Newsletter 2018 (1)


Newsletter 2018

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, established in 1966, is an independent, national, not-for-profit,

environmental, non-government, volunteer, membership organization, encompassing two lakes and about 75

acres of land within a major petrochemical and oil refining complex, PETROTRIN. LINKAGES are pivotal in

the management of our area and programmes, offering a model of wise-use. The P-a-P Wildfowl Trust, a

wetland habitat, is a peaceful haven where members (approx. 2000) and visitors may enjoy a guided

educational Nature Walk, relax, enjoy birding, photography and interpretive trails.

The motto of the Trust

“To Know Is To Love, To Love Is To Preserve.”

The LEARNING CENTRE houses information

dealing with living organisms and their habitats, a

unique mollusk collection donated by Peter

Perchade, Malacologist, in recognition of our

Environmental Education Programmes, and a small,

but comprehensive Amerindian museum from the

late Peter O’B Harris, Archaeologist.

At the Trust we are actively involved in the research, breeding and translocation of endangered wetland birds

into existing natural wildlife habitats in Trinidad and Tobago. The Aviculture Programme includes the

following species:

Wild Muscovy Duck (Cairina


Released 8758 (1985-2017)

White- cheeked Pintails (Anas


Released 145 (1982- 2017)

Black- bellied Whistling Tree Ducks

(Dendrocygna autumnalis)

Released 1611 (1967- 2017)

Fulvous Whistling Ducks

(Dendrocygna bicolor)

Released 713 (1985- 2017)

White-faced Whistling Ducks

(Dendrocygna viduata)

Released 88 (1988- 2017)

(Eudocimus ruber)

Bred 105; Released (1991- 2017)


In 1979, the Trust initiated environmental education programmes with audio-visuals; the first to be taken into

primary, secondary, comprehensive schools and community groups, throughout Trinidad, and later on, in Tobago.

Fieldwork at the Trust includes aquatic sampling, pond, leaf and feather labs, quadrat and transect sampling. In

our daily environmental education programmes, we teach about LINKAGES, we discuss all aspects of the natural

environment and their interactions with and links to human health and well- being, social and economic impacts,

problems and solutions. We teach about wetland ecosystems, from forests to coral reefs and their links to people.

In this way, we have a holistic approach to teaching.

The Trust bases its Policies and Actions on Sustainability and WISE


We Believe that the human society and its economic well-being

cannot be separated from the Natural Environment, and that

economic benefits must be BALANCED with eco-system conservation

and all aspects of human health – physical, mental and spiritual.

Left: Snr. Education Officer

Tamara Goberdhan explains the

function of aquatic plants in a

wetland eco-system

Top: Vegetative Sampling

Bottom: Students are shown the

water proof properties of a Lotus

Lily leaf

The Trust also Believes that only through the education of our

People, especially the children, will there be any real hope for the

Future. We believe that greater awareness and understanding of

the importance of preserving the environment and all our Natural

resources, together with the protection and managed breeding of

our Wildlife: the propagation of our trees and plants, will assist in

bringing greater stability, true growth and a healthier economy.

This awareness will build more responsible and productive people.

The Trust believes that true

progress will only come true when

more people become involved, and

play an ACTIVE part, no matter

how small, in doing something

positive for greater improvements in

our country, and by extension, the


Main Breeding Lake

Fairy Woods



In 2004, another dream of the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust was realized. The Grand Opening

of Petrea Place by His Excellency The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Professor Maxwell Richards. Petrea Place was named after the many Petrea Trees growing in the

area and linked to the Trust by a Nature Walk. Petrea Place is a unique facility that caters to

business executives, policy makers, scientists and researchers both locally and abroad or simply

for those wishing to spend some quiet time.

In 2017, Petrea Place changed operators, Rhenard and Rhe-Anne Callender a brother, sister duo.

Together they manage the Trust’s very first ‘Farm to Table’ Restaurant, Freebird. The new

Restaurant offers superb menus in a quiet and harmonious area of the Trust conducive to

complete relaxation and providing facilities for special occasions, birthdays, weddings, retreats,

corporate workshops and seminars.

To enjoy a fine meal at the Freebird Restaurant reservations must be made at 658-5322.

See also their Facebook and Instagram pages, Freebirdtt.

