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We are very proud of the stunningly beautiful cover image on the front of this issue of

Estetica UK. The photoshoot behind it was put together by our own EsteticaNetwork team

Hair: X-presion


for Fudge Professional

Colour: X-presion

and Tracy Hayes

for Fudge Professional

Photo: Stefano Cattelan

Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Styling: Manuela Mezzetti

Products: Fudge Professional


PMS by Estetica

for Fudge Professional under the direction of the brand’s colour guru and Global Head of

Education, Tracy Hayes. The shoot was attended by

Maria Rågberg from Uniklipp AS salon

in Norway, and was just one part of her

prize for becoming Fudge Professional’s

latest Mixology Master. Maria assisted the creative team from

X-presion Hair in creating the technically intricate 3D colour effect which is based on the

Spanish salon group’s Disruptive X-presion technique. The objective for the new Fudge

campaign was to achieve a very rich collection going from a commercial and elegant style

through to a more editorial finish, playing with colours, shapes and textures. While we’re

on the subject of the creation of fabulous hair, one of our main features in this issue of

Estetica UK - Cutting it on the Catwalks - focuses on the seamless backstage work that is

required when creating the hair looks on the runways at the top designer events such as

London Fashion Week. In our professional section, our top theme combines the hot topics

of interior salon design and eco-friendly sustainability. As well as looking at the practical

things you can do to save energy, we also touch on the subjects of recycling waste and

choosing to use retail ‘clean, green’ products.

Gary Kelly,

Editor-in-Chief, Estetica UK

EsteticaNetwork globalises

the wonderful world of hair:

in print, online and on social!

Publisher and Director

Roberto Pissimiglia


Gary Kelly



Laura Castelli

International Editorial


Fatima Pilone

Editorial Staff

Sabrina Bellezza

Valentina Salerno

Art direction

Barbara Belletti


Manuela Artosi

Paola Baratta

Davide Cardente

Production Supervisor

Carlo Tiani



Stefano Migliavacca

Estetica n. 1/2018


Looks VIP Styles 15

Fashion Cutting it on Catwalks 18

Photoshoot Painted Pixels 22

Interiors Design Heritage 24

Awards United in Success 28

Brit Looks Best of Brit 33

Dossier Green Gauges 90

Fabulous hair

is the ultimate

style accessory

and the


aspiration of

every client.



Gary Kelly, Maria Weijers


Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto


Sergi Bancells, Elisabet Parra,

Bel M. Dolla, Cristina Hernández

Deutsche Ausgabe

Judith Lorenzon, Michaela Dee


Sabrina Bellezza, Daniela Giambrone,

Lucia Preziosi


Victoria Clifford


Sergi Bancells, Erika Del Paso,

Héctor RamÍrez, Ernesto Álvarez,

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán


Sergi Bancells, Alejandra Acuña,

Marie Scarano


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese, Wilma

Sommariva, Valentina Stella

international trends

Hair Stories 41

AIPP Grand Trophy 77

UK hair experts enjoy global

recognition for their creativity

and technical knowledge.


Anne Veck

Leah Durrant

Voting by

Our expert hair commentators are (l-r): Anne Veck, Artistic Director at Anne Veck Salons; Leah Durrant,

Owner & Director of Leah Durrant Hair Salon & Beauty; Jessica Neil, Style Director with KH Hair and

Creative Director of the KH Creative Team; Cos Sakkas, International Artistic Director at TONI&GUY.

Jessica Neil

Cos Sakkas

Getty Images

Kerry Washington

ANNE VECK: When it comes to ponytails it's all about placement.

Secure it far forward and high on the head to emphasise the

cheekbones as worn by KW. I love the fact that the elastic is hidden

with a small section of hair from a piece of the tail. It finishes the style

nicely and make it the perfect style for a red carpet event. The makeup

is a tad too pink for me and I think it would have looked better a

bit more smudged.

Hair: 9

Make-up: 7.5

Total Look: 8

vote 8.2

LEAH DURRANT: Kerry has opted for a very ‘out there’ look with

a sleek, high ponytail, bright eye shadow and a strong berry lip and

her embroidered dress. I love Kerry’s berry lips, which look fantastic

and super flattering on darker skin tones like Kerry’s. For me,

I would have paired this strong, bold lip with a subtler eye shadow

look like a brown, bronze or gold shade. However, Kerry’s choice of

bright pink does accentuate her gorgeous dark eyes.

Hair: 7

Make-up: 7

Total Look: 7

vote 7.0

JESSICA NEIL: I absolutely love the eye make-up and the dusty pink

tone on the eyes works beautifully with Kerry’s skin tone. I would

have liked to have seen a slightly brighter shade of pink to really

bring out Kerry’s own eye colour. Looking at the hair, I’m really

liking the simplicity of the high pony tail but, to make more of a

statement, I'd wrap the hair around the base of the pony, moving

further up to give a stronger solid shape which would help emphasise

Kerry’s beautiful cheekbones.

Hair: 7.5

Make-up: 7.0

Total Look: 7.0

vote 7.2


Kerry Washington’s

COS SAKKAS: The beautiful embroidery on her statement dress

needed a little bit of powering up to strengthen the look, so the

high ponytail is perfect for this. Sitting high on her crown, it

enhances her high cheekbones and screams ‘I am an independent

woman’. Wearing her hair away from her face has extended her

cheekbones and leaves her neckline nice and clean. However, the

hair softly sits over one shoulder so she looks feminine rather than

hard and unapproachable.

Hair: 8

Make-up: 7

Total Look: 8

vote 7.8

Final score: 7.6

beautiful features

make a winning

statement all of

their own - the rest

is accessorising!



Jennifer Lawrence

ANNE VECK: Sexy and simple is the main idea for this 'do. I love

the soft tendrils at the front to show off her natural curl. Jennifer

Lawrence looks gorgeous here in a feminine up-do that makes the

most of her fine hair type and delicate facial features. I love what

she's done with the colour; lightening her natural ash blonde hair

with light beige and gold tones throughout. This multidimensional

look is ideal for her complexion and makes her eyes pop, while

adding the appearance of thickness to her hair.

Hair: 9

Make-up: 8

Total Look: 8

vote 8.4

LEAH DURRANT: Jennifer has gone for a very classy yet effortless

look. Her hair colour is very on trend at the moment with a darker

stretched root blending into her long blonde locks that were styled

into soft waves and then put into a stunning updo. Strands of hair

were left out at the front, which perfectly frame Jennifer’s face and

accentuate her features. Jennifer’s makeup was kept pretty natural,

with a gorgeous brown shimmery eye shadow and nude pink lip to

match her pretty and sophisticated dress.

Hair: 9

Make-up: 8

Total Look: 9

JESSICA NEIL: One of my favourite actresses. She always looks

effortlessly beautiful. I love how dewy and flawless Jennifer’s skin

looks but would love it if she had a stronger lip colour. A deep plum

would really give this look the wow factor. I love the texture within

this look but think having her hair down and wavy would take her

from the girl next door to red carpet glam.

Hair: 8.0

Make-up: 7.0

Total Look: 8.0

COS SAKKAS: Jennifer is a chameleon when it comes to her hair.

She likes to play around with textures and shapes but knows what

suits her. Her beautiful, soft, face-framing curls sit perfectly with

her pretty-in-pink look. The dark roots contrast with the pastel

blonde to give a youthful, yet streetstyle feel to the red carpet.

The key to this style is the dry texture which was really prevalent

on the SS18 catwalks.

Hair: 7.5

Make-up: 6.5

Total Look: 8

16 looks

vote 8.7

vote 7.7

vote 7.4

Jennifer Lawrence

really loves to

experiment with

hair textures and

shapes - and we

love her for it!

Final score: 8.1

Kate Hudson

ANNE VECK: Pixie cuts are universally flattering, and it's been very

popular over several decades…from Audrey Hepburn, to Twiggy

and now Kate Hudson. I think she’s nailed the look with a colour to

complement and add texture to the cut. I love the frilly pink heart

dress and the nude make-up. She is a stunning women who can't do


Hair: 10

Make-up: 9.5

Total Look: 10

vote 9.8

LEAH DURRANT: I love this look! Kate Hudson looks cool and

edgy with her blonde textured pixie cut, which is a very versatile

hairstyle and super on trend this year. Kate’s hair really is spot on,

as she has teamed her crop with texture to avoid it looking flat. Her

pixie cut was also paired with a side swept fringe that really brings

out her eyes and draws attention to her gorgeous face. With Kate’s

bold crop and pink gown with black hearts, her look was a real

head turner.

Hair: 8

Make-up: 7

Total Look: 8

vote 7.7

JESSICA NEIL: Simple yet beautiful, the makeup is flawless, with a

touch of colour on the lips and effortless eye makeup. I love how

simple yet elegant she looks. A little sparkle under her eyes and a

slight shimmer of highlighter on Kate's cheekbones, would finish

this look off perfectly. Her hair is very on trend with a slight root

stretch and blonde ends but with a lilac hue under the light it would

look even more gorgeous and give a more modern feel to her

textured pixie cut.

Hair: 7.0

Make-up: 7.5

Total Look: 7.5

vote 7.3

COS SAKKAS: Whether it’s long or short, Kate always looks

spectacular. Her grown-out buzzcut is really beautiful and

feminine and is turning into a soft, pixie cut. Her 2017 buzzcut was

quite aggressive but it has grown into a statement haircut that

stands out from the crowd. It works perfectly with her face shape

and softens her jawline. It allows the frills on her collar to sit

perfectly as it is free from hair so there are no distractions.

Hair: 9

Make-up: 7

Total Look: 8

vote 8.0

She’s nailed it again!

Kate Hudson

confirms her iconic

status when it

comes to pulling

off a total look

Final score: 8.2

Photos: Getty Images

“I always say ‘hair is like

a fabric’ and I

appreciate designing it

as an accessory to the

clothes,” says TIGI

European Session

Director, Maria Kovacs.

