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Welcome to our Special Colour Issue of Estetica UK for 2018; a compilation of trends,

collections and business ideas with one aim in common - to promote the importance of

adding a touch of colour to our lives! Our top theme in this issue looks at ways in which

you can spread the message that your salon’s colour expertise is flawless, fashionable and

Creative Director:

John Moroney

Hair Colour: Rebecca Hiele

& William Wilson

Hair Styling: Daniel Martin

Photo: Ralph Mecke

Make-up: Loni Baur

Styling: Ingo Nahrwold

Products: @Pure Pigments

by Goldwell

fabulous with some top tips on making light work of marketing your colour credentials.

Colour is such a lucrative salon service

that it merits elevated billing on the

salon service menu as well as a madeto-measure

marketing campaign. We also have

our attention firmly focused the retailing opportunities that can be generated through

colour service aftercare. While more and more salon clients are becoming aware of the need

to choose wisely when it comes to selecting the correct products to keep their salon-fresh

colour looking bright and vibrant for longer, there is still much work to be done. Here, the

onus rests very much on the shoulders of the salon professional to ensure that there is

absolutely no room for compromise. Furthermore, all creatives require a dose of external

inspiration once in a while so, still with colour in mind, we've put together some of the

finest colour moments from the 2018 runway shows in a tribute to the Total Look.

Gary Kelly,

Editor-in-Chief, Estetica UK

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the wonderful world of hair:

in print, online and on social!


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Step into the

realms of

colour fantasy

and fire your




Gary Kelly, Maria Weijers


Stéphanie Argentin, Marie Coccoluto


Sergi Bancells, Elisabet Parra,

Bel M. Dolla, Cristina Hernández


Judith Lorenzon, Michaela Dee


Daniela Giambrone, Lucia Preziosi


Victoria Clifford


Sergi Bancells, Erika Del Paso,

Héctor RamÍrez, Ernesto Álvarez,

Karla Cuéllar, Fernando Farfán


Sergi Bancells, Alejandra Acuña,

Marie Scarano


Matteo Franceschini Beghini,

Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,

Erika Marchese, Wilma

Sommariva, Valentina Stella

international trends

#wonderhair 17

Creative colour is a commitment

that extends to the salon interior

and beyond.



How do you spread the


message that your

salon’s colour expertise

is flawless, fashionable

and downright fabulous?

Here’s how some top UK

tinters make light work

of marketing their colour

credentials. Maria Weijers

Sassoon International Creative Team Led by Mark Hayes

ong gone are the

days when colouring

hair was pretty much

a quiet service for

discreet dames

wanting to disguise

their grey, or a bold

bleaching process for braver birds

wanting to strut their stuff as a

platinum blond. Now it’s a limitless

palette of anything goes for guys as

well as gals.

From pastels to fluorescents and

absolutely everything in between,

today’s arousing colouring

possibilities can attract new clients

and promote brand identity. It’s a

lucrative salon service capable of

inspiring creativity and building

client loyalty. So important is

colour, it expects elevated billing on

the salon service menu and

demands specific publicising. So,

how is it best to market colour in

today’s ever competitive world?

Salon owner Rocco Tizzano upped

his colour marketing game in

reaction to home colour suppliers

creating consumer-believable

campaigns about the ease and

effortlessness of ‘doing it yourself ’.

“The amount of corrective

colouring we do from home kits

that have gone wrong is

astounding,” says Rocco, owner of

Alchemy in Boston, Lincolnshire.

“If it was so simple, we wouldn’t

need to spend years learning the art

and science of hair colour.”

To promote the professionalism of

salon hair colouring, Rocco

introduced a Paul Mitchell Color

Bar into the business, an asset

which brightly celebrates colour. “It

seats up to three guests at a time

and instead of mirrors it has lots of

visual aids,” explains Rocco. “We

use various stimulating tools from

colour swatches to inspirational

pictorial portfolios, so guest and

stylist chat and agree what’s wanted,

what’s best, and what it takes to

achieve the desired look.

“We also have a price menu there to

explain our colour pricing. For

example, there’s a significant price

difference between a full head

colour and a three-dimensional

colour. Using our colour menu to

explain how pricing works allows

guests to make a cost-based

decision if needs be, avoiding any

awkward surprises when settling

the bill.”

Successful since it was first

installed, the Color Bar has proved

its worth as a colour marketing tool.

“As it’s such a focal point in the

salon, team members can’t avoid

discussing colour with their guests,

increasing our colour services and

generating more income from

existing guests,” reveals Rocco.

“Colour services have increased by

16 percent and guests clearly enjoy

having a specialist dedicated colour

area where they feel listened to and

8 trends

Promotions don’t

always need to be

money off or

discounts; they can

also promote a

certain trend, like

a seasonal colour

or a new fashion


Schwarzkopf Professional

valued.” In London’s Wanstead,

clients of The Zoology Colour Lab

– the go-to place purely for hair

colour and care – feel equally

appreciated and listened to. Saying

Balayage is now as popular as

highlights, salon owner Mark

Mountney is a big advocate of

marketing such colour work

through social media.

“It’s the best way to promote our

colour services and our results to a

large and relevant audience,” says

Mark. “It’s like free advertising. Our

reviews alone are a great way to

promote the team and the quality of

our work, and because it’s organic

and genuine, recommendations and

word of mouth remain one of the

best ways to sell what you do.

“Instagram is a great platform for

showcasing work. Colour is so

technical and varied, it’s hard to

describe using words alone, hence

the expression ‘a picture speaks a

thousand words’ – but it comes

with a caution,” says Mark.

“Although Instagram is a great place

to find inspiration, we remind

clients that as filters and editing

changes things a lot, don’t rely on it

too heavily.”

TIGI Technical Creative Director,

Warren Boodaghians, has similar

thoughts. “Social media is how

people now communicate so it’s a

great marketing tool. I use

Instagram which, along with

Pinterest seem most popular with

colour clients. It’s a great way to

promote your work; for my

personal account it’s all about the

right hashtags and tagging the right

people into the picture,” says

Warren. “Instagram also now plays

a big part in consultations but it’s

important to manage your clients’

expectations. The picture they show

you may be filtered in some way, or

it could be a wig or a service that

would take an entire day, so it’s all

about educating the client, how you

can agree and achieve a happy

medium,” says Warren. “By totally

customising the client’s hair colour

(and cut) to really suit them, you

make them feel truly individual.

