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Garden Life

Garden Life

Jobs this Month


Control bindii in the lawn

now before the seed

heads harden and you

find them in the soles of your

feet! Spray affected areas with

a selective weed killer. Check

with the garden centre if you

have a buffalo lawn before

spraying. Some sprays will kill

grass as well.

Set a trap

The early warm days have

brought back fruit fly. Hang a

Cera Trap fruit fly bait in the

garden to protect your fruit

and veggies. Spray with Eco oil

on a weekly basis for added

protection. Fruit fly can sting

fruit from the earliest days,

long before it ripens. This will

also control the leaf miners.

Be prepared

Check hoses and sprinklers

to be prepared for the hot,

dry summer ahead. Soaker

hoses work well and prevent

unnecessary evaporation. Also

remember to clear gutters and

fallen leaves away from the

house. The bushfire season is

already upon us.

Scatter cliveas

Cliveas are all in flower. Seeds

from last year are ripe and ready

to be planted. This is an easy

way to multiply your plants.

They are very easy to grow –

just have patience. Sometimes

they take a couple of months

to shoot. No need for pots; just

open the seed pods and scatter

them in the garden.

Colour for summer

Plant up seedlings for summer

colour. Petunias, white alyssum,

verbena, dianthus, French

marigolds, trailing lobelia,

bright orange nasturtiums are

all easy to grow in pots or in

the garden. Potted into small

pots by Christmas they will

make wonderful gifts for kids

to take to school.

Attract bees

Remember to spray the veggies

with Bee Keeper. It really works,

bringing the bees to increase

pollination of flowering crops of

fruit and vegetables.

Lawn care

Repair worn patches in the

lawn. Feed the grass with a

granular fertiliser. Sudden

Impact for Lawns is great.

Then top dress bare patches

with a lawn top-dressing soil.

For small patches this can be

bought in 25-litre bags.

Beautiful bulbs

Enjoy the hippeastrum bulbs

that are flowering now. Protect

flowers and buds from snail

damage. Use Multiguard snail

bait that is harmless to birds

and pets. Also, Dahlias are

on the bulb stands now. Plant

them for late summer colour.

Dahlias are great for picking.

Train & climb

If you don’t have space for

climbing plants, train them

up onto a rose wheel as a

weeping standard. Wisteria,

bougainvillea, jasmine or

dipladenias look amazing

grown this way.

Time to mulch

Trim and shape plants in the

garden to keep the new spring

growth compact and mulch

the soil with a thick layer

of cow manure, compost or

sugar cane mulch.

Crossword solution from page 69

Mystery location: MONA VALE


garden beds

for summer...

The forecast is for a long,

hot, dry summer, with

predicted water rationing. Some

preparation now will help your

garden survive. Nothing is more

depressing than to see plants

wilting in heat.

To start, make sure that you

weed the garden thoroughly.

Every weed takes up precious

moisture. Then water the

garden with Wettasoil. You

can buy this ready to use in a

hose-on bottle; this will make

sure that the water soaks into

the garden and doesn’t just

run off the surface.

Finally, mulch the garden

with sugar cane mulch or pea

straw to keep it damp. The

mulch should be about 5cm

thick to do the job properly.

In very dry weather don’t

apply too much fertiliser,

because this will encourage

new growth that will use more

water. It is better to let the

plants slow down.

Watering is important. A

soaker hose under the mulch

will reduce evaporation

caused by the sun. A thorough

soaking weekly is far more

efficient than watering more

frequently for a shorter

time. Frequent watering will

encourage the roots to the

surface where the heat will

damage them. Deep watering

will make the roots go down to

search for moisture where the

ground is cooler.

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