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We are very proud of the stunningly beautiful cover image on the front of this issue of

Estetica UK. The photoshoot behind it was put together by our own EsteticaNetwork team

Hair: X-presion


for Fudge Professional

Colour: X-presion

and Tracy Hayes

for Fudge Professional

Photo: Stefano Cattelan

Make-up: Barbara Bonazza

Styling: Manuela Mezzetti

Products: Fudge Professional


PMS by Estetica

for Fudge Professional under the direction of the brand’s colour guru and Global Head of

Education, Tracy Hayes. The shoot was attended by

Maria Rågberg from Uniklipp AS salon

in Norway, and was just one part of her

prize for becoming Fudge Professional’s

latest Mixology Master. Maria assisted the creative team from

X-presion Hair in creating the technically intricate 3D colour effect which is based on the

Spanish salon group’s Disruptive X-presion technique. The objective for the new Fudge

campaign was to achieve a very rich collection going from a commercial and elegant style

through to a more editorial finish, playing with colours, shapes and textures. While we’re

on the subject of the creation of fabulous hair, one of our main features in this issue of

Estetica UK - Cutting it on the Catwalks - focuses on the seamless backstage work that is

required when creating the hair looks on the runways at the top designer events such as

London Fashion Week. In our professional section, our top theme combines the hot topics

of interior salon design and eco-friendly sustainability. As well as looking at the practical

things you can do to save energy, we also touch on the subjects of recycling waste and

choosing to use retail ‘clean, green’ products.

Gary Kelly,

Editor-in-Chief, Estetica UK

EsteticaNetwork globalises

the wonderful world of hair:

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