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St Mary's October 2018 Parish Magazine

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October 2018

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Finedon Parish Church: St Mary The Virgin

The Revd Richard Coles,

St Mary the Virgin Finedon, The Vicarage,

Church Hill, Finedon, Northants, NN9 5NR

01933 681 786, Mobile 07885 967 960


Assistant Honorary Priest Fr Peter Baden,01832 733186


Reader Mr Michael Duncombe, 01536 483935


Parish Clerk

Mrs Gill Foster Tel: 680364 (To whom first

contact for Baptisms and weddings must be


Churchwardens: Mrs Jane Read Tel: 680522

Mr Neil Forster Tel: 682177

PCC Secretary: Mrs Gill Foster Tel: 680364

Treasurer: Mr Andrew Weatherill Tel: 682212

Magazine Editor: Mrs Janet Millington, Tel: 681161.


(to whom all copy should addressed by

the 15 th of the month prior to publication)

Director of Music Mr Jonathan Harris Tel: 01933 779059,

Mobile 07791 664507


Deputy Organists

Mrs. Kathy Roberts

Mr Oliver Grigg

Choirmaster: Mr. Bryan Chapman Tel: 398818

Tower Captain Mr Bryan Chapman, Tel 398818

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St Michael’s Mission Room:

Dr Kaye McClelland,

Bryan & Christine Chapman

Tel: 01933 398818

Times Of Services:


8.00 am Holy Eucharist

9.30 am Parish Eucharist.

6.00 pm Evensong (1st Sunday of the Month)

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From the Vicarage. October 2018.

One of things I like about being a churchgoer is the way it marks out

the year. Easter and Christmas - especially Christmas - still shape pretty

much everyone’s year (well, the holidays and their commercial

exploitation do). But we mark too Advent and Michaelmas and Lent

and Holy Cross and the Ascension, church festivals which have all but

disappeared from general observance but which for us preserve in the

present moment the eternal truths of the Gospel - that Jesus Christ is

Lord and lives today.

Over the centuries those festivals have settled in nature’s year too, so

Christmas falls in the dead of winter with its promise of light, Easter in

the spring with the arrival of new life; Michaelmas, which turns

September into October, turns also the church to harvest, not only the

harvest of the fruits of creation - fair waved the golden corn and all

that - but the harvest of righteousness that an unjust world hungers for,

and harvest of hope for all in despair.

I would miss these festivals and seasons if they were to fade from my

life into an undifferentiated succession of weeks and months.

We need to connect - to nature, to meaning, to one another - to live

life in its fullness.

Yours in Christ,

God of harvest,

feed us, equip us

and, having provided for us,

look to a different harvest,

a fruitfulness of lives

in service to you,

and others.

God of harvest,

feed us,

prune us,

harvest us,

that our lives

might bring glory to you.


Fr Richard.


Our Worship in October


7th – 19th Sunday of Trinity

Job 1. 1. 2; 2 – 10

Psalm 26

Hebrews 1. 1 – 4: 2 . 5 – 12

Mark 10. 2 -1 6


601 Thou didst leave thy throne

416 (Tune Sussex) Father, hear the

prayer we offer

468 I danced in the morning

Anthem: Lord’s Prayer (Dunleavy);

Nunc Dimittis (Noble)

507 Lord of all hopefulness

7th October – Evensong

125 We sing the praise of him who


Responses: Dunleavy

Psalm 119 v.89-104

Office Hymn: 13 Before the ending of

the day

Canticles: Noble in b

Anthem: Mundy O Lord the maker of

all thing

Final Hymn: 191 O thou who camest

from above

14th – 20th Sunday of Trinity

Job 23. 1 -9. 16 to end

Psalm 22. 1 – 15

Hebrews 4. 12 – 16

Mark 10. 17-31


494 King of glory, King of peace

191 O thou who camest from above

604 Through all the changing

scenes of life

Anthem: Psalm 119 v.89-104; Dear

Lord and Father of mankind (411)

502 Light’s abode, celestial Salem

Psalm 104. 1 -10

Hebrews 5. 1 – 10

Mark 10. 35 – 45


362 Tell out, my soul, the greatness

of the Lord

496 Lead us, heavenly Father, lead


109 It is a thing most wonderful

Anthem: Purcell Thou knowest, Lord;

As pants the hart for cooling streams


546 O Worship the King, all glorious


28th – Last Sunday after Trinity

Simon and Jude the Apostles

Isaiah 28. 14 – 16

Psalm 119. 89 -96

Ephesians 2 19 to end

John 15. 17 to end.


