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As autumn approaches and we say goodbye

to the long, hot summer of 2018, we need

to adjust to a change in temperature and a

different pace of life. September sees a

return to our busy routines and the daily

stresses at home and work and it’s

important to look after ourselves.

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing Reiki

session to prepare your body and mind for

the autumn?

Reiki (‘rei’ means ‘universal’ and ‘ki’

‘energy’) is a natural, non-intrusive

treatment which allows positive energy to

flow through the hands of the practitioner,

encouraging the body to balance and heal

itself. Reiki treats the whole person - body,

mind and soul - resulting in many benefits

including relaxation, stress reduction,

improved sleep patterns and a general

feeling of peace and well-being.

The client remains fully clothed whilst the

practitioner uses a series of hand positions

either on or slightly above the body,

depending on preference. A warm,

soothing energy flows from the hands to

the client, promoting relaxation, releasing

tension and balancing the body’s energy

centres (‘chakras’). Experiences differ from

person to person and from session to

session – some feel the energy as heat,

others as tingling, some see colours and

others feel nothing at all, but the Reiki is

working regardless and can never do any

harm, only good.

Contact Katharine O’Callaghan on

07951 960898 or visit my website:

www.forest-reiki.co.uk for more

information, prices and testimonials. Free

consultation and £5 off your first session

when you quote this advert.



I think we can all agree the Fair was a

great event. You can see some of the

activities and fun from the day captured

in this edition. A big thank you to all who

made it possible (see page 12).

And, so there is no excuse for not enough

thinking time! For 2019, (the 10th year of

the competition), the Hordle & District

Twinning Association have chosen,

“ Scarecrows from around the World” as

the theme. This could be a scarecrow in

national dress, or a well known national

figure from around the globe, either past

or present (Joan of Arc and Donald

Trump come to mind). Thinking caps on


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5th November

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Wildlife Matters 5

Dogs Come Too 7

Notes from The Solent Cellar 9

Hordle Pulls it Off! 12-13

Driving Safely for Longer 15

Hordle Parish: Forthcoming events 17-18

Local Noticeboard: 19-21

Hordle CE Primary News 25-26

Village Diary 28-29

Why we need a Man’s Shed 30

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Nick Wells

Fencing & Gardening Services

Fencing, gates, repairs, turfing, raised flower

beds, sleeper walls, shed building & repair,

car ports, decking………& much more.



Family run business - Fully insured

Free, no obligation quotes

References available

W: www.facebook.com/


T: 01425 837966 M: 07770 656072

E: nickwells908@gmail.com

Please contact Jacqui for details on the

available rounds in Hordle.

T:01590 643969 or 07801 562358



WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us


Ecologists, conservationists and our larger

wildlife bodies are regularly talking about how

best we can look after British wildlife. The term

‘landscape-scale conservation’ has been coined

and seems to be on everyone’s lips.

Comparatively small, often isolated, nature

reserves dotted around Britain’s coast or inland

are no longer suitable alone for the future

needs of our diminishing wildlife. Or, so we are

told and with many animals rapidly declining,

larger steps need to be taken.

So, how real is the threat of losing species in our

countryside and cities? On the face of what I

see locally, not much. That is however, until you

look at the wider picture. Species that have

been here for hundreds of years are in decline.

Farmland is under intense pressure to produce

more food, often it appears, for unrealistic


Naturalist and broadcaster Stephen Moss says

in his book ,‘Wild Kingdom’ about the farmed

countryside, ‘Apart from the gently waving

heads of corn in the summer’s breeze, there is

an eerie silence. Nothing moves. The flutter of

butterflies, their colours catching the eye as they

reflect the sunshine; the buzz of bumblebees as

they flit from flower to flower; even the

wildflowers themselves – are all absent’.

