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A well spun

story of success...

The Welspun Group enjoys the distinction

of being one of the largest textile companies in

the world. Besides being a company of repute,

part of the Fortune 500 companies in India, it has

been the leading home textiles exporter to the


It has managed to carve out a niche for itself in

several industries like textiles, steel, pipes and

plates in just a couple of decades. Welspun,

today is one of the great success stories from


A legacy

unlike any other...

With a rich history and legacy Welspun has

the distinction of being a thought leader. The

company has been a pioneer in the textiles

domain in India. At a time when only Turkey

was known to produce quality towels, the range

created at Welspun began to create a mark

globally – for the company and for india. Welspun

then managed to get a coveted base in New York

and and bought the famous brand Christy from

the UK.

Now, with a vision of providing holistic flooring

solutions to customers in India and abroad,

Welspun expanded into an independent flooring



Well done!

One of World’s largestHome Textiles Company with presence inBed, Bath

& Flooring.

Trusted and Preferred Supplier to 17 of Top 30 Global Retail Giants.

Global Certification in the areas of: Social Accountability Environmental

Management, Occupational Health & Safety Organic Textile Standard.

Ranked #1in US by Home & Textiles Today magazine (5th Year in a row)

Consistent focus on innovation with a total of 26 prestigious patents.

We set a benchmark

for ourselves...

Welspun Flooring, the company’s newest brainchild is all set to embark on a special

journey. The company’s new vertical endeavors to maintain the high standards set by

the group. One of the most important visions for this new division would be to break

the category codes by adopting a distinguished approach towards flooring by investing

in superior artistic renditions as well as quality.

With this in mind, we are setting up a state of the art manufacturing unit in Hyderabad,

Telangana with machines bought from all over the world. We would be making all kinds

quality new age flooring solutions for India and the world. The plans are ambitious, the

investements are huge and the passions are unmatched.

Welspun Flooring.

A new centre of attention

A global favourite known to export only quality products, Welspun lends itself

beautifully to the upcoming flooring vertical. With designs inspired by the evolved

eastern philosophies and quality that meets global standards, be sure to meet the

floors that are enchanting and yet firmly grounded. With new themes and technological

innovations every year, our aim is to give our architects, interior designers and

consumers the finest in the flooring segment.


Luxury Performance Tiles

Crafted skilfully using plasticized PVC and limestone content, the LPT are

durable, resilient and robust. The natural wood makes these tiles waterproof,

UV-resistant & termite resistant. What’s more, they are easy to install and


Why LPT?

Anti fade UV finishing

Wear resistant layer (0.15 - 0.7mm)

Decor film (0.07mm)

Rigid SPC core

LPT flooring combines the strength of stone and the beauty of wood with five layers

designed to resist wear and retain a luxurious look for decades. LPT is also a breeze to

install, clean, and maintain, providing realistic three-dimensional replication of natural

materials including wood planks, embossed tile, and marble and woven textures. Other

benefits include:

• Glue-free, easy installation with click system

• Water proof, Weather proof, Fire-resistant, Scratch-resistant, Termite proof, Highly


• High Density rigid core, much stronger than regular vinyl tiles

• Superior Indentation resistance

• Resistant to Telegraphing

• Resists fading, peeling, cupping, indentations, pet stains, odors, liquids and


• Withstands the effects of direct sunlight exposure

• Not susceptible to temperature-related expansion and contraction, as with

other vinyl flooring products.

LPT flooring can be easily installed over existing surfaces with minimal preparation,

which further reduces installation time and costs.

Types of Bevel

Click Install Micro Bevel Painted Bevel

Carpet Tiles

Truly modern in their make, these pre-sized tiles with integrated backing and base

stay put effortlessly. The installation of these not only reduces wastage but increases

design possibilities. These tiles are widely popular for offices and commercial

spaces since they don’t fade easily and are stain resistant.

Wall-To-Wall Carpets

Giving a clean and seamless look to rooms, these tufted rolls are heat and flame resistant.

Their anti-microbial properties, resistance to water, stain and skidding, make

them easy to manage and maintain.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people may like to gaze at beautiful

works of art. Others find beauty in their environment. Your space is your own creation.

It is your opportunity to show others all of the unique aspects of the property.

And today, artificial turf adds an entirely new dimension to their property, both in

esthetics as well as value.

Presenting Greens from Welspun Flooring, a unique range of artifical grass collection

that’s soothing to the eyes and the environment. It also comes with some very

attractive benefits.

Design philosophy and inspiration.

Inspired by the East.

Made for the world...

At Welspun, we carefully pick out an artistic expression from around the world and

create a theme as our coveted style of the year. This year our inspiration is the eastern

nation of Japan. We’ve devoted ourselves to understanding and celebrating the philosophy

of WABI SABI and the craft of ORIGAMI.

Both of these meaningful styles are distinct and complement each other enabling us to

create this year’s flooring marvel.

Finding beauty in

the imperfections...

Wabi-Sabi is a world view which embraces acceptance of transience and imperfection.

It’s the belief that in imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete lies profound beauty. The

philosophy of Wabi Sabi is brought to life by the artform of Kintsugi. This art is used to

highlight cracks in a pot with lacquer and gold dust, thereby celebrating its flaws rather

than covering it up.

This 12th century Japanese philosophy is currently popular world over in the rustic

home decor and raw fashion design space. A favourite among many designers who

love keeping things underdone, this style helps us appreciate the finer beauty of


In life nothing is perfect but if we find

beauty in those imperfections, things

can become beautiful. The influences of

this philosophy on our current collection

of flooring is incredible since it sums up

every aspect of our lives.

Here’s presenting flooring that step up

to the occasion of celebrating traditional

Japanese art!

A fold opens up a

world of possibilities...

Origami is an amalgamation of two words; ‘ori’ meaning folding, and ‘kami’ meaning

paper. This Japanese art of paper folding is today an inclusive term for all folding

practices, regardless of their culture of origin.

A 6th century paper art form, today Origami has found a widespread popularity

for itself. And while it continues to be the most popular in the paper form, several

designers have taken inspiration from it and used it to create bags, clothes, sets and

other forms of architecture.

The strong geometric lines and the definite shadow play,

which characterise Origami have made it to several of our

floorings this year. We invite you to deep dive into this

world full of shapes, pleats, folds and creases.

No room will look the same again...

With a new age, world class & innovative product portfolio, we are set to establish a

new benchmark in the world of flooring.

And with a strong underlying theme of the exquisite designs our flooring solutions will

entice consumers to see their world in a new way.

As always, we’ll maintain the Welspun standards of immaculate quality...

Our endevour is to cover the planet, one floor at a time.

So, welcome to the future of flooring!

To transform your flooring, just get in touch with us:

Email : welspun_flooring@welspun.com

Website : www.welspun.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/welspun-flooring/

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