Cutting it on

Great looking hair

complementary to the

clothes may be a quiet

contributor to a

designer’s latest vibe

– but it’s an essential

element which helps

seal the deal of a collection’s

success. Many hairdressers love the

idea of working backstage for

runway shows, but it takes a special

type of person with particular skills

and characteristics to make it in the

fashion arena. Forging relationships

with designers, nurturing

connections and proving your

worth are essential in order to

become trusted to work on a new

collection, with the designer totally

confident the last model out looks

as good as the first.

As long-time Official Sponsors of

London Fashion Week,

TONI&GUY is an absolute

authority on catwalk

collaborations. The company’s

International Artistic Director and

Head of Education, Cos Stakkas,

says sometimes it takes just one

season to hit it off with a designer,

whereas it may take a couple of

seasons of collaboration with others

before they feel completely

comfortable with you as their ‘go to’.

“I also like to think we’re a first

choice because they’ve seen our

work from previous seasons and

know about our positive brand


Fabulous hair is the stylish accessory to every

designer’s newest collection. We dip into the jamboree

bag of fashion to find out what it takes to cut it as

a catwalk hairdresser extraordinaire. Maria Weijers

18 fashion

Mark Fast AW18; Hair by TIGI

eputation,” says Cos. “We regularly

work with Pam Hogg, Henry

Holland, Paul Costelloe, Tata Naka

and Xiao Li among many others.

There’s a lot of communication in

the run-up to fashion week and it’s

the hair test day that really helps

build trust. “It’s a balance between

bringing to life the designer’s

desired look but also being honest

if you feel a style isn’t possible to

achieve. Providing honest feedback

quickly gains respect. If you’ve

worked with a designer for a few

seasons, everything comes together

quite quickly. If it’s a newer

relationship, you need to be more

flexible to accommodate the many

moving parts leading up to Fashion

Week,” says Cos.

But given catwalk hair has become

more relaxed and nonchalant of

late – how do you make it look

special and fresh to each designer?

“Paying attention to detail is key,

because with detail comes

originality,” explains Cos. “It

Forging a rapport

with the designer is

a basic requisite

doesn’t need to be outlandish to be

noticed. Media is so important for

the designer’s future sales, so the

hair needs to resonate with the

consumer. We don’t want to scare

them off.”

Seamless backstage work also

involves creating a harmonious

team. TONI&GUY chooses session

team members via an audition

process where stylists must

replicate five set looks that cover

various techniques. “This allows us

to assess each candidate on their

skill level as well as gauge how well

they work under pressure,” says

Cos. “To be a great catwalk

hairdresser you need to be trained

in all disciplines so you can create

anything that’s thrown at you, be

flexible and forward thinking.

Successful candidates are invited

back to a boot-camp for people to

meet each other and gel. It’s so

important for a team to work well

as a unit, that each member show

respect for the head of team’s lead,

one another’s skills and the

designer and models’ needs.”

Although full-on in his role as

Global Creative Director for Regis,

Kieron Fowles makes time to be

part of the backstage team for

many creative catwalk kings –

Guido Palau and Eugene

Soulieman included. Kieron got

hooked on fashion through his

earlier work with TONI&GUY and

he’s worked on many top shows

including Victoria Beckham,

Alexander Wang, Preen and

Yohji Yamamoto.

But earning your stripes and being

and asked to work backstage

doesn’t come easy. “You have to

earn your place, it’s a bit like being

Lulu Guiness AW18; Hair by Zoe Irwin for ghd

“Work-wise I wouldn’t go

anywhere without my ghd

gold styler and ghd root

lift spray – I use it as a

base for everything,”

says Zoe Irwin.

Seamless backstage

work means creating

a harmonious team

back in the salon,” says Kieron.

“So leave any ego at the door and

accept being a dogsbody for quite a

while, doing lots of lowly tasks, just

get on with what you’re asked to do

and be the perfect assistant until

you’re trusted to slowly take on

more responsibility. While working

your way up, you have good and

bad days and take some knocks,

but you must keep going.

“Watch and study those in charge,

learn all the techniques – such as

braiding, hair up, natural-looking

hair – which looks so easy but is

actually very hard to get right.

And practice, practice, practice.

Understand trends and shoot some

of your own work to create a

portfolio so you have some visual

references. You’ll need this to prove

your capability to others when they

ask to see your work,” says Kieron.

“I love working backstage and

aspire to one day be like a Guido or

Eugene and head my own team.”

After a few years’ break, it was the

Lulu Guinness LFW show which

encouraged Zoe Irwin to return

backstage. “I’m such a Lulu

Guinness fan, I jumped at the

chance,” says Zoe, ghd’s UK

Ambassador. “She’s a woman I

admire hugely; I’ve brought the

bags, read her interviews and it’s

great to be part of the all-female

team on this show. It’s a new

collaboration and it’s so important I

have someone on my team I’ve

worked with for a long time, trust

implicitly, is calm and totally on the

ball. Kelly is my right-hand girl for

this show, she’s doing the hair test

with me and is my second pair of

eyes to ensure all looks align on the

day,” says Zoe.

“When creating the hair, including

a different element makes it look

fresh. Something like a new take on

a braid or twisting up the hair in a

different way, playing with texture

and combining two things that

wouldn’t normally go together. It’s

so important to play with new ideas

which help to get hair noticed by

the beauty directors – it all leads to

more media coverage. It doesn’t

have to be the big idea, just a little

nuance; think like a beauty

director, what would they pick up

for their readers? Looking at the

hair through their eyes really helps

bring about a fresh feel.

“Work-wise I wouldn’t go

anywhere without my ghd gold

styler and ghd root lift spray – I use

it as a base for everything,” says

Zoe. “Great elastic is also essential

– I use it instead of pins and sew it

in to the hair to give detail and I

collect hair accessories from

markets all over the world. I’m

known for collecting string and

Brand Collaborator Sid

Sottung worked with the

Fudge Professional team

for the AW18 Liam

Hodges and Christopher

Raeburn shows.

Chris Raeburn AW18; Hair by Fudge Professional

ibbons which add an eclectic

touch to my kit bag!

Fudge Professional has a long

history of working with up-and

coming-designers and this year,

Brand Collaborator Sid Sottung

worked with the Fudge Professional

team for the AW18 Liam Hodges

and Christopher Raeburn shows –

one of Sid’s personal favourites. “To

ensure a designer totally trusts your

ability and is happy to leave you to

it, gaining trust needs to happen

from the beginning, with plenty of

communication, shared mood

boards and a practice run before

show day itself,” says Sid.

“Starting work with a designer can

be anything from six months to six

weeks. Each is different and you

need to roll with whatever time’s

available. There can be several or

very few meetings between various

members of the design team and

makeup artists. Drawings always

help initially, after which mood

boards are normally compiled for

the final team meet to help finalise

the look. Understanding designer’s

original creative vision for the

collection is an essential starting

block to enable the hairstylist to fall

into the same mindset and work

compatibly. Clothing is the main

focus, but harmonious hair helps to

convey the designer’s vision more

effectively. “To bring that vision to

life, it’s imperative backstage team

members are skilled all-rounders in

all hairdressing, barbering and

editorial techniques. It’s such a

fast-paced and intimate

environment, each of you really

feels it when someone isn’t quite up

to the task,” says Sid. “Surrounding

yourself with individuals who can

support and help one another is a

must. As is being equipped with a

100ml travel-size Skyscraper

hairspray – a godsend as it fits so

easily in my pocket – and Fudge’s

Vinyl Pomade as it’s great for

achieving insane shine on men and

women. I can’t live without them!”

It’s clear that getting your head

around a designer’s vision is critical

in order to design the right

complementary hair. And as that

vision often reflects the defining

spirit of the time, keeping your

finger on the zeitgeist is a must.

TIGI European Session Director,

Maria Kovacs, stays on point by

constantly researching ‘the now’.

“I run a Session Course in London

and Milan and my delivered

information is also used at our

Academy in New York. I also do

trend presentations and create a

Catwalk magazine for TIGI salons,

so I’m constantly researching this,”

explains Maria. “It’s not always easy

to be original, but small things can

make a simple style stand out. I

always say ‘hair is like a fabric’ and

I appreciate designing it as an

accessory to the clothes. We’ve

worked with Mark Fast for several

seasons now and our relationship

has developed to the point he’s

agreed to filmed interviews with

me so we could use them for TIGI

social media,” says Maria.

“He’s a lovely guy, easy to work

House of Holland AW18; Hair by TONI&GUY/label.m

TONI&GUY chooses

session team members via

an audition process where

stylists must replicate five

set looks that cover

various techniques.

with and who knows exactly what

he wants, so it’s important we meet

his expectations. His clothes are

very feminine and there’s usually

lots of fringing and fine knitwear.

He tends to like hair to be fairly

simple yet to have movement and

shapeliness. Backstage I have the

specially chosen TIGI Session

Team, some members have worked

with me for several years. They all

attend a two-day training session a

few weeks before LFW to ensure

their skills are really good.

“Products vital on the day are

Catwalk by TIGI Work-It hairspray,

a Mason Pearson hairbrush and

more pins and grips than you know

what to do with. And yes, backstage

life can get pressured but I just keep

my head down while keeping an

eye on the team to make sure

everyone’s doing what they should

be doing. It’s so important to focus

on the job in hand because it’s all

over before you know it!”



Maria Rågberg from Uniklipp AS

salon in Norway is the new

Mixology Master! Part of her prize

was to assist on a Fudge Professional

photoshoot with EsteticaNetwork

in Milan, Italy.



This was a creative dream

made into reality for

Fudge Professional’s

Mixology Master winner

for 2017, Maria Rågberg -

the opportunity to

participate at a colour

collection photoshoot with the

X-presion Hair Creative Team,

under the direction of colour guru

Tracy Hayes - Fudge Professional’s

Global Head of Education. The

photoshoot was co-ordinated and

overseen by the team from

EsteticaNetwork, whose priority

was always to ensure that

everything ran like a very welloiled

machine! Over two

sensational days in December,

Maria Rågberg not only

participated first-hand in the

dynamics of a top-flight hair

shoot, but also experienced how

professionals work together as a

An occasion which

harnessed the

power of teamwork,

fuelled by extreme

creativity and

technical know-how

team to get the best results by

drawing on their individual skills

and strengths. “From the moment

I was announced as the winner

until I received the prize in Milan

in December, this been such a

great journey for me,” commented

Maria. “I would recommend that

everyone enter the Mixology

Master Competition, because it

provides a priceless creative

opportunity to do what we all

love.” Working closely with Marco

Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer

and Kasper Thomas from

X-presion Hair, it was inevitable

that Maria pick up some

inspirational new colouring

techniques - the boys certainly

didn’t disappoint! The objective

for the new campaign was to

achieve a very rich collection

going from a commercial and

elegant style through to a more

editorial finish, playing with

colours, shapes and textures.

