Pots • 2 - 700 • Breathing & 1 - 400 CFM Air Desicant Cartridges • Westeel Double Wall Containment

air Breathing Pump Fuel • Vault, 2 - 1.5 4530 litres, M12; 2012 • Metal 8’

engine, 150 psi, S/N 432548UJV048. • 2013 diesel engine, Doosan sand pot p.s., on a p.b., 29’ bumper V8 gas hitch engine, triple axle trailer, 342,603 Air kms, Dryers S/N • Air Driven IFMPU16L- Bullard free to

S/N for Compressor 311549UDK413.

h.p. oilless air Breathing Pump • 2 - 30-1 Kremlin electrostatic

375XP Compressor, 150 psi, JD 4 cyl. diesel • 2011 engine, Ingersol Rand 51LA75556. XP375 Compressor • 1976 c/w 4 cyl. Ford JD F250 diesel Camper Paint Sprayers Special, • Grayco 46060-1 gas Spray x Pump 8’ Ice • Pressure Fishing Pots Shack with c/w wood stove • Champion HD

S/N 456701UHXE69. • 1997 Ingersol Rand engine, 375150 Compressor,

4 cyl. Cummins engine, S/N 273799UCH412.

psi, S/N 432548UJV048.

engine, p.s., p.b., 103,517 kms, and S/N without F25JRB81406.

agitator • Kremlin 25-1 9000W Spray Pump Generator • 30-1 Airless

2013 Doosan Compressor

• Frost Fighter Diesel 320,000 BTU 2013 Doosan Compressor

2013 Doosan 375XP Compressor, 150 psi, JD 4 cyl. diesel Paint Sprayer • 35-1 Airless Paint Sprayer • IST 10 gal. Paint

1976 Ford F250 Camper Special

engine, S/N 456701UHXE69. • 2003 Ford F150 XLT Triton V8 Thinner Truck, Recycler p.s., • p.b., MaxAir air 4500 psi • 100 Gas-powered lb. Propane Breathing Tank • 3 phase 15 h.p. Electric Motor

• 1991 LeRoy 375 Compressor, 4 cyl. Cummins • 1997 engine, Ingersol Rand 375 bag, Compressor, air compressor, 4 cyl. Cummins 228,845 engine, Air kms, Tank S/N Filler • 2FTRX18L-

Blast Shields • Blast • Misc. Hoods Metal • Blast Coveralls - 4’x4’x7’ Engineered Mitsubishi Fork Lift Fork Man Basket. Lift Recreational Toys

S/N 273799UCH412.

• Bullard Spray Hoods • Hood Lenses • Recycle Bags • Blast Gloves

1123 hrs., S/N 3172X270. • 2009 - 25’ Bumper

• 1991 LeRoy


375 Compressor,


4 cyl. Cummins

• 1991





• Tryvex






• Rubber




• Breathing Air



and misc.

Tandem Axle Hi-Boy Trailer, S/N 46UFU2021A1124857.

hrs., S/N 3172X270. Flat Deck Truck, V/8 gas engine, • p.s., Safety p.b., Harness tool • Rolls boxes, of Clear Plastic RECREATION • Roll Dispenser EQUIPMENT • 1999

2009 - 25’ Bumper Pull Tandem Axle Hi-Boy Trailer, • Paint Brushes, Sticks • Spray Lances • Seam Sealer • Paint

2005 - 16’ Tandem Axle Bumper Pull Car




S/N 145,628 kms, S/N 2FDLF47GIMCA53385.

Filters • Schutz

• 4


- 6



Cans • Electric




• Air



cc Thunder Cat Snowmobile, 2461

2DACC42465T004727. • S185 Bobcat 4 cyl. • 2005 Perkins - 16’ 56 Tandem foot Axle Sand Bumper Pots Pull • Car 2 - Hauler, 700 & S/N 1 - • 400 Sander CFM • Scraper Desicant • Masking Air Paper & kms, Tape • Tack S/N Cloths 9934492. • Kremlin • 1997 Ski-Doo Rotax Formula 500


electrostatic Painter Parts • C02 Monitor • Blast Hose Fittings

h,p. Skid Steer, w/5’ dirt bucket, S/N 525019896,

• S185 Bobcat


S/N 525019896, attachments sell separate - brush cutter, 8 hyd. • Blast Spray Hose • Electrical Wire • Misc. Valves & Hoses

4 cyl. Perkins


56 h,p.