612 We have a gospel to proclaim

562 Put thou thy trust in God

395 Christ is our corner-stone

Anthem: Attwood Turn thy face from

my sins; A safe stronghold our God is

still (366)

277 All for Jesus, all for Jesus

Organ Voluntaries

7th October

G.F.Handel: Music from the Royal


7th October (evensong)

Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel

14th October

H. Andriessen: Thema met variaties

21st October

Bruhns: Praeludium in e

28th October

Philip Moore: Paean

21st – 21st Sunday of Trinity

Job 38. 1 – 7

Floodlight Sponsorship

2nd September

Sponsored by Finedon Buffs.

9th September

Joyce, Mark, Emily & Sarina - In

memory of Bryan Williams (on the

4th anniversary of his death).

16th September

Mary Shipton & Jean Wills - in

memory of their dad Len Shelton.

23rd September

Rita Houghton - in memory of Harry

& Maud Carvell & Enid & John (who

passed away in August this year).

30th September

Carole Mitchell - in memory of her

late husband Peter Heywood (on

the 12th anniversary of his death).

Denis & Dorothy Howell - in

memory of Frederick Amos Howell.


Evensong will be held in St Mary's

Church on Sunday 7th October at

6.00 pm.

Light refreshments will be available

after the service.

Flower Festival

Flowers, family and food, a great

combination for an enjoyable


Along with our local visitors, we had

visitors from New Zealand, India

and Italy and received many


Thank you to everyone who worked


before and during the weekend in

any way to make it so special.

Our thanks go to Karen and friends

from Tesco (Kettering) for their

display and donation of fruit and


We completed our weekend with

choral evensong. Thank you to

Jonathan and Robert for organising


We could not continue these

weekends without your support and

the support of our families. Thank

you Christine Chapman

Summer Raffle

The three mischievous cats have

found a new home.

Congratulations to Carole Mitchell

who won the beautiful X-Stitched


A total of £30 has been raised for

church funds.

Thank you to Jane our Curate for

pulling out the winning name and

Thank you to everyone who took


Julie Kightley

Car Treasure Hunt

Thank you to Father Stan and

Kathryn for putting together another

interesting Treasure Hunt and

afterwards for entertaining the

contestants in their garden for their


Well done to Valerie Richardson

and family who were the winners.

£100.00 was donated from the

Treasure Hunt to church funds.

Finedon Local History


The next meeting of the society will be

on Monday 22nd October and will be a

talk by Malcolm Deacon ‘The

Princess and the Gunpowder Plotters’.

The meeting will take place in the

Mission Room Well Street Finedon at

7.30 pm.

Admission is as usual £2.50 for

members and £3.50 for non members.

Light refreshments will be served


Skydive for Cystic


Well I did it, much to the relief of my

Mum. On the 1st of September I

jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft

strapped to an instructor and fell for

two miles before the parachute

opened.It was the most incredible

experience and as a result I have

raised £927 so far.

May I just say a huge thank you to all

the people who have sponsored me to

raise this amazing amount of money

for Cystic Fibrosis

Thank you

Mark Williams

National Gardens


Many thanks to all who visited this

year, spring or summer dates, and a

special thanks to the Ladies from both

Church and Chapel who provided the

superb teas at the summer dates.

Our dates for next year are to be a

Sundays 24th February for snowdrops

and hellebores and 2nd and 30th


We are always on the lookout for other

gardens to join us in opening,

supporting the various Nursing

charities including Macmillan Cancer

Support, Marie Curie, Hospice UK etc,

so if you know anyone..........!

