2019 Tour Catalog - Allied Tour & Travel

Allied Tour & Travel is a travel agency located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Allied Tour & Travel offers group tours, bus tours, individual tours and more throughout the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

Allied Tour & Travel is a travel agency located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Allied Tour & Travel offers group tours, bus tours, individual tours and more throughout the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.


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<strong>2019</strong> TOUR CATALOG<br />

It's your life, go out and live it.<br />


"<br />

Rush of Excitement"<br />

Dear travel friends,<br />

Have you ever had a rush of excitement that suddenly makes you go<br />

“Wow, look at that!” Your heart pounds faster, your mind is spinning to<br />

comprehend, and you might even hold your breath.<br />

This happened to me recently when I visited the Rocky Mountain National<br />

Park in Colorado. My wife and I took the old Fall River Road, a winding,<br />

dirt packed one lane road to the top of the continental divide. Near the<br />

top we stopped to take in the beauty. I pulled out my binoculars and<br />

there it was-that rush of excitement.<br />

It was a herd of elk grazing on a steep-grass covered slope at 12,000<br />

feet. And I was excited. Not a typical sight in my normal day to day life.<br />

They were fascinating to watch.<br />

Discovering something new, something unexpected, or something in<br />

nature will do that to most people. And that is what we hope you’ll<br />

experience on an <strong>Allied</strong> tour.<br />

For <strong>2019</strong> we have ten new tours to make your heart beat faster. Rain<br />

forests in Costa Rica, the ocean waves pounding on the Oregon coast,<br />

or gliding down the romantic Rhine River on our river cruise will all move<br />

your spirit and inspire your soul.<br />

The <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong> Difference<br />

The Ultra Coach - The Ultra Ride!<br />

Only Available on <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

No more traveling while feeling cramped and squeezed in! We<br />

took out 4 rows of seats to provide extra leg room that will help<br />

you travel more relaxed and comfortable. Will you feel pampered?<br />

You bet!<br />

Take a look at these Ultra Coach features:<br />

•Extra leg room so you can stretch out<br />

•Galley with refrigerator and coffee maker<br />

•Electrical outlets for your electronic devices<br />

•Deluxe interior with comfortable seating<br />

•Wireless internet (when available)<br />

•2 Ultra Coaches in our fleet for more departures<br />

•A maximum of 40-42 travelers to feel less crowded<br />

Look for the “Ultra Coach” icon on the tour page<br />

that indicates you’ll be traveling on one of these<br />

exclusive coaches. It doesn’t get any better than<br />

our Ultra Coaches!<br />

Check out all of our <strong>2019</strong> tours in the pages that follow. See all the<br />

benefits of traveling with <strong>Allied</strong> on pages 2-3, like our Ultra Coach and<br />

Home Pickups. And don’t forget our Early Booking Savings you’ll get<br />

when you sign up early (see the insert in the middle of the catalog for<br />

amounts you can save)<br />

Make this the year you get a rush of excitement on an <strong>Allied</strong> tour.<br />

Hope to see you on the road in <strong>2019</strong>,<br />

Dave Busskohl<br />

President<br />

Dave Busskohl<br />

President<br />

Susan Busskohl<br />

Vice President<br />

Brent Kalemkiarian<br />

Vice President<br />

2<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009

Prestige <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

Our Prestige <strong>Tour</strong>s are simply the best!<br />

Here’s a sample of exclusive features:<br />

•Home Pick-up (in select cities)<br />

•Ultra Coach for pampered travel (on select<br />

departures)<br />

•”Stay the Night on Us” (pre-departure<br />

accommodations for FREE; conditions apply)<br />

•Free refreshments on board coach tours<br />

Meet our <strong>Tour</strong> Directors!<br />

Our professional team of tour directors will make sure your tour runs just<br />

right. Plus, they will help you get to know your fellow travel mates and<br />

make you feel like part of a traveling family. Their service will enhance<br />

your vacation because they love what they do. For cruises and selected<br />

tours, a tour director is confirmed for 16 or more travelers.<br />

Classic <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

Classic <strong>Tour</strong>s offer the same great quality as our<br />

Prestige <strong>Tour</strong>s but with a lower rate. Home Pickups<br />

and Stay the Night on Us are not available<br />

on Classic <strong>Tour</strong>s. The Ultra Coach is utilized on<br />

select Classic <strong>Tour</strong>s.<br />

Diane<br />

Roecker<br />

DeEtta<br />

Mayrose<br />

Frankie<br />

Tiarks<br />

“Stay the Night on Us”<br />

Live Far Away?<br />

Stay the night prior to the trip’s departure at our selected<br />

departure - point hotels - FREE!<br />

To Qualify (must meet all the requirements):<br />

•Live over 60 miles from your nearest pick-up point<br />

•The tour departs before 7a.m. from that departure location<br />

•Selected tour must be one of our Prestige <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> must be 5 days or more<br />

Eileen<br />

Toussaint<br />

Elaine<br />

DeJong<br />

Roxie<br />

Mulder<br />

Start the tour relaxed; park your car for free while away.<br />

Personally Selected Hotels<br />

Judy<br />

Brockmeier<br />

Verla<br />

Youngquist<br />

Loretta<br />

Mills<br />

You don’t have to search the internet and waste time looking for<br />

a good hotel. We’ve got them personally selected for you. Our<br />

hotels are selected for quality, location, service, and to be quiet.<br />

We know that a key component of any tour is the accommodations.<br />

Almost all the hotels we use are 3 or 4-diamond rated, so you<br />

can be assured of a great place to stay every night. By the way,<br />

we aren’t afraid to publish our hotels. You will find them listed on<br />

each tour page. Take a look to the right for just a couple of the<br />

many quality hotels we use in our tours.<br />

Darlene<br />

Wees<br />

Vonis<br />

Schroeder<br />

"I feel like our tour director was the primary reason this tour was so<br />

great - 40+ women in a bus could have been "wild."<br />

– Kathy F. Morrison, CO<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />


Vacations by Region<br />


6 Hawaiian Islands Cruise<br />

7 Panama Canal Adventure<br />

8 Alaska Cruise & <strong>Tour</strong><br />

48 Romantic Rhine Cruise NEW<br />


9 California Zephyr Adventure<br />

10 Amtrak City of New Orleans Adventure NEW<br />

11 WEST/SW/NW<br />

9 California Zephyr Adventure<br />

11 Colorado Rails & Aspen Trails<br />

12 Sunny Southwest Adventures<br />

13 Pacific Northwest Grandeur<br />

14 Spectacular Alaska NEW<br />

15 Oregon Coast & Northern California NEW<br />

16 Black Hills Buffalo Roundup NEW<br />

17 Canyonlands & National Parks<br />

18 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta<br />

19 MIDWEST<br />

19 Pella Tulip Festival<br />

19 Mystery <strong>Tour</strong> NEW<br />

20 Mackinac Island Lilacs<br />

21 Route 66 in Illinois NEW<br />

22 Minnesota Pathways NEW<br />

23 Ladies Only - Quilts, Gardens & Amish Delights NEW<br />

24 Mackinac Island & Door County<br />

25 Mississippi River Cruise & Cranberry Country<br />

25 Branson U.S.A.<br />

26 SOUTH/SE<br />

10 Amtrak City of New Orleans Adventure NEW<br />

26 Texas Coastal Winter Escape<br />

27 Florida Sun Winter Getaway<br />

28 Savannah & Charleston<br />

29 New Orleans & the Deep South<br />

30 Love & War in Texas<br />

31 Ladies Only Getaway<br />

32 Kentucky Pathways & Treasures<br />

33 Spring Fling in the Ozarks NEW<br />

34 North Carolina & Coastal Islands NEW<br />

35 Georgia on My Mind NEW<br />

36 Smoky Mountains-Music, Majesty & Praise<br />

37 EAST/NE<br />

37 Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossoms<br />

38 New York City Broadway & Baseball<br />

39 Washington, D.C. & the Historic East<br />

40-41 New England Autumn<br />

42 Let Freedom Ring NEW<br />

43 Thanksgiving in New York City NEW<br />

44 CANADA<br />

44 Canadian Rockies<br />

45 Niagara Falls & Toronto<br />

46-47 Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island NEW<br />


48 Costa Rica NEW<br />

48 Oberammergau & The Passion Play NEW<br />

Vacations by Date<br />


7-17 Texas Coastal Winter Escape .................................................... 26<br />

15-27 Sunny Southwest Adventures.......................................................12<br />

15-23 Hawaiian Islands Cruise................................................................6<br />

20-27 Costa Rica NEW......................................................................... 48<br />

22-3/3 Florida Sun Winter Getaway..................................................... 27<br />

MARCH<br />

9-20 Panama Canal Adventure.............................................................7<br />

15-24 Savannah & Charleston.............................................................. 28<br />

APRIL<br />

3-7 Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossoms........................................... 37<br />

5-14 New Orleans & the Deep South................................................ 29<br />

22-30 Love & War in Texas.................................................................... 30<br />

MAY<br />

1-3 Pella Tulip Festival.........................................................................19<br />

1-5 Spring Fling in the Ozarks NEW............................................... 33<br />

6-11 Ladies Only Getaway..................................................................31<br />

JUNE<br />

3-8 Mystery <strong>Tour</strong> NEW......................................................................19<br />

8-15 Mackinac Island Lilacs................................................................ 20<br />

10-14 Route 66 in Illinois NEW.............................................................21<br />

13-21 Minnesota Pathways NEW........................................................ 22<br />

17-23 Kentucky Pathways & Treasures................................................. 32<br />

22-7/2 Canadian Rockies....................................................................... 44<br />

24-30 California Zephyr Adventure.........................................................9<br />

JULY<br />

8-20 Pacific Northwest Grandeur........................................................13<br />

15-27 Alaska Cruise & <strong>Tour</strong>......................................................................8<br />

29-8/2 New York City Broadway & Baseball....................................... 38<br />

AUGUST<br />

2-15 Oregon Coast & Northern California NEW.............................15<br />

5-9 Ladies Only - Quilts, Gardens & Amish Delights NEW........... 23<br />

16-23 Niagara Falls & Toronto.............................................................. 45<br />

17-26 Spectacular Alaska NEW...........................................................14<br />


4-13 Canyonlands & National Parks...................................................17<br />

4-19 Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island NEW.......................46-47<br />

6-12 California Zephyr Adventure.........................................................9<br />

14-20 North Carolina & Coastal Islands NEW.................................. 34<br />

14-22 Mackinac Island & Door County................................................... 24<br />

20-30 Romantic Rhine Cruise NEW..................................................... 48<br />

25-29 Black Hills Buffalo Roundup NEW.............................................16<br />

22-10/3 New England Autumn #1..................................................... 40-41<br />

25-10/6 New England Autumn #2..................................................... 40-41<br />

30-10/6 Colorado Rails & Aspen Trails..................................................... 11<br />

30-10/7 Georgia on My Mind NEW...................................................... 35<br />


1-4 Mississippi River Cruise & Cranberry Country............................ 25<br />

5-12 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta........................................................18<br />

8-19 Washington, D.C. & the Historic East......................................... 39<br />

10-13 Branson U.S.A ............................................................................ 25<br />

17-24 Let Freedom Ring NEW.............................................................. 42<br />

18-27 Smoky Mountains-Music, Majesty & Praise............................. 36<br />

19-24 Amtrak City of New Orleans Adventure NEW........................ 10<br />

21-30 Smoky Mountains-Music, Majesty & Praise #2....................... 36<br />


25-29 Thanksgiving in New York City NEW........................................ 43<br />

2020<br />

8/18-27 Oberammergau & The Passion Play NEW............................... 48<br />

4<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009

The <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong> Experience<br />

Rocky mountains, coastal waterways, forested hillsides, and Spanish<br />

moss- you’ll see this and many other unforgettable sights on an <strong>Allied</strong><br />

tour. Have you smelled azaleas in the spring, or mountain pine trees<br />

recently? When was the last time you took a cooking class? Never<br />

been on a helicopter? How about rafting down a river? These are just<br />

some of the invigorating experiences you’ll have with <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s.<br />

Free Time and Food<br />

Our <strong>Travel</strong>ers Say it Best!<br />

Ladies Only Getaway<br />

"I have never been on a bus tour<br />

and really enjoyed this trip with<br />

my mom and three of her very<br />

dear high school friends. Our<br />

driver and tour director were<br />

amazing!"<br />

– Jen S., Gering, NE<br />

Do you like to have some time to explore on your own? Many tours<br />

include free time to check out some quaint local shops, stroll to some<br />

scenic outlooks, or have coffee and snacks with the locals. On some<br />

tours you’ll enjoy ‘Optional’ excursions where you will be able to<br />

choose from two or more attractions or activities to suit your interests.<br />

"It’s just more fun this way!”<br />

"This was my first bus tour of this<br />

type - and won't be my last. Loved<br />

getting dropped off & picked up at<br />

the door!"<br />

– Lynda W., Charter Oak, IA<br />

MagnoliaMarket.com<br />

Let’s talk about food. Half the fun of taking a tour, let’s face it, is eating.<br />

At <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s we search out local restaurants when lunch or dinner is<br />

included in the tour. We want you to taste your way through your tour<br />

as well as experiencing interesting attractions. You will have more fun<br />

discovering the food of the “locals” on an <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>.<br />

Step-on-Guides Make <strong>Travel</strong> Interesting<br />

<strong>Allied</strong> taps the expertise of local step-on guides on most tours! These<br />

guides bring a wealth of knowledge and insight into the local area<br />

and enhance your travel experience. You will hear the stories and<br />

history that make the area you are visiting come alive. We even take<br />

care of the guide gratuity for you!<br />

Meticulously Time Itineraries<br />

An important aspect of group travel is the timing of each day’s<br />

activities. At <strong>Allied</strong> we take time to make sure your tour runs like clockwork.<br />

Early morning check-outs or late check-ins are a rarity. Also, we<br />

allow enough time at the attractions for you to feel like you have seen<br />

what you want to see. Timing is one of those things that you don’t know<br />

you’ve missed until it is missing. Experience an <strong>Allied</strong> tour and you’ll<br />

see the difference what good timing makes!<br />

Florida Winter Getaway<br />

New Orleans & the Deep South<br />

"Well planned. Info provided made<br />

it easy to venture on own in New<br />

Orleans. Love the organization<br />

and wide variety. I love the step-on<br />

guides – they give local info and<br />

make the tour memorable. Stepon<br />

guides set <strong>Allied</strong> apart from<br />

other tours I have been on. The<br />

Ultra Coach is worth paying more,<br />

especially on longer tours. "<br />

– Linda H., Blair, NE<br />

"This was our 5th tour with<br />

<strong>Allied</strong>. We are looking<br />

forward to many more. They<br />

just keep getting better &<br />

better. We had a great time."<br />

– Larry & Mary W.,<br />

Lincoln, NE<br />

Live and Online <strong>Travel</strong> Shows<br />

An <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong> Exclusive!<br />

We have two ways you can experience travel the <strong>Allied</strong> way; live and<br />

in person travel shows and our online webinars. Each is personally<br />

narrated by <strong>Allied</strong> staff and provides in-depth information and<br />

beautiful images on the many tours available. The best part is that both<br />

are FREE. To receive an invitation by email for either the live or online<br />

show, email your email address to: <strong>Allied</strong>@<strong>Allied</strong>TT.com.<br />

We would love to meet you in person or online.<br />

Canyonlands & National Parks<br />

canyonlandsbynight.com<br />

"The entire trip<br />

exceeded my<br />

expectations! We had<br />

adequate time in each<br />

National Park. We<br />

loved Zion! I didn't<br />

feel rushed. Our tour<br />

director was great<br />

about providing water<br />

& snacks."<br />

– Connie B.,<br />

Des Moines, IA<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



10<br />

DAYS<br />

Feb. 15 –23,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


•Pre-trip overnight in Omaha<br />

•Overnight stay in Honolulu<br />

•Two days in Maui<br />

•Hilo<br />

•Kona<br />

•Two days in Kauai<br />

•Hawaiian Luau in Kauai<br />

•Pearl Harbor/Honolulu Highlights<br />

•20 Meals: 7 Breakfasts (B);<br />

6 Lunches (L); 7 Dinners (D)<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director (with minimum of<br />

16 passengers)<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$3,899 Inside, Category IA,<br />

per person (dbl)<br />

$4,625 Balcony, Category BA,<br />

per person (dbl)<br />

*Ask about single category rates.<br />

*Departures from Omaha airport<br />

can deduct $120 per person.<br />


leisure<br />

2<br />

active<br />

Aboard NCL’s Pride of America<br />

Say “aloha” to a wonderful vacation in Hawaii. Visit<br />

four islands in seven days, including overnight stays in<br />

Maui and Kauai, which means you are on an island<br />

each & every day of your cruise. The Pride of America<br />

will welcome you aboard with a casual “island” vibe<br />

that reflects the laid-back Hawaiian culture. Formal<br />

night on the Pride of America means a Hawaiian shirt<br />

or sundress. And NCL’s “freestyle” cruising means<br />

there are no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating.<br />

Feb. 14, <strong>2019</strong>: Pre-departure package is included in<br />

the tour rate. This includes shuttles and pre-departure<br />

overnight accommodations in Omaha.<br />

DAY 1 | Oahu<br />

Rise and shine for our early morning transfer to the<br />

airport for our flight to Honolulu on the island of Oahu,<br />

one of the single most dreamed of vacation spots in the<br />

world! Tonight we will stay on Waikiki Beach.<br />

DAY 2 | Oahu (D)<br />

Enjoy a relaxing morning in Honolulu. Take a morning<br />

swim, walk along Waikiki Beach or visit the local shops.<br />

This afternoon we will board the Pride of America for<br />

our Hawaii cruise.<br />

DAY 3 & 4 | Maui (B, L, D)<br />

After a restful night on board, it’s time to enjoy the<br />

beautiful island of Maui. You’ll have lots of optional<br />

shore excursions to choose from for your next two days<br />

of touring. Mt. Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant<br />

volcano and a must-see natural wonder. Picturesque<br />

Lahaina has a colorful history and great shopping. The<br />

Sacred ‘Iao Valley is lush with waterfalls. Ka’anapali<br />

Beach offers amazing snorkeling off Black Rock. Let<br />

a professional drive you along the stunning 50-mile<br />

road to Hana.<br />

DAY 5 | Hilo (B, L, D)<br />

From the awesome power of lava-spewing Kilauea to<br />

the serenity of tropical Hilo, to the upbeat warmth of<br />

Kona, the big island has many optional tours to offer.<br />

Hilo is on the lush tropical side of the island. The arid<br />

beauty of Kilauea Volcano is just 60 minutes away.<br />

Pick from several optional tours such as volcano tours,<br />

enjoy horseback riding or sport fishing.<br />

DAY 6 | Kona (B, L, D)<br />

We travel around to the other side of the Big Island to<br />

visit Kona. Learn the history of the famous Kona coffee<br />

bean at the Uchida Coffee Farm. Explore Hawaii’s<br />

cultural past on the Historic Kailua Village Walking<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> or experience Kona Coast snorkeling or SCUBA<br />

diving in hidden sea caves and giant lava tubes. The<br />

Big Island of Hawaii has a kaleidoscope of choices —<br />

discover your favorites. Tonight you will get to watch<br />

another stunning sunset from the ship.<br />

DAY 7 & 8 | Kauai (B, L, D)<br />

The next two days you will be on the Garden Isle with<br />

lush vegetation, flowers, birds, and wildlife. Kauai is<br />

home to the wettest spot on earth—Mt Wai’ale’ale<br />

averages 485 inches per year—and as a result is as<br />

lush and verdant as any paradise imaginable. Choose<br />

from optional tours such as touring stunning Waimea<br />

Canyon, visit the romantic Fern Grotto, or ziplining<br />

or kayaking. Our <strong>Allied</strong> travelers will gather for a<br />

Hawaiian Luau with dinner on Day 7.<br />

DAY 9 | Honolulu (B)<br />

We return to Oahu this morning after a wonderful<br />

week of cruising the Hawaiian Islands. We’ve included<br />

a tour to Pearl Harbor, the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial<br />

(if available) and Honolulu city highlights today. We<br />

board the plane this evening for our overnight flight to<br />

Omaha.<br />

DAY 10 | Arrive home (February 24, <strong>2019</strong>)<br />

Please note: U.S. Government issued ID such as a<br />

driver’s license or passport required. Shore excursions<br />

in port at additional cost.<br />

6<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


12<br />

DAYS<br />

March 9-20, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Image courtesy of Panama Canal - Panama<br />

Island Princess Special Edition<br />

Aboard the Island Princess<br />

In 1967, Princess was the first cruise line to sail the<br />

Panama Canal, and today, they are the #1 cruise line<br />

sailing to this incredible destination. Enjoy a warm,<br />

winter vacation sailing in the Caribbean and spending a<br />

full day on the Panama Canal—one of history’s greatest<br />

engineering marvels. We’ll enter on the east thru Gatun<br />

Locks, continue into Gatun Lake, before turning around<br />

for a stop at Colon, Panama. While in Gatun Lake, you<br />

will have the option of an excursion that continues thru<br />

the Canal to the Pacific Coast, thus seeing all of the<br />

Panama Canal!<br />

DAY 1| Omaha/Ft. Lauderdale<br />

Our winter escape begins with transfers to Omaha and<br />

flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Overnight Ft. Lauderdale, FL<br />

DAY 2 | Ft. Lauderdale/Board Ship (B, D)<br />

Experience the “Venice of America” on a Harbor <strong>Tour</strong><br />

on the Carrie B tour boat. See yachts and homes of the<br />

rich and famous, discover the history of Ft. Lauderdale<br />

and learn all about Port Everglades. Board the Island<br />

Princess.<br />

DAY 3 | At Sea (B, L, D)<br />

Enjoy the activities, entertainment, shops, dining and<br />

more onboard the Island Princess! You will want to make<br />

sure you have your optional shore excursions booked<br />

for our upcoming ports of call. (Shore excursions at<br />

additional cost.)<br />

DAY 4 | Jamaica (B, L, D)<br />

Dock in Falmouth, Jamaica this morning. Excursions<br />

are available to Jamaica’s famous Dunn’s River Falls,<br />

the lush tropical Coyaba Gardens or the historical<br />

Jamaican Estates. For the more adventurous, enjoy the<br />

Sky Explorer Chairlift, River rafting on the Martha Brae<br />

River, or enjoy the Dolphin Encounter.<br />

DAY 5 | At Sea (B, L, D)<br />

Enjoy a day at sea to relax or enjoy the activities on<br />

board such as dance lessons, culinary demonstrations,<br />

the casino, wine tasting classes. . . or maybe you’d like<br />

a treatment at the spa.<br />

DAY 6 | Cartagena, Columbia (B, L, D)<br />

The port area of Cartagena and its nearby fortifications<br />

are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was the transit<br />

port for all the wealth that Spain derived from South<br />

America. There are many optional excursions including<br />

tours of the beautiful “Old City,” Castillo de San Felipe<br />

de Barajas fortress, the Cartagena Cathedral, and more.<br />

DAY 7 | Panama Canal Transit/Colon, Panama (B, L,<br />

D)<br />

Today enter the impressive Panama Canal thru the<br />

Gatun Locks on the east side of the Canal. Learn about<br />

the operation of the locks thru narration on board. You’ll<br />

have the option to get off in the middle of the canal<br />

for optional tours such as a tram thru the rainforests of<br />

Panama, enjoy a ride on the Panama Canal Train, or<br />

continue thru the canal to see the Pacific side of the<br />

Canal (including the Miraflores Locks) on a boat cruise<br />

& motor coach tour.<br />

DAY 8 | Limon, Costa Rica (B, L, D)<br />

This eastern Costa Rican port boast of pristine beaches,<br />

sprawling banana plantations, and dense rainforests.<br />

Adventure is everywhere. You can visit the rainforest<br />

by soaring through the air on a canopy zip line, taking<br />

a ride through the jungle in a canoe, or riding a tram<br />

through the treetops. Or visit a banana, coffee &<br />

sugar cane plantation. Or, how about a visit to a Sloth<br />

Sanctuary?<br />

DAY 9 | At Sea (B, L, D)<br />

The ships staff will have lots of fun things planned for<br />

your day. Your daily newsletter will have all the options<br />

listed!<br />

DAY 10 | Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (B, L, D)<br />

This Caribbean Island is rich in natural beauty. <strong>Tour</strong> the<br />

world famous Cayman Turtle Farm, head underwater<br />

in the Atlantis Submarine, or take a boat to the North<br />

Sound sandbar and swim with the Stingray. For a<br />

relaxing day, visit Seven Mile Beach or stroll the streets<br />

of George Town for some shopping. (Tender Required/<br />

Wheelchair Access Limited.)<br />

DAY 11 | At Sea (B, L, D)<br />

Enjoy one last day of great food, fellowship & fun!<br />

DAY 12 | Ft. Lauderdale/Flight Home (B)<br />

It’s time to disembark for our return flight to Omaha after<br />

a wonderful winter escape.<br />

Please note: Passport Required.<br />

Shore excursions in port are at additional cost.<br />


•Pre-cruise overnight stay in Ft.<br />

Lauderdale<br />

•Ft. Lauderdale Harbor &<br />

Waterways Cruise<br />

•Falmouth, Jamaica<br />

•Cartagena, Columbia<br />

•Panama Canal (partial transit with<br />

option for full transit)<br />

•Limon, Costa Rica<br />

•Grand Cayman, Cayman Island<br />

•30 Meals: 11 Breakfasts (B);<br />

9 Lunches (L); 10 Dinners (D)<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director (with minimum of<br />

16 passengers)<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$3,498 Inside IB, per person (dbl)<br />

$3,839 Ocean View OE,<br />

per person (dbl)<br />

$4,179 Balcony BC, per person<br />

Mini-suites, single or triple rates are<br />

available upon request. Rates to<br />

fly from Des Moines and other U.S.<br />

cities are available upon request.<br />


leisure<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



13<br />

DAYS<br />

July 15 –<br />

July 27, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Two nights in Fairbanks<br />

•Sternwheeler Riverboat Cruise<br />

•Gold Dredge #8<br />

•One night at Princess Denali Lodge<br />

•Denali Park Natural History <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•One night at Mt McKinley<br />

Princess Lodge<br />

•Alaska Wildlife Conservation<br />

Center<br />

•Seven night southbound cruise<br />

•Glacier Bay Scenic Cruise<br />

•Skagway<br />

•Juneau<br />

•Ketchikan<br />

•20 Meals: 7 Breakfasts (B);<br />

6 Lunches (L); 7 Dinners (D)<br />


•Fairbanks, AK (2) – Princess Hotel<br />

TBA<br />

•Denali, AK – Denali Princess Lodge<br />

•Talkeetna, AK —Mt. McKinley<br />

Princess Lodge<br />

•Anchorage, AK —Hotel Captain<br />

Cook<br />



Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />

RATES<br />

$4,369 Inside, Category ID,<br />

per person (dbl)<br />

$5,325 Oceanview, Category<br />

OC, per person (dbl)<br />

$5,599 Balcony, Category BC,<br />

per person (dbl)<br />

Single or triple rates are available<br />

upon request.<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

DeEtta Mayrose<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Featuring Denali National Park & the Inside Passage<br />

Explore Alaska by land and sea! Enjoy a five-night<br />

land tour followed by a seven night southbound cruise<br />

with Princess Cruises.<br />

DAY 1| <strong>Travel</strong> to Fairbanks, Alaska<br />

Transfer from <strong>Allied</strong> departure cities to Omaha for our<br />

flight to Fairbanks. Overnight (2) Fairbanks, AK<br />

DAY 2 | Sternwheeler Cruise/Gold Dredge #8<br />

A cruise on an authentic Sternwheeler Riverboat takes<br />

us along the Chena River where we learn about sled<br />

dog racing, salmon fishing, and various native customs<br />

at a recreated Athabascan Village. You’ll also enjoy a<br />

tour to Gold Dredge #8 where you can try panning<br />

for gold. Enjoy a free evening.<br />

DAY 3 | Fairbanks/Denali National Park<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> by motor coach takes you on a scenic journey to<br />

the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. This afternoon,<br />

a Natural History <strong>Tour</strong> serves as a wonderful<br />

introduction to the animals, plants and geological<br />

features found there. Overnight Denali, AK<br />

DAY 4 | Denali/Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge<br />

Our morning in Denali gives us time for optional tours<br />

such as Helicopter <strong>Tour</strong>s, ATV Excursion, Whitewater<br />

Rafting and more. Then travel by coach to the south side<br />

of the park for an overnight stay at the Mt. McKinley<br />

Princess Wilderness Lodge. Take in the sensational<br />

views with a glass of wine in the Great Room, hear<br />

stories about climbing Denali in the Hudson Theater or<br />

roast a marshmallow at the fireside patio. Overnight<br />

Mt. McKinley Wilderness Lodge (Talkeetna), AK<br />

DAY 5 | Rail Talkeetna to Anchorage<br />

Enjoy another leisurely morning at the base of “The<br />

Great One” or enjoy the lodge’s treehouse, designed<br />

and built by Pete Nelson of Animal Planet’s Treehouse<br />

Masters. Later this afternoon, transfer to Talkeetna for<br />

your Princess Rail journey to Anchorage. Onboard rail<br />

guides provide expert commentary and point out sites<br />

along the way. Overnight Anchorage, AK<br />

DAY 6 | Alaska Wildlife Center/Embark Ship (D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> to Whittier with a stop at the Alaska Wildlife<br />