Stephen continues, ‘We only need to find out

what we have lost since the end of the Second

World War to realise just how much has

vanished during the last 70 years – the span of a

human lifetime – we have lost 99 per cent of our

hay meadows, 96 per cent of our chalk and

limestone grasslands, half a million farm ponds

and 300,000 miles of hedgerows – enough to

stretch from the earth to way beyond the


The Wildlife Trusts have put in place a ‘Nature

Recovery Network’ which includes trying to

bring nature into the places where we work and

live and to encourage farmers to make room for

colourful wildflower strips running alongside

hedgerows. They contend that children seem to

understand that the natural world is the

foundation of our wellbeing. The Trust’s 4 stage

plan is to: 1) Protect the wildest places, 2) Make

connections through (‘stepping-stones’ and

‘wildlife corridors’) between these larger places,

3) Provide a bigger overall area for wildlife and

4) Find space for wildlife in the wider landscape.

Wildlife Potential:

• 250,000 miles of roadside verges for


• c.430,000 hectares of gardens to help

important pollinators such as


• Public open spaces of which two-thirds

is short mown grass, whereas,

wildflower meadows support eight

times more wildlife

• 70% of UK land is farmland where

creating habitat for wildlife is vital.

So, what can we do to help? There is no real

opportunity to help in this new ‘landscape scale’

vision, but what every one of us can do is

manage our gardens a little better for ‘wildlife’,

or maybe, help your local conservation

volunteers undertake work in nearby public

open spaces and nature reserves.

The rewards for health and well-being and

just doing your bit for nature, is

immeasurable. ‘Every one of us can do a

little, but together we can do a lot’.

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email



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2 treatments

worth £300


available for


Tel: 01425 612548



Units 8&9 Lea Green Farm

Christchurch Road

Downton, Lymington

SO41 0LA

Tel/Fax: 01590 645999



Record numbers of British holidaymakers are

choosing to go off on vacation with their dogs

instead of leaving them behind. It's not just UK

holidays either; some intrepid dog owners are

even calling on their vets, and paying to have

them issue special pet passports to enable their

four-legged friends to travel abroad with them!

an infusion of elderflower, linden blossom,

ginseng and water or 'Pawsecco Rose'; (same

again but with carrot added). For the more

butch-type dogs there's good old 'Bottom

Sniffer Beer' containing dandelion and burdock.

And to round off the meal, Fido can choose 'old

sock ice cream' too. Strange but true!

In recent years, our dogs have become much

more important members of our families and

now there's a growing demand for dogfriendly

self-catering cottages, hotels and even

luxury villas that don't just tolerate dogs, but

actively encourage them to come too.

Here are some examples:

Even the upper echelons of polite society are

getting in on the 'dogs come too' act: In

London's fancy Knightsbridge at the five-star

Egerton House Hotel, while well-heeled guests

tuck into their scones and finger sandwiches in

the drawing room, their dogs can enjoy their

own special 'Dog Afternoon Tea'.

The four-star, 15th century Swan at Lavenham

Hotel and Spa has a renowned restaurant, and

has now created a special in-the-room dinner

menu especially for its canine guests.

In the 12th century Tuscan Castello Del Nero,

Michelin-starred chefs fuss around

preparing bespoke meals for dogs, who come

in hungry after a day sniffing around the 740

acres of olive groves and vineyards and cooling

off in a couple of lakes.

Channels Bar and Brasserie in Essex supply an

extensive range of luxury treats for dogs from

their 'DoggyDining' menu. There are old

favourites that are sure to please, like

sausages and rashers of bacon alongside

choices such as 'cheese and crackers', which

are actually chunks of cheddar with chicken

rawhide crackers served with an apple

garnish. It doesn't end there either; a range of

side orders like doggy crisps (crunchy

vegetable crisps made for dogs), doggy

popcorn (made in Britain especially for dogs

too and 'with 100% natural ingredients') is

available. And If some of that sounds a bit dry

for the canine palate, then pampered pooches

can wash it all down with 'Pawsecco White';

It's a growing trend, but if your holiday simply

doesn't work with your dog, but you really

don't like the idea of leaving your four-legged

family member in kennels, then Sophie's

Pet Care® have the perfect solution: We

regularly arrange VIP holidays for your dog in

the comfort of loving, family homes in our

area, so that your pooch has a holiday that's at

least as good as your own! Pick up the dog and

bone and call ………………. or visit

sophiespetcare.com for more information.

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For Home PC & Laptop users

Want to get more out of

your home computer?