“The actual colouring is based on

our Disruptive X-presion

technique that is an evolution of

the pixel we created a few years

ago,” explains Jorge. “We created a

3D effect that is even cooler to see

live than in the pictures! It is

important that it not be a colour

on the surface of the hair, but

rather a colour that changes with

every movement of the hair.

When you learn the technique,

you can then adapt it to be super

commercial and introduce your

own interpretation in the salon.”

There to ensure that the final

looks conformed to the Fudge

brief was Tracy Hayes, whose

encyclopaedic knowledge and

experience of all things hairrelated

made her the main

protagonist in ensuring that the

final collection turned out to be so

exceptionally beautiful: “It was

essential that we created

commercially-attractive looks that

would appeal to our salons and

clients globally, whilst still taking

their breath away with the skill

and impressive techniques used in

each look,” explains Tracy. “We

also made sure to represent the

full Fudge Professional colour

palette on different hair lengths,

so that no matter what the client’s

hair colour or style might be, this

collection will have something to

really inspire everyone,” adds

Emma Bate, Fudge Professional

Brand Manager.

Hair: X-presion @xpresioncreativos for Fudge Professional

Colour: X-presion and Tracy Hayes for Fudge Professional

Photo: Stefano Cattelan/Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Styling: Manuela Mezzetti/Products: Fudge Professional

Coordination: PMS by Estetica





Takara Belmont has

perfected the art of

timeless style through

almost a century.

Takara Belmont

is global presence

that draws on interior

and equipment design

influences to shape

new salon ideas.

tradition for quality, expertise

and design has resulted in a

salon proposition that goes

beyond everything that

meets the eye. Many of

Takara Belmont's chair

and equipment

designs have spanned the decades

to remain contemporary,

despite ever-changing interior

design trends and styles.

Their introduction of new

products and technologies and

expansion into reception and

styling stations remains true to

their hair heritage whilst satisfying

every equipment requirement.



Takara Belmont has earned a

reputation for world-class

equipment and every offering is

stress-tested to ensure stringent

quality standards are met.

“We are uncompromising when it

comes to quality,” says Katie

Wrighton, Territory Sales Manager.

“As a global business with 100

offices worldwide, our reputation

for unrivalled manufacturing

quality, product performance and

durability are values we uphold in

every product.” The company,

formed in Japan in 1921, has many

products in its portfolio that have

changed very little visually.

The Adria II styling chair, for

example, was created in 1971

and remains its most popular

hairdressing chair, whilst advances

in technology and manufacturing

have yielded subtle changes that

enhance its appeal without

tampering with the features that

brought it global success. “We have

built on the strengths of Adria and

then enhanced, improved and

evolved it,” explains Katie Wrighton.

“This includes the introduction of

the RS Adria II shampoo system

where we have moved the Adria II

concept to the backwash. This enables

salons to coordinate equipment

throughout the salon journey.”



With the launch of their first ever

barber char in 1940, the no. 130

marked the beginning of an era as

Takara Belmont became a global

success and a must have for the

heart of every interior. Dominating

the industry, 2011 marked a year for

innovation with the introduction

of add on services that provided an

almost seamless segue into the

world of luxury and VIP treatments.

Peerless when it comes to the

application of motorised technology,

the Rollerball F processor brought

groundbreaking colour processing

innovation to the world of

hairdressing. Using infrared

technology to power its distinctive

rotating ring, Rollerball F reinvented

colour processing time and

intensifying colour results. It has

become yet another global success

story for Takara Belmont. Katie

Wrighton says, ‘Rollerball F set the

benchmark for colour processing

technology and we’ve expanded

further with the MicroMist and Spa

Mist ll processors. Revolutionising

the application of motorised

technology, the Yume DX shampoo

and treatment system redefined the

backwash whilst allowing for the

addition of new service options and

revenue streams. This indulgently

cushioned couch offered clients a

new spa-style standard at the

backwash. It also provided a focal

point for VIP services, such as

facials and massage that gave salons

the opportunity to up-sell.

“Salons could now offer premier

treatments and introduce other

services to boost the customer

experience and revenues.

And, when paired with Spa Mist

II, the experience is elevated to

new heights. Not only does this

combination create ambience,

it uplifts the customers’ sense of

relaxation and improves service

outcomes. Spa Mist II also gives

the versatility to introduce spa-style

treatments such as hand and nail

conditioning treatments.”

As an evolution to the Yume

concept, space challenged salons

gravitate to the more recent Yume

Espoir. This brings Yume luxury

in a more space-saving package

without compromise.


Takara Belmont recognises there

has to be a commercial imperative.

It stakes its reputation on quality,

of course, but also on helping

salon owners become successful

businesses too. Evidence of this

approach rests in its Salon Design

Service. Katie Wrighton: “Most

owners have a vision, and idea or

a concept for their salon. It’s a very

individual, personal thing too.

We promote the idea of working

together in partnership with salon

owners to bring their vision to life.

But this goes beyond design.

We incorporate service offerings

into their plans and look at how to

maximise commercial performance

through smart equipment choices.

We then create 2D and then 3D

renders, from which the salon can

work with architects and builders

to bring their idea to fruition.

It’s all part of a turnkey solution to

support customers from concept

to completion.” Equipment is more

than choosing chairs, equipment

or accessories. It’s recognising

the long-term effects of making

the right equipment decisions,

appreciating the positive affect

they have on the customer

experience and salon incomes,

and appreciating that equipment

is an investment that pays

dividends when approached in

the right way. So, with a global

presence that draws on interior

and equipment design influences

to shape new salon ideas and a

partnership-based service approach

designed to help you on the road to

success, perhaps it’s time to consider

your next equipment decision?

The company, formed

in Japan in 1921, has

many products in its

portfolio that over

the years have changed

very little visually.

A global reputation

unrivalled for quality

and performance




VINOKUROV & FRIENDS entertains you to the

professional gala which will take place at

one of the world's best hotels in Venice this


In 1932 Hotel Excelsior was launched into the

magical world of movies when the first ever

Venice Film Festival was held on its terrace.

Over the years many famous and historical

figures spent their time here. E.g. Winston

Churchill, Marlene Dietrich, Ingrid Bergman,

George Clooney etc.

Open Hair Congress II:

The workshops of the Academy

«Tony & Guy» and other World Stars

The Show of the Venetian salon chain

«Luka la Fenice»

Media programm of Russian professional

print media.

Seminar «Salon Management». Speaker -


Barbers show by TOPGUN barbershop


DMITRY VINOKUROV presents his new



VINOKUROV & FRIENDS: for the first time

ever World-Star Hairdressers creating for


on stage forthe new trend ECO-MANIA.

The Congress participants will get the unique

possibility to look at trendsetting live. The

creation will be done by World Stars of


Every night we offer gala-dinner and

amazing entertainment.


Enterprise Pack 2 days ticket 1 day ticket

4 days enterprise pack. P er p erson in double


€ 1500 € 375 € 195

ATTENTION!!! In case of SINGLE accomodation cost of Enterprise Pack increasing by € 750.

You will find the full info at

or you can request it via e-mail:


2 days Professional programm only with lunch. 1 day Professional programm only with lunch.

Follow us in Facebook



welcomes you to Venice



VENICE • APRIL, 29 -MAY,2 • 2018

United in


More and more

salons are rewarding

the achievements of

their staff at awards

nights and parties

- and the benefits are

proving to be huge

and numerous!

The positive sense of

empathy and togetherness

that comes from spending

an evening of celebration

with your colleagues is

incalculable. Whether

we’re talking about a

single, privately run salon or a huge

franchise with dozens of salons

across the country, an occasion

dedicated to celebrating your

success can do more to build

team-spirit that just about anything

else; by the end of the night, the

feel-good factor will have gone into

overdrive! There are no set rules as

to what format your celebration

should take - the event can range

from an in-salon drinks party up to

a sophisticated awards ceremony

with drinks reception, four-course

dinner and fully choreographed

stage spectacular - the important

things is that the salon team enjoy

themselves at the same time as

feeling a collective pride in all they

have achieved together. We are

showcasing three salon groups -

Headmasters, Saks and RUSH -

who, during the past couple of

months, have reaped their own

rewards through recognising the

commitment, loyalty and

dedication of their staff at a special

awards night.



The Headmasters Awards recently

took place at Battersea Evolution

and were attended by over 1,000 of

team members.The event was

Après Ski themed and the

ceremony hosted by reality

television personality and barber

by trade, Kem Cetinay.

Headmasters Chairman John

Sanders opened the event by both

congratulating everyone on their

successes throughout 2017, as well

Photos: Stefan Booth/Bright Spark Photographic.

Headmasters divides

its awards into two

very distinctive groups

- The Business &

Management Awards

and then the Creative

Photographic Awards.

as emphasising the group’s

expansion plans for 2018. The

audience was also treated to a high

energy, interactive stage show. by

the Headmasters Pro Artistic Team.

The group divides its awards into

two very distinctive groups - The

Business and Management Awards,

where salons were judged on their

in-salon performance, and the

Creative Photographic Awards,

where individual team members

are invited to show off their creative

skills and enter one of five

categories: The Ultimate Image

Award, Mens Image Award,

Christine Sanders Future Star

Award, ghd Avant Garde Award

and Colour Innovation Award.

