Talent Acquisition Solutions from Drake International

Drake International have effective sourcing strategies to help connect you with top talent.

Drake International have effective sourcing strategies to help connect you with top talent.


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effective sourcing strategies

connecting you with top talent

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permanent staffing solutions 4

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flexible staffing solutions

don’t pay a full-time salary for a part-time job

Does your workload fluctuate while your workforce remains the same? Adopting

a flexible staffing strategy prevents overstaffing during slow times, and

understaffing during busy times. We specialise in providing factory operatives,

skilled trades, warehouse and dock assistants, forklift drivers, office personnel,

shippers/receivers, accountants, customer service personnel and more.

you will benefit from:

access to a large pool of

fully-assessed and screened

staff at short notice

paying only for

the hours they work

a method of trying out new

employees before hiring them

avoid the long-term

responsibilities and

overhead associated

with permanent staff

a 4-hour satisfaction

guarantee, ensuring

you get the right staff

who can do the job


permanent staffing solutions

a single wrong hiring decision can have a significant

impact on your bottom-line

Finding and retaining top talent can be a challenging and risky task.

So why trust recruitment firms who offer low fees? They have to cut corners

somewhere and you’ll only end up paying for it later. Whether you are looking for

entry-level or senior-level staff, Drake will implement our 12 Steps to Selection

Success to ensure that you hire the right person the first time.

you will benefit from:

a recruitment strategy that goes

beyond traditional methods

top-performer profiling using drake’s

advanced assessment solution, drake p3

industry-focused consultants with

in-depth networks and knowledge

cost-effective staffing solutions without

building up your internal recruitment function


personality assessments – drake p3

Drake P3 is an online-based personality assessment that uses objective,

scientifically-based data to highlight key traits, communication, and

motivational aspects that can predict workplace performance. The assessment

allows you to get to know people better and faster. The assessment takes

only 15-20 minutes to complete and provides insights from “Selection

to Succession”.

Drake P3 will assist you in using personality traits to select the ‘right’ fit,

onboard new hires, enhance teamwork, identify and develop talent, as well

as motivate top performers.

improve candidate


enhance team

culture and


advance leadership

development and


to date, p3 has been used

by over 580,000 individuals

globally and has been

rated as 90% accurate

by 96% of users.


unbundled recruitment

Drake can assist you at any

stage of the recruiting process.

Choose from a full suite of

Talent Acquisition Solutions

to augment or outsource your

current recruitment process.

creating job descriptions

Drake can craft job descriptions

which are not only fully compliant

with relevant legislation, but will

ensure you attract the right talent

cv screening

Don’t have the time to sift through

a large volume of applicants?

Drake can sort through the clutter

to find you the right candidate

telephone pre-screening


Take advantage of our expertise

by engaging Drake to conduct

focused calls allowing your

selection process to be more

streamlined and efficient

credit checks

Understanding a candidate’s

background can help to mitigate

the risks posed to your business by

individuals under financial strain

pre-employment checks

Drake will conduct due-dilligence

checks in a legal and ethical manner,

reducing the risk of damage to your


skill testing

Drakewize provides a full suite of

online testing for all levels of staffing

so you can hire the right candidate

with the right skills


Not sure how to distinguish a

top performer from a counterfeit

candidate? Drake can help you

develop interview questions that

gauge your candidate’s experience

and performance to ensure you’re

getting your next top performer

behavioural assessments

Drake’s P3 assessment solution can

determine if a candidate is good fit

for your organisation and with

your team



steps to





your needs

Create a job specification

and evaluate your working


Sourcing top talent is not

a matter of good luck.

It’s a matter of consistently

applying an effective

hiring process.


job profile

Formulate a detailed

job description



top performer


Uncover the skills, knowledge,

and behaviours of successful

individuals in similar roles

within your organisation

4 7

candidate sourcing

Source candidates through our

internal national and global

talent pools, traditional media,

social media, networking, and

our specialist referral network

assess skills

Validate the candidate’s

background with ability, aptitude,

and occupational skills testing, in

addition to desktop applications

testing (if required)


final shortlist

of candidates

Presentation of our top performer

candidates and consultation on

final selection

5 8


Pre-qualify candidates

to develop a shortlist

of top performers

p3 assessment

Conduct a personality assessment

of the candidates to understand

their personal strengths, leadership

style, decision-making style, energy

level, motivational needs and stress



offer negotiation

Assist with offer presentation and


6 9


Develop behavioural interview

questions to distinguish top

performers from counterfeit


reference and

background checks

Verify employment history and

background, including criminal

and credit checks


after placement service

Provide assistance and advice

by monitoring new employee’s

progress during trial period, boosting

performance and aiding in retention


Sourcing top talent is not a matter of good luck; it’s a matter of consistently applying an

effective hiring process. Utilising the right solutions to improve upon your process will allow

you to attract and hire the most talented individuals: people who are the right fit for your

organisation, not just the job. Drake can handle all or part of your staffing needs - driving

organisational effectiveness and measureable business improvement.

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