Castlebank Transformation


The Restoration

of Castlebank Park

Working Together To Restore Castlebank Park

Lanark Community Development Trust raised the funds to kick start Phase 1 of setting up the

Horticulture Training Centre and Community Hub. We have worked closely with South Lanarkshire

Council, Lanark in Bloom, Friends of Castlebank, the NHS and Social Services. We have managed

to increase volunteer participation in both the horticulture centre and also in the wider gardens

of the park. Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Brownies, Firemen and many school children have helped us

along the way. Over the past year volunteers have given approximately 10,000 hours of work. Our

regular volunteers are drawn from members of Friends of Castlebank, Lanark in Bloom, Social

Services, Princes Trust and Community Payback Service. We also have a group of school children

with additional support needs from Lanark Grammar who come along once a week and learn about

gardening and horticulture.We are continuing our volunteer recruitment and have approximately

20 regular volunteers who work with us in the horticulture centre and the wider park.

The old tennis courts have been transformed from a rubbish dump for the council into a highly

productive horticultural training centre. The produce from our raised beds goes to our local food


With additional funding our Phase 2 restoration of the old sawmill sheds is almost complete. The

sawmill restoration will give us a kitchen, classroom office and bistro.

We will soon be able to run proper horticulture training courses.

The photographs on the following pages give a graphic illustration of our activities.


Transformation of Castlebank Park Horticultural Centre Phase 1

October 2013 May 2014


Transformation of Castlebank Park Horticultural Centre Phase 2

March 2018

July 2018


Transformation of Castlebank Gardens

The Terraced Gardens were closed for many years and had become totally overgrown

Princes Trust Group working in gardens and being presented with their John Muir Award


The long terrace has been cleared and planted out with herbaceous plants to a planting design

created by two of our volunteers. The plants were paid for by money raised at our open days

It now looks like this

A new Alpine Garden has been created to link

the two areas. This was designed by a 94 year

old volunteer.


Creating the Bog Garden

The area where the Curling Pond used to be had been filled in for ‘health and safety’ reasons. Unfortunately

the base of the curling pond hadn’t been broken up so the area still held water and the grass was permanently

boggy. With the help of many of our volunteers we have managed to transform the area.

The Grotto and the ‘Arts and Crafts stone walling in the Bog Garden, which was totally overgrown, has

been cleaned out and replanted with rock plants and ferns. The little stone bridge was rebuilt by Clydesdale

Community Initiatives.

A small pond was created to encourage biodiversity


Transformation of a ‘Jungle’ into the William Wallace Rose Garden

This area, which was a rose garden originally and was where the greenhouses used to be, was 20 foot high

jungle of self seeded scrubby trees. The Community Payback Team spent many weeks clearing it and laying

out the paths.

After that our volunteers took over and planted over a thousand box plants and 100 Braveheart and 100

Freedom roses. Clydesdale Community Initiatives carried out the work on the steps and central area where

the statue is placed. We commissioned the Wallace Statue from the same chainsaw artist who created the

Fairy Dell


Creation of the Fairy Dell

Following severe gales, a number of ancient trees came down. Rather than chopping them up SLC hired

a chainsaw artist to create the magical Fairy Dell which is very popular with local children.


South Lanarkshire Council has helped considerably with some of the more

rundown areas of the park

The steps at the terraced

gardens had been badly

eroded by flooding. SLC

put in new drains in the

driveway and repaired the

steps. They also planted

out the banking with

flowering shrubs

The broken down children’s play area has been

replaced by a picnic area and a new, exciting

play area has been built nearer the mansion

house. It also has an area where parents and

grandparents can sit and watch the action.


Our Amazing Volunteers

After all their hard work ...


........ everyone enjoys

a Barbecue


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