• Air



Steer, w/5’


dirt bucket,

free to

• Slide




• Internal


Blast Equipment


• Blast Lights &



kms, S/N 124300909. • 1999 Seadoo

GTX800 Water Craft, S/N 22N02876K697. • Cole-

Compressor sell separate & Sand Pot - brush w/Trailer cutter, 8 hyd. snow • 2 - 1.5 h.p. oilless air Breathing Pump • 2 - 30-1

snow blade and 8’ snow bucket.

• Misc. Oils & Fluids • Paint Shelter • Breathing Insulated Air Hose

blade and S185 8’ snow Bobcat bucket. • 2007 Load Lifter 12,000 Kremlin electrostatic Paint Sprayers • Grayco 60-1 man Hard Plastic Canoe. • 14’ Aluminum Boat c/w 12.9

2007 Load Lifter 12,000 700 lb. Fork CFM Lift c/w Desicant new 500 hrs. Perkins Air Dryer • Herman Nelson Heaters & Ducting • 2 - Sand Hotsy Washers Pots • 500 & Air Dryers

MaxAir S185 Tank Bobcat Filler

lb. Fork Lift c/w new 500 hrs. Perkins rebuilt engine,

16’ mast, Spray side shift Pump & fork • adj., Pressure model 241612-D, Pots with gal. and Plastic without Water Tank agitator • Pipe Stands h.p. • Slip Chrysler Tank c/w electric engine 12 and boat

3646 hrs., S/N 2955.

volt pump • Westeel Double Wall Containment Fuel Vault, 4530









16’ mast, side shift & fork adj., model 241612-D, 3646 • Kremlin 25-1 Spray Pump • 30-1 Airless Paint Sprayer 1019. • 8’ x 8’ x 8’ Walk in Cooler c/w compressor.

• Manitou 10,000 lb. M50-4 Fork Lift, 16’ mast, side shift, 8184 TERMS litres, M12; 2012 •– Metal Cash 8’ x 8’ Ice Fishing or Shack Approved c/w wood stove Cheque - Nothing removed until settled for.

hrs., S/N 3-E2.

• Champion HD 9000W Generator • Frost Fighter Diesel 320,000

• Lift King 10,000 lb. Fork Lift, Perkins engine, dual stage, Sales 6676 Reps: BTU • 100 lb. Gary Propane Tank Rairdan • 3 phase 15 h.p. - 403-740-6823; Electric Motor • Misc.

Sale conducted by:

TERMS – Cash or Approved Cheque - Nothing removed Jim until Abel settled - 403-740-9609; for. Brad Lohr - 780-679-5500;

Sale conducted by:

1991 Ford Custom Super Duty

1.5 ton Flat Deck Truck

Westeel Fuel Vault

Vince & Terry George

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018 - 10 a.m.

Land/Buildings & Major Equipment Sell at Noon

Live & On-Line Bidding Available

Lunch by Bev’s Catering

Having received instructions from Vince, we will sell by Public Auction on his land located SE 24-38-22-W4 Rural

County Stettler, being from the junction of Hwy. #12 & Hwy. #11A south 1/4 mile across tracks, on immediate left

and south 2.5 miles. Watch for signs.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful acreage or are looking for a perfect location for a business this is the spot for you. Sitting on

8.22 acres just off Hwy. 11 near Erskine, this property has a 1717 sq. ft. home with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, hot water heating, a

wood stove in the den and a deck off both the front and back with exquisite views of the property. There is a 29’ x 51’ - 3 car detached

We offer out of office

garage, heat in all but 1 bay. If you enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot tub this property has a 20 ft. octagon gazebo complete with a hot

tub and wood stove for the cold winter months. This property also includes an 80’ x 40’ Wooden Arch Rib Shop which includes a rear

appointments to senior lodges

addition, cement floors, 2 overhead radiant heaters, high intensity flourescent lights, as well as a man door and 14’ x 20’ overhead

door in the front and a 16’ x 20’ overhead door in the back. There is also a 70’ x 30’ Insulated Tarp Building complete with cement

floors, overhead heating, high intensity flourescent lights, 2 side doors, a 20’ x 20’ back overhead door and a 23’ x 20’ front overhead

door. There is a 24’ x 14’ detached office/lunchroom with a bathroom located next to the shops as well. For the animal lovers there is

a small pasture complete with water, perfect for horses or a small herd of cattle or sheep. Brokered by Century 21 (Terry Chesla).

• Ingersol Rand 375 Air Compressor c/w 4 cyl. Cummings turbo

diesel engine, sand pot on a 29’ bumper hitch triple axle trailer,

S/N for Compressor 311549UDK413.

