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Fifth Annual Indian Newslink

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Monday, October 8, 2018 at Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland

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Indian Business Awards 2017


Best Employer of Choice

Best Medium-Sized Business

Raj Pardeep Singh

Shyama Sharma

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Employment Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Wills & Trusts, Immigration LLB/BA (Hons.)


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Jenny Salesa, Minister of Ethnic


Sponsors add value to our Business Awards

Venkat Raman


Business Awards motivate

companies and individuals

to improve their performance

and have in place

proper business plans and market


Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards, which are

now in their eleventh year, have

grown in stature, attracting multinationals

and major corporates to

sponsor various categories.

These were Aamong the

comments made by Ethnic Communities

Minister Jenny Salesa

and National Party Deputy Leader

Paula Bennett at the Sponsors’

Dinner held on Monday, September

24, 2018 at Pullman Hotel.

Earlier, in their special video

messages, Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern and Opposition Leader

Simon Bridges underscored the

strength that Sponsors bring

to the Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards.

“The Indian Newslink Indian

Paula Bennett, Deputy Leader of the

National Party

A section of our guests

Business Awards Programme has

been growing year after year,

thanks to the support of its Sponsors

and their continued interest

in encouraging businesses to file

their entries. These Awards have

for eleven years demonstrated

the contributions of the Indian

community to the progress of the

New Zealand economy,” they said.

The Categories

There are 15 categories in this

year’s Awards Scheme. These

include Business Excellence in Retail

Trade, Business Excellence in

Innovation, Business Excellence

in Marketing, Business Excellence

Our Sponsors with special guests at the Sponsors Dinner (Pictures for INL by Narendra Bedekar,

Creative Eye Fotographics)

in Customer Service, Best Employer

of Choice, Business Excellence

in Health and Safety, Business

Excellence in International Trade

with India, Best Large Business,

Best Medium-Sized Business, Best

Small Business, Best Financial Advisor

of the Year (Mortgage), Best

Financial Advisor of the Year (Insurance),

Best Accountant of the

Year, Best Young Entrepreneur of

the Year and Best Businesswoman

of the Year.

Winners in each of these

categories will be automatically

assessed for the ‘Supreme Business

of the Year’ Award.

Venkat Raman

Indian Newslink is

currently investigating

several complaints against

a Registered Financial

Advisor of Indian origin.

At least three persons have

provided us extensive evidence

against the Auckland based

Financial Advisor with allegations

of misconduct, conflict

of interest, dishonest dealings,

deception, misrepresentation and

many other charges.

“This man and his business and

life partner have systematically

defrauded us and collectively

we have lost almost $3 million

over the past two years. We are

sure that there are many more

victims like us. We have filed

complaints against this man with

the relevant authorities. We want

him to return all the monies that

he has taken from us under false

pretences and promises and

We also marked the birthday of Sakthi with

her husband Ilango Krishnamoorthy

Allegations of fraud

against Financial Advisor

provide us due compensation for

all the misdeeds,” they said.

Severe stress

The three men said that they

have been under severe financial

and mental stress.

One of them considered

suicide, another says that he has

become a nervous wreck, while

the third man is reportedly tending

to the psychological problems

suffered by his wife.

“This Registered Financial

Advisor has flouted all the norms

and conditions that he is obliged

to follow under the Financial

Markets Conduct Act. He has

deliberately provided us wrong

investment advice and has

cheated us. He has breached his

fiduciary obligation,” they said.

Indian Newslink has the name

and other details and our investigation

is under progress. We

propose to carry a detailed report

in our next issue.

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Mangere East

13 Princess Street


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OCTOBER 1, 2018

02 Homelink

Leaders underscore direct airlink between New Zealand and India

INZBC Summit provides avenues for Aviation, Tourism and Technology

Venkat Raman

At least three leaders

representing the two major

political parties stressed the

importance of direct airlink

between New Zealand and India,

not meaning though, non-stop,

long haul flights that exist between

Auckland and Dubai in the United

Arab Emirates and Doha in Qatar.

Justice Minister Andrew Little,

Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny

Salesa and National Party Leader

and Leader of the Opposition Simon

Bridges share a common platform

today (Friday, September 28, 2018)

in Auckland to express their consensus

over the issue.

Summit Themes

They spoke at different times

at the Summit of the India New

Zealand Business Council (INZBC) at

Pullman Hotel.

The one-day event brought key

personalities representing the Summit

2018 theme of Aviation, Tourism

and Technology, from various States

in India, Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Little said that direct

airlink between New Zealand and

India would be ‘helpful in building

stronger bilateral relationship and

facilitate ease of travel.

“Apart from the fact that the

Indian population is growing

in New Zealand, students from

India constitute the second largest

in our export education sector

and trade visits between the two

countries standing at 290,000 a year,

demonstrates the strength of our

relationship,” he said.

Justice Minister Andrew Little Ethnic Communities Minister Jenny Salesa National Party Leader Simon Bridges

Free Trade Agreement

Mr Little said that two visits of

John Key (in June 2011 and October

2016) to India during his term as

Prime Minister and the meeting that

the current Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern had with India’s Prime

Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines

of India-ASEAN and East Asia

Summit in November last year were

indicative of New Zealand’s strong

desire to foster better relations with

the world’s largest democracy.

“Phil Goff, during his tenure

as Trade Minister in the Labour

government, initiated the study

to explore the possibility of a Free

Trade Agreement (FTA) with India.

The National government began

trade talks in 2010 and since then,

several rounds of negotiations have

taken place although we have not

been able to conclude a deal," he


Air New Zealand Services

Mr Little said that while Air New

Zealand has a codeshare agreement

with Singapore Airlines reaching

passengers to Singapore, the Asian

hub from which there are connections

to worldwide destinations

through Singapore Airlines and

other operators, a direct link would

be useful for both New Zealand and


“We need to progress on this and

we will take up the issue during our

talks with Suresh Prabhu, India’s

Commerce & Industry and Civil

Aviation Minister, who is due to visit

New Zealand shortly. We also need

to continue talks,” he said.

Historic ties

Ms Salesa traced Indo-Kiwi

relations to the late 1800s when the

first settlers came to New Zealand

from India.

“Since then, the Indian community

has been important partners in

improving our diplomatic, political,

economic and social relations with

India. The community, which now

accounts for about 155,000 people

is expected to rise to more than

300,000 by 2025,” she said.

Ms Salesa said that India’s

growing importance, progress of

talks for a Free Trade Agreement

and the growing business potential

warrants a direct airlink between

the two countries.

“INZBC can enhance existing and

emerging opportunities,” she said.

Keeping Indians safe

Ms Salesa said that as Ethnic

Communities Minister, she has

the responsibility to ensure safer

community, and more importantly

safety of businesspeople of Indian


“In May this year, we conducted

the first ‘Safer Ethnic Communities

Ministerial Forum,’ inaugurated

by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

(Indian Newslink, June 1, 2018).

“The population of ethnic communities

is rising rapidly and according

to estimates, they will account for

more than 22% of the population by

2038. We need to prepare ourselves

for the changes coming over the

years,” she said.

Serious about India

Mr Bridges said that like INZBC,

the National Party is also serious

about improving New Zealand-India


“I am committed to FTA. Such

a pact would be good for both

governments, both countries and

both peoples. It was the National

government that started the conversation

in 2010. We are therefore

keen to pursue this opportunity,”

he said.

Mr Bridges said that many have

asked if a Free Trade Agreement

would be worthwhile for India,

since New Zealand is a small

country of just 4.2 million people.

“It is not the size, but quality that

is important. An FTA with New

Zealand will enhance value for

India. Commercial flights that are

direct are a precursor to progress

in this direction. Tourism is an

important aspect of our growing

relations,” he said.

Mr Bridges said that the National

Party will redouble efforts to

strengthen relations with India.

“We do not want to be an

expensive destination but a quality

destination. There is a huge amount

of goodwill and friendship but

there is no room for complacency.

We must utilise the available potential

properly and pursue greater

cooperation,” he said.

Mr Bridges said the opening

of the (Rainbow Corner) Early

Learning Centre in Mumbai two

weeks ago (see separate

story under Educationlink in this

issue) is a demonstration of the

entrepreneurial ability of our

Indian community.

Additional Reading: ‘Direct

flights to India remain in the air’

under Viewlink.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MPbasedd in

Manukau East






1/131Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

09 278 2143





Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

OCTOBER 1, 2018

A SuperGold move from the coalition

Brigitte Morten

As a piece of political

art, it was close to

perfection. As a reflection

on the state

of the government - there

was nothing to see.

The Prime Minister’s

speech launching the

Coalition blueprint ticked

all the boxes of a political

playbook - a receptive

happy audience, uplifting

key messages, personality

and politicians all talking

about how great it is to be

on the same team.

Name change

What it didn’t address

was the issues that the

Labour-led Government has

been having over the last


Simply changing it from

being called the Labour-led

government to the Coalition

government didn’t address

any of the differences that

are emerging between the

three parties.

There was no further

detail on the Crown-Maori

agency - an area of confused

announcement in Cabinet.

There wasn’t any clarity

provided on the Chief

Technology Officer role that

lead to Clare Curran’s resignation.

And the industrial

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters in Parliament.

(Photo: VNP/Phil Smith

relations and refugee issues

are unresolved.

Unpredictable coalition

However, we may be

overplaying how much

these issues are affecting the

progress of the government.

This coalition government is

unpredictable when it comes

to how it will act when it

comes to specific policy


Six months ago, you would

have thought that Winston

Peter’s waka jumping bill

would have been enough

to drive the Greens support


However, despite the

very public criticism of the

former Green MPs and their

own previous criticism, the

current party saw a way to

support it.

In any analysis of how the

coalition is acting, it must

be noted that this is not the

Deputy Prime Minister’s

first rodeo. In 1999, he was

kicked out of Government by

then Prime Minister Jenny

Shipley for standing up

against the sale of Wellington

Airport shares.

Standing up for the views

of his voters didn’t help him

the first time and being the

perfect team player certainly

didn’t help the second time.

Walking the fine line

In this government, his

experience in walking the

fine line between the two

appears to be paying off.

Mr Peters is making it clear

that he wants to stay in

Government but will extract

his price on his way through.

The speech gave him the opportunity

to get more money

for the SuperGold card.

Whilst mostly overlooked

in the high-level discussion,

amongst the Prime Minister’s

speech was a commitment to

approximately $9 million for

increasing the benefits to

SuperGold cardholders. A

smart move by Mr Peters

- a key nod to his key

supporters that he hasn’t

forgotten them.

More moves like this can

be expected as the election

gets closer.

Messy get-together

Coalitions are meant

to be messy. One of the

key reasons for the introduction

of MMP was to

avoid the situation where

one party could just push

through whatever policy

they liked without any

accountability to voters for

another couple of years.

Coalition governments,

and especially those in

such a power balance like

the current one, have to be

much more receptive to

what voters are thinking

now as it will greatly affect

what they can achieve.

Blueprint reminder

The Prime Minister’s

launch of the Coalition

Blueprint won’t have won

over any new supporters

for the coalition parties,

but it wasn’t designed to.

It was there is remind the

voters of the Coalition

● First Home

● Investment Property

● Residential or Commercial

● Building / Extending / Renovating

● Re-Finance/ Restructure


● Buying an Apartment

● Low Deposit

● Self Employed

● Business Loan

● Property Development

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Rakesh Bansal Era Bansal Manisha Kumar Jatinder Singh

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parties why they voted

for them twelve months

ago- that as a Government

they still believed in the

same things.

It was about the politics,

not about governing.

Brigitte Morten was a

senior Ministerial Adviser

for the previous National-led


Prior to that she was an

Adviser and Campaign

Director for Liberal

Party in Australia. Indian

Newslink has published

the above article and

Picture under a Special

Agreement with www.


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OCTOBER 1, 2018

04 Homelink

“A government without direction brings down confidence levels”

Simon Bridges lashes out at the Coalition

Venkat Raman

For all the tirade of attacks that

he launches in the Debating

Chamber of Parliament,

Simon Bridges appears a

reasonable man while on a one-toone


The Leader of the National Party

and the Leader of the Opposition

knows that even as he holds the

government to account, the voting

public would judge him and his

Party for their policies and promises,

and not for being critiques of the

government of the day.

Having been a Minister and a

running mate before being elected

Leader of his Party, Mr Bridges is

well aware of the responsibilities

that come with the job.

As the Leader of the largest Party

in Parliament with 56 members, he

is aware of his strength; but he is

equally aware that winning in an

election is quite a different thing.