Computer repair, upgrades

and tuition

T: 0784 103 1464

E: david@f1computersolutions.co.uk

W: f1computersolutions.co.uk




Mon– Fri 8.30am - 5pm

Mon– Fri 8.30am -5pm

Sat By appointment

Sat By appointment



What’s in Your Wine?

Keeping up with trends and changes in tastes is

one of the many enjoyable things about

running an independent shop. We are able to

react quickly, adding or changing lines, and

there are several areas of our buying that has

evolved this way. We have increased our range

of organic and biodynamic wines, low or no

sulphur and vegan wines.

Which brings me to this interesting topic, what

is in your wine?

Wine has been produced for thousands of

years and was previously the way of preserving

what would go unused or rotten. People also

drank wine with it being cleaner than drinking

water at the time and it was seen as bringing

many health benefits.

Modern advances in technology and the

demand for more affordable wine has led to

the industrialisation of winemaking

techniques, very much in the way that

modern/supermarket bread has mostly

replaced home baking. Home baking where

just three ingredients were used, nowadays

look on the back of your packet of bread and

there are many more than that!

So, what is likely

to be in the

average bottle of

plonk? The list is

long and can

include things like

sulphur to

preserve the

wine, as well as

added tannin,

acidifiers, sugar,

clarifying agents,

cultured yeasts

and stabilisers.

Healthy organic vineyard in the

Sierra de Gredos

Organic Wine - This is where the grapes are

grown organically, without the use of harmful

pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical

fertilisers, therefore better for you and the


Sulphur in Wine - This is used as a

preservative, keeping the wine from oxidising

and isn’t necessarily a bad thing in small

quantities. However, some people find they

react to it, especially at high levels and so, it is

nice to be able to offer a selection of low or no

added sulphur wines. Sulphur levels in organic

wines tend to be much lower.

Vegan/Vegetarian Wine - More often than not

fining agents are used in large scale wine

production - wineries can use animal byproducts

such as milk and egg white to filter

any sediment. We offer a great selection of

wines from smaller producers who don’t fine

or filter their wines at all, as well as those that

use non-animal products for this process and

therefore are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Here is just a small selection of our wines that

we can highly



Buzet Sans

Souffre £13.99

*no added SO2*

Domaine Bassac

Margalh Blanc

£9.99 *organic*

Alto Landon

Malbec, Spain

£12.99 *organic*


Heather & Simon

The Solent Cellar

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Tel: 01425 638656

Email: newmilton@haywardfox.co.uk


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‘Fun and Adventure for all the Family’ was

the theme for this year’s Hordle Summer

Fair, organised by the Hordle Community

Association, with a guest appearance by

Julian Clegg.

‘Toxic Targets’ challenged young and old to

shoot at a target with Nerf guns, ‘Rodeo

Bull’ ride for a minute for a prize and Tree

climbing demonstrations from ‘Arbor

Venture’s’ Jo Hedger, (bronze winner of the

World and Tree Climbing Championships in

Ohio), demonstrated tree climbing and

encouraged visitors to climb the old oak


Children couldn’t wait to have a turn at

‘Freddie’s Kingdom’ of bounce, teddy bear

slide and maze. Face Painting from Magic

Moon Faces transformed children into

animals and Pottery Time encouraged

everyone to throw a pot.

Customers visited over 60 stalls set out as a

village square,offering handmade sweets,

crafts, artisan glass, jewellery, bags, clothes,

pots & plants for the garden and much,

much more. Councillor Fran Carpenter

stated, “It was best supported Fair ever


Visitors were introduced to a classic cars

showcased by their owners, alongside

Hyundai showcasing their new range of


The Central Arena hosted Church ‘Whacky

Races’ for all the children with prizes. The

Dog Show drew lots of entries with 4 classes

and a Small Dog Activity area challenged the

family dog to demonstrate their skills with

prizes too.



The HCA would like to thank X Company

(SW) Army Cadet Force for the extensive

help given during setting up and throughout

the whole Fair day.

The Flower Club competition had a record

number of entries, of the highest quality

ever seen before and the winners really

deserved the prizes they were awarded.

Hordle Scouts fired up a barbecue of hot

dogs and burgers. This was complimented by

Real Food serving homemade pies, pizzas

and salad, followed by SupaScoops ice cream

to cool everyone down. This was all in

addition to the drinks available from the

beer tent and the ‘Saturday Hordle Café’.