2011 Ingersol Rand XP375 Compressor c/w 4 cyl. JD diesel

engine, 150 psi, S/N 432548UJV048.

2013 Doosan 375XP Compressor, 150 psi, JD 4 cyl. diesel

engine, S/N 456701UHXE69.

• 1997 Ingersol Rand 375 Compressor, 4 cyl. Cummins engine,

S/N 46UFU2021A1124857.

2005 - 16’ Tandem Axle Bumper Pull Car Hauler, S/N

• S185 Bobcat 4 cyl. Perkins 56 h,p. Skid Steer, w/5’ dirt bucket,

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018 - 10 a.m.

hrs, S/N LK8506.

• Mitsubishi 10,000 lb. Fork Lift, model FD40, 12’ mast, dual

stage, 9744 hrs., S/N 19A50356.

• 40’ x 8’ x 8’ C-Can

2001 Ford Expedition XLT 150 Truck, p.s., p.b., V8 gas engine,

342,603 kms, S/N IFMPU16L51LA75556.

• 1976 Ford F250 Camper Special, 460 gas engine, p.s., p.b.,

103,517 kms, S/N F25JRB81406.

2003 Ford F150 XLT Triton V8 Truck, p.s., p.b., air bag, air

compressor, 228,845 kms, S/N 2FTRX18L53CA21494.

• 1991 Ford Custom Super Duty 1.5 Ton Flat Lic. Deck #003546 Truck,

V/8 gas engine, p.s., p.b., tool boxes, 145,628 kms,

S/N 2FDLF47GIMCA53385.


We thank the Georges very much for the sale.

We have a beautiful acreage on offer plus this would be a

great sale to add to your sandblasting and painting supplies,



FRIDAY - 9 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

MAJOR EQUIPMENT: SELLS AFTER PROPERTY ON 403.742.2351 LINE & LIVE • 5021-50 St. Stettler

*After hours available by appointment only at 587.736.0128*

• 4 - 6 cubic foot Sand Pots • 2 - 700 & 1 - 400 CFM Desicant

Air Dryers • Air Driven Bullard free to air Breathing Pump • 2 - 1.5

h.p. oilless air Breathing Pump • 2 - 30-1 Kremlin electrostatic

Paint Sprayers • Grayco 60-1 Spray Pump • Pressure Pots with

and without agitator • Kremlin 25-1 Spray Pump • 30-1 Airless

Paint Sprayer • 35-1 Airless Paint Sprayer • IST 10 gal. Paint

Thinner Recycler • MaxAir 4500 psi Gas-powered Breathing

Air Tank Filler • Blast Shields • Blast Hoods • Blast Coveralls

• Bullard Spray Hoods • Hood Lenses • Recycle Bags • Blast Gloves

• Tryvex Spray Overalls • Rubber Gloves • Breathing Air Cartridges

• Safety Harness • Rolls of Clear Plastic • Roll Dispenser

• Paint Brushes, Sticks • Spray Lances • Seam Sealer • Paint

Filters • Schutz Gun with Cans • Electric Polisher • Air Grinder

• Sander • Scraper • Masking Paper & Tape • Tack Cloths • Kremlin

electrostatic Painter Parts • C02 Monitor • Blast Hose Fittings

• Slide Valves • Internal Blast Equipment • Blast Lights & Bulbs

• Blast Spray Hose • Electrical Wire • Misc. Valves & Hoses

• Misc. Oils & Fluids • Paint Shelter • Breathing Insulated Air Hose

• Herman Nelson Heaters & Ducting • 2 - Hotsy Washers • 500

gal. Plastic Water Tank • Pipe Stands • Slip Tank c/w electric 12

Metal - 4’ x 4’ x 7’ Darren Engineered Fork Rebalkin Lift Man Basket •- Aluminum 403-633-9997; Larry Stulberg - 403-740-3863

Step & Extension Ladders • Saffold Wagon • Scaffolding • Corral

Auctioneers: Darren Rebalkin, Allen McMillan, Terry Silbernagel, Blane Friesen

Gates • For Trailer Axles Details • Fork Lift Extensions Call: • Jerry 403-742-2368

Cans • Receiver

Hitches • Tie Downs • Slings • Creeper • Chains • Boomers Cashier: Lona Benjamin

• Come-a-longs • Skil Bench Drill Press • Torque Wrench • Laser

Level • Dewalt Biscuit Joiner • Socket Sets • Air Nailer • Staples

• Powerfest 600 ft. lbs. Torque Wrench • Levels • Craftsman 13”

Planer • 150 Welder • Table Saw • Misc. Pallet of Paint • Winch

• Electric Jointer • Misc. Nails • Bolts • Staples • Electrical Supplies

• Cords • Grinders • Drills • Sanders • Water Pumps and items too

numerous to mention.

