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Learn more about Xtreme Event Group and everything we can do to help make your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah absolutely remarkable. We hope our magazine will spark ideas and inspire questions. Share your vision with us and we will make it a reality.

Your child deserves it.

We know how to deliver it.


• This Is Us: The anatomy

of an exceptional event

planner and entertainer

• Entertainment is


• What sets Xtreme Event

Group apart



Thanks for taking a moment to learn more

about Xtreme Event Group and everything

we can do to help make your child’s

Bar/Bat Mitzvah absolutely remarkable.

We hope the following pages will spark ideas

and inspire questions. Share your vision with

us and we will make it a reality.

— Scott Present, Founder & Visionary

This Is Us.

The anatomy of an exceptional event

planner and entertainer.

At Xtreme Event Group, we take Bar and

Bat Mitzvahs very seriously. In fact,

planning and executing remarkable

mitzvahs is both our passion and our

profession, and we’ve been perfecting it

for many years.

Our company was established in 2004,

but our experience dates back much

further. Our founder, Scott Present, and his

business partner, MJ Navara, have

entertained at thousands of events over

the last two decades. Together, they’ve

seen a lot — and learned a lot. They’ve also

succeeded in building out a team of

similarly talented, dedicated entertainment

professionals, all of whom know how to do

their part to bring you an exceptional event

and a remarkable experience. (That

includes not just first-rate entertainment,

but top-flight customer service, too, from

your first point of contact with us right

through to the last song on the dance floor.)

We are renowned for being organized,

thorough, personable, accommodating,

and easy to work with.

We look forward to the opportunity to

WOW you and your friends and family.

We’re ready to be your team.

Some of the talented Xtreme

Event Group Party Motivators.

Photograph by Omar Gonzalez Photography

Entertainment IS


You’ve got lots of decisions to make as you plan your

child’s mitzvah, but the most important will be choosing


We’re sure that many of the following questions have

crossed your mind:

How do you make this day special for my child?

How do you equally engage both the kids and adults?

How do you keep guests off their cell phones?

How do you keep the volume at an appropriate level?

When you’ve got the right entertainment, you have no need to

worry the slightest bit. If we’re on the scene, you’ll be able to enjoy

yourself and be a guest at your own party! We’ll handle the rest.

Making a mitzvah a huge success takes more than just great

music or a personable emcee. It requires a team of experienced

professionals who know how to orchestrate, engage, and energize

a crowd for hours.

Exceeding your expectations is our number one priority.

If you want your child’s mitzvah labeled “THE. BEST. DAY. EVER.,”

then you want Xtreme Event Group on the job.

An absolutely amazing party! You had every

one of our guests (ages 6 to 82) dancing.

The energy in that room was just incredible.

And your entire team was so friendly. We

were impressed with every interaction from

the day we signed with you.

—Kim Milbrod

I love this company. They are so professional and

really know how to orchestrate the party to

maximize the time and energy for the guests.

Scott is amazing at understanding the kids right

away and gearing the party in the right direction.

—Jill Herbst

Photograph by Peter Hsu, Fotolux

We’re here to help you every step

of the way.

Here are the key steps we’ll take together on the path to

planning your party . . .

The First Phone Call – Find out how we’ll be the

perfect match for your child’s special day

The Initial Meeting – Time to share information,

introduce our team, and understand your vision

Planning Begins – You get access to our

in-depth event planning tools

The Creativity Session – A unique opportunity to

brainstorm and bring your ideas to life

The Final Meeting – A review of every detail

required to exceed your expectations

Let’s Party – Your flawlessly executed event

What Sets Xtreme

Event Group apart.

Remarkable events don’t just happen. They’re the end result of

careful planning and preparation. We spend countless hours

behind the scenes working to fully understand your vision and

flawlessly execute every detail of it.

We take a boutique approach. We’re not into mass production

and we don’t do cookie-cutter events. Plan your party with us

and you’ll get personalized service and careful attention to

details — the details that will make your celebration uniquely

yours, and remarkably memorable.

This was by far the best night of my family’s

lives and we truly have Xtreme Event group to

thank for that. Every single detail was taken

care of and I honestly had nothing to worry

about going into my party. The only thing I

needed to do was to have fun, and that I did!

—Caryn Levine

Here are our key objectives:

Bringing your vision to life

This is no time for a generic party. You want an

event that reflects your child’s personality and

interests. We get it, and we know how to deliver it.