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

welcomes H.E Paula-Mae Weekes as our

Honorary Patron

The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, H.E. Paula-Mae Weekes visited the Trust on Thursday 23 rd

August, 2018. As the Honorary Patron of the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, H.E. observed first- hand the

implementation of some of the Trust’s hands-on programmes gaining information on the many aspects of the

Trust’s wide portfolio of Environmental and Public Awareness work with students, teachers, Brownies, Guides,

Scouts, Community Organizations and the differently- abled. H.E. was also pleased to receive in-depth information

on the Trust’s breeding and release programmes of Trinidad and Tobago’s endangered wetland waterfowl and other

birds like our National bird, the Scarlet Ibis.

To greet her were President Molly R. Gaskin, Vice President Karilyn Shephard, some Trust Directors, Mr. Russell

Martineau Q.C, Mrs. Thalia Martin D.V.M, Mr. Michael Diptee D.V.M, Professor Richard Brathwaite, Ms. Stacey

Lee Daniel, LLB.

Above: Vice President Karilyn

Shephard introduces H.E to some

of the Trust’s Directors.

Above: H.E receives a small bouquet of

Trust flowers from Education Officer

Silene Noel, looking on President Molly

R. Gaskin and V.P Karilyn Shephard

Left: H.E was pleasantly surprised to see the extent of the information locally produced by the PaPWFT

H.E meets San Fernando Guides and Brownies who have

done environmental education programmes and volunteer

work at the PaPWFT.

VP Karilyn Shephard introduces H.E to Snr. Education Officer,

Tamara Goberdhan and some Interns who are UWI students

learning more about the natural environment as well as doing

some volunteer work.

International Visits

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust has been persevering with Environmental Education and

Public Awareness through schools, communities, organizations and foreign visitors.

In 2018, the Trust was able to continue its work with international schools that visited.

Among these students from French Guiana, Guyana, Maryland and Latin America.

Langdon Learning Institute

students from Spanish speaking

countries in the Caribbean and

Latin America visit the Trust.

Ms. Silene Noel helps to expand

their vocabulary about the

different aspects of nature.

President’s College Sixth Form

CAPE students from Guyana visit

the Trust as part of their

Environmental Science Programme.

The students were able to see first

hand how the natural environment

and industry can co-exist side by

side with mutual understanding and


Visiting from French Guiana, Ann Marie Javouhey, Form 1 students get a live and real experience about

environmental conservation. The students participated in our Migratory Bird Programme; answered questions

about the Osprey, a hawk that migrates to Trinidad from their homeland where they nest.

World Environment Day 2018

Beat Plastic Pollution

The PaP Wildfowl Trust celebrated World

Environment Day 2018 with some of our

environmental education programmes. Our

focus for this is project, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.

We discussed the dangers of plastic pollution to and in our environment with the students, teachers from

Carapichaima West Secondary and Siparia East Secondary. Some of our visitors from Canada joined the

programme too! We all talked about the many ways of reducing plastic pollution after watching the film

“Plastic Ocean” and concluded that each of us can do something to mitigate this horrendous problem.

(Full Video of activities can be viewed on the Trust’s You Tube channel.)

< A fact- filled display in the Trust’s

Learning Centre. A student from

Carapichaima West Secondary takes it all in.

The Nature Walk with PaPWFT

Education Officer Jaleen West and

students of the Siparia East Secondary

School on one of the many trails of the

Trust, discussing the value of the

Forests’ vital role in the absorption of

toxins and its links to healthy wetlands

and coastal waters. >

< Trust Educator, Silene Noel and

students of Carapichaima West

Secondary enjoy the ambiance

after having a Question and

Answer session by the Trust’s

Main Breeding lake.

Students’ Workshop 2018

Pollution: The Mindful and the Mindset

A Sustainable Development Project

The New Zealand High Commission in

collaboration with The Pointe-a-Pierre

Wildfowl Trust hosted a three part

student workshop for Secondary School

students on the reality and effects of

Plastic Pollution on our world. Students

from various schools participated in our

interactive workshop which challenged

them to think out of the box on how

plastic pollution can be curbed in our

communities and in our country.

Above: Discussions with Trust

Educators Tamara Goberdhan and

Silene Noel.

Trust Educator, Ms. Silene Noel discusses with students the problems faced because of plastic pollution.