Lic. #003546

or for viewing and info call Terry at 403-741-9557

email: website:

email: Manitou M50-4 Fork Lift


For Details Call: 403-742-2368 or

for viewing and info call Terry at 403-741-9557 Sand Pots & Air Dryers


• 1999 Arctic Cat 1000 cc Thunder Cat Snowmobile, 2461 kms,

S/N 9934492.

• 1997 Ski-Doo Rotax Formula 500 Snowmobile, 5846 kms,

S/N 124300909.

Caring for you & your Smile!

Formally Formerly Baird Denture Clinic

• Implant Dentures

• Relines/Repairs




a G

David Ho, DD


Over 10 Years


Call now

for your



Mitsubishi Fork Lift

Lift King Fork Lift

14 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w

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real estate

ACREAGE for sale:

35.31 acres; 5 miles

south of Hardisty on

Hwy 872 with older

home, shop & garage.

Wonderful for a few

horses & cows with a

small hay field. Tower

revenue. Also 4 RV

serviced lots. Beautiful

yard. 780-888-2280.

Cell 780-888-7029.

Marjorie Korth.

CASTOR spotless two

bedroom house. New

kitchen, upgraded

bathroom, heated

detached garage.

Beautiful location

across from golf

course. Kijiji ad



Bedroom townhouse

for rent available Oct.

1st. $1100/mth. Utilities

included. Fridge, stove,

washer, dryer. Close to

CFB and rec centre.

Within walking distance

to the hospital and

Seniors Lodge. Call or

text 780-717-6783.


METAL roofing & siding.

37+ colours available

at over 55

Distributors. 40 year

warranty. 48 hour

Express Service available

at select supporting

Distributors. Call





- tree pruning

- tree removal

- height reducing

- hedge shaping

- disease diagnosis

and management

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Rent this space for as little as


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403 742 5667

Rent this space for as little as

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The Village of Alix is soliciting proposals from firms to provide audit services. This request for proposal

contains background information on the Village and specific information that must be included in the

proposals submitted. The proposals must be submitted by no later than 4:00 pm, October 5, 2018, by mail

or e-mail to;

Village of Alix, Box 87 Alix, AB T0C 0B0,


trees. 4-6 feet; $35

each. Machine planting:

$10/tree (includes bark

mulch and root

enzymes). 25 tree minimum

order. Delivery fee


Quality guaranteed.


SAWMILLS from only

$4,397. Make Money

and Save Money with

your own bandmill -

Cut lumber any dimension.

In stock, ready to

ship. Free Info & DVD:


com/400OT; 1-800-567-

0404 Ext: 400OT.

Feed and Seed

HEATED canola buying

Green, Heated or

Springthrashed Canola.

Buying: oats, barley,

wheat & peas for feed.

Buying damaged or offgrade

grain. “On Farm

Pickup” Westcan Feed

& Grain, 1-877-250-


Proposal Requirements

• When the firm was incorporated and where it is located.

• Experience of the firm, size and area of expertise as well as a statement of municipal audit experience.

• Engagement team that will be assigned for the Alix audit process and their professional background.

• Description of plan for transitioning from prior auditors (if applicable).

• Overall audit approach, including the firm’s philosophy on communications with clients, scheduling of

engagements and continuity of staff on audit.

• Timetable and nature of service. NOTE: LAPP audit completed in 2017

• Fee structure including hourly rates, professional fees and out of pocket expenses.

Questions regarding this request for proposal may be directed to Michelle White, CAO; (403)747-2495.

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DEALERS wanted. Hannas

Seeds, A long time leader in

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Reclamation grasses is seeking

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Contact Lance Walker 1-800-

661-1529. Email:

Village of Youngstown

Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the

Municipal Government Act, the Village of Youngstown

will offer for sale, by public auction, in the Village

Office, Youngstown, Alberta, on Monday, October 15,

2018 at 11:00 a.m., the following lands:

Lot Block Plan

18 – 20 15 5377AV

Each parcel will be offered for sale subject to a reserve

bid and to the reservations and conditions contained in

the existing Certificate of Title.

