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Kate Hudson

ANNE VECK: Pixie cuts are universally flattering, and it's been very

popular over several decades…from Audrey Hepburn, to Twiggy

and now Kate Hudson. I think she’s nailed the look with a colour to

complement and add texture to the cut. I love the frilly pink heart

dress and the nude make-up. She is a stunning women who can't do


Hair: 10

Make-up: 9.5

Total Look: 10

vote 9.8

LEAH DURRANT: I love this look! Kate Hudson looks cool and

edgy with her blonde textured pixie cut, which is a very versatile

hairstyle and super on trend this year. Kate’s hair really is spot on,

as she has teamed her crop with texture to avoid it looking flat. Her

pixie cut was also paired with a side swept fringe that really brings

out her eyes and draws attention to her gorgeous face. With Kate’s

bold crop and pink gown with black hearts, her look was a real

head turner.

Hair: 8

Make-up: 7

Total Look: 8

vote 7.7

JESSICA NEIL: Simple yet beautiful, the makeup is flawless, with a

touch of colour on the lips and effortless eye makeup. I love how

simple yet elegant she looks. A little sparkle under her eyes and a

slight shimmer of highlighter on Kate's cheekbones, would finish

this look off perfectly. Her hair is very on trend with a slight root

stretch and blonde ends but with a lilac hue under the light it would

look even more gorgeous and give a more modern feel to her

textured pixie cut.

Hair: 7.0

Make-up: 7.5

Total Look: 7.5

vote 7.3

COS SAKKAS: Whether it’s long or short, Kate always looks

spectacular. Her grown-out buzzcut is really beautiful and

feminine and is turning into a soft, pixie cut. Her 2017 buzzcut was

quite aggressive but it has grown into a statement haircut that

stands out from the crowd. It works perfectly with her face shape

and softens her jawline. It allows the frills on her collar to sit

perfectly as it is free from hair so there are no distractions.

Hair: 9

Make-up: 7

Total Look: 8

vote 8.0

She’s nailed it again!

Kate Hudson

confirms her iconic

status when it

comes to pulling

off a total look

Final score: 8.2

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