Dr. Maurice Frank lectures

to some students on the

effects of plastic pollution

on marine life and the

consequential effects on


The Programme involved students

in interactive lectures,

presentations and a field trip to the

south west coast of Trinidad.

Students were taken on an

outreach exercise where they

talked with fishermen and

residents of the visited area about

the effects and problems they face

because of pollution and plastic


Students listening to Mr. Kishore Boodram, President of the Claxton Bay Fishing Facility discuss the issues

faced by the fishermen in the area. Discussions were held about the effects of pollution on mangroves,

which serve as nurseries for fish, shrimp, crabs and other marine life. In turn these are important to

fishermen for their livelihoods.

Field Work

Students interviewing fishermen at Otaheite Fishing

Facility as part of an outreach exercise to investigate

the effects of plastic pollution and marine life.

Trust Educators and students at San Fernando Fishing Facility


Pollution has been and continues to be a global man-made problem affecting all; the environments, humans and

organisms are all at risk. Trinidad and Tobago is among the most polluted small island states in the world. We

dump more than 50 million plastic bottles in our natural environment and 1 million glass bottles every month.

Effects of Pollution:

Sickness, destruction of habitat, ocean acidification, loss of income/ livelihood, global warming, flooding,

depletion of oxygen, contamination of food chain, increase of pests and disease.

Plastic often looks

like tasty morsels

of food. Plastic

bits found in a

fish’s gut.

Plastics found in a dead bird’s


Birds at the Trust

Breeding at the Trust.

Yellow- Headed Caracara (Milvago chimachima). Right: juvenile, as seen

below Adult (left) socializing juvenile (right) around Trust environs.

Crested Oropendola ( Psarocolius decumanus) nesting at The

Trust, familiarizing their young to their new home.

Nest of Crested Oropendola

New sight at the Trust, Grey- Lined Hawk (Buteo nitidus) seen

hunting and feeding (Below). In August, a juvenile (left) was seen

calling to its parent from the top of a Poui Tree.

World Migratory Bird Day 2018

Connecting Schools and Birds Along the Flyways

World Migratory Birds Day (WMBD) was celebrated on the 12th May 2018, and the theme was the Year of the

Bird. Many bird species migrate huge distances, and face many challenges, and these events raise awareness

and support action to support their journeys.

Through the partnership of Wetland Link International and the African Eurasian Water Bird Agreement,

schools were invited to explore their local wetlands, identify the migratory birds that they support and how their

wetland plays a part in the flyway.

The Debe Secondary School Scouts group and the PaP Wildfowl Trust Staff and Trust Member and avid birder,

Rishi Goordial visited the coastal areas and fresh water reservoirs in the Pointe-a-Pierre area where 5 different

migratory bird species were observed and a bird count of over 44 local species recorded all in a four hour period.

The Trust continues its works with Wetland Link International in the conservation of all migratory bird species

along our flyways.


Spotted Sandpiper

Frigates and Pelicans on a sunken barge

Neotropic Cormorant

Tri-colored Heron

Common Black Hawk

Trust Educator, Jaleen West showing

students Ospreys bathing in a

reservoir in the Pointe-a-Pierre area.

Trust member, Mr. Rishi Goordial

demonstrates techniques for effective


Trust Educator discussing data collection with

students after their birding exercise. Results of

the bird count seen below.

Osprey 11 Grey Lined Hawk 1

Orange Winged Parrots 3 Saffron Finch 6

Corbeaux 35 Frigate Birds 29

Common Black Hawk 2 Yellow Oriole 2

Palm Tanager 6 Hummingbird 4

Blue Grey Tanager 4 Violaceous Euphonia 1

Tropical King Bird 3 Lineated Woodpecker 2

Speckled Thrush 2 Bananaquit 2

Grand Cowbird 1 Pygmy Owl 1

Tropical Mockingbird 4 Shiny Cowbird 2

Pelican 50+ Cormorants 17

White Winged Swallow 1 Ground Dove 3

Keskidee 1 Red Breasted Robin 2

Swallows 2 Smooth Billed Ani 2

Southern Lapwing 8 Snowy Egret 14

Yellow Hooded Black Bird 1 Tri-colored Heron 7

Black Crown Night Heron 6 Great Egret 2

Anhinga 10 Cattle Egret 23

Cocoi 1 Little Blue Heron 1

Crested Oropendola 4 Spotted Sandpiper 1

Pied Water Tyrant 1 Limpkin 1

Green Heron 2 Jacana 1

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust promotes environmental awareness through its volunteer programme.

Students from various schools come every year to donate their time and abilities to the Trust. Young minds are

opened to the prospect of giving back and the intrinsic rewards that are gained. The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl

Trust Thanks each and every child that dedicated a part of their July/ August vacation volunteering at the

Trust while learning more about the natural environment.

Our strong volunteers helping to

carry cut branches out of Trust area.

Two volunteers spread gravel to

help with the maintenance of the

Trust’s lawn.

All geared up! Trust

volunteer prepare to work

in the rainy weather

Volunteers carry trimmed branches

to be dumped

Disposing of tree branches

Getting dirt under their nails. Volunteers planting an

area to help with the Trust’s aesthetics.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

— Muhammad Ali

Volunteers 2018

Volunteers Rohini and Kavita display

fruits grown at the Trust for visitors to

learn about their medicinal values.

Snr. Education Officer Ms. Marilyn Hinkson

conducts a training session with some of

our young interns

Above: On a Nature Walk our intern Kavita discusses the

vital importance of the Trust regarding its breed and

release programme for locally endangered waterfowl.

Right: Our able bodied

volunteers assist with tree

grooming at the Trust!

Many thanks to all our volunteers; Scouts, UWI, Naparima Girls’ College, Naparima Boys’ College, ASJA Girls’

College, St Joseph Convent, San Fernando, Holy Faith Convent, Couva, Presentation College, St. Stephens College,

Debe Secondary School, who have chosen to help us during the holidays and on the weekends. We gratefully

thank our young volunteers for their labours of love with the PaP Wildfowl Trust.

Special Visits

Mrs. Suzanne Imbert, her family

and her guest visit at the Trust

enjoying the scenery at the Lake.

Mr. Gerard Mitchell General Manager

at Shell and guests walk around the

Trust on a Nature Walk with Senior

Education Officer, Tamara


Special guests of Indian High

Commissioner H.E Mr. Bihswadip Dey

and his family, visit the Trust and are

shown around by Mrs. Tamara

Goberdhan, Senior Education Officer.

Welcome home to Mr. Gary Agard

Trini/American Head Coach of the

Women’s Field Hockey Team,

Indiana University, Pennsylvania

USA and his wife, Brenda enjoying a

walk around the Trust.

Deputy German Ambassador visits the Trust

Mr. Andreas Haack, Deputy

Ambassador for the Federal

Republic of Germany in

Trinidad visited the Trust for

the first time. The visit gave

him a chance to experience

one of our Nature Walks and

to discuss our Environmental

Education Public Awareness


Over the years the German

Embassy has collaborated with

the PaP Wildfowl Trust on its

Climate Change projects and

programmes that were

successfully implemented in both

primary and secondary schools

and community groups in

Trinidad and Tobago.

Above: Deputy Ambassador

Haack is greeted by Trust

President, Molly Gaskin, Vice

President Karilyn Shephard

and volunteer , Aiden


Above: On a Nature Walk on the

Trust’s new and specially designed

boardwalk for the differently- abled,

sponsored principally by First Citizen’s

Bank (FCB) and partially by TTMF

and UNDP.

Right : Signing the Trust’s Visitors’


Seigonie and CNC3 Visit The Trust

Well known Weather Reporter, Seigonie

Mohammed at the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl

Trust recording a CNC 3’s series entitled

“Nature Revealed” showcasing the Trust a

special wetland nature reserve for research

and breeding of locally endangered waterfowl,

Blue and Gold Macaws and our National Bird,

The Scarlet Ibis for release back into the

“wild” in Trinidad. The Trust is uniquely

situated in the middle of an Oil Refining


Seigonie discusses the Trust dynamic

hands on environmental education

programmes with Trust President

Molly R. Gaskin.

Seigonie brings The Women's Group of Thy Will

Ministries To visit The PaP Wildfowl Trust

On a Nature Walk at The PaPWFT

A wonderful time was had by all!

Seigonie and Trust Educator Jaleen West

with her church group.

The Women’s group learn all about the

special values of the beautiful Lotus Lily

which grows profusely at the PaPWFT.

Congratulations and Good Memories

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust congratulates and welcomes

Trinidad & Tobago Television (TTT) as it restarts its Communication

with the Nation after “closing its doors” for so many years. The

PaPWFT and TTT go back together many years. One of the incidents we

remember fondly and nostalgically is when in 1983 TTT accompanied

the WFT to Toco, North East Trinidad. The exercise was to cover the

scouts, girl guides longest continuous conservation project on record

(1983- 1987).

This was organised by PaPWFT President/ HQ Scout Commissioner for

the Environment Molly R. Gaskin and Karilyn Shephard VP PaPWFT

together with Scout Group Leader Billy Pyke and Girl Guide Leader

Roslyn Peters. The project included the painting of the Toco Lighthouse

with assistance from the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission

(T&TEC) who loaned their equipment.

It was also the first beach “clean-up” in Trinidad and Tobago. Salybia

Bay, Toco.

Scouts and Guides salute the flag, Point Galera, Toco

Scout group leader, Billy Pyke and

Karilyn Shephard PaPWFT get ready

to paint the lighthouse.

To all our longstanding Members and Friends

Our warmest thanks for your continued support and encouragement. The progress of the Trust has been

made possible by your membership dues and from some of you, tangible contributions and donations and

volunteer time.

To New Members

Welcome and thank you for joining us and assisting us with our conservation efforts. Membership gives YOU

admission as often as you choose, from 8:30am to 5:00pm to relax and enjoy a peaceful haven, with friends

and family, participate in exciting and educational nature walks exploring our interpretive trails; or birding,

for some of the 120 species that can be seen at the Trust. It also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that

you are assisting in the growth and protection of your country’s important natural resources, in making

young people aware of the importance of preserving the environment, and in the assistance of differentlyabled

and special children. Help us protect our Living World. Support the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust! To

ALL Members, we also expect you to keep your Trust beautiful , and not allow anyone, adults or children, to

pick the fruits or flowers. They are for everyone’s enjoyment. A lot of money and a tremendous amount of

time and effort are involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the Trust and its environs for the benefit and

pleasure of members, friends and visitors. Help us keep it so.





You can also buy

Educational posters and Nature Cards

Trust’s Wish List

- Sprinklers

- Industrial Hoses

- Gardening Tools

- Paint Brushes

- Trees and Plants – Flowering and Fruiting

- Plant Pots

- Bird Seed

- Tools- Hammer, Screw Drivers, Cutlass, Files,

Binding / Cutlass Wire

- Paint (Buckingham Green)

- Peas (Black Eye, Channa, Pigeon)

- Unsalted Nuts

- Fruits


Butterflies and Hummingbirds

- Yellow shrimp (Pachystachys lutea)

- Vervine (Stachytarpheta urticifolia)

- Barbados Pride (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

- Christmas Bush (Cassia fraticosa)

- Wild Okro (Abebnosehus moschatus)

- Heliconias

- Red Torch Ginger (Etlingera elatio)

- Jacaranda (Jacaranda)

- Red Ixora (Ixora coccinea)

- Lantana

- Acalypha (Red/ Green & White)

- White Petrea (Verbenaceae)

Thanking You for Helping to Support Your


Letters to the Trust

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust Thanks You , Teachers and visitors for coming and experiencing the

Wonders of Wetlands and the local wildlife that make here HOME. We always look forward to hearing from


Rodney Rajkumar

Great place to go. Beautiful birds in a "natural environment" feel. Took lots of nice pictures. You can have

lunch on the tables/benches on the compound. The tour guide was very helpful and the staff were warm and

pleasant. An inexpensive adventure worth trying.

Michael Tuitt

I was pleasantly surprised by this

beautiful place in the midst of an oil

refinery. There is a wide variety of

water fowl in the sanctuary, most of

them I was seeing for the first time,

like the whistling tree ducks, scarlet

ibises bred in captivity, macaws and

many others. Snakes are also there for

viewing and or petting and much more.

Nityanand Maharaj

Lovely getaway. Peaceful and

serene. A great nature walk in

the hustle and bustle of the

Marabella/Pointe a Pierre area.

Mrs. Ruby M. Stewart, principal/owner of Country Lane


Chris Merrique

I've been going to the Wildfowl-Trust

since I was a baby and every time I find

myself excited no matter how old I am or

how many times I've went. The scenery is

great and it's a wonderful, educational

and environmental tour with it's tour

guides showing the way. I've always been

amazed with seeing something new every

time I go. For example, today, I went with

my fellow classmates and actually saw

one of the five enormous Pacu fish in the

pond for the first time. Such an amazing

sight. I truly wish for this place to prosper

in preserving the birds and trees and hope

that next year after I have finished my

exams in June, I can come here to help

out with the tours and taking care of the

animals cause of the joy and excitement

it brings to my heart to see animals such

as these in such a natural habitat.

Support your Trust

Some Environmental T-Shirts produced by the Trust through the years.

Scarlet Ibis with Chicks (Eudocimus ruber) bred

at the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

Our Very Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Petrotrin and to many people in the company for all their support through

the years, Mr. Fitzroy Harewood, Suzanne Dean, Clyne La Borde, and his team, Rawle Samlal;

Mr. Dilandro and his team, Pump Department; Mr. Wellington and his team; the ESU Team,

Petrotrin Security, Samson Paul and his team; Dion Mclean-Gittens, Ray Mitchell, Bearl Yuille

and the ICT team; Gillian Friday and her team.

Many thanks to Nicholas Hassanali, Mark Boosooboy, Rishi Goordial, Anthony Le Gendre, Dr.

Annushka Seemungal, Fayard Mohammed, Silene Noel, Jaleen West and Brandon Ogeer for

their support and help with wonderful photographs.

To Mr. Gerard Mitchell and Mark Regis of Shell Trinidad Limited thank you for your long

standing and unstinting support.

Mr. Gordon Deane, Mrs. Toni Sirju- Ramnarine, Camille Salandy, Mr. Anil Seunath and Susan

Benaserie- Kerue. Mr. Nicky Maharaj, Mr. V Bissessar, Mrs. Sharon Gunness-Balkissoon,

Christian Moutett, Anthony Agostini, Gail Sandiford, Alison Sinanan, George Haloute and

family, Ronald Cabral, Peter Daniel, Allan Boodram and Wayne Nieves; Mr. Allan Fortune of

UWI Field Station, Mr. Eugene Tiah, Mrs. Cheryl Edwards, Mrs. Yvette Maynard Greenidge,

Ann Marie Isaac, Mr. Raj Kumarsingh, Mr. Peter Mc Cartney, Sian Aboud, Luke Sheppard, Mr.

Bruce Roberts, Mr. Stephen Badrie, Mr Larry Khan. Mr. Lionel Seucharan of Tropi- Mulch.

Many thanks to Kathya Chacon DSM. Our sincere thanks for your support year after year.

To Rory and Bunty O’Connor and George De Verteuil, for their unwavering help and

commitment and for keeping Forest Walk and the Boardwalk Hillside planted with many

important and beautiful trees. To Thalia Martin DVM and Michael Diptee DVM, Glen

Cheeseman, Jeremy and Michelle Matouk, Mrs. Stacy- Lee Daniel LLB, Mr. Russell Martineau

QC, Prof. Richard Brathwaite our warmest thanks. To Peter and Chauncey Moll, David Coelho,

Sally Callender, Jenny Lessy- Jordan, Nicole Joseph, Keith Thompson, Rick Lambkin, Pat

Villafana, David Pampellone, Roy and Rosana Peake, Vianda Guevarra and Rhett Gordon,

many thanks for your help through out the Years.

Very special thanks to Mr. Sterling Frost, First Citizens’ Bank (FCB) and to their corporate

communication team, and to Mr. Robert Greene of TTMF for their very valuable support.

Special thanks too, to Mr. Anthony Brash of Well Services Group of Companies (WS) for all his


To all those who have supported us from the very beginning, we could not have done it without





The Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust

C/o #38, La Reine Town House, Flagstaff Hill,

Long Circular Road,

St. James.

Trinidad West Indies

Telephone: 658-4200 ext. 2512#


Please visit our YouTube Channel for Further Information on the Trust


Honorary Patron:

The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,

H.E. Paula- Mae Weekes.

President: Molly R. Gaskin

Vice-President: Karilyn Shephard

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Front Cover Photo by Trust Member Rishi Goordial: Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna) in flight.

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