Conservation Center. The center is dedicated to<br />

preserving Alaska’s wildlife and is a refuge for injured<br />

and orphaned animals such as moose, bear, bison,<br />

lynx, eagles and more. Board the beautiful Golden<br />

Princess. Overnight (7) Golden Princess<br />

DAY 7 | Hubbard Glacier Scenic Cruising (B, L, D)<br />

Enjoy the day exploring the ship and enjoying the<br />

scenery along the face of Alaska’s largest tidewater<br />

glacier, Hubbard Glacier. Princess features their<br />

“North to Alaska” Program. Taste Alaska’s seafood,<br />

hear its stories, learn about its culture and meet its<br />

fascinating people with this exciting program.<br />

DAY 8 | Glacier Bay Scenic Cruising (B, L, D)<br />

Cruise the ice-studded fjords of Glacier Bay National<br />

Park for a full day as a U.S. Park Service Ranger<br />

narrates. It’s a great day to be out and about on<br />

ship as you watch and listen for the infamous “white<br />

thunder” of the glaciers calving.<br />

DAY 9 | Skagway (B, L, D)<br />

Colorful Skagway is a window into Alaska’s Gold<br />

Rush history. From Skagway, fortune seekers could<br />

find the shortest route to the Klondike, but it wasn’t the<br />

easiest. Take the optional White Pass Railroad which<br />

takes you to the summit at nearly 3,000 feet.<br />

DAY 10 | Juneau (B, L, D)<br />

The state’s capital city offers much to be discovered.<br />

Options include excursions to Mendenhall Glacier,<br />

salmon fishing, or take a biking, hiking, canoeing or<br />

kayaking tour.<br />

DAY 11 | Ketchikan (B, L, D)<br />

Ketchikan is located in a rain forest! <strong>Tour</strong> options<br />

include visits to Misty Fjords National Monument, the<br />

Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary, or a whale watching<br />

cruise. (Wheelchair access limited.)<br />

DAY 12 | Inside Passage Scenic Cruising (B, L, D)<br />

It’s our last day of scenic cruising and one last day to<br />

enjoy the pampering and service of our Princess staff.<br />

DAY 13 | Vancouver/Omaha/Home (B)<br />

Arrival in Vancouver early morning for return flight home.<br />

Please note: Passport Required.<br />

Shore excursions in port are at additional cost.<br />

8<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


7<br />

DAYS<br />

7<br />

DAYS<br />

June 24-30, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Sept. 6-12, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1| Transfer to Omaha Amtrak Station/Board<br />

Amtrak<br />

Board Amtrak later this evening to begin a nostalgic<br />

journey on the California Zephyr. Sleep in your own<br />

private cabin as you make your way across Nebraska<br />

and eastern Colorado. Overnight (2) Amtrak<br />

DAY 2 | Amtrak Through the Rockies (B, L, D)<br />

It’s daylight when you arrive in Denver. Wake up to<br />

enjoy breakfast on the train in the diner. Then, sit back<br />

and relax as the incredible scenery of the Rockies<br />

passes by your large viewing window. You’ll enjoy<br />

breakfast, lunch and dinner in the diner during this<br />

incredible journey.<br />

DAY 3 | Virginia City/Carson City/Lake Tahoe<br />

Dinner Cruise (B, D)<br />

This morning enjoy your last meal on the train before<br />

arriving in Reno. Depending on the train schedule<br />

and time of arrival, your sightseeing this morning will<br />

include historic Virginia City where your local guide<br />

will provide the history, geology and characters that<br />

made up this gold rush boom town. Take a brief tour<br />

of Carson City, Nevada’s capital, where you’ll see<br />

the Governor’s Mansion, the Legislative buildings,<br />

Capitol Mall, and more. Head to South Lake Tahoe,<br />

everyone’s favorite, where you’ll enjoy some “R&R”<br />

at your beautiful hotel. Transfer to Zephyr Cove where<br />

you’ll board the MS Dixie II paddle wheeler for a<br />

dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe. An elegant dinner is<br />

served as you cruise the pristine water said to be 99%<br />

pure. Overnight South Lake Tahoe, CA<br />

DAY 4 | Napa Valley <strong>Tour</strong>/San Francisco (B, L)<br />

Today, tour famous Napa Valley with its rolling hills<br />

and picturesque vineyards that dot the countryside.<br />

Your local guide will provide a narrative as to the<br />

importance of the soil and weather conditions that<br />

make Napa Valley wines so famous around the world.<br />

Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the wineries. Your hotel<br />

is ideally located right in Fisherman’s Wharf! Evening<br />

at leisure. Overnight (3) Fisherman’s Wharf, CA<br />

DAY 5 | San Francisco <strong>Tour</strong>/Alcatraz <strong>Tour</strong>/Pier 39/<br />

Dinner in Chinatown (B, D)<br />

This morning, your local guide will take you on a<br />

tour of San Francisco to include Golden Gate Park,<br />

Financial District, and more. Spend time at Pier 39 with<br />

shops and eateries, as well as maybe getting a closeup<br />

view of the harbor seals that make the wharf their<br />

home. This afternoon is reserved for a tour of Alcatraz<br />

Island. See where the Bird Man of Alcatraz spent<br />

his time, as well as other notorious prisoners. If you<br />

choose not to participate in the Alcatraz tour, a credit<br />

of $30 will be applied to your tour. This evening, join<br />

your friends at a special dinner in Chinatown.<br />

DAY 6 | Redwood Forest Steam Train/Pebble Beach<br />

Golf Course/17 Mile Drive/Dinner on the Monterey<br />

Pier (B, L, D)<br />

Today, travel to Monterey. Ride though the towering<br />

redwoods hundreds of years old on a 19th century<br />

steam train at Roaring Camp. <strong>Travel</strong> Pacific Grove<br />

Loop that takes you past beautiful homes nestled<br />

right at the ocean’s edge. 17 Mile Drive, one of the<br />

most breathtaking coastal drives in the world is next.<br />

Meander through the Del Monte forest and see the<br />

famed Lone Cyprus Tree. Stop at Pebble Beach Golf<br />

Course and see the 18th hole and beautiful club<br />

house. Your last evening will be special when you<br />

enjoy a delicious dinner on the Monterey Pier with<br />

your travel mates.<br />

DAY 7 | Cable Car Ride/<strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

The fun is not over yet as one cannot visit San Francisco<br />

without a ride on a cable car. Spend a bit more time<br />

at Pier 39 before heading to the airport for your flight<br />

back home to Omaha.<br />


•Private Compartment on Amtrak<br />

•All Meals in the Diner on Amtrak<br />

•Lake Tahoe Dinner Cruise<br />

•Napa Valley <strong>Tour</strong> & Winery Visit<br />

•3 Nights at Fisherman’s Wharf<br />

•Alcatraz <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•17 Mile Drive<br />

•Coastal Redwoods Steam Train<br />

Excursion<br />

•13 Meals: 6 Breakfasts (B);<br />

3 Lunches (L); 4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Amtrak (2) – Roomette or Bedroom<br />

•South Lake Tahoe, CA –<br />

Montbleu Hotel<br />

•San Francisco, CA (3) – Holiday<br />

Inn Express at Fisherman’s Wharf<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,957 Double, Roomette,<br />

per person<br />

$3,265 Double, Bedroom,<br />

per person<br />

$3,799 Single, Roomette<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Darlene Wees<br />

(June Departure)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Diane Roecker<br />

(Sept. Departure)<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



6<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 19-24, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Cabin accommodations on Amtrak<br />

•Breakfast and Lunch on the train<br />

•John Hancock Tower<br />

•French Quarter accommodations<br />

for 4 nights<br />

•Steamboat Natchez lunch cruise<br />

•National WWII Museum<br />

•Wetlands and Coastal<br />

Environment <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Dinner at Court of Two Sisters<br />

•Whitney Plantation<br />

•Evening Culinary and Nightlife <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Mardi Gras World<br />

•11 Meals: 5 Breakfasts (B), 3<br />

Lunches (L), 3 Dinners (D)<br />


•Amtrak Accommodations<br />

•New Orleans French Quarter (4)<br />

– Hotel Provincial<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,689 Roomette, Double, per<br />

person<br />

$2,748 Bedroom, Double, per<br />

person<br />

$3,194 Roomette, Single<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Eileen Toussaint<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 1 | Fly to Chicago/John Hancock Tower (D)<br />

Board the train that has become an American icon –<br />

“City of New Orleans.” This Amtrak route takes you<br />

through the heart of the Mississippi Delta to one of<br />

the most exciting cities in the country – New Orleans.<br />

Your journey begins in Chicago when you travel high<br />

atop the John Hancock Tower 1,000 feet above the<br />

famed “Magnificent Mile.” Experience the one-of-akind<br />

“Tilt” where you’re extended 30 degrees over the<br />

Magnificent Mile in secure glass housing. Enjoy dinner<br />

at a Chicago restaurant before boarding Amtrak’s City<br />

of New Orleans Train in your own private compartment.<br />

Overnight Amtrak<br />

DAY 2 | Amtrak through the Mississippi Delta/Evening<br />

at leisure (B, L)<br />

“Good morning America, how are you? Don’t you<br />

know me I’m your native son; I’m the train they call the<br />

City of New Orleans, I’ll be gone 500 miles when the<br />

day is done.” Sit back, relax and let the scenery of the<br />

Mississippi Delta pass by your private compartment on<br />

your Amtrak sleeper car. Enjoy breakfast and lunch in<br />

the dining car as part of your tour and just relax as<br />

you hear the “wheels rumbling beneath the floor.” By<br />

mid-afternoon arrive in New Orleans. Transfer to your<br />

French Quarter hotel where you’ll spend four nights in<br />

the heart and excitement of New Orleans. The evening<br />

is yours at leisure. Overnight (4) New Orleans, LA<br />

DAY 3 | New Orleans City <strong>Tour</strong>/Steamboat<br />

Natchez Lunch Cruise/National WW II Museum/<br />

Evening at Leisure (B, L)<br />

This morning your local guide will take you on a<br />

narrated historical city tour to include an above<br />

ground cemetery. Step back in time when you board<br />

an authentic steam paddle wheeler – The Natchez,<br />

for a cruise on the Mississippi River with a delicious<br />

lunch. This afternoon visit the National WW II Museum<br />

which tells the story of the American experience in the<br />

war that changed the world – why it was fought, how<br />

it was won, and what it means today. Included is the<br />

documentary film Beyond all Boundaries, narrated by<br />

Tom Hanks. It is a 4-D journey through the war that<br />

changed the world. Enjoy another evening at leisure –<br />

free to explore the French Quarter just as you choose.<br />

DAY 4 | Louisiana Wetland and Coastal Environment<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> (B, L, D)<br />

There are so many interesting things that you’ll see<br />

and do today that will put you in touch with the<br />

“natural side” of Southern Louisiana. Visit the Golden<br />

Medal Historical Center which offers an excellent<br />

overview of life in the golden meadow with a focus<br />

on the region’s shrimping and oyster industries. Make<br />

your own shrimp and oyster net at Chine’s Cajun Net<br />

Shop. It doesn’t get any more experiential than this<br />

when you shuck oysters at Collins Oyster Company<br />

and learn how oyster and oyster pearls are formed.<br />

Enjoy lunch at Cher-Amie’s Seafood Restaurant. Stop<br />

at the Crab Station to see first-hand how live Louisiana<br />

blue crabs are processed for shipment throughout the<br />

United States. Learn about the lost art of time-honored<br />

boat building through a hands-on learning experience<br />

at the Center for Traditional Louisiana Boat Building.<br />

Finally, take a swamp tour with Captain Clyde<br />

McCully while cruising the bayou des allemandes.<br />

Head back to New Orleans to “wash up” after your<br />

day’s experiences before an evening at the elegant<br />

Court of Two Sisters restaurant.<br />

DAY 5 | Lake Pontchartrain/Whitney Plantation/<br />

Evening Culinary and Nightlife <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

This morning drive over the Lake Pontchartrain<br />

Causeway which spans almost 24 miles across the<br />

vast Lake Pontchartrain. Visit the Whitney Plantation;<br />

the only plantation that tells the story of slaves in first<br />

person narrative with restored buildings, memorial<br />

artwork, and museum exhibits. Next head back to<br />

New Orleans to get primed for a fun evening ahead.<br />

On a walking tour with your expert guide stop at three<br />

“local cafés” each with a different sampling of Cajun<br />

and creole cuisine. Finish the night at the Palm Court<br />

Jazz Café housed in a fully restored early 19th century<br />

historic building in the French Quarter. The décor and<br />

theme of the jazz café reflects the elegance of old<br />

New Orleans. Musicians appearing at the Palm Court<br />

include some of the legends of New Orleans traditional<br />

jazz and you’ll be a part of it.<br />

DAY 6 | Mardi Gras World/Fly Home (B)<br />

This morning get an up-close and personal look at<br />

what it takes to bring Mardi Gras to life year after<br />

year at Mardi Gras World. See artists that build the<br />

floats from the ground up, the costumes that are so<br />

colorful, and learn the history of the unique festive<br />

tradition and much more. Then head home with fond<br />

memories of your trip.<br />

10<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


7<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 30 - Oct. 6,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> to Denver (D)<br />

Board your “Colorado Rails and Trails” coach for a<br />

journey like no other in the Rockies. Your tour director<br />

will help you get to know your travel mates with fun<br />

onboard activities. Overnight Denver, CO<br />

DAY 2 | Amtrak though the Rockies (B, D)<br />

This morning board Amtrak for your first train excursion<br />

through the Rockies. Witness some of the most<br />

spectacular scenery found anywhere in the United<br />

States. The Aspens will serenade you with their golden<br />

glow as they quake in the breeze. Overnight Grand<br />

Junction, CO<br />

DAY 3 | Million Dollar Highway/Durango &<br />

Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (B, D)<br />

Journey up the Million Dollar Highway to Silverton<br />

with spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery at every<br />

turn and with the brilliant aspens that light up the<br />

mountainsides. Arrive at Silverton; its name coming<br />

from miners shouting “we got silver by the ton!” All<br />

aboard! The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge<br />

Railroad will take you on a journey down the scenic<br />

“River of Lost Souls Gorge” where the remote<br />

wilderness defies description. You’ve always heard<br />

about it, now experience it. Overnight Durango, CO<br />

Gods. Balanced Rock is the most famous of these red<br />

sandstone formations at the base of Pike’s Peak. Visit<br />

the 37-acre U.S. Olympic complex. Overnight (2)<br />

Colorado Springs, CO<br />

DAY 6 | Pikes Peak Highway <strong>Tour</strong>/Old Manitou<br />

Springs/U.S. Air Force Academy Visitors Center (B, D)<br />

This morning venture up the Pikes Peak Highway all<br />

the way to the summit. Soak in the spectacular views<br />

at the top for 30 to 40 minutes, snapping photos of<br />

breathtaking surroundings while making memories<br />

that will last a lifetime. The four-hour round trip allows<br />

several stops for photos and exploring America’s<br />

Mountain from bottom to top. Spend time in Old<br />

Manitou Springs with shops and restaurants to enjoy<br />

lunch. This afternoon visit the United States Air Force<br />

Academy Visitors Center. See a movie highlighting<br />

the academy experience exhibits that feature displays<br />

on the history and cadet life explaining the academy’s<br />

four “pillars of excellence” - character development,<br />

academic, athletic, and military training. This evening<br />

enjoy one last dinner with your travel mates.<br />


•Amtrak through the Rockies<br />

•Durango & Silverton Narrow<br />

Gauge Railroad<br />

•Royal Gorge Route Railroad<br />

•U.S. Olympic Complex<br />

•Pikes Peak Hwy <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•11 Meals: 6 Breakfasts (B);<br />

1 Box Lunch (BL); 4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Denver, CO – Courtyard by<br />

Marriott<br />

•Grand Junction, CO – Grand<br />

Vista Hotel<br />

•Durango, CO – Comfort Inn &<br />

Suites<br />

•Canon City, CO – Best Western<br />

•Colorado Springs, CO (2) –<br />

Holiday Inn Express<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus, &<br />

Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,759 Double, per person<br />

$2,169 Single<br />

$1,659 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Loretta Mills<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 4 | Scenic <strong>Travel</strong> Day (B)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> across southern Colorado through the beautiful<br />

San Juan Mountains to nature’s wonder-the Royal<br />

Gorge. Overnight Canon City, CO<br />

DAY 5 | Royal Gorge Route Railroad/Garden of<br />

Gods/U.S. Olympic Complex (B, BL)<br />

This morning, it’s “all aboard” the Royal Gorge Route<br />

Railroad for a thrilling ride through Royal Gorge. This<br />

historic route offers scenery unlike any other train<br />

excursion on your tour. It is awesome! Also behold<br />

the natural beauty of the 1367-acre Garden of the<br />

DAY 7 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head home from this spectacular “Colorado<br />

Rails and Trails” tour, but the chug of the steam engine<br />

and the echo of its whistle will live on in your memory<br />

forever.<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



13<br />

DAYS<br />

Feb. 15-27, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Oklahoma City Memorial<br />

•Palo Duro Canyon<br />

•International UFO Museum<br />

•White Sands National Monument<br />

•Pima Air and Space Museum<br />

•Old Tucson Studios<br />

•Silver Star Dinner Show<br />

•Desert Belle Cruise<br />

•Grand Canyon<br />

•Arches National Park<br />

•3 nights in Mesa, AZ<br />

•25 Meals: 12 Breakfasts (B);<br />

4 Lunches (L); 3 Light Dinners (LD);<br />

6 Dinners (D)<br />


Day 8 Options:<br />

#1: Phoenix Area City <strong>Tour</strong> & Mesa<br />

Flea Market $20<br />

#2: Desert Jeep <strong>Tour</strong> $135<br />

#3: Free time<br />


• Oklahoma City, OK – Hampton Inn<br />

• Amarillo, TX – Drury Inn & Suites<br />

• Roswell, NM – Holiday Inn<br />

• Las Cruces, NM – Drury Inn<br />

• Tucson, AZ – Double Tree by Hilton<br />

• Mesa, AZ (3) – Holiday Inn Mesa<br />

• Grand Canyon, AZ – Canyon Plaza<br />

• Kayenta, AZ – Hampton Inn<br />

• Moab, UT – Fairfield Inn<br />

• Denver, CO – Drury Inn & Suites<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk, Columbus, Sioux City,<br />

Luverne, MN & Sioux Falls, SD<br />

RATES<br />

$2,714 Double, per person<br />

$3,545 Single<br />

$2,461 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Roxie Mulder<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 1 | Bricktown (L)<br />

This Southwestern adventure begins with your departure<br />

in the quiet comfort of our motor coach. Overnight<br />

Oklahoma City, OK<br />

DAY 2 | Oklahoma City National Museum and<br />

Memorial (B, LD)<br />

The Oklahoma City National Museum and Memorial<br />

recounts the minutes before and the aftermath of<br />

the bombing on April 19. Our journey west through<br />

Oklahoma parallels the legendary Route 66, “The Main<br />

Street of America,” as we continue on to Amarillo, Texas.<br />

Overnight Amarillo, TX<br />

DAY 3 | Palo Duro Canyon/International UFO Museum<br />

(B)<br />

Visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park; experience the<br />

canyon's rugged beauty and enjoy its colorful history.<br />

The International UFO Museum and Research Center<br />

focuses on “The Roswell Incident Timeline” and “The<br />

Great Cover-up” that followed the 1947 incident.<br />

Overnight Roswell, NM<br />

DAY 4 |Hubbard Museum of the American West/<br />

White Sands National Monument (B, L, LD)<br />

Learn about the struggles and triumphs experienced<br />

through the development of the American West at the<br />

Hubbard Museum of the American West, an affiliate<br />

of the Smithsonian Institute. Experience a dune drive<br />

through the snow-white dunes of White Sands National<br />

Monument. Overnight Las Cruces, NM<br />

DAY 5 | Las Cruces <strong>Tour</strong>/Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse<br />

Tucson (B, D)<br />

Today discover Las Cruces and its interesting history...<br />

including stories about Billy the Kid! A colorful local<br />

guide will take us through Las Cruces and a walk through<br />

Old Mesilla Plaza. Tucson’s Pinnacle Peak’s stunt show<br />

rounds off the day. Overnight Tucson, AZ<br />

DAY 6 | Pima Air and Space Museum/Old Tucson<br />

Studios (B, L)<br />

Pima Air and Space Museum is one of the largest air and<br />

space museums in the world. Old Tucson Studios is one<br />

of the most active filming locations for Western-themed<br />

movies and commercials in the United States. Enjoy living<br />

history shows and attractions. Overnight (3) Mesa, AZ<br />

secluded waterways through canyons and a view of the<br />

Superstition Mountains. Tonight have fun at Organ Stop<br />

Pizza – home of the “mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.”<br />

DAY 8 | Mesa Options/The Silver Star Dinner Show<br />

(B, D)<br />

Make your choice of options when booking your tour.<br />

Option #1: A City <strong>Tour</strong> of the metropolitan area with an<br />

expert local guide and Mesa Flea Market – the largest<br />

of its kind! Option #2 Desert Jeep <strong>Tour</strong> with lunch –<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> by jeep out to the Sonoran Desert. During this 5<br />

hour tour, western guides teach about plants, animals<br />

and other life of the desert. A boxed lunch is included.<br />

Option #3: Free time in Mesa. Tonight enjoy lively<br />

entertainment at The Silver Star Dinner Show.<br />

DAY 9 | Sedona Trolley <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

Spectacular Sedona beckons today with its massive firered<br />

buttes and mesas and unbelievable topography.<br />

Browse the fascinating shops and respected galleries<br />

before experiencing the narrated trolley tour of this<br />

beautiful area. Overnight near Grand Canyon, AZ<br />

DAY 10 | Grand Canyon National Park (B, D)<br />

Today we travel to the canyon of all canyons! The Grand<br />

Canyon is the grandest of the Seven Wonders of the<br />

World. Overnight Kayenta, AZ<br />

DAY 11 | Monument Valley/Bluff Fort, UT Visitor<br />

Center (B, D)<br />

Drive through Monument Valley and catch sight of<br />

unique rock formations that Monument Valley is known<br />

for. Bluff Fort, Utah has a very storied past. Learn why<br />

pioneers came to Bluff and their arduous journey over<br />

the Hole-in-the Rock trail. Overnight Moab, UT<br />

DAY 12 | Arches National Park (B, LD)<br />

More than two thousand natural sandstone arches<br />

frame the colorful landscape of Arches National Park.<br />

The Colorado River Canyon shows off its beauty as we<br />

make our way through the Rocky Mountains. Overnight<br />

Denver, CO<br />

DAY 13 | <strong>Travel</strong> home (B, L)<br />

As our journey ends today, we have many memories to<br />

share with friends and relatives as we recount the days of<br />

our magnificent southwest journey.<br />

DAY 7 | Desert Belle Cruise/Organ Stop Pizza (B, D)<br />

The Desert Belle Cruise on Saguaro Lake will take us on<br />

12<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


13<br />

DAYS<br />

July 8-20, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

We’re bound for the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific<br />

Northwest! Begin this adventure by meeting fellow<br />

travelers at our Get-Acquainted Dinner. Overnight<br />

Cheyenne, WY<br />

DAY 2 | Jackson Hole/Options (B)<br />

The Grand Teton Mountains form the background at<br />

our overnight stay in charming Jackson, Wyoming.<br />

Evening options include: Option #1: Dinner and a Wild<br />

West show at the Bar-T-5 Covered Wagon Cookout<br />

or Option #2: A Snake River Float Trip or Option #3:<br />

Free time in Jackson. Options are additional cost.<br />

Please make your preference when registering for the<br />

tour. Overnight Jackson, WY<br />

DAY 3 | Sawtooth Mountains/Shoshone Falls (B, D)<br />

Snow capped views ahead as we travel through the<br />

majestic Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. Marvel at the<br />

Shoshone Falls, called “the Niagara of the West.”<br />

Overnight Twin Falls, ID<br />

DAY 4 | Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (B)<br />

At the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive<br />

Center at Baker City, Oregon, we’ll take an in-depth<br />

look at the hardships endured along the Oregon Trail.<br />

We then follow the Oregon Trail to our overnight stay.<br />

Overnight Pendleton, OR<br />

DAY 5 | Columbia River Gorge/Columbia River<br />

Interpretive Center/Multnomah Falls (B, L)<br />

Today we drive the Columbia River Gorge. Immerse<br />

yourself in the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center<br />

via the Bridge of the God’s crossing the river into<br />

Washington. Experience Multnomah Falls – the second<br />

highest waterfall in the U.S. Overnight Vancouver, WA<br />

DAY 6 | Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Monument/Tillicum<br />

Village Cruise & Salmon Bake (B, D)<br />

We venture to the Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic<br />

Monument Visitor Center. See dramatic views of the<br />

volcanic crater and displays revealing mysteries of this<br />

famous unpredictable mountain. Tonight you are treated<br />

to the popular Tillicum Village Cruise and Salmon<br />

Dinner on Blake Island. Overnight (3) Renton, WA<br />

DAY 7 | Seattle City <strong>Tour</strong>/Space Needle/Pike’s<br />

Market/Boeing Factory <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

A guided city tour shows us Seattle up close including<br />

the Space Needle and Pikes Place Market. A tour of<br />

the Boeing Factory shows us airplanes being built up<br />

close.<br />

DAY 8 | Choose your option today! (B)<br />

Today is a day of options. Option #1: Victoria Option<br />

- Take an early morning jet boat through the San<br />

Juan Islands to Victoria, British Columbia. This option<br />

includes cruise, tour of Victoria and Butchart Gardens,<br />

breakfast box and light dinner box. Must have a<br />

passport for this option. Option #2: An early morning<br />

cruise for whale and sea life watching through the San<br />

Juan Islands includes Historic Friday Harbor, breakfast<br />

box and light dinner box. Option #3: Mount Rainier<br />

tour - <strong>Travel</strong> to Paradise Lodge on famous Mt. Rainier.<br />

Option #4: Free time in Seattle. Options are at an<br />

additional cost. Please make your preference when<br />

booking your tour.<br />

DAY 9 | Cascade Mountains/Leavenworth (B)<br />

Journey east into the Cascade Mountains to central<br />

Washington, where we visit the Bavarian village of<br />

Leavenworth to experience some of its Old World<br />

warmth and charm. Marvel at the many orchards<br />

along the way. Enjoy your evening in Spokane with<br />

many enjoyable activities near our hotel. Overnight<br />

Spokane, WA<br />

DAY 10 | Historic Wallace/6th St. Melodrama<br />

Option/Silver Streak Zipline option (B, D)<br />

The Mission Cataldo depicts the history of the Coeur<br />

D’Alene Indians and Father De Smet. Step into<br />

history as we travel to Wallace, ID. Meet the “Prime<br />

Minister” of Wallace as he delights you with stories of<br />

yesteryear during Wallace’s silver mining days. Visit<br />

one of Wallace’s silver mines. Visit a brothel! Option<br />

#1: Zipline 1,000 feet above the valley floor of the<br />

Idaho Mountains and get an “Idaho Rush!" Option<br />

#2: Enjoy an evening of fun and laughter at the 6th St.<br />

Melodrama. Book either option when booking your<br />

tour. Overnight Wallace, ID<br />

DAY 11 | Smokejumpers Base Aerial Fire Depot (B)<br />

Montana’s Big Sky Country welcomes us. At the<br />

Smokejumpers Base Aerial Fire Depot in Missoula,<br />

we learn firsthand accounts of firefighting and smoke<br />

jumping. Overnight Billings, MT<br />

DAY 12 | Eagle Butte Coal Mine <strong>Tour</strong>/Mt. Rushmore<br />

Lighting Ceremony (B, D)<br />

Visit the Eagle Butte Coal Mine, one of the largest<br />

surface coal mines in the U.S. Top off the day with<br />

a visit to Mount Rushmore for the evening lighting<br />

ceremony. Overnight Rapid City, SD<br />

DAY 13 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

Great memories of our Pacific Northwest trip will<br />

linger as we head home.<br />


•Grand Teton Mountains<br />

• Shoshone Falls<br />

• Oregon Trail Interpretive Center<br />

• Columbia River Gorge<br />

• Mt. St. Helens Monument<br />

• Tillicum Village Cruise<br />

• Space Needle<br />

• Boeing Factory <strong>Tour</strong><br />

• Historic Wallace, ID<br />

• Mt. Rushmore Lighting<br />

•19 Meals: 12 Breakfasts (B);<br />

1 Lunch (L); 6 Dinners (D)<br />


Day 2 Options:<br />

#1: Bar-T-5 Cookout - $52<br />

#2: Snake River Float Trip - $75<br />

#3: Free time in Jackson Hole, WY<br />

Day 8 Options:<br />

#1: Butchart Gardens/Victoria<br />

Cruise - (passport required) -<br />

$215<br />

#2: Whale Watching/Sea Life<br />

Cruise - $132<br />

#3: Mt. Rainier tour - $150<br />

#4: Free time in Seattle<br />

Day 10 Options:<br />

#1: Silver Streak Zipline - $80<br />

#2: 6th Street Melodrama - $15<br />

(evening option)<br />


• Cheyenne, WY – Little America Resort<br />

• Jackson, WY – 49-er Inn<br />

• Twin Falls, ID – La Quinta Inn &<br />

Suites<br />

• Pendleton, OR – Red Lion Hotel<br />

• Vancouver, WA – Spring Hill Suites<br />

• Renton, WA (3) – Hilton Garden Inn<br />

• Spokane, WA – Centennial Hotel<br />

• Wallace, ID – Wallace Inn<br />

• Billings, MT – Hilton Garden Inn<br />

• Rapid City, SD – Home2 by Hilton<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk, Columbus & Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,849 Double, per person<br />

$3,795 Single<br />

$2,565 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Diane Roecker<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



