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Hamlet+Jacks english version

Ours +Theirs I Jamon

Ours +Theirs I Jamon Ibérico 290 Cowberry mousse, salt baked beetroot, crunchy crepes Three types of bread 290 Truffle paste, citrus oil, butter with horseradish and pickled cucumbers Coconut milk hummus 320 Kimchi cabbage, mushrooms, cilantro Salmon 490 Salmon caviar , Jerusalem artichoke , tarthun , whiskey Singleton Chicken liver pate 370 Nectarines, pine nuts, duck tallow cracklings Tuna 520 Romaine lettuce, cucumber consomme, yuzu, Murmansk smoked catfish sauce Foie gras 740 Southern corn puree, curry and cocoa sponge cakes II Fish soup: 360 Coral fungus, cod, salmon, wakame, red beans Chargrilled romaine lettuce 470 Truffle sour cream, bulgur, porcini mushrooms Quinoa with Russian Far East langoustines 590 Coconut sauce, zucchini, mushrooms, bell pepper, cilantro, egg Soba noodles 420 Voronezh beef, oyster sauce, dried beef, mushrooms, bell pepper, chili peppers, peanuts Homemade Matcha noodles 670 Russian Far East langoustines, spinach, mint, zucchini Dranik 540 Confit Murmansk cod, oyster mushrooms, katsuobushi, Beurre blanc sauce Golubets: 870 Octopus, buckwheat, with anchovy sauce, cilantro III Chargrilled Voronezh marbled beef filet 870 Green pea purée, Cheddar cheese mousse, parsnip, pear Chargrilled Murmansk halibut 780 Coconut milk sauce, couscous, lime “caviar” Langoustines 670 Pearl barley, celeriac cream, bisque sauce IV Cheese platter 490 Chocolate fondant 310 Spruce ice cream “Total White” (Asian-style Pavlova): 320 Coconut panna cotta, lime mousse, lemon sorbet, sesame merengue Sorbet/ Ice cream (1 scoop) 90 Not Ours Pickled Sicilian olives 210 Jamón Ibérico 540

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