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10 Interesting Facts about Table Mountain in Cape Town

Table Mountain is a beautiful mountain located in Cape Town towering

1086 meters over the stunning beach city. Around 600 million years

old and a gorgeous canvas painted with the rich diversity of the Cape

floral kingdom, Table Mountain is truly idyllic.

You can greatly admire the showstopper of Table Mountain and one of

the “New 7 Wonders of Nature” from different angles. Really, you can’t

say that you’ve visited Cape Town until you’ve stood on the top of it.

Table Mountain was once an island.

• This mountain boasts more plant species per square kilometer than

a tropical jungle.

• The trails run the length and width of the Table Mountain.

10 Interesting Facts about Table Mountain

1. The Iconic Logo of Cape Town

Everyone knows the shape of Table Mountain. It’s used as the logo for

Cape Town tourism and the city of Cape Town.

2. A World Heritage Site

UNESCO has welcomed Table Mountain one of eight World Heritage

sites around South Africa. Not many people are aware of it, but Table

Mountain and Robben Island are the only two heritage sites around

the world that are in visibility of each other.

3. The Floral Kingdom

Table Mountain boasts around 2,000 fynbos species growing on it –

which is much more than in the entire United Kingdom. Usually,

fynbos is a type of vegetation differentiated by evergreen hard-leaved

shrubs and almost no trees.

4. The Highest Commercial Abseil

Being the highest commercial abseil around the world, Table Mountain

makes it one of the best. There is nothing quite like abseiling down

and dangling in mid-air for any adrenalin junkie.

5. Mountain Biking

What better way to truly experience the natural beauty of Table

Mountain than by a Table Mountain Bike Ride? There is a huge

availability of mountain biking tours in Table Mountain and you can

choose to do with your friends. No matter what, you’ll make the most

out of Mountain Biking in Cape Town.

6. Picturesque Views

It goes without saying that the views from the top of the Table

Mountain are ultimately spectacular. You can see across False Bay to

the other side on a clear day and the magnificent Mother City. Sunsets

are absolutely amazing.

7. The Cableway

The cableway leading to the top of the Table Mountain has a great

history, but since the latest upgrade in 1997 the queues are

considerably shorter. Every cable car takes around 65 people so more

than 800 people can enjoy the trip every hour.

8. Dassies

Dassies are small animal species that look like rabbits. There are

hundreds of them roaming independently around on the Table

Mountain. They are quite familiar with visitors. But it’s not suggested

to feed them.

9. New 7 Wonders of the World

Table Mountain was voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the

World. This process took around three years and millions of visitors

from around the world. It seems really hard to argue with this title

once you’ve been here.

10. The Perfect Place to Send Postcards

You will find a post-box on the top of the Table Mountain. All mails

sent from there will be franked with Table Mountain. What a better

way to tell the entire world that you were there?

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