Headmasters invites well-known

industry figures to independently

judge the entrants for each

category. This year they included

renowned barber Kevin Luchmun,

Katie Allan, Creative Director at

Charles Worthington Karine

Jackson, President of The

Fellowship For British

Hairdressing, and Darren Oram,

Education Director at L’Oréal




Much anticipated by the many

hair professionals who make up

the Saks family, the franchise

group's Gathering and Awards

took place in London recently ,

where over 500 hair and beauty

people proved they were totally

in the mood to celebrate in true

Saks style. Hosted by Saks’ MD

Stephen Kee, and attended by

many, the hair industry’s glitterati,

salons, creative stylists, beauty

therapists and rising stars were the

true champions of the evening,

as their creativity, dedication and

technical & business expertise

were recognised and celebrated.

Also joining Stephen on-stage was

Athena Lamnisos, CEO at The Eve

Appeal, who attended to present

Saks Knutsford with SAKS4EVE

Fundraising Salon of the Year for

The Saks Gathering

and Awards took place

in London recently -

over 500 hair and

beauty people proved

they were totally in the

mood to celebrate!

An occasion dedicated to

celebrating your success can do

so much to build team spirit



their contribution of £9,230.90

towards the £115,000 that the

group has raised so far to aid

research into all five gynaecological

cancers. Claire Denyer of Saks

Kings Hill was honoured to be

named SAKS Woman of the Year

- the first to be inducted into a

SAKS Woman Hall of Fame. Janet

King, Head of Marketing, described

Claire as: “Inspirational. Fun.

Multi-award winning. Strong.

Beautiful inside and out. A

brilliant ambassador for Saks. And

someone who simply won’t let

chronic pain get in the way,” to

deafening agreement. Stephen

Kee, Managing Director added:

“This year’s Gathering is the one to

beat. The level of interaction we

have with our people is fantastic.

We’re all on the same page about

what it means to be Saks and we

love rewarding our people for

what they do every day. A guest

commented that they loved how

salons support each other and that

there’s a real family vibe - that’s

exactly what we’re about.”

perform The Beatles classic ‘Come

Together’ highlighting the closeknit

bond of the RUSH family.

RUSH is also a massive supporter

of Great Ormond Street Hospital

and the evening provided the

occasion to speak about how much

the company’s long-standing

relationship and commitment with

GOSH, along with the presentation

of a cheque for £14,245.83, taking

the total raised over eight years to

£135,000. The RUSH ‘Oscar’

winners won awards for both their

salon and individual achievements

during the course of the year.

RUSH celebrated

several new salon

openings, a new

academy and their

fabulous Art Team

entering hairdressing’s

‘Hall of Fame’.



The RUSH Team celebrated what

has turned out to be a truly

outstanding year for the salon

group at their annual ‘Oscars’

Night. This included several new

salon openings, a new academy in

London’s Covent Garden and the

Art Team entering hairdressing’s

‘Hall of Fame’, after winning

Artistic Team of the Year for the

third time at the British

Hairdressing Awards. Hosted by

International Creative Director,

Andy Heasman and International

Colour Director, Chris Williams,

Andy shared the group’s plans for

educating and developing the

brand and stated how proud the

RUSH family is of the entire team.

To get the party started, RUSH

client and X Factor’s Kevin

Davy-White took to the stage to

The team enjoys the huge sense

of collective pride in all that it

has achieved together

30 awards

Best of

B ri t

Contrasts in cutting and

styling techniques create

a cool, contemporary

and effortless overview -

crowned with strong and

vibrant colour.

Hair: Gareth West @ Gareth West

Hairdressing, Knutsford

Photos: John Rawson

Make-up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Jared Green



Edge of Fantasy

Techniques producing an

end result that is both

beautiful and covetable.

Hair: Ceri Cushen, Colour Director

at Metropolis Hairdressing

Photos: Robert Masciave

Make-up: Sascha Rai

Styling: No Wear Designs

Products: Revlon Professional

34 vision

Best of

B ri t

A tribute to the indigenous

Alura tribe of Australia.

Strong, powerful and spiritual,

it’s reminiscent of their bold

and brave nature.

Hair: Joseph Ferraro @ Joseph

Ferraro Hair, Harrogate

Photos: Jamie Blanshard

Make-up: Maddie Austin

Photos: Jamie Blanshard

Dark, swarthy and the

epitome of this season’s

trend for grooming and

barbering that demands

a good dose of sharp,

yet undone masculinity .

Hair: Denis Robinson & Richard

Tucker @ Ruffians

Photos: Matt Holyoak

Styling: Callum Vincent

Grooming: Paul Haskell

Best of

B ri t

Balancing Games

Operation unfinished! A sleek

side parting or a hint of root

lift for subtle sexiness – and

that’s just the boys.

Hair: Sanrizz Artistic Team

Photos: Jamie Blanshard

Make-up: Tamara Tott

Styling: Rubina Marchiori



Rich -v- Cool

Fresh shapes and mussy

textures with unexpected

colour combos and cool hair

patterns are the buzz-words.

Hair: Andrew Mulvenna @ Andrew

Mulvenna Salon, Belfast

Photos: John Rawson

Make-up: Lan Grealis

Styling: Jared Green

38 vision

Best of

B ri t

Ultra-precision and intricate

inter-lacing are the two key

elements in the stunningly

beautiful collection which

lures Avant-Garde hair into the

realms of mainstream.

Hair: Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons

Photos: Desmond Murray

Make-up: Melodie Biere

Styling: Sue Fye-Williams

Collection sponsored by:

Revlon Professional

Best of

B ri t

Hair expertly tailored to

convey pure individuality

- sleek, short, but with its

own unique dimension.

Hair: Errol Douglas MBE

Hair Colour: Errol Douglas

Colour Team

Photos: Barry Jeffery

Make-up: Elizabeth Rita

Styling: Jared Green

40 vision



hair stories

More and more social. In an instant, the world is at your fingertips.

No bounds, no limits. Fashion becomes the common ground. Images

make words superfluous, tearing down barriers and becoming shared

capital. Hairstylists, photographers, influencers… come together to write

the code of the day. The future is here and now.

Sempre più social. In un attimo, il mondo a disposizione. Non ci sono

confini, non ci sono limiti. La moda è il territorio comune. Il linguaggio

si fa immagine, supera le barriere e diventa patrimonio condiviso.

Hairstylist, fotografi, influencer... insieme a scrivere il codice dell’oggi.

Il futuro è già qui.

Feinstes Social Networking. In einem Augenblick steht es der ganzen

Welt zur Verfügung. Es gibt keine Grenzen, keine Limits. Mode ist das

gemeinsame Gut. Die Sprache geht über ins Bild, überwindet Barrieren

und wird zum geteilten Erbe. Haar-Stylisten, Fotografen, Influencer...

zusammen schreiben sie den Code von heute. Die Zukunft ist schon da.

Le réseautage, toujours plus. En un instant, le monde est à

portée de doigt. Plus de frontières, plus de limites. La mode est un

territoire commun. Le langage se veut image, surmonte les barrières

et devient un patrimoine partagé. Coiffeurs-ses, photographes,

influenceurs-ses…écrivent ensemble le code de demain.

Le futur est déjà parmi nous.

Cada vez más social. En un momento, el mundo disponible.

No hay fronteras, no hay límites. La moda es el territorio común.

El lenguaje se convierte en una imagen, supera las barreras y

se convierte en patrimonio compartido. Estilistas, fotógrafos,

influencer... juntos para escribir el código de hoy.

El futuro ya está aquí.

kristinacheeseman giovanni28iovino llongueraselite shelleygregoryhair

cossakkas tilishevskaya_svetlana vale_look hairgod_zito

susini.matteo ecarrillowave eugenesouleiman sophiespringett

metal_magazine arrojonyc

ryan_u.g ookamihime_

Artistic Direction: Sacha

Mascolo-Tarbuck for Toni&Guy

Hair: Art Team for Toni&Guy

Colour: Francesco Fontana

Photo: Jack Eames

Make-up: Lan Nguyen

Styling: Sara Dunn

Hair: Laurent Decreton

for L’Oréal Professionnel

Colour: Patricia & Elodie

Photo: Giel Domen

Make-up: Magdalena Loza

Styling: Lieve Gerrits

hirotakahayahsi desmondmurray sanrizzstpauls sassoonacademyofficial

virginiamartinezvera catwalkbytigi johnrawson danni_solier

ministryofhair_montpellier sophiespringett davidsiero ecarrillowave

wearestaffordhair indiraschawy

shanebennetthair presleypoe

#red invincible

Hair: Errol Douglas MBE

Colour: Errol Douglas Colour Team

Photo: Barry Jeffery

Make-up: Elizabeth Rita

Styling: Jared Green

Hair: Craig Chapman

Photo: Barry Jeffery

Make-up: Elizabeth Rita

Styling: Clare Frith

Hair: Olivia Nevill

Photo: Ashley Gamble

Make-up and styling: Ashley

Gamble Beauty & Styling Team







Hair and products: Crazy Color/Photo: Tony Le-Britton/Make-up: PJ Maxwell







Hair: Petra Mechurova

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Ian Nguyen-Grealis

Hair: Suzie McGill & Dylan Brittain

@ Rainbow Room International

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Desiree Lederer

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

Creative Direction and hair:

Giovanni Iovino for Cotril

Hair: Team Cotril

Products: Cotril

















Hair: Sophie Chandler @ Rush

Photo: Tony Le-Britton

Make-up: Kelly Sadler

kristinacheeseman nicolasjurnjack djambrosehair affinageprofessional




Hair: Goldwell Color Zoom ’18 Creative Team/Photo: Markus Jans/Make-up: Loni Baur/Styling: Ingo Nahrwold




Hair: Seung Ki Baek @ Rush

Photo: David Sheldrick

Hair: Elise Antoine

@ Mylord Coiffure France

Photo: Weronika Kosinska

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska

Styling: Waleria Tokarzewska -


Production: MK Production

& Christophe Gaillet

Hair: Sally Brooks @ Brooks & Brooks

Photo: Jenny Hands

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Milly Simon

















Hair: Alexander Turnbull

Photo: Jack Eames

Products: Revlon




Hair and photo:

Nick Berardi for Wella

Make-up: Eric Allen

Hair & colour: Chung-Yang Su (Yoshi)

@ rokk ebony

Photo: Elizabeth May Kinnaird

Make-up: Sarah Baxter

Styling: Jam Baylon

chiesatohair paolo_crepaldi monchomoreno







Hair: Christophe Pujol

for Eugene Perma

Photo: Audrey Bieber

Make-up: Laura Bosq

Styling: Ezra Iriha

seminaraangelo caterinadibiase matrix lanzauk

taylor_taylor_london miloszhairstylist thatguyreno marcotodaro.ods

ciprianispeckhals9833 akin_konizi damiencarneypro piergiuseppemoroni

darrenambrose mauricedenexter

guylainemartelartist kpoofficial

Hair: Andrew Mulvenna

@ Andrew Mulvenna Salon

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Lan Grealis

Styling: Jared Green

Hair: Guylaine Martel

Photo: Alain Comtois

Make-up: Marika D’Auteuil

Styling: Pascal&Jérémie

Creative Direction: Maurizio Contato

@ Art Hair Studios for Wella

Hair: Art Hair Studios for Wella

Photo: James Rudland

Styling: Anna Perghem - Mind Store

Products: Wella


Hair: X-presion @xpresioncreativos

for Fudge Professional

Colour: X-presion and Tracy Hayes

for Fudge Professional

Photo: Stefano Cattelan

Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Styling: Manuela Mezzetti

Products: Fudge Professional

Coordination: PMS by Estetica

pierogentilehair fulviomaianigram mauricedenexter







Hair: Gandini Team

Photo: Paulo Renftle

Make-up: Alemka Krupic

Styling: Giuseppe Dicecca

headingouthair revlon professional tonyastylist _art_of_hair_

mauro_galzignato chitabeseau hairbyjaney desmondmurray officialrushhairbeauty lornaevanseducation kazukatahira

damiencarneypro miloszhairstylist

filippo_sepe presleypoe

Hair: Anne Veck

@ Anne Veck Salons

for Revlon Professional

Photo: Desmond Murray

Make-up: Melodie Biere

Styling: Sue Fye-Williams




Hair: Joanne O’Neill

Photo: Tony Le-Britton

Make-up: Carol Brown

Styling: Radcliffe & Sciamma

Hair: Silas Tsang @ Blushes

Colour: Dorothy Tsang @ Blushes

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Lan Grealis

Styling: Jolanta Pilinkaite







Hair: Joseph Ferraro

@ Joseph Ferraro Hair

Photo: Jamie Blanshard

Make-up: Maddie Austin


Hair: Sophie Gibson

@ Hooker & Young

Photo: Michael Young

Make-up: Kelly Covell

Styling: Jo Levy






Like the “Golden Globe” of hairdressing, the AIPP are the

awards assigned by the specialised press to the best

collections of the year. Here is the work of the five winners

of the latest edition, who will now compete again to win the

coveted AIPP Grand Trophy!

Come dei “Golden Globe” della coiffure, gli AIPP sono i premi

assegnati dalla stampa specializzata alle migliori collezioni

dell’anno. Ecco i lavori dei cinque vincitori dell’ultima

edizione, che ora si rimettono in gioco per vincere il premio

più atteso: l’AIPP Grand Trophy!

Es sind die „Golden Globe“ der Coiffure. Die AIPP sind die

Preise, welche die Fachpresse für die besten Kollektionen

des Jahres vergibt. Hier sind die Arbeiten der fünf Gewinner

der neuesten Ausgabe, die jetzt um den ganz großen Titel

kämpfen: AIPP Grand Trophy!

Tels des « Golden Globe » de la coiffure, les AIPP sont les prix

décernés par la presse spécialisée aux meilleures collections

de l’année. Voici les travaux des cinq gagnants de la dernière

édition qui, maintenant, vont concourir pour le prix le plus

attendu : l’AIPP Grand Trophy !

Como los Globos de Oro de Hollywood, los AIPP son los

premios que otorga la prensa especializada en peluquería

a las mejores colecciones del año. He aquí los trabajos de

los cinco ganadores de la última edición, quienes compiten

ahora por el reconocimiento máximo: ¡el AIPP Grand Trophy!



Hair: Amparo Carratalá

Photo: David Arnal /Make-up: Josep Navarro

Styling: Sara Herrero & Veronica Jimenez

Recognised as one of the

most interesting emerging

talents in the effervescent

world of Spanish coiffure,

Amparo Carratalá is a

member of the awardwinning

Toni&Guy Valencia

team, a hotbed of brilliant

artists who envision hair as a

means of artistic expression

with fascinating potential.

Riconosciuta come

uno dei giovani talenti

più interessanti

dell’effervescente coiffure

spagnola, Amparo Carratalá

fa parte del pluripremiato

team di Toni&Guy Valencia.

Un vivaio di brillanti artisti

che vedono nei capelli un

mezzo d’espressione artistica

dalle affascinanti possibilità.

Sie ist bekannt als eine

der aufregendsten

Nachwuchstalente der

großartigen spanischen

Coiffure, Amparo Carratalá ist

Teil des mehrfachprämierten

Teams Toni&Guy Valencia. Ein

Pool aus brillanten Künstlern,

die im Haar ein Mittel des

künstlerischen Ausdrucks

sehen mit faszinierenden


Reconnue comme l’un

des jeunes talents les

plus intéressants de

l’effervescente coiffure

espagnole, Amparo Carratalá

fait partie de l’équipe de

Toni&Guy Valencia. Un

véritable creuset d’artistes

brillants pour lesquels les

cheveux sont un moyen

d’expression artistique aux

fascinantes possibilités.

Reconocida como uno de

los más relevantes jóvenes

talentos de la efervescente

peluquería española, Amparo

Carratalá forma parte del

multipremiado equipo de

Toni&Guy Valencia. Un vivero

de brillantes artistas que

encuentran en el cabello un

medio de expresión artística

de fascinantes posibilidades.



Hair: Jason Hall

Photo: Desmond Murray/Make-up: Jo Sugar

Styling: Daniella Bulpit

With emphasis on technique, strong outline shapes were created with a focus

on illuminated colour in this amazing hair fashion collection created by Scottish

hairdresser Jason Hall. The conceptual theme behind every hairstyle was exposure,

creating a stand out look.

In questa collezione di modacapelli firmata dall’acconciatore scozzese Jason Hall,

sono state create, con grande abilità tecnica, linee fortemente definite. Focus: la

brillantezza del colore. Il concept dietro ogni hairstyle è una luce piena, al limite della

sovraesposizione, grazie alla quale sono stati creati look superglam.

In dieser Kollektion des schottischen Friseurs Jason Hall wurden, mit grossem

technischen Geschick, stark ausgeprägte Linien kreiert. Fokus: die Brillanz der Farbe.

Das Konzept hinter jeder Frisur ist ein Meer an Reflexen, eine Flutwelle des Glanzes,

welches für Superglam Looks steht.

Dans cette collection de mode coiffure, le coiffeur écossais Jason Hall a créé, avec un

savoir-faire sans égal, des lignes ultra définies. Particularité : l’éclat de la couleur. Le

concept qui réside derrière chacun de ses styles est une lumière totale, à la limite de

la surexposition, lui permettant de donner naissance à des looks super glam.

En esta colección de modacabello firmada por el peluquero escocés Jason Hall, se

han creado líneas muy definidas con gran habilidad técnica. Focus: el brillo del color.

El concepto detrás de cada hairstyle es una luz total, al límite de la sobreexposición,

gracias a la cual se han creado looks superglam.



Hair: Mark Leeson

Photo: Richard Miles/Make-up: Lan Nguyen

Styling: Bernard Connolly/Products: Goldwell

Mark Leeson s’est affirmé

comme l’un des grands

noms de la coiffure mondiale

surtout après avoir été

couronné comme British

Hairdresser of the Year en

2014. Maître de la couleur et

de la forme, ses looks vont

au-delà des limites de la

créativité préconçue.

Mark Leeson se ha

constituido como uno de

los grandes nombres de

la peluquería mundial,

sobre todo después de

ser coronado como British

Hairdresser of the Year en

2014. Maestro del color y la

forma, sus estilos siempre

van más allá de los límites

creativos establecidos.

Mark Leeson has earned

his reputation among the

greats of world hairdressing,

above all after having

been crowned British

Hairdresser of the Year in

2014. A maestro of colour

and shape, his looks always

break through the previously

established bounds of


Mark Leeson si è affermato

come uno dei grandi nomi

della coiffure mondiale,

soprattutto dopo essere

stato premiato come British

Hairdresser of the Year nel

2014. Maestro del colore

e della forma, i suoi look

oltrepassano sempre i limiti

creativi precostituiti.

Mark Leeson hat sich als

einer der großen Namen in

der Welt Coiffure etabliert, vor

allem nach dem Titelgewinn

des British Hairdresser of

the Year 2014. Meister der

Farbe und Form, seine Looks

gehen immer wieder über die

zuvor festgelegten kreativen

Grenzen hinaus.



Hair and colour: Candice McKay for Davines

Photo: John Rawson/Make-up: Lan Grealis

Styling: Jared Green/Clothing: Black Coffee/Products: Davines

The Brave collection by Candice McKay is a celebration of the courage of female

explorers and their defiance of the status quo. The collection charts new territory

with a fearless and intense expression of this adventuring spirit – an homage to

remarkable women from around the globe in search of a global culture.

La collezione “The Brave” di Candice McKay è una celebrazione del coraggio delle

esploratrici e della sfida allo status quo. Un concept che traccia nuovi territori.

Un’espressione impavida e intensa di questo spirito avventuroso, omaggio alle

donne straordinarie di tutto il mondo, alla ricerca di una cultura globale.

Die Kollektion „The Brave“ von Candice McKay ist eine Hommage an den Mut

der Entdeckerinnen und eine Herausforderung an den Status quo. Ein Konzept,

das neue Gebiete erforscht. Ein furchtloser, intensiver Ausdruck zeugt von diesem

Abenteuergeist, eine Ehrung für all die außergewöhnlichen Frauen auf der ganzen

Welt, auf der Suche nach einer globalen Kultur.