Government without direction

“I respect Jacinda Ardern as the

Prime Minister and as a person,” he

said, as he began his conversation

with us at our office on Monday,

September 24, 2018, and said that

her government has no proper


“Jacinda Ardern has been let

down by her team. She is inexperienced

and her government does not

know where to go. There are more

than 170 Working Groups and no

one knows what is coming. There is

Simon Bridges at the offices of Indian Newslink

uncertainty all around,” he said.

No ‘R’ word

Mr Bridges said that he does not

mention the ‘R’ word, lest he is

accused of scaremongering.

“I have never mentioned that

we are going through Recession,

but our economy has definitely

slowed down. We are now

estimating growth at 2.5%. Business

confidence is down, consumer

confidence is down and there is

uncertainty over immigration,” he


Mr Bridges said that uncertainty

is again seeing people move out,

especially to Australia, where the

level of business confidence is the

highest in 40 years.

Incentives, not burdens

The National Party, he said, is on

a different platform.

He accused the government

of triggering the rapid increase

in prices of essential goods as an

aftermath of the rise in petrol prices

and the overall cost of living.

“We will repeal every tax that

the current government forces on

people. We will repeal the Capital

Gains Tax if the current Parliament

passes such a law.

“I would argue that we want less

government and not a government

that is a burden on the people.

What is important today is the

economy, return of confidence,

reduced cost of living and reduced

taxes. We will focus on what is good

for New Zealand,” he said.

Strengthening SMEs

Mr Bridges also accused the

government of ignoring Small and

Medium Businesses (SMEs).

“SMEs are the backbone of the

New Zealand economy. And yet, the

Prime Minister appoints a Business

Advisory Council that is chaired by

the Chief Executive of Air New Zealand.

There is no representation for

small businesses on this so-called

Council. When we come back to

govern, we will supercharge SMEs,”

he said.

Since the formation of the

current government about a year

ago, the National Party has become

allergic to New Zealand First Leader

Winston Peters, who is now the

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign


Snipe at Peters

“Winston Peters is the real boss.

He is like the President of the

country; he has the power to veto.

He wants to tax New Zealanders.

This is unacceptable,” he said.

Mr Bridges has been highly critical

of Mr Peters’ plans to expand

the diplomatic missions with an

estimated spending of $1 billion

over the next three years or so.

Is expanding our diplomatic

horizon a good thing? After all,

we are a trading nation and an

expanded network will help in trade


“Even before me, the Treasury had

said that spending such a large sum

of money on our overseas missions

would be wasteful. Neither Mr Peters

nor this government has any plan.

I support trade agreements and a

strong pact with Commonwealth

countries. We have the expertise. But

I do not think $1 billion will help,” he


Doing the right thing

Mr Bridges said that a wise

government will invest in health,

education, infrastructure, research

and development and innovation.

“We should think about the right

thing to do.”

He said that New Zealand does not

have an international debt crisis but

that is no argument for increased

government spending.

“There has to be a list of priorities,

proper planning and implementation.

There is a lot of wastage of public

money now,” he said.

Mr Bridges said that he supports

the Indian community in New


“We share the same values of hard

work, success in life. I am working

hard because New Zealand is a

great place,” he said.

You can watch Simon Bridges

speaking to Indian Newslink on



We help you find the sweetest mortgage deal

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New Zealand

OCTOBER 1, 2018


More transparent but stringent Customs regime from October 1

Supplied Content

New Customs legislation to

support border compliance

and the country’s economy

will come into force on October 1,


The Customs and Excise Act

2018 will replace the current but

outdated and much-amended 1996

Act and uses modern language

that is easier to understand and


Cooperative effort

Customs spokesperson Terry

Brown said that the new Act was a

collaborative effort.

“We have worked closely with

the import/export sector, as well as

the broader business community,

in the past five years to shape the

legislation and make it easier for

traders to meet border requirements.

There are new services

and initiatives arising from the

Act, including the ability to apply

to store business records outside

New Zealand or in the cloud, a new

valuation rulings service, and the

ability to seek reviews of Customs’

assessments directly from Customs.

Many of the new changes will result

in time and cost savings,” he said.

Mr Brown said that the travelling

public is unlikely to notice much

difference at the border, with

existing provisions reconfirmed or


Customs processes more than 13

million passengers a year, 14.4 million

trade transactions and collects

$13 billion in revenue for the Crown.

More information on the Customs

and Excise Act 2018 is available on

the Customs website or by contacting

our call centre 0800 428 786.

About the new Act

The intent of the Customs and Excise

Act 2018 is still largely the same

as the 1996 Act – to allow Customs

to carry out its work of protecting

New Zealand’s border and supporting

the country’s economy.

However, it provides more

flexibility for Customs to keep

pace with the constantly changing

border, trade, travel and business


The new Act introduces new

services and requirements

Valuation rulings

Customs can now make rulings

on the appropriate method to determine

the value of an importer’s

goods. This means more certainty

for importers where they are

unsure of how to value their goods.

Importers, or their agents/

brokers, need to apply for a ruling

before goods are imported into

New Zealand. Costs for this service


Customs has up to 150 days to

make a valuation ruling. A ruling is

valid for up to three years.

Provisional values

Importers who meet the criteria

can declare provisional values for

their goods at the time of importation,

when final values are not


This ensures a transparent, clear,

and flexible process to estimate

values, which takes the realities of

Photo for Newsroom by Lynn Grieveson

trade into account. A final value can

be confirmed within 12 months after

the end of the importer’s financial


Compensatory interest and late

payment penalties

This is a new process for charging

compensatory (use of money)

interest and late payment penalties

when duty hasn’t been paid in full

on time.

It is fairer and more transparent

than the previous additional duties

regime, as the new process is clearer

about when remission can be granted,

and charges are consistent with

those imposed by Inland Revenue.

Storing business records

Anyone required to keep

Customs-related records can now

apply to store their business records

outside New Zealand, including in

the cloud.

This change provides flexibility

in how to store business records, is

more cost effective in many cases

and reflects modern business practice

(in line with Inland Revenue’s


Comptroller’s discretion

The Comptroller of Customs (Chief

Executive) now has legal guidance

on how much discretion they have to

make and correct assessments, and

collect the duty identified.

The guidance is only applied in

legal matters on revenue, collections

and assessment. It ensures a fairer

and more equitable system for duty


Administrative review

Importers, exporters, excise

manufacturers, brokers or agents

can now request an administrative

review of a Customs decision they

are not happy with. Customs staff

not involved in the original decision

will complete the review.

The new process, which industry

asked for, is designed to reduce

barriers and delays, and help keep

costs down. It’s quicker and less

costly than appealing to the Customs

Appeal Authority.


Those seeking a review must

make an application, or seek an

extension to make an application,

within 20 working days of a decision

being made.

Single Window

Joint Border Management System

(JBMS) users play a vital role in

helping gain accurate information

about goods coming in and out of

New Zealand.

Users now have to meet ongoing

competency requirements, such

as always acting in a professional

manner and being a fit and proper


Those users who repeatedly fail

to demonstrate competency can

have their registration suspended or


Administrative penalties

Administrative penalties now

apply to all exporters, importers,

licensees and agents who make

errors or omissions on import,

export or excise entries.

From April 1, 2019, Customs

officers can issue on-the-spot

infringement notices to anyone

not complying with the official


International arriving and

departing passengers (air and

sea), importers, exporters, excise

manufacturers, Customs-controlled

areas (CCAs) and brokers are subject

to fines of $400 (for an individual)

or $800 (for a body corporate)

depending on the offence.

This new infringement notice

scheme replaces the previous petty

offences regime.

Affordable and split risk

Significant upside

60-62 Tiraumea Drive,


• Fee Simple corner site

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residential accommodation

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Our country is a target for fraudsters looking to clean their money.

It’s estimated that over $1 billion a year comes from drug dealing and fraud,

and can be laundered through New Zealand businesses. Risking our reputation

and economy. So, we’re making law changes to protect New Zealand and

everything we love about it. To find out more, visit keepourmoneyclean.govt.nz

OCTOBER 1, 2018

06 Educationlink

Rainbow Corner ELC opens branch in Mumbai

First Overseas operations commenced on September 15

Venkat Raman


The Rainbow Corner Group

of Companies opened its

first overseas Early Childhood

Centre in Mumbai on

Saturday, September 15, 2018.

The Centre, the first of its kind

in Mumbai, will follow the New

Zealand Curriculum, which has

now become a model for Early

Childhood Education (ECE).

New Zealand’s Mumbai based

Vice-Consul Andrea Livingstone

inaugurated the Centre, located in

the posh area of Walkeshwar in

South Mumbai, emphasising the

importance of ECE and the need

for such Centres.

Quality ECE

She said that as mother of two

young girls, she understands

the value of good quality early

childhood education.

“It is important to provide

our children with the right

environment for them to grow

and develop a healthy mind and a

healthy body. This is the best way

for parents to ensure that their

children grow up to succeed in

their lives,” she said.

Ms Livingstone said that in

today’s fast changing world, it is

imperative to provide innovative

and recreative opportunities for


Pursuit of Excellence

“The teaching and learning environment

at this Rainbow Corner

Early Childhood Learning Centre

Andrea Livingstone, Vice-Consul at the New Zealand Consulate

in Mumbai, inaugurating the Rainbow Early Learning Centre in

Walkeshwar, Mumbai on September 15, 2018, flanked by Bhavini

Doshii, Rrahul Dosshi and Rani Nalam

(ECLC) promises excellence. The

passion and the programme

found here will help young

children and their parents to use

the resources to their benefit,”

she said.

Simon Bridges greets

Earlier, National Party Leader

Simon Bridges congratulated

Rainbow Corner Group of Companies

Directors Bhavini Doshii

and her husband Rrahul Dosshi

on their initiative in opening a

branch in Mumbai.

“This is an exciting development

and I share the happiness

of the moment on behalf of all

New Zealanders. We are proud

that the Rainbow Corner ELC

will follow the New Zealand

Curriculum and provide excellent

pedagogy that we give our

children in our country,” he said.

Mr Bridges said that his National

Party believes in supporting


“ECE is the most important

aspect in a child’s life, ensuring

their future success in all their

Bhavini and Rrahul displaying the New Zealand Curriculum

with Andrea Livingstone

endeavours,” he said.

A video message from National

Party List MP Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi was also played.

The Rainbow Journey

Mr Dosshi outlined the ‘Rainbow

Corner Journey,’ saying how

it has grown since 2011.

“It began as a tiny entity in

Gisborne (a City of 36,600 people

in the North-East Coast of North

Island). It was the vision of my

wife Bhavini to serve the cause

of education and establishing an

ECLC. It was a passion that drove

her to deliver quality with high

standards of learning and teaching.

That passion continues,” he


Mr Dosshi said that the move to

Auckland saw the establishment

of the Rainbow Corner ELC

in Mangere East, followed by

Takanini and Beach Haven.

The Group is currently constructing

a multi-million dollar

facility in East Tamaki, with stateof-the-art

learning facilities and a

clean and green environment.

Dedicated to Children

“All of us, including our teachers

and parents are dedicated

to children. We enjoy every

moment of it- seeing our teachers

engaged with children with love

and care; the children at play and

at work. Children growing up in

a friendly, caring environment;

and we love the interaction with

parents,” he said.

Mr Dosshi said that the Centre

in Mumbai will reflect and follow

the same guiding principles of

quality of learning and teaching

followed by Rainbow Corner

Centres in New Zealand.

Fostering Indo-Kiwi relations

“This is a dream come true

for us. We are not just bringing

education into India. We are

bringing our heart to our home.

Consistency in quality product

delivery is close to our heart. This

is a part of our contribution to

New Zealand-India relations,” he


Introducing Praveen and Rani

Nalam, their long-time friends

Elegance, quality and high standards of Rainbow at the new Mumbai Centre

from Auckland, Mr Dosshi said

that they are part of Rainbow

Corner ELC and acknowledged

their efforts in establishing the

Centre in Mumbai.

He announced that as a part

of the opening of the Mumbai

Centre, the Rainbow Group was

launching its custom-built Mobile

Apps, details of which will be

announced shortly.