The British Legion Band and Prairie Dogs

entertained the crowds with music and

Braces & Lace 1940s Lindy Hop Dance

Troupe, got visitors tapping their feet and

joining in.

Forty-one prizes were awarded, worth over

£1,000 in The Grand Draw including 1 st Prize

£150, 2 nd Prize £100 & 3 rd Prize £50. (A full

list of winners can be found on the Hordle

Community Website: hordleca.co.uk).

Many of the visitors said: “Its now the Fair

to go to”

The Hordle Community Association

Chairman, would like to thank the Executive

Committee, our Members, Associate

Members, Volunteers, Family and Friends

and on the day helpers for the immense

amount of help given, so making for a real

combined village Fair atmosphere and


Your help was much appreciated.

Ken Gould. Chairman. HCA.

This year’s theme for the Twinning Scarecrow Trail Competition’, organised by the Hordle &

District Twinning Association, was the Best Prince and Princess and was awarded across 3

categories to:

Business Winner - Rob Gill Home & Garden, tableaux display of Princess Leia and her Star Wars

friends and foes

Family/Individual Winner - Lyn Price with Rapunzel Princess in her Tower

Child Winner - Alice Baker for Princess Moana

Unseasoned logs available

Steve or Lorraine Mabbett


(01590) 381255 or

(07543) 901324



To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 13



Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722

LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea



There are currently just over 5.1 million people

in the UK aged 70 and over driving on our

roads, and the expectation is that this will

double if not treble in the next 20 years as we

all live longer. The oldest person who holds a

driving licence is a male aged 107 years.

Hampshire is shown as having the highest

number of older drivers outside London.

We know that older motorists have a wealth of

experience, confidence and tolerance.

However, sight, hearing, reaction time and

judgement of speed and distance may not be as

sharp as it once was.

Fragility increases with age, so injuries tend to

be more serious and recovery takes much

longer. Casualty rates do increase for car

drivers aged over about 65, and the fatality rate

increases significantly.

That’s where we come in. The Older Drivers

Forum is about keeping mature motorists on

the road safely for longer. Whether that’s

helping giving you practical and informative

help and support to continue driving or pointing

you in the right direction for an assessment to

identify your driving needs – from wing mirror

adapters to an elevated driving seat – we’re

here to help.

We’re a not-for-profit group made up of

experts in road safety from across Hampshire

and the Isle of Wight – from representatives

from the emergency services, to charities, local

authorities and businesses specialising in

keeping older people on the road.

If you know an older driver, have contact with

them regularly in your job or are perhaps just

concerned for a friend or relative who is still

driving then the Older Driver Forum may be

able to help.

The forum is holding an Older Driver

Awareness Week, offering advice and tips that

will help older drivers continue to drive safely

or help them to decide when to stop. The

event is free to attend and open between

9.30am to 3pm, no appointment is required

and people can pop in anytime during these

hours. The events are aimed at anyone with an

interest, from older drivers themselves, to

friends and relatives.

Advice will be available on:

• Brushing up your skills.

• Booking a driving assessment.

• Arranging a regular eyesight test.

• Getting advice on health and wellbeing

issues that could affect driving ability.

• Renewing your licence at 70.

• Learning about road safety and

consequences of not being fit to drive.

• Discover alternatives to being

independent without a car.

Safety is the top priority; it should be the most

important thing older drivers consider when

there is concern over driving ability. The best

advice is don’t become complacent and wait for

an accident or a near miss to convince a driver

to stop, instead seek advice, support and help.

Visit: olderdriversforum.com or call 01962


To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 15




(During school term)

Enquiries to the Church Office: 01425 626565, hordlepco@tiscali.co.uk


Fun & Games at the Church Tent: Hordle Fair

To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 17




The New Forest Inn, Emery Down

The Trusty Servant, Minstead

The Mortimer Arms, Ower

The Royal Oak, Hilltop, Beaulieu




We have been working hard transforming this already

beautiful 18th Century Coach House into a stunning

country pub and restaurant.