The Paul Mitchell Color Bar

has proven to be a great

talking point - team members

can’t avoid discussing colour

with their guests!

Zoology Art Team

Paul Mitchell Color Bar

Eye-catching product displays

are fast becoming a striking

design feature incorporated

into salon interior designs.



After which I think rewarding your

existing clients is a most important

marketing method. Recommending

a friend is an oldie but a goodie and

at TIGI, we suggest offering clients

50 percent off their next visit if they

introduce two new colour clients.”

says Warren.

Basing a promotion around a new

colour trend can also attract new

clients, as experienced by salon

owner Tim Scott Wright of the Hair

Surgery in Stourbridge. “For

example, when Blond Me colour

was launched, we did a whole social

media campaign around it and how

great the product was,” explains

Tim, also an Ambassador for

Schwarzkopf Professional.

“Promotions don’t always need to

be money off or discounts; they

need to confidently promote a

certain trend, whether a seasonal

colour or a new fashion technique,

because if the public see you do

something well then, they want in

on it,” says Tim. “We did however

offer a discount on Blond Me

services with specific stylists

throughout launch month to boost

the columns of our least busy

stylists – and it did bring in new

colour-interested clients.”

Calling for customers to let

experienced professionals

experiment with their hair is a

marketing ploy used at the three

Harvey Luke salons in Derby. This

Fudge brand collaborator says 68

percent of its clients have colour –

so the approach appears to work.

“We have regular bespoke training

days and advertise for new

customers to let us experiment with

their hair”, explains Luke Harvey

leader, Natalie Allen.

“For example, we’ve organised

bleaching and toning and creative

colouring sessions – always in

demand – and advanced colouring

techniques featuring free hand,

smudging and blending. We also

have lots of Facebook followers who

interact well with our posts – a

great way for staff to show off their

skills. Clients make

recommendations to their friends

by tagging one another in posts.

Social media has helped us tap into

a local community and attract new

customers,” says Natalie.

With 30 years’ hairdressing

experience in London’s West End

and 10 years’ globetrotting as a

Goldwell Professional international

artist, Lisa Whiteman has now

settled into a stylish new salon in

the smart surroundings of London’s

Ham Yard Village, adjacent to the

vibrant Ham Yard Hotel. The

semi-circular Goldwell Creative

Colour Bar is a striking feature

greeting guests when they step

through sparkling glass swing

doors. Frequently featured in online

eviews, Lisa says five-star ratings

are brilliant to attracts new colour

clients. “The professional

confidence the Colour Bar

commands immediately reassures

and calms even the newest colour

client,” says Lisa. “Over 40 percent

of my clients have colour,

encouraged by actively promoting

our colour credential via social

media and Treatwell – Europe’s

largest hair and beauty bookings


With social media gaining a

weighty thumbs-up as a successful

marketing tool – does the same

apply regarding household name

salon groups? Nationwide

consumer style champions

TONI&GUY implement campaigns

where imagery is a marketing tool

in itself. Images always major on

colour to complement new cuts,

techniques and styles; this year’s

campaign features rich browns, icy

platinum tones and honey blondes.

Highlights remain the most popular

service, with growing requests for

balayage and ombre effects. “We

actively promote our colour

credential via annual campaign

imagery, educational courses and

social media, showing beautiful

‘before and after’ colour results

achieved at a certain salon,” says

TONI&GUY International

Technical Education Director, Jo

O’Neill. “Our website with its

option to browse colours, our

TONI&GUY magazine, in-salon

materials and label.m products

formulated to preserve and enhance

colour all combine to successfully

market colour services.

“Social media is also a powerful tool

for educating, entertaining and

visually bringing a brand to life,”

says Jo. “We take a multi-channel

approach and it depends on the

piece of content which channel is

best. Instagram is a biggie for

colour as it’s easy to show before

and after and techniques close-up,

whereas YouTube is great to host

videos on the salon colour

experience.” Partial colouring –

highlights, lowlights and ombre

techniques – make up the majority

of services enjoyed by the 40

percent of clients having colour in

the nine UK Sassoon salons.

“Although social media has its place

– Instagram being a great platform

to showcase inspirational work –

our most successful marketing

tactic to bring in new colour clients

is a bespoke colour package called

Colour Prestige,” says Sassoon UK

Colour Director, Edward Darley.

“When clients book a treatment

with their colour service, we offer

£15 off two recommended take

home products. It’s a win all-round;

we benefit from extra treatment

bookings and retail sales, while the

client benefits from better hair

condition and ongoing colour

protection between salon visits,”

explains Edward. “It totally works.

Once the client has significantly

invested in salon-fabulous hair

colouring – they are keen to

maintain it looking and feeling as

gorgeous as possible for as long as


Colour is now a limitless

palette of anything goes - that

means for guys as well as gals!

Edward Darley for Sassoon UK

Partial colouring

makes up the

majority of

services enjoyed by

the 40 percent of

clients having

colour in UK

Sassoon salons.



Anthony Turner was the

lead stylist for L'Oréal

Professionnel at the

Erdem AW18 London,

with a trip back in time

to finger waves and the

Roaring Twenties!



It’s a given nowadays that catwalk couture

is all about creating a total look; even

better when you add the 4th dimension of

extraordinary, sensational... colour! Gary Kelly

12 fashion


ashion professionals

and consumers alike

inevitably turn to the

catwalks at the

world's finest fashion

weeks for inspiration

and ideas. For at least

a couple of decades now, designers

have sought to incorporate hair,

make-up and accessories - the full

package in other words - into their

runway creations in order to

showcase a total look; thus, as a

consequence, extending their

fan-bases far beyond those with an

interest in fashion design. In terms

of hair, that interest runs much

deeper, as they are the talented

individuals whose responsibility it

is to work backstage and create the

fantastic hair looks that crown the

heads of the catwalk models. With

very few exceptions, these are

talented team-players - there is no

room for big egos back there

behind-the-scenes; you learn your

brief and strive to recreate it to the

absolute letter. Time is of the

essence - you have to work fast and

show the maximum skill and

dexterity, often with more than one

stylist working on the same head

while manoeuvring around

make-up artists, fitters,

photographers and anyone else

who may decide to get involved!

You really can't allow yourself to

lose your cool when the clock is

ticking - you focus on the job at

hand and, on the surface at least,

show that you can take it all in your

stride. Any fleeting ideas you may

have had of doing cut or colour is

out of the question - besides that

fact that there isn't time, they just

won't be allowable in the models'

contracts. Your task is really all

about recreating a specific style -

sometimes on several girls or guys,

some of whom will inevitably have

hair of different lengths and

textures and style from each other.