The Rainbow Corner Group of

Companies is the Title Sponsor of

the three major brands of Indian

Newslink, including the Eleventh

Annual Indian Newslink Indian

Business Awards (to be held

on Monday, November 26, 2018

at SkyCity Convention Centre,

Auckland City), the Eighth Annual

Indian Newslink Sir Anand

Satyanand Lecture (held on

Monday, July 9, 2018 at Pullman

Hotel, Auckland) and the Fifth

Annual Indian Newslink Sports

& Community Awards, to be

held on Monday, October 8, 2018

at Alexandra Park, Greenlane,


‘Enslaved in Paradise’ released in Wellington

Sir Anand


The Wellington launch of

Rajendra Prasad’s latest

book, ‘Enslaved in Paradise’

was a well-attended

community occasion on Saturday,

September 22, 2018, jointly promoted

by community organisation

Ekta, and the Wellington Hindi


The author led off explaining that

a sequel to ‘Tears in Paradise’ was

necessary because, having focused

in his first book on past tribulations

of the Girmitya indentured labour

force in Fiji, the issues for Indo-Fijian

people of the present and future

also needed attention.

Programme organisers Manjit

Grewal Singh and Kashmir Kaur

engaged a variety of people from

other settings to speak in a panel of


Indentured Labourers elsewhere

The audience saw and heard

descriptions of indentured labour in

South Africa from Professor Kiren

Thathiah, an author, academic and


Assistant Professor Farzad Salahshoor

of the University of Tabriz

in Iran described conditions for a

generation of ordinary people since

external imposition of sanctions on


Thakur Ranjit Singh, a wellknown

press commentator and

blogger on Fiji issues spoke of author,

Alex Hailey and how his book

‘Roots’ had led to a generation of

s p a c e

designers ltd

architectural designer.

We have moved to our New Office at

178 A Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010

Our new Telephone Number: 09 577 2172 / 021 687162

Email: info@sdlimited.co.nz

Website: www.spacedesignersltd.co.nz

our strengths

member of ADNZ - recognised professional body

well equipped & established with good reputation

overall personal service

technical competency & professional experience.

: Sir Anand watches as Rajendra Prasad signs a copy of his ‘Enslaved in Paradise’

(Pictures by Thakur Ranjit Singh)

people becoming much more

aware of who they were and

where they had come from.

Mind of the Oppressor

Then followed South African

High Commissioner to New

Zealand Ms Vuyiswa Tulelo

who drew attention to what

she called “The Mind of the


This enjoyable array concluded

with a spirited speech

from a 10 year-old-schoolboy

Arnav Singh of Broadmeadows

who spoke of his own

upkeep of connections with

his family in Fiji and India and

the importance of knowing

one’s roots.

Sir Anand Satyanand is a

former Governor General of

New Zealand.

Our Staff Reporter adds:

The book was launched after

a speech describing themes in

the book and their importance

by Sir Anand, who made

a number of connections

between the themes raised by

the book and earlier speakers

at the Wellington launch.

Sir Anand had launched

Rajendra Prasad’s first

book ‘Tears in Paradise’ on

Saturday, August 21, 2004 at

the Ellerslie War Memorial

Hall in Auckland with the

Editor of this newspaper as

the Master of Ceremonies.

Indian Newslink, which had

heavily promoted that book

also published a Special

Report of the Launch in its

September 1, 2004 issue.

OCTOBER 1, 2018




New Delhi







1,098 1,199
















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OCTOBER 1, 2018

08 Fijilink

Friendly policies attract investors to Fiji

Friendly policies and people-IT Sector

Supplied Content

The manufacturing sector

is often regarded

as the backbone of any

economy, as it drives

employment, creates know

how and encapsulates a much

wider network of ancillary


Being the ‘Hub of the

Pacific,’ Fiji is also astrategic

trans-shipment and re-export

centre for cargo traded between

the Pacific Island States.

Trade Agreements for access

Fiji is signatory to various

trade agreements, which

allow for preferred market

access and provides a conducive

investment climate

and opportunities with other


The Fijian Trade Policy

Framework provides greater

support to manufacturers

of all industries by way of

securing market access,

value added promotion, trade

facilitation, trade promotion

and capacity building.

Manufacturing is a

major sector in the economy

contributing 12.7% of GDP

and providing employment

for 20% of the country’s


Given Fiji’s clean

environment and virgin

soils, potential investment

opportunities exist in organic

and natural food production,

niche manufacturing (paper

products, jewellery, furniture,

automotive) and assembly

for greater Pacific region

including Australia and New


Make it in Fiji

Garment manufacturers

for instance, use the close

proximity and connectivity to

Australia and New Zealand to

manufacture products at high

quality and flexible runs in a

just in time manner.

The Textile, Clothing and

Footwear (TCF) Council “Make

it in Fiji’ awareness campaign

committed to sustained

excellence through a process

of improvement to all aspects

of business operations such as

quality, social accountability

and flexibility promotes Fiji

as a low volume niche manufacturer.

This has resulted in factories

securing new buyers who

want the flexibility of being

able to place small orders on

a regular basis and have a

closer source of supply.

Raising the Profile

The “Fijian Made and Buy

Fijian Campaign” initiated

by the Fijian Government to

promote and raise the profile

of Fijian made products and

produce, both domestically

and internationally through

Fashion industry is growing in Fiji (Pictures supplied)

Made in Fiji carries quality and dependability

a national branding

strategy focuses on manufactured

items, such as

food (animal & vegetable

products), clothing and

items such as furniture

and handicrafts.

Small and Medium

enterprises have an

advantage of producing

lucrative niche products

in areas such as pharmaceuticals,

garments, food

products, coconut virgin

oil or noni juice.

Over the next five

years, further improvements

will be made to

support business activity.

Economic Zone coming

The Government is

developing Wairabetia

Economic Zone in the

Western Division offering

‘Plug and Play’ concept

with tailor made incentives

to attract investments

in the services and

manufacturing industries

and encourage Foreign

Direct Investment (FDI)

in a number of new


Fiji offers a market

friendly business

environment, sound macroeconomic

policies, tax

free zones, low inflation,

a relatively stable foreign

exchange rate and modern

commercial contract

laws, 20% corporate tax

and a lower rate of 10%

for companies listed on

the South Pacific Stock


Our national airline,

Fiji Airways provides excellent

service connectivity

across Fiji, the Pacific,

New Zealand, Australia,

Singapore, Japan, the USA

and Hong Kong.

Sustained growth

Over the last eight

years, Fiji has had a

strong and sustained economic

growth. In 2017, Fiji had an

estimated growth rate of 4.2%

and unemployment rate falling to

4.5%. With 69% of the Fiji’s total

population being under 40 years,

and a high literacy rate of 96% the

economic and social potential of

Fiji’s population is high.

The continued investment in infrastructure,

education and training

of our workforce have implications

not only for the attractiveness of Fiji

as location to investors, but also for

the quality of inward investment.

Increased government spending

on infrastructure and education,

coupled with robust private sector

sentiment, will support ongoing

improvements in the capital stock

and potential growth.

Significant opportunities

Fiji offers significant investment

opportunities across a number of

sectors, facilitated by stable political

and fiscal environment, continuous

enhancement of infrastructure,

growth of the tourism industry,

advantages of a young population,

a first class English-speaking

workforce, natural flair of services,

conducive business environment

and low entry costs.

As the Facilitation arm of the

Fiji Government, Investment Fiji

provides services and assistance to

promote, and stimulate investments

and exports.

The above article was supplied by

Investment Fiji, Suva.

Bringing NewZealand HeartSpecialists to Fiji

● Specialist Consultations ● Exercise Treadmill Test

● Echocardiography (Echo) ● Angiography

● Electrocardiogram (ECG) ● Angioplasty (Stenting)

Dr Parmjeet Parmar

National List MP based in Mt Roskill

invites you to a forum on the Government’s

employment law changes with Scott Simpson,

MP for Coromandel and National’s spokesperson

for Workplace Relations

Thursday 10 October 3.30pm - 4.45pm

Alisha’s Café, 8c Carr Rd, Three Kings

RSVP to my Mt Roskill office at 09 620 6707 or

email parmjeet.parmar@parliament.govt.nz

12 Commercial Street, Namaka, Nadi

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by

Parmjeet Parmar, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

OCTOBER 1, 2018





For More Details &

Application Form


When to Apply How toApply Who tosend it to

Application Deadline

Registered Voters can Download and fill the

Registered Voters

The FEO must receive

apply once the Election

Postal Voting

can email their

all PostalVoting

Date is announced.

Application form.

application form to: Applications 21 days

postalvote@feo.org.fj before Election Day.

59 /63HighStreet, Toorak, Suva

P. O. Box2528, Government Buildings, Suva

Phone:+679 331 6225 Fax: +679 331 9513




OCTOBER 1, 2018

10 Businesslink

MIT offers ready graduates with real world skills

Anita Keestra

Have you considered

what a student working

in your firm could

do for business?

Manukau Institute of

Technology (MIT) prides itself

on producing work ready graduates

with real world skills.

We placed Sujith Sasikumar

with construction and engineering

firm, MaxBuild and the relationship

has been of great

benefit to both the company

and the student.

“I’m a big fan of student projects,”

Business Development

Manager Paul Tanner said.

“He has done a lot of work for


Valuable contribution

The Graduate Diploma of

Project Management student

has made a valuable contribution

to the firm taking on the

re-coating of Factory Bridge on

Remuera Road in Auckland.

It was a small job for

MaxBuild, but the student’s

work with stakeholders and observing

environmental compliance

standards allowed the

company to deliver the project

profitably while helping Sujith

earn his qualification.

“The Project Manager is

MIT offers ready graduates-Sujith Sasikumar at work.

everything. He is the

one who should satisfy

stakeholders and managers.

It is a challenging

position,” he said.

Very often, students

of Manukau Institute

of Technology already

have strong overseas

work backgrounds

and that – along with

the skills they learn

with us – make them

great additions to a


About Sujith


Take Sujith for example,

he had worked

as a safety engineer in

Qatar handling four

projects in Lusail City

simultaneously. The

new city is currently

under construction

and will eventually

house 250,000 people

as well as being a venue

for the 2022 World


“From safety, I want

to transform my career,”

Sujith said.

That is why the recent

arrival to New

Zealand reached out to

the Manukau Institute

of Technology to help

change careers and

get all important local


It is our purpose to

get people into great


MIT scores high

A recent analysis of

the Education Ministry

figures for students

five years after graduation

ranked us first in

terms of employment

rates, with our students

earning among

the highest median incomes.

That is, when

compared to all polytechnics

and universities


The reason we achieve that

success is because of MIT’s

close links with industry and

the practical skills taught


“I studied Finance, Resource

Management and Project

Management. That has helped

me a lot. MIT taught me to

write Risk Management

Profiles, Project Charters and

documents for the construction

industry. It is all about

self-learning at MIT. It allows

the platform to connect with

real world jobs,” Sujith said.

Diverse workforce

And there is certainly plenty

of work out there with companies

like MaxBuild, that specialise

in concrete repair as

well as seismic strengthening

delivering projects across the

North Island.

The firm’s workforce is a

diverse mix of nationalities

including employees from

Australia, Fiji, South Africa,

the Philippines, Mexico and


“People from different cultures

exchange their ideas.

Everyone is from different

backgrounds that makes the

business a success,” Sujith


MIT trains about 14,500 students

in a wide range of professions,

from Hairdressing,

Nursing, Engineering,

Building and Construction

and Creative Arts, Early

Childhood Teaching to

Social Work, Business and

Information Technology.

Do you have a place for a

student at your firm? If so, or

if you would just like to talk

through what we can do to

help, please do not hesitate to

get in touch with me.

Anita Keestra is Business

Development Manager

at Manukau Institute of

Technology, Manukau Campus

in Auckland. Email: Anita.


Manukau Institute of

Technology is the Sponsor

of the ‘Business Excellence

in International Trade

with India’ Category of the

Eleventh Annual Indian

Newslink Indian Business

Awards. The Awards

Ceremony will be held on

Monday, November 26,

2018 at SkyCity Convention

Centre, Auckland. Tickets,

priced at $172.50 (including)

GST and tables seating

ten persons at $1725 (including

GST) per table, including

cocktails, networking,

entertainment, dinner and

the Awards Ceremony, are

now on sale. Please contact

Venkat Raman on (09)

5336377 or 021-836528.

Email: venkat@indiannewslink.co.nz

We take the worry and stress out of the

New Zealand Immigration process and

make settlement easy.

● All types of New Zealand Visa Applications

● Potentially Prejudicial Information Letters, (PPI),Section 61 requests for

people unlawfully in New Zealand;

● Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT)Appeals

● Deportation Orders and Detention Issues

● Declined Visas, complaints and complex cases

● Refugee/Asylum and Family Reunification Cases (the Principal Lawyer

has Lead Legal Aid Provider Status)

We are pleased toannounce Property Law Services

● Purchase of Property ● Sale of Property ● Subdivisions

Mortgage Refinance ● Enduring Power of Attorney

Kamil R. Lakshman



Kamil Lakshman is ahighly regarded

lawyer with many years of experience and

asolid reputation. Her point of difference is

that she thinks outside the box to get

matters resolved.