La collection « The Brave » de Candice McKay est une célébration du courage des

exploratrices et du défi au statu quo. Un concept qui trace de nouveaux territoires.

Une expression intrépide et intense de cet esprit d’aventure, un hommage aux

femmes exceptionnelles du monde entier à la recherche d’une culture globale.

La colección “The Brave” de Candice McKay es una celebración de la valentía de las

exploradoras y del desafío al status quo. Un concepto que traza nuevos territorios.

Una expresión intrépida e intensa de este espíritu aventurero, un homenaje a las

mujeres extraordinarias de todo el mundo, en busca de una cultura global.


Hair: Leonardo Rizzo @ Sanrizz Artistic Team

Colour: Sharon Cox @ Sanrizz Artistic Team

Photo: Jamie Blanshard/Make-up: Maddie Austin

Styling: Rubina Marchiori

Under the artistic direction

of global icon Tony Rizzo,

this innovative collection,

developed by the artists

Leonardo Rizzo and

Sharon Cox, represents the

confirmation of a designer

maison that continues to

launch British coiffure to the

highest creative peaks.

Sotto la direzione dell’icona

mondiale Tony Rizzo, questa

collezione innovativa,

sviluppata dai talenti creativi

di Leonardo Rizzo e Sharon

Cox, rappresenta il sigillo

di una firma che continua a

portare la coiffure britannica

alle più alte vette creative.

Unter der Leitung der

Weltikone Tony Rizzo ist

diese bahnbrechende

Kollektion von den kreativen

Talenten Leonardo Rizzo

und Sharon Cox entstanden.

Sie trägt die Signatur

eines ganz Großen, der

die britische Friseurkunst

weiterhin zu den höchsten

kreativen Gipfeln führt.

Sous la direction de

l’icône mondiale Tony

Rizzo, cette collection

inédite, développée par

les talents créatifs de

Leonardo Rizzo et de

Sharon Cox, représente la

marque d’une signature

qui continue d’élever la

coiffure britannique vers les

plus hauts sommets de la


Bajo la dirección del icono

global Tony Rizzo, esta

fabulosa colección ha sido

desarrollada por los talentos

creativos de Leonardo

Rizzo y Sharon Cox,

representando el auténtico

sello de una firma que sigue

llevando a la peluquería

británica a las más altas

cotas creativas.

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Karine Jackson



Karine Jackson's

salon has been

certified as

London’s first


Salon through

an initiative by

the University

of Southampton.

Creating a salon as ecological as

it is serviceable and fashionable

may sound problematic. But in

an increasingly eco-aware world,

modernising the salon experience

is fast becoming a necessary

way forward. Maria Weijers

90 dossier

As huge consumers of water,

power and chemicals, hair

salons are, by nature,

challenging to make

eco-friendly. Traditional

colourants and

many shampoos

contain synthetic chemicals

which, once they’ve served their

purpose, are washed down the

drain at the backwash and

liberated to accumulate in

waterways and soils, eventually

finding their way into seas and

oceans. Although there isn’t an

industry-wide, coordinated effort

to ‘green up’ our industry,

eco-friendly salons are popping

Blue Tit uses recycled

materials when creating its

salons, such as in Brixton,

where workstations are crafted

from upcycled heavy

industrial metal.

Blue Tit Salons

Make use of any natural light

to improve the salon ambience

and to help with electricity bills

up across the country, with

businesses upping their eco-game

by paying attention to sustainably

designing interiors, reducing

water and electricity use, recycling

waste and choosing to use and

retail ‘clean, green’ products.

Long-time advocate of organic

colouring and hairdressing

services, Karine Jackson, (whose

London salon offers vegan hair

services) is a go-to venue for

ethical values without compromising

on performance or trend. Certified

as London’s first Sustainable Salon

through an initiative from the

University of Southampton,

Karine is massively supportive of

other salons becoming sustainable.

University of Southampton

researchers found hair care to be

very energy intensive, yet being

just a bit more eco conscious

yields positive impact on the

planet and bills. Simply adjusting

the habit of washing and double

rinsing daily to washing and single

rinsing every other day can see the

resulting carbon footprint go

down 2000 percent.

Eco technologies advocated by the

University study include using a

Scirocco Smooth (nicknamed a

hair hoover) which removes excess

water from hair after shampooing,

avoiding the need for towel

drying. And Curlformers, a

heat-free curling tool to create

temporary or permanent curls (for

setting or perming) with brilliant

staying power. Available in

different lengths, shapes and

directional functions, this versatile

tool enables you to curl to the left

or to the right.

To begin your eco journey, visiting

Southampton University’s website is a

good place to start. It has a course

which guides you through a

virtual salon experience showing

you where you can be ecofriendlier

and save your salon

money. “You may find you’re

doing some of it already with eco

bulbs, eco showerheads, disposable

towels and recycling,” says

Karine. “But it also has some really

valuable top tips and academic

papers to make you think.”

“Practical things you can implement

immediately include never

leaving the tap running while

shampooing and ensure you assess

your client’s needs, don't shampoo

twice just for the sake of it. Use

eco towels which save on water for

washing and electricity for drying.

And look at what plastic you’re

using; we’re eliminating the plastic

water dispenser and installing a

water filter onto our kitchen tap to

fill glass bottles to serve our clients

drinking water. Make sure any

plastic you are using is recycled

and question the brands you use

– do they need all that plastic


“Don’t mix up too much colour;

your team will understand why if

you show them. It’s a bit messy,

but we spent a week putting

leftover mixed-up colour into a

bucket and we were totally

shocked at how much gets thrown

away. We now mix more wisely,

noting how much colour is needed

for each client.

Change to eco light bulbs, make waste, and works with an ecobrand

committed to sustainability.

sure lights are switched off in

rooms not in use and consider Ralph and Rice also supports

installing motion sensor lighting local, independent businesses

in lesser used areas like staff (from the furnishings and flowers

rooms, corridors and toilets,” says through to refreshments served)


and reuses product packaging for

Ralph and Rice in the heart of east in-salon planting or to serve salads

London is another salon combining

eco-friendly practices with initiative to drive sustainability,

or granola to customers. Another

salon expertise. Its team members reduce wastage and raise client

are as passionate about hair as awareness is re-filling clients’

they are about modernising the empty retail bottles for a discounted


salon experience to become truly

sustainable. The salon uses

With eight sustainable salons

biodegradable disposable towels, across east and south London, the

has Eco heads fitted to the

Blue Tit group strives to ensure it

backwash taps to reduce water does everything it can to adhere to

an eco-ethos. “We make sure to

use recycled materials when

92 dossier

Matthew Curtis Chipping Norton

Vid que ped quis aut

officiaerum ratio.

Ut laborit atiorest,

natus. Uciantu

rrendit ipsunt laccati

conse volupta sper.

Buying items made to

last or using pre-loved

classics is a great way to

avoid waste creation

and embrace chic repurposing,

as is the case

in the newly opened

Matthew Curtis salon

in Chipping Norton.

creating our salons, such as our

Brixton salon where workstations

are crafted from upcycled heavy

industrial metal,” says Blue Tit

Director, Perry Patraszewski.

“When redesigning or revamping

your salon, look at ways you can

recycle previously used materials

and work with architects, interior

designers and furniture providers

experienced in upcycling and

using reclaimed materials.

“It’s also important to really make

the most of any natural light, find

ways to incorporate as it can

substantially reduce your electricity

bill. In Brixton, one of the

design features is a huge skylight

above the shampoo area. It floods

natural light into the salon as it is

calming for clients who relax

while having their hair washed by

watching clouds scud by. At night,

it doubles up as an effective free

lighting feature, reflecting outside

lights back in to the salon,” says

Terry. “Natural light is ideal for

client colour too and remember,

using lighter colours throughout

the salon, as well as plenty of

mirrors, helps make the most of

natural light within the salon.”

It goes without saying that Blue Tit

recycles everything wherever

Where at all feasible recycle

everything you possibly can

from your salon refuse

possible, each salon having

separate recycling bins for

separating rubbish – paper,

plastics, glass, tint tubes and foils

etc. Although confusing initially, it

soon becomes a habit. The

company also takes a clean green

approach to laundry.

“We wait until the washing

machine is absolutely full before

we run it, using the machine’s

cold-water programme which

prevents producing large quantities

of CO2,” says Terry. “And

instead of washing powder, we use

Eco Wash Balls which deliver a

clean, fresh alternative to traditional

washing methods; it’s cut

laundering costs by 2,000 percent.

One ball lasts between four and six

months, so unless there are stains,

there’s no need to use washing

powder at all. They’re both very

effective and caring for the


Ensuring your salon design is

time-proof by buying items made

to last or using pre-loved classics is

a great way to avoid waste creation

and embrace chic re-purposing.

The newly-opened Matthew Curtis

salon in Chipping Norton is a fine

example of these principles. Judy

Reaves, founder of Judy Reaves

Design and Matthew Curtis brand

collaborator, explains.

“I’ve worked with Matthew on the

design of all his salons and we

always try to be as eco-conscious as

possible. The Chipping Norton

premise is a listed building and

when stripping back walls to the

original Cotswold stone, we

discovered a fireplace and old

panelling from when the building

was a coaching inn earlier. We

reinstated both to create a central

feature and a ‘sustainable talking


“We restored original floorboards

using ‘hard wax oil’ (natural vegetable

oils and waxes) which brilliantly

restores floorboards by bringing

out the depth of the wood, and it’s

ecologically sound as it has no toxic

emissions. Mylands-brand marble

emulsion on the walls is also

environmentally friendly – a

natural, hard-wearing water-based

paint, low in volatile organic

content (VOC) so low toxic


Rather than buying new, original

vintage items for both practical use

and design aesthetics were sourced

from local shops and antiques

centres and each tells a story.

Barstools, clocks, tables, a cloakroom

vanity stand adapted from an

old chest of drawers and a quirky a

cocktail bar sourced from eBay:

this upcycle serves as the reception

desk, disguising the computer

monitor and housing a product

display. Plastics were avoided

wherever possible. “For example,

instead of plastic trollies the team

use brass and glass drinks trollies.