You learn your brief

then time is of the

absolute essence!



Apart from the finish that certain

styling products can add to their

hair - for example the highly

reflective wet-look sheen that can

be achieved with some pomades -

hair colour is in general terms a bit

of an irrelevance on the runways.

This is not surprising when you

consider that in order to show off

the clothes to optimum effect, the

height and build of the models will

be the primary considerations

during the casting process. The

colour of the hair? Who's really

going to give a second glance to

that? It's rare almost to the point of

non-existence that the hair colour

will be pivotal to the designers true

vision for the total look. So how

can we hair colour fanatics -

especially those of you who work

with it as the main tool of your

trade - get engaged and excited

about an event like London

Fashion Week without ending up

feeling sniffy and excluded? The

best way is to try and see the bigger

picture - turn the focus away from

the hair and onto that much

aforementioned 'total look'. That's

not to suggest ignoring the hair - it

really is beyond amazing when you

consider the pressure those guys

are under - just not worrying too

much about its colour. So here goes

- we've chosen five shows from the

2018 London Fashion Week

Collections which are simply

oozing with colour, so much so that

with a little bit of effort we might

even manage to drag our attention

away from the actual hair colour!

Designer Roberta Einer

placed colour at the very

heart of her AW18

collection, with the hair

created by Aveda Global

Director, Bea Watson.

There is no room for

big egos back there,




Anthony Turner was the lead stylist

for L'Oréal Professionnel at the

beautifully executed Erdem AW18

London show (see previous page,

left-hand side). It was a trip back in

time to the Roaring Twenties with

finger waves creating a perfect

period aesthetic. To give the waves

a modern twist while making them

quicker and easier to achieve than

traditional methods, Anthony used

a small amount of L'Oréal

Professionnel Wild Stylers Rebel

Push Up, then used his fingers

rather than a comb to create either

a single or double wave.

The clothes conveyed colourful

combinations with a prominence of

tulle and opulent floral-patterned

brocade. Stylish embellishments

included sparkling sequins, classic

flapper-style pearls and - an

additional touch by Anthony - a

structured, spotted black veil that

seemed to have been blown

backwards in the wind.



Designer Roberta Einer placed

colour at the very heart of her

AW18 collection (see previous

page, right-hand side). The styling

is flamboyant and incorporates a

powerful colour palette ranging

from hot pinks and oranges

through to stand-out violets and

reds. Added touches of colour are

added at every opportunity,

including fringes, trims, ear cuffs

and earrings. For the hair, Aveda

Global Director, Hair Styling, Bea

Watson, created 80’s inspired

everyday stylized glamour, working

with natural movement and curl

patterns. Extreme volume under

the bright lights of the runway

demands products that will

provide enough hold without

making the hair look overburdened

- the inevitable choices

were Aveda hero products Aveda

Be Curly Style Prep for enhanced

natural texture and defined curls,

whilst Aveda Air Control created a

light-weight but strong hold to

embrace natural movement.

“Roberta’s collection was inspired

by everyday glamour, so we wanted

to create an infusion of stylized

looks with a Hollywood after-party

feel,” explains Bea. “It’s a nod to the

natural curls and low braids of 80s

music, stage and screen.”



The Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2018

collection is inspired by the

designer's love of motorsports,

where speed and immediacy

combine with a touch of vintage

nostalgia. Drawn from the

traditional American automobile

culture, it is reinvented to fulfill the

Inspired by Tommy

Hilfiger's love of motor

sports, the hair for his

Spring 2018 Colleciton

was created by Eugene

Souleiman, Wella

Professionals Global

Creative Director & ghd


needs of today’s fast‐pace lifestyle.

The result is a fusion of American

heritage with modern athleticism.

to get a handle on the main colours

in the collection (see left), you'd

simply need to stand trackside at

any Formula 1 Grand Prix and

drink in the reds, blues and

chequered flags that surround you!

To complement the collection,

Wella Professionals Global Creative

Director & ghd Ambassador,

Eugene Souleiman, created a very

modern hairstyle that gives the

impression of being done in haste,

but still appears naturally styled. It’s

a beautiful look that encompasses

the Tommy lifestyle: young, fun

and free but with a bit of an edge,"

comments Eugene. "Moreover, it’s

Working backstage

on Pam Hogg’s

AW18 collection

was the International

Artistic Director at

TONI&GUY, Indira

Schauwecker and the

Session Team.

about having an idea and tailoring

the concept of the idea to suit the

individual and her natural

hairstyle, embracing their

individuality and making them feel

sexy.” Hero products in creating

the look included spritzing with a

light mist of EIMI Ocean Spritz to

add texture before restyling using

EIMI Sugar Lift.



Pam Hogg’s AW18 collection was,

without doubt, the 2018 show that

encapsulated the true spirit of

colour as an expression of style (see

above). Inspired by and in praise of

strong, powerful women full of

love, the collection is dedicated to

British Fashion stylist, accessories

& jewellry designer and punk

iconoclast, Judy Blame, who died

earlier this year. Pam Hogg found

inspiration in the multi-coloured,

multi-faceted world of the 1980s,

providing and bold, vivid glimpse

through a mesmerising

kaleidoscope of vibrant neons,

subtle pastels, and monochromes.

The fabric choice was almost

limitless in its contrast and

diversity. Varied textiles are every

designer's dream - especially when

you have everything from plaid,

PVC, tulle, jersey knit, satin and

metallic lycra at your disposal!

Working backstage on the show at

London Fashion Week was the

International Artistic Director at

TONI&GUY, Indira Schauwecker,

who was supported by the brand's

Session Team using the awardwinning

professional haircare

range, label.m. As with most of

Pam’s shows, the hair was all about

bringing the model’s character alive

whilst complimenting the

collection inspired by playful yet

mighty godesses. A keynote to the

look was the beautiful finish,

achieved by applying label.m

Fashion Edition Powder To Wax.





Our fifth and final 'colour' runway

report comes courtesy of the

inimitable and incredibly colourful

Katie Eary. Anyone who suspects

that she might have always been as

sensationally multichromatic as she

is now, will be left in no doubt

when they learn that her collection

for London Fashion Week Men's

SS18 (see below) takes its

inspiration from her own

experiences of going out on the

town as a teenager - something she

describes as her “streetwearobsessed

adolescence”! Green

and blue were the dominant

colours of choice, while Katie's

signature prints featuring beetles,

butterflies and dragonflies shone

out in all their spendour in shades

of neon emerald and sapphire.

