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achievement comes in the form

of the Master Color Expert

programme. A hybrid of a

strategic business-building course

plus technical skills and creativity,

the combined curriculum offers

colourists and business owners

a truly life-changing experience

that ensures colourists gain

invaluable training for the future,

whilst equipping salon owners

with the building blocks for a

sustainable colour business. The

Master Color Expert programme

also helps colourists and salon

owners to futureproof their

business, thanks to an unrivalled

Research & Development content

which is far superior to the

industry standard, plus a unique

business-building day designed

to drive turnover and maximise

marketing opportunities. The

on-line support package is also

outstanding, featuring strong

in-salon re-applicability through

City & Guilds blended learning

and intelligent play, and further

personalised training though

an interactive online platform:

E-Education, an interactive

online platform that perfectly

complements face-to-face training.

This portal features content across

all Wella Professional brands

that can be accessed anytime,

anywhere. With online seminars

offering product, skill and

technique-based training, it’s an

accessible, innovative and flexible

tool for hairdressers to stay at the

top of their game.




The new and exciting Master

Color Expert programme

not only hones the colourist’s

practical skills in the craft of

colour but also boosts their

confidence and inspires them

to create bespoke colour

looks for every single client.

Featuring unique teaching

methods that deliver skills which

can be applied as soon as the

colourist steps back into the

salon, the Master Color Expert

programme enables colourists

to become true masters of

colour and able to achieve any

colour result.

Join the colour elite,

the inner circle of the

best colourists in the

world brought to you

by the award-winning

educators at Wella


Everyone knows that the

Master Color Expert is a

top-level stylist. Now I don’t

feel like just a stylist, I actually

feel like more of a consultant

to my clients.

Nathan Andrew, Salon Owner /

Colourist / Salon Audace, USA

Take the first step becoming

a Master Color Expert now! Simply

ask your Wella sales representative.

Go to or

#mastercolorexpert or call the

Wella Studio at:

London Wella Studio

+44 020 3650 4700

Manchester Wella Studio

+44 161 834 2645

Dublin Wella Studio

+353 14 160 900

Achieving my Master

Color Expert has

helped me in ways I

never thought possible.

If I didn’t have the

understanding of

colour that I do now,

my success within

British Hairdressing

Award wouldn’t have

been possible.

Issie Churcher, Technical

Director / HOB Salons

and Academy, UK



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