And in place of plastic boxes for

pins and grips etc., we’ve used a

mixture glass and brass trinket

boxes – now treasured and recycled

rather than ending up in landfill,”

explains Judy.

“To avoid building a new wall

between the backwash and styling

areas, we created a brass room

divider with shelving, fashioned

using odd parts bought from an

original engineering company in

Birmingham and glass from a

local glazier. To avoid a high

carbon footprint, salon styling

chairs were made locally in

Stratford-upon-Avon and upholstered

in fabric sourced in

Gloucestershire. Using individual

trades and designing bespoke

rather than going to a one-stop

shop for everything was more

demanding administratively, but

the reward of creating a lovely

sense of community while caring

for the environment is priceless,”

Judy comments.

So, think about initiating your

own rewarding green conversion.

The web offers lots of help and

advice and eco-conscious product

suppliers are usually happy to

help. From Alter Ego to Insight,

Davines to Oway and many

in-between, the granddaddy of

them all has to be Aveda. In

addition to operating some 200 of

its own spas, Aveda supplies

natural-based hair personal care

products to tens of thousands of

salons and spas in almost 30

countries – clearly a company well

versed in green issues. Once you

get into the swing of it – creating a

green culture and promoting

sustainability to yield a richer,

cleaner, safer, wider world –

becomes a joy.



1. Segregate clean recycling materials from general waste,

including contaminated packaging, gloves and specialist


2. Responsibly dispose of all paper, plastic, glass, aluminium,

cardboard, batteries and waste electrical goods.

3. Recycle aluminium foils and colour tubes – both are deemed

harmful to the environment.

4. Hair cuttings can be used as biodegradable waste, including

being spread as compost on farmers’ fields

5. Align yourself with a product manufacturer who you can work

alongside. If you choose a product partner with a sustainable

approach, they will have clear guidelines and ideas that

can assist you in your quest.

6. Chose suppliers providing eco-friendly products and

materials, from shampoos and colourants to biodegradable

towels and capes.

7. Buying items made to last is one of the simplest ways of

cutting down on waste and saving the energy required to

dispose of them.

8. Where possible, recycle everything used in the salon. Equip

your salon with recycling bins for paper, plastics, glass,

hair-colour tubes, foils and meches.

9. Instead of standard lightbulbs choose LEDs which reduce

electricity bills and your impact on the environment, too.

10.It goes without saying: turn off lights and heated appliances

when not in use!




Fudge Professional Vinyl

Pomade is an ultramodern

game changer

- a combination of

old-school influence,

mixed with the last

Fudge Professional

decade of textured style.

The vinyl revival continues with

this high-performance pomade,

Vinyl Pomade is a

which reinvents the red-blooded,

rebellious 1950s vibe, synonymous

game changer - a

with Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando,

and James Dean, for the digital age.

combo of old-school

A medium hold conditioning

pomade with veneer shine, Fudge

influence, mixed with

Professional Vinyl Pomade creates

either retro or contemporary

sculpted styles with a clear lacquer

the last decade of

finish, depending on how much

is applied and where. Texture is

textured style.

key to any style, and a bit of shine

further emphasizes this look by

catching the light at any angle.

Vinyl Pomade’s cutting-edge

polymer technology delivers

high hold and shine with the soft

consistency of a traditional hair

cream. Coconut oil conditions hair

and scalp and acts as a restorative

treatment, by imparting shine and

helping to replenish lost proteins

and fatty acids in damaged hair.

The coconut oil easily penetrates

the hair shaft and scalp, making it

more effective than other oils.

A lightweight conditioning system

derived from coconut, palm and

castor oils creates a detangling dry

slip and feels natural on the hair,

94 products


and is a natural alternative to

silicones. Precise, polished, not a

hair out of place, classic hair looks

are a hot trend on the runways.

Fudge Professional Vinyl Pomade

delivers on its promise making it

a really massive hit with barbers

and men’s hairdressers.

To find your stockist or for

more information visit

#PlanetF @FudgeHair

Easy to wash out Vinyl Pomade

by Fudge Professional is an

exceptional all-round styler


Style your



Elevate your service

provisions and deliver

contemporary luxury

with Takara Belmont’s


A quintessential

embodiment of the

ideal styling chairs,

Takara Belmont

provides premium

quality at the most

exacting of standards.

levate your service

provisions and deliver

contemporary luxury

with Takara Belmont’s

D-Series. A world leading

salon range, The D-Series

is distinctively designed

and built without compromise

to add an element of luxury to

every salon interior. A quintessential

embodiment of the ideal styling

chairs, Takara Belmont provide’s

premium quality at the most

exacting of standards.



Minimal and meticulous, perfected

with sleek contours and curved

lines, The Harp as part of their

D-Series transforms with style and

substance. Proud to perform for

everyday salon services, it boasts

360° lockable rotation to enable

greater manoeuvrability for stylist

ease. Perfect for improving salon

service efficiency, place your

client in the most comforting

position to enhance their grooming

experience. It’s unique chrome

metal framework and padded

cushioning provides extra comfort

and superior support, delivering

unrivalled quality and timeless

designs for unsurpassed luxury.

An unimposing collaborator

with ultra-modern features, The

Harp’s low backrest and footrest

with stopper, offers opulent leisure

for quality hairdressing services.



A sharply dressed symbol of

modernism with delectable appeal,

The Choco is proudly postured

ready for use. A unique square

structure and attractive design

with detailed stitching, it

incorporates a low backrest and

upholstered padded armrests for

pure relaxation and supreme comfort.

Takara Belmont in every way, its

footrest with stopper reiterates

its attention to detail for quality

grooming services. Finished with

chrome, matt or metallic brown

metalwork, customise your salon

chair to suit your interior style.



Easily adored for its proportions

and curves the Cadilla is renowned

for its durability and stamina.

Made for hard work with lines

and cushioning like no other, it

features an inventive low back

rest with metal arm rests and a

footrest with stopper for optimum

client comfort. Decorative with a

white side- strip trim and heatpressed

lines, the Cadilla is available

in a wide range of customisable

options to complement any salon

interior. Colour it your way and

choose from chrome or matt metal

work to enhance the look of your

salon design.

Discover more at

or call 020 7515 0333







Expand your colour vision and

push your creativity to new

horizons with TIGI copyright©olour

- helping you to develop new

techniques so you can provide the

ultimate customised service for

your clients this spring/summer.

Get striking results

everytime with

TIGI Copyright

Colour’s compact,

intermixable range

- eliminating

the need to stock

unnecessary shades.

TIGI colourists push

their artistry to the

limit thanks to an

infinite number of

shades that TIGI


provides. These can

be used to create the timeless and

striking looks clients love. Shades

can be used alone or intermixed to

give customised results, even

between permanent and demipermanent

applications and where

the vision is for iridescence and

high shine. “Compact and easy to

use fundamentally or creatively,

TIGI copyright©olour gives your

clients the ultimate, personalised

colour service with shades made

exclusively for them,” says Christel

Lundqvist, TIGI's Global Creative

Technical Director. “Colour and

cut is one service, working

together to create an overall strong

look, We understand the two must

work in perfect synergy to create

an individual look to suit the

vision and needs of today’s clients.”

Even for clients with 50% plus

non-pigmented hair, TIGI’s Age

Denied range guarantees 100%

coverage with superb condition

and shine. TIGI copyright©olour’s

compact, intermixable range

eliminates the need to stock

unnecessary shades. This means

you can invest elsewhere in your

business and enjoy increased

profit opportunities. Plus, the 1:1.5

mixing ratio and larger tube sizes

provide more mixed colour per

tube, making it economically more

lucrative and added to that

ever-important bottom line.



TIGI world-class education

programmes, both in-salon and

in TIGI Academies aim to inspire

and improve a colourist’s skills

and creativity. The courses are

created for every level of qualified

colourist, covering fundamental,

96 products

classic and creative techniques.

TIGI’s technical creative team

shares the latest techniques as

soon as they are developed as well

as the latest trends and inspiration.

Understanding today’s colourists

want inspiration and education

available whenever they want it,

TIGI launched the TIGI App 24/7

allowing access to a range of cut

and colour techniques, with

step-by-steps and videos, TIGI

product knowledge, styling

inspiration and an interactive

colour mood board, enabling you

to select shades and formulas to

create new looks for your clients,

all available at just the touch of

a button. “Having our education

digitally accessible is an amazing

feature,” says Thomas Osborn,

TIGI US Creative Director and

VP of Education. “The future

of our education is not only

how we communicate it but also

how quickly we can deliver it.”

Find out more about TIGI’s

extensive colour range and how

you can a rainbow of endless


Instagram: @TIGIprofessionals

Twitter @TIGIpro

Facebook: TIGIprofessional

“The best shades are

the ones you mix

yourself.” says Christel

Lundqvist, TIGI’s

Global Creative

Technical Director


For more about TIGI education

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Shades can be used alone

or intermixed to give

bespoke, customed results




Influenced by the balance created

between raw and refinement,

element∆l is Goldwell’s Color Zoom

’18 Collection: minimalistic, yet

intuitive and stylishly sophisticated.

The nuances of

colour vary from

light to dark,

or from subtle

to more intense.

The Color Zoom

Collection 2018

represents creativity

in its purest form,

driven by this season's

fashion trends.

The Color Zoom ’18

Creative Team has created the

’18 Collection, element∆l,

characterised by an interplay

of rawness and refinement while

solidity merges with translucency.

Tone-on-tone colours play

with contrasts and modern

minimalistic shapes bring a

rough, primal edge. Along with

airy handcrafted shapes that

express future-forward styling.

Elemental COLOUR

Muted pastels and rich earthy

tones overlap and filter one

another, creating a sense of

translucency – one of the

colour techniques employed

in the Collection.

A weathered patina forms a shiny,

but also muted, shimmer in

which the tones are matte and

unpolished yet display a luminous

surface. Moving beyond metallic

into pure mineral tones, they

reveal a variety of harmonious

mineral shades. “The colour has

a translucent feel, creating an

interplay of colour layering and

filterning,” comments Larissa

Bresnehan, Global Winner

Creative Category 2016, Australia.