We are concentrating on providing friendly, 1st class

service alongside freshly made on the premises,

locally sourced dishes, with a slight twist on pub

classics, ensuring the menu is appealing to discerning


Serving food ALL DAY– EVERY DAY, alongside the

menu will be fresh daily specials also locally sourced.

We are catering for the larger and smaller appetite

and have a totally fresh menu for junior diners. With

mouth-watering desserts, there is also the option of

your own personalised cheese board from our

premium cheese trolley.

Our other pubs are already famous in The New Forest

for their outstanding roast dinners and The Royal Oak

will be the same. We have some lovely large tables

for families and friends and some cosy tables for two!

Whether you are popping in for a drink (check out

our varied wine list, our real ales, ciders and lagers)

or want an evening out dining, make sure you come

and see us, meet the team and let us know what you

think. Oh….and don’t forget to bring your four legged

friend as we also welcome dogs!

Debbie & Duane


Enjoy up to 10% back on your card each time you spend with us.

Also collectable and redeemable at our other four pubs. Receive special offers only for Privilege Card Holders

The Royal Oak, Christchurch Road, Lymington, SO41 0LA

TEL: 01590 718104 info@theroyaloakdownton.com



Do you need to get to a medical appointment?

Covering Tiptoe, Hordle

and Everton


0845 388 9063

Hordle Voluntary Care Group would like to help you.

We will pick you up from home, take you to your

appointment and return you to your home afterwards.

The volunteer will stay with you whilst waiting for your

appointment and if you wish, will accompany you to

the consultation. We also provide transport for

relatives to visit in-patients if they are unable to get to

the hospital using public transport and to the ‘bathing

service’ at the St John Ambulance HQ on the Gordleton

Industrial Estate or Milford Hospital


We meet the first Tuesday of every month usually in the WI Hall at 2.15pm.

New members and visitors are always welcome. Why not try it, come along

and see what we do. Speakers and events organised each month. We also have pub lunches,

play scrabble and rummikub, have a craft group and much more!

For details and any events, we are organising please contact:

Secretary Ros Merriman 01425 616305 or to book the hall call Wendy Perkins on 01425




1 st Hordle Brownies, girls aged 7-10,

meet in the Hordle W1 Hall on

Thursday evenings from 6.15-7.45. In a

friendly and supportive atmosphere they

unwind after school, make new friends,

enjoy games and practice new skills.

They also love earning badges for

hobbies and interests practiced at home.

The varied programme of activities

encourages them to develop

themselves, as well as developing an

awareness of ways in which they can

help others in the unit, at home and in

the wider community. Recent events

include a trip to Pets at Home and a Tai

Chi workshop.

The main emphasis is on fun and

adventure, with outings, pack holidays

and activity days to choose from as well.

www.girlguiding.org.uk Get involved!

Life After Stroke or Brain Injury

Are you a stroke survivor or have you suffered

a brain injury? Would you like to try new

activities? Ferndown Leisure Centre have

teamed up with The New Forest Paddle Sport

Company, to offer stand up paddle boarding

and kayaking to stroke survivors. Why not

book in, to try these sports, with fully

qualified instructors? As long as you are

happy to be in the water and don’t mind

falling in, the rest is easy. If you would like to

add your name to the list for other trial

activities, or to book onto this one, please

contact Jo

Email:joannesinclair@pfpleisure.org or call

01202 877468.

Please see the Village diary: for planned club events & speakers

To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 19


A friendly welcome awaits visitors and new members to our monthly

meetings. We have demonstrations where you can enjoy beautiful

creations of contemporary and traditional designs. Also workshops to

learn new skills in arranging flowers.

The club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane.

Hordle 7pm for 7.30pm.

For more details contact Denise Gibb 01590 642804



The club is in it’s 25th year. For 2018, the

programme of events includes visits to local

attractions, annual skittles evening, members

closed show, annual BBQ and Christmas


There were over 130 exhibits to the Annual

Closed Show– with the biggest ever number

of flowers and plants exhibited. Here

members have the opportunity to showcase

all they have grown in their gardens,

allotments, greenhouses & homes.

David Walker won Best in Show for the

Vegetable and Fruit class and also Best in

Show for Flowers and Plants , with Michael

Reeve warded Best in Show for Home

Produce shield. Brian Vincent took the award

for best photograph with a wonderful

rainbow over the clifftops .