Session stylist Martin Cullen

worked for Fudge Professional

Katie’s signature

beetles, butterflies

& dragonflies

shine out

to realise a challenging brief with

the hair reference taken from 90s

club kids exploring a contrast

between the lux and the rough.

For the men’s hair, Martin prepped

hair with Fudge Professional Salt

Salt, scrunching into the hair for

matte texture. He then tied braids

with coloured hair bands and

finished off with Light Hed-ed Oil

at roots for a sweaty, lived-in look.


To create the braids from Katie

Eary's 90s Club Kids Collection

just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Prep hair with Fudge

Professional Tri Blo from mid

lengths to ends and blow dry


2. Apply Fudge Professional

Skyscraper Extra all over hair and

part into tight bunches – secure

with a hair elastic;

3. Next add Fudge Professional

Paintbox coloured hair wefts to the

bunches and secure with black

rope. Rope braid hair

(incorporating existing hair) and

secure with hair tie;

4. Loop the braid and secure into

place with pins on top of the head

and repeat on the other side. To

cover the base of the pony, use rope

braid hair wefts and wrap around,

securing with pins.

5. Finish with Fudge Professional

Gloss to braids to make them super

shiny and tame any flyway's.

Fudge Professional for

Katie Eary at London

Fashion Week Men's SS18

Collections. Photography

Credit: Jason Lloyd Evans.

16 fashion





Hair: Darren Ambrose @ D&J Ambrose/Photo: Jenny Hands/Make-up: Mary Jane Frost/Styling: Jackie Ambrose

#highresolution. The hashtag that defines this season’s hair trends accentuates high-definition colour: hues have never been so

saturated, so vivid. The 3D effect is especially striking, replacing wintry composure with a whirlwind of high-energy shades.

#highresolution. L’hashtag che definisce la modacapelli di stagione mette l’accento sull’alta definizione del colore: le tonalità non

sono mai state così piene, così vivide. Un effetto 3D decisamente coinvolgente, che sostituisce la compostezza invernale con un

turbinio di sfumature ad alto tasso energetico. #highresolution. Der Hashtag, der die saisonale Haarmode definiert, legt den Fokus

auf High-Definition Farbe: die Töne waren noch nie so satt, so lebendig. Ein hinreißender 3D Effekt, der die winterliche Gelassenheit

mit einem hohen Maß an energiegeladenen Farben wegfegt. #highresolution. L’hashtag qui décrit la mode coiffure de la saison met

l’accent sur la haute définition de la couleur : les tonalités n’auront jamais aussi pleines, aussi vives. Un effet 3D vraiment entraînant,

qui remplace la perfection de l’hiver avec une turbine de nuances ultra énergétiques. #highresolution. El hashtag que define la

modacabello de temporada pone el acento en la alta definición del color: las tonalidades nunca han sido tan llenas, tan vívidas. Un

efecto 3D definitivamente adictivo, que sustituye la compostura invernal con un torbellino de matices con una alta tasa de energía.

Hair: Jake Unger @ HOB Salons

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Scarlett Burton

Styling: Ozzy Shah

Hair: Jonathan Andrew @ Jamie

Stevens Hair for Matrix

Photo: Jakub Koziel

Styling: Jamie Stevens

Products: Matrix

Hair: Laurent Decreton

for L’Oréal Professionnel

Colour: Patricia & Elodie

Photo: Giel Domen

Make-up: Magdalena Loza

Styling: Lieve Gerrits

Hair: Darren Ambrose

@ D&J Ambrose

Colour: Clayde Baumann

@ D&J Ambrose

Photo: Chris Bulezuik

Make-up: Mary Jane Frost

Styling: Jackie Ambrose





Artistic direction: Mauro Galzignato for Kemon/Hair: Pierre Baltieri, Antonio Candido, Davide Carlucci, Diego Comandulli, Elisa Franco, Riccardo Rogari for Kemon

Photo: Omar Macchiavelli/Styling: Ylenia Puglia/Clothing: Asso

Hair: Sevda Durukan for Joico

Photo: G+K

Make-up: Glam by M

Styling: Julia Mulder





Turning short hair into

something more contemporary

is a metallic nuance with a

flat finish. An all-over

sculptural, solid effect.

Hair: Jamie Furlan @ Xiang Hair

Colour: Danielle Solier @ Xiang Hair

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Julie Provis

Styling: Elaine Marshall

Hair: Mark Van Westerop

@ pro-solo for Wella Professionals,

ghd, Balmainhaircouture

Photo: Ivo de Kok

Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek

for Ellisfaas

Styling: Ed Noijons @ pro-solo

Hair: Karine Jackson

for Organic Colour Systems

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Belinda Zollo

Styling: Mel Nixon

Products: Organic Colour Systems



over-the-top creativity.

Long hair makes for

plenty of material

and space for innovative

colour interpretations:

electrically saturated

hues and surprising


Hair: Angelo Seminara

for Great Lengths

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Daniel Kolaric

Styling: Niccolò Torelli

Products: Davines

Hair: Petra Mechurova

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Ian Nguyen-Grealis

Hair: Lisa Farrall @ Wig London

for Fudge Professional

Photo: Luke Nugent

Make-up: Suhyn Kang

Styling: Acstudio

Products: Fudge Professional





Hair: Bert de Zeeuw & Creative Team

People Behind The Mirror

Photo: Ivo de Kok

Make-up: Lydia Thann

Styling: Annet Veerbeek

Products: Redken

Hair: Anthony Grant

@ Jamie Stevens Hair for Matrix

Photo: Jakub Koziel

Make-up: Marta Mucha

Styling: James Millagan

Products: Matrix

Hair and colour: Malisa Masci

@ Masci Hair & Spa

Photo: David Mannah

Make-up: Casey Gore

Styling: Courtney Humphreys

















Hair: Goldwell Color Zoom ’18

Creative Team

Photo: Markus Jans

Make-up: Loni Baur

Styling: Ingo Nahrwold


Lime green, lemon

yellow, geranium pink.

And blonde becomes

an “acid trip”

- even better if there

are rippling

beachy waves.