“The muted pastels and rich

earthy tones overlap each other

to stunning effect.”

Elemental SHAPE

The inspiration comes from a

minimalistic approach conveying

sophistication with a sense of

the elemental. The key element

for a precise but intuitive look is

a primal foundation created by

soft and jagged edges. The look

is completed by handcrafted

shapes that are subtly asymmetric

with unexpected irregularities.

“Simplicity prevails over highly

refined styles,” says Sargis

Airapetian, Global Winner New

Talent Category 2016, Russia.

“We took the simplicity of shapes

and moved them on to a new,

future-forward level - irregular,

but subtly asymmetric.”

Elemental TEXTURE

The Collection is influenced by

the balance created between raw

and renewed elements. The styles

evoke a self-made sensation

but are still the result of skillful

texturing. Airiness flows into

the styling, lending it a futureforward

look. “The infusion

of airiness creates a free-form

texture” explains Daniel Rubin,

Global Winner Partner Category

2016, USA. “The resulting

self-made feeling is created by

skillful texturising and finishing


The creators of the element∆l Collection

(l – r): Daniel Rubin, USA; Sargis

Airapetian, Russia; Sascha Haseloff,

Germany; Larissa Bresnehan, Australia;

Agnes Westerman, The Netherlands.

Natural shades

are combined

with modern,






One of the highest level

accolades on offer in our

industry is Wella Professionals’

Master Color Expert programme:

a unique and varied package

to help futureproof your

colour business!


s a world leader in

providing Education,

Wella Professionals has

been delivering

cutting-edge training

programmes and

support to

professionals working in the hair

industry for over 135 years.

Designed for hairdressers and

salon owners of all levels, all Wella

education can be adapted for the

specific team and business needs

of any salon. With over 90,000

activities on offer to 1.8 million

hairdressers, Wella educators

Master Color


I thought our colour business was

doing well before the Master Color

Expert programme, but I was so

impressed with how much we

increased after the programme!

Brenton Lee, Salon Owner / Colourist /

Brenton Lee Salon, USA

understand that training isn’t

‘one-size fits all’ and every course

is tailor-made to unleash the

potential of each individual

hairdresser. Once hairdressers

reach a certain point in their

career, clients’ demands often take

over, meaning that training

sessions fall by the wayside. Wella

Professionals offers an extensive

range of Master Craft programmes

to entice and motivate senior staff

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learning new skills, training is

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clients the best possible service

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success – Couture Color

education grew salon business by

9% after its industry-first training

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THE NEW Master

Color Expert


A truly outstanding achievement

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colour programmes in our

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programme. A hybrid of a

strategic business-building course

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the combined curriculum offers

colourists and business owners

a truly life-changing experience

that ensures colourists gain

invaluable training for the future,

whilst equipping salon owners

with the building blocks for a

sustainable colour business. The

Master Color Expert programme

also helps colourists and salon

owners to futureproof their

business, thanks to an unrivalled

Research & Development content

which is far superior to the

industry standard, plus a unique

business-building day designed

to drive turnover and maximise

marketing opportunities. The

on-line support package is also

outstanding, featuring strong

in-salon re-applicability through

City & Guilds blended learning

and intelligent play, and further

personalised training though

an interactive online platform:

E-Education, an interactive

online platform that perfectly

complements face-to-face training.

This portal features content across

all Wella Professional brands

that can be accessed anytime,

anywhere. With online seminars

offering product, skill and

technique-based training, it’s an

accessible, innovative and flexible

tool for hairdressers to stay at the

top of their game.




The new and exciting Master

Color Expert programme

not only hones the colourist’s

practical skills in the craft of

colour but also boosts their

confidence and inspires them

to create bespoke colour

looks for every single client.

Featuring unique teaching

methods that deliver skills which

can be applied as soon as the

colourist steps back into the

salon, the Master Color Expert

programme enables colourists

to become true masters of

colour and able to achieve any

colour result.

Join the colour elite,

the inner circle of the

best colourists in the

world brought to you

by the award-winning

educators at Wella


Everyone knows that the

Master Color Expert is a

top-level stylist. Now I don’t

feel like just a stylist, I actually

feel like more of a consultant

to my clients.

Nathan Andrew, Salon Owner /

Colourist / Salon Audace, USA

Take the first step becoming

a Master Color Expert now! Simply

ask your Wella sales representative.

Go to or

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Wella Studio at:

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Achieving my Master

Color Expert has

helped me in ways I

never thought possible.

If I didn’t have the

understanding of

colour that I do now,

my success within

British Hairdressing

Award wouldn’t have

been possible.

Issie Churcher, Technical

Director / HOB Salons

and Academy, UK




stetica UK's Editor-in-

One unique experience: EChief, Gary Kelly,

recently enjoyed the

A visit to Dyson’s Hair

experience of a visit to

Dyson's state-of-the-art

Hair Science Lab at the

Science Lab in Malmesbury,

company's head office

esteablishment in Malmesbury.

Wilts. to reveal the

This company which has become

a household name in recent years,

secrets behind the amazing

was founded in 1993 by Sir James

Dyson, who remains Chief Engineer

Dyson Supersonic TM .

and Chairman. From its first

tentative steps into the world of

vacuum cleaner research,

Hair goes

Dyson's portfolio of household and

industrial equipment has grown

to include the chordless cleaner,

the robot cleaner, the airblade hand


dryer, lighting systems, cooling

fans and fan heaters, humidifiers,

purifiers and (this is where we come

in!) the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

With goods exported from the UK

to 75 markets around the world,

it's impossible to look at the Dyson

brand in any depth without

discussing numbers: Dyson is a

family company with more than

9,000 employees worldwide; in 2016

it had a turnover of over 3 billion

dollars and sold 13 million units

globally, archiving growth of over

25% per year. By 2020, more than

12,000 employees are projected

to be working for the company

and its turnover is expected to top

$7 billion. Also, Dyson recently

inaugurated its Technology Centre

in Singapore and has announced the

acquisition of the Hullavington

airfield to build a second technology

campus, increasing the impact of

Dyson in the United Kingdom by

ten fold. This new campus will allow

Dyson to continue to create highly

skilled jobs, attracting the brightest

minds from around the world.




So how do these signficant


in the heart of investments and technological

the Wiltshire

investments relate to the hair


which houses industry? Our visit to the research

the company’s and development laboratories

Hair Science Lab.

revealed the secrets behind the

102 innovation

Dyson Supersonic, the hairdryer

which has quickly achieved cult

status by hair professionals and

clients alike. Dyson engineers -

no fewer than 103 working on this

project alone - analysed the

structure of the hair shaft from root

to tip in order to understand how it

reacts under sources of stress and to

understand how to keep it healthy

and conditioned. Over a period four

years they tested their prototypes

- around 600 in all - on all different

types of hair, to mechanically

simulate drying techniques, some

of which may vary from country to

country. If you laid the hair strands

so far tested end-to-end they would

reach the phenomenal length of

1,625 kilometres! Dyson has also

invested many millions of pounds in

research on the science of hair and

on problems related to traditional

appliances, with the aim of

developing an optimised concept:

the hairdryer handle rather than the

head. The result is a perfectly

balanced, incredibly silent device -

the Dyson engineers have actually

managed to apply the science of

sound to the engine, bringing it up

to an acoustic frequency that is

higher than the range that can be

heard by the human ear! Hairstylists

who have already used the

Supersonic backstage at some of the

most prestigious fashion shows on

the planet particularly appreciate

Dyson's patented Air Multiplier

technology. Thanks to this

technology, the volume of air sucked

into the engine is tripled, producing

a high pressure and high speed jet.

A targeted air jet, at an angle of 20°

provides a perfectly controlled

and accurate handling technique,

making it possible to both dry and

style the hair in one simple step.

Fast, accurate

and intelligent: the

Dyson Supersonic


a silent, fast, light and intelligent

hairdryer. Just like in the case of

Dyson's other major technological

achievements, the engine is at the

heart of the new Supersonic's

outstanding performance.

The bespoke Dyson V9 digital

engine is up to eight times faster,

while weighing half that of the

average engine in a traditional

hairdryer. Furthermore, as it's

designed specifically to be powerful

but compact, the Dyson digital

engine is small enough to fit into

(right): Company

founder, James

Dyson, with the

Dyson Supersonic

hairdryer. (above):

Research scientists

working at the

Dyson laboratories.


Get ready for the biggest

challenge ever: the

International Hairdressing

Awards launched for

January 2019 in Madrid!


The International

Hairdressing Awards

sponsors are Revlon,

Revlon Professional,

Salon Look-Ifema &

Estetica Magazine.


Luzea is travelling

around the world to

spread the voice about

the International

Hairdressing Awards.

The aim of these new

international awards is

to become the contest

of reference in global

hairdressing industry,

the awards where all

the awards converge,

powered by hairdressers. Mikel

Luzea, founder and director of the

International Hairdressing Awards,

was in charge of launching this

powerful venture. The first edition

of the International Hairdressing

Awards will start in June 2018

with the collections entry and

pre-nominees’ announcement.

On 28th September 2018, the

finalists will be announced and

the awards ceremony will take

place in Ifema, Madrid, in January

2019, prior to Mercedes Benz

Fashion Week Madrid.

The International Hairdressing

Awards’ main pillars are:

• Six categories: International

Honorary Award, Best

International Men’s Collection,

Best International Women’s

Collection, Best International

Avant-garde Collection,

International Artistic Team of the

Year, and International

Hairdresser of the Year.

• A jury composed of internationally

renowned hairdressers.

• A catwalk with the most

important hairdressing teams

of the world.

• The purple carpet, the red

carpet of global hairdressing.

The International Hairdressing

Awards are an independent beauty

organization that has been

supported in its first edition by

sponsors of international relevance,

including Revlon, Revlon

Professional and Salon Look

Madrid-Ifema, as well as Estetica

Magazine as global media partner.

For more information, please visit:

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