If anyone is interested in joining the thriving

Hordle Gardening Club, or even becoming a

committee member and giving your time to

support this wonderful club, please come

along to the next meeting, where you will be

made to feel very welcome.

We meet on the 4th Friday in each month at

7.30pm at the Pavilion (excluding August &

December) Guests £3.00. Contact: Paul Taylor

01425 619299 or Kate Cornhill 01425 621305

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509


Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 9th 10.30am

Thurs 25th 10.30am


Tues 6th 10.30am

Thurs 22nd 10.30am



Milford-on-Sea Dementia Action Group

Everton & Milford

Activity Group

We provide entertainment & afternoon

tea, for people in the south of the

New Forest.

Milford Community Centre 9 Sea Road,

Milford-on-Sea. SO41 0PH

Next meetings: 11th Oct & 8th Nov

(2 nd Thurs of each month) 2-4pm

We are a friendly group who welcome people

living with dementia, their carers, family &


Run entirely by


volunteers, so we

ask for

£2 per person



From Sandy

01425 610122

or Joan

01425 623263


Please see the Village diary: for planned club events & speakers

New Forest Orchestra is a friendly, amateur orchestra, conducted by

Ieuan Davies, that meets for weekly rehearsals in Hordle. We perform

at 3-4 concerts a year at various venues in the New Forest, including

the Lymington Arts Festival and Milford on Sea Arts Festival.

Rehearsals are every Wednesday, 7.30-9.30 pm at Hordle Memorial

Hall, Hordle Lane, Hordle.

New players can be sure of a friendly welcome, and we are especially

keen for more strings and brass (minimum grade 5 standard is


For details of upcoming concerts, or to express interest in joining, please contact via our

website nforchestra.org or call Orchestra Chair Alan Ford 01590 681741.

Do you know someone who is blind or

partially sighted and would like to receive

the Talking Newspaper?

01425 616 361




McLellan Hall, Lymington Community Centre

7pm for 7:30 start Visitors most welcome.

Contact 01425 613684 or visit:


26th October: Cuba 1993, John Barrowdale

23rd November : Among the Dying Fires -

The End of Steam, Jim Boudreau



We meet on a Wednesday evening in

Tiptoe St Andrew’s Church

Hall, From 7:15-9:pm

Anyone who enjoys a good laugh, and a

sing, are welcome to come along. Not

necessary to read music.

For more details please call

Pat Hood 01425 615051

Do you run or are you a

member of a club or society?

If you have any information about your

society or club, that you wish to see in the

next issue, please email the details



by Nov 4th th .

Arnewood Divers Sub-Aqua Club

Where diving from our own hard boat is safe and fun. Training from beginner

to Instructor, including diving (obviously!), boat handling, navigation, first aid for

divers, oxygen administration, nitrox diving and more.

Find us on Facebook or https://sites.google.com/view/adsac/home

For more details contact Club Secretary Rob Spence: rob.spence@btinternet.com

To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 21


Are you sometimes the lucky recipient of a

flower bouquet, or perhaps purchase a bunch

of flowers with your weekly shopping? Then

what do you do? Most people just ‘plonk’ them

in a vase , nothing wrong with that – they will

look lovely, but just think….with a bit of advice

and inspiration you could also arrange those

flowers in many other ways to give added

pleasure. At our monthly meetings we have

demonstrations where you can enjoy beautiful

creations of contemporary and traditional

designs, and workshops to learn new skills in

arranging flowers.

In 1978, Betty Child, a Hordle resident,

contacted various local people with an interest

in floral art and on 3 rd September the club was

formed and had twelve founder members. They

set about advertising, fundraising, drawing up a

constitution and the inaugural meeting took

place on 12 th January 1979 in the Village

Memorial Hall, which remained our base for 21

years. The Officers and Committee were elected

and the subscription was set at £1.50. By July

that year the club had 34 members.

Betty Child was Chairman for many years and

then became President until she died a few

years ago. Lesley Nixon was

elected Secretary at the

inaugural meeting and

succeeded Betty as

President, however she

sadly died earlier this year,

but she had been a very

active member of the club

until the last year or so.