The Village of Youngstown may, after the public

auction, become the owner of any parcel of land not

sold at the public auction.

Terms: Cash or certified cheque. Subject to Schedule A

of By-law 500.

Redemption may be affected by payment of all arrears

of taxes and costs at any time prior to the sale.

Dated at Youngstown, Alberta, July 24, 2018.

Emma Garlock, Municipal Administrator


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S. Barnes


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Stan Barnes

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Re: BYLAW 2018-661


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 @ 6:45 p.m.

A Bylaw to adopt an amended Intermunicipal

Development Plan (IDP) with the County of Paintearth

has been given first reading by Coronation Town

Council, and in accordance with the Municipal

Government Act Section 230 and 606, a PUBLIC

HEARING has been scheduled at the above noted time

and date.

The proposed Bylaw and IDP are available for viewing

at the Town of Coronation Office, 5015 Victoria Ave.,

Coronation, AB during office hours of 8:30 am to 12:00

pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Anyone who may be

affected or claim to be affected by the above proposed

Plan or Bylaw may make an oral or written

presentation at the above noted hearing,or submit a

written presentation to the Town of Coronation, Box

219, Coronation, AB T0C 1C0 or by fax 403-578-3020 no

later than 4:30 pm on Friday September 21, 2018.

Dated: September 12, 2018

Sandra Kulyk, Chief Administrative Officer

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TROUBLE walking? Hip or

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Service Wise -

We Specialize


Stettler, AB


Meat Packers

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RR #2 Bashaw, AB

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780 372 2178



County of Paintearth No. 18


#1 Crowfoot Crossing Industrial Park

County of Paintearth Council has given first

readings to the below noted Bylaws, and in

accordance with the Municipal Government Act

Section 606, shall cause to be held a PUBLIC

HEARING at the noted time below for discussion on

the following Intermunicipal Development Plans

and Intermunicipal Collaborative Frameworks:

1:15 PM

Bylaw 663-18 IDP with MD of Provost

Bylaw 664-18 ICF with MD of Provost

Bylaw 665-18 ICF with Town of Coronation

Bylaw 666-18 IDP Update with Town of Coronation

Bylaw 667-18 IDP Update with Town of Castor

Bylaw 668-18 ICF with Town of Castor

The proposed bylaws and documents are

available for viewing on the County website at or at the County Office,

#1 Crowfoot Crossing Industrial Park at Hwy #12

and Twp Rd 374 during office hours of 8:30 am to

12:00 pm and 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Anyone who

may be affected or claim to be affected by the

above proposed amendments may make an oral or

written presentation at the above noted hearing,

or submit a written presentation to the County of

Paintearth, Box 509, Castor, AB T0C 0X0 or by fax

403-882-3560 no later than 4:30 pm on Friday

September 28, 2018.

Dated: September 20, 2018

Todd Pawsey, Development Officer

Professional Directory

Hanna Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Craig Larson,

Dr. Carissa Kimpinski,

Chad Brummund,

Patrick May

Hanna, Ab (Castor & Consort)

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E.Roger Spady



Barrister & Solicitor

Coronation Mall

Coronation, AB


Office Hours:

Tuesday to Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kendra Walgenbach, CPA, CA

Chris Annand, CPA, CA

Naomi Roth, CPA, CGA

Help Wanted

COOKS & Waitresses, Coronation

Restaurant & Cafe. Drop off resume in person.

Ask for Dion.

JOURNALISTS, Graphic Artists, Marketing ...

Alberta’s weekly newspapers are looking for

people like you. Post your resume online.




Dr. Ward ZoBell

Tues & Thurs 10 - 4




Eye Health, Glasses


Dr. Dennis A. Heimdahl

Dr. Ward ZoBell

Tues, Wed 9-5

Thurs, Fri 9-4




In Coronation


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Call Anytime

for Appointments


Located in Coronation Mall

Guy Chapman, CPA, CA, CFP

Kamron Kossowan, CPA

4702 51 Ave, Stettler, AB 403-742-3438

E C A r e v i e w c l a s s i f i e d s / C a r e e r s

H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 15

Help Wanted

MEDICAL Transcription!

In-demand career!

Employers have workat-home


available. Get online

training you need from

an employer-trusted

program. Visit or

1-855-768-3362 to start

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INDY Graphics Group

Auction, 7659 Edgar

Ind. Dr. Red Deer, AB

Tues. Sept 25 @

10am. Selling Manlift

Truck, Service Van,

Trucks, Trailer, Scissor

Lift, Digital Printers &

Vinyl Cutters, Flat Bed

Printing Equip, Silk

Screen, Sewing

Machines & More. Live

& on-line.