Creative Direction:

Christophe Durand for Montibello

Hair: Christophe Durand

and Montibello Creative Team

Photo: Jens Grundmann

Make-up: Egon Crivillers

Styling: Rosa Codina and Gema Font

Creative direction: Andrea Brasola,

David Vault Baker, Maurizio Velotti

for concept

Artistic direction: Maja Wiszniewska

Photo: Kamil Strudzinski

Make-up: Mary Cesardi

Styling: Lucas Morgon

Art Direction: Sacha Mascolo-

Tarbuck for Toni&Guy

Hair: Efi Davies for Toni&Guy

Colour: Jo O’neill

Photo: Jack Eames

Make-up: Lan Nguyen

Styling: Sara Dunn

Hair and products: Glynt

Hair and products: Wella Professionals





Hair: Robert Eaton

@ Russell Eaton

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Leila Ali

Products: Wella Professionals

Hair: Mark Leeson Art Team

Colour: Joseph l’Anson

& Lisa Graham

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Naoko Schintu

Styling: Bernard Connolly

Hair: Andrew Jose and Evelina Lundgren/Photo: Alex Barron-Hough/Make-up: Julia Wilson Fashion/Styling: Rhona Emma/Products: TIGI





Hair: Gandini Team

Photo: Paulo Renftle

Make-up: Alemka Krupic

Styling: Giuseppe Dicecca

Hair: JPMS Artistic Team

Photo: Todd Marshard

Make-up: Fiona Stiles

Styling: Emma Trask

Products: Paul Mitchell

Hair: Andrew Mulvenna

@ Andrew Mulvenna Salon

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Lan Grealis

Styling: Jared Green

Revlon Professional®

Sun Festival Collection

Artistic and Creative Direction:

Miquel García Cotado

Photo: Jonas Bresnan

Production: Magna Productions

Curls and updos go perfectly

well together. Free, rough,

with an unfinished look that

effortlessly become chic.

Or maybe strictly disciplined,

meticulously styled, to the

point of becoming a marking

on the face. In any case,

always with decisive and

saturated colours.

No compromises.

Riccioli e raccolto non sono

in contrasto. Liberi, ruvidi,

con un effetto rough che sa

diventare chic. Oppure


controllatissimi nello styling,

tanto da diventare segno

grafico sul viso. In ogni caso,

abbinati a colori decisi,

saturi, senza compromessi.

Locken und Zöpfe stehen

nicht in Konflikt. Frei,

texturiert, mit einem rough

Effekt werden sie chic oder

eben diszipliniert. Kontrolliert

im Styling avancierten sie zu

einem grafischen Merkmal.

In jedem Fall, kombiniert mit

kräftigen und vollen Farben,

ohne Kompromisse.

Le bouclé et les cheveux

relevés ne sont pas en

contraste. Libres, rugueux,

avec un effet brut qui sait

devenir chic. Ou bien super

disciplinés, hyper contrôlés

au niveau du coiffage, au

point de devenir un signe

graphique sur le visage.

Dans tous les cas, associés

à des couleurs décidées,

saturées, sans compromis.

Rizos y recogidos no están

en conflicto. Libres, ásperos,

con un efecto rough que

sabe ser chic. O bien,


controladisimos en el styling,

tanto que se convierten en

un signo gráfico en la cara.

En cualquier caso,

combinados con colores

atrevidos, saturados, sin


Artistic Direction: Tyker Ho

@ Ijio Studio

Colour: Kevin Hsu and

Queendou Wu

Hair: Joshua Liao, Clarke Lee,

Landy Lee, Queenle Lai

Photo: Naga Chang

Make-up: Our Leo

Styling: Xiao Bao

Concept: Mauro Santurro

Hair: Claudia Risa,

Mauro Santurro and Veronica

Scandorza @ Evoluzioni

parrucchieri Roma

Photo: Mario Caponi

Products: Davines





The updo has gone global.

With colours, braids,

and ethnic inspirations.

In a perfect daytime mix,

but also for an out-of-the-box

evening event.

Hair: Robert Eaton @ Russell Eaton

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Leila Ali

Products: Wella Professionals

Hair: Ken Picton Salon

Colour: Paul Dennison

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Kylie O’Toole

Styling: Elaine Marshall

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel

Hair and photo: Desmond Murray

Make-up: Jo Sugar

Styling: Bernard Connolly

Products: Matrix

















Hair: Guylaine Martel/Photo: Alain Comtois/Make-up: Anne Arnold/Styling: Marie Revelut





Hair: Modì for Davines

Hair: Darren Ambrose

@ D&J Ambrose

Colour: Clayde Baumann

@ D&J Ambrose

Photo: Chris Bulezuik

Make-up: Mary Jane Frost

Styling: Jackie Ambrose

Hair: Alexander Turnbull

Photo: Jack Eames

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Crazy Color

Photo: Tony Le-Britton

Make-up: PJ Maxwell





Hair: Essential Looks

by Schwarzkopf Professional


Because in this case

the colour doesn’t

fade, but does

the opposite.

It reveals itself by

emerging on the


Hair: Seung Ki Baek

Photo: David Sheldrick

















Hair: Lorem ipsum Doledar

Photo: Adlrem Ipumer

Make-up: Antera Dolupre

Styling: Alenaus Bauhaus

Hair: Sophie Gibson

@ Hooker & Young

Photo: Michael Young

Make-up: Kelly Covell

Styling: Jo Levy


Powder effect for

short trends. Saturated

but opaque colours

that grant a new

sense of body.

Hair and colour: Travis Bandiera @ Royals Hair Sydney/Photo: David Mannah/Make-up: Lauren Sina/Styling: Melissa Nixon





Hair: Mark Van Westerop

@ pro-solo for Wella Professionals,

ghd, Balmainhaircouture

Photo: Ivo de Kok

Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek

for Ellisfaas

Styling: Ed Noijons @ pro-solo

Hair & products:

L’Oréal Professionnel




Girlpower rocks!

Clean cuts, bold colours,

strong contrasts.

Feminine allure...

but no compromises.

Artistic Direction and make-up:

Antonio Musumeci for Rica

Rica Artistic Team: Semmy Mele

Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Styling: Cori Amenta


Artistic Direction:

Rodolphe Lombard & Fabrice Parra

for Kydra by Phyto

Photo: Anthony Arquier

Make-up: Cyril Laine





Best of

B ri t

The iciest of blondes

tempers the fire of high

summer. Cut it short - a

change in length can herald

a change in attitude!