Maungakiekie Office

Level 1, Crighton House, 100 Neilson Street, Onehunga

(entrance from Galway Street)

Open weekdays 9am-5pm

(09) 622-2660


Please call to make an appointment before coming into the office





Auckland Office

Level 1, 207 Broadway

Newmarket 1023,New Zealand

PO Box9142, Newmarket,Auckland 1149

Phone :(09) 2830157

Mobile: 021-1598803

Email: auckland@idesilegal.co.nz

Website: www.idesilegal.co.nz

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Unit 4, 18 Moorefield Road

POBox 13208, Johnsonville 6037

New Zealand

Phone :(04) 4616018

Mobile: 021-1598803

Fax: (04) 4616019

Email: admin@idesilegal.co.nz

Immigration, Property and Refugee Law Firm

Authorised by Priyanca Radhakrishnan, 100 Neilson Street, Onehunga

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Rrahul Dosshi

Bhavini Doshii

Nurturing FutureLeaders

Education, Overall PersonalityDevelopment, GeneralKnowledge,Good Behaviour areall apartof

our daily routine designed dforour children.

From owners to teachers and administrativestaff,there is onlyone focus all the time:


Which is why, Children love the RainbowCorner.Children at our Centresare growing.


OurServices: TheRainbow Corner Early Learning Centre |The Rainbow Corner Homebased Early Learning Service

TheRainbow Corner ConsultancyServices TheRainbow Corner |The Rainbow Early Learning Corner Early Centre Childhood Catering Services

TheRainbow Corner Early



East TamakiRoad,

Centre (India) |ECE



2013. Phone:

app |The

09 282



Corner Medical Suites


300 MasseyRoad,MangereEast. |13PrincessStreet, Takanini |417 EastTamaki Road,EastTamaki |11A Aeroview Drive, Beach Haven

44 Wakelin Road, Beachlands, Auckland

Plus Home Based Services Throughout Auckland

OCTOBER 1, 2018

12 Viewlink

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 401 | OCTOBER 1, 2018

Direct flights to India

remain on air

The rhetoric never stops.

Year after year, and

conference after conference,

our politicians

and businesses keep harping

on the need to establish direct

airlink between New Zealand

and India, as if that is the

only obstacle to a Free Trade


Aviation, Tourism and

Technology were the theme of

the well-organised Summit of

the India New Zealand Business

Council on Friday, September

28, 2018 at Pullman Hotel in

Auckland. A sizeable contingent

of impressive speakers representing

a cross-section of the

industries from India and New

Zealand were at the Conference

offering valuable thoughts

and statistics on the emerging

trends in civil aviation across

the world.

Airlines not committed

So far so good. But governments

and conference speakers

and organisers saying that a

direct link is a must, fall short

of two things: Reality and

airline operators. Both betray

expectations, for, despite an

Open Air policy, neither Air

New Zealand nor any of the

Indo-Pak relations at

another stalemate

Hopes of relations

between India and

Pakistan reaching a

turning point to move

towards conciliation rather

than confrontation have yet

again died with the cancellation

of a proposed meeting between

External Affairs Minister

Sushma Swaraj and Pakistan’s

new Foreign Minister Shah

Mahmood Qureshi.

The meeting, proposed to be

held on the side-lines of United

Nations General Assembly in

New York last week was called

off, after India showed its ire

over the killing of three Jammu

and Kashmir policemen and

the release of Stamps commemorating

Burhan Wani.

New Delhi said that these

developments showed the

‘true face of (the new Pakistani

Prime Minister) Imran Khan.”

Dialogues important

It is often said that two

parties at loggerheads must

have increasing avenues for

dialogues at various levels;

because it is through talks

that tension can be reduced,

creating an environment to get

down to serious business.

Notwithstanding the common

ancestry and embittered

political relations that have

made India and Pakistan

Indian airline operators has

expressed an interest in serving

the route.

An Asia New Zealand Foundation

Report published in 2016

said that India has always been

more than a single non-stop

flight away, unlike destinations

within ASEAN and North Asia.

“Now, however, the technology

exists to make non-stop

flights to and from India


Both Air India and Air New

Zealand have Boeing 787

aircraft in their fleets that could

manage the 16-hour flight

time, but they look unlikely to

chance their arms on this in the

immediate future,” the Report


Air New Zealand regards the

yield on the sector as insufficient

to justify non-stop flights,

which require a very heavy

fuel load and thus a potentially

smaller payload.

Air India, which is now a

Star Alliance member, crucially

has the right to fly directly to

Auckland from New Delhi as

well as from any other Indian

city it wishes.

The nearest it has come so

far, though, is Australia.

strange bedfellows, long and

arduous years of belligerence

have led to constant failure of

talks, angry confrontations and

periods of estrangement.

The two countries have

fought several wars since

independence and continued

low-key conflicts during times

of peace. As a writer mentioned,

reels of news space on

both sides have been devoted

to the desperation at the Line

of Control. And the pain of the

average Kashmiri is nothing

short of human misery.

Estranged neighbours

From politics to culture and

cricket to business, India and

Pakistan loom large in each

other’s psyche as estranged

brothers, both of whom would

like to love but end up antagonising

the other.

Will there ever be lasting

peace? Can the two nuclear

capable neighbours learn to

live in peace and husband their

considerable resources for

mutual benefit? Can the people

across the two borders linger

hopes of reuniting families,

exchange goods and services

and foster goodwill and understanding?

There are no easy answers to

these questions

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra

Editor & General Manager: Venkat Raman; Marketing & Sales Manager: Ronny Kumaran;

Production Manager: Mahes Perera; Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA;

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email: info@indiannewslink.co.nz

Websites: www.indiannewslink.co.nz; www.inliba.com; www.inlisa.com

Is the government characteristic

of two-headed llama?

Tim Murphy

The Government held an

evangelical gathering on

Sunday, September 16) to

explain what it is and what

it hopes to do.

It wasn’t exactly clear why a relatively

new administration holding

up relatively well in the opinion

polls needed to explain itself, but

explain it did.

It wasn’t on a particularly auspicious

day, being just 11 months

since its formation rather than the

usual, celebratory one-year mark.

It was an invite only affair, in a

university lecture theatre darkened

to permit viewing of a skite-video

of the first, well, 11 months and

featuring a scrolling, too-fast-toread

list of the achievements of this

Labour-led Government.

Or the Labour-New Zealand First

Coalition. Or the Labour-New Zealand

First Coalition with support

on confidence and supply from the

Green Party.

Script-reading politics

New Zealand First got to speak

first, with the old-school leader

Winston Peters doing old-school

podium and script reading politics.

Then Labour’s Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern stepped out to a

podium-less stage, adorned only

with a remote in her hand and a

smart Persian rug to measure her

steps left and right as she gave

what immediately became labelled

a political Ted Talk.

Reading - peering - from screens

high up in the lecture theatre,

Ardern announced the Government’s

path forward. Thirty years


Virtuous and nebulous

As with all 30-year plans it was

virtuous and nebulous. Everything

to agree with, nothing to oppose.

And it was un-detailed and unspecific

and unformed and unknown.

Imagine if Peters had done a

30-year-plan 30 years ago when: he

was in the National Party, happy to

be the Member for Tauranga, yet

to be sacked and stood down from

various ministries - and so far from

being an international statesman

he couldn’t recall whether he’d met

the former US President Ronald

Reagan or not.

The atmosphere in the room was

warm, but a furnace away from

the sort of heat Ardern produced a

year ago on the election campaign

trail. She stayed resolutely to the

screens’ script and raised a few

muted laughs at moments of


At the final line: ”We are going to

keep doing this” -aflatline mutation

of the zeitgeist “Let’s Do This”

of 2017 - there was an obligatory

standing ovation. First up was

Workplace Relations Minister Iain


Unusual political event

What was this unusual political


Ardern declared it a historic

moment. Self-declared history

seldom is.

Asking herself to sum up this

agenda, she said: “We want to be

the country that we are already

pretty proud of.”

Which is not quite Sir Robert

Muldoon’s “leave the country no

worse than I found it” but hardly a

searing political ambition.

Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw front the media at the launch of the Government’s 30-Year Plan

(Photo by Tim Murphy).

But this was the three parties of

the Government of New Zealand

trying to cut through the political

‘chat’ and, in their earnest hopes,

get their story out there.

It comes after weeks of the

low-level bushfires that governments

encounter and weeks of

New Zealand First doing what

it does - contrarian, stand-apart,


Ardern’s speech featured themes

and priorities. There were three

themes: the economy, wellbeing,

and leadership.

Themes and Priorities

Each of the themes had

priorities. For example for the

economy, the first was to grow and

share prosperity, the second was

to support the regions, the third

was transitioning to a green carbon

neutral country, and the fourth

was broadening the ‘measure of

success’. (Unusually, that fourth

one was third in the A to D listing

in the documentation produced

with the event’s media pack).

In any case, there were four

for wellbeing and four more for


National probably could have

signed up to all of them - other

than a commitment to warm,

dry homes and the indulgence of

expanding Peters’ Super Gold Card

for superannuitants.

Abstract targets

To achieve these abstract

targets the Government has split

its cabinet committees to have

responsibility for each theme - or

priority. It wasn’t clear.

There is to be much on these

themes and priorities on the

Government’s website - and Ardern

pledged voters would be able to

mark the administration against its

“lofty goals” over time.

So, three themes, 12 priorities

and one big message - we (the

three of us) care and the other guys


Ardern presented well, as is her

way. The question and answer

panel with the PM, the Finance

Minister Grant Robertson, NZ

First minister Tracey Martin and,

yes he got a cameo, Greens leader

James Shaw, was too contrived to

convince anyone outside the room.

Questions were sourced from

known attendees in advance, and

from vetted offerings via Facebook.

It was almost as if the event

wasn’t for the media or the public,

the voters, but for the three parties

themselves. It was a kind-of-tripartite

party conference. Labour, NZ

First and Green members in the

same room being sprinkled with

coalition unity.

Revealing politicians

However contrived such events

try to be, politicians in the raw can

also be revealing. To a question

on what she would consider a

good political legacy, Ardern was

humble and hopeful.

Doctor Doolittle’s famous Pushmi Pullyu

two-headed llama (Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

“Our time in Parliament is briefer

than we often think it is. Before

we know it we are not there any

more. Our names might not last in

the history books, they might not

matter. But the things we do might.

Some of the things we are doing

could... we are doing it by majority

government and I hope that means

we can form some consensus... on

climate change... on child poverty.

When we go it is still there.

“If we can leave politics and

the things that we do are still

there then I think all of us can be

satisfied with our time.”

When facing media questions on

stage immediately after the event,

Ardern blanched when Shaw’s

absence from the speaking roster

was raised, saying that was a “bit

of a dig.”

Shaw made the right noises

about Peters being deputy Prime

Minister and there not being a

whole lot of time.

Peters, perhaps forgetting he was

at a political show said: “Don’t simplify

it and think that it’s all about

upfront and showtime. It’s not.

This is not dysfunction junction

like the previous administration.

We know what we’re doing, okay?”

He did address the allegation

that his Party was the tail wagging

Labour’s dog.

“You say that and you’re wrong.

I’m not the tail. None of us is a tail.

We don’t demean people with that

sort of expression.”

None of them is the tail. It is not a

dog. Instead it is a living organism

with two ends, each with a head....

a lot like Doctor Doolittle’s famous

Pushmi Pullyu two-headed llama

which struggled to decide which

way to move and who would take

the lead.

A PushMe - PullYou coalition.

About to take its “Next Steps.”

Tim Murphy is Co-Editor and

Co-Founder of Newsroom. He

writes about politics, foreign

affairs, Auckland, and Media. The

above article, which appeared

under the column News Room

on September 17, 2018, has been

(slightly edited and) reproduced by

Indian Newslink under a Special


OCTOBER 1, 2018



New Zealand has a woman in Washington, finally

Sam Sachdeva

With the appointment

of Rosemary

Banks as our next

Ambassador in

Washington, another piece of

New Zealand’s diplomatic jigsaw

has fallen into place.

This article outlines Foreign

Minister Winston Peters’ preferences,

and the implications for

the top foreign affairs job.

Through 77 years of diplomatic

representation in DC, and

nearly 20 Heads of Mission, the

Government had not appointed a

female ambassador to represent

our interests in the United States

of America.

That’s now changed, with the

news that (formerly) retired diplomat

Rosemary Banks will replace

Tim Groser on Embassy

Row at the end of the year.