Celebrating our 40th Anniversary, continuing to have ‘Fun and Friendship through Flowers’

The club affiliated at the outset to the National

Association of Flower Arrangement Societies

(NAFAS) which had been formed in 1959,

celebrating its 60 th anniversary next year. The

local area of Wessex and Jersey was founded in

1954 and has been closely involved with staging

flower festivals at Winchester, Salisbury and

Portsmouth Cathedrals raising money for

worthy causes. In our first year Hordle was

invited to take part in the Flower Festival in

Romsey Abbey and two members represented

the club. Since then, our club has regularly

contributed to these events and has again this

year, at the


Cathedral Flower

Festival in

September. We

also stage our own

Flower Festival

annually in All Saints’ Church and this year we

used arrangements in ‘Shades of Red’ to reflect

our 40 th Ruby Anniversary.

We also participate in the annual Hordle Show,

by holding competition classes. In the past year

we have run classes for beginners and together

with the workshops and watching the experts

demonstrating at our meetings, we can

experiment and show off some of those new

skills we have learnt. The Wessex and Jersey

Area also holds competitions, this year’s was

held at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey. We

were very proud of our member, Sue Erler, who

not only gained two 1 st prizes and a 2 nd , but

came away with the ‘Best in Show’ award!

Please see page 20 for details of club meetings

and contact details.

To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 23


Mon – Sat 7am to 7.30pm, Sun: 7.30am to 5pm

The Post Office is open the same hours as the store

West Lane, Everton, SO41 0JR

TEL: 01590 643055

Credit:© OpenStreetMap contributor



To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 25


To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 27


Date When Event & Description Where


2nd 2.15pm WI: Talk on tea WI Hall

4th 12.30pm Lunch club* Hordle Church Hall

6th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

7th 3pm Pet Service Tiptoe Green

10th 7.30pm Flower Club: Tales of Wonder - Lyn Mackenzie Pavilion

12th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

12th 7.30pm Film : Murder on the Orient Express Pavilion

13th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

13th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

18th 9.50am Quiet Garden *

18th 3pm Tea at 3* Hordle Church Hall

19th 7.30pm Film: Paddington 2 Pavilion

20th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

21st 6.30pm Songs of Praise Tiptoe

26th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

26th 7.30pm Gardening Club: Ground Cover - Geoff Hawkins Pavilion

27th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

28th 4pm Messy Church Bubble Party Hordle Church Hall


1st 12.30pm Lunch club* Hordle Church Hall

2nd 7.30pm Film: Peter Rabbit Pavilion

3rd 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

3rd 8.15am Men's Breakfast* Hordle Church Hall

3rd 9.30am Community Litter pick Pavilion

6th 2.15pm WI: Potted Panto & Poetry WI Hall

9th 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

9th 7.30pm Film: TBC Pavilion

10th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

10th 7.30pm BINGO Pavilion

11th 9.30am Remembrance Sunday

All Saints' Church,


11th 10.15am Remembrance Sunday St Andrew's Tiptoe

11th 10.30 start Remembrance Day Parade Start Woodcock Lane

14th 7.30pm

Flower Club: 2 Xmas Chanukkah & a Turkey -

Michelle Davies


15th 9.50am Quiet Garden*

15th 3pm Tea @ 3* Hordle Church Hall

17th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion

17th 7pm Tea fund Quiz Evening Hordle Church Hall

23rd 10.30am Coffee at the Potting Shed Redcliffe Garden Centre

23rd 7.30pm Gardening Club Christmas Party Pavilion

24th 9.30-12.30 Hordle Café Pavilion


Remembrance Day Parade

The Silence is to be held at The War Memorial at

11am, after a procession from Woodcock Lane

starting at 10.30am.

The procession will include members of the Scouts,

Guides and the British Legion, but everyone is


There will be road closures in Everton Road. Car parking will be available in

Woodcock Lane and at the Pavilion, Vaggs Lane.

Hordle Parish Council Litter Pick – Saturday 3 November 9.30 to 12.30.

Please come along and help tidy the Parish for Remembrance Sunday. Meet at

Hordle Pavilion, Vaggs Lane, Hordle.

Equipment will be provided. Please come along and help – All welcome.