Hair: Andrew Jose and

Evelina Lundgren

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough

Make-up: Julia Wilson Fashion

Styling: Rhona Emma

Products: TIGI Copyright Colour

and Catwalk



“Subtle pastels blend

with rich tones: red

hot meets cool blue”

66 vision

Best of

B ri t

A cascade through the ultraend

of the colour spectrum:

all the way from dusty violet

through to cool mint green.

Hair: Mark Leeson Art Team, Colour

- Joseph l’Anson & Lisa Graham

Photos: Richard Miles

Make-up: Naoko Schintu

Styling: Bernard Connolly

An expression of passion

for vivacious, intense

colour combined with

precision placement to

create expressive and

couture imagery.

Hair: Robert Eaton

Photos: Richard Miles

Make-up: Lucy Flower

Styling: Leila Ali

Products: Wella Professionals

68 vision

Best of

B ri t

“A bespoke

colour identity

creates this

unique defining




In spring and summer

colour aftercare

treatments are the

darling of the salon

retail zone. Here are

some of our favourites,

created specifically to

protect your clients'

colour between visits.

70 retail


he most satisfying

moment of any

colourist's day must be

to experience that

expression of delight

and sheer joy that

illuminates a client's

face when their beautiful hair

colour is revealed. It's in stark

contrast to that moment when,

after 6 - 8 weeks, that very same

client returns to the salon with

a look of abject disappointment

as a result of colour-fade, caused

primarily by using all the wrong

aftercare products. It must almost

feel like an act of pure sacrilege to

see that work of colour art

destroyed unnecessarily after such

a short period of time! Despite the

sensational claims written on the

label of many cheap, shop-bought

colour care products, the simple

fact of the matter is that many are

quite simply too harsh and

aggressive to maintain and protect

the beautiful, rich, bespoke shades

that are achieved during a

professional colour service. While

more and more salon clients are

becoming aware of the need for

colour aftercare, there is still much

work to be done in terms of the

type of products they should be

using - here the onus rests very

much on the shoulders of the salon

professional to ensure that there is

absolutely no room for

compromise. Not only will clients

be happier in the long term, but

as we all know salon retail is big

business - and nothing is more

lucrative or attractive as colour

aftercare! All salons stock a

professional colour range and all

professional product manufacturers

worth their salt market a colour

care range that can be retailed on

to clients. Here is a selection of just

a few of our favourites, with some

interesting testimonials from brand


X-presion for Fudge Professional

Fudge Professional

Treatment Time Machine

is such a cost effective,

intensive treatment, that

both strengthens and

repairs in just one sitting.

The product has a modern

approach, appealing to our

younger clientele. This crowd are

always experimenting with and

changing their colour tones, but

don’t always

consider the care

factor as much as our

older clientele.”

Natalie Allen, Harvey

Luke Salons

Fudge Professional

Treatment Time Machine is a

new system to reprogram the

hair’s inner and outer structure

for demi-permanent results. Delivered

instantly in-salon and

extended at home for continuous

protection for 10 weeks, it's

perfect for all hair types, and

those experiencing damage due

to colouring, styling, heat, or

simply stressors such as washing,

this treatment repairs breakages

to the internal structures of the

hair shaft and the surface cuticle

for stronger, softer, smoother and

more flexible hair.

“The Kerasilk Color range

is perfect for those who

frequently get their hair

coloured as it locks in this

colour for longer and key

ingredients Keratin and

Tamanu Oil interact with the

hair’s structure to keep it

brilliantly shiny at the same time.

It’s really important that coloured

hair get the gentle care it deserves

and this innovative

‘co-wash’ formulation

provides just that by

cleansing and

conditioning in just

one step.”

Lisa Whiteman, Goldwell Ambassador


The Kerasilk Color range

was formulated to fight

against fade and pro-long

colour vibrancy to help

maintain that perfectly

dazzling head of hair. The

range now includes a

Cleansing Conditioner.This

soon to be hair hero applies

the science of skincare to

haircare with gentle and

effective cleansing that will

ensure longer lasting colour

freshness. Coloured hair

needs gentle care and the

innovative ‘co-wash’

formulation cleanses and

cares in just one step.

It’s important for clients

to protect their colour

investment at home with

the right products

recommended by their

stylist. Kenra Platinum

Color Charge Treatment is

enriched with fade-fighting

technology to help ensure

vibrancy and the longevity of hair

colour for up to 50 shampoos.”

Leah Bellchambers, Kenra



Kenra Platinum Color

Charge Treatment boosts

moisture levels within the

hair to firmly seal colour

into the cuticle, reducing

cuticle irritation that can

cause colour molecules to

wash out. A combination of

pH levels reduces the

amount of time the hair

cuticle is open to minimise

colour washout. Ideal for all

hair types, it is paraben,

sulfate and sodium chloride


“Glam Color Advanced

responds to the two key client

needs: shiny, soft,

beautifully coloured or

natural hair with intensive

care. The vibrant reflexes

give every colour type extra

radiance and expressiveness. The

cool or warm Glam Color

Advanced shade that matches the

look and colour shade adds

radiance not only to

the hair, but also to

your eyes and


Sergej Herdt; Technical Director

Colour, La Biosthétique.

La Biosthetique

Glam Color Advanced is a

silk protein-based

conditioner that combines

colour refreshing and

intensive care. It is easy to

apply, and magically creates

gentle reflexes, a glamorous

shimmer of colour or a hint

of gloss in the hair in just

three to 10 minutes. With

new packaging and more

content, this is an absolute

essential for colour care

between hairdressing

appointments or for a quick

colour service refresh


The KMS Colorvitality

collection has been proven to

maintain colour up to three

times longer and provide

intense moisture to repair

any damage from colour

treatment. The addition of a UV

filter in this collection really helps

to protect hair from the fading

effects of sunlight, making it an

absolute essential especially in the

summer months

whether at home or



KMS Colorvitality Shampoo

and Conditioner is a colour

care combo which maintains

colour up to 3 times longer

than products which do not

contain the unique

Colorvitality procolor

shield. As well as sealing in

colour and conserving the

vibrancy of colour-treated

hair, they also help restore

radiance while adding

moisture to ensure beautiful

shine and finish.

Sam Burnett; KMS Global Style


Quinoa isn’t just a

superfood, it’s also super for

your hair! Featuring the

exclusive Quinoa Color

Repair Complex, Ultimate

Color Repair Triple Rescue

harnesses this ancient grain as a

great source of protein with a

very high amino acid content,

delivering powerful repair and

protection for

longer-lasting colour

up to 9 weeks.”

