Pittwater Life October 2018 Issue

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Tatts plan colourful return

Rock ’n’ roll ‘bad boy’

Angry Anderson admits

it’s been a long, long

time since he and Rose Tattoo

have graced a stage on the

Northern Beaches – but says

the band can’t wait to rip into

their opening set at Pittwater

RSL on Saturday October 27.

Speaking to Pittwater Life

from Germany as Rose Tattoo

wound up its European Tour

before their scheduled return

downunder in late September,

Anderson promised an eclectic

mix of material tracking

through the years.

And he added the band

was looking forward to

showcasing their distinct

brand of raw-edged, high

energy hard rock to a whole

new generation of fan –

something he’s noticing more


“We will be playing the first

album and of course selected

tracks from all albums since

then,” he said. “The show

runs about 90 minutes and

we try to cram in the hits

and the most popular songs

audiences have loved over the

years (including Bad Boy For

Love, Rock ’n’ Roll Outlaw,

and We Can’t Be Beaten) – the

‘diehards’ will know every

song and the new audiences

will dance to all the songs.”

He said it was not before

time that the pub/club music

scene was being embraced


“Thank God that some clubs

now are seeing that live music

is something that needs to be

supported so – hallelujah!

“We are getting the old


CAN’T BE BEATEN: Angry Anderson has signed on for five more years.

guard which were around as

kids in the early days and they

are bringing their kids – in fact

we are finding that some of

the new audiences are people

weren’t even born when we

first started out. They are

looking for music that excites

them and finding these bands

through Mum and Dad’s record

collections... we are getting

people from 60s to late teens,

early 20s, and lots more girls.”

He said the surfing culture

of the Northern Beaches

always used to prompt a good

atmosphere when Rose Tattoo

played north of the harbour.

“It’s been a long time...

many, many years” Anderson

said. “In the early days the

thing we loved most about

the Northern Beaches was the

crowds – they used to go off.

“They were very enthusiastic

TATTS THE WAY: Rose Tattoo continue to deliver high-energy rock 'n' roll.

and got involved with a lot of

dancing and singing, whereas

the eastern suburbs tended

to be ‘too cool for school’

and would stand back and

scrutinize us.”

He described the band’s

shows as physically and

visually highly entertaining.

“It is the intensity and the

passion that Rose Tattoo plays

with that the fans expect – it is

not disposable pop.”

Anderson hopes to continue

touring with the band


“We will have done 90-plus

shows by the end of the year,

including two legs in Europe,”

he said.

“There are a few surprises

coming up – we are rerecording,

with the present

line-up, the Tatts’ first album

around the 40th Anniversary

and I have struck an

agreement with our German

and Australian management

to keep touring for the next

five years. God willing that will


“We are also working on

new material to release

through our record company

in Australia Golden Robot

Records sometime in the


* Catch Rose Tattoo live on

Saturday October 27; tickets


– Nigel Wall

The Local Voice Since 1991

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