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Style Folsom and El Dorado Hills; October 2018

In this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards contest, we had more voters than ever (90,000+ to be exact). Starting on page 51, read all about the top dogs—whose goods and services run the gamut from food to finance—and let it be a reminder of just how many reputable businesses our region boasts. There’s plenty more in the pages that follow, including “8 Ways to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk” on page 38, a roundup of local ways to celebrate Halloween on page 20, and an easy-to-follow itinerary for “A Perfect Day in Apple Hill” on page 19. Enjoy the issue, and remember to congratulate and support some of the winners mentioned in this month’s mag. Cheers!

get to know Michele

get to know Michele Raithel, ND Q &A WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF? Nothing lasts forever and that’s okay. WHAT COMES TO YOU NATURALLY? Dancing. WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST PET PEEVE? Making unnecessary waste that ends up in the ocean. ARE YOU HIGH OR LOW MAINTENANCE? High. Otherwise I wouldn’t need so many employees. BIGGEST LIFE INSPIRATIONS? The “5x5” rule: If it won’t matter in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes worrying about it. WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Being in a profession where I can change people’s lives for the better. WHAT’S NEXT? Working on learning the ins and outs of Lyme disease. Michele Raithel, ND, still looks back in disbelief at the kinds of foods she ate as a child. “If you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, you drank Coca-Cola and ate a lot of Fruit Roll-Ups,” she says with a laugh. After college, Raithel was applying to traditional medical schools when she discovered naturopathic medicine—a field that uses both traditional and alternative approaches to help people achieve optimal health. “It’s like bio-hacking the body to get it to repair itself,” she explains. At the time, only four schools in the country were accredited for a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, but Raithel was determined. The loss of both her parents within a few years—both due to poor health—only reinforced her desire to pursue the career path. These days, Raithel is the owner of Revolutions Naturopathic, with offices in Folsom and Roseville. She and her husband, Justin, are also active members of the community, regularly participating in events for Rotary Club of Folsom and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, among others. Raithel is also instrumental in organizing Healthy Halloween (, an annual, family-friendly event—set to take place on October 28 at Quail Business Park— that features toys, games, free costumes, and healthy alternatives to traditional Halloween treats. “Some kids have food allergies or they don’t have enough money for a costume,” Raithel shares. “[This event allows] anyone to grab a costume and have a blast.” —Amber Foster favorites Escape Kayaking Guilty pleasure Petit Verdot Local landmark Folsom Hotel Movie I’m a Harry Potter nerd Musician/band Rolling Heads Place to buy a gift, locally Sutter Street Local nonprofit Rotary Club of Folsom Saying “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”—Robert F. Kennedy Do you know someone in the community who makes a difference or is particularly interesting that we should Get to Know? Email their name, where they live, and why they should be featured to 16 // OCTOBER 2018 // /stylefedh /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagfedh Photos by DANTE FONTANA

I was ready to amputate my foot– the pain was so bad, even after surgical reconstruction. My doctor at the time told me to wait, that new technology was coming. That was six years ago. In April, I was referred to Dr. Cyphers. Looking at my MRI, Dr. Cyphers told me he could make me a brand new ankle! For 30 years I suffered with this injury. Seven weeks after surgery, I’m walking and it feels so natural. I even recently went on a hike! It’s a miracle. – TORI MOODY, AMADOR COUNTY Brandon Beamer, MD Stephen Cyphers, MD Troy Dickson, MD Christopher Molitor, MD Taylor Vance, MD MARSHALL ORTHOPEDICS & SPORTS MEDICINE 4300 Golden Center Drive, Suite C | Placerville | 530-344-2070 5137 Golden Foothill Pkwy, Suite 120 | El Dorado Hills | 916-805-2320

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