Laura Van Flute, Paul Mitchell

Artistic Team

Paul Mitchell

Ultimate Color Repair

Triple Rescue is a perfect

finish primer which helps

protect from heat styling,

maximize colour vibrancy

and add shine with the

colour-locking power of

quinoa. This dual-phase

spray protects against

excessive heat that can

damage colour-treated hair

and lead to dull, faded

strands. For best results, use

with Ultimate Color Repair

Shampoo and Conditioner.

At TIGI we believe in

working cut and colour in

synergy to create

customised looks for salon

clients and this philosophy

is at the heart of the brand.

With the launch of TIGI Copyright

Care hairdressers are able to give

a bespoke service, specially

created for each individual client

with a luxurious experience,

clients can continue

at home between

salon visits.”


Always use protection!

Never forget to use Beach

Bound Protection Spray for

Coloured Hair infused with

Grapefruit extract. Frizz

fighting and heat defending,

it has UV filters to leave hair

totally beach- ready, with

internal protein bonds to

fight against the natural

protection lost through

colouring and humidity,

making hair more resilient

and stronger.

Anthony Mascolo,

TIGI Founder & International

Creative Director

Fundamental colour theory

teaches that any pigment,

whether it be oxidative or

direct, will always adhere

to healthy hair with good

protein content. Wellaplex

technology is a great way of

building the protein back up in

the hair. The No 3 Hair Stabiliser

for home use will ensure that all

the Wellaplex technology that you

have put in during

the in salon service

will stay in the hair


Wella Professionals

New Wellaplex is the best

partner of Wella Professionals

colour products during

lightening and colour services

and is designed to work in

perfect synergy; furthermore, it

is the only product recommended

for use with Wella Professionals.

The collection consists of

three new products - two to be

used in-salon and the a third, a

Hair Stabilizer for use at home

and creted specifically to keep

the hair strong, smooth and

soft until the next Wellaplex


Clayde Bauman Wella

Professionals Ambassador.

Toni&Guy Futurewise Collection/Art Direction:

Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck/Photo: Jack Eames

“label.m’s Cool Blonde

Shampoo and Conditioner is

made up of botanicallyderived,


ingredients which hold

violet-intensifying pigments

to detox the hair and counter-act

that brassy tinge. The range will

have an immediate effect on the

actual tone of the hair, so only

use once a week to maintain

colour, or more

frequently to change

the shade.”

Jo O’Neill, International

Technical Education Director

on Cool Blonde.


Cool Blonde Shampoo

works to give a more

enlivened look of depth and

vibrant brilliance, with the

exclusive botanically-enriched

Violet Botanical

Complex for colour-assured

tonal correction that’s free

from Sulphates, Parabens

and Sodium Chloride.

Highly concentrated

colour-toning pigments

eliminate brassiness, whilst

unveiling a look of restored

and hydrated hair. Use

alternately with regular

shampoo or as desired to

amplify your shade.





lient safety is the

It’s a topic that’s


and their clients very seriously:

absolute priority in “Adverse side effects from the usage

every salon across the of haircare or haircolour products

been trending on

country - that goes are extremely rare - allergic

without saying. It’s reactions to haircolour are estimated

to affect 1-2% of all haircolour

therefore quite difficult

social media over the

to understand why users,” comments Phil Cheadle

there are still many salons that are TIGI General Manager (Western

past few weeks,

failing to perform an Allergy Alert Europe). “As part of our commitment

to the safety of our customers

Test (patch test) on new clients, or

thanks in part to the

clients which are switching from and their clients, we go to every

one colour product to another. length possible to ensure that salon

intervention of some of Clients that haven’t had an AAT for professionals have all the knowlege

over 12 months, are also deemed to they need of the correct procedures.

TIGI’s Colour Wise program-

be at risk of an allergic reaction.

our industry influencers.

While chemical burns are highly me is a multi-media training

unlikely when tried and tested module which not only teaches the

Here’s why...

professional colour products are precautions and recommendations

used in-salon by skilled professionals,

the effects of an allergic colourists the opportunity to ask

for safe colouring, but offers TIGI

rash or other skin reaction are not questions and allay any concerns

to be underestimated - in some rare they may have.

cases they can be severe. Reactions

can include anything from itchy BARRIE’S ONLINE

skin or scalp; swelling to the eyes, COLOUR CRUSADE!

face and body; blistering or skin For quite some time now, Leicestershire

salon owner, Barrie Stephen,

burning and sores. As is the case

with all professional product has been very active on both social

companies, TIGI taks it’s responsibility

for the safety of Hairdressers paigning for every salon in the

media and in the press cam-

TIGI’s Colour Wise programme is a

multi-media training module which

also offers TIGI colourists the

opportunity to ask questions and allay

any concerns they may have.

74 service

Casey Coleman is also

encouraging other

hairdressers to hold a

#PatchTestParty to help

clients to understand

the importance of

getting tested.

country to adopt a Colour Responsible

Policy. His petition on is on its way to reaching

its first 1,000 signatures and now

the industry is beginning to sit up

and take notice of his message:

“I started the campaign because I

was dismayed to learn that some

salons do not have a Colour

Responsible Policy that is publicly

available,” explains Barry. “The

general public are not aware of the

potential dangers that contact

allergies can present beyond a very

few high profile cases that hit the

headlines in the press every few

years. It is our job as industry

professionals to lead the way in

ensuring our working practices are

safe and that we are open and clear

to give our clients complete peace

of mind.” Barrie believes that being

a hair industry professional brings

with it a responsibility to take his

campaign outside of the salon:

“I chose to call the campaign ‘Don’t

Skip the #SkinTest’ as it is just as

important for people who use

home hair colour kits to be aware

of the importance of patch testing.”



Casey Coleman the founder of

CHAIRsalons, Cardiff ’s first-ever

gender-neutral salon. He is

passionate about the need to

encourage all clients the take a

patch test and throughout April

offered clients money-off services if

they went into his salon for a skin

test during the month. “Because

I’m just a few months into my own

business, I’m constantly trying to

think of ways to improve the

service we offer,” says Casey. “I’ve

always been a strong advocate for

skin testing and have always

refused to carry out a colour

service if the client is not willing

to have a patch test. It’s our

responsibility as hairdressers to

enforce this vital stage of the colour

process.” Casey is also encouraging

other hairdressers to hold a

#PatchTestParty to help clients to

understand the importance of

getting tested. Here are Casey’s five

tips on how to host your


• Check manufacturer’s instructions

to make sure that you follow

the appropriate guidelines for

the brand of colour you are using;

• Give your client the right

information on what to do if they

do get a reaction;

• Check if they have had any

henna or semi-permanent tattoos

recently. This is because the high

level of certain molecules in these

products could increase the risk of

a reaction;

• Get the word out there about

your #PatchTestParty - use social

media, send out texts, do whatever

you can to attract both regular

clients and encourage new clients;

• Have fun with it and make it

your own. Stand out from the

crowd and lead the way in your

local area.