10<br />

DAYS<br />

Aug. 17-26, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Cruise Prince William Sound<br />

•Matanuska Valley<br />

•Alaska Railroad to Denali Park<br />

•Gold Dredge #8<br />

•Sternwheeler Discovery Cruise<br />

•Denali Park Wilderness Expedition<br />

•Happy Trails Kennels<br />

•Alaska Bush Pilot Presentation<br />

•Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise<br />

•17 Meals: 9 Breakfasts (B);<br />

4 Lunches (L); 4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Anchorage, AK –Sheraton<br />

Anchorage<br />

•Valdez, AK (2)—Valdez Hotel<br />

•Fairbanks, AK (2)—Wedgewood<br />

Hotel<br />

•Denali National Park, AK (2)—<br />

Denali Park Village<br />

•Anchorage, AK (2) –Sheraton<br />

Anchorage<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk, Columbus, Fremont,<br />

Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$5,199 Double, per person<br />

$6,199 Single<br />

$4,999 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

Mike Criss<br />

14<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Susan Busskohl<br />

4<br />

active<br />

DAY 1| Fly to Anchorage<br />

Fly to Anchorage today! Alaska welcomes us today<br />

and the excitement builds as we are about to embark<br />

on a wonderful tour of this magnificent state. Overnight<br />

Anchorage, AK<br />

DAY 2 | Matanuska Valley/Bridal Veil Falls/Valdez<br />

Doc Walk (B, D)<br />

Meet your fellow traveling companions at this<br />

morning’s welcome orientation. <strong>Travel</strong> through Palmer<br />

in the Matanuska Valley, where cabbages can grow<br />

to an amazing 70 pounds in the 24-hour daylight, up<br />

over Tahneta Pass for wonderful vistas of Matanuska<br />

and Worthington Glaciers. Stop at Bridal Veil Falls<br />

before arriving in the seaside port of Valdez, often<br />

referred to as the “Switzerland of Alaska.” Before<br />

dinner tonight, enjoy a talk and Dock Walk of Valdez<br />

with a local fishing expert. Learn more about the<br />

Alaska fishing industry, the equipment used, and the<br />

daily lives of these fishermen. Overnight (2) Valdez,<br />

AK<br />

DAY 3 | Cruise on Prince William Sound (B, L)<br />

Board your boat for a cruise on Prince William Sound<br />

and along the 3-mile face of Columbia Glacier,<br />

keeping a watchful eye out for wildlife, including seals,<br />

sea otters, birds, and even whales! Before returning to<br />

Valdez, see the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Terminal, where<br />

supertankers are loaded with crude oil from Prudhoe<br />

Bay.<br />

DAY 4 | Delta Junction Homestead/Fairbanks (B)<br />

Enjoy great scenery all the way as you travel along<br />

Richardson Highway. Stop at Delta Junction, a living<br />

history homestead with a museum, original roadhouse,<br />

and farm animals. Then, head west on the Alaska<br />

Highway to Fairbanks, the state’s second-largest city.<br />

Overnight (2) Fairbanks, AK<br />

DAY 5 | Gold Dredge #8/Sternwheeler Discovery<br />

Cruise/Chena Indian Village (B, D)<br />

Visit Gold Dredge #8 and ride the narrow-gauge<br />

railroad. Then, try your luck as you pan for gold. Later<br />

today, board the Sternwheeler Discovery for a cruise<br />

on the Chena and Tanana Rivers, with a stop at the<br />

Chena Indian Village to learn about Athabascan<br />

Native culture. You will also have the chance to<br />

meet Iditarod mushers and their famed dog teams to<br />

learn about breeding, training, and the big race! This<br />

evening, enjoy a special Alaska Salmon Bake.<br />

DAY 6 | Alaska Railroad/Denali National Park (B, D)<br />

Board the world-famous Alaska Railroad for a journey<br />

through untamed wilderness. Today’s ride ends at<br />

Denali National Park, where North America’s highest<br />

peak, 20,320-foot Denali, (formerly known as Mount<br />

McKinley) majestically dominates the park’s 6 million<br />

acres. The afternoon is free. This evening, enjoy dinner<br />

at the Murie Science & Learning Center followed by<br />

an exclusive presentation on Denali National Park by<br />

a local naturalist. Overnight (2) Denali National Park,<br />

AK<br />

DAY 7 | Denali National Park/Wilderness<br />

Expedition (B, L)<br />

Morning at leisure. Optional activities include a float<br />

trip down the Nenana River and a helicopter ride over<br />

the park. Then, dress comfortably for a wilderness<br />

expedition into Denali National Park to seek out<br />

grizzly bear, caribou, moose, and other wildlife. Enjoy<br />

a box lunch along the way.<br />

DAY 8 | Happy Trails Kennels/Alaska Bush Pilot<br />

Presentation (B, L, D)<br />

Continue your exploration of Denali National Park<br />

as you head south toward Anchorage. Stop along<br />

the way at Happy Trails Kennels, home of four-time<br />

Iditarod Champion Martin Buser and his dogs. Meet<br />

an Iditarod competitor and learn how they race and<br />

care for their dogs. You will also see a demonstration<br />

on mushing, complete with a mock Iditarod checkpoint,<br />

and get a chance to play with the sled dogs! This<br />

evening, your tour director hosts a special farewell<br />

dinner. Over desert, enjoy a special presentation by<br />

an Alaskan bush pilot. Overnight (2) Anchorage, AK<br />

DAY 9 | Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise (B, L)<br />

Witness one of the world’s most scenic drives as you<br />

follow the south shore of lovely Turnagain Arm. Upon<br />

arrival in Seward, board your vessel for a cruise of<br />

Kenai Fjords National Park and the opportunity to see<br />

glaciers calving into the sea, orcas, humpback whales,<br />

sea otters, and more!<br />

Day 10 | 10 Fly Home (B)<br />

The tour ends this morning as we transfer to the<br />

Anchorage airport for our flight home after a wonderful<br />

time exploring the beauty of Alaska.<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


14<br />

DAYS<br />

Aug. 2-15, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Embark on a journey to the west coast of the United<br />

States. Enjoy the time today getting acquainted<br />

with your new travel mates and <strong>Allied</strong> tour director.<br />

Overnight Cheyenne, WY<br />

DAY 2 | Jackson, WY (B, D)<br />

Celebrate Jackson Hole’s old west history with a<br />

chuck-wagon dinner and traditional old west music<br />

with the Bar J Wranglers. Overnight Jackson, WY<br />

DAY 3 | Craters of the Moon National Monument (B)<br />

At Craters of the Moon National Monument,<br />

experience the drastic landscape and lava flows that<br />

make up this park. Overnight Mountain Home, ID<br />

DAY 4 | Painted Hills of Oregon (B)<br />

You will understand why the Painted Hills are one of<br />

the “7 Wonders of Oregon,” bathed in layers of bright<br />

reds and rich yellows. Overnight Bend, OR<br />

DAY 5 | Crater Lake (B, BL)<br />

Surrounded by cliffs with a depth of 1,943 feet, Crater<br />

Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. The<br />

water's intense blue color is an indication of its great<br />

depth and purity. Overnight Eugene, OR<br />

DAY 6 | Sea Lion Caves/Giant Dune Buggy ride (B, D)<br />

Head to the Oregon Coast today and visit America’s<br />

largest Sea Lion Caves. Feel the sea breezes in your<br />

face today as you travel in a Giant Dune Buggy on<br />

the Sand Dunes, trails and the sea coast. Overnight<br />

Coos Bay, OR<br />

DAY 7 | Rogue River Jet Boat Cruise (B, BL)<br />

Follow the Oregon Coast and jet boat the historic mail<br />

boat route just as Rogue River pioneers have done<br />

since 1895. Overnight Eureka, CA<br />

DAY 8 | Founders Grove Redwoods/Golden Gate<br />

Bridge/Fisherman’s Wharf (B, L)<br />

Walk in the shadows of 1000 year old “giants” at<br />

Founders Grove and experience their majesty in<br />

California’s Redwood region. The Golden Gate Bridge<br />

greets you as you cross the bay into San Francisco.<br />

Our Fisherman’s Wharf hotel allows you free time to<br />

explore the Wharf area. Overnight San Francisco, CA<br />

DAY 9 | Alcatraz <strong>Tour</strong>/San Francisco City <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

Board a bay ferry out to Alcatraz Island - aka “The<br />

Rock” in San Francisco Bay. Learn the mysteries behind<br />

the infamous federal penitentiary and notorious<br />

occupants. Sit back and let your motor coach driver<br />

navigate the hills of San Francisco as you travel through<br />

Chinatown, the financial district and hear stories of the<br />

city. Find time to take the famous San Francisco Cable<br />

Cars! Overnight Sonoma Valley Area, CA<br />

DAY 10 | Sonoma Winery <strong>Tour</strong>/Donner Memorial/<br />

South Lake Tahoe (B, L)<br />

Benziger Winery in Sonoma Valley’s wine country is<br />

our destination today for a winery tram tour, tasting<br />

& lunch. <strong>Travel</strong> through the Sierra Nevada Mountains<br />

on your way to Lake Tahoe with a stop at the Donner<br />

Party Memorial. Overnight South Lake Tahoe, NV<br />

DAY 11 | Virginia City/National Automobile<br />

Museum (B, L)<br />

Learn about the 19th century mining “Bonanza” that<br />

made Virginia City a booming city of its day by riding<br />

the Virginia/Truckee Train. A stop at the National<br />

Automobile Museum in Reno boasts one of the largest<br />

collections of automobiles in the U.S. All were the<br />

personal collection of Bill Harrah, founder or Harrah’s<br />

Hotels and Casinos. Overnight Reno, NV<br />

DAY 12 | Bonneville Salt Flats/Salt Lake City, UT (B)<br />

Today is a travel day as we start heading east<br />

again through the high desert of Nevada. We pass<br />

the Bonneville Salt Flats and stop for a photo op.<br />

Overnight Salt Lake City, UT<br />

DAY 13 | Legends of Laramie <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> out of the Utah valley and over the Wasatch<br />

Mountains. Learn about gunfighters, lawmen and<br />

brothels in old west Laramie, WY during your "Legends<br />

of Loramie" tour. Enjoy <strong>Allied</strong>’s farewell dinner this<br />

evening in old west style! Overnight Laramie, WY<br />

DAY 14 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

Today you are headed home. Sit back and relax as<br />

the miles turn into memories and you reflect on the fun<br />

times and sights that you have seen with your <strong>Allied</strong><br />

friends.<br />


•Jackson Hole Chuckwagon Dinner<br />

•Craters of the Moon Nat'l Monument<br />

•Painted Hills of Oregon<br />

•Crater Lake<br />

•Oregon Coastal Drive<br />

•Sea Lion Caves<br />

•Oregon Coastal Dunes Giant<br />

Dune Buggy Ride<br />

•Rogue River Jet Boat Cruise<br />

•Avenue of the Giants Redwoods<br />

•San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf<br />

•San Francisco Step-on Guide<br />

•Alcatraz Island <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Winery <strong>Tour</strong> in Sonoma Valley<br />

•National Automobile Museum<br />

•22 Meals: 13 Breakfasts (B),<br />

3 Lunch (L), 2 Boxed Lunches (BL),<br />

4 Dinners (D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />


•Cheyenne, WY – Little America<br />

•Jackson, WY - 49’er Inn<br />

•Mountain Home, ID – Hampton Inn<br />

•Bend, OR – Comfort Inn<br />

•Eugene, OR – Holiday Inn<br />

•Coos Bay, OR – Red Lion<br />

•Eureka, CA – Red Lion<br />

•San Francisco, CA – Holiday Inn<br />

Express Fisherman’s Wharf<br />

•Sonoma, CA – Double Tree<br />

•South Lake Tahoe, NV –<br />

Montbleu Resort<br />

•Reno, NV – BW Sure Stay<br />

•Salt Lake City, UT – Hampton Inn<br />

•Laramie, WY – Holiday Inn<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Sioux City & Orange City<br />


RATES<br />

$3,274 Double, per person<br />

$4,259 Single<br />

$2,969 Triple, per person<br />


Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />

leisure<br />

3<br />

active<br />



5<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 25-29, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Falls of the Big Sioux River<br />

•Custer Annual Buffalo Roundup<br />

•Crazy Horse Memorial<br />

•Mount Rushmore<br />

•Black Hills Safari <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Custer State Park Wildlife Loop<br />

•Needles Highway<br />

•Iron Mountain Road<br />

•Homestake Open Pit Mine <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Deadwood <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Tatanka<br />

•8 Meals; 4 Breakfasts (B),<br />

4 Dinners (D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Eileen Toussaint<br />

DAY 1| <strong>Travel</strong> Day/Falls of the Big Sioux River (D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> to the Black Hills with <strong>Allied</strong> and take in the<br />

Custer Buffalo Round Up adventure. As we depart<br />

today, we take time to view the Falls of the Big Sioux<br />

River in Sioux Falls. The Falls of the Big Sioux River have<br />

been a focus of life in the region throughout history.<br />

Native American people were the first to visit the<br />

falls and bring stories of them to European explorers.<br />

They have been the center of recreation and industry<br />

since the founding of the city in 1856. Overnight (2)<br />

Keystone, SD<br />

Independence Hall. Learn about the Declaration of<br />

Independence and the 56 men who signed it….housed<br />

inside a reproduction of Philadelphia's Independence<br />

Hall. Overnight (2) Rapid City, SD<br />


•Keystone, SD (2) – K Bar S Lodge<br />

•Rapid City, SD (2) – Home 2 Suites<br />

by Hilton<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk, Columbus & Sioux<br />

City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,074 Double, per person<br />

$1,354 Single<br />

$989 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 2 | Black Hills <strong>Tour</strong>/Mount Rushmore (B, D)<br />

Get ready for a full day of touring in the Black Hills!<br />

Our journey today includes Iron Mountain Road and<br />

the famous “Pig Tale” bridges; Needles Highway<br />

(squeeze through the rocks!); Mount Rushmore with<br />

free time to view our nation’s most beloved mountain<br />

sculpture; Crazy Horse Memorial; Fort Hayes<br />

Chuckwagon for breakfast and Chuckwagon supper<br />

show.<br />

DAY 3 | Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup/<br />

Independence Hall (B, D)<br />

We are up early this morning to enter Custer State<br />

Park for the 49th annual Buffalo Roundup. The motor<br />

coach will park on the hillside and we will venture out<br />

to watch the sunrise and wait for the buffalo. Please<br />

bring a lawn chair and/or blanket plus warm clothes<br />

including hat, gloves & scarf. Before the sun rises, you<br />

may purchase a cup of coffee or a pancake breakfast<br />

to be enjoyed out on the range. As the sun comes up<br />

over the hill, you warm up and begin to watch and<br />

wait. It’s not long and you may hear a distant thunder<br />

or catch a glimpse on the horizon of a dark shadow.<br />

Then, local cowboys & cowgirls do their best to drive<br />

the park’s herd into the buffalo corrals, passing by your<br />

viewing area. American history meets amazing art in<br />

DAY 4 | Homestake Open Pit Mine <strong>Tour</strong>/Deadwood<br />

<strong>Tour</strong>/Tatanka/Saloon #10 (B, D)<br />

Homestake Open Pit Mine is still a work in progress.<br />

Learn about the gold mining history and the scientific<br />

experimentation history and ongoing study even<br />

today. We learn about the “Story of the Bison” at<br />

Tatanka. Our guide will teach us about the Lakota<br />

way of life and will take us to the refurbished Tatanka<br />

sculpture depicting a buffalo jump commonly used<br />

by the Plains Native Americans to harvest large<br />

numbers of buffalo. We then travel to Deadwood for<br />

the “original Deadwood” tour with a step-on guide.<br />

Hear the tales of yesteryear in Deadwood. <strong>Travel</strong> up<br />

to Mt. Mariah, the infamous Deadwood cemetery,<br />

where many notable western personalities are buried.<br />

Dinner tonight at Saloon #10 – famous for where<br />

Wild Bill Hickok met his demise.<br />

DAY 5 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

Wall Drug is in our path for a taste of “free ice water.”<br />

After a fun and unique Black Hills adventure, it is time<br />

to load up the coach and head home.<br />

16<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


10<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 4-13, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Day 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (LD)<br />

Today we travel towards the southwestern portion of<br />

the United States to visit our beautiful National Parks.<br />

Overnight Denver, CO<br />

Day 2 | Arches National Park/”Un-Wined and<br />

Dine” River Cruise (B, D)<br />

Journey through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains today.<br />

Visit Arches National Park with an expert local stepon<br />

guide. Tonight you will be treated to a dinner and<br />

an “Un-wined and Dine” cruise with entertainment.<br />

Overnight Moab, UT<br />

Day 3 | Capitol Reef National Park/Bryce Canyon<br />

National Park (B, BL)<br />

En route to Bryce Canyon, drive through Capitol Reef<br />

National Park. Catch the sunset over Bryce Canyon,<br />

bringing out all the reds, pinks, and rusts on the<br />

stunning rock formations of the canyon. Overnight<br />

Bryce Canyon, UT<br />

Day 4 | Zion National Park/Glen Canyon Dam (B)<br />

The incredible scenery continues during a Zion<br />

National Park tram ride. Then it’s on to the Glen<br />

Canyon National Recreation Area to catch a glimpse<br />

of the Glen Canyon Dam, one of the highest dams in<br />

the United States. Overnight Page, AZ<br />

Day 5 | Lake Powell Cruise/Grand Canyon<br />

National Park (B, L)<br />

A cruise on Lake Powell will delight all as you travel<br />

into scenic Antelope Canyon with its dramatic, steep<br />

red sandstone walls. Off to the magnificent Grand<br />

Canyon, where you will enjoy one of nature’s greatest<br />

works of art. You are given free time to explore the<br />

Grand Canyon area. Overnight near Grand Canyon,<br />

AZ<br />

Day 6 | Monument Valley/Navajo Cookout (B, L)<br />

On your way to Colorado today, we travel through the<br />

Navajo and the Ute Indian Reservations to Monument<br />

Valley for a close-up view in an open air jeep with a<br />

knowledgeable local guide learning about the famous<br />

monoliths rising from the earth. Enjoy a Navajo<br />

cookout! Overnight Cortez, CO<br />

Day 7 | Durango & Silverton Train/Million Dollar<br />

Highway (B, D)<br />

Behold the spectacular mountain scenery of the San<br />

Juan National Forest between Durango and Silverton<br />

aboard the Durango & Silverton train. The Million<br />

Dollar Highway takes us to the “Switzerland of<br />

America,” Ouray, CO. Overnight Montrose, CO<br />

Day 8 | Black Canyon of the Gunnison National<br />

Monument/Royal Gorge Bridge (B, LD)<br />

More wondrous scenery unfolds at the Black Canyon<br />

of the Gunnison National Monument. From the Royal<br />

Gorge Bridge, gaze at the river meandering through<br />

the canyon far below. Overnight Colorado Springs,<br />

CO<br />

Day 9 | Pikes Peak or Seven Falls Options/Garden<br />

of the Gods (B, D)<br />

You have two options to choose from today. #1 <strong>Travel</strong><br />

to the 14,100 foot summit of Pikes Peak on a 4 hour<br />

round trip by mini bus or van. OR #2 Visit Seven Falls<br />

and view the seven drops of water from a viewing<br />

platform or climb the 448 stairs to the top! Join our<br />

step-on guide in the Garden of the Gods where you’ll<br />

see towering red sandstone formations that created this<br />

unique and picturesque park. Overnight Denver, CO<br />

Day 10 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home/Lunch at Ole’s (B, L)<br />

Homeward bound today and on our way take time to<br />

have lunch at Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse in Paxton,<br />

NE<br />


•Arches National Park<br />

•Capitol Reef National Park<br />

•Bryce Canyon National Park<br />

•Zion National Park<br />

•Glen Canyon Dam<br />

•Lake Powell Cruise<br />

•Grand Canyon National Park<br />

•Monument Valley<br />

•Navajo Cookout<br />

•Durango & Silverton Train Ride<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Option: Pikes Peak or<br />

Seven Falls<br />

•18 Meals: 9 Breakfasts (B);<br />

3 Lunches (L); 1 Boxed Lunch (BL)<br />

2 Light Dinners (LD);<br />

3 Dinners (D)<br />


• Denver, CO – Drury Inn<br />

• Moab, UT – Fairfield Inn<br />

• Bryce Canyon, UT – Ruby’s Inn<br />

• Page, AZ – Lake Powell Resort<br />

• Grand Canyon, AZ – Canyon<br />

Plaza<br />

• Cortez, CO – Baymont Inn<br />

• Montrose, CO – Holiday Inn<br />

Express<br />

• Colorado Springs, CO – Drury Inn<br />

• Denver, CO – Hyatt House<br />


Day 9 Options:<br />

#1: Pikes Peak Road Trip - $85<br />

#2: Seven Falls - $15<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus &<br />

Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,514 Double, per person<br />

$3,224 Single<br />

$2,299 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Judy Brockmeier<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



8<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 5-12, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•2 Mass Ascensions at the Balloon<br />

Fiesta<br />

•Evening Balloon Glowdeo<br />

•Local Expert Guides in Santa Fe &<br />

Albuquerque<br />

•Visit an Actual Pueblo (not on any<br />

other tour)<br />

•Cumbres & Toltec Steam Train<br />

Excursion<br />

•Overnight in Santa Fe<br />

•14 Meals: 7 Breakfasts (B);<br />

2 Lunches (L); 5 Dinners (D/LD)<br />


•Denver, CO – Drury Inn<br />

•Alamosa, CO – Hampton Inn<br />

•Santa Fe, NM – The Lodge at<br />

Santa Fe<br />

•Albuquerque, NM (3) –<br />

Courtyard by Marriott<br />

•Lakewood, CO – Courtyard by<br />

Marriott<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus &<br />

Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,999 Double, per person<br />

$2,564 Single<br />

$1,849 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Judy Brockmeier<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (LD)<br />

Board your “Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta” ultra coach<br />

and get ready for an unbelievable experience when<br />

you witness over 900 balloons ascend into the clear,<br />

blue, New Mexico sky. Overnight Denver, CO<br />

DAY 2 | Garden of the Gods/Old Colorado<br />

Springs (B, D)<br />

This morning visit the beautiful Garden of the Gods<br />

with its imposing rock formations. Take time to shop<br />

and enjoy lunch in Old Colorado Springs. Continue to<br />

Alamosa to get ready for your all-day train excursion<br />

tomorrow. Overnight Alamosa, CO<br />

DAY 3 | Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad (B, L)<br />

Today you’re in for a real treat when you ride the<br />

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad for an unforgettable<br />

journey into the San Juan Mountains of New Mexico.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> over trestles and through deep gorges where, at<br />

times, the train seems pressed in by rock on both sides.<br />

It’s a train trip you’ll never forget. Overnight Santa Fe,<br />

NM<br />

DAY 4 | <strong>Tour</strong> Santa Fe/Loretto Chapel/New<br />

Mexico Capitol (B, D)<br />

This morning, tour Santa Fe with a local guide to<br />

learn about the rich culture of this 400-year-old city.<br />

See the Loretto Chapel where an itinerant carpenter<br />

built a stairway that defies description and the New<br />

Mexico State Capitol building. Then make your way to<br />

Albuquerque for the largest hot air balloon festival in<br />

the world! Overnight (3) Albuquerque, NM<br />

www.visitalburquerque.org<br />

DAY 5 | Mass Ascension/Albuquerque <strong>Tour</strong>/Old<br />

Town/Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (B, D)<br />

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for-the mass<br />

ascension at the Albuquerque International Balloon<br />

Fiesta. Watch as giant beach balls fill the sky. Your<br />

local guide will take you on a tour of Albuquerque<br />

Ron Behrmann<br />

to point out its rich history to include Route 66, Old<br />

Town, the Kimo Theater, and more. Take time to stroll<br />

Old Town-the original settlement of Albuquerque.<br />

This afternoon, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center will<br />

provide you with an inside look at New Mexico’s 19<br />

American Indian Pueblos.<br />

Ron Behrmann<br />

DAY 6 | Special Shapes Rodeo/Acoma Pueblo/<br />

International Balloon Museum/Evening Glowdeo<br />

(B, L)<br />

This morning, witness the Special Shape Rodeo where<br />

hundreds of specialty balloons fill the sky. Imagine a<br />

giant pig, a stagecoach, a space shuttle, and even<br />

Uncle Sam. Today, visit an actual Indian Pueblo-<br />

Acoma (Sky City). Set atop a 357 ft. high mesa,<br />

Acoma is one of the largest adobe structures in North<br />

America. Native American Indians live in more than<br />

250 dwellings without water and electricity. Visit the<br />

International Balloon Museum; it embraces the spirit of<br />

adventure through interactive exhibits about balloon<br />

flight dating back to the early 1700s. This evening,<br />

head back over to the balloon field for the evening<br />

Glowdeo. The magic of the New Mexico sky lights up<br />

when pilots inflate their balloons that look like giant<br />

holiday ornaments.<br />

DAY 7 | White Fence Farm (B, D)<br />

Leave Albuquerque with fond memories of your<br />

International Balloon Fiesta experience. Make your<br />

way back to Denver where, this evening, you’ll enjoy<br />

one last meal with your fellow travel mates at the<br />

White Fence Farm. Their chicken is out of this world.<br />

Overnight Lakewood, CO<br />

DAY 8 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head home after a trip that’s taken you from<br />

the rugged terrain of the San Juan Mountains to the<br />

heights of the hot air balloons in Albuquerque.<br />

18<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


3<br />

DAYS<br />

May 1-3, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Since 1935 the Dutch town of Pella, Iowa has<br />

celebrated spring with tulips! The Pella Tulip Festival is<br />

one of the top 100 events in the country and you can<br />

experience it firsthand on our Pella Tulip Festival tour.<br />

DAY 1 | Donna Reed Center with an Episode of the<br />

Donna Reed Show/Manning Hausbarn <strong>Tour</strong> with a<br />

German Lunch/Mystery Stop in Des Moines (L)<br />

Start your day with a visit to the Donna Reed<br />

Performing Arts Center in a restored 1914 opera<br />

house. Hear about Ms. Reed’s movie and television<br />

career, see movie memorabilia belonging to the<br />

movie star and as a special treat, you’ll watch an<br />

episode of the Donna Reed Show. Then, head over to<br />

the Manning Hausbarn, brought over from Germany<br />

and assembled in Manning in 1996. This authentic<br />

hausbarn will surprise and amaze you. Enjoy a<br />

delicious German lunch in the visitor’s center. Next,<br />

head to Des Moines where you’ll be treated to a<br />

mystery stop followed by a brief walk-through of the<br />

Papa John Sculpture Garden. Enjoy an evening at<br />

leisure. Overnight Des Moines, IA (2)<br />

DAY 2 | It’s Tulip Time! (B, L)<br />

Spend all day at the Pella Tulip Festival starting with<br />

the beautiful sunken gardens. Enjoy free time in the<br />

square before savoring a Dutch lunch. Then take your<br />

reserved seat for the Midwest’s most colorful event-the<br />

Pella Tulip Parade. Complete with street scrubbers, the<br />

baby carriage parade, floats and local bands, this<br />

event is the best in the Midwest. (Please note exact<br />

tulip blooming is subject to nature and cannot be<br />

guaranteed).<br />

DAY 3 | Madison Country Memories <strong>Tour</strong>/John<br />

Wayne Birthplace and Museum/<strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

This morning take a stroll down memory lane in<br />

Madison County, IA. Your first stop is Howell’s Dried<br />

Flowers and Greenhouse. It’s where the rainbow<br />

begins; their giant barn is filled with flowers being<br />

naturally air-dried in addition to beautiful hanging<br />

baskets and gifts galore! Then take a storybook<br />

covered bridges tour in Winterset, IA. See many of the<br />

sites used in the movie “Bridges of Madison County.”<br />

Visit John Wayne’s birthplace and museum for an<br />

inside look at America’s favorite cowboy. Then it’s time<br />

to head home after a colorful trip to Pella, IA<br />


•Donna Reed Center<br />

•Manning Hausbarn with Lunch<br />

•All day at Pella Tulip Festival<br />

•Madison County Memories <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•4 Meals: 2 Breakfasts (B), 2<br />

Lunches (L)<br />


•Des Moines, IA (2) – Wildwood<br />

Lodge<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$579 Double, per person<br />

$659 Single<br />

$535 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

2<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Vonis Schroeder<br />

active<br />


6<br />

DAYS<br />

June 3-8, <strong>2019</strong><br />

?<br />

DAYS 1-6<br />

We searched and searched for an idea to make travel<br />

new and innovative for you. If you take a chance with<br />

us, we promise to provide an exciting travel experience<br />

to destinations unknown. We have personally selected<br />

all of the attractions. So, be brave, take a chance with<br />

us, and we promise you a memorable vacation.<br />


•We guarantee quality accommodations<br />

•10 Meals: 5 Breakfasts (B); 1 Lunch<br />

4 Dinners (D)<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director - Eileen Toussaint<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk, Columbus & Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,499 Double, per person<br />

$1,869 Single<br />

$1,415 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

2<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



8<br />

DAYS<br />

June 8-15, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Spend the Night at the Grand<br />

Hotel with Breakfast, Lunch &<br />

Dinner<br />

•Ford F-150 Truck Factory <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield<br />