Ground-breaking appointment

The ground-breaking nature of

the appointment is interesting in

and of itself, but the choice also

offers some hints about Winston

Peters’ thinking on the Foreign

Affairs front - and who may take

up MFAT’s top job.

Banks has held a number of

diplomatic postings, but perhaps

the most helpful was her stint

Rosemary Banks, New Zealand’s new Ambassador to

United States of America (Picture from Wikipedia)

One of Winston Peters' first major diplomatic appointments

offers some hints about how some other critical

jobs may be filled. Photo: Lynn Grieveson.

as New Zealand’s Permanent

Representative to the United

Nations from 2005 to 2009 - a period

which coincided with the

last time Peters was Foreign

Affairs Minister.

Those familiar with Peters’

thinking suggest his preference

is to work with diplomats he already

knows and who know


Choice no surprise

Given his railings against the

appointment of former politicians

to diplomatic jobs, it is unsurprising

that he has turned to

Fly to the Indian Sub-Continent

a career diplomat rather than

an ex-MP to fill what is acritical


Any diplomat trying to make

sense of the United States under

President Donald Trump is likely

to struggle, and it is easy to have

some sympathy for Groser even

as abeneficiary of Peters’ socalled


Groser’s failures and successes

The former National Minister

was put on the back foot early on

with Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and

Murray McCully volubly declaring

his displeasure with MFAT officials

(although not his former

Cabinet colleague) over a failure

to get clarity about its impact on

New Zealanders.

New Zealand’s inability to secure

an exemption from US steel

and aluminium tariffs was also

seen by some as a failure, although

Groser and his team deserve

credit for New Zealanders

gaining access to E-1 and E-2

business visas - a longstanding

goal which others had failed to


Less public but also concerning

have been rumblings about

the environment within the

Washington Embassy and complaints

about the “Tim and

Caroline show” - the other half

of the act being Groser’s former

second-in-charge Caroline

Beresford, reprimanded after

telling US Democrats to “get

your shit together or we will all

die” on Twitter, and again when

emails revealed she had badmouthed

her Wellington bosses

to US lobbyists.

Banks, described by some who

know her as sharp in both demeanour

and intellect, may

accordingly have seemed an appropriate

choice to restore some

discipline to the office.

The race to MFAT’s top job

News of her appointment puts

paid to one school of thought -

that the Washington job would

serve as a ‘consolation prize’

to whoever missed out in the

race to replace the outgoing

Brook Barrington as MFAT Chief


There are widely believed to

be four people on the shortlist to

replace Barrington.

Within MFAT, there is

Deputy Chief Executive Bede

Corry, Deputy Secretary

Bernadette Cavanagh and High

Commissioner to Australia Chris

Seed; externally, although crucially

with some foreign affairs

experience, is New Zealand

Security Intelligence Service

Director Rebecca Kitteridge.

As was the case with

Washington, there has never

been a woman in MFAT’s top job,

which could help Cavanagh and


However, it may be that the appointment

of Banks lessens the

pressure to make another historic

appointment (irrelevant as

that may seem).

Another factor is Peters’ Pacific

reset and the Government’s push

for greater diplomacy and aid in

the region.

Of the four, Seed has the greatest

Pacific experience, having

served as High Commissioner to

Papua New Guinea and on an international

peace monitoring

team in the Solomon Islands.

That is one of the reasons why

many see him as the favourite to

replace Barrington - and it could

be seen as avote of confidence

that Peters trusted him to make

the case against Australia’s ‘corrosive’

deportation policies to a

political committee in Canberra

this week.

Sam Sachdeva is Political

Editor of Newsroom covering

Foreign Affairs, Trade, Defence

and Security Issues based in

Wellington. The above article

and picture which appeared in

the Web Edition of Newsroom

today (September 14, 2018)

have been reproduced here under

a Special Arrangement.

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OCTOBER 1, 2018

14 Businesslink

New Zealand banks are not toxic but being watched

Thomas Coughlan

Aman walked into a

bank — no, this isn’t the

beginning of a bad joke.

He wanted to sign up for

KiwiSaver, but when he leaves

he not only has a KiwiSaver

scheme, but also an expensive

life insurance policy.

He is 25, with no spouse, no

dependents and no mortgage; so,

it is not really clear what this life

insurance policy is for.

Upsold the Policy

It transpired that the man had

been “upsold” the policy by a

bank teller who was likely paid

a performance bonus for selling

him the product.

It is not unlike being asked

whether you would like to make

your hamburger a combo meal at

McDonalds. But this is not about

fries, but life insurance policies

worth thousands of dollars.

Australian Royal Commission


This story, and others, was laid

out at a select committee hearing

at Parliament on Wednesday,

September 19, 2018, at which

ministers were briefed on the

Australian Royal Commission

into misconduct in the financial

services industries.

This week, the Commission

heard that a 26-year-old Australian

with Down’s syndrome was

sold life insurance after a Cold


This, and other horror stories

raised by the Commission have

raised some pressing questions

for New Zealand’s Australian-dominated

banking sector.

Banking in New Zealand

The chief question on MPs lips:

“Is it happening here?”

“Sales targets have no place in

the banking sector”

The answer from most submitters

was that New Zealand by and

large avoids the worst excesses

of Australian banks, but there

are many substantial areas of

concern, particularly around the

sales culture of some banks.

Front line staff in the banking

sector have been subject to the

creeping influence of sales targets

for decades, according to Stephen

Parry of First Union. Staff are

incentivised to sell products like

insurance to customers who

come in looking for financial


Barry said that members of

his union felt “uncomfortable

being pressured to sell, up-sell,

and cross-sell financial products

to consumers in circumstances

where these products are neither

needed nor wanted.

Pressuring bank staff

A survey the union conducted

of its own members found that

82% of ANZ staff, 93% of BNZ

staff, and 89% of Westpac staff

felt under pressure to sell financial


“To our view, it is not only bad

for workers but its inconsistent

with the best interests of consumers.

Sales targets have no place in

the banking sector.”

Consumer NZ also drew

attention to the sales practices of

banks. Its survey of people who

received an unsolicited offer from

a bank found fewer than half of

respondents felt the product was

suitable for them.

Inappropriate products

“Our main concern with these

offers is that in many cases the

product is not appropriate and

may result in the consumer unnecessarily

increasing their debt

or purchasing something that

provides poor value for them,”

Jessica Wilson, Head of Research

at Consumer NZ, said.

Their Survey found the most

common products sold were

new Credit Cards, Credit Limit

Increases, Life Insurance, Personal

Loans, House and Contents


Wilson spoke of cases where

customers had been offered an

increase in their credit limit, even

when their bank was aware they

were struggling to pay off their

existing debt. She also raised the

case of a superannuitant who

was sold credit card repayment

insurance, in spite of the fact that

it did not pay out for over 65s.

“We’d know about it”

Ombudsman’s views

The Banking Ombudsman

disagrees that there is a toxic culture

in the New Zealand banking


“We have not seen the systemic

abuses, the really bad conduct

that has come out of the royal

commission in Australia,” Miriam

Dean, Chair of the Ombudsman

Scheme said.

Dean said that while complaints

and inquiries to the Ombudsman

were increasing, the number

of claims escalated to formal

disputes was decreasing.

She said she was confident that

her organisation would know if

there was widespread bad practice

in the banking sector because

of its monitoring of complaints.

“We are the canary in the coal

mine,” Dean said.

Monitoring the system

The Ombudsman service

monitors its caseload and if it

sees a string of similar cases that

might indicate a systemic abuse,

it can ask banks to change their


“Fortunately our caseload suggests

none of the systemic abuses

of the sort revealed in Australia,”

she said.

Continued on Page 15

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OCTOBER 1, 2018



Continued from Page 14

An appetite to regulate: On the

surface, there appears to be little

appetite for any full-scale banking

inquiry or further regulation

of the banking sector.

No inquiry needed

In April, Reserve Bank Governor

Adrian Orr told Q&A there

was no need for an inquiry in

New Zealand, saying the problem

was cultural.

But later, the Reserve Bank

joined with the Financial Markets

Authority on a review into the

culture of the banking sector.

The banks were asked to “prove”

that their culture was better than

their Australian parents.

Select Committee Hearing

But this did not go far enough

for Labour MP Michael Wood,

Chair of the Finance and

Expenditure Committee, who

told interest.co.nz that he could

summon Chief Executives of

banks to give evidence before the

committee if he felt it necessary.

But Wood was forced to do a

U-turn on that statement after

discovering that the banks were

under a confidentiality order

with the FMA concerning evidence

they were giving as a part

of that inquiry. He was forced to

back-pedal after Orr raised the

matter with Finance Minister

Grant Robertson.

ACT leader David Seymour,

who sits on the Committee said

the submission from the Banking

Ombudsman showed regulation

was working well.

“There is not a problem with

banking regulation in New

Zealand. You could have further

regulation, but that comes at a

cost,” he said.

Banks will be banks

Seymour said that customers

should be aware that banks

would try to sell them products.

“Anyone that goes to a bank

and does not believe that the

bank is trying to sell you stuff and

make money probably should

not be going to a bank in the first

place,” he said.

“Maybe we should ban McDonald’s

for asking if you’d like fries

with that?” he said.

National leader Simon Bridges

also said he would wait for the

outcome of the FMA and Reserve

Bank probe.

“Let’s see where they get to, if

they don’t I certainly wouldn’t

be in a rush to having our own

Aussie-style inquiry,” he said.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson

has said that he is watching

the FMA and Reserve Bank probe

closely and would not make a

decision on whether to appoint

an Australian-style inquiry unless

the probe turned up evidence for


Thomas Coughlan is a

Newsroom reporter based

in Wellington who writes on

policy and economics. Indian

Newslink has published the

above story and Picture that

appeared in Newsroom on

September 20, 2018 under a

Special Agreement.

IRD says Oxfam report

on pharmas misleading

The Oxfam report

claiming pharmaceutical


in New Zealand are

underpaying tax by some $21

million completely misrepresents

the situation here says

Inland Revenue Department

(IRD) international Strategy

Manager, John Nash.

“Obviously we cannot comment

on specific taxpayers

but taking a global profitability

figure and applying

it across the board, as this

report does, cannot illustrate

what’s really happening in

this country,” he said.

Global versus local

“The report tries to apply

a globally derived profit

margin figure of 15-16% to

New Zealand drug company

revenue of $519 million and

concludes that they have

underpaid tax by $21 million.

This is clearly incorrect

given the type of operations

that multinational pharmaceutical

companies actually

undertake in New Zealand,”

Mr Nash said.

He said that the Oxfam

methodology applied a global

average profit margin to the

New Zealand operations of

pharmaceutical companies

while at the same time

acknowledging that profit

margins were not uniform all

over the world.

No IP issues in New


“The main driver of profitability

in this industry is the

creation and development of

intellectual property but such

activities are not generally

carried out in New Zealand.

It is important to examine

what multinationals actually

do in a specific country such

as New Zealand and how

value is added, before

arriving at a conclusion that

insufficient taxation has

been paid. The New Zealand

operations of pharmaceutical

companies are almost entirely

lower margin activities like

distribution,” Mr Nash said.

He described Pharmac

as an ‘active regulator’

impacting the profitability of

pharmaceutical companies

in New Zealand.

Mr Nash said that Inland

Revenue is working closely

with multinationals of all

kinds operating in New Zealand

to ensure compliance

as well as working with the

OECD in the collective effort

to improve compliance by

multinationals worldwide

OCTOBER 1, 2018

16 Businesslink

IRD affirms close watch over property investors

Richard Owen

Any suggestion that the

Inland Revenue Department

(IRD) has taken its

eye off the ball when it

comes to property investors is

thoroughly misleading.

Just under 100 Inland Revenue

compliance specialists are

focused on making sure property

investors are aware of their tax

obligations – including the brightline


The Property Compliance

Programme was established in


Some big changes this year in

the way we work saw many of

the job titles change, but the focus

has stayed the same.

Bright Line Rule on priority

Enforcing the Bright-Line Rule

is a priority among those working

on property compliance and they

are following a comprehensive

strategy, designed to help

customers meet their obligations

from the start and to catch the

cases where no profit is declared

from a sale.

We find that in a majority of

cases, our customers want to get

their tax affairs properly in order.

Inland Revenue compliance

staff aim to make it as easy as

possible for customers to comply

by focusing on supporting them

upfront, before issues arise,

rather than just responding to

non-compliance when it happens.

Unfortunately, there will still be

some customers who ignore those

messages and fail to comply. It

is highly likely that those people

will be picked up in our audit

work, which is intensifying over

the next year.