The effects of an

allergic rash or

other skin

reaction must

definitely not be


Estetica eCommerce

is online

Just a simple click, even from your smartphone or tablet,

and you can have the magazine in your salon.

Subscriptions, albums, offers, and special package deals


For further info on subscriptions:

EDIZIONI ESAV SRL – Via Cavour, 50 – 10123 Torino (Italy)




After Bologna, Italy,

Cosmoprof prepares to open

in Mumbai, boosting their

international platform.

A brand new format

for the 51st edition of

Cosmoprof Worldwide

Bologna, with a floor

plan oriented towards

a business target.

Anew “tailor-made” format

for Cosmoprof Worldwide

Bologna 2018, with diversified

openings to meet the

needs of individual segments

and three different salons:

Perfumery & Cosmetics,

Cosmopack, and Cosmo

Hair&Nail&Beauty Salon.

And as the numbers indicate,

this news was a welcome change:

more than 250,000 fair visitors

with +11% foreigners, 2,822

exhibitors from 70 nations,

27 national collectives.

Some of the innovations presented

include the Cosmoprof Worldwide

Bologna Awards, Extraordinary

Gallery – The Green Selection,

and Green Prime. The public also

thronged to attractions like the

CosmoTalks, Tones of Beauty, and

Cosmopack Factory with Powderful.

This year there were six pavilions

dedicated to the hairdressing sector,

which saw crowd-drawing events

like the On Hair Collection - with

shows presented by the Class

Hair Academy, Schwarzkopf

Professional, Hair Company

Professional, MashUp Creative

Team, BH Salon Hairdressing and

Wella - as well as the young talents'

performances by Hair Ring and

the United Barbers Show. On the

stage of the Europauditorium

Theater, Roberto Pissimiglia,

editor of EsteticaNetwork,

also announced the winners of

two prestigious awards: the AIPP

Grand Trophy, presented to Mark

Leeson, and the Hair Products

Award, the Italian award dedicated

to the best professional hair

products as voted by hairdressers

themselves. Created by Estetica in

partnership with Cosmoprof, and

now in its second edition, the HPA

named six winners in the Awards

Category: Blade Art Air, Gamma

Più, Best Professional Equipment

2018; Keeping-Coloured Hair,

Previa Natural Haircare, Best

Green Product 2018; Eimi Mistify

Me, Wella Professional, Best

Styling Product 2018; System

Professional Line, Best Haircare

Product 2018; American Crew

Line, Best Men's Product 2018;

Nayo Color System, Kemon,

Best Color Product 2018.

Many also won Special Awards,

an innovation of the HPA 2018:

find more info at

and ...

The hairdressing sector recorded

a notable increase in international

presences, making it the star

attraction of this edition.





@Pure Pigments can be combined

with Goldwell’s colour brands -

Topchic, Colorance and Nectaya

- to create colour results that are

unimaginably vibrant and brilliant.

A unique colour layering process is

achieved when direct dyes brings

increased shine, a boost of colour

intensity and a higher resistance

to fading. In fact, by using @Pure

Pigments you are providing 63%

more shine on average compared

to regular colour, and boosting

the colour intensity of the colour

formula by up to three times,

giving twice as much resistance

to colour fading. The result?

Elumenated Hair Colour!



In addition to the never seen

before colour results, @Pure

Pigments also offers an infinite

world of colour creativity. Six

concentrated colours enable

unlimited options with regards to

formulations: Pure Yellow, Pure

Orange, Pure Red and Pure Violet

are used to create vivid tones and

effects. Whereas Pearl Blue and

Matte Green soften and counteract

unwanted tones. “With @Pure

Pigments we take hair colour

services to the next level”, adds

John Moroney, Kao Salon Global

Creative Director. “We can offer

Goldwell stylists an infinite world

of colour creativity which will not

only delight their clients but also

elevate their colour expertise and

upgrade the hair colour business.”



@Pure Pigments’ show-stopping

colour effects that change and

move with the light are such an

unprecedented colour innovation

that they open the door to the

introduction of three new service

options for Elumenated Hair


Colour Morphing: Add multiple

tones of @Pure Pigments to create

iridescent and holographic colour


Colour Boosting: Add tone

on tone colours to Topchic,

Colorance or Nectaya

formulations to create spectacular

intensity. Achieve show stopping

looks with vivid brilliance and

colour saturation.

Colour Washing: Create beautiful

pastel washes ranging from subtle

to intense. Illuminate lighter tones

with veils of soft colour.

The new patented

hair dyes form

gradient layers of


colours in the hair

resulting in a

unique play of

colour reflections

- a result similar to

looking at light

passing through a


Increased shine,

a boost of colour

intensity, and a

higher resistance

to fading: bring on

@Pure Pigments!

Estetica n. 2/2018

ad index



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Registration n. 435 of 7.4.49,

Turin Law Court. All rights


Reproduction in whole or in part

of texts or photography is

prohibited. Manuscripts,

photographs and art are selected

at the discretion of the publi sher

free of charge (advertising

exclu ded). Whether published or

not, no material will be returned

and remains the property of the

publishing house, which may

make use of it as seen fit. This may

include the withdrawal of

publication rights to other

publishing houses. Estetica

requires exclusive publication

rights in the hairdressing sector

for all photography submitted

which must not therefore be

offered for publication to other

magazines in the hairdressing

trade or industry.

Notice to subscribers (clause 13 of

Data Protection Act, bill196/03)

The personal data of subscribers

used in sending this publication is

saved also in computer databases

(without being processed in any

particular way); it will not be

divulged to third parties and will

be used only for the aforesaid

purpose. Subscribers may, at any

time, ask Edizioni Esav S.r.l.

(Via Cavour 50, 10123 Torino –

email: - tel. + 39

011 83921291) responsible for the

procedure, to check, add, update,

or alter the information, and/or

exercise their right of law

regarding the protection of

personal data (clause 7 of Data

Protection Act, bill 196/03).




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Internationale de la

Presse Professionnelle

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