Village<br />

•Celebration Belle Dinner Cruise<br />

•Kalamazoo Air Zoo<br />

•Frederik Meijer Garden<br />

•12 Meals: 7 Breakfasts (B);<br />

1 Lunch (L); 4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Joliet, IL – Wingate Inn<br />

•Mackinaw City, MI – Hamilton Inn<br />

•Mackinac Island, MI – Grand Hotel<br />

•Frankenmuth, MI – Springhill Suites<br />

•Dearborn, MI – Holiday Inn Express<br />

•Kalamazoo, MI – Four Points by<br />

Sheraton<br />

•Moline, IL – Stoney Creek<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

RATES<br />

$1,999 Double, per person<br />

$2,529 Single<br />

$1,899 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Frankie Tiarks<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Stay at the Grand Hotel, Frankenmuth & More!<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Get ready for a summertime adventure to the beautiful<br />

state of Michigan. It’s a perfect time to visit Mackinac<br />

Island especially when the lilacs are in full bloom.<br />

Overnight Joliet, IL.<br />

DAY 2 | Frederik Meijer Garden & Sculpture (B)<br />

At Frederik Meijer Garden, experience masterpieces of<br />

art and nature that will delight your senses at one of the<br />

nation’s premier horticultural display gardens & sculpture<br />

parks. Overnight Mackinaw City, MI<br />

DAY 3 | Mackinac Island Carriage <strong>Tour</strong>/Grand Hotel<br />

Buffet Lunch/Grand Hotel Accommodations (B, L, D)<br />

Ferry to Mackinac Island this morning for a full day<br />

to explore and soak in its charm and beauty. Upon<br />

arrival take a horse and carriage tour of the island. Then<br />

get ready for the buffet of buffets at the Grand Hotel.<br />

A four-course dinner in the beautiful dining room is<br />

included (jacket & tie required for men, cocktail dress/<br />

pant suit suggested for women). This evening enjoy the<br />

entertainment of Alex Graham and the Grand Hotel<br />

Orchestra! Overnight Mackinac Island, MI<br />

DAY 4 | Island Options/Frankenmuth (B, D)<br />

Start the day with a bountiful breakfast buffet and some<br />

free time. Make your way to downtown for lunch and<br />

shopping before taking the ferry back to the mainland.<br />

This afternoon, travel to Frankenmuth-Michigan’s "Little<br />

Bavaria." Overnight Frankenmuth, MI<br />

DAY 5 | Pretzel Making Demo/Bronner’s CHRISTmas<br />

Wonderland (B)<br />

This morning you’ll be immersed in the German culture<br />

when you try your hand at making a Bavarian pretzel.<br />

Also, see first-hand how they make that scrumptious<br />

strudel. Visit the incredible Bronner's CHRISTmas<br />

Wonderland. Say goodbye to “Little Bavaria” this<br />

afternoon and travel to the Detroit area. Overnight<br />

Dearborn, MI<br />

DAY 6 | Ford Rouge (F-150 Truck) Factory <strong>Tour</strong>/<br />

Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village (B)<br />

The Ford Rouge Factory <strong>Tour</strong> will give you a new<br />

appreciation for the history of auto manufacturing<br />

and will amaze you as you watch the assembly of an<br />

F-150 truck. This afternoon step back in time to when<br />

America was growing up when you visit the Henry Ford<br />

Museum and Greenfield Village. Both tell the story of<br />

our country’s evolution to where we are today in a very<br />

different way and will be one of the highlights of your<br />

tour. Overnight Kalamazoo, MI<br />

The Henry Ford<br />

DAY 7 | Kalamazoo Air Zoo/Celebration Belle<br />

Riverboat Dinner Cruise (B, D)<br />

This morning visit the Kalamazoo Air Zoo; a highly<br />

charged, multi-sensory atmosphere that goes beyond<br />

anything you’ve ever seen. Continue to the Quad Cities<br />

for an evening of dining and entertainment on the<br />

Celebration Belle Riverboat! It will be a relaxing and<br />

fun way to end your week-long adventure. Overnight<br />

Maline, IA<br />

DAY 8 | Isabel Bloom Factory/<strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

The artisans of Isabel Bloom invite you to a tour of the<br />

Harborview Production Studio in Davenport, Iowa.<br />

You’ll have behind-the-scenes access to every step in<br />

the making of each Isabel Bloom sculpture. Then it’s<br />

homeward bound after a beautiful tour in Michigan<br />

with the unforgettable memory of your stay at the<br />

Grand Hotel!<br />

20<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


5<br />

DAYS<br />

June 10-14, <strong>2019</strong><br />

As the old saying goes “Get your Kicks on Route<br />

66!” For this trip we are featuring the Illinois portion<br />

of Route 66. There is lots to see and we are going to<br />

show you the best of Route 66 in Illinois. Join us for a<br />

fun-filled trip of nostalgia and a chance to reminisce<br />

of the old days.<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Board your “Route 66” coach for a trip that explores<br />

the most iconic highway in the country – Route 66.<br />

Make some new travel friends on your way to<br />

Chicago. This evening, you’re in for a real treat when<br />

you enjoy dinner at Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket. The<br />

Rhea family has welcomed Route 66 travelers since<br />

the 1940s and has some of the best fried chicken you’ll<br />

ever eat! Overnight Chicago, IL area<br />

DAY 2 | Route 66 Begin and End sign/Millennium<br />

Park/Al Capone Grave/World’s Largest Laundromat/<br />

Original Whitecastle/Joliet Historical Museum and<br />

Route 66 Welcome Center (B, L, D)<br />

You’re in for a big day of sightseeing today when<br />

you start with the Route 66 "Begin and End" sign in<br />

downtown Chicago. Next, take some time to walk<br />

through Millennium Park and be sure not to miss the<br />

famous giant stainless steel sculpture, “The Bean.”<br />

Drive by Lew Mitchell’s Diner which has been serving<br />

Route 66 travelers since 1923. Make a stop at the Al<br />

Capone gravesite in the Mount Caramel Cemetery.<br />

This Chicago mob boss reigned supreme for seven<br />

years, culminating with the St. Valentine’s Day<br />

Massacre in 1929. The government named him public<br />

enemy #1. Then, see the world’s largest laundromat<br />

and the original site of the Whitecastle hamburger<br />

chain. Continue on to Joliet where you’ll visit the Route<br />

66 Welcome Center with award-winning exhibits of<br />

this iconic highway. Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 3 | Original Sections of Route 66/Gemini<br />

Giant/Polk-a-Dot Drive-In/Texaco and Standard<br />

Oil Station/Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum/<br />

Oakland Auto Museum/Route 66 Memory Lane/<br />

Dead Man’s Curve (B, D)<br />

"On the Road Again" as they say as we make our<br />

way down original sections of Route 66 through the<br />

heart of Illinois. Stop in Wilmington to see the Gemini<br />

Giant at the Launching Pad Welcome Center and gift<br />

shop. This giant sculpture sports a space helmet and<br />

a rocket ship. It’s a hoot! Then, head to Braidwood to<br />

the Polk-a-Dot Drive-In. Be on your best behavior as<br />

we continue down Route 66 and visit a 2-cell jail (we<br />

wouldn’t want to leave anyone here to do “time”).<br />

We will also see an original Texaco and Standard Oil<br />

station. In Pontiac, visit the Route 66 Hall of Fame and<br />

Museum along with murals and the swinging bridge.<br />

Also in Pontiac, visit the Oakland Auto Museum, one<br />

the world’s largest collections of Pontiacs and artifacts<br />

on the route. A special treat after lunch is the Route 66<br />

Memory Lane – a one-mile stretch of original Route<br />

66 that was dedicated in 1926 and has been restored<br />

to the 1940’s era with vintage billboards and Burma<br />

Shave signs. As we make our way to Bloomington, see<br />

another original section of Route 66 known as “Dead<br />

Man’s Curve.” Overnight Normal, IL<br />

DAY 4 | Cruisin with Lincoln on Route 66 Exhibit/<br />

Sprague’s Super Service Station/Funk’s Grove<br />

Pure Maple Sirup/Bunyan Statue/World’s Largest<br />

Covered Wagon/Abraham Lincoln Presidential<br />

Library/Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site (B, D)<br />

The last full day on Route 66 with more fun and<br />

nostalgia. Start off with Cruisin’ with Lincoln on Route<br />

66 Exhibit at the McQueen County Museum. Visit a<br />

Tudor revival building that was once a service station<br />

that served travelers on Route 66. As we make our<br />

way down the road, visit Funk’s Grove Pure Maple<br />

Sirup that’s been a family tradition since 1824.<br />

Another iconic giant statue is the Bunyan in Atlanta,<br />

IL which is a 19-foot tall statue holding a hot dog! In<br />

Lincoln, IL see the world’s largest covered wagon as<br />

registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.<br />

Arrive in Springfield and visit the Abraham Lincoln<br />

Presidential Library and Museum dedicated to the<br />

life and legacy of our 16th president. The museum<br />

merges scholarship with showmanship, offering hightech<br />

exhibits, interactive displays, and multimedia<br />

programs all on the life of Abraham Lincoln. Finally,<br />

you’ll end your day at the somber and silent Lincoln<br />

Tomb State Historic Site where President Lincoln and<br />

his family are interred. Meet your fellow travel mates<br />

for one final dinner together as you celebrate your<br />

Route 66 trip. Overnight Springfield, IL<br />

DAY 5 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head home after an extensive journey<br />

down Route 66 in Illinois.<br />


•Dell Rhea’s Famous Chicken<br />

Dinner<br />

•Route 66 "Begin and End" Sign in<br />

Chicago<br />

•Joliet Historical Museum and<br />

Route 66 Welcome Center<br />

•Gemini Giant Statue<br />

•Polka-a-Dot Drive-In<br />

•<strong>Travel</strong> on original sections of<br />

Route 66<br />

•Oakland Auto Museum<br />

•Route 66 Memory Lane<br />

•Cruisin’ with Lincoln on 66 Exhibit<br />

•Lincoln Presidential Library and<br />

Museum<br />

•Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site<br />

•9 Meals: 4 Breakfasts (B),<br />

1 Lunch (L), 4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Chicago Area, IL – Springhill<br />

Suites<br />

•Joliet, IL – Wingate<br />

•Normal, IL – Holiday Inn Express<br />

•Springfield, IL – Holiday Inn<br />

Express<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

RATES<br />

$1,099 Double, per person<br />

$1,338 Single<br />

$1,044 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

2<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Brent Kalemkiarian<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



9<br />

DAYS<br />

June 13-21, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Mall of America<br />

•St. Paul Gangster <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Wabasha Street Caves<br />

•Minnesota State Capitol tour<br />

•Beautiful Stillwater<br />

•Scenic St. Croix River Lunch Cruise<br />

•Lake Superior Maritime Visitor<br />

Center<br />

•William A. Irvin Ore Ship<br />

•Split Rock Lighthouse<br />

•North Shore Drive<br />

•Gooseberry Falls<br />

•Grand Portage National Monument<br />

•Grand Portage State Park<br />

•Hibbing Mine Overlook<br />

•Soudan Underground Mine tour<br />

•Headwaters of the Mississippi<br />

•Lake Itasca Nature Cruise<br />

•Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum<br />

•16 Meals: 8 Breakfasts (B), 5<br />

Lunches, (L), 1 Boxed Lunch (BL),<br />

2 Dinners (D)<br />


•Bloomington, MN - Country Inn<br />

and Suites<br />

•Stillwater, MN (2) – Historic<br />

Water Street Inn<br />

•Duluth, MN – Hampton Inn<br />

Canal Park<br />

•Tofte, MN (2) – AmericInn<br />

•Bemidji, MN – Holiday Inn<br />

Express<br />

•St. Cloud, MN – Best Western<br />

Kelly Inn<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Sioux City & Orange City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,879 Double, per person<br />

$2,489 Single<br />

$1,689 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Diane Roecker<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 1 | Minneapolis/Mall of America (L)<br />

Venture north to the state of Minnesota – the land of<br />

10,000 lakes! You will see wonderful attractions and<br />

learn about the state of Minnesota. Get to know your<br />

<strong>Allied</strong> tour director and fellow passengers as you travel.<br />

Learn about the Dakota Wars at the Treaty Site History<br />

Center in St. Peter, MN. Tonight, your stay is next door<br />

to the Mall of America, proclaimed to be the second<br />

largest mall in North America and the largest in the U.S.<br />

Overnight Bloomington, MN<br />

DAY 2 | Wabasha Street Caves/Minnesota Capitol<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> (B, L)<br />

St. Paul was home to a large community of gangsters.<br />

Hear their stories as the Wabasha Street Caves takes<br />

us to some of their hide-outs with a costumed character<br />

from history. Wabasha Street Caves has an interesting<br />

lore to discover as we discover their hideout and have<br />

lunch at the caves. <strong>Tour</strong> the seat of government at the<br />

state capitol. Learn of the history, art, architecture and<br />

Minnesota’s state government. Overnight (2) Stillwater,<br />

MN<br />

DAY 3 | Stillwater City <strong>Tour</strong>/St. Croix River Cruise (B, L)<br />

Stillwater is the birthplace of Minnesota. Enjoy a guided<br />

tour to learn how Stillwater developed from a booming<br />

lumber community to the pretty city that it is. <strong>Travel</strong> on the<br />

scenic St. Croix River during the authentic paddlewheel<br />

lunch cruise. Free time in Stillwater is a must to explore<br />

their historic downtown.<br />

DAY 4 | Duluth City <strong>Tour</strong>/Lake Superior Maritime<br />

Visitor Center/William A. Irvin Ore Ship/Canal Park<br />

(B)<br />

Interstate State Park will intrigue you with the geology<br />

that formed this park. At least 10 different lava flows<br />

are exposed in the park along with two distinct glacial<br />

deposits and traces of old streams, valleys and faults.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> to Duluth for a step-on guided tour of the city.<br />

Venture aboard the William A. Irvin Ore ship and hear<br />

how this proud flagship of U.S. Steel’s Great Lakes Fleet<br />

weathered treacherous storms while carrying ore over<br />

Lake Superior. Overnight Duluth, MN<br />

DAY 5 | Glensheen Mansion/ Split Rock Lighthouse/<br />

Gooseberry Falls (B, D)<br />

Glensheen Mansion tells the story of the Congdon<br />

family of Minnesota who were instrumental in opening<br />

Minnesota’s ore mining trade. The mansion is still fully<br />

intact from the era when the Congdon’s made it home in<br />

the early 1900’s. We travel to Split Rock Lighthouse in<br />

Two Harbors to see this lone light in the night for many<br />

a ship along the rugged coastline. Gooseberry Falls<br />

is the gateway of the North Shore of Lake Superior.<br />

Overnight (2) Tofte, MN<br />

DAY 6 | Grand Portage National Monument/Grand<br />

Portage State Park (B, BL, D)<br />

Take a day to drive North Shore Drive to Grand Portage<br />

National Monument. The monument describes through<br />

a living history site the quick water access used by the<br />

Northwest Fur Trade for their fur trade business. Learn<br />

of the partnership that they had with the Ojibwa tribe in<br />

this region. Discover Minnesota’s highest waterfalls at<br />

Grand Portage State Park. Enjoy a picnic lunch today<br />

at one of the scenic parks.<br />

DAY 7 | Soudan Underground Mine/Hibbing Open<br />

Pit Mine (B)<br />

As you travel across northern Minnesota, you will<br />

discover their mining industry. Visit Soudan Underground<br />

mine for a tour of Minnesota’s first iron ore mine. <strong>Travel</strong><br />

to Hibbing to view one of the world’s largest open pit<br />

mines. Overnight Bemidji, MN<br />

DAY 8 | Mississippi Headwaters/Lake Itasca Cruise<br />

(B, L)<br />

Visit Itasca State Park and “walk across the rocks” at the<br />

headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca State<br />

Park. A cruise on Lake Itasca with a naturalist will give<br />

narration of the history and wildlife and founding of the<br />

Itasca State Park. Overnight St. Cloud, MN<br />

DAY 9 | Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum/Lunch at<br />

Nellie’s/<strong>Travel</strong> home (B, L)<br />

On our final miles through Minnesota, we will make<br />

a stop at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut<br />

Grove and lunch at Nellie’s. As you travel home today,<br />

sit back as you reflect on your fun days in the beautiful<br />

state of Minnesota.<br />

22<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


5<br />

DAYS<br />

Aug. 5-9, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Ladies, it’s another chance to get away and enjoy the<br />

friendship and fellowship of our female friends. We’ll<br />

travel to the Amish Country of Northern Indiana to<br />

explore their Quilt Gardens, shop at charming Amish<br />

stores and learn about how the Amish ladies manage<br />

their daily lives. The food, shops and entertainment all<br />

promise to be plentiful!<br />

DAY 1 |Jacob Henry Mansion (D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> today takes us just south of the Chicago area.<br />

Get acquainted with the ladies on board with dinner at<br />

the Jacob Henry Mansion. Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Dutch Country Market/Real Indiana<br />

Housewives/Essenhaus Dinner Theater (B, D)<br />

Continue to Amish Country in Northern Indiana. Our<br />

afternoon finds us at the Dutch Country Market which<br />

features bulk foods and homemade noodles. All<br />

throughout our time in the area we will see blooming<br />

gardens and hand-painted murals that join quilting<br />

patterns, flowers and art into beautiful gardens. The<br />

quaint town of Shipshewana will be a perfect stop<br />

for lunch and shopping time at quaint stores such as<br />

Cornucopia, Country Elegance, Apple Creek Ally &<br />

more. Next, see how the Real Indiana Amish ladies<br />

manage their households including learning the<br />

tradition behind the Amish clothing. Ruth Otto welcomes<br />

us to her Rag Rug Weaving shop for a demonstration.<br />

We check into the Essenhaus Inn and enjoy an evening<br />

buffet dinner and show at the Essenhaus theater (show<br />

TBA). Overnight (2) Middlebury, IN<br />

DAY 3 | Carriage House/ Historical Quilt Presentation/<br />

Amish Dinner & Quilting B (B, D)<br />

A local guide joins us today. Learn how to make cinnamon<br />

rolls “the easy way” with Elaine at the Carriage House.<br />

Enjoy time at Teaberry Wood Products where we meet<br />

Rachel and learn about making wooden baskets and<br />

more. We’ll see several Quilt Gardens throughout<br />

our day. Enjoy a presentation at the Elkhart County<br />

Museum of old quilts to learn about their meaning<br />

and how to “read” them. Linton’s Enchanted Gardens<br />

rounds out our afternoon. Enjoy a Thrasher meal at<br />

an Amish home this evening followed by a Quilting B!<br />

After our delicious home cooked meal, we will pull up a<br />

chair around a few original quilt frames filled with hand<br />

pieced Amish quilts. You can participate, watch, learn<br />

or just chat as these Amish ladies lead the novice and<br />

experienced quilter in an old-fashioned quilting bee.<br />

DAY 4 | Amish Acres 56th Annual Arts & Crafts<br />

Festival (B, D)<br />

After a good night’s sleep we are ready to hit the Amish<br />

Acres 56th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival. What began<br />

as a downtown clothes line art show 56 years ago has<br />

grown into one of the top arts and crafts festivals in the<br />

nation. With over 300 juried artists/crafters from over<br />

24 states, you are sure to find some temptations to take<br />

home with you. It’s time to head for home this afternoon.<br />

Enjoy a “Farewell Dinner” at the rustic Starved Rock<br />

Lodge. Overnight LaSalle, IL<br />

DAY 5 | Hegeler-Carus Mansion/Home (B)<br />

This morning enjoy a tour of the Hegeler-Carus Mansion.<br />

See beautiful, century-old imported chandeliers, ornate<br />

woodworking, intricate hand-painted ceilings and more<br />

in this Victorian-era mansion that dates back to 1874.<br />

Many features were ahead of their time such as indoor<br />

plumbing, a two-story gym, a speaker-tube system for<br />

talking room to room, parquet floors and more! By midmorning<br />

we are back on the road for our journey home<br />

after a fun-filled "Ladies Only" vacation!<br />


•Dutch Country Market<br />

•Shipshewana<br />

•Rag Rug Weaving Demo<br />

•Essenhaus Inn Dinner and Theater<br />

•Teaberry Wood Products<br />

•Quilt Gardens<br />

•Elkhart County Museum<br />

•Linton’s Enchanted Gardens<br />

•Amish Dinner & Quilting B<br />

•Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival<br />

•Hegler-Carus Mansion<br />

•8 Meals: 4 Breakfasts (B);<br />

4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Joliet, IL – Wingate Inn<br />

•Middlebury, IN (2)—Essenhaus Inn<br />

•La Salle, IL—Hampton Inn<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

RATES<br />

$1,165 Double, per person<br />

$1,399 Single<br />

$1,099 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Loretta Mills<br />

4<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



9<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 14-22, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Stay Overnight at the Grand Hotel<br />

•Door County Sightseeing with a<br />

Local Guide<br />

•3 Meals at the Grand Hotel,<br />

including a Dinner Dance<br />

•Castle Farms <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Music House Museum<br />

•15 Meals: 8 Breakfasts (B);<br />

3 Lunches (L); 4 Dinners (D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Darlene Wees<br />


•Dubuque, IA – Hampton Inn<br />

•Sturgeon Bay, WI (2) – Bridgeport<br />

Waterfront Resort<br />

•Mackinaw City, MI – Hamilton Inn<br />

•Mackinac Island, MI – Grand Hotel<br />

•Traverse City, MI – Bayshore Resort<br />

•Holland, MI – DoubleTree<br />

•Davenport, IA – Hampton Inn<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

RATES<br />

$2,189 Double, per person<br />

$2,834 Single<br />

$2,049 Triple, per person<br />

Includes Overnight at The Grand Hotel!<br />

Get ready for an exciting adventure of Great Lakes<br />

coastal fun. Experience a relaxing stay on Mackinac<br />

Island at the historic Grand Hotel and visit popular Door<br />

County, WI<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Get to know your travel companions as you journey<br />

to eastern Iowa. Enjoy dinner with your fellow travel<br />

mates. Overnight Dubuque, IA<br />

DAY 2 | Wisconsin State Capitol (B)<br />

The journey today takes you to Madison where you<br />

will tour the Wisconsin State Capitol. Head for Door<br />

County known as the “New England” of the Midwest.<br />

Overnight (2) Sturgeon Bay, WI<br />

DAY 3 | Door County <strong>Tour</strong> (B, L, D)<br />

Today explore Door County with a local expert guide.<br />

Visit Bjorklunden Chapel, a local orchard, Eagle Bluff<br />

Lighthouse, and quaint lakeside villages before enjoying<br />

lunch at Al Johnson’s restaurant where the goats trim the<br />

grass on the roof! Continue this afternoon to visit other<br />

sights to include Boynton Chapel, Peninsula State Park,<br />

photo stops of the Bay of Green Bay, and more! Enjoy a<br />

traditional Wisconsin Fish Boil this evening!<br />

DAY 5 | Carriage <strong>Tour</strong>/Leisure Time at Grand Hotel (B, L, D)<br />

Board a ferry to Mackinac Island and upon arrival, the<br />

proud tradition continues on your horse-drawn carriage<br />

island tour. Then, the Grand Buffet awaits at the Grand<br />

Hotel! You won’t believe it. Enjoy the afternoon at<br />

leisure to soak in the beauty of the hotel and grounds.<br />

Tonight savor dinner in the luxurious dining room with<br />

entertainment (jacket & tie for men, cocktail dress/pant<br />

suit for ladies) Overnight Mackinac Island, MI<br />

DAY 6 | Mackinac Island Free Time/Castle Farms <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

Following breakfast at the Grand Hotel, take some free<br />

time to enjoy the hotel, stroll through the town, rent a<br />

bike, or take a taxi to Fort Mackinac. Ferry back to the<br />

mainland and visit the incredible Castle Farms mansion<br />

and gardens. Celebrating nearly 100 years of history,<br />

you’ll be amazed at this home. Overnight Traverse<br />

City, MI<br />


leisure 3 active<br />

DAY 7 | Music House Museum/Cherry Hut (B, L)<br />

This morning a unique stop is the Music House Museum.<br />

The collection of antique organs, pianos, jukeboxes and<br />

more will amaze you! Next stop is Cherry Hut, home to<br />

all things cherry! Overnight Holland, MI<br />

DAY 4 | Big Spring (B)<br />

The Upper Peninsula (UP) is filled with beautiful scenery.<br />

This afternoon visit a most unusual natural phenomenon-<br />

Big Spring, Michigan’s largest spring. Board a special<br />

observation raft to see the bottom of this crystal-clear<br />

spring that bubbles up from 40 ft below. Over 10,000<br />

gallons per minute gush up from fissures in the limestone!<br />

Overnight Mackinaw City, MI<br />

DAY 8 | DeKlomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory (B, D)<br />

Holland is home to a rich Dutch heritage. The DeKlomp<br />

Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory is the only blue and<br />

white delftware factory in the U.S. Also visit an authentic<br />

Dutch windmill, over 240 years old and twelve stories<br />

high! Overnight Davenport, IA<br />

DAY 9 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s homeward bound today after a great time of making<br />

memories, meeting new friends, and traveling scenic<br />

Wisconsin and Michigan.<br />

24<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


4<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 1-4, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Your tour director will help you to get to know your<br />

fellow travel mates along your journey today. Enjoy a<br />

welcome dinner tonight. Overnight (2) Onalaska, WI<br />

DAY 2 | Cranberry Bog <strong>Tour</strong>/Cranberry Discovery<br />

Center/Cheese Outlet/Chef’s Dinner (B, LL, D)<br />

Get ready for cranberry day! Visit a family owned<br />

cranberry bog and get a first-hand look at how they<br />

grow and harvest that red little berry that tastes so<br />

good. At the Cranberry Discovery Center learn how<br />

they are developing new ways of growing, harvesting,<br />

and marketing this delicious fruit. Stop at a Wisconsin<br />

cheese outlet for a sample of a “taste of Wisconsin.”<br />

This evening is reserved for a special Chef’s Dinner with<br />

Chef Roderique. He will prepare a gourmet dinner for<br />

our group “Emeril style” and even share his recipes.<br />

DAY 3 | Mississippi River Cruise aboard the<br />

Celebration Belle (B, L, D)<br />

Think Mark Twain today! Board the paddle-wheeler<br />

Celebration Belle for a six-hour leisurely cruise on<br />

the mighty Mississippi from Prairie du Chien, WI to<br />

Dubuque, IA. The ship’s captain will narrate the history<br />

and navigation as you journey south. You’ll enjoy two<br />

delicious meals on board including a prime rib dinner.<br />

Enjoy entertainment on board or you can just sit back,<br />

relax, and enjoy the beautiful fall colors on the river.<br />

Overnight Dubuque, IA<br />

DAY 4 | New Melleray Abbey/Lunch at Galleria de<br />

Paco (B, L)<br />

This morning’s very interesting stop is at the New<br />

Melleray Abbey where 30 monks live, work, and<br />

pray as a way of life. Wait until you learn about the<br />

product they produce. Next, step into “Little Italy”<br />

when you marvel at the paintings of the Sistine Chapel<br />

re-created by Polish artist Paco with spray paint. You<br />

won’t believe it! Enjoy lunch at this unique restaurant.<br />

Then, it’s time to head home after a relaxing and<br />

delightful cruise on the Mississippi River.<br />


•All Day Cruising the Mississippi<br />

•Cranberry Bog <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Special Reserved Dinner<br />

Prepared by a Chef<br />

•Lunch at Galleria de Paco<br />

•New Melleray Abbey<br />

•9 Meals: 3 Breakfasts (B);<br />

3 Lunches (LL/L); 3 Dinners (D)<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director - Vonis Schroeder<br />


•Onalaska, WI (2) – Stoney Creek Inn<br />

•Dubuque, IA – Hotel Julien<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk, Columbus, Fremont,<br />

Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

RATES<br />

$1,014 Double, per person<br />

$1,179 Single<br />

$979 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

2<br />

active<br />

BRANSON U.S.A.<br />

4<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 10-13, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•6 Outstanding Shows<br />

•Dinners both Buffet & Plated<br />

•Quality Accommodations<br />

•Good Seating at Shows<br />

•6 Meals: 3 Breakfasts (B); 3 Dinners (D)<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director - Frankie Tiarks<br />


• Branson, MO (3) – Barrington Hotel<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> to Branson (D)<br />

•Oak Ridge Boys<br />

DAY 2 | Branson Shows (B, D)<br />

•Sinatra & Friends<br />

•Dewey Short Visitors Center<br />

•Rick Thomas - Master Illusionist<br />

DAY 3 | Branson Shows (B, D)<br />

•Beach Boys - California Dreamin<br />

•Samson at Sight & Sound Theater<br />

•Million Dollar Quartet<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln, Grand<br />

Island, Norfolk & Columbus<br />

RATES<br />

$889 Double, per person<br />

$1,040 Single<br />

$849 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

2<br />

active<br />

DAY 4 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



11<br />

DAYS<br />

Feb. 7-17, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Oklahoma City National Memorial<br />

•Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza<br />

•San Antonio River Walk<br />

•Dolphin Cruise<br />

•King Ranch <strong>Tour</strong> & Barbecue<br />

•USS Lexington<br />

•Ocean Star Drilling Rig & Museum<br />

•Houston Space Center<br />

•Branson Dinner & Show<br />

•20 Meals: 10 Breakfasts (B);<br />

7 Lunches (L); 2 Light Dinners (LD)<br />

1 Dinner (D)<br />


•Oklahoma City, OK – Hampton<br />

Inn Brickton<br />

•Temple, TX – Fairfield Inn & Suites<br />

•San Antonio, TX – Drury Inn River<br />

Walk Hotel<br />

•Corpus Christi, TX (2) – Emerald<br />

Beach Resort<br />

•Galveston, TX (2) – Holiday Inn<br />

Beach Resort<br />

•Houston, TX – Drury Inn & Suites<br />

•Texarkana, AR – Holiday Inn<br />

•Branson, MO – Comfort Inn<br />

Thousand Hills<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus &<br />

Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,269 Double, per person<br />