If you require further information please call the Parish Office

01425-611119 or email: admin@hordleparishcouncil.gov.uk

The Parish Council are delighted to welcome Rob Tarbard to the Parish Council. Rob is

an Everton resident who was co-opted to the Parish Council at the 7 August meeting.

For a full list of councillors and contact details please see the website:


Regular events/Contact details

HCA: www.Hordleca.co.uk, Pavilion 01425 517944

Film screenings £2.50 - no need to book

Café: Every Saturday 9am –12noon. The Pavilion, Vaggs Lane

Come and have a coffee and home made cake. Children and pets are welcome.

The Parish Council meets on the 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday of each month at 7.15 pre meeting public

forum. Meeting starts at 7.30pm Hordle Pavilion.

All Saints‘ Church, Hordle

Every Sunday: 9.15am Formal Service; Communion 2nd & 4th Sundays

10.15am Informal service with children’s groups; Communion 3rd Sunday

*Please call the Church Office 01425 626565 between 9.30am and noon weekdays for further

details of events and to book places (Lunch Club, Quiet Garden, Tea @3, Men’s Breakfast)

Disclaimer: Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that data in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its

editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or

omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause.

The Lymington Directory Ltd does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. No part of

this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval systems or transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical,

photocopying, recording or otherwise - without prior permission of the publisher

To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 29



At the County Council, I am a member of the

select committee that looks at Public Health

and we recently received a presentation

about ‘Men’s Sheds'. I have to say that at

first I was rather puzzled about the general

idea, but the more I learned about it the

more it occurred to me that a Men’s Shed

would be incredibly valuable in the area.

Hence the beginning of a local project which

I hope will be a success. So, what does a

messy old shed full of workshop tools have

to do with men’s health?

The health of men, particularly that of single

men, or those who may have lost loved ones

and find themselves alone in later life, has

been identified as a huge concern in

communities all over the country. Not only

the physical health of men but also their

mental health. Isolation and lack of contact

with the outside world is one of the biggest

causes of depression, and particularly so in

men of all ages. That is not to say that

women do not suffer from loneliness. But

women often find it easier to initiate going

out for a coffee with friends or to join clubs

such as the WI, Zumba or even Weight

Watchers, where they can chat and have fun

together. It has been found that many men

find socialising much harder.

A Men’s Shed is one way that men can find

friendship and camaraderie amongst other

like-minded people. Men working together

on projects, learning new skills, sharing

ideas and successes, helps general wellbeing

and encourages a more active and fulfilling

lifestyle. Sheds also offer a place to put the

world to rights, to laugh and relax with

other people.

There is a national Men’s Shed Association

(menssheds.org.uk) and there are now close

to 40 Men’s Sheds in Hampshire alone, all

run by the Shedders who use them. If you

would like to become part of the ‘Men’s

Shed brigade’ in this area, and help to get a

new Shed started, please get in touch with

me (contact details below).

If, however, you are reading this before

Thursday 20 th September, there is a public

meeting about the project at New Milton

Memorial Centre, Whitefield Road, on that

evening (20 th ) at 7pm where we will have

speakers from existing Men’s Sheds. Do

come along and find out more. (NB:

Women also welcome - if you enjoy a bit of


Cllr Fran Carpenter

New Forest District Councillor &

Hampshire County Councillor for

Hordle, Everton & Tiptoe

01425 614665 / 07867 502624

Hordle Garage


From 1st October

Available for your convenience needs

*Off Licence*

Wide Range of hot & cold food

Proud to offer Locally

produced New Forest fayre

HoneyBy Sylvan



6am – 9pm Mon-Sat

7am – 7pm Sunday

To advertise please email: jqpeacock@gmail.com or tel 01590 643969/07801 562 358 31

Gas, Plumbing & Heating Engineers

All Aspects of Gas, Plumbing & Heating

Boilers – Bathrooms – Servicing - Repairs

Why Choose Us ?

• Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

• NFBP Customer Service Winners

• WHICH? Trusted Traders

• Gas Safe Registered

• Fully Insured

• Family Run

Boiler Breakdown ?

Happy To Help, Drop us a Line on

01425 540950


Unit 8D, Kings Farm, Everton Road, Hordle SO41 0HD


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