Mary and Stuart Hendry

Townswomen’s Guild

The next Finedon Townswomen's

Guild meeting is at 7.30 on Thursday

October 4th in the Town Hall. The

speaker is Colin Rowe, whose talk is

entitled 'Luxurious Locomotion,

The Story of the Orient Express'. The

competition is for train memorabilia.

During the social half-hour there will

be seasonal refreshments.

For any non-members who wish to

attend there is a small charge of £3.

You will be made very welcome

Finedon Over 60s

We meet weekly in the Bowls Club,

Wellingborough Road at 1.45 pm until

3.30 pm on Wednesday afternoons.

We have tea/biscuits, entertainment,

bring and buy sales, speakers, bingo

and outings.

Admission £1.00 plus

20p raffle.

October Programme

3rd Derek Blunt - Spires & Squires

10th Happy Feet!!

17th Bingo

24th Christine - baskets through the


31st Halloween - Hot Dogs & Quiz

All welcome, see you there.

We couldn’t have done so well

without all your hard work.

A special Thank You to Nicola for

spending Saturday on her own doing

a roaring trade.

Julie Kightley

Mothers Union

Our next meeting will be held in the

Mission Room at 2-30pm on Tuesday

2nd October.

We will have a short service to be

followed by tales and anecdotes from

some members, with the usual tea

and biscuits.

Anyone who would like to come along

will be made welcome.

Daylight Centre

The Daylight Centre appreciate very

much our donations for the homeless

and the needy in the Wellingborough

area which includes Finedon.

They have asked for no more baked

beans or pasta as they have a

mountain in their establishment at


Thank You

A huge thank you to all the ladies,

Margaret, Margery and Carolyn, who

have been busy knitting and making

items to sell on the craft stall.

We raised £198.00 over the flower

festival weekend.


Star Coffee House,

Institute and Hall

On the left hand side of Laws Lane,

looking up from Dolben Square,

stands two stone buildings and one

brick building that formed the Star

Institute complex that for over one

hundred and fifty years was a social

hub for the residents of Finedon.

John Bailey stated in “Finedon

otherwise Thingdon” that the building

on the corner of Dolben Square was

built by Mr Mackworth Dolben in

1853, named the Star Coffee House,

and built to further the cause of


The second stone building was built

about 1890 as an institute for men,

and both the Coffee House and the

Institute were closely connected with

the Church of England Temperance


The Star Hall, as we know it, was built

much later. The whole site was

managed by Trustees and the sale of

alcohol was forbidden on the


In the 1970s the two stone buildings

were sold, and converted to housing.

Now only the Star Hall remains in the

care of the Trustees. The restriction

regarding the sale of alcohol remains

and, therefore, restricts the uses to

which the Hall can be put, although

the annual pantomime remains a

popular event.

What went on in these buildings in the

19 th and early 20 th century? For the

early years it is difficult to say, as no

concrete evidence appears to remain.

The Coffee House would have been a

place for the men of Finedon to meet

and socialise, as an alternative to the

numerous public houses, inns and

clubs in the community that sold

alcohol. A resolutions book of the

Trustees, that has recently been

discovered covers the period 1887 to

1906. This book indicates that the

Coffee House and Institute offered a

variety of activities, but this was

limited to members only, who paid a

subscription. A manager was

employed by the Trustees, who, along

with his wife, were responsible for the

day to day running of the

establishment. He was also allowed

to form a committee of members to

assist him in the evenings and

together to work in harmony with the

Trustees. The Committee in 1889 was

made up of James Benson; James

Garfield; Saml. Pettit; Geo. Young;

John Ellson; Joseph Cheney;

Wm. Liggins; Arthur Richardson;

Henry Warner; Wm. Mills and Luke


Newspaper reports from 1884

onwards indicate that the Institute

building has been “newly built” and

money was being raised by holding

events to help pay off the debt

incurred. The events began in July

1884 with Finedon Hall gardens being

opened to the public. This event was

reported as being very popular,

attracting 1100 visitors from the


The Men’s Institute by August 1884

was really getting into its stride, the

Star Football Club has been formed,

and a decision was made to hold an

Association Rules football

competition, with prizes, including a

cup. On Tuesday 7 th October 1884

the Institute was officially opened,

with a tea and open meeting.