$2,899 Single<br />

$2,065 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Verla Youngquist<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Day 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day/Oklahoma City National<br />

Outdoor Memorial (L)<br />

Pack your binoculars and your camera for a winter<br />

escape leaving behind the winter temperatures of<br />

the mid-west. A stop will be included at the outdoor<br />

Oklahoma City National Memorial. Overnight<br />

Oklahoma City, OK<br />

Day 2 | Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza/JFK<br />

Memorial (B)<br />

Today, as you travel through Dallas, visit the Sixth<br />

Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and drive by the<br />

JFK Memorial which commemorates the life, death<br />

and legacy of John F. Kennedy, our 35th President.<br />

Overnight Temple, TX<br />

Day 3 | San Antonio City <strong>Tour</strong>/River Walk/The<br />

Alamo (B, L, LD)<br />

Drive further south today to San Antonio. A step-on<br />

guide will show you the city. Explore the River Walk<br />

and The Alamo, where the famed Texas Revolution<br />

took place. Your overnight stay at a River Walk hotel<br />

will give you ample free time to ride the canal boats or<br />

explore on your own. Overnight San Antonio, TX<br />

Day 4 | Corpus Christi City <strong>Tour</strong>/Dolphin Cruise (B, L)<br />

A narrated city tour gives an overview of the Corpus<br />

Christi highlights such as the museum district, the marina<br />

and lively downtown. We travel to Port Aransas to<br />

take in a Dolphin watch/Sealife excursion. Overnight<br />

(2) Corpus Christi, TX<br />

Day 5 | King Ranch <strong>Tour</strong>/Barbecue/King Ranch<br />

Museum (B, L)<br />

Discover the King Ranch in Kingsville. Begin with a<br />

guided tour explaining the history and modern day<br />

workings of the ranch. The ring of the cook’s bell<br />

summons us to experience a barbecue at Caesar<br />

Camp house. The King Ranch Museum houses family<br />

history, saddles from five continents, and a vehicle<br />

collection dating from the beginnings of the ranch to<br />

present day. In Kingsville’s Historic District, explore<br />

the King Ranch Saddle Shop where fine products are<br />

crafted from rugged King Ranch leather.<br />

Day 6 | USS Lexington/<strong>Travel</strong> to Galveston, TX (B)<br />

This morning explore the USS Lexington – the Museum<br />

on the Bay, the highly decorated aircraft carrier of<br />

World War II. Check into your beachside hotel this<br />

evening. Overnight (2) Galveston, TX<br />

Day 7 | Ocean Star Drilling Rig/Texas Seaport<br />

Museum/Tall Ship Elissa/Galveston Harbor Cruise (B,L)<br />

Discover Galveston Island today. Start your day with<br />

a guided city tour. A visit to the Ocean Star Drilling<br />

Rig & Museum will tell the story of offshore drilling<br />

in the Gulf region from this retired drilling rig. Learn<br />

about commerce of the sea and immigration that came<br />

through the Galveston port in “the Ellis Island of the<br />

West.” Top off the day with a Harbor Cruise.<br />

Day 8 | Houston Space Center (B, LD)<br />

Space Center Houston tells the story of America’s<br />

manned space flight program. A guided tram tour<br />

stops at Mission Control, the Space Shuttle training<br />

facility and other NASA features. Overnight Houston,<br />

TX<br />

Day 9 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day/Texarkana (B, L)<br />

Today you start heading north towards home. The<br />

beautiful Texas and Arkansas countryside will keep us<br />

entertained as we travel. Overnight Texarkana, AR<br />

Day 10 | Grand Jubilee/Branson, MO (B, D)<br />

Branson, Missouri just happens to be in our travel path,<br />

so we arrive in time to catch dinner and a show at the<br />

Grand Jubilee. Singing today’s country hits as well<br />

as quartet classics from the Oak Ridge Boy’s to the<br />

Eagles, this show is always a hit! Overnight Branson,<br />

MO<br />

Day 11 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home/Lunch (B, L)<br />

Hold tight to the thought of those warm Gulf breezes<br />

and fun memories of the Texas Gulf Coast as we make<br />

our way home today. Enjoy a lunch near Kansas City,<br />

Missouri.<br />

26<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


13<br />

DAYS<br />

Feb. 22 - March 3,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (LD)<br />

Pack your bags for some fun in the sun and much<br />

warmer temperatures as you head to Florida for a<br />

winter getaway. Overnight Fairview Heights, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Kentucky Dam State Park/Southern Belle<br />

Riverboat Cruise (B, D)<br />

Dropping further south, travel through the rolling hills<br />

of Kentucky and Tennessee. Enjoy the views of the<br />

Kentucky Dam Village State Park. Get acquainted<br />

with other travel mates at tonight’s welcome dinner<br />

and cruise on the Southern Belle Riverboat. Overnight<br />

Chattanooga, TN<br />

DAY 3 | Stone Mountain State Park (B, LD)<br />

Visit Stone Mountain State Park and see the magnificent<br />

Stone Mountain Carving sculpted by Gutzon Borglum<br />

(also the sculptor of Mount Rushmore). See Memorial<br />

Hall Museum and other beautiful sights during our<br />

visit. Overnight Valdosta, GA<br />

DAY 4 | St. Augustine City <strong>Tour</strong>/Fountain of Youth<br />

(B, L)<br />

Visit our nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine with a stepon<br />

guide. Discover Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth<br />

as well as Castillo de San Marcos, the Spanish fortress<br />

built to protect the town. Take a stroll on the beach<br />

tonight at your beachside hotel. Overnight Daytona<br />

Beach, FL<br />

DAY 5 | Daytona 500 Track <strong>Tour</strong>/Motor Sports<br />

Hall of Fame (B, D)<br />

Iconic Daytona 500 Speedway is considered “The<br />

Great American Race” as you learn about this<br />

NASCAR giant. Get up close to the 31 degree high<br />

banks of the speedway during our race track tour.<br />

Learn more as the Daytona 500 experience chronicles<br />

racing history in the all-new Motor Sports Hall of<br />

Fame. Overnight (4) Lake Buena Vista, FL<br />

DAY 6 | Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral/<br />

IMAX (B)<br />

Relive the memories of our country’s space program<br />

at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.<br />

Today’s visit brings you up close to the day the space<br />

program began, to the day we put a man on the<br />

moon and to NASA’s space future. A closer view of<br />

the launch pads will bring you past some of the iconic<br />

landmarks of space exploration send-offs. Spend an<br />

evening of fun and entertainment at Disney Springs.<br />

DAY 7 | Orlando Disney World Option Day (B)<br />

Enjoy an option day today with any of the Disney<br />

World Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal<br />

Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios; all accessed<br />

by a free hotel shuttle or enjoy the day for yourself at<br />

our lovely hotel and discover Orlando on your own!<br />

Please reserve option when booking your tour.<br />

DAY 8 | Swamp Airboat <strong>Tour</strong>/Sea World (B, D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> to the swamp today to experience the bountiful<br />

beauty and treasured wildlife that abound in the<br />

Florida swamplands. Experience it up close and with<br />

an unobstructed view on the swamp airboat tour. Then<br />

travel to Sea World and discover giant killer whales to<br />

playful sea lions.<br />

DAY 9 | Showcase of Citrus/Homosassa Springs<br />

Wildlife Preserve (B, BL)<br />

Your adventure today begins with a 4X4 Monster<br />

Truck ride through the Showcase of Citrus Farms to<br />

learn about citrus farming in Florida. Pick your own<br />

oranges and enjoy! Homosassa Springs showcases<br />

wildlife of western Florida. Overnight Crystal River, FL<br />

DAY 10 | Manatee Cruise (B)<br />

Discover Florida’s natural side today. The bay in<br />

Crystal River is one of the largest aquifers in the state<br />

and home to more than 400 manatees and other<br />

endangered Florida species of birds and wildlife.<br />

Enjoy a morning boat ride to observe the manatees<br />

and learn of their habitat. Overnight Macon, GA<br />

DAY 11 | Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and<br />

Museum/Opryland Hotel (B)<br />

Explore and learn about our 39th president at<br />

the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum.<br />

Discover the timeline of his presidency, his family and<br />

his life. On to Nashville to discover the ambiance and<br />

opulence of the Opryland Hotel. Hop on the hotel<br />

shuttle service to explore the Opryland Hotel on your<br />

own. Overnight Nashville, TN<br />

DAY 12 | Patti’s 1880 Settlement (B, L, LD)<br />

Enjoy southern hospitality at Patti’s 1880 Settlement.<br />

Explore the many historic buildings and shops that<br />

make up the village. Today’s lunch is a Southern<br />

delight! Overnight St. Peters, MO<br />

DAY 13 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> home today refreshed after our escape from<br />

winter! Your travel fun is coming to an end – only until<br />

your next <strong>Allied</strong> tour!<br />


•St. Augustine Historic <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Stone Mountain State Park<br />

•Kennedy Space Center<br />

•Swamp Airboat <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Daytona 500 <strong>Tour</strong>/Motor Sports<br />

Hall of Fame<br />

•Disney World Theme Parks Option<br />

•Sea World<br />

•Manatee Cruise<br />

•Jimmy Carter Presidential<br />

Library & Museum<br />

•Patti’s 1880 Settlement<br />

•21 Meals: 12 Breakfasts (B),<br />

2 Lunches, (L), 1 Boxed Lunch (BL)<br />

3 Light Dinners (LD), 3 Dinners (D)<br />


•Fairview Heights, IL – Drury Inn<br />

•Chattanooga, TN – Holiday Inn<br />

•Valdosta, GA – Drury Inn<br />

•Daytona Beach, FL – Holiday Inn<br />

Oceanfront<br />

•Lake Buena Vista, FL (4) – Lake<br />

Buena Vista Resort Hotel<br />

•Crystal River, FL – Plantation on<br />

Crystal River<br />

•Macon, GA – La Quinta Inn<br />

•Nashville, TN – The Inn at<br />

Opryland<br />

•Drury Inn, St. Peters, MO<br />


Day 6 Options:<br />

Disney Park Pass (1 park of<br />

choice)-$120<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Orange City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,739 Double, per person<br />

$3,429 Single<br />

$2,509 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



10<br />

DAYS<br />

March 15-24,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


•Grand Ole Opry Performance<br />

•Dolphin Cruise<br />

•Paula Dean's Lady & Sons Dinner<br />

•Savannah City <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Charleston Tea Plantation<br />

•Charleston City <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Drayton Hall<br />

•Middleton Place Garden Walk<br />

•Biltmore Estate<br />

•16 Meals: 9 Breakfasts (B);<br />

7 Dinners (D)<br />


•Fairview Heights, IL – Drury Inn<br />

•Nashville, TN – Country Inn &<br />

Suites<br />

•Dublin, GA – Holiday Inn Express<br />

•Savannah, GA – Fairfield Inn<br />

•Charleston, SC (2) – Holiday Inn<br />

Riverview<br />

•Asheville, NC – Hampton Inn<br />

•Georgetown, KY – Holiday Inn<br />

Express<br />

•St. Louis area, MO – Drury Inn<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,269 Double, per person<br />

$2,859 Single<br />

$2,119 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

28<br />

3<br />

Middleton Place<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Judy Brockmeier<br />

active<br />

Including the Biltmore Estate<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Savannah and Charleston are two of the most popular<br />

destinations in the South with spring blossoms galore.<br />

Enjoy a relaxing evening along with the “5:30 Kickback”<br />

at your Drury Inn. Overnight Fairview Heights, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Grand Ole Opry Performance (B, D)<br />

Today make your way to Nashville-Country Music<br />

Capital of the World! This evening enjoy a performance<br />

of the Grand Ole Opry, the longest-running radio<br />

broadcast in history. Overnight Nashville, TN<br />

DAY 3 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day/Mystery Stop (B, D)<br />

It’s on to Georgia, the Peach State. We’ll make a<br />

mystery stop along the way that is sure to please. Sit<br />

back, relax, and watch the scenery unfold as you make<br />

your way across the heart of Georgia. Enjoy dinner<br />

at a historic bed and breakfast with your travel mates.<br />

Overnight Dublin, GA<br />

DAY 4 | Tybee Island Light Station/Dolphin Cruise/<br />

Lady and Sons Dinner (B, D)<br />

Continue to make your way to Savannah today. Arrive<br />

at Tybee Island and enjoy time on the beach, stroll the<br />

pier, and soak in the Southern coastal spring weather.<br />

Visit the Tybee Island Light Station that has been guiding<br />

mariner’s safe entrance into the Savannah River for<br />

over 270 years. The Tybee Island Light Station is one<br />

of America’s most intact having all of its historic support<br />

buildings on its five-acre site. This afternoon take a<br />

dolphin cruise to see how these playful sea creatures<br />

interact with humans. This evening get ready for a<br />

treat when you dine at Paula Dean’s Lady and Sons<br />

restaurant in the heart of the Historic District. Overnight<br />

Savannah, GA<br />

DAY 5 | Savannah City <strong>Tour</strong>/Charleston Tea<br />

Plantation (B, D)<br />

Your local expert guide will take you on a historical<br />

Savannah tour where you’ll learn the rich history of<br />

this Southern Belle community. And “oh those beautiful<br />

Squares.” Take time on River Street to enjoy the many<br />

shops and restaurants. This afternoon visit the Charleston<br />

Tea Plantation; home to the only tea grown in America.<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> the grounds, take a historical trolley tour, and visit<br />

the working tea factory. Join your new travel friends for<br />

dinner at a local Charleston restaurant. Overnight (2)<br />

Charleston, SC<br />

DAY 6 | Charleston City <strong>Tour</strong>/Drayton Hall/<br />

Middleton Place Garden Walk (B)<br />

Your local expert guide will be with you this morning<br />

to tour charming Charleston and its many historic sites<br />

including Rainbow Row, The Citadel and more. This<br />

afternoon tour Drayton Hall. This plantation home is<br />

in near-original condition as it was when the Drayton<br />

family lived there in the mid 1700’s. Then, get your<br />

camera ready for the Middleton Place garden walk,<br />

America’s oldest landscaped gardens.<br />

DAY 7 | Biltmore Estate (B, D)<br />

Depart Charleston with fond memories of your visit to<br />

the Deep South. Arriving at America’s largest residencethe<br />

Biltmore Estate, spend the afternoon exploring the<br />

incredible mansion and gardens. Overnight Asheville, NC<br />

DAY 8 | Kentucky Horse Park (B)<br />

Early this afternoon stop at Kentucky Horse Park, where<br />

everything is “all about the horse.” See the Hall of<br />

Champions-an elite group of champion horses that reside<br />

at the park and more. Overnight Georgetown, KY<br />

DAY 9 | Kentucky Derby Museum (B, D)<br />

This morning your visit comes full circle when you visit<br />

the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs. You’ll<br />

see the resident thoroughbred and miniature horse, the<br />

movie - ”The Greatest Race,” the Winner’s Circle, and<br />

much more. Late this afternoon check into your hotel<br />

before the farewell dinner with your fellow travel mates.<br />

Overnight St. Louis area, MO<br />

DAY 10 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head home after recalling the many memories<br />

with the two “Grand Dames” of the South-Savannah<br />

and Charleston.<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


10<br />

DAYS<br />

April 5-14, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Sit back and enjoy the comfort of our luxury motor<br />

coach and enjoy the scenery as we begin our venture<br />

to the Deep South. We will be treated to dinner and<br />

Branson show tonight. Overnight Branson, MO<br />

DAY 2 | Ozark Mountains/The Old Mill (B, D)<br />

The beautiful Ozark Mountain scenery will entice<br />

you as we travel today. A photo op at the Old Mill<br />

(from Gone with the Wind) will delight you. Drive the<br />

Mississippi Delta region and see low lands created by<br />

years of flooding of the Mississippi River offering fertile<br />

farmlands for plantations and farmers. Overnight<br />

Vicksburg, MS<br />

DAY 3 | Vicksburg National Military Park & City<br />

<strong>Tour</strong>/Natchez, MS/Dinner at Glenfield Plantation<br />

(B, D)<br />

Vicksburg National Military Park and Battlefield is one<br />

battlefield where so many lives were laid down for the<br />

War Between the States. See the battlefield and city<br />

with your step-on guide. Natchez, Mississippi beckons<br />

during this beautiful spring season. Natchez is known<br />

for its splendor during the Civil War Era and large<br />

array of antebellum homes. Tonight’s treat is a special<br />

dinner at Glenfield Plantation – a home that has<br />

been in one family for seven generations. Overnight<br />

Natchez, MS<br />

DAY 4 | Frogmore Cotton Plantation/ French<br />

Quarter (B, L)<br />

Frogmore Cotton Plantation will compare work on an<br />

1800’s cotton plantation vs. today’s modern cotton<br />

farms. We then encounter the “city that care forgot”-<br />

New Orleans. Absorb the sights and sounds of the<br />

famous French Quarter as our home for three nights<br />

is the historic Hotel Provincial–an open-air courtyard<br />

hotel in the French Quarter. Overnight (3) French<br />

Quarter New Orleans, LA<br />

DAY 5 | New Orleans City <strong>Tour</strong>/Mardi Gras<br />

World/New Orleans Cooking School (B, D)<br />

A city tour of New Orleans by a local expert guide<br />

presents the history, landmarks, legends and splendid<br />

architecture that made New Orleans famous. This<br />

evening discover the fun, flares, and flavors of cooking<br />

Louisiana style at the New Orleans Cooking School.<br />

After learning step-by-step preparation of a Creole/<br />

Cajun menu, a full meal is served – so bring your<br />

appetite!<br />

DAY 6 | Swamp <strong>Tour</strong>/WWII Museum/Dinner at<br />

Court of Two Sisters (B, D)<br />

You are off to an adventure in the swamplands of<br />

Louisiana. See alligators and swamp life up close in<br />

the comfort of a pontoon boat, with a native expert<br />

guide. A visit to the World War II Museum is a must.<br />

Dedicated in 2000 as the National D-Day Museum, it<br />

has now been designated by Congress as the country’s<br />

official World War II Museum. After our return to our<br />

hotel, you are off for dinner at The Court of Two Sisters.<br />

DAY 7 | Shrimp Boat <strong>Tour</strong>/Shrimp Boil/Beauvoir<br />

Mansion (B, L)<br />

Experience a shrimp boat as you head into the Gulf<br />

for a lesson on shrimping. Taste a southern tradition<br />

with a shrimp boil for lunch. Enjoy a tour of Beauvoir<br />

Mansion, the southern home of Jefferson Davis, the<br />

south’s president during the Civil War. Enjoy your<br />

beachfront hotel this evening. Overnight Biloxi, MS<br />

DAY 8 | Elvis Presley Birth Home (B, D)<br />

Tupelo is in your path; stop at the humble beginnings<br />

of Elvis Presley’s birth home, church and museum.<br />

A dinner with “Elvis” will round out the evening.<br />

Overnight Tupelo, MS<br />

DAY 9 | Graceland (B, LD)<br />

Since you are in “Elvis Country” we also visit<br />

Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. This one of a kind<br />

experience will take you on Elvis’s fascinating journey<br />

to superstardom through exciting videos, displays<br />

of authentic clothing, artifacts, personal mementos,<br />

an amazing showcase of Elvis’s gold and platinum<br />

awards and more. Overnight St. Peters, MO<br />

DAY 10 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

After breakfast, begin your journey home. Take a<br />

few minutes at Warm Springs Ranch, home of the<br />

Budweiser Clydesdales. What a great spring getaway<br />

you had! Return home today having had a wonderful<br />

time exploring the beauty of the Deep South.<br />


•Branson Show<br />

•Vicksburg National Military Park<br />

and Battlefield & City <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Natchez Antebellum Homes<br />

•Frogmore Cotton Plantation<br />

•Guided <strong>Tour</strong> of New Orleans<br />

•French Quarter<br />

•New Orleans Cajun Cooking<br />

School<br />

•World War II Museum<br />

•Swamp Boat <strong>Tour</strong> with local guide<br />

•Shrimp Boat <strong>Tour</strong> & Shrimp Boil<br />

•Elvis Presley Birth Home in Tupelo<br />

•Graceland<br />

•18 Meals; 9 Breakfasts (B),<br />

2 Lunches, (L), 1 Light Dinner (LD),<br />

6 Dinners (D)<br />


•Branson, MO – Comfort Inn<br />

Thousand Hills<br />

•Vicksburg, MS – Hampton Inn<br />

•Natchez, MS – Holiday Inn Express<br />

•New Orleans, LA (3) – Hotel<br />

Provincial French Quarter<br />

•Biloxi, MS – Beau Rivage<br />

•Tupelo, MS – Wingate by Wyndham<br />

•St. Peters, MO – Drury Inn &<br />

Suites<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Orange City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,489 Double, per person<br />

$3,079 Single<br />

$2,295 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



9<br />

DAYS<br />

April 22-30, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•<strong>Tour</strong> & Dinner at Southfork Ranch<br />

•Full Day Guided <strong>Tour</strong> of Dallas<br />

•Sixth Floor Museum<br />

•JFK Memorial<br />

•Dallas Heritage Village Museum<br />

•Love & War in Texas Restaurant<br />

•NASA at Johnson Space Center<br />

Tram <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Guided <strong>Tour</strong> of Houston<br />

•Bayou Bend Collection & Gardens<br />

•San Antonio Riverwalk Dinner<br />

Cruise<br />

•Full Day Guided <strong>Tour</strong> of San Antonio<br />

•Texas Ranger Museum<br />

•The Alamo<br />

•Lyndon B. Johnson Library<br />

•14 Meals: 8 Breakfasts (B);<br />

6 Dinners (D)<br />


•Oklahoma City, OK – Hampton Inn<br />

•Dallas, TX (2) – Holiday Inn<br />

•Houston, TX – Drury Inn & Suites<br />

•San Antonio, TX (2) – TownePlace<br />

Suites<br />

•Grapevine, TX – Holiday Inn Express<br />

•Oklahoma City, OK – Springhill<br />

Suites<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus &<br />

Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,495 Double, per person<br />

$3,399 Single<br />

$2,269 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Eileen Toussaint<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day<br />

Yahoo, y’all come on down to see the best of the Lone<br />

Star State. We have some real treats in store. Get to<br />

know your fellow travel mates along the way. Enjoy a<br />

free evening to relax at your hotel located in the bricktown<br />

in Oklahoma City. Overnight Oklahoma City,<br />

OK<br />

DAY 2 | George W. Bush Presidential Library/<strong>Tour</strong><br />

& Dinner at Southfork Ranch (B, D)<br />

Make your way to Dallas; visit the George W. Bush<br />

Presidential Library with artifacts and exhibits of<br />

his presidency. <strong>Tour</strong> the famous Southfork Ranch<br />

and enjoy a finger-lickin’ Texas Barbecue Dinner.<br />

Overnight (2) Dallas, TX<br />

DAY 3 | Local Sightseeing <strong>Tour</strong> of Dallas/Sixth Floor<br />

Museum/Dallas Heritage Village/Dinner at Love &<br />

War in Texas (B, D)<br />

This morning meet your local guide and begin a full<br />

day of touring in the Dallas area. Visit the Texas Book<br />

Depository’s Sixth Floor Museum, chronicling the<br />

assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.<br />

This afternoon, the Dallas Heritage Museum is home to<br />

the largest and finest collection of 19th century pioneer<br />

and Victorian homes and commercial buildings in<br />

Texas. While there, you'll take part in the program "A<br />

Day in the Life" and find out what a typical day would<br />

be like in the 19th-century.<br />

Dinner tonight is at Love & War in Texas. This Plano<br />

restaurant’s concept was created to promote Texas,<br />

Texans, Texas food and Texas heritage. You will not<br />

find any “smoked salmon” or “Alaskan snow crab”<br />

on the menu. Only fresh Texas Gulf seafood, Texas<br />

produce and Texas-grown meats, all cooked into<br />

authentic Texas recipes and a collection of Texas<br />

Beers. There is also live Texas music where singers and<br />

songwriters from around the state are finding their way<br />

to what is quickly becoming a central gathering place<br />

for Texas music and musicians.<br />

DAY 4 | Johnson Space Center <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

Today, tour Space Center Houston, the official Visitors<br />

Center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. There are<br />

unparalleled exhibits, attractions, special presentations<br />

and hands-on activities that tell the story of NASA’s<br />

manned space flight program. Overnight Houston, TX<br />

DAY 5 | Houston City <strong>Tour</strong>/Bayou Bend Museum of<br />

Fine Arts/San Antonio River Walk Dinner Cruise (B, D)<br />

This morning, meet your step-on guide for a tour<br />

of Houston. Then it’s onto San Antonio, everyone's<br />

favorite “canal city.” Enjoy a space dinner voyage<br />

while meandering down the San Antonio River and<br />

learn the history of the beautiful river area. Overnight<br />

(2) San Antonio, TX<br />

DAY 6 | <strong>Tour</strong> San Antonio/Buckhorn & Texas<br />

Ranger Museum/Free Time on the Riverwalk (B)<br />

Meet your step-on guide for an area tour to include<br />

San Antonio Missions, San Fernando Cathedral, The<br />

Alamo, walking tour of King William Historic District<br />

and a driving tour of the city. The afternoon features<br />

a visit to the Texas Ranger Museum which honors<br />

the incredible history of the world’s most famous law<br />

enforcement agency. Visit the Buckhorn Museum which<br />

features wildlife from all over the world; including fish<br />

from the seven seas, animals from every continent and<br />

strange animal oddities which have been collected for<br />

over 100 years! This evening you will have free time<br />

to spend at the San Antonio Riverwalk, a network of<br />

walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River.<br />

DAY 7 | LBJ Presidential Library/Dinner at Farina’s<br />

Winery & Café (B, D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library,<br />

one of thirteen Presidential Libraries administered by<br />

the National Archives and Records Administration.<br />

President Johnson insisted that the library that bears his<br />

name tell future generations the story of this rich period<br />

of history “with the bark off.” Dinner is included tonight<br />

at Farina’s Winery & Cafe located in the heart of<br />

Grapevine’s Historic District on Main Street. Overnight<br />

Grapevine, TX<br />

DAY 8 | Oklahoma City National Memorial &<br />

Museum (B, D)<br />

Depart Texas with fond memories of the sights and<br />

sounds of the Lone Star State. In Oklahoma City, tour<br />

the National Memorial and Museum. From the first<br />

exhibit depicting everyday morning activities through<br />

the last exhibit about hope for the future, the museum<br />

makes you feel like you were there. Enjoy one last<br />

dinner with your travel mates. Overnight Oklahoma<br />

City, OK<br />

DAY 9 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head home after a fun trip to Texas. Relive<br />

all the memories with your new travel friends on the<br />

way home.<br />

30<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


6<br />

DAYS<br />

6<br />

DAYS<br />

April 29 - May 4,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

May 6-11, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Ladies, are you a fan of HGTV and the Food Network?<br />

If so, you may be a fan of Fixer Upper and The Pioneer<br />

Woman. Johanna & Chip Gaines have been a hit with<br />

the fans as they flip houses in Waco, Texas. Visit this<br />

small town that has become a popular destination for<br />

all fans. Plus along the way we visit Pawhuska, OK,<br />

home to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile!<br />

DAY 1 | The Mercantile Restaurant (D)<br />

Heading south today our destination is Pawhuska,<br />

OK. The miles will be enjoyed with our fellow gal pals<br />

as we have fun along the way. Dinner tonight will be<br />

at The Mercantile for a special “Dinner Experience.”<br />

These dinners are just held periodically for larger<br />

groups. It will be a 4-course meal of appetizer, salad,<br />

entrée and dessert all served family style! (Please<br />

note, should a conflict arise with TV filming, you will be<br />

notified.) Overnight Bartlesville, OK<br />

DAY 2 | The Merc Store & Bakery/Marland Estate<br />

(B, L)<br />

We’ll be off early this morning to shop all the special<br />

items picked out by Ree Drummand for The Mercantile<br />

Store. Pick up a cook book, update your kitchen ware,<br />

or try out some of her uniquely styled clothing. Be sure<br />

to visit the bakery for some treats. Nearby in Ponca<br />

City, we stop by to see the Pioneer Woman Statue,<br />

plus enjoy a luncheon and tour at the historic Marland<br />

Estate. Our tour will tell us about the Marland family,<br />

the industry that made the estate possible and the<br />

“oil boom-town” that rose from it all, Ponca City.<br />

Overnight Oklahoma City, OK<br />

DAY 3 | Oklahoma City National Memorial (B, D)<br />

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is<br />

a moving experience and a testament to the resolve<br />

and fortitude of those who wanted to honor those who<br />

were killed, those who survived and those changed<br />

forever by the bombing in 1995. The museum shares<br />

the timeline of events of April 19, 1995 plus the<br />

aftermath and healing that began to take place. Next,<br />

it’s onto Waco! Our late afternoon arrival gives us<br />

time to check in and head out to dinner. Overnight<br />

(2) Waco, TX<br />

DAY 4 | Waco <strong>Tour</strong>/Shopping (B)<br />

It’s time to get acquainted with Waco and see many of<br />

the sights we have grown to know from “Fixer Upper.”<br />

See the Magnolia Silos, Harp Design, the Suspension<br />

Bridge, Baylor University, Common Grounds, and<br />

drive by a few of the Fixer Upper homes on our city<br />

tour with a local guide! Now that you know the layout<br />

of the town, it’s your time to explore. Hop the local<br />

trolley and get shopping! Whether you are a browser<br />

or a buyer, it will be sure to be fun. Shop at Magnolia<br />

Market, The Finery, Spice Village, Wildland Supply<br />

Co., Sironia, Covet Apparel, and more! Choose from<br />

one of the many restaurants downtown for dinner with<br />

your friends.<br />

DAY 5 | Bedré Fine Chocolates/Wichita (B, D)<br />

We are up early today to head north to Wichita, KS.<br />

Along the way we stop at Bedré Fine Chocolates<br />

for a chance to purchase these delectable candies.<br />

In Wichita, we’ll enjoy a fun casual farewell dinner.<br />

Overnight Wichita, KS<br />


•The Pioneer Woman Mercantile<br />

•The Pioneer Woman Dinner<br />

•The Marland Estate<br />

•Oklahoma City National Museum<br />

& Memorial<br />

•Waco, Texas <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Magnolia Silos & Shops of Waco<br />