MEIER - 2 Day

unreserved closeout

Auction for Inner

Tech Valve Limited.

Sept 25 and 26 10

AM. 5302-72A

Avenue, Edmonton.

Complete Valve

Repair, Machining

and Shop

Equipment. Visit


com for more



Coring Equipment

Auction, Sat. Sept

29, 2018, 10AM Red

Deer, AB. West Hwy

11, South 1KM Burn

Lake Trail. Trucks/

PU, Skid shacks,

Office trailers,

Coring equipment/



Facebook. Email:;

Johnny; 403-464-

0202, Cochrane, AB.

Coming Events

GARAGE Sale east

of Castor, 3 1/2 mi

east of Hwy 36 on

Hwy 599. Fri. Sept.

21, 5-8p.m., Sept.

22 & 23, 9-5 p.m.

Antiques, furniture,

tools, craft supplies

& more.

OPEN House, visit

Alberta’s Vipassana

Mediation Centre

Sat. Oct. 13, 2018

11 a.m. -5p.m.

Township Rd 300 at

Range Rd 93,

Youngstown Ab.

Dhamma Karuna

30003 Range Rd 93,

Youngstown Ab.

Tours, refreshments

and activities for

adults and kids alike.

For further info, visit


Pyramid Corporation

is currently looking for

SAVE the Date for

the Annual Spondin

Community Centre

Gala, Sat. Nov. 17 at

Spondin, Ab..

Supper plus entertainer,


Larrabee, impersonator

of many singers

including Frank

Sinatra, Elivis, Rod

Stewart, Tom Jones,

just to name a few.

Evening sponsored

by the Spondin Ag

Society and the


Community Centre

Society. Mark you

calendar and look

for further details

coming soon.

BLANKET The province

with a classified

ad. Only $269

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• Electrical Electrical, &


Case IH Equipment Dealer in Coronation Alberta

Instrumentation & Fabrication Services

is now accepting applications for

• Bench Proving

2 nd , 3 rd or 4 th year apprentice

Nisku Head Ofce 800.955.2988 or Journeyman/

Apprentice &

- Journeyman

Turbines, PD,

Vortex - 3/8” - 10”


Nisku Head Ofce 800.955.2988









with AG experience.

• Mobile Proving - Volumetric for our Provost, & Gravimetric

We offer year-round employment, competitive

Alta. location Other Services Include:

Other Services Include: salary, excellent benefits and a positive, friendly

Call Casey Lawes 780-753-1466

Candidate • PLC must Programming

be local or willing to relocate to the area. • We Shop offer & Portable Shop Portable team-oriented Meter

Meter work environment. If you are looking

or Dean Lawes 780-753-0803

excellent wages, benefits, RRSP program, room for advancement Proving

• Burner Management Systems


for a rewarding career with a successful growing

if you have any questions.

• Shop Repairs

and more.

Shop Repairs organization, then forward your resume to:

Please Email or Fax resumes to:

Please forward resumes to • Rental Recorders


Rental Recorders Mail Locally: Future AG Inc, Attn: Les Hewitt, OR 780-753-2493

• Control & Safety

No formal education is required for this position.

Control Safety Box 189, Coronation, AB T0C 1C0


Fax: 780-753-4735

403-578-2584 Systems Maintenance

Livestock experience is an asset,

Systems Maintenance Fax: 1-403-578-4209 Email:

• PLC Programming

not an necessity.

PLC Programming

• Control Panel

Control Panel



• Field Construction &

Village of Edgerton

Field Construction Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)



• Modular Building

Public Works Department

Modular Building Village of Edgerton, Ab.


Construction Edgerton is a thriving village of 425 residents situated in east-central

• Extensive Safety

Extensive Safety Alberta. We offer affordable housing, K-12 Schooling, Before and After

Position Summary



• Burner Management school Systems care, Hockey Arena, Curling Rink, Golf Course, Ball Diamonds,

The Public Works Department is small in number but very

Burner Management Systems

Horse Track, Museum Complex, Camp Grounds, Library, and 3 lakes

efficient and skillful in their approach to their duties. New hires nearby. For additional information please visit our web-site at

will Electrical


be responsible and


for the Instrumentation


day to day operations Industry


and maintenance Leader





1993 The CAO will be responsible for providing

of the Village, including but not limited to water and waste water effective advice and support to the Mayor and Council in developing,

monitoring and reporting, street and sidewalk maintenance, arena implementing and executing day to day affairs as set out in the

flooding and maintenance, parks and cemetery up-keep. The Municipal Government Act (MGA), by-laws, policies and strategies.

position reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer.