Much emphasis was placed on the

building being erected for the benefit

of the working man, and coupled with

the principles of temperance.

The opening of the new building gave

the Trustees and committee the

opportunity to offer a wider range of

activities to the men, and occasionally

the women of Finedon.

Future articles will provide

information, of amongst other things

what was on offer.

Finedon Buffs

Christmas Fayre

This year The Dolben Lodge will be

holding their Annual Christmas Fayre

on Saturday December 15th on

Finedon’s beautiful Green.

The Fayre will be open to the public

from 2pm to 6pm.

If you would like to have a stall or

take part in any way please contact

David Horn at 4 The Wells, Finedon,

to apply for a stall holders form.

Forms can also be issued by calling

01933 398754 or by email at or go to

Finedon Buffs Facebook page.

Please consider whether you require

a single or double plot and what

You will be doing for our planning

details. There will no charge for

charity’s however for those selling

items for their own profit will be asked

to pay £25 or £50 for a double plot to

be included with application form.

Stallholders will have to provide a

gazebo or tent and tables chairs etc if

required. Stallholders will also have to

produce a Public Liability Insurance

Certificate The Green will be open at

11:00 for Stallholders to set up. The


roads around the Green will be closed

off at 1:00pm for safety precautions.

Christmas Tree Festival

St Mary’s Church will be holding a

Christmas Tree Festival in the church

on Friday 30th November 2.00 pm -

4.30 pm,

Saturday 1st December 10.00 am -

4.30 pm

Sunday 2nd December 11.00 am -

4.30 pm.

For further information, contact Chris

Butts at

Finedon Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs Julia Tufnail

Office Hours: Monday-Friday Mornings

7 Amen Place, Little Addington,

Northants, NN14 4AU

Telephone 07410 633544

Email: Website:

Your Councillors:

Laurence Harper Chairman

Terry Kendall-Torry, Vice Chair &


Malcolm Ward, also WBC

Barbara Bailey, also WBC

Sally Farrell, Gill Spencer,

Gordon Swann, Stuart Cooper,

Andrew Weatherill, Mike Bentley,

Dennis Willmott, Ray Ogle, Louise


The Council are delighted to

welcome Mrs Louise Lawrence who

was co-opted onto the Council at the

meeting on 5 th September 2018.

Trees- Banks Park Tree

Replacement Scheme

The tree replacement scheme has

been agreed by Council, and there

are spaces in Banks Park for 9

replacement trees.

5 along Wellingborough Road

2 along the A6

2 to fill in the gaps along the High


It will cost £200 per tree, payable to

the Parish Council, which will be

2-3m in height with trunks 8-12 cm as

per list arranged by Hillside Nurseries

who will be supplying the

trees. Please contact the Clerk for

the list or if you have a specific tree

in mind. The cost includes planting

but the Council are insisting that the

purchaser tends their tree in the first

year to ensure it thrives. This

summer's hot weather has

highlighted the necessity of this

stipulation. Within this cost is also

the production of the information

board which will detail the trees and

any further information that the

purchaser wishes to add, within

reason, of course.

The trees will be allocated on a first

come first served basis as there are

only 9 spaces available.

Finedon Health Centre

The Parish Council have met with

Peter Bone MP to enlist his help with

this campaign which was agreed at

the last full Council meeting. A

petition is being set up and will be

lodged at strategic places for

residents to sign at various points

throughout Finedon, should you wish

to add your name to it. Peter Bone

has agreed to take the matter to

Parliament as well as writing to the

Practice and the Care

Commissioning Group.

To have your say directly to the

practice, please ask the health centre

reception staff for a survey or you

can complete the survey online by



Local Government Reorganisation

An extraordinary meeting of the

Parish Council was held on

19 th September 2018 (after this

article was written) to discuss the

impact that the Governance Review

by Wellingborough Borough Council

will have on Finedon. If you would

like to take part in this review please

follow this link https://


As part of the local government

reorganisation in Northamptonshire,

the Parish Council have requested

that Pocket Park, which includes

Tainty Field, be transferred to

Finedon Parish Council from WBC

which will no longer exist.