•Bedré Chocolates<br />

•9 Meals: 5 Breakfasts (B),<br />

1 Lunch (L), 3 Dinners (D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />

(April Departure)<br />


•Bartlesville, OK – Fairfield Inn<br />

•Oklahoma City, OK – Embassy<br />

Suites<br />

•Waco, TX (2) – Comfort Inn &<br />

Suites<br />

•Wichita, KS – Courtyard by Mariott<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Sioux City & Orange City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,315 Double, per person<br />

$1,625 Single<br />

$1,219 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Diane Roecker<br />

(May Departure)<br />

3<br />

active<br />

MagnoliaMarket.com<br />

DAY 6 | Home (B)<br />

Before heading for home we take time to enjoy a<br />

specialty tea & coffee company along with a stop at<br />

the Nifty Nut House, a definite must for any visitor to<br />

Wichita. We continue home this afternoon after a fun<br />

filled Ladies Only Getaway!<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />

The Mercantile<br />



7<br />

DAYS<br />

June 17-23, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Parke County Bridges tour<br />

•Bill & Gloria Gaither<br />

Homecoming Studio <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Creation Museum<br />

•Ark Encounter<br />

•Shaker Village<br />

•“My Old Kentucky Home”<br />

Musical<br />

•My Old Kentucky Home State<br />

Park<br />

•Schimpff’s Confectionery<br />

•Huber’s Family Farm<br />

•Warm Springs Ranch<br />

•14 Meals: 6 Breakfasts (B),<br />

4 Lunch (L), 2 Light Dinner (LD),<br />

2 Dinners (D)<br />


•Bloomington-Normal, IL –<br />

Holiday Inn Express<br />

•Indianapolis, IN – Drury Inn<br />

•Hebron, KY – Comfort Suites<br />

•Bardstown, KY (2) – Hampton Inn<br />

•Maryland Heights, MO – Drury Inn<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City, Luverne, MN &<br />

Sioux Falls, SD<br />

RATES<br />

$1,699 Double, per person<br />

$2,079 Single<br />

$1,579 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Roxie Mulder<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Featuring the Ark Encounter & Creation Museum<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day/Bloomington Normal (L)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> with your friends on a short get away to Indiana<br />

& Kentucky for an experience of a lifetime! Today<br />

you get to meet your new travel mates. Overnight<br />

Bloomington-Normal, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Parke County Bridges <strong>Tour</strong> (B, L, LD)<br />

The charming and rustic setting in Parke County,<br />

Indiana boasts 31 covered bridges. Discover the<br />

history behind several of these bridges with, of course,<br />

photo-ops and tour the county with a local step-on<br />

guide. Discover Amish countryside traveling through<br />

quaint Parke County. Overnight Indianapolis, IN<br />

DAY 3 | Gaither Homecoming Studio <strong>Tour</strong>/Creation<br />

Museum (B, L)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> to Alexandria, home of Bill and Gloria Gaither,<br />

and their Gaither Homecoming Studios. <strong>Tour</strong> their<br />

hometown, visit the studios where countless gospel<br />

artists have recorded their music and where lasting<br />

homecoming memories are made. <strong>Travel</strong> on to<br />

Petersburg, Kentucky and visit the Creation Museum.<br />

Biblical history comes to life as you enter the Time<br />

Tunnel. Be transported back 6000 years to the time<br />

of creation and the Garden of Eden, then experience<br />

history unfold before you through films and displays.<br />

Experience the real life gardens as you walk through<br />

on foliage adorned paths. Overnight Hebron, KY<br />

DAY 4 | Ark Encounter/Shaker Village (B, D)<br />

Since the Ark Encounter’s opening in 2016, it has<br />

been the destination for many adventurers to visit this<br />

fabulous attraction. Experience the life-size replica,<br />

according to Biblical description, of Noah’s Ark.<br />

Learn through depictions of the flood how Noah and<br />

his family filled the Ark with countless numbers of<br />

animal life. See how they lived and learn the impact<br />

of the Ark and God’s promises in today’s world. <strong>Travel</strong><br />

south to Harrodsburg and learn about the life of the<br />

Shaker community. Discover the farm, the village and<br />

The Historic Centre to learn all about the Shakers, their<br />

daily lives, their work, their values and their worship.<br />

Gain insights into their fascinating world by strolling<br />

through the many original 19th century structures<br />

that line the storied village turnpike. Overnight (2)<br />

Bardstown, KY<br />

DAY 5 | My Old Kentucky Home State Park &<br />

Home/Stephen Foster Outdoor Musical/Old<br />

Bardstown Village Civil War Museum (B, D)<br />

The Old Bardstown Village Civil War Museum explains<br />

the history of this area and the impact of the Civil War<br />

in their 5 museums and history village. Visit My Old<br />

Kentucky Home mansion in Bardstown, Kentucky for<br />

a tour that inspired the song by Stephen Foster. This<br />

beautiful historic home features a smokehouse, historic<br />

kitchen, carriage house, cabin, and springhouse which<br />

are set amongst century-old magnolias, maples, and<br />

cedar trees. Enjoy tonight’s outdoor musical drama<br />

about Stephen Foster, America’s first great composer,<br />

at My Old Kentucky Home. Celebrate Kentucky with<br />

song, dance, drama and beautiful costumes! Hear<br />

your favorite Foster songs, Oh! Susanna, Beautiful<br />

Dreamer, Camptown Races, Hard Times Come Again<br />

No More, Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair and My<br />

Old Kentucky Home.<br />

DAY 6 | Schimpff’s Confectionery/Huber’s Family<br />

Farm (B, L, LD)<br />

Schimpff’s Confectionery & Museum offers us a look at<br />

candy making. This unique family-owned candy store<br />

still cooks up their confections on turn of the century<br />

equipment. Drive on to Joe Huber’s Family Farm &<br />

Restaurant for your noon lunch – where everything is<br />

made from scratch. Overnight Maryland Heights, MO<br />

DAY 7 | Warm Springs Ranch (B)<br />

Our travel wouldn’t be complete today without a stop<br />

at Warm Springs Ranch. Learn about the Clydesdales<br />

who are born here and become majestic pullers of a<br />

famous hitch! Enjoy your ride home.<br />

32<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


5<br />

DAYS<br />

May 1-5, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> to Branson/Million Dollar Quartet (D)<br />

We are off on a springtime adventure to the Ozarks!<br />

Our travel today takes us to Branson. Enjoy dinner<br />

prior to seeing the musical "The Million Dollar<br />

Quartet," about the famed recording session with Elvis<br />

Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.<br />

Overnight (2) Branson, MO<br />

DAY 2 | Down Home Country Show/Lost Canyon/<br />

The Haygoods (B, D)<br />

Begin your day with the talented and upbeat<br />

entertainers of Down Home Country Show. An<br />

unforgettable excursion awaits us this afternoon. We<br />

are off to the Top of the Rock for a half mile ride in an<br />

electric cart along the Lost Canyon Trail. The trail takes<br />

us along dramatic rock formations, beautiful views of<br />

Table Rock Lake and cascading waterfalls inside the<br />

Lost Canyon cave. This evening enjoy a group dinner<br />

followed by The Haygoods. This popular family group<br />

showcases beautiful harmonies, innovative & energetic<br />

choreography, incredible special effects and amazing<br />

performances on over 20 different instruments.<br />

DAY 3 | Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge/Eureka<br />

Springs <strong>Tour</strong>/The Great Passion Play (B, D)<br />

A beautiful winding highway takes us on to Eureka<br />

Springs where we visit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife<br />

Refuge. A guided tour lead by a knowledgeable<br />

biology/zoology intern will take you to watch tigers,<br />

lions, leopards, cougar, bobcats, black bears and<br />

grizzly bear play, nap and run while learning about<br />

the history of the refuge, animal facts and the individual<br />

rescue stories of the animal residents. Downtown<br />

Eureka Springs is on the National Register of Historic<br />

Places and is a quaint stop for lunch & a little shopping<br />

time. This afternoon a local guide acquaints us with the<br />

history and sights of the area including the all-glass<br />

Thorncrown Chapel. After a late afternoon check-in at<br />

our hotel, we are off to dinner and the Great Passion<br />

Play, America’s #1 attended outdoor drama. Relive<br />

the Greatest Story Ever Told in this multi-level set with<br />

special lighting & sound effects, live animals and a<br />

cast of 150 Biblically costumed actors. Overnight<br />

Eureka Springs, AR<br />

Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of<br />

American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas.<br />

DAY 4 | Crystal Bridges Art Museum/Walton’s 5 &<br />

10/Simple Pleasures (B, D)<br />

Just a short drive takes us to Bentonville, AR where<br />

we visit the Crystal Bridges Museum of American<br />

Art which celebrates the American spirit in a setting<br />

that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature.<br />

Enjoy strolling the pathways around two spring-fed<br />

ponds with nearby pavilions that house art galleries, a<br />

restaurant and museum store. Whether you are a Wal-<br />

Mart shopper or not, our next stop, at the Wal-Mart<br />

Museum, gives us a chance to learn about the history<br />

of the company and see the Walton’s 5&10 store<br />

where it all began. Our day ends at Simple Pleasures<br />

where you’ll feel like you are stepping right into a<br />

Norman Rockwell painting; inviting, warm, patriotic<br />

and family friendly. Their vintage American soda<br />

fountain, autos, neon advertising and memorabilia<br />

from the 1920s to the 70s provides an adventure into<br />

America’s past. We’ll top off our time with a delicious<br />

dinner. Overnight Joplin, MO<br />

DAY 5 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head for home today after a tour of<br />

outstanding entertainment and unique sights!<br />


•Million Dollar Quartet<br />

•Down Home Country Show<br />

•Lost Canyon Nature Trail<br />

•The Haygoods<br />

•Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge<br />

•Eureka Springs <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•The Great Passion Play<br />

•Crystal Bridges Museum &<br />

Gardens<br />

•Walton’s 5 & 10<br />

•Wal-Mart Museum<br />

•Simple Pleasures<br />

•8 Meals: 4 Breakfasts (B),<br />

4 Dinners (D)<br />


•Branson, MO (2)—Grand Oaks<br />

Hotel<br />

•Eureka Springs, AR – Best Western<br />

•Joplin, MO – Hampton Inn<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$1,197 Double, per person<br />

$1,409 Single<br />

$1,145 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Loretta Mills<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



7<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 14-20, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Spend 5 nights on the Outer Banks<br />

•Raleigh City <strong>Tour</strong> with State<br />

Capitol Building<br />

•Beaufort Historic <strong>Tour</strong> & Cruise<br />

•Two ferry rides connecting the<br />

Outer Banks<br />

•Stay on Ocracoke Island with<br />

Seafood Dinner<br />

•Cape Hatteras Lighthouse<br />

•Roanoke Island with Fort Raleigh<br />

•Wright Brothers Memorial of<br />

Flight<br />

•Historic Corolla with Jeep Safari<br />

Drive<br />

•Norfolk: MacArthur Memorial +<br />

Nauticus Museum<br />

•11 Meals: 6 Breakfasts (B), 2<br />

Lunches (L), 3 Dinners (D)<br />


•Raleigh, NC - DoubleTree<br />

•Atlantic Beach, NC (2) -<br />

DoubleTree<br />

•Ocracoke Island, NC -<br />

Anchorage Inn<br />

•Nags Head, NC (2) - Ramada<br />

Oceanfront<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,829 Double, per person<br />

$3,254 Single<br />

$2,725 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

DeEtta Mayrose<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Featuring the Outer Banks, Raleigh, Atlantic Beach, Ocracoke,<br />

Nags Head & Norfolk<br />

DAY 1 | Fly to Raleigh, NC<br />

Fly to Raleigh and transfer to your hotel. Overnight<br />

Raleigh, NC<br />

DAY 2 | Raleigh City <strong>Tour</strong>/Drive To Atlantic Beach<br />

(B, D)<br />

Enjoy a narrated city tour of Raleigh, one of the fastest<br />

growing cities in the U.S. <strong>Tour</strong> the Governor's Mansion,<br />

whose interior was declared "the most beautiful in<br />

America" by FDR. <strong>Tour</strong> the State Capitol Building, see<br />

the museums of art & history, and drive through the<br />

Victorian neighborhood of Oakwood. After lunch,<br />

motor south through Croatan National Forest to the<br />

ocean at Atlantic Beach and your waterfront hotel for<br />

two nights. Overnight (2) Atlantic Beach, NC<br />

DAY 3 | Beaufort <strong>Tour</strong> & Cruise (B, L)<br />

Today, explore the inner banks town of Beaufort,<br />

established in 1709. Visit the North Carolina Maritime<br />

Museum, showcasing North Carolina's cultural<br />

heritage. Shop along historic Front Street, with its Fudge<br />

Factory and General Store. See Beaufort Historic Site<br />

and the 1700's Old Burying Grounds among the oaks<br />

with Spanish moss. This afternoon, enjoy your cruise<br />

along the inner banks, past charming old homes,<br />

working waterfronts, and possibly see dolphins and<br />

wild horses along Shackleford Banks.<br />

DAY 4 | Atlantic Beach To Ocracoke Island/<br />

Ocracoke Historical tour (B, D)<br />

At Cedar Island, ferry across the Pamlico Sound to<br />

colorful Ocracoke Island. The town of Ocracoke has<br />

the feel of a New England village, but with a semitropical<br />

air! Settle in, then partake in an afternoon<br />

historic tour. Hear about the island's pirate and WWII<br />

history, harrowing hurricanes, and shipwrecks. This<br />

evening enjoy a delicious seafood dinner (the areas<br />

specialty is its crab cakes and Hatteras clam chowder).<br />

Overnight Ocracoke Island, NC<br />

DAY 5 | Ocracoke Island To Nags Head/Cape<br />

Hatteras Lighthouse/Roanoke Island/Wright Brothers<br />

National Memorial/Beachfront Hotel (B, L)<br />

Take the short ferry to Hatteras and coach past Buxton<br />

Woods, a forest of oaks, beeches, and palmettos.<br />

Towering above the dunes is candy-striped Cape<br />

Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest brick lighthouse in the<br />

country. Cross over to Roanoke Island for a visit to<br />

Fort Raleigh, home of the first English settlement in the<br />

New World. This was the town founded by Sir Walter<br />

Raleigh, pre-dating both Jamestown and Plymouth.<br />

Then, explore the Wright Brothers National Memorial<br />

in Kill Devil Hills, the site of their first powered flight in<br />

1903. Overnight (2) Nags Head, NC<br />

DAY 6 | Day Trip to Corolla with Jeep Safari to<br />

Search for Wild Horses/Whalehead Club/Currituck<br />

Beach Lighthouse (B, D)<br />

This morning, head north up the narrow strand to the<br />

historic town of Corolla. Embark on an off-road nature<br />

safari in specially designed vehicles as we search<br />

for wild horses, sea birds and foxes along the shore.<br />

This afternoon, tour Whalehead Club, a beautifully<br />

restored 1920s Art Nouveau style residence and also<br />

see the Currituck Beach Lighthouse & Museum. Return<br />

to your hotel and relax or take an optional scenic<br />

flightseeing trip over the area. Tonight, we will all meet<br />

for our Farewell Dinner at a fine local restaurant.<br />

DAY 7 | Nags Head To Norfolk/Nauticus Maritime<br />

Museum/Fly Home (B)<br />

Coach north to Norfolk, the largest U.S. Naval Base<br />

and home to the Atlantic fleet. Visit the General<br />

Douglas MacArthur Memorial & Tomb. Later, explore<br />

Nauticus, a maritime-themed museum located on the<br />

downtown waterfront. Then arrive at the airport for<br />

your return flights home.<br />

34<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


8<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 30 - Oct. 7,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

Courtesy of Road To Tara Museum<br />

Georgia, it’s a state of mind for Southern hospitality,<br />

great food and the spirit of Scarlet O’Hara that is still<br />

alive in the deep south.<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day<br />

Board your “Georgia on My Mind” flight on your way<br />

to the deep south to Savannah. This evening you’re free<br />

to explore the historic district, which is very close to the<br />

hotel, with numerous shops and restaurants. Overnight<br />

(3) Savannah, GA<br />

DAY 2 | Old Town Savannah Trolley <strong>Tour</strong> Hop-on, Hopoff<br />

Ticket/Prohibition Museum/Owens Thomas House<br />

(B, D)<br />

This morning ride on the Old Town Savannah Trolley for<br />

a historical overlook of Savannah’s Beautiful Historic<br />

District. You’ll have a hop-on, hop-off ticket which will<br />

allow you to select the attractions that you want to<br />

see most. Included will be admission to the Prohibition<br />

Museum and the Owens Thomas House. Tonight you’re<br />

in for a real treat when you enjoy dinner at none other<br />

than Paula Dean’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant.<br />

DAY 3 | Tybee Island Science Center with Beach Walk/<br />

Dolphin Cruise/Tybee Island Light House/Dinner at<br />

Pirate’s House (B, D)<br />

An interesting day awaits – an authentic coastal<br />

experience on Tybee Island. Visit the Tybee Island Marine<br />

Science Center where their mission is to rehabilitate<br />

marine animals along with preserving Georgia’s coastal<br />

natural resources. A special treat is a beach walk with a<br />

marine biologist to point out everything from how tides<br />

work to indigenous coastal animals. This afternoon, take<br />

a dolphin cruise where you’ll see them swim around the<br />

boat in their natural habitat. This evening spend your last<br />

night in town at one of Savannah’s oldest restaurants –<br />

the Pirate’s House.<br />

DAY 4 | Antebellum Trail/Hay House/Coca Cola<br />

Museum (B, BL, LD)<br />

Bid Savannah a fond farewell as you make your way<br />

up the Antebellum Trail to Atlanta. <strong>Tour</strong> the Hay House<br />

which is a stunning historical landmark built in 1859 as<br />

an Italian Renaissance Revival Style home. Enjoy a box<br />

lunch at this beautiful home and feel like aristocracy.<br />

Then, make your way to Atlanta where you’ll take a<br />

nostalgic look at Coca Cola's past at the World of Coca<br />

Cola Museum. This evening, step into the South of days<br />

gone by when you enjoy a screening of “Gone with the<br />

Wind.” Rhett and Scarlet and Southern life will delight in<br />

this epic film. Overnight (4) Atlanta, GA<br />

DAY 5 | Atlanta City <strong>Tour</strong>/Cyclorama/Margaret<br />

Mitchell House/Road to Tara Museum/Stately Oaks<br />

Plantation/Dinner in a Schoolhouse/Skywheel Atlanta<br />

(B, D)<br />

A great day of sightseeing awaits you today. Start off<br />

with a historical city tour with a local expert guide to<br />

point out the highlights of the south’s largest metropolitan<br />

city. Next, visit Cyclorama, a 42 foot high by 158 foot<br />

long painting of the Battle of Atlanta. Then, tour the<br />

Margaret Mitchell House where it all got started on<br />

Peachtree Street in a tiny little apartment, “the dump.”<br />

This afternoon travel to Stately Oaks Plantation where<br />

Margaret Mitchell’s grandparents lived and called this<br />

area “Tara.” Then, see the unique Road to Tara Museum<br />

for a behind the scenes look of the making of the movie<br />

"Gone with the Wind." Enjoy an authentic Southern<br />

buffet dinner in an old schoolhouse before heading back<br />

to Atlanta. This evening “you can see Atlanta from here”<br />

when you board Skywheel Atlanta, towering nearly<br />

20 stories above Centennial Park with breathtaking<br />

panoramic views.<br />

DAY 6 | CNN <strong>Tour</strong>/Jimmy Carter Presidential Library<br />

and Museum/Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical<br />

Park/Stone Mountain Park (B)<br />

Start off with a tour of CNN Center and get a behindthe-scenes<br />

look at how the news really works. Then,<br />

head over to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and<br />

Museum to get a glimpse of his presidency. Learn about<br />

the man that made his mark around the world, Martin<br />

Luther King, Jr., when you visit Auburn Avenue, Ebenezer<br />

Baptist Church and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Visitors<br />

Center. This afternoon head east to Stone Mountain Park,<br />

often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World. It’s<br />

the largest high-relief sculpture, even larger than Mount<br />

Rushmore!<br />

DAY 7 | FDR Little White House/Callaway Gardens (B,<br />

LD)<br />

Today visit Warm Springs, GA, home to “The Little<br />

Whitehouse” of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The natural<br />

springs here seemed to strengthen and soothe him<br />

during his bout with polio during his presidency. Also this<br />

afternoon visit Callaway Gardens, over 12,000 acres of<br />

woodlands, lakes and gardens.<br />

DAY 8 | Fly Home (B)<br />

Does Scarlett still live in the deep south? Well, it’s up to<br />

you to decide but we think she’s alive and well.<br />


•3 Nights in Savannah<br />

•4 Nights in Atlanta<br />

•Trolley <strong>Tour</strong> of Savannah with<br />

Hop-on, Hop-off privileges<br />

•Lady and Sons Dinner<br />

•Tybee Island<br />

•Lunch in an Antebellum home<br />

•Coca Cola Museum<br />

•"Gone with the Wind" Attractions<br />

•Stately Oaks Plantation<br />

•Dinner in a Schoolhouse<br />

•CNN <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Roosevelt Little White House<br />

•Callaway Gardens<br />

•13 Meals: 7 Breakfasts (B), 1 Box<br />

Lunch (BL), 3 Dinners (D), 2 Light<br />

Dinners (LD)<br />


•Savannah, GA (3) – Fairfield Inn<br />

•Atlanta, GA (4) – Drury Inn<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,664 Double, per person<br />

$3,149 Single<br />

$2,519 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Verla Youngquist<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



10<br />

DAYS<br />

10<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 18-27, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Oct. 21-30, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Grand Ole Opry<br />

•Dollywood<br />

•Two Great Shows in Pigeon Forge<br />

•Pigeon Forge City/Countryside <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Great Smoky Mountain National Park<br />

•Blue Ridge Parkway<br />

•Billy Graham Library<br />

•Biltmore House and Gardens<br />

•The Ark Encounter<br />

•Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library<br />

•16 meals: 9 Breakfasts (B),<br />

1 Lunch (L), 3 Light Dinners (LD),<br />

3 Dinners (D)<br />


• Fairview Heights, IL – Drury Inn<br />

• Nashville, TN – Drury Inn & Suites<br />

• Pigeon Forge, TN (2) – Holiday<br />

Inn Express<br />

• Asheville, NC – Comfort Suites<br />

• Concord, NC – Comfort Suites<br />

• Cross Lanes, WV – Sleep Inn & Suites<br />

• Hebron, KY – Comfort Suites<br />

• Springfield, IL – Drury Inn & Suites<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Oct. 18 - Orange City, IA<br />

Oct. 21 - Luverne, MN & Sioux<br />

Falls, SD<br />

RATES<br />

$2,315 Double, per person<br />

$2,899 Single<br />

$2,127 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />

(Oct. 18th Departure)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Roxie Mulder<br />

(Oct. 21st Departure)<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Featuring great entertainment, beautiful scenery & inspirational sights!<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (LD)<br />

You’re off for an adventure in the Great Smoky<br />

Mountains! The miles fly by as you get acquainted<br />

with your tour director and new traveling companions.<br />

Overnight Fairview Heights, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Grand Ole Opry (B, LD)<br />

Journey on to Nashville today. Enjoy free time<br />

discovering the opulent Opryland Hotel. This evening<br />

enjoy the music of the Grand Ole Opry! Overnight<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

DAY 3 | Dollywood/Pigeon Forge/Comedy Barn<br />

(B, D)<br />

We arrive in Pigeon Forge where we overnight for<br />

the next two nights. Dollywood—the “Entertainment<br />

Capital of the Smokies” will be our first destination.<br />

See shows from Contemporary County to 50’s<br />

Rock and Roll fill the stages, and master craftsmen<br />

demonstrate glassblowing, blacksmithing, wagon<br />

making and more. Plus there are plenty of shops and<br />

eateries to choose from. October at Dollywood is<br />

extra special as they feature their Harvest Celebration<br />

and Gospel Jubilee! Tonight’s Comedy Barn show is<br />

the award-winning family variety show in the Smoky<br />

Mountains. Overnight (2) Pigeon Forge, TN<br />

DAY 4 | Pigeon Forge <strong>Tour</strong>/Christ in the Smokies<br />

Museum/Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show (B, D)<br />

This morning we are treated to a Pigeon Forge and<br />

countryside tour with a surprise! We venture towards<br />

Gatlinburg this afternoon to visit the Christ in the<br />

Smokies Museum and Gardens. This evening enjoy<br />

Pigeon Forge’s wildest show – the Hatfield and<br />

McCoy Dinner Show. You will be plum tickled with the<br />

action, excitement and comedy of this shindig.<br />

DAY 5 | Great Smoky Mountain National Park /<br />

Blue Ridge Parkway (B)<br />

Today we venture into the Great Smoky Mountain<br />

National Park. See a film at Sugarlands Visitor Center<br />

that tells you all about this beautiful park. Enjoy a<br />

break near Cherokee before we continue on the<br />

southern route of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Overnight<br />

Asheville, NC<br />

DAY 6 | Biltmore House/Billy Graham Library (B)<br />

The Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville<br />

welcomes us this morning. This is the largest private<br />

home in America. You’ll have time to tour the home,<br />

stroll through the gardens and visit the gift shop. We<br />

depart for Charlotte for an inspirational visit to the Billy<br />

Graham Library. Learn what can happen through a life<br />

yielded to God as state-of-the-art exhibits, multimedia<br />

displays and films share about the life of a humble<br />

preacher. Overnight Concord, NC<br />

DAY 7 | Old Salem (B, L)<br />

Our journey continues today to Winston-Salem, North<br />

Carolina. Through a self-guided tour of Old Salem we<br />

will gain insight into life in Salem during the 18th and<br />

19th centuries. Enjoy lunch at the historical Old Salem<br />

Tavern. Overnight Cross Lanes, WV<br />

DAY 8 | The Ark Encounter (B, D)<br />

How big was Noah’s ark? How did Noah live with all<br />

the animals? You will have a chance to experience an<br />

exciting attraction this afternoon—The Ark Encounter,<br />

featuring a full size ark with dimensions according to<br />

the Biblical description. Learn what life may have been<br />

like for Noah and his family aboard the ark. Overnight<br />

Hebron, KY<br />

DAY 9 | Lincoln Presidential Library (B, LD)<br />

Continuing east we travel into Illinois, the “Land of<br />

Lincoln.” Visit the impressive Lincoln Presidential<br />

Museum/Library. Walk in Lincoln’s footsteps, hear his<br />

speeches, and see his image. It all comes alive right<br />

before your eyes. Overnight Springfield, IL<br />

DAY 10 | <strong>Travel</strong> home (B)<br />

Recap the many fun tour experiences with fellow<br />

travelers while miles quickly glide by on our way home.<br />

36<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


5<br />

DAYS<br />

April 3-7, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | Fly to Washington, D.C.<br />

Get ready for the most comprehensive tour of<br />

Washington, D.C., you will find anywhere. You will be<br />

ready to take on all the sights after a good night’s rest.<br />

Overnight (4) Washington, D.C. area<br />

DAY 2 | U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and Capitol<br />

<strong>Tour</strong>/Library of Congress/Arlington National<br />

Cemetery (B, D)<br />

Welcome to our Nation’s Capital to celebrate spring.<br />

Your departure has been timed for the average mean<br />

blossom dates for the over 3,000 Yoshino Cherry Trees<br />

that bloom along the Tidal Basin. This morning visit the<br />

U. S. Capitol Visitor Center where you’ll see a film on<br />

the historical significance of our capital followed by<br />

a guided tour. (Photo ID is required.) Also, tour the<br />

beautiful Library of Congress with more than 650<br />

miles of bookshelves and 138 million books. While on<br />

Capitol Hill there’s a photo stop at the Supreme Court<br />

Building.<br />

This afternoon visit Arlington National Cemetery to<br />

include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Changing<br />

of the Guard (subject to conditions), John F. Kennedy’s<br />

eternal flame, the Space Shuttle Challenger Astronauts<br />

Memorial and more. This afternoon also provides a<br />

stop at the Marine Corps Memorial (Iwo Jima Statue).<br />

DAY 3 | White House Visitors Center/Potomac<br />

River Lunch Cruise/Museum of the Bible/Tidal Basin<br />

Cherry Blossom Walk-Jefferson, Martin Luther King<br />

Jr., FDR Memorials/Illumination Monument <strong>Tour</strong> (B,<br />

L, D)<br />

Start your day at the White House Visitor’s Center<br />

where you will see over 90 artifacts from the White<br />

House collection along with a documentary film,<br />

“White House: Reflections from Within." Enjoy a<br />

relaxing cruise with lunch on the Potomac River for a<br />

different view of our nation’s capital. This afternoon<br />

spend time at the Museum of the Bible. This amazing<br />

state-of-the-art museum tells the compelling history of<br />

the Bible. Take a stroll along the Tidal Basin to view<br />

the beautiful Japanese cherry trees (exact cherry<br />

blossom blooming is subject to nature and cannot be<br />

guaranteed). See the Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr.,<br />

and FDR Memorials on your walk. After dinner depart<br />

for an Illuminated Monument tour where you’ll see our<br />

nation’s memorials beautifully lit up at night to include<br />

the United States Air Force Memorial overlooking the<br />

Pentagon.<br />

DAY 4 | National WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean<br />

Memorials/Mt. Vernon/Old Town Alexandria (B, D)<br />

This morning start the day at the National World War<br />

II, Vietnam, Korean, and Lincoln Memorials which<br />

honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our<br />

country. This afternoon visit Mount Vernon, George<br />

Washington’s estate. The new Ford Orientation Center<br />

and Museum offers visitors a chance to experience<br />

Washington’s life through movies and exhibits. Stroll<br />

the gardens of the 45-acre estate and take in the views<br />

of the Potomac River from the mansion’s piazza. Take<br />

a driving tour of Old Town Alexandria where you will<br />

see Christ Church, dating back to 1773, the George<br />

Washington Masonic National Memorial, Stabler-<br />

Leadbeater Apothecary Shop and more. Enjoy dinner<br />

with your travel mates at a local Alexandria restaurant.<br />

DAY 5 | Pentagon Memorial/Smithsonian Institute<br />

of Choice/Fly Home (B)<br />

This morning visit the Pentagon Memorial dedicated to<br />

those who fell victim to the September 11, 2001 attack.<br />

You’ll have the morning and early afternoon to visit<br />

one of the many Smithsonian Museums located on<br />

the National Mall. Then it’s time to head home after a<br />

comprehensive and colorful trip to our nation’s capital.<br />


•See All the Memorials<br />

•Potomac River Cruise with Lunch<br />

•Library of Congress<br />

•Museum of the Bible<br />

•Illumination <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Mt. Vernon<br />