Making the guest of honor feel like a star

Whether your child is shy and reserved or

extremely outgoing makes no difference to us.

We know how to make any child comfortable

and allow her/him to shine. Guaranteed.

Making sure your guests won’t want to

go home

We’ve mastered the art of reading a crowd and

engaging party goers of all ages. Rest assured

Grandma will have the time of her life – so will

your youngest nephew and everyone in between.

Becoming a part of your family

It is an honor for us to celebrate such an

important day. We get to know the guest of

honor and your family intimately throughout the

entire event planning process. We’re engaged.

We’re committed. We truly care about your family

and doing all we can to deliver a remarkable event.

Let’s Start Planning

Your Celebration

Photographs by (listed left to right, by row [R], photo [P]):

R1P1-Hollingsworth Digital Artistry Studios, R1P2, R2P2,

R3P2-Peter Hsu, Fotolux, R3P1-Omar Gonzalez Photography, and

R4P2-Jen Davis.

Our passion at Xtreme Event Group is to

produce a one-of-a-kind, endlessly

entertaining mitzvah. We’re ready to work

with you to make your vision a reality.

Here’s what we include with every

Xtreme Event Group mitzvah:

Up to 5 hours of




A state-of-theart



including a

separate sound

system for the

cocktail hour

An illuminated

DJ facade

Absolutely 5-star service from start to finish!! Will

absolutely recommend Xtreme Event Group to anyone

and everyone we hear is planning a party! Customer

service was among the best I’ve seen to date.

— Koren Kratchman

Unlimited access

to our online event

planning tools

An assortment of

high-quality party

favors and prizes

We also offer a long list of

entertainment enhancements

designed to customize and elevate

your celebration. (Think video walls,

indoor fireworks, and specialty acts

for starters.) We’re happy to help you

select from our offerings in any

combination you’d like.

our Most

Popular Packages


Includes a 4-person team (an emcee, a DJ,

and 2 party motivators)


Includes a 5-person team (an emcee, a DJ,

and 3 party motivators); 2 moving-head lights;

and single-tier, illuminated dance stages


Includes a 6-person team (an emcee, a DJ,

and 4 party motivators); 4 moving-head lights;

and multi-tier, illuminated dance stages

We can also customize any ideas you

have for a one-of-a-kind event

Pictured: Video Screens and Video Wall Facade

Entertainment Options

Video Enhancements

• TV Screens

• Video Wall

• Video Wall Facade

Lighting Enhancements

• Custom Gobo (Logo Projection)

• Room Up Lighting

• Black Light Show

Atmospheric Enhancements

• Indoor Fireworks

• CO 2 Cannon

• Dancing in the Clouds

Photo Booths & Green Screen Professional Photography

Live Entertainers

Custom Products and Services

• Live Musician

• Photo Montage Production

• Specialty Acts and Performers • Step & Repeats

• Lounge Decor & Cubbies

Cocktail Hour Enhancements

• Exit Treat Stations

• Live Trio

• Logo Design

• Sports Arcade Games

• Apparel & Favors

• Video Game Center

• Airbrush Tattoos

Photographs by (listed left to right, by row [R], photo [P]): R1P1-Peter Hsu, Fotolux, R2P2-Jen Davis, R2P3- Impressions Photo & Video.

Imagine for a Moment . . .

Your guests arrive to find a red carpet rolled out in front of a custom step and

repeat backdrop. It’s a scene from a Hollywood premier, but the stars this time

are your friends and family—and the photographer’s lens is trained on your

child and her “entourage.”

Inside, the ballroom is dramatically lit and your child’s favorite song is booming

from the state-of-the-art sound system. The spotlight finds your child and the

emcee shouts out a welcome to the evening’s Guest of Honor. For the rest of

the night, the limelight is hers.

It will be an amazing evening, a fitting celebration of a notable milestone.

Naturally, your event will be different—after all, your child is unique—but your

experience will be the same kind we always deliver: remarkable, memorable.

Photographs by (listed left to right, by row [R], photo [P]): R1P2-Jen Davis, R2P2-Peter Hsu, Fotolux.

Wonderful experience! MJ controlled

the flow of the party and there was

never a dull moment. Everyone had a

great time, from my son and all of his

friends to my 2-year-old daughter and

my 90-year-old grandmother.

— Allison Heller

The party was everything

we expected and more.

Excellent service. Happy

with everything start to

finish. Scott’s ability to

read a party is invaluable.

—Sheera Siegel



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