Travellive 9 - 2018

Dear valued readers, As once put forward by famous British playwright G. Bernard Shaw, "There is no sincerer love than the love of food". And in a life full of adventurous journeys, the well-known Mark Twain also regrettably wrote a list of more than 60 dishes he missed the chance to enjoy along his trip through Europe and the holy land of Palestine. But perhaps words are not enough to express the human love of food, as well as the meaning of food to human life. For those who return home after long exhausting days, the flavors from a small kitchen warm their hearts. For those who are hungry and inhale the scent of hot dishes, they will have passion. For travelers on the way, every dish is a priceless discovery. For lovers, the presence of food and wine brings two souls closer... And for those who keep eating, tasting, enjoying and constantly searching, creating and cooking is the best way to explore food. In this issue, Travellive invites readers to the world of food; listening to the story of those who have devoted their hearts and souls to food and drink; exploring strange lands through local dishes; looking for opportunities to enjoy the unforgettable experiences of travel bloggers… And after all, do not forget to enjoy life by letting food fill your stomach, heart and soul!

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