Customer awareness

The Bright-Line Rules came into

effect in October 2015 and we are

finding many customers remain

unsure of their obligations.

Awareness appears to be

building all the time.

Following the government’s

decision to extend the Bright-Line

period from two to five years,

IRD ran social media promotions

and newsletter drops pointing

to updated information on our

website. The marketing was

specifically targeted so that customers

with a property interest

knew about the change.

During the month-long campaign,

our social media content

reached over 200,000 people and

approximately 40,000 people

visited the bright-line campaign

webpages, which has links to

all the information they need to


Focus areas

Property speculation is a centre

of attention, especially in and

around new developments, infill

housing, regional hot spots and

properties that have been sold

within a short duration.

Additional revenue of $117

million was assessed in the 12

months to June 30, 2018 as a result

of audit activities on property

compliance issues.

Bright-line is of course an area

of focus and along with ongoing

audit activity, data analytics techniques

are being used to identify

our bright-line cases early.

This allows us to target our interventions

to help our customers

get it right from the start.

In 2017–2018, over $7 million

of Resident Land Withholding

tax was deducted and paid from

properties sold by overseas-based

vendors who are subject to the

bright-line test.

Customer compliance

New processes have been

developed to allow property

transactions to be monitored in

real time. This helps compliance

staff develop an early reading of

trends and hot spots so they can

monitor and make initial judgements

about whether a customer

is complying with tax rules.

Data from Land Information

New Zealand help us determine

the amount of tax that’s likely to

be due. This information is then

used to remind property owners

so they can understand what to

put on their tax return.

The data also reveals the customers

who have bought and sold

residential properties within two

years and have not claimed an

exemption on the tax statement

provided with the sale.

Again, contact is made with

these customers to discuss their

filing requirements so that they

comply with the bright-line

obligations voluntarily.

Long game

Bringing in the tax revenue

from a property transaction is a

long game.

Depending on the point at

which a property is sold, it can be

up to three years before Inland

Revenue receives the payment.

Separating out the revenue that’s

collected from a bright-line

transaction is difficult to report as

currently the taxpayer is only required

to list it as amongst ‘other

income’ on their tax return.

Compliance with the Bright-

Line Rules is improving all the


We expect this to continue as

more customers have greater

certainty about their obligations

and our property compliance

specialists will remain on hand to

help them get it right.

Richard Owen is a Customer

Segment Leader at Inland

Revenue Department based in


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OCTOBER 1, 2018

PM-FM meetpaves way forstronger Indo-Fiji ties

Venkat Raman

Fiji’sPrime Minister Josaia

Voreqe Bainimarama

has exalted his country’s

relationship with India,

saying that the world’slargest

democracy has always been a

friend and supporter.

Followingameetingheld with

India’sExternal Affairs Minister

Sushma SwarajinNew York

on September 25,2018 he acknowledged

‘India’s manycontributions

to Fiji’sdevelopment,

culture andpeople-to-people


Mr Bainimarama, who is also

Foreign MinisterofFiji, praised

Ms Swaraj, saying that she is only

the second woman to hold the

high office of External Affairs

after IndiraGandhi (who was

also Prime Minister), overseeing

the foreign policy of 1.3 billion

people under the Cabinet of

Prime MinisterNarendraModi.

Election in Fiji

“Wediscussed Fiji’sextensive

national election preparations,”

Mr Bainimarama said, referring

to the ensuing generalelection

in his country.

“Wethank theIndiangovernmentfor


and present), supporting and

overseeing the electoral process.

India is taking alead rolein

this year’selections as Co-Chair,

with Australia andIndonesia, of

the Multinational Observation

Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama with India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at

their meeting in New York on September 25, 2018 (Picture Supplied)

Group. Ihave stressed theimportanceoffree

andfair elections,”

he said.

Generous Supporter

Mr Bainimarama described

the Indian government as ‘a

generous supporter’ofFiji’s COP

23 Presidency and the country’s

national defence and disaster

relief efforts.

“India has alsobeenparticularly

generous in its backing of

Fiji’smicro,small andmedium

enterprises, lending its vast

technical expertise andcontributing

over F$ 5.9milliontothe

government’shighly successful

Microand Small BusinessGrant

(MSBG) Programme.This Programme

has helpedthousands of

entrepreneurial Fijians who have

used thegrantstogrow their

businesses andbyextension, the

Fijian economy,” he said.

Ms Swaraj discussed withMr

Bainimarama her proposed visit

to Fiji in February 2019, where

she plans to follow up on India’s

commitments from the Forumfor

India-PacificIslands Cooperation

and other development assistanceprogrammes.

Increasing interest

As mentionedinour recent editorial,

people of Fiji are beginning

to evince more interest in the

ensuing general election as days

roll, there is increasingcertainty

that thepolling daywouldbe

sometime in November.

Noone is howevermaking any

guesses as to the outcome.

While followers of the FijiFirst

Party believe that Prime Minister

Josaia VoreqeBainimarama will

return, albeit perhaps with a


oppositioncamp seem to be too

weak to be formidable.

Political equity

Incessant to sanctions and ultimatums

to restore parliamentary

democracy from the developed

worldincluding his powerful

neighbours Australia andNew

Zealand, Mr Bainimarama and his

Government have worked over

the past twelve years to make Fiji

amore inclusive polity and economy.They

have given the countrya

new Constitution, whichpromises

the long-cherished political and

economic equity,making allFijians

eligible forequal treatment.

Australian government has

expressedits satisfaction that

Election 2018 would be free and



Celebrate your success with us


fair, based on the experience of

the 2014exercise.New Zealand

has expressedits viewonsimilar

lines, while India, the largest

democracy in the world, has been

the only country that has continuously

stood by Fiji, offering its

support and assistance. While

Delhi has desired Fiji to follow

democratic ideals, it has always

respectedthe country’sright to

chooseits own form of Government

through its own processes.

No Template

There is no template fordemocracy

as the concept andpractice

differ between countries. That

said, FijiansinFiji and elsewhere

with the eligibility to vote, must

exercisetheir franchise in the

coming election, which would

steer the country towards calmer

seas and progressive future.

GalaBlack TieAwards Nightwith CocktailsandDinneron Monday,November26, 2018,

Sky City Convention Centre, CornerVictoria &Federal Street, Auckland City

Cocktails and Networking from5pmto6.10 pm

For tickets,pricedat$150 plusGST (including cocktails and dinner)

Contact us on Phone(09) 533 6377oremail: editor @indiannewslink.co.nz


OCTOBER 1, 2018


Telanganites celebrate Ganesh

Chaturthi with piety

Telangana Association President Kalyan Rao

Kasuganti with Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and

Priyanca Radhakrishnan

Sandeep Acharya, Narendra Reddy Patlola

and Vijay Reddy Kosna preparing for the


Hindus traditionally worship

Lord Ganesha or Lord Vinayaka

before commencing any

event (including weddings,

engagement ceremonies and religious

programmes) as He is considered

as the ‘Remover of All Obstacles,’

ensuring success of the venture.

The Birthday of Lord Ganesha,

known as ‘Ganesha Chaturthi’ is

marked by Hindus all over the world,

usually in September.

New Zealand Specialty

New Zealand is known for religious

tolerance, interfaith dialogue and

promotion of multicultural values.

These qualities were evident at the

‘Vinayaka Chaturthi,’ organised by

the Telangana Association of New

Zealand on Thursday, September 13,

2018 at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall,

located at 13, May Road in Mt Roskill

in Auckland.

Association President

Kalyan Rao Kasuganti said

that the Annual Celebration

of Lord Ganesha is

widely observed by the

Hindu community across

the world.

“The ten-day festival

commences with special

Poojas, recitation of slokas,

rendition of Kirtans,

cultural programmes

including music and dance

and concludes with the

immersion of the Idol of

Lord Ganesha at sea,” he


Community Prayer

Mr Kalyan said that

families welcome Lord

Ganesha to their homes

and chant hymns, perform

Pooja and Aarti to celebrate

the auspicious day.

“The Pooja at the

Telangana Association

this year was performed

by Sandeep Acharya, with

the assistance of Narender

and Varsha Reddy Patlola

and Vijay and Sunitha

Reddy Kosna. The arrival

of the Idol of Lord Ganesha,

carried by devotees,

marked the beginning

of the celebrations. The

prayer included, ‘Sarve

Jana Sukhino Bhavantu,’

meaning, ‘May everyone

be happy.’ We felt blessed

by the Lord,” Mr Kalyan


Why is Annual Home Loan Review a Must?

Rachna Dave

With the very


ye ar 2018

coming to

an end, it is time

to set

up financial and


Goals to ensure that we

strive to achievee them.

Let us put some strong

plans in place to make

the coming year sucproperty

market and


In the

lending side,

year 2018

in Auckland,

there were

times when


were not selling at


But with banks

giving pre-approvalto

applications with a

low deposit on a case-


by-case basis,

started picking up.

Currently, banks are

very supportive of First

home buyers.

The Reservee Bank of

New Zealand has also

changed LVR restrictions

Special guests

More than 200 members

of the community were

present at the event. They

included Kanwaljit Singh

Bakshi, Priyanca Radhakrishnan


National and Labour List

MPs) and New Zealand

Indian Central Association

General Secretary Prakash


Among the highlights of

the festivity was rendition

of Kirtans and songs by

men and women and the

auction of a ‘large Laddu.’

Mr Kalyan said that the

Laddu, made by Muralidhar

and Vijayalakshmi

Rangu, was purchased in

auction for $1616 by Srihari

Rao Banda, a member of

the community.

Celebrations in Hyderabad

“The Festival in Telangana

witnesses tens of thousands

of people praying in

front of huge Idols of Lord

Ganesha and Extra Large

Laddus being auctioned,

with the proceeds spent

on community welfare.

The Khairtabad Ganesh

Pooja, held in Hyderabad,

the Capital of Telangana,

accounts for one of the

biggest and most popular

Ganesha festivals in India.

The idol made this year

was 57 feet in height,” he


for first home buyers and

investors which are in effect

from January 1, 2018.

The Official Cash Rate

(OCR) has remained unchanged

from November

2016. It means potentially

the interest rates may stay

more or less the same for

the next 18 months or

two years. However, it is

Yoga is not a fitness exercise but a complete system

Sadguru, one of the most respected

Yogic in the world (Picture Supplied)

To treat Yoga as just another

exercise form is a farce

because the Yogic system

involves not just exercising

the muscular and skeletal systems

of the body, but also exercising the

internal organs and the involuntary

systems in the body.

It is a process of bringing that

which is involuntary within us into

the voluntary realm.

So, you can have sufficient

mastery over the system – then

everything within your system

slowly begins to happen consciously

rather than unconsciously and


Complete Overhaul

Yoga is a process of completely

overhauling the system in such a

way that health and wellbeing come

from within.

Above all, it aligns the physical,

the mental and the Pranic (energy)

systems in such a way that the

source of creation within ourselves

finds expression.

Therefore, Yoga is not just an

exercise, it is a process and a system

to enhance the human being in

an overall way and to manipulate

one’s energies so that individual

human beings can find their highest

Soldiers of the Indian Border Security Force practicing Yoga at Isha Foundation,

Coimbatore, India

possible potential within


Reference out of context

Treating Yoga as an exercise

form, or even comparing Yoga

to some other exercise system,

is completely out of context.

When we talk about fitness,

it can be of many kinds for

different requirements.

For example, a wrestler

needs one kind of fitness.

A labourer on the street

needs another kind of fitness.

An executive needs a different

level of fitness. An athlete

needs another kind of fitness.

Fitness is not the same for


Just building muscle and

making the body strong is not

fitness. Fitness means every

aspect of you is functioning at

its optimal level.

So, the Yogic system is

focused towards taking an

individual to his ultimate possibility

and towards fulfilling his

ultimate potential.

No equipment, no help

The best part of the Yogic

impossible to predict the


But, considering the

current scenario, this is

the best time for us to do

an annual review and see

if we can be a step ahead

on the property ladder. If

yes, let us start working on

pre-approvals. If no, then

we will put strong plans

processes is that you do not

need any equipment or any

help from anybody else. If you

are there, that is sufficient.

All you need is a space of

three feet by six feet in which

every kind of exercise that is

needed for the system can be


When you practice Yoga, it is

a complete system.

Isha Foundation NZ

Isha Foundation New

Zealand conducts Isha Inner

Engineering and Hatha Yoga

Programmes. It also conducts

free Isha Kriya and Isha Upa

Yoga practices for the General

public regularly. For more

information, please call 022-

4637811; website: Visit: www.