•Arlington National Cemetery<br />

•Smithsonian Museums<br />

•U.S. Capitol <strong>Tour</strong> & Visitors Center<br />

•8 Meals: 4 Breakfasts (B);<br />

1 Lunch (L); 3 Dinners (D)<br />


•Washington, DC area (4) –<br />

Hampton Inn – Falls Church<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City, Luverne, MN &<br />

Sioux Falls, SD<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,199 Double, per person<br />

$2,559 Single<br />

$2,099 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Roxie Mulder<br />

4<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



5<br />

DAYS<br />

July 29 - Aug. 2,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


•3 Nights NYC Hotel 2 Blocks from<br />

Time Square<br />

•9/11 Memorial & Museum<br />

•One World Observatory<br />

•New York Yankees Game<br />

•Private Club Seating & Buffet<br />

•Broadway Musical<br />

•Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island<br />

•USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space<br />

Museum<br />

•3 Meals: 1 Breakfast (B);<br />

2 Dinners (D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Eileen Toussaint<br />


•New York City Area – Hyatt Place<br />

•New York City, NY (3) –<br />

Novotel Times Square<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,499 Double, per person<br />

$3,049 Single<br />

$2,369 Triple, per person<br />


DAY 1| Fly to New York<br />

Depart for the Big Apple for a trip of New York City<br />

fun. Overnight at a hotel close to your arrival airport<br />

so you’ll be ready for a busy day in Manhattan<br />

tomorrow. Overnight New York City Area, NY<br />

DAY 2 | 9/11 Memorial & Museum/One World<br />

Observatory/Subway Ride/Yankees Baseball with<br />

Audi Club Seating (B, D)<br />

A full day of sightseeing awaits. Visit the 9/11 Memorial<br />

& Museum that captures the events of the day in a way<br />

that will make you feel like you were there. Ascend<br />

up the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere in<br />

less than 60 seconds to One World Observatory for<br />

an unbelievable view of New York City. Check into<br />

your Times Square hotel, right in the center of all the<br />

activity of New York City. Tonight experience Major<br />

League Baseball at its best at Yankee Stadium. Settle<br />

into the Audi Club, an exclusive VIP area with an airconditioned<br />

view of the field to take in all the action.<br />

Plus, enjoy a spectacular buffet from hot dogs to prime<br />

rib! Overnight (3) New York City, NY<br />

DAY 4 | Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island/Free Time<br />

Today visit NYC’s most popular attractions-the Statue<br />

of Liberty and Ellis Island. Take pictures of this famous<br />

statue and explore the fascinating and educational<br />

museum at Ellis Island. This afternoon take some free<br />

time to explore New York City. Your tour director may<br />

suggest a visit to Rockefeller Center, a ride to the top<br />

of the Empire State Building, or a tour of Radio City<br />

Music Hall.<br />

DAY 5 | Fly Home<br />

Enjoy a leisurely morning at our hotel or pick up some<br />

last-minute souvenirs. Depart the hotel mid to late<br />

morning for the return flight to Omaha after a great<br />

time of baseball, Broadway and more in New York<br />

City!<br />

*Please note the Broadway show will be selected<br />

when the current schedule is available. The Yankee's<br />

are playing Arizona Diamondbacks.<br />

leisure<br />

4<br />

active<br />

DAY 3 | City <strong>Tour</strong> of NYC/USS Intrepid Sea, Air &<br />

Space Museum/Broadway Musical (D)<br />

Get to know New York City up-close and personal<br />

with our local expert guide. See Wall Street, the<br />

UN Building, Chinatown, 5th Avenue, St. Patrick’s<br />

Cathedral, Central Park and more. This afternoon tour<br />

the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum for an upclose<br />

look at this incredible aircraft carrier that served<br />

in WWII and the Vietnam War. Tonight enjoy dinner<br />

in the theater district area and then top off the evening<br />

with a popular Broadway Musical.*<br />

38<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


12<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 8-19, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Discover the heritage of our country in our nation’s<br />

Capital, Washington D.C., and in Gettysburg,<br />

Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, Virginia.<br />

Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Fair Oaks Dairy (B, L, LD)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>ing through Indiana you will see Midwest fertile<br />

farmland. A visit to this part of the country wouldn’t be<br />

complete without stopping at Fair Oaks Dairy. Situated<br />

on 25,000 acres, this is one of the largest dairies in the<br />

U.S. Overnight Grove City, OH<br />

DAY 3 | Flight 93 National Memorial (B, D)<br />

Your journey takes you through the rolling hills of central<br />

Ohio and West Virginia. The Allegheny Mountain<br />

Foothills of Pennsylvania is the location of the Flight 93<br />

National Memorial. Overnight Gettysburg, PA<br />

DAY 4 | Gettysburg Battlefield/Washington, D.C.<br />

Illumination <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

A guided tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, one of the<br />

most important battles fought, will describe in detail<br />

the events of that battle that took place 150 years<br />

ago. The Museum and Visitor Center at Gettysburg<br />

National Military Park brings it all to life. Depart for<br />

your hotel near Washington, D.C. for a three-night<br />

stay. Visit the National World War II Memorial today.<br />

Tonight’s treat is the Illumination <strong>Tour</strong>, where, all lit up,<br />

the monuments and memorials take on a special aura<br />

of radiance. Overnight (3) Falls Church, VA<br />

DAY 5 | White House Visitor Center/U.S. Capitol<br />

<strong>Tour</strong>/Library of Congress/DC Memorials (B, D)<br />

This morning we visit the White House Visitor Center.<br />

Off to the Capitol Visitor Center on Capitol Hill<br />

for a tour of the United States Capitol (photo ID is<br />

required). Across the street is the Library of Congress.<br />

We will allow time to discover (pending scheduled<br />

events inside). Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial,<br />

the Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Veterans<br />

Memorial.<br />

DAY 6 | Arlington National Cemetery/Tomb of<br />

Unknown Soldier/Iwo Jima/Smithsonian Museum of<br />

Choice (B, D)<br />

Today’s visits include Arlington National Cemetery and<br />

the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Photo opportunities<br />

at the White House and the Iwo Jima Statue are a<br />

must. This afternoon your tour director will help you<br />

with your choice of Smithsonian Museums located on<br />

the National Mall.<br />

DAY 7 | Mount Vernon (B)<br />

Mount Vernon was the home of our first President,<br />

George Washington. Take a tour of his mansion, its<br />

outbuildings and 50 spacious acres of gardens as<br />

well as the tombs of George and Martha Washington.<br />

Overnight (2) Williamsburg, VA<br />

DAY 8 | Colonial Williamsburg (B, L)<br />

Spend the day exploring Colonial Williamsburg.<br />

Listen for the murmurings of the revolution! Explore the<br />

Governor’s Palace and hundreds of re-created and<br />

restored building sites and exhibits. Enjoy lunch at a<br />

local tavern. We return to our hotel after a full day of<br />

visiting 18th century America.<br />

DAY 9 | Jamestown/Yorktown (B)<br />

History comes alive in Jamestown Settlement and<br />

Yorktown Victory Center. Overnight Charlottesville, VA<br />

DAY 10 | Monticello/Michie Tavern (B, L)<br />

Charlottesville is home to Monticello, the imposing<br />

estate of Thomas Jefferson. Enjoy lunch at the famous<br />

Michie Tavern. Overnight Cross Lanes, WV<br />

DAY 11 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (B, LD)<br />

The drive westward showcases the beautiful bluegrass<br />

of Kentucky and the Hoosier National Forest of Indiana.<br />

Southern Illinois brings us closer to our destination of<br />

St. Louis, Missouri, for the night. Overnight Maryland<br />

Heights, MO<br />

DAY 12 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

Homeward bound today! Awesome memories remain<br />

with us after experiencing the profound heritage of our<br />

nation.<br />


•Gettysburg Battlefield<br />

•Flight 93 National Memorial<br />

•White House Visitor Center<br />

•D.C. Step-on Guide<br />

•Lighted D.C. Monument <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Washington, D.C. Monuments &<br />

Memorials<br />

•U.S. Capitol <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Library of Congress<br />

•Arlington National Cemetery<br />

•Mount Vernon<br />

•Colonial Williamsburg<br />

•Jamestown & Yorktown, VA<br />

•Monticello<br />

•21 meals: 11 Breakfasts (B),<br />

3 Lunches (L), 2 Light Dinner (LD),<br />

5 Dinners (D)<br />


•Joliet, IL – Wingate by Wyndham<br />

•Grove City, OH – Drury Inn<br />

•Gettysburg, PA – Comfort Suites<br />

•Falls Church, VA (3) – Hampton Inn<br />

•Williamsburg, VA (2) – Hampton<br />

Inn & Suites<br />

•Charlottesville, VA – Holiday Inn<br />

Monticello<br />

•Cross Lanes, WV – Sleep Inn<br />

•Maryland Heights, MO – Drury Inn<br />



Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

RATES<br />

$2,669 Double, per person<br />

$3,399 Single<br />

$2,459 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Diane Roecker<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



12<br />

DAYS<br />

12<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 22 - Oct. 3,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

Sept. 25 - Oct. 6,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


•Niagara Falls<br />

•1,000 Islands Cruise<br />

•New England Fall Foliage<br />

•Lobster Dinner<br />

•Boston City <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Newport Mansion <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•New York City<br />

•Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island<br />

•18 Meals: 11 Breakfasts (B);<br />

2 Lunches (BL/L); 5 Dinners (D)<br />


•Joliet, IL – Wingate Inn<br />

•Erie, PA – Springhill Suites<br />

•Buffalo, NY – Millenium Hotel<br />

•Watertown, NY – Fairfield Inn<br />

•Montpelier, VT – Capitol Plaza<br />

•Boston Area, MA (2) – Fairfield Inn<br />

•Secaucus, NJ (2) – Hyatt Place<br />

•Cleveland, OH – Country<br />

Inn & Suites<br />

•Joliet, IL – Wingate Inn<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Sioux City & Des Moines<br />

Sept. 22 - Luverne, MN & Sioux<br />

Falls, SD<br />

Sept. 25 - Orange City, IA<br />

RATES<br />

$2,789 Double, per person<br />

$3,524 Single<br />

$2,574 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Roxie Mulder<br />

(Sept. 22 Departure)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />

(Sept. 25 Departure)<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Including New York City & Niagara Falls<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Begin your exciting New England Autumn holiday<br />

and meet your fellow travel mates. Enjoy a welcome<br />

dinner together. Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 2 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (B)<br />

Today, travel through Michigan, Indiana, and into<br />

Pennsylvania to Erie for your overnight. Your tour<br />

director will help you get to know your new travel<br />

friends along the way. Overnight Erie, PA<br />

DAY 3 | Niagara Falls/Maid of the Mist/IMAX<br />

Theater (B, D)<br />

Your local guide will take you on a tour of the Niagara<br />

Falls area; your first stop being the Robert Moses<br />

Power Plant for a spectacular view of the lower<br />

Niagara River Gorge. You’ll also visit Whirlpool State<br />

Park and the New York State Reservation Park where<br />

you’ll feel the power of Niagara Falls up close. This<br />

afternoon, take the very popular Maid of the Mist<br />

narrated cruise to the base of the American and Horse<br />

Shoe Falls. Lastly, see on the giant IMAX screen the<br />

movie “Niagara-Miracles, Myths & Magic” for a very<br />

different perspective on the falls. Overnight Buffalo,<br />

NY<br />

DAY 4 | 1,000 Islands Cruise (B, L)<br />

Make your way across upstate New York to Alexandria<br />

Bay where you will enjoy lunch onboard your 1,000<br />

Islands 2 Nations Cruise on the St. Lawrence River.<br />

Stop at the incredible Boldt Castle; a multi-million<br />

dollar home built on its own private island. Overnight<br />

Watertown, NY<br />

DAY 5 | Lake Champlain/Shelburne Museum/<br />

Vermont (B, BL)<br />

Today take a ferry ride across Lake Champlain into<br />

Vermont. Visit the Shelburne Museum that houses<br />

diverse collections of the 19th-century American<br />

paintings, folk art, and much more. Overnight<br />

Montpelier, VT<br />

DAY 6 | Vermont State Capitol/Lobster Dinner/<br />

Morse Farms Maple Sugar Factory/New Hampshire<br />

(B, D)<br />

This morning see the Vermont State Capitol with its<br />

beautiful gold gilded dome. Witness the breathtaking<br />

vistas of the Stowe Valley and the Worcester Mountain<br />

Range as you make your way to Morse Farms Maple<br />

Sugar Factory to see how maple syrup is made. Your<br />

journey continues through New Hampshire’s White<br />

Mountains where the colors will serenade you on the<br />

way to the Boston area. Savor a lobster dinner tonight.<br />

Overnight (2) Boston area, MA<br />

DAY 7 | Concord and Lexington/Quincy Market/<br />

Boston City <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

Meet your guide for the day to explore Concord and<br />

Lexington. Hear about the exciting ride made by Paul<br />

Revere, and the North Bridge in Concord where the<br />

40<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009

“shot heard around the world” was fired. Enjoy free<br />

time in colorful Quincy Market and explore this historic<br />

city on a Boston City <strong>Tour</strong> including the Freedom Trail,<br />

Boston Common, and USS Constitution.<br />

DAY 8 | Newport <strong>Tour</strong>/Mansion <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

Today get a look at the life of the rich and famous in<br />

the early to mid-900’s when you tour their summer<br />

playground. <strong>Tour</strong> one of the incredible “summer<br />

cottages” (mansions) of the Gilded Age of wealthy<br />

families. You won’t believe the opulence built into these<br />

summer homes. Get ready for a big day tomorrow in<br />

The Big Apple. Overnight (2) Secaucus, NJ<br />

DAY 9 | Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty/New York<br />

City <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

This morning your local expert guide will show you<br />

the best of NYC including such sites as Times Square,<br />

Central Park, Fifth Avenue, 9/11 Memorial, and more.<br />

This afternoon ferry to Liberty Island to see “Lady<br />

Liberty” up close and personal. Then ferry to Ellis<br />

Island. Nearly 40 percent of all Americans can trace<br />

their roots to this port of entry. See the Immigration<br />

Museum, the Baggage Room, Registry Room, and<br />

the American Wall of Honor which pays tribute to<br />

more than 12 million immigrants who entered the U.S.<br />

between 1892 to 1954.<br />

DAY 10 | Pocono Mountains/Allegheny<br />

Mountains/Ohio (B, D)<br />

Pennsylvania shows off its fall splendor as you travel<br />

through both the Pocono and Allegheny Mountains<br />

into the countryside of Ohio. Overnight Cleveland,<br />

OH<br />

DAY 11 | Amish Community (B, D)<br />

Today, visit Shipshewana, home to one of the largest<br />

Amish communities in the world. Get a glimpse of their<br />

lifestyle during a guided “Backroads Country <strong>Tour</strong>.”<br />

Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 12 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> home with many memories of America’s history<br />

and New England’s fall foliage to share with your<br />

friends and family.<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



8<br />

DAYS<br />

Oct. 17-24, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Lexington & Concord <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Historic Boston City <strong>Tour</strong> with<br />

Harvard Univ.<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> the Cape from Hyannis to<br />

Provincetown<br />

•Cape Cod Nat’l Seashore Dune<br />

<strong>Tour</strong><br />

•9/11 Memorial & Museum<br />

•NYC Highlights <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island<br />

•Valley Forge<br />

•Independence Square Walking<br />

<strong>Tour</strong><br />

•National Constitution Center<br />

•10 Meals: 6 Breakfasts (B);<br />

4 Dinners (D)<br />


•North Boston, MA (2) –Hilton<br />

Hotel Woburn<br />

•Hyannis, MA (2)—Fairfield Inn<br />

•New York, NY – Cambria Suites<br />

•Philadelphia, PA (2)—Holiday Inn<br />

Express<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont & Sioux City<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />


RATES<br />

$2,879 Double, per person<br />

$3,499 Single<br />

$2,694 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Vonis Schroeder<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Featuring Boston, Cape Cod, Philadelphia & New York City<br />

DAY 1 | Fly to Boston (D)<br />

Explore the history & sites during the fall foliage<br />

season as we visit Boston, Cape Cod, New York City<br />

and Philadelphia. Fly to Boston today. Overnight (2)<br />

North Boston, MA<br />

DAY 2 | Lexington/Concord/ Boston City <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

Meet your local guide this morning and start with the<br />

Lexington and Concord <strong>Tour</strong>. It was here that the first<br />

shots of the Revolution were fired as the farmers took<br />

a stand against British oppression. Your guide will take<br />

you to North Bridge where the “shot heard ‘round<br />

the world” was fired. This afternoon visit Harvard<br />

Yard in Cambridge. Your guide will offer you insights<br />

about Harvard University and the students who go<br />

there. We continue touring in Boston where we learn<br />

about the different districts of the city including the<br />

Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Boston Common and visit<br />

America’s first public park, the Public Garden. See<br />

the Old Statehouse, once headquarters for English<br />

governors and later the site where the Declaration of<br />

Independence was read. Plus many more famous sites<br />

including the Old North Church. Enjoy dinner on your<br />

own at the popular Quincy Market.<br />

DAY 3 | Plymouth <strong>Tour</strong>ing/JFK Museum (B, D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> takes us to Plymouth, home of our Pilgrim<br />

Fathers and one of the country’s first settlements. See<br />

Plymouth Rock and enjoy a tour of Plymouth which<br />

also includes the Forefather’s Monument, the largest<br />

solid granite monument in the U.S. Visit the Pilgrim Hall<br />

Museum which houses an unmatched collection of<br />

Pilgrim possessions. Arrive in Hyannis for the John F.<br />

Kennedy Museum where we discover why he loved<br />

this place so, and how he spent his time on “the cape.”<br />

The day is topped off with a Lobster Dinner! Overnight<br />

(2) Hyannis, MA<br />

DAY 4 | Cape Cod Seashore/Provincetown/Sand<br />

Dune <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> Old King’s Highway, a scenic byway winding<br />

through centuries of Cape Cod history. View the<br />

Eastham Windmill, a Cape Cod Lighthouse and visit<br />

the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor’s Center.<br />

“Land’s End” finds us at Provincetown—the extreme tip<br />

of the cape, where we take time to enjoy a lunch break<br />

and shopping. This afternoon we board SUV-type<br />

dune vehicles for a tour out on the protected lands of<br />

the Cape Cod National Seashore. Watch for wildlife<br />

and see the “dune shacks” where famous artists and<br />

writers worked.<br />

DAY 5 | New York City/ National 9/11 Museum (B)<br />

We are off to the Big Apple. This afternoon we visit<br />

the 9/11 Memorial & Museum which serves as<br />

the country’s principal institution concerned with<br />

remembering and documenting that historic day.<br />

Enjoy a free evening in the city that never sleeps. Your<br />

tour director will assist with options. Overnight New<br />

York, NY<br />

DAY 6 | NY City <strong>Tour</strong>/Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island<br />

This morning, we are greeted by a local guide who<br />

shares the highlights of New York City. See 5th<br />

Avenue, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, St. Patrick’s<br />

Cathedral, UN Building, an ethnic neighborhood,<br />

Wall Street & more. We then take the ferry from<br />

Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.<br />

Time will be given to see the statue up-close and to<br />

explore the Ellis Island Museum, which tells the stories<br />

of the immigrants who passed thru on their way to the<br />

American dream. Overnight (2) Philadelphia, PA<br />

DAY 7 | Valley Forge/ Independence Square (B, D)<br />

The Encampment at Valley Forge is the epic story of<br />

an army’s struggle to survive. Featured sites include<br />

the farmhouse that Washington used as headquarters,<br />

soldiers’ huts, and the Memorial Chapel & Arch. This<br />

afternoon, experience history where it happened<br />

as we visit the most historic square mile in the U.S.—<br />

Independence Square! On our walking tour we will<br />

see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross<br />

House, Christ Church & more. We’ll end our day with<br />

a colonial-style dinner at the historic City Tavern which<br />

was established in 1773 and was declared as “the<br />

most genteel tavern in America” by John Adams.<br />

DAY 8 | Fly Home (B)<br />

We top our trip off with a visit to the National<br />

Constitution Center before we head to the airport for<br />

your flight home.<br />

42<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


5<br />

DAYS<br />

Nov. 25-29, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | Fly to New York (D)<br />

Upon arrival in New York, your tour director will greet<br />

you at the hotel at 6:00 p.m. for a get-acquainted<br />

dinner, a great way to begin your New York City<br />

adventure. Overnight (4) New York City, NY<br />

DAY 2 | New York City <strong>Tour</strong>/Top of the Rock<br />

Observation Deck<br />

There is so much to see in this amazing city! After<br />

breakfast on your own, enjoy a sightseeing tour<br />

including Wall Street, 5th Avenue, China Town, to<br />

name just a few. Also see Battery Park, the Brooklyn<br />

Bridge, Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Your<br />

city tour ends at Rockefeller Center where you climb<br />

aboard the elevator to the observation deck located<br />

at the “Top of the Rock” for a spectacular panoramic<br />

view of Manhattan and New York City. The evening is<br />

yours at leisure.<br />

DAY 4 | Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and<br />

Farewell Dinner (D)<br />

As traditional as family gatherings, turkey feasts, and<br />

football games on Thanksgiving Day, is the annual<br />

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This extravaganza<br />

features a host of clowns, floats, marching bands,<br />

celebrities and the famous gigantic balloons that<br />

follow the parade overhead. This evening gather<br />

with your fellow traveling companions for a special<br />

farewell dinner hosted by your tour director.<br />

DAY 5 | Return Home<br />

This morning, depending on flight time, is free for you<br />

to hit the stores again in search of gifts for friends and<br />

family. Recall all the colorful memories of New York at<br />

Thanksgiving on your <strong>Allied</strong> tour.<br />


•4 nights lodging in the heart of<br />

New York City’s Times Square<br />

•Narrated <strong>Tour</strong> of New York City<br />

with a Local Guide<br />

•Top of the Rock Observation Deck<br />

•Narrated Manhattan Circle Island<br />

Cruise<br />

•Christmas Spectacular by the<br />

Rockettes at Radio City Music<br />

Hall<br />

•Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving<br />

Day Parade<br />

•Special Farewell Thanksgiving<br />

Dinner<br />

•3 Meals: 2 Dinners (D), 1 Lunch (L)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

DeEtta Mayrose<br />


•New York City, NY (4) - Crowne<br />

Plaza Times Square<br />



Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Sioux City & Fremont<br />

Call for air from your home city.<br />

RATES<br />

$3,698 Double, per person<br />

$4,495 Single<br />


leisure<br />

3<br />

active<br />

DAY 3 | Statue of Liberty Circle Cruise/Rockette’s<br />

Christmas Spectacular Show (L)<br />

This morning, climb aboard your vessel and take to<br />

the water for a circle cruise around Manhattan Island.<br />

Learn about this incredible city and see the Statue of<br />

Liberty on this narrated cruise. Celebrate the holiday<br />

season when you head to Radio City Music Hall for a<br />

performance of the world-famous Rockette’s and their<br />

very special “Christmas Spectacular” show.<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



11<br />

DAYS<br />

June 22 - July 2,<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


•Helicopter Glacier Excursion<br />

•Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise<br />

•Raft Trip on the Bow River<br />

•Northwest Mounted Police Patrol<br />

Performance<br />

•Medora Musical & Pitchfork<br />

Fondue<br />

•16 Meals: 10 Breakfasts (B);<br />

6 Dinners (D)<br />


•Rapid City, SD – Best Western<br />

•Billings, MT – Holiday Inn Grand<br />

Montana<br />

•Lethbridge, AB – Holiday Inn Express<br />

•Calgary, AB – Holiday Inn<br />

•Banff, AB – Banff Aspen Lodge<br />

•Jasper, AB – Sawridge Inn<br />

•Edmonton, AB – Hampton Inn<br />

•Regina, SK – Sheraton 4 Points<br />

•Medora, ND – Rough Riders Hotel<br />

•Pierre, SD – Holiday Inn Express<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus &<br />

Sioux City<br />


RATES<br />

$2,999 Double, per person<br />

$3,829 Single<br />

$2,775 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Verla Youngquist<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Including a Helicopter Glacier Excursion<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day<br />

Get ready for a journey of spectacular mountain<br />

scenery to cool off your summer with a Canadian<br />

Rockies adventure. Overnight Rapid City, SD<br />

DAY 2 | Little Bighorn (B, D)<br />

This afternoon visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield<br />

National Monument that memorializes the U.S. Army<br />

7th Calvary and the Sioux and the Cheyenne in one<br />

of the Native American’s last armed efforts to preserve<br />

their way of life. Enjoy dinner tonight with your fellow<br />

travel mates. Overnight Billings, MT<br />

DAY 3 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (B, D)<br />

Make your way north through Big Sky Country and<br />

into Canada where you’ll start your Canadian Rockies<br />

adventure. Overnight Lethbridge, AB<br />

DAY 4 | Fort Museum of the Northwest Mounted<br />

Police/Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Interpretive<br />

Center/Calgary Tower (B, D)<br />

This morning visit the Fort Museum of the Northwest<br />

Mounted Police and learn about this celebrated law<br />

enforcement agency. Witness the Mounted Patrol<br />

musical ride as well as the very colorful “March of the<br />

Red Coats.” This afternoon visit the Head-Smashed-<br />

In Buffalo Interpretive Center where stampeded herds<br />

of buffalo were forced over sandstone cliffs to their<br />

deaths. This evening get a beautiful view of Calgary<br />

from the Calgary Tower. Overnight Calgary, AB<br />

DAY 5 | Banff Scenic Overlook/Raft Trip on the Bow<br />

River/Leisure Time (B)<br />

Make your way to Banff, everyone’s favorite mountain<br />

community, nestled in the beautiful Banff Valley. An<br />

exciting <strong>Allied</strong> exclusive adventure awaits when you<br />

raft down the Bow River. You’ll see “hoodoos” that can<br />

only be seen from the river! The raft is suitable for all<br />

ages. Your hotel is perfectly located for you to discover<br />

Banff at leisure this afternoon. Overnight Banff, AB<br />

Rockies, and, maybe you’ll snap a photo of wildlife<br />

along the way. Get ready for the most exhilarating<br />

20 minutes of your life on a helicopter glacier tour. It’s<br />

filled with amazing sights that can only be seen from<br />

the air! Overnight Jasper, AB<br />

DAY 7 | West Edmonton Mall (B)<br />

Leave the beautiful Canadian Rockies and head east<br />

to Edmonton, home to the West Edmonton Mall, North<br />

America’s largest shopping complex. There are over<br />

800 stores and services including nine attractions,<br />

two hotels, and over 100 dining venues. You will<br />

be absolutely amazed at this one-of-a-kind mall.<br />

Overnight Edmonton, AB<br />

DAY 8 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (B)<br />

Sit back and relax as you make your way across<br />

Alberta and Saskatchewan. Overnight Regina, SK<br />

DAY 9 | Pitchfork Fondue/Medora Musical (B, D)<br />

Tonight celebrate our western culture with a Pitchfork<br />

Fondue-rib-eye steak cooked on a pitchfork. Then,<br />

witness the high energy Medora Musical with singing,<br />

dancing, and comedy performed in a beautiful<br />

outdoor amphitheater in the Theodore Roosevelt<br />

National Park. Overnight Medora, ND<br />

DAY 10 | Enchanted Highway (B, D)<br />

A special treat awaits when you travel off the beaten<br />

path along the Enchanted Highway of North Dakota.<br />

You won’t believe what you’ll see as we travel this<br />

highway. Overnight Pierre, SD<br />

DAY 6 | Lake Louise/Helicopter Glacier Excursion/<br />

Ice Fields Parkway (B, D)<br />

This morning visit breathtaking Lake Louise with its<br />

shimmering emerald-green waters. <strong>Travel</strong> up the<br />

Icefields Parkway with alpine vistas of the Canadian<br />

DAY 11 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to end our journey as we return home to the<br />

heartland of America after a beautiful tour to the<br />

majestic Canadian Rockies! Sit back and share your<br />

memories with your new-found friends.<br />

44<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009


8<br />

DAYS<br />

Aug. 16-23, <strong>2019</strong><br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Cool off this summer with a trip to two of Canada’s<br />

favorite destinations-Niagara Falls and Toronto.<br />

You’ll see the best of these two cities with <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s.<br />

Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Studebaker National Museum (B)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> to South Bend, IN where you’ll stop at the<br />

Studebaker National Museum. Get a close-up look at<br />

this iconic American automobile and see the models<br />

that you’re sure to remember. Overnight Cleveland, OH<br />

DAY 3 | Maid of the Mist Cruise/Floral Clock/<br />

Queen Victoria Park/Dinner at the Skylon Tower (B, D)<br />

Get out your passports today as we cross the border<br />

into Canada. Enjoy lunch (on your own) at beautiful<br />

Queen Victoria Park. This afternoon board the Maid of<br />

the Mist where you’ll come up close and personal with<br />

the power and majesty of Niagara Falls. Also, see the<br />

Floral Clock created by Parks Canada, “one-of-a-kind”<br />

in the world. This evening go high atop the Skylon Tower<br />

for a delicious dinner and a beautiful view of Niagara<br />

Falls lit up at night. Overnight (3) Niagara Falls, ON<br />

DAY 4 | Toronto City <strong>Tour</strong>/Casa Loma Castle/<br />

Toronto Harbor Cruise (B, L)<br />

Today make you way to Toronto, once described by<br />

Fortune Magazine as “The World’s Newest Great<br />

City.” Your first stop is the medieval-style castle-Casa<br />

Loma, with its 98 rooms built in 1911. Cruise through the<br />

tranquil waters of Toronto’s naturally protected harbor,<br />

past Toronto’s newly revitalized harbor front and<br />

Toronto Island Parklands.<br />

DAY 5 | Niagara Sky Wheel / IMAX "Miracles and<br />

Myths"/Whitewater Adventure/Niagara on the Lake (B)<br />

This morning get a spectacular view of the falls from high<br />

atop the Niagara SkyWheel. It’s the most thrilling way<br />

to see the falls in a fully enclosed gondola! You’ll feel<br />

like a kid again. Get a view of the falls from a different<br />

perspective at the IMAX Miracles and Myths movie.<br />

You’ll see what it’s like to go over the falls in a barrel!<br />

Then, “take a walk on the wild side” when you visit the<br />

Whitewater Walk for an unbelievable view of the Class<br />

6 whirlpool rapids from a 1,000-foot boardwalk at<br />

water’s edge over the Niagara River Gorge. Also, stop<br />

at the impressive Whirlpool Basin Outlook at the Lower<br />

Niagara Gorge. This afternoon visit quaint Niagara on<br />

the Lake, a well-preserved 19th-century village in the<br />

heart of Ontario’s wine region. Take time to stroll the<br />

village with its beautiful floral arrangements throughout<br />

the town and take time to enjoy the atmosphere. Return<br />

to your hotel for an evening at leisure.<br />

DAY 6 | Buffalo, NY Sightseeing (B, L)<br />

This morning travel to the “Queen City of the Lakes”-<br />

Buffalo, NY. Enjoy the beauty of this vibrant and<br />

historic city when you travel the Frederick Law Olmsted<br />

Parkways and learn about the many renowned<br />

architectural sites on Mansion Row. <strong>Tour</strong> Frank Lloyd<br />

Wright’s Darwin Martin House, rated as one of the<br />

finest examples of prairie-style architecture. Overnight<br />

Cleveland, OH<br />

DAY 7 | Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (B, L, D)<br />

This morning take time to tour the incredible Rock and<br />

Roll Hall of Fame. It’s dedicated to exploring the past,<br />

present, and future of the music that shaped America’s<br />

Baby Boomers. The impressive collection of exhibits<br />

will surely bring back memories of the artists that made<br />

music history. Overnight Hammond, IN<br />

DAY 8 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

It’s time to head home after getting amazing and<br />

breathtaking views of all the best of Niagara Falls and<br />

Toronto with <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s.<br />


•Maid of the Mist Cruise<br />

•Dinner at Skylon Tower<br />

Overlooking the Falls<br />

•Niagara Whitewater Adventure<br />

•Niagara on the Lake<br />

•Casa Loma Castle<br />

•Toronto Harbor Cruise<br />

•13 Meals: 7 Breakfasts (B);<br />

3 Lunches (L); 3 Dinners (D)<br />


•Joliet, IL – Wingate Inn<br />

•Cleveland, OH – Hampton Inn<br />

•Niagara Falls, ON (3) – Holiday<br />

Inn<br />

•Cleveland, OH – Double Tree<br />

•Hammond, IN – Holiday Inn<br />

Express<br />


Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Des Moines & Sioux City<br />


RATES<br />

$2,139 Double, per person<br />

$2,699 Single<br />

$1,974 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Darlene Wees<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />



16<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 4-19, <strong>2019</strong><br />


•Edison Birthplace Museum<br />

•West Point Military Academy<br />

•Bay of Fundy<br />

•Peggy’s Cove<br />

•Halifax Guided <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Citadel Nat’l. Historic Site<br />

•Cape Breton Island<br />

•Alexander Graham Bell Museum<br />

•Cabot Trail<br />

•Prince Edward Island<br />

•Anne of Green Gables Home<br />

•Hopewell Rocks<br />

•Quebec City & Montreal City <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

•Notre Dame Cathedral<br />

•CN Tower<br />

•Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield<br />

Village<br />

•Circa 21 Dinner Theater<br />

•22 Meals; 15 Breakfasts (B), 1<br />

Boxed Lunch (BL), 6 Dinners (D)<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Director -<br />

Elaine DeJong<br />


•Joliet, IL – Wingate by Wyndham<br />

•Elyria, OH – Country Inn & Suites<br />

•Fishkill, NY – Comfort Suites<br />

•Ogunquit, ME – Aspinquid Resort<br />

•St. John, NB – Chateau St. John<br />

•Halifax, NS – Atlantica Hotel<br />

•Baddeck, NS – The Silver Dart<br />

Resort (2)<br />

•Charlottetown, PEI –<br />

Charlottetown Inn<br />

•Fredericton, NB – The Riverside<br />

Resort<br />

•Sainte-Foy, QC – <strong>Travel</strong> Lodge<br />

•Montreal, QC – Hotel Villemarie<br />

•Toronto, ON – Hampton Inn<br />

•Dearborn, MI – BW Greenfield Inn<br />

•Moline, IL – Stoney Creek Inn<br />

DAY 1 | <strong>Travel</strong> Day (D)<br />

Venture forth to the indescribable beauty and<br />

ruggedness of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island,<br />

and New Brunswick. Enjoy a welcome dinner in Joliet,<br />

IL. Overnight Joliet, IL<br />

DAY 2 | Edison Birthplace Museum (B)<br />

In Milan, Ohio visit the Edison Birthplace Museum,<br />

a well-preserved house where inventor Thomas A.<br />

Edison spent his first seven years. Overnight Elyria, OH<br />

DAY 3 | Allegheny Mountains/Pocono Mountains<br />

(B)<br />

The beauty of the Allegheny Mountains gives way to<br />

the high mountain meadows and lush wooded forests<br />

of the Poconos. Your journey takes you into New York<br />

for the night. Overnight Fishkill, NY<br />

DAY 4 | West Point Military Academy <strong>Tour</strong> (B, D)<br />

A guided tour of West Point Military Academy tells the<br />

story of this prestigious military academy. Learn of its<br />

role in the Revolution and its famous history with stops<br />

at Trophy Point and more. Feast on a traditional Maine<br />

lobster bake. Overnight Ogunquit, ME<br />

DAY 5 | Coastal Drive (B, D)<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> up the coast toward Kennebunkport, Maine.<br />

Get your passport out today as we enter Canada,<br />

aye? Overnight St. John, NB<br />

a narrow inlet with the lighthouse perched high on<br />

huge wave-washed granite boulders, will awe you.<br />

Overnight Halifax, NS<br />

DAY 7 | Halifax Guided <strong>Tour</strong>/Citadel Nat’l Historic<br />

Site (B)<br />

A guided tour of Halifax reveals many historic<br />

buildings, parks, and of course, the second largest<br />

natural harbor in the world. See the Citadel National<br />

Historic Site, a fortress with its impressive ramparts<br />

and fortifications dominating the skyline. We travel to<br />

Cape Breton Island via the Canso Causeway which<br />

joins the island to the main section of Nova Scotia.<br />

Overnight (2) Baddeck, NS<br />

DAY 8 | Alexander Graham Bell Museum/Cabot<br />

Trail/Cape Breton Island (B, BL)<br />

Discover the impressive Alexander Graham Bell<br />

Museum and his many contributions to science.<br />

Explore the Cabot Trail, a coastal highway described<br />

as one of the most spectacular drives in North America.<br />

The Cabot Trail winds through Cape Breton Highlands<br />

National Park, a wilderness area home to a variety of<br />

wildlife, and culture.<br />

DAY 6 | CAT Ferry/Bay of Fundy/Peggy’s Cove (B)<br />

We board the CAT ferry to Digby, NS. <strong>Travel</strong> to<br />

Lunenburg for a visit to this colorful waterfront.<br />

Peggy’s Cove, a uniquely rugged fishing village on<br />

DAY 9 | Prince Edward Island/Anne of Green<br />

Gables Home (B)<br />

On to Prince Edward Island and Charlottetown via a<br />

ferry. The many shades of green along with the blue<br />

sky and sea and red rich soil, make Prince Edward<br />

Island a photographer’s dream. Stop for a tour of<br />

Charlottetown, and then visit the home of Anne of<br />

Green Gables. Overnight Charlottetown, PEI<br />

46<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009

DAY 10 | Confederation Bridge/Hopewell Rocks<br />

(B, D)<br />

After crossing the Confederation Bridge to Cape<br />

Tormentine, New Brunswick, continue to Hopewell<br />

Rocks where a guide will explain the phenomenon<br />

of the Fundy tides, which have gouged four-story<br />

flower pot type sculptures out of the cliffs. Overnight<br />

Fredericton, NB<br />

DAY 12 | Quebec City <strong>Tour</strong>/Montreal City <strong>Tour</strong> (B)<br />

A guided tour reveals beautiful Quebec City with its<br />

European atmosphere. Quebec City is unique in North<br />

America as the only walled city north of Mexico. After<br />

traveling to Montreal, explore both the old and the new<br />

of this interesting metropolis. Overnight Montreal, QC<br />

DAY 13 | Notre Dame Cathedral/CN Tower/<br />

Toronto (B, D)<br />

Visit the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, one of<br />

the largest churches in North America. The impressive<br />

stained glass windows depict religious scenes and<br />

the history of the original parish. Enjoy dinner and<br />

spectacular views at the famous Toronto CN Tower,<br />

the world’s tallest building. Overnight Toronto, ON<br />

DAY 14 | Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village<br />

(B)<br />

Say Bon Voyage to Canada! Explore the amazing<br />

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.<br />

Experience years of history as the sights, sounds, and<br />

sensations of America’s past come alive. Overnight<br />

Dearborn, MI<br />

DAY 11 | Quebec City (B)<br />

Say good-bye to the Atlantic Provinces and venture<br />

to the province of Quebec, to experience its<br />

predominately French culture. Overnight Sainte-Foy,<br />

QC<br />

The Henry Ford<br />

DAY 15 | Circa 21 Dinner Theater (B, D)<br />

Enjoy a relaxing evening at the Circa 21 Dinner<br />

Theater for their production “Singing in the Rain,” the<br />

greatest musical of all time! Overnight Moline, IL<br />

DAY 16 | <strong>Travel</strong> Home (B)<br />

A myriad of memories of all the places we have been<br />

and the things we have seen will be fun to share with<br />

new-found friends as we travel home.<br />


Omaha, Council Bluffs, Lincoln,<br />

Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus,<br />

Fremont, Des Moines, Sioux City &<br />

Orange City<br />


RATES<br />

$3,989 Double, per person<br />

$5,129 Single<br />

$3,625 Triple, per person<br />


leisure<br />

3<br />

active<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />




CRUISE<br />

11<br />

DAYS<br />

Sept. 20-30, <strong>2019</strong><br />


8<br />

DAYS<br />

Feb. 20-27, <strong>2019</strong><br />



10<br />

DAYS<br />

Aug. 18-27, 2020<br />

You may qualify for<br />

Free or 50% Reduced<br />

air. Call for details.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> the river of Kings on this relaxing and<br />

inspiring cruise on the romantic Rhine, Europe’s<br />

longest river. <strong>Travel</strong> aboard a modern cruise<br />

vessel, specially designed for river cruising.<br />

Visit iconic ports of call of Lucerne, Basel,<br />

Strasbourg, Mannheim, Koblenz, Cologne,<br />

and Amsterdam; sample incredible cuisine,<br />

and get absorbed in a medieval atmosphere<br />

that is so much of what Europe is all about.<br />

Call (800) 672-1009 for a complete tour flier.<br />


•Visit 4 Countries<br />

•Many Shore Excursions Included<br />

•First-Class Service with English Speaking<br />

Crew<br />

•Complimentary Regional Wines, Beer,<br />

and Soft Drinks with onboard Lunches and<br />

Dinners<br />

•Complimentary Bottled Water in Cabin<br />

•Complimentary Bicycles onboard<br />

•Complimentary Wi-Fi Onboard<br />

•Evening Entertainment<br />

•23 Meals: 9 Breakfasts; 6 Lunches;<br />

8 Dinners<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director - TBA<br />

(with 15 or more travelers)<br />


Switzerland, France,<br />

Germany & the Netherlands<br />

RATES<br />

$5,848 Category E - Riviera Deck, pp<br />

$5,944 Category D - Riviera Deck, pp<br />

$6,295 Category C - Vista Deck, pp<br />

$6,495 Category B - Vista Deck, pp<br />

Costa Rica is a land of contrasts and limitless<br />

possibilities from extensive rainforests,<br />

volcanoes, and rivers traveling through<br />

mountains. There are beaches and natural<br />

resources safeguarded by national parks<br />

and forest preserves and will amaze you<br />

with their beauty. Join us for an amazing<br />

holiday in Costa Rica.<br />

Call (800) 672-1009 for a complete tour flier.<br />


•Visit Poas Volcano<br />

•Doka Coffee Estate<br />

•Gentle Hike at the Base of Arenal Volcano<br />

•3 Nights in Arenal Area<br />

•Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge<br />

•Jungle Crocodile Safari<br />

•Manuel Antonio National Park<br />

•3 nights in Manuel Antonio<br />

•Local Expert Costa Rican Guides<br />

•13 Meals: 7 Breakfasts; 2 Lunches;<br />

4 Dinners<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director - TBA<br />

(with 15 or more travelers)<br />


RATES<br />

$3,598 Double, per person<br />

$4,425 Single<br />

This tour is in high demand. If you want to go,<br />

make your reservation very soon as space is<br />

very limited!<br />

The Oberammergau Passion Play happens<br />

once every ten years! If you missed it in 2010,<br />

here’s your chance to witness this incredible<br />

event with <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s and Mayflower <strong>Tour</strong>s.<br />

Call (800) 672-1009 for a complete tour flier.<br />


•2 Nights in Munich<br />

•Munich City <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Overnight in Oberammergau<br />

•Premier Seating for The Passion Play<br />

•Salzburg City <strong>Tour</strong> and Sound of Music <strong>Tour</strong><br />

•Hellburnn Castle<br />

•Free Day in Salzburg<br />

•2 Nights in Vienna<br />

•Danube Valley River Cruise<br />

•And Much More!<br />

•4 Star Hotels Throughout<br />

•<strong>Tour</strong> Director - TBA<br />

(with 15 or more travelers)<br />


RATES<br />

$6,059 Double, per person<br />

$6,839 Single<br />




48<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009

What to Know Before You Go<br />

How to Make a Reservation<br />

When you select the tour of your choice:<br />

1. Call <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong> to check on availability and to make your<br />

reservation. Call Toll Free 1-800-672-1009 or 402-371-3840,<br />

or book online at <strong>Allied</strong>TT.com.<br />

2. If space is available, the appropriate tour deposit is required within<br />

seven (7) days after making your reservation. Please see below for<br />

deposit amounts. You will be sent a confirmation of your deposit<br />

once your payment is received.<br />

Deposits<br />

•Coach <strong>Tour</strong>s - $100 per person<br />

•Domestic Air & Rail <strong>Tour</strong>s - $300 per person<br />

•New York Broadway & Baseball - $400 per person<br />

•International <strong>Tour</strong>s - $400 per person<br />

•Romantic Rhine Cruise - $300 per person<br />

•Hawaii/Panama Cruises - $600 per person<br />

•Alaska Cruise & <strong>Tour</strong> – 20% of the total fare<br />

Deposits are subject to change.<br />

Final Payment<br />

Final payment is due 45-90 days prior to<br />

departure, or as stated on your deposit<br />

statement. You may remit by personal<br />

check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or<br />

American Express.<br />

Final Documents<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> documents will be sent approximately two weeks prior to<br />

departure, provided full payment has been received. The documents<br />

will include a detailed itinerary, departure times and locations, hotel<br />

lists, medical form, luggage tags, and other helpful information.<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> Inclusions<br />

Motor coach transportation, airfare, cruise, and rail transportation<br />

as stated in the itinerary, hotel accommodations, all admissions and<br />

meals per itinerary, all taxes for included items, gratuities for stepon<br />

guides and wait staff (for included meals), luggage handling at<br />

hotels when available, and service of a professional tour director<br />

(see cruises and international tours for tour director minimums).<br />

Not Included on <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

Not included on motor coach, cruises, rail, fly-in, and international<br />

tours are meals not listed in the itinerary, optional tours, travel<br />

insurance, room incidentals, alcoholic beverages, luggage fees<br />

assessed by airlines, items of personal nature, gratuities for tour<br />

director, driver, rail or cruise staff, required documentation for<br />

domestic air tours, tours entering Canada/international travel,<br />

government fees, passport & VISA fees, airport departure taxes and<br />

other miscellaneous fees.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>er Conduct & Special Needs<br />

<strong>Tour</strong>s are fun, but the enjoyment of the tour is based on everyone being<br />

friendly and cooperative. <strong>Allied</strong> reserves the right to accept or decline<br />

any passenger on any tour if <strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong> determines a passenger would<br />

be detrimental to the tour. Once a tour departs, any passenger disruptive<br />

to the group may be asked to leave the tour. Expenses to return home<br />

would be the responsibility of the passenger. No refunds will be issued<br />

for unused portions of the tour.<br />

Please notify us of any special needs at the time of reservation. We will<br />

make all reasonable efforts to assist with your travel arrangements.<br />

However, it is strongly recommended that a traveling companion come<br />

along to help with any special needs of anyone with a disability. <strong>Allied</strong>’s<br />

tour directors have responsibilities for the entire group and can’t provide<br />

one-on-one care. This includes boarding of motor coaches, airplanes,<br />

cruise ships, etc. and traversing hotels, restaurants, attractions, or other<br />

personal needs, etc. Contact <strong>Allied</strong> if you have any questions.<br />

Single <strong>Travel</strong>ers<br />

Single travelers are guaranteed one seat on the motor coach and may<br />

be seated next to another traveler if the tour is full.<br />

Inspiration & Faith<br />

Due to tour schedules, we are unable to make any special provisions for<br />

worship services. Many tour directors share a “Thought for the Day,”<br />

verses of inspiration, or a short prayer to start the day.<br />

Office Locations & Hours<br />


720 E. Norfolk Avenue<br />

Norfolk, NE 68701<br />

402-371-3840 or 800-672-1009<br />

www.<strong>Allied</strong>TT.com<br />

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.<br />


5250 Superior Street<br />

Lincoln, NE 68504<br />

402-466-1776 or 800-742-7717<br />

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />


What to Know Before You Go<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> Insurance<br />

We highly recommend travel insurance to protect your payments from<br />

cancellation fees. Your trip investment is worth protecting, and travel<br />

insurance is the best way to safeguard against unexpected events<br />

that can prevent you from traveling and being assessed significant<br />

cancellation fees. Contact <strong>Allied</strong> for travel insurance information.<br />

Cancellation Protection Plan (CPP)<br />

(Motor Coach <strong>Tour</strong>s Only)<br />

Your payments can be protected from cancellation charges for a<br />

nominal fee when traveling on one of our motor coach tours. The CPP<br />

must be purchased prior to or at final payment. For complete plan<br />

information please contact <strong>Allied</strong> or your local travel agent.<br />

Baggage Allowance<br />

Portage for one suitcase (per person) is included in the tour price.<br />

Due to limited motor coach capacity, your single bag should have<br />

dimensions not exceeding 30”x21”x11” and weigh no more than 50<br />

lbs. Small carry-on bags are allowed and are your responsibility.<br />

Most airlines assess a baggage fee. This fee is not included in the tour<br />

price and is paid for at airport check-in.<br />

Changes in <strong>Tour</strong> Price<br />

<strong>Tour</strong> prices in this publication are effective as of October 1, 2018<br />

and subject to fluctuation due to the U.S. dollar exchange rates and<br />

energy rates. Our best effort has been made to publish this information<br />

as accurately as possible. The right is reserved to change tour rates as<br />

deemed necessary by current currency, fuel price conditions, taxes,<br />

etc. Due to the volatility of airfares and flight schedules, tours utilizing<br />

air transportation are subject to change both in price and routing.<br />

Submitting your deposit is an acknowledgment of your agreement<br />

to these terms.<br />

Changes in Itinerary<br />

Documentation for Domestic Air <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

A government-issued photo I.D. (i.e. driver’s license) is required for all<br />

tours utilizing air transportation within the United States and selected motor<br />

coach tours.<br />

Documentation for Canada<br />

<strong>Tour</strong>s entering Canada: A valid U.S. passport book is required to enter<br />

Canada by air. This requirement also applies for Alaska cruises as you<br />

will disembark in Vancouver, British Columbia. <strong>Tour</strong>s entering Canada by<br />

land will require a valid U.S. passport book or passport card. (Passport<br />

card is valid for land entry only.) Passport book or passport card must not<br />

expire within 6 months of your return. Canada may deny entry due to past<br />

criminal, misdemeanor, or DUI offenses.<br />

Documentation for International <strong>Travel</strong><br />

A valid U.S. passport book that does not expire within six (6) months<br />

from the date of your return is required for most international tours. Some<br />

countries require more months of validity. Passport and VISA acquisition<br />

costs are the responsibility of the traveler. Countries may deny entry due to<br />

past criminal or misdemeanor offenses.<br />

Activity Level<br />

leisure<br />

Level 2: Requires average physical activity. You should be in good health,<br />

able to climb stairs and walk reasonable distances.<br />

Level 3: Requires moderate physical activity. There may be long and short<br />

days; travelers should have the energy level to withstand the timing of the<br />

itinerary.<br />

Level 4: Requires above average physical activity. You should be able to<br />

walk distances and be physically fit to fully enjoy the tour. Walking surfaces<br />

may be uneven at times on some tours, and there may be occasional early<br />

morning or evening activities.<br />

3<br />

active<br />

The order of events and hotels scheduled on your tour are subject to<br />

change. Every effort will be made to preserve the original quality of<br />

attractions and hotels when circumstances necessitate a substitution.<br />

50<br />

BOOK EARLY & SAVE | For reservations, availability & additional information, call 1-800-672-1009

Terms & Conditions<br />


Cancellation Policies<br />

All cancellation fees are based on ‘per person.’ Policies below show ’Days Prior to Departure’ and ’Amount of Cancel Fee.’<br />

Coach <strong>Tour</strong>s (United States/Canada)<br />

•46 Days or More.........................................................................No Fee<br />

•45-31 Day............................................................ 30% of the Total Cost<br />

•30-16 Days........................................................... 70% of the Total Cost<br />

•15 Days or Less.......................................................................No Refund<br />

Domestic Air <strong>Tour</strong>s<br />

•90 Days or More.........................................................................No Fee<br />

•89-45 Days.......................... 40% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•44-30 Days...........................75% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•29 Days or Less......................................................................No Refund<br />

Alaska Cruise & <strong>Tour</strong>/Panama Canal Cruise<br />

•76 Days or More – No Fee<br />

•75-57 Days........................................................... 20% of the Total Cost<br />

•56-29 Days........................50% of the Cruise Fare + 100% of Airfare<br />

•28-15 Days......................... 75% of the Cruise Fare + 100% of Airfare<br />

•14 Days or Less.......................................................................No Refund<br />

Spectacular Alaska<br />

•120 Days or More........................................................................No Fee<br />

•119-65 Days...................................................Deposit Non-Refundable<br />

•64-22 Day.............................20% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•21-8 Days............................. 30% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•7-1 Days............................... 50% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•Day of departure....................................................................No Refund<br />

California Zephyr & Amtrak City of New Orleans Adventure<br />

•95 Days or More..........................................................................No Fee<br />

•94-50 Days.......................................................... 40% of the Total Cost<br />

•49-31 Days........................................................... 75% of the Total Cost<br />

•30 Days or Less......................................................................No Refund<br />

New York City Broadway & Baseball<br />

•From initial date of deposit to 90 Days prior............$300 per person<br />

•89-30 Days.......................................................... 50% of the Total Cost<br />

•29 Days or Less......................................................................No Refund<br />

Hawaii Cruise<br />

•90 Days or More.........................................................................No Fee<br />

•89-76 Days......................... 25% of the Cruise Fare + 100% of Airfare<br />

•76-61 Days.........................50% of the Cruise Fare + 100% of Airfare<br />

•60-31 Days......................... 75% of the Cruise Fare + 100% of Airfare<br />

•30 Days or Less......................................................................No Refund<br />

Thanksgiving in New York City<br />

•121 Days or More............................................................................No Fee<br />

•120-61 Days................................................................................ $200 Fee<br />

•60-31 Days................................20% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•30-15 Days............................... 30% of the Total Cost + 100% of Airfare<br />

•14 Days or Less...........................................................................No Refund<br />

Costa Rica<br />

•251 Days or More........................................................................No Fee<br />

•250-91 Days........................................................................... $450 Fee<br />

•90-45 Days.......................................................... 20% of the Total Cost<br />

•44-15 Days........................................................... 50% of the Total Cost<br />

•14 Days or Less.......................................................................No Refund<br />

Romantic Rhine Cruise<br />

•From initial date of deposit to 91 Days prior................................ $450<br />

•90 Days of Less......................................................................No Refund<br />

*<strong>Travel</strong> insurance is highly recommended to protect travelers from<br />

cancellation fees. Call <strong>Allied</strong> for insurance options.<br />

<strong>Travel</strong>er Responsibilities, Terms & Conditions<br />

<strong>Allied</strong> <strong>Tour</strong>s, Inc. (AT) acts only as agents for suppliers. AT is not responsible<br />

for acts or omissions of the suppliers or their failure to provide services or<br />

adhere to their own schedules and assumes no liability for injury, damage,<br />

loss, accident, delay or irregularity, and can accept no liability for losses<br />

or personal injury or property damage, or additional expenses due to<br />

delay or changes in bus or other services, sickness, weather, strikes, war,<br />

quarantine, terrorism, or other causes. All such losses or expenses will<br />

have to be borne by the passenger. The right is reserved to accept or<br />

withdraw any tour if circumstances require. AT reserves the right to make<br />

any changes for the benefit of the tour and/or tour members including<br />

canceling the tour if necessary. All rates are subject to change and are<br />

based on current tariffs available and current exchange rates as of<br />

October 1, 2018. AT or property owners are not liable for any loss/<br />

damage to vehicles parked at departure locations. All baggage is at<br />

owner’s risk. The purchase of baggage and travel insurance covering<br />

cancellation, interruption, medical, baggage, etc., is recommended.<br />

The issuance and acceptance of tickets/vouchers or the payment of the<br />

required deposit or any partial or full payment for reservations on these<br />

trips shall be deemed to be consent to these conditions. No refund or<br />

unused portions of the tour can be made unless agreed to prior to the<br />

departure of the tour. The usual contract in use by the airlines and other<br />

transportation companies when issued, shall constitute the sole contract<br />

between the purchaser of the tour and/or the passenger. The services<br />

of any ARC and/or IATAN carrier may be used on this program. AT has<br />

no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the suppliers<br />

or unsafe conditions at locations to which you may travel. You assume<br />

full responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa,<br />

vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s), and all<br />

conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor<br />

or civil unrest at such destination(s). Passengers hereby release AT from all<br />

claims arising out of any problem covered in these paragraphs and agree<br />

that the courts in Madison Co., NE will be the exclusive jurisdiction for all<br />

claims brought by you or AT.<br />

Find us online at WWW.ALLIEDTT.COM | /<strong>Allied</strong>TT | /<strong>Allied</strong>Vacations<br />


720 E. Norfolk Avenue<br />

Norfolk, NE 68701<br />



the difference is in the details<br />

See for yourself how our vacations are a<br />

cut-above the rest.<br />

• The Ultra Coach - Available only on select <strong>Allied</strong><br />

<strong>Tour</strong>s - Luxury in <strong>Travel</strong>. See page 2<br />

• Personally Timed Itineraries for a Smooth Flowing Trip<br />

• 3-4 Star Rated Hotels that Pamper You<br />

• Local Step-On Guides Enhance Your Vacation<br />

• Local Dining Experiences that Enhance Your <strong>Tour</strong>!<br />

• Caring and Knowledgable <strong>Tour</strong> Directors<br />

• And So Much More!<br />

Call 800-672-1009<br />

or visit us online: www.<strong>Allied</strong>TT.com<br />

Be sure to visit and “LIKE” us on Facebook!<br />

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