As you are aware, the Parish Council

already maintains the Pocket Park so

the impact on Finedon’s finances will

be negliable.

The extraordinary meeting also

discussed the other assets currently

owned by WBC, including the

Recreation Ground (incl disused

toilets) and the Town Hall and

whether or not Finedon Parish

Council should request their transfer

and take over the running of them.

Again, the impact to both the Parish

Council and the residents of Finedon

will have been considered before any

decision was made.

Finedon’s Emergency Plan -

A meeting in the Town Hall was held

on Wednesday 12 th September at

7pm at which following Cllr Kendall-

Torry’s introduction, it was agreed

that wider information would be

gathered from neighbouring

communities and NCC.

A community leadership team was

not appointed and it was agreed to

reconvene to carry the plan forward.

As usual, please feel free to contact

me should you have anything you

wish to bring to the Council’s

attention. Providing it is within the

Council’s remit, we will try our best to

make Finedon a better place to live.

Julia Tufnail

Clerk, Finedon Parish Council

October 2018

Winning numbers for the September

monthly draw are:

1st prize 182 £60.50

2nd prize 20 £36.30

3rd prize 179 £24.20

If you would like to join the monthly

draw (£1.00 per share per month)

which takes place in the church on

the first Sunday of the month, please

contact Kathy Hobbs on 01933


Church Monthly Draw

The results of the September church

monthly draw are as follows:

Total receipts of £242.00 are divided

equally between the winners and the

church funds.


In My Day

the ramblings of Hubert James


my day about this time of year that

folks feet would start to play up. You

know, when the weather started to

get changeable.

Course, it didn’t help that shoes were

generally ill fitting. Not because they

were poorly made, they weren’t but

feet had a tendency to grow

especially at times when pockets

were empty.

We all knew they grew in the summer

and more often than not they had to

be squeezed back into last terms

school shoes come September until

funds could be found for new ones.

Aching feet really came into their own

when fashion got involved.

I seem to remember that it began with

an Italian knife seller who lived along

Thrapston Road. He took up with a

young lady from the Co-op. Now it 13

happened that he was very tall and

she very short.

He came up with the idea of attaching

thin blades from his knives to her

shoes to make her taller. He

persuaded her that it improved the

look of her calves and bingo, stilettos

were born. Trouble was they shoved

everything forward leaving your toes

a crunched up mangled mess at the

front of your shoe. And that’s when

bunions and corns started to multiply.

At first it was just the women who

suffered but then a cool young

apprentice at the shoe factory found

himself at a loose end in the design

room with a pencil and paper.

It happened that an eager young

under manager spotted his doodles

and decided the design was just what

the hip dudes of the town needed.

The apprentice was called Henry

Winkle and because the blokes all

found themselves trying to squeeze

their big flat feet into the pointy wedge

that was the toe of a Winkle Picker.

From that moment on chiropodists

had a job for life and corn plasters

were quoted on the Stock Exchange.

And we all complain about our feet.

Some say there is no greater pain

than a corn.

Local writer Congo Reeve summed it

up in a line from his play; The

Morning Bride, “Heaven has no rage

like love to hatred turned nor Hell no

fury like a women’s corns.”

Love your neighbour as you love yourself


esus says to his first disciples and,

through them, he says also to us:

Follow me.

Much is therefore made in the life of

the church about our need to dedicate

ourselves to doing just that; to following

the way of the cross, to living a life of

self-offering as we seek to obey the first

commandment – to love the Lord your

God with all your heart, and with all your

soul, and with all your mind, and with all

your strength.

We are not as good, perhaps, at

applying the second commandment

correctly – to love your neighbour as

yourself. This second commandment

encourages us to care for others as we

care for ourselves, rather than instead

of caring for ourselves. In our enthusiasm

to obey the first commandment, we

don’t always get the balance of the second

commandment right, which was recently

summarised for me as a calling to

live responsibly. This seems to tie in with

what the second century missionary

Bishop Irenaeus is often quoted as

saying: The glory of God is a human

being fully alive.