This person will have strong communication and supervisory skills to

ensure that the village administration and public works staff provide

excellent service to our residents.

Knowledge, Ability and Skills

The ideal candidate will have experience and knowledge in

working in municipal operations, have Water and Wastewater

Operator certification through Alberta Environment, have strong

leadership and supervisory skills, be computer literate, possess

oral and written communication skills, and enjoys working in a

team environment.

Why work for the Village of Edgerton

We offer a competitive salary, a full benefit package, matching

RRSP contributions, a great working environment and an

excellent, thriving community to live in with affordable houseing.

Apply Now!

Please send your resume, cover letter, reason(s) for applying,

and salary expectations to: CAO, Village of Edgerton, Box 57,

Edgerton, Ab. T0B 1K0 or email to by

Oct. 1, 2018. The Village of Edgerton thanks all applicants for

their interest; however only those considered for an interview will

be contacted directly, and this position will remain open until a

suitable candidate is identified.


for October 20th,

2018 Live & Online

Auction. Rifles,


Handguns, Militaria.

Auction or Purchase:

Collections, Estates,

Individual Items.

Contact Paul,

Switzer’s Auction:

Toll-Free 1-800-694-




GET back on track!

Bad credit? Bills?

Unemployed? Need

money? We lend! If

you own your own

home - you qualify.

Pioneer Acceptance

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Heavy Duty Mechanics

3” wide version

the MOST out of your advertising dollars

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Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

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3.75” wide version


Livestock Exchange

with a combined circulation



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The Livestock Market Serving Eastern plus GST/HST Alberta

Value and Western Ad Network


Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association

780-434-8746 x228 (toll free 1-800-282-6903)


or stop by this community newspaper


Full-Time And Part-Time Positions Available


* cleaning stables, barnyards and pens

* feeding and tending cattle

* receiving and loading cattle

* opening and closing gates

* running down alleys

* working directly with livestock (ie: sorting)

* processing (ie: running through chute, ear

tagging, etc.)

* misc. repairs and maintenance

* other duties as required

Responsible for all outside labour needed to

move cattle through auction mart.

The ideal candidate will possess the following:

-Past experience, preferably in local government

-Leadership skills and a demonstrated ability to develop and maintain

a positive working environment and a cohesive team of staff, council

and surrounding municipalities

-A strong understanding of budgeting and maintaining a strong

financial base

-A proven back ground in strategic planning, implementing and

driving results in a team environment

-A strong commitment towards the development and delivery of highquality

customer service; and community engagement

-Proficient in addressing and managing public relations and conflict


The Village of Edgerton offers a comprehensive benefits package;

salary will be commensurate with experience, please outline salary

expectations in your cover letter.

Closing Date is October 15, 2018, this position will remain open until as

suitable person is found

Please submit resumes to:

Mayor Wendy Belik

Box 57 Edgerton, Ab., T0B 1K0

Email: mayor

7/22/11 11:36 AM

16 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 ' 1 8 H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w



Dwight Perry of the

Seattle Times: “Odell

Beckham Jr. of the New

York Giants says his

superstar status makes

him feel like a ‘zoo

animal.’ Especially the

part where the Giants

ignore the warnings

and feed him $95


Norman Chad of the

Washington Post: “If

you watched ‘Hard

Knocks’ this summer,

you wouldn’t trust

the Browns staff to

organize a lemonade

stand, let along run a

professional football


AKA Eddie, on Twitter,

referring to his hometown’s

NFL team: “Here

in Cleveland we refer

to them as the Bro ns,

since there was no W in

the 2017 season.”

Scott Ostler of the San

Francisco Chronicle

has a great suggestion

for the name of the

Raiders’ stadium in Las

Vegas: “Pair-a-Dice


Brad Rock of the

Deseret News: “LA Gear

is trying to block the

Chargers from using

anything that includes

the letters LA in the

name. You mean like

LAaugh out loud?”

Comedy writer Brad

Dickson of Omaha, on

the Nike/Colin Kaepernick

ad campaign:

“Well, I’m glad that

Nike finally found a

spokesperson who’s

non-polarizing. Second

and third choices were

Julian Assange and

Kim Jong Un.”

