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“We are uncompromising when it

comes to quality,” says Katie

Wrighton, Territory Sales Manager.

“As a global business with 100

offices worldwide, our reputation

for unrivalled manufacturing

quality, product performance and

durability are values we uphold in

every product.” The company,

formed in Japan in 1921, has many

products in its portfolio that have

changed very little visually.

The Adria II styling chair, for

example, was created in 1971

and remains its most popular

hairdressing chair, whilst advances

in technology and manufacturing

have yielded subtle changes that

enhance its appeal without

tampering with the features that

brought it global success. “We have

built on the strengths of Adria and

then enhanced, improved and

evolved it,” explains Katie Wrighton.

“This includes the introduction of

the RS Adria II shampoo system

where we have moved the Adria II

concept to the backwash. This enables

salons to coordinate equipment

throughout the salon journey.”



With the launch of their first ever

barber char in 1940, the no. 130

marked the beginning of an era as

Takara Belmont became a global

success and a must have for the

heart of every interior. Dominating

the industry, 2011 marked a year for

innovation with the introduction

of add on services that provided an

almost seamless segue into the

world of luxury and VIP treatments.

Peerless when it comes to the

application of motorised technology,

the Rollerball F processor brought

groundbreaking colour processing

innovation to the world of

hairdressing. Using infrared

technology to power its distinctive

rotating ring, Rollerball F reinvented

colour processing time and

intensifying colour results. It has

become yet another global success

story for Takara Belmont. Katie

Wrighton says, ‘Rollerball F set the

benchmark for colour processing

technology and we’ve expanded

further with the MicroMist and Spa

Mist ll processors. Revolutionising

the application of motorised

technology, the Yume DX shampoo

and treatment system redefined the

backwash whilst allowing for the

addition of new service options and

revenue streams. This indulgently

cushioned couch offered clients a

new spa-style standard at the

backwash. It also provided a focal

point for VIP services, such as

facials and massage that gave salons

the opportunity to up-sell.

“Salons could now offer premier

treatments and introduce other

services to boost the customer

experience and revenues.

And, when paired with Spa Mist

II, the experience is elevated to

new heights. Not only does this

combination create ambience,

it uplifts the customers’ sense of

relaxation and improves service

outcomes. Spa Mist II also gives

the versatility to introduce spa-style

treatments such as hand and nail

conditioning treatments.”

As an evolution to the Yume

concept, space challenged salons

gravitate to the more recent Yume

Espoir. This brings Yume luxury

in a more space-saving package

without compromise.


Takara Belmont recognises there

has to be a commercial imperative.

It stakes its reputation on quality,

of course, but also on helping

salon owners become successful

businesses too. Evidence of this

approach rests in its Salon Design

Service. Katie Wrighton: “Most

owners have a vision, and idea or

a concept for their salon. It’s a very

individual, personal thing too.

We promote the idea of working

together in partnership with salon

owners to bring their vision to life.

But this goes beyond design.

We incorporate service offerings

into their plans and look at how to

maximise commercial performance

through smart equipment choices.

We then create 2D and then 3D

renders, from which the salon can

work with architects and builders

to bring their idea to fruition.

It’s all part of a turnkey solution to

support customers from concept

to completion.” Equipment is more

than choosing chairs, equipment

or accessories. It’s recognising

the long-term effects of making

the right equipment decisions,

appreciating the positive affect

they have on the customer

experience and salon incomes,

and appreciating that equipment

is an investment that pays

dividends when approached in

the right way. So, with a global

presence that draws on interior

and equipment design influences

to shape new salon ideas and a

partnership-based service approach

designed to help you on the road to

success, perhaps it’s time to consider

your next equipment decision?

The company, formed

in Japan in 1921, has

many products in its

portfolio that over

the years have changed

very little visually.

A global reputation

unrivalled for quality

and performance



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