I am reminded of the oxygen masks

that sit above our seats on aeroplanes,

and which we hope never to have to

use. If the plane experiences difficulty

and we do have to use those masks,

then the instructions are clear – put on

your own mask before seeking to help

others to put on theirs. No doubt the

same applies to life-vests at sea and in

many other similar circumstances. We

cannot take proper care of others if we

do not first take proper care of


This is not an invitation to selfindulgence,

but to recognise that we

each have needs which, if

appropriately met, will enable us to

become the people we are called to be,

and thus to be

more fully able

to serve God

and others.

Many aspects

of our lives

may, indeed,

require pruning

in some way,

rather than

indulging, if we

are to bear

much fruit.

Sadly, self-loathing has become a

significant problem for many today,

and as a church we are surely called

to reach out in generous affirmation –

to proclaim that every living person is

a unique child of God, loved by their

creator, invited into a personal

relationship with their redeemer, offered

a life in the Spirit whose fruit

includes love, joy and peace.

As we seek to grow in that life and to

bear that fruit – taking proper care of

ourselves – we can hope to become

more sensitive to what it is that we

are being called to do in the service of

others. Loving ourselves aright equips

us to love others more fully.

May we therefore encourage one

another afresh to observe the twin

aspects of the commandment to love

your neighbour as yourself – that they

and we may become more fully alive,

and may become more fully the people

we are all called to be.






RBL Two intriguing murders & Ghost story,

Kevin Varty & raffle

7.30 TG Town Hall, Colin Rowe ‘Luxurious

Locomotion, Story of the Orient Express.

2-4pm RBL Exhibition, Friends Meeting House

Town Diary



10-4.30pm St Mary’s Church Christmas

Tree Festival

11-2pm Christmas Bazaar, Wesleyan


7.30 Band Concert St Mary’s Church

7.30 Jonathan Reynolds presents ‘Curtain

Up at Christmas’ Star Hall




6pm Evensong, St Mary’s Church

9.45 Coffee Morning, Bowls Club

7pm Inter church quiz, Wesleyan Chapel

13/14 2-4pm RBL Exhibition, Friends Meeting House


7pm Parish Council Meeting, Town Hall. Members

of the public most welcome




11-4.30pm Christmas Tree Festival, St

Mary’s Church

6pm Advent Candlelit Carol Service

RBL Quiz night & nibbles/meat raffle

7.30 TG Town Hall, Peter & Gloria Wright,

Christmas Flavour.


7.30 Jonathan Reynolds Presents ‘Finedon’s

Got Talent 3’,Star Hall


RBL Christmas Party


7.30 History Society, Malcolm Deacon, The

Princess & the gunpowder plotters.


St Mary’s Church, Wassail Evening, Bowls













9.45 Coffee Morning, Bowls Club

7.30 TG Town Hall, Betty West ‘The life of

Nancy Wake’

10.30-4pm Christmas Fete, Mission Room

RBL AGM, raffle

9.45 Coffee Morning, Bowls Club

7.30 ‘Jonathan Reynolds presents

Entertainment At Your Service’

Star Hall

11-3pm Christmas Market & Craft Fair,

Community Centre

9.45 Coffee Morning, Bowls Club

7pm Parish Council Meeting, Town Hall. Members

of the public most welcome

2-4.30pm Christmas tree Festival, St Mary’s



January 2019








Buffs Christmas Fayre, The Green

TG Town Hall, New Year Party with Soup

& Sweet

7.30 TG, Town Hall, Roy Smart

‘Any Wonderful Amy’

7.30 TG, AGM, Adrian Cale ‘Nostalgia’,

The ramblings of Hubert James

7.30 TG, Town Hall, James Burton, An

Antiques Valuation evening

St Michael’s Mission Room, Well Street, Finedon

Available for hire weekdays, Saturdays & Sundays.

Suitable for most social functions, charitable events, children's parties (no late


For all enquiries and 15 information contact

Bryan & Christine Chapman Tel: 01933 398818


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