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Alpen Tonic (10)

König Ludwig cordial,

Tonic Water, lemonade 2cl € 6,50

Hirschkuss Caipi

Cachaça, lime, cane sugar

with a shot of Hirschkuss 6cl € 9,80

Our selection of beers

König Ludwig lager beer (13) 0,3l € 4,20

0,5l € 5,20

König Ludwig wheat beer (13) 0,3l € 4,20

0,5l € 5,20

König Ludwig dark beer 0,3l € 4,20

0,5l € 5,20

König Ludwig non-alcoholic wheat beer 0,5l € 5,20

König Ludwig light wheat beer (13) 0,5l € 5,20

König Ludwig dark wheat beer (13)

Warsteiner Pilsner 0,3l € 4,20

Warsteiner non-alcoholic Pilsner 0,33l € 4,20

Non-alcoholic drinks

Coca Cola (2,11), Spezi, Sprite, Fanta (2,3) 0,2l € 3,80

0,4l € 5,90

Granini 0,2l € 4,00

Apple juice, orange juice, black currant nectar,

red grape juice, sour cherry nectar

Adelholzener organic rhubarb spritzer 0,25l € 4,50

Adelholzener organic apple spritzer 0,25l € 4,20

Spritzer of juice 0,4l € 5,90

Mineral water

Adelholzener Classic sparkling 0,25l € 4,20

0,75l € 8,80

Adelholzener Still 0,25l € 4,20

0,75l € 8,80

Our selection of wines by the glass:

White wine

Germany 2015 Riesling „Blauschiefer“ 0,75l € 39,00

Mosel Winery Selbach Oster 0,2l € 11,70

0,1l € 6,40

Splashy Moselriesling with distinctive,

mineral character and a mature Stone Fruits

Austria 2016 Grüner Veltliner 0,75l € 32,00

Burgenland Winery Payer 0,2l € 10,10

0,1l € 5,50

Fruity, charming Grüner Veltliner with liveliness,

also suitable as an aperitif wine

Italy 2016 Vernaccia San Gimignano 0,75l € 36,00

Toskana Winery Strozzi 0,2l € 10,90

0,1l € 5,90

Fruity, intense fragrance; soft, light & very dry;

a fresh wine for every occasion


Boiled fillet of veal D,C,G

and cream of smoked trouts

and marinated vegetables € 14,50

Salmon trout peas terrine C,D,G

on beetroot carpaccio € 12,50

Bavarian beef filet carpaccio H,G

thinly sliced with truffle oil

Arugula salad and grated alpine cheese € 15,00

Carpaccio of Dublings A,C, G, I, F

and marinated duck meat and grapefruit € 24,80

Rosé wine

France 2016 Sancerre Rosé 0,75l € 44,00

Loire Winery Michel Thomas 0,2l € 12,90

0,1l € 7,00

This wine has a bright salmon pink colour and a

fine scent of raspberries.

Very fresh fruits and a delicate spiciness

Red wine

Germany 2015 Spätburgunder 0,75l € 36,00

Pfalz Winery Thorsten Krieger 0,2l € 10,90

0,1l € 5,90

High-quality, elegant and fruity wine with aromas

of cherries and currants, matured in the wooden barrel

Austria 2015 Zweigelt - Classic 0,75l € 34,00

Burgenland Winery Payer 0,2l € 10,50

0,1l € 5,70

Full - bodied and juicy with a fruit note of

mature Austrian cherry trees;


Hefty beef broth A,C,G,I

with slices of savory crêpes with herbs

or „meat spätzle“ 6

or liver dumplings C,G € 7,50

Chanterelle cream soup G € 8,00

With deer pike € 9,50

Butternut pumpkin soup G, I, H

with core oil € 7,00

with rabbit on a skewer € 8,50

Italy 2014 Aliotto 0,75l € 39,00

Toscana Winery Tenuta Podernovo 0,2l € 11,70

0,1l € 6,40

Full bodied, juicy fruit with tannins.

Cuvée from 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot,

10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc.

12-month aging in French barrique

Vintage of wines subject to change. Wine includes sulfites.

Main Course Specialties from Bavaria

König Ludwig Lounge Classics

„Cheese Spätzle“ from Allgäu A,C,G,I,J

homemade egg pasta with melted „Oberstdorfer“ alpine cheese

glazed onions and mixed salad € 14,50

„God’s swindle“ A,C,G,I,J

homemade "Swabian Ravioli"

with spicy veal and spinach stuffing and organic egg

glazed onions and small side salad € 17,50

Porcinis in cream G, A, C, H

with fried slices of bread dumpling € 22,00

Grilled filet of pike pearch I,H,D,G

with core oil, young vegetables

and potatoes-parsley puree € 21,00

Marinated pot roast from deer G,I, A

with autumnal vegetables and potato croquettes € 23,50

Mixed Grill Platter "The sword of King Ludwig" G

skewer of grilled beef steak and tenderloin of pork

from our local butcher "Altstetter"

dip with alpine herbs and smoked onion chutney € 24,50

Miesbacher “Dry Aged” sirloin G,I,J

with seasonal fresh vegetables, baked potatoes and

herb dip 220 g. € 29,00

Braised Veal Cheeks A, C, I, G

with port wine sauce, onions, conica morel

and layered potato cake € 24,00

From the Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten

symbiotical and ecological farming

Bio pork chops A,I,C,G

from the free-range meadow pig

oyster mushrooms, potato dumplings

and potato salad 340 g. € 25,50

Wiener Schnitzel "Vienna Magnum" A,C,D,G,J

"The classic" breaded thin veal cutlet

crispy fried in fresh butter

fried bacon-potatoes or potato salad

and a small mixed side salad € 24,50

"Onion Steak" A,C,G,I,J

"Zwiebelrostbraten" is an all-time favorite

lightly pounded steak with sautéed onions

"Käse Spätzle" (homemade egg pasta with melted cheese)

and a small mixed side salad 220 g. € 26,50

Bavarian Cold Dishes and Snacks

All our cold dishes and snacks are served

with freshly baked local breads including pretzel rolls

König Ludwig cold cut platter

with specialties from the region C,G,7,1,4

roasted Bavarian pork slices, smoked dried ham,

sausage headcheese, rough minced veal liverwurst

"Obatzda" (seasoned spicy Camembert)

"Oberstdorfer" alpine cheese

garnished with radishes and horseradish € 15,80

Original Bavarian "Wurstsalat" I,J.G,2,3,5,8,9

popular dish of regional cold cuts

pickled gherkins and onions € 9,00

additional with ‘Allgäuer’ alpine cheese € 11,00

Homemade "Tafelspitzsülze" C,D,G,I

beef in aspic, homemade with red onion vinaigrette

sauce remoulade

fried bacon-potatoes with spring onion € 14,00

Allgäu cheese platter A,G,H

regional soft and hard cheeses

including "Obatzda" (seasoned spicy Camembert)

and organically made alpine cheese

garnished with grapes and beer-pretzel sticks € 17,50

Bavarian “Weißwürste “A,G,I,J,4,5

famous classic Bavarian sausage!

4 poached light veal sausages

with traditional sweet mustard and warm pretzels € 8,80


Vanilla pumpkin seed cream C,E,G

with Styrian oil in the glass € 7,50

König Ludwig´s „Kaiserschmarrn“ A,C,G,H

sugared and scrambled pancakes

with raisins and stewed plums € 11,00

Baked Doughnuts A,C,G

with vanilla rum ice cream and sour cherries € 9,00

König Ludwig‘s Dessert Trilogy A,C,E,G,H