Comedy writer Jim

Barach: “Tom Brady

says he is looking to

play five more years in

the NFL. Let’s just hope

no one let’s the air out

of his dreams.”

RJ Currie of sportsdeke.

com: “Ex-CFL great

Doug Brown once

called the Winnipeg-

Saskatchewan Labour

Day game a battle of

combines and tractors.

If memory serves, last

year the Riders laid

a threshing on the

Bombers.” (And this

year, too.)

Care to comment?



From the bleachers

QB shuffle dominates

NFL off-season

by Bruce Penton

It might take a casual fan

of the National Football

League until U.S.

Thanksgiving to get clarity

on which quarterbacks went

where in the

biggest QB

shuffle offseason




Added to the

carousel of

veteran quarterbacks

getting new

addresses is a

handful of


fuzzy-cheeked QBs right out

of college who are all projected

stars (at least by the

teams that chose them in the


History tells us, though,

that the success rate of college

QBs moving into the

NFL is not that great.

So let’s forget about the

big QB names who stayed

put, such as Brady, Rogers,

Ryan, Brees, Wilson, Big

Ben, etc., and concentrate on

those who moved, and who

moved in.

Every team

with a new

quarterback has

high hopes as the

season begins.

Kirk Cousins was the biggest

‘name’ player to move,

signing as a free agent with

Minnesota Vikings after

five years with Washington.

The Cousins signing

allowed the Vikings to go

into 2018 with none of the

three QBs they had on their

2017 roster: Case Keenum

signed with Denver as a free

agent; Sam Bradford was a

free-agent signee in

Arizona; and Teddy

Bridgewater was traded to

New York Jets, and later

dealt to New Orleans, where

he’ll back up Drew Brees.

To fill the Cousins void in

Washington, the Redskins

acquired longtime Kansas

City quarterback Alex

Smith. The Chiefs

deemed him expendable

because they

believe Pat Mahomes, a

second-year player, is

ready for stardom.

Tyrod Taylor, who

had moments of glory

for Buffalo, is suiting

up with Cleveland

Browns thanks to an

off-season trade, and

he’ll apparently start ahead

of No. 1 draft pick Baker


Meanwhile, A.J.

McCarron, who was

acquired by Buffalo from

Cincinnati prior to the draft,

was shuffled off to Oakland

prior to the season. Nathan

Peterman will start for

Buffalo, and college prospect

Josh Allen will back

him up. Bills’ fans have

their fingers crossed.

All eyes will be on the five

college quarterbacks who

were the stars of April’s


Mayfield, as mentioned,

will be the backup in

Cleveland. Sam Darnold,

from USC, is the starter

for the Jets. Josh Allen

will get a lot of sideline

time in Buffalo. Josh

Rosen is in Arizona, and

will be the backup for

Bradford, with Cardinals’

fans hoping the two can

replace Carson Palmer,

who retired after the 2017

season after 15 years in the


And versatile Lamar

Jackson was picked by

Baltimore Ravens, who with

Joe Flacco behind centre

have no quarterback


Every team with a new

quarterback has high hopes

as the season begins.

History tells us those hopes

usually don’t take long to get


Mon - Fri 9 am-5 pm

5015 Victoria Ave., Coronation, Ab


Nest Chair by Stylus

Back by



Hanna Motor Products



Sept. 1 - Oct. 15

New Style



LTD. 1-888-854-3141






ON ALL MONTH! 1-888-854-3141


Retail $47,960


Dennis Halstead

Will be here on

Sat., September 29



Sat., Sept. 29, 8-4

on Rodeo Weekend



600 West Industrial Road, Hanna, AB

Toll Free: 1-888-426-6246

Ph: (403) 854-4427 • Fax: (403) 854-2952


150 00 Instant Discount w/Purchase

of Any 4 GM National Brand Tires

No Payment No Interest For 90 Days!!! Call For Details.

Transat2 / LT265/70R18 • 10 Ply / Load Range E - Stk # FB000188

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186 66 of 4 Tires

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* Tire Levy & G.S.T. Extra

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2018 RAM 1500

SXT QC 4x4

V6; 8 speed Auto; Great Fuel

Economy; Stk. #18-064,

2019 RAM 1500

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Loaded; Premium Leather;


” Wheels; 12 ” Screen;

Stk. #19-021

2018 RAM 2500

Power Wagon

Leather; Loaded; 1200 lb

Warn Winch; Stk. #18-266

2018 RAM 3500

Laramie CC 4x4

Auto; Leather; Loaded;

Dually; Stk. #18-209

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