Sadhguru is a Yogi, Mystic,

Visionary and Bestselling

Author. Ranked amongst the

fifty most influential people

in India,, h was conferred

‘Padma Vibhushan,’ the second

highest civilian honour

by the Indian Government

in 2017.

and strategies to get on

to the property ladder in

near future.

I want to see you successfully

climbing your

property portfolio.

Call me today on

0800RACHNA to book

your appointment.

OCTOBER 1, 2018


Model of the Fortnight

Drama Festival to support Children’s Home in Sri Lanka

Venkat Raman

Anot-for-profit, charitable

organisation is conducting

a Drama Festival in

aid of poor children in

Sri Lanka.

Gandhi Illam New Zealand

Trust is organising the event on

Saturday, October 6, 2018 at Mt

Eden War Memorial Hall located

at 487 Dominion Road, Mt Eden.

Suren Surendran, who is

known to the communities in

New Zealand as a singer, cricketer,

philanthropist and champion

of social and community causes,

is organising this event with a

group of dedicated volunteers. He

is also a Trustee of Gandhi Illam.

About Gandhi Illam

He said that Gandhi Illam New

Zealand Trust was established in

2008 in Auckland to raise funds

to support a children’s home

in Mannar, a small town in the

North West of Sri Lanka. “The

initial fundraising was developed

through a system of regular

monthly donations (‘A Dollar a

Day’ concept) and still remains

a major source of funds. The net

proceeds of two major music

concerts held in the recent past in

Auckland (Dr K J Yesudas in 2012

and Rajesh Vaidhya and Super

Singers in 2017) were donated to

Gandhi Illam,” he said.

Mr Surendran said that since

its inception ten years ago,

Gandhi Illam New Zealand Trust

Needy children get help in Sri Lanka (Picture Supplied)

has mobilised and donated

more than $400,000 to poor

people in the North and East Sri

Lanka. “The Trust operates on

a 100% pass through basis with

any local expenses paid for by

private sponsorships and other

contributions. Other fundraising

endeavours include annual

variety shows and contributions

for special meals and special

projects,” he said.

Trust Beneficiaries

Among the beneficiaries of the

Trust are (a) Homes for more

than 120 children (b) Special Children

receiving meals to celebrate

significant days of sponsors (c)

Families to set up and operate

cottage industries (d) Water wells

for communities (e) Women on

full-time employment at Early

Childhood Education Centre (f)

Children who are piloted through

technical pathways.

Mr Surendran admitted that

there was more work to be done.

“The needs of the families are

more critical than ever as they

look to build a sustainable livelihood

so that the children are able

to learn and grow in a secure and

stable environment.

The forthcoming Drama

Festival is a part of our efforts to

address this challenge,” he said.

Internal War in Sri Lanka

Mr Surendran said that

despite the romantic notions and

beauty of the land, Sri Lanka has

suffered immeasurably from

the prolonged internal war that

lasted over 30 years.

“The war came to an end in

May 2009 when the Government

forces finally captured the last

stretch of the land in Mullivaikal

in the North East of Sri Lanka. So

brutal was this war that many

thousands of people lost their

lives and the progress of the

country was pretty much put on

hold during this time,” he said.

He said that the people of

North and East Sri Lanka were

among the worst sufferers and

that constant bombings, escalating

fighting, destruction of economic

infrastructure have forced people

to leave their traditional places

of abode and take refuge into

make shift camps, forests and any

empty land.

Penniless exodus

“They left their houses,

belongings, livestock, agricultural

machinery, factories, shops and

ran for their lives, barely clutching

on to whatever they could


carry. All or most of what they left

were either bombed, destroyed or

looted. Many who could not run,

were caught in the fighting and

perished or bore permanent scars

from the deadly war,” he said.

Since 2009, a massive rebuild

and rehabilitation effort has been

undertaken by the government

and various NGOs, Mr Surendran


For further details about the

forthcoming Drama Festival,

please contact Suren Surendran


OCTOBER 1, 2018

20 Communitylink

Former Malayali Samajam President

appeals to New Zealanders

Flood victims in Kerala need urgent help

Aformer President

of the Auckland

Malayali Samajam

has appealed to all

New Zealanders to extend

their financial support to help

victims of the devastating

floods that ravaged the State

of Kerala last month.

Sasi Nambissan, who

currently works in Sharjah,

United Arab Emirates is in

daily contact with a number

of his friends throughout New

Zealand coordinating efforts

to bring relief to the people of

his home state who are still

under a state of shock and


Massive relief work

He visited Kerala soon after

the floods and has had firsthand

information about the

extent of destruction wrought

by torrential rains and floods.

“The relief work being

undertaken is on a massive

scale. I am grateful to our

people at the grassroots level

who are on the forefront of

relief efforts.

“Our young people in Auckland

and Rotorua, including

Dijo John Thottappally, Justin

Matthew Kavapurackal, Nithin

and Jomin Antony have

been working relentlessly to

mobilise funds for flood relief

Sasi Nambissan

in Kerala. In view of

the large extent of

the damages and a

very large amount

required (more than

US$ 1 billion), these

efforts will continue

for sometime,” he


Deaths and Missing


Mr Nambissan

quoted Kerala Chief

Minister Pinarayi

Vijayan as saying

to the ‘One-Day

State Assembly’ on

Thursday, September

20, 2018 that about

485 people died

in flood-related

incidents and that

14 persons were still


“Excessive rainfall,

floods and landslides

have destroyed roads,

bridges, buildings and

houses, forcing a large

part of the state’s population

to take shelter in

relief camps. According

to an Indian Express

report, on August 21, at

the height of the floods,

a total of 1.45 million

people belonging to 39.1

million families had to

be rushed to nearby

Torrential rains and floods have

destroyed properties in Kerala

relief camps. The latest

figure is that there are

59,296 people in 305

relief camps,” he said.

Temporary shelters

Mr Nambissan, who

was President of the

Auckland Malayali

Rescue operations in progress

Samajam in 2009 and

its Vice-President in

2013-2014, said that

more than 100,000

families have lost their

homes, belongings

and are now living in

temporary shelters.

“Many of them have

lost their immediate

family members and

friends. Several are

still trapped under

mud, fallen buildings.

We hope and pray

that there would be

no more rains and

the resultant floods

and damages,” Mr

Nambissan said.

For donations and

more information,

please contact Dijo

John on 027-2882000.

Fraud charge over fire extinguisher service claims

Supplied Content

The Commerce Commission

has filed charges under the

Crimes Act 1961 and the

Fair Trading Act 1986 (FT Act)

against the owner of a company

which supplies and services fire


Mira Singh, 60 of Manurewa,

Auckland, is the sole shareholder

and director of Aero Fire (NZ) Sales

& Service Limited (Aero Fire).

The Charges

Mr Singh and Aero Fire each

face three charges under the FT

Act of making false or misleading

representations in relation to the

installation, servicing and maintenance

of fire extinguishers.

Mr Singh also faces one Crimes

Act charge of obtaining money

by deception. The Commission

alleges that money was obtained

from customers who paid to have

their extinguishers serviced in

accordance with the applicable

New Zealand Standard, but who

did not receive that service.

Aero Fire operates primarily in

Auckland and Hamilton, offering

fire extinguisher services to small

businesses such as shops and


Commission’s allegations

The Commission alleges that between

February 2015 and March

2017, Aero Fire and Mr Singh told

customers that fire extinguishers

(a) had a maintenance history that

they did not, for example that an

extinguisher had been pressure

tested when it had not and (b)

were installed and serviced in

accordance with the New Zealand

Standard when they were not.

The Commission also alleges that

on one occasion in October 2014

Aero Fire and Mr Singh claimed

that an extinguisher required

servicing every six months, when

that was not the legal requirement.

Letter Issued

The Commission received

complaints about Aero Fire during

2016, including some referred to

it by Police. It issued a ‘stop now’

letter to Aero Fire in November

2017, asking it to cease engaging in

misleading conduct.

Mr Singh and Aero Fire are due

to appear at the Manukau District

Court on October 4, 2018.

As the matter is now before the

Court, the Commission will make

no further comment at this time.

Warning to businesses

Business owners are urged to

obtain advice as to whether fire

extinguishers are required for

their commercial premises. They

are also reminded that they have a

free choice of service providers in

relation to any fire extinguishers

and are advised to enquire up

front about what services will be

provided in accordance with the

Standard and at what cost, before

agreeing to purchase goods or


Servicing fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be

serviced in accordance with the

New Zealand Standard for Hand

Operated Fire-fighting Equipment,

AS/NZS 4503:2005.

OCTOBER 1, 2018


Enchanting Merchants of Bollywood due in New Zealand

Shows in Auckland and Tauranga with exotic costumes and dances

Venkat Raman

Indian Cinema has been a

source of inspiration and

awe for millions of people all

over the world and for almost

120 years, it has witnessed the

emergence and rise of hundreds

of thousands of actors, producers,

directors, cinematographers,

musicians and other artistes.

Bollywood is a name given to

the Hindi film industry to denote

the largest segment of the country’s

cinema, although ‘Tollywood,’

and ‘Kollywood,’ representing

Telugu and Tamil Cinema are also

significant, accounting for more

box-office hits.

Nonetheless, glamour and gossip

hold Bollywood in an exalted

status and over the years, this

industry has adapted to changes

and absorbed technological advances.

Bollywood film stars and

technicians are today in demand

in Hollywood and other cinematic

centres around the world. It has a

place of honour among its western


Delving into the history of one

of the most important aspects of

India’s performing arts is ‘The

Merchants of Bollywood,’ a music

and dance spectacle that has

enchanted millions of people all

over the world.

The theatrical dance spectacular

will be staged in Auckland and

Tauranga later this month.

Following is the Schedule:

The Merchants of Bollywood in


A tale of glamour and sombreness through the ages Costumes, Colour and Calibre The dancing couple has captivated world


Venue: The Civic Theatre, Corner

of Queen Street & Wellesley Street


Friday, October 19, 2018 at 730 pm

Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 2 pm

Saturday, October 20, 2018: 730 pm

Sunday, October 21, 2018: 3 pm

Tickets from Ticketmaster.co.nz

The Merchants of Bollywood in


Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 730

pm at Baypark Arena, Tauranga

Tickets from Ticketek.co.nz

Indian Culture is at the heart

of this extravaganza,” says Carol

Furtado, who plays the central

character in ‘The Merchants of


Since her debut in 2006, Carol

has been an integral part of this

‘story of conflict between generations,’

blending tradition with

the modern and adapting modern

trends, without sacrificing the

values of the past.

“This musical journey, started by

Vaibhavi Merchant (granddaughter

of legendary musician and choreographer

Hiralal Merchant) has

had the world in rapt attention.

The narrative style of a bygone age

in dance form is apparently one of

the most innovative aspects of the

event,” she said.

Carol plays the role of Ayesha

Merchant, an ambitious youngster

who questions traditions and

challenges the norms, and yet

respects values.

“The Merchants of Bollywood

is always evolving, but retains its

base of the life of the Merchant

family. It incorporates the music,

dance and situations of the past,

matching the trends of today.

The show therefore retains its

relevance all the time,” she said.

Carol has excelled as a dancer,

actress, model and designer.

This India-born young woman of

Portuguese descent is a graduate in

Sociology, with an ever-increasing

passion for dance.

Beginning her career at the

MTV Launch in Bangalore in

1996 performing alongside Slash

of ‘Guns & Roses’ fame, Carol got

her big break when a budding

choreographer spotted her

dancing at a local club and offered

her the opportunity to become a

professional dancer.

During the same year, she

performed with Shweta Shetty

(India’s top female pop performer

at that time) which led to her first

international appearance in Nepal.

The following year Carol was

featured in the music video ‘Bari

Barsi’ with Baba Sehgal, the

pioneer of rap music in India.

The Indian Council for Cultural

Relations (ICCR) took her to

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong-Kong and

Chengdu as a performer in the


China Art Festival. By 1999, Carol

had expanded her global experiences

by touring Holland, USA and

Canada with singer Kumar Sanu

and Sri Lanka with Bavana.

The Merchants of Bollywood

ushered in a major change in her

life and career.

The show transcends time

and is a touching tribute to the

Bollywood greats of yesterday and

the box-office hits of today complimented

by the outstanding music

arrangements by Salim-Sulaiman.

A fictional story, yet based

on real life, “The Merchants of

Bollywood” will reveal to the

Western audience the workings of

cinema and the part it plays in the

heart and soul of Indian society in

an extraordinary evening of music

and dance at the heart of which

lies a heartfelt story of a young

girl, her grandfather and their love

of dance.

OCTOBER 1, 2018

22 Entertainmentlink/Classifiedlink

North ShoreIndians plan Navaratri Festival

Venkat Raman

Aucklanders in general and

residents of North Shore

and beyond inparticular,

will have an opportunity

to watch Navaratri celebrations and

perhapsparticipate in the proceedings

as a two-day festival getsahead

later month.

North Shore Indian Association is

organising the Festival onOctober

12 and October 13, 2018atthe North

Shore Event Centre, Silverfield, Off

Porana Road in Glenfield.

Association Treasurer Mayank

Patel said that the Festival, ninth in

an annual series, brings together

not only Hindu women and families

but also people from otherethnic


Invoking Blessings of Durga

“DuringNavaratri, we invokethe

energy aspect ofGod in the formof

the Universal Mother, commonly referred

as‘Durga.’ The name means

‘RemoverofMiseries of Life.’ She is

alsoreferred to as ‘Devi’ (Goddess)

or ‘Shakti’(Energy or Power),”he


Mr Patel said that this energy

helps Godtocreateand protect the

Universe and destroy evil.

“It can be said that God ismotionless,

absolutely changeless,

and the Divine Mother Durga,does

everything.Our worship of Shakti

re-confirms the scientifictheory that

energy isimperishable. It cannot be

created or destroyed,”hesaid.

Adhi Parashakthi also Known asGoddess Durga

Mr Patel said that the two-day Festival

is being supportedbyanumber of commercial

organisations and volunteers.

“We thank them for their patronage.

Visitors to the two-day Festival will have

access tofree parking of their vehicles,”

he said.

“North Shore Indian Associationisa

not-for-profit organisation dedicated to

community services.Wekeep alive our

great Indianculture and tradition and

teach our children the intrinsictraditionalvalues

and our Heritage,” Mr Patel


Extolling the Power of Women

Hindu womenmark nine nights to

worship Goddess Shakti or Durga once

ayear, preceding Diwali. Also known as

‘Dassera,’ thenine nightsare spentin

dancing, prayer and companionship, emphasisingthe

importance of


The killing of ademon bya

Deity is not mere physical annihilation,

butliberation, amanifestation

of divinegrace.

Rama liberated Ravana, and

Krishna did the same with the

vile Kansa.

This is however the maximum

theycould give to the


Thesedemons were rarely

showninany of the worshipped


Compassionate Durga

It is onlythe supremelycompassionate

Goddess Durga who

gives space in Her imagetothe

principal demonshe killed,

thus ensuring that hetoo is

worshipped along withHer.

If this is the grace that the

Goddess showers on avillain,

then, canthere be ameasure

of the blessings She bestowson

her loving devotees.

The Navaratri (nine nights)

Festival is acelebration of this

Great Goddess, in which the

actual worship is divided into

three parts, where Sheisworshipped

in her three essential


The two principal scriptures

of the Goddess –The

Devi Mahatmya and the Devi

Bhagavad Purana,highlight

these aspects with highly instructive

and symbolicstories.

House Maintenance

Professional for Roof Painting,Roof Cleaning, Roof Leaking, Gutter

Cleaning, Outside Wall Painting/Cleaning.

CallPeterJin 021-1292354 of (09) 2740353.

House forRent

Mt Wellington/MtRichmond.

3bedrooms, ,2bathrooms, immaculate, spacious, fully fenced

fullyredecorated, gaswater heating,sunny North facing deck

OSP,conveniently locatedtoall amenities

$550 Week, 021-1684244

OCTOBER 1, 2018


Talent and elegance lift the face of Miss Indianz 2018

Venkat Raman


It was perhaps the best ever

event of its type.

Miss Indianz 2018, held

on Saturday, September 15,

2018 was a magnificent event

that combined talent, colour,

costumes, pride, elegance, dignity

and honour.

While there is no other event

of its type in the country, Miss

Indianz 2018 was easily the best

in its 16-year run, beating its own

preceding events.

Dharmesh Parikh of Reshab D

Productions, who organises Miss

Indianz year-after-year and his

elder brother Hemant Parikh

who comperes it year-after-year

deserve kudos for their spectacular

efforts. While the former

was not seen on stage, the latter

enjoyed every moment of the

evening, adlibbing with Jacinta

Lal and carrying the audience

with him.

Kartika Singh, the Winner

Kartika Singh, who has been

featured more than once as our

‘Model of the Fortnight’ convincingly

won the Miss Indianz 2018

title. Her poise and presentation

were beyond doubt the crowning

glory of the event.

The Runners-Up

The First-Runner-Up was

Hubaan Saher, while the Second

place was shared by Sinthia

Kumar and Nishka Shetty.

Other Winners

Among the others who won

honours were Sahana (Potential

Model), Hubaan Saher (Miss

Kartika Singh, Miss Indianz 2018 with the three Runners-Up and other Contestants

Valentine Fernandes, Miss Indianz 2017

performing her famous ‘Butterfly Dance’

Friendship), Kartika Singh (Miss

Talent), Karanpreet Dhanjal (Miss

Popular), Ishini Rani and Amrita

Gillard (Miss Photogenic).

Talents galore

True to what Dharmesh always

says, ‘It was not just a beauty pageant.

Miss Indianz is a celebration

The Winners and Participants at Miss Indianz 2018

of Kiwi-Indian, elegance, fashion,

music and dance. We do not give

Cups, we do not cut cakes, we do

not cut corners and we do nothing

to stress our contestants. We do

not ask them to sell sponsorships

or tickets. This is a programme

that showcases talent in its varied

Kartika Singh also won the ‘Miss Talent,’ Title


Indeed, while each of the

contestants excelled as a dancer

or singer in the talent round,

there was ample opportunities to

behold the wealth of talent in the

community. There were no less

than a dozen items of music and

Amrita Gillard, Winner of ‘Miss Photogenic’ Title

dance, of classical, semi-classical,

folk and the film variety. There

was even an opera singer to add to

the versatility.

Additional Reading: Model of

the Fortnight: Kartika Singh

under Communitylink


Celebrate your success with us

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2. Business Excellence in Innovation

3. Business Excellence in Marketing

4. Business Excellence in Customer Service

5. Best Employer of Choice

6. Best Small Business

7. Best Medium Sized Business

8. Best Large Business

9. Business Excellence in Health &Safety (NEW)

10. Business Excellence in International Trade with India*

11. Best Accountant of the Year

12. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

13. Best Businesswoman of the Year

14. Best Financial Advisor (Mortgage) of the Year

15. Best Financial Advisor (Insurance) of the Year

Supreme Business of the Year Award

(All entries will be entered for this category)

Gala Black Tie Awards Night with Cocktails and Dinner on

Monday, November 26, 2018, Sky City Convention Centre,

Corner Victoria &Federal Streets, Auckland City

Cocktails and Networking from 5pmto 6.10 pm

For tickets, priced at $150 plus GST (including cocktails and dinner)

Contact us on Phone (09) 533 6377 or email: editor@indiannewslink.co.nz

OCTOBER 1, 2018

24 Sportslink

We punch above our weight in every field

Bhikhu Bhana

Sports is an important element in

the fabric of New Zealand life.

The achievements of New

Zealanders in Rugby, Cricket,

Yachting, Rowing, Squash lead us to

believe that as a country, we punch

above our weight.

Sports is also so well embedded in

the Indian way of life. Cricket is like a

religion in India.

In Hockey, India used to win Gold

Medals at the Olympics, as if by right.

Alarming trend

In New Zealand, Indians follow

sports very extensively. Ask questions

about M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli or the

Nawab of Pataudi, you will get many

quoting statistics by memory.

Unfortunately, the reality is that

fewer and fewer young Indians are

taking part in sports and physical

activity. This is an alarming trend and

hence, we must encourage our youth to

participate in physical activity.

Success in sports can also open many

doors and opportunities.

The New Zealand Indian Central Association

(NZICA) and Indian Newslink

have observed this trend and want to

make an active change to this trend.

Holistic approach

This year, the newspaper has

planned a holistic approach to the

sports awards: The Past, The Present

and The Future.

The Past: More than 50 Indians have

represented New Zealand for many

years in 10 different sports. We believe

that the first persons of India origin

who won a gold medal at the Olympic

Games came from New Zealand. This is

an amazing and exciting information.

In 1976, two young Hockey players

from the New Zealand Hockey team

gave noteworthy performances.

We will recognise a few of these elite

sports people every year.

The Present: There are eleven

categories of Sport Awards this year,

including Cricket, Soccer, Rugby Union,

Rugby League, Netball, Hockey, Golf

and other sports. We will also recognise

and reward the Best Sportsman and

Best Sportswoman of the Year.

The Future: This is a new direction of

Awards. There are no boundaries. This

is an opportunity to identify your talent

and hopefully, Indian Newslink and

NZICA can give directions to our youth

to achieve their true talent.

It is in this area that we as a

community have an opportunity and

responsibility to make our youths enjoy

and achieve great results in a sporting


For tickets, please contact Venkat Raman

on 021-836528 or Ronny Kumaran

on (09) 5336377 or 022-1913666. Email:


Bhikhu Bhana is President of

the New Zealand Indian Central

Association, the largest and oldest

Association that represents the

Indian Diaspora in New Zealand. The

Association is a Partner of our Sports

& Community Awards this year.

Our Awards are just a week away

Ravi Nyayapati

The wait is over.

After an exciting

build-up following

a two-year logistical

break, the Indian Newslink

Sports and Community

Awards is just a week away.

The event, to be held at

Alexandra Park in Greenlane,

Auckland on Monday, October

8 will hopefully prove its

popularity and interest in the


Nominations and the selection

process is complete for

both Sports and Community

segments of the Awards 2018.

Politicians, sports personnel

and community members

will grace the occasion, along

with families and friends of

sports nominees as well as

community award winners.

The Gests of Honour

include National MP Judith

Collins, Blackcap Opening

Batsman Jeet Raval and Auckland

Hockey Chief Executive

Manoj Darji.

Good Partnership

Kudos to the New Zealand

Indian Central Association

(NZICA) officials who have

rallied their unwavering support

towards this initiative.

Steven Smith (right) with Rugby Player Rocky Khan at Indian Newslink Sports Awards 2013

(File Photo)

This is the first time

there has been a combined

recognition for Sports and

Community Awards. This

event attempts to bridge the

gap between the young and

old, as well as community

service with sports, within the

Indian Diaspora.

NZICA has added weight

to the listed Awards by

including Awards for elite

players of yester years. One

of the NZICA Elite awardees

combines the elements of

sports and community at the

highest level, and will be duly

recognised at the event.

Pride of Participation

NZICA has reiterated that it

takes pride in involving itself

with many organisations of

sports in its proven record

over 92 years and remains

committed to the betterment

of the Indian community.

Its involvement in these

Awards is a testament to that


The evening promises to

be an exciting affair with the

inclusion of popular dance


This will add flavour to

the occasion, as will the

scrumptious menu to tickle

the palate.

There will be no door sales

on the night as per Indian

Newslink practice. A few

seats are still available. Please

contact Ronny Kumaran

on (09) 5336377 or Venkat

Raman on 021-836528. Tickets

are priced at $57.50 and

tables seating ten persons at

$575.00 per table (inclusive

of GST).

Please visit our three

websites: www.inlisa.com;


and www.inliba.com

Our Sponsors

Supported by

Fifth Annual Indian Newslink

Sports & Community Awards 2018 Gala Dinner

Guests of Honour:

Hon Judith Collins, Member of Parliament (National)

Jeet Raval, Blackcaps Opening Batsman

Manoj Darji, Chief Executive, Auckland Hockey

Finalists and Winners will be announced at the Fifth Annual Indian Newslink Sports

Awards Gala Dinner on Monday, October 8, 2018 at Alexandra Park, Greenlane, Auckland.

Tickets, priced at $50 plus GST per person and

tables seating 10 persons at $500 plus GST per table are now available.

Please contact Ronny Kumaran on (09) 5336377 or 022-1913664

Or Venkat Raman on 021-836528. Email: venkat@indiannewslink.co.nz

Reliance Ventilation

Systems Ltd.

Introducing Arts & Culture Awards from 2019

Details soon

Sports Awards Categories:

Best Senior Division Cricket Player of theYear | Best Under 19 Cricket Player of the Year |Best Vetran Soccer Player of the Year |Best Under 19 Soccer Player of the Year | Best Rugby Union Player of the Year

Best Rugby League Player of the Year | Best Netball Player of the Year | Best Hockey Player of the Year | Best Golfer of the Year |Best Under 19 Player of the Year-Other Sports

Best Over 19 Player of the Year-Other Sport | Best Sportsman of theYear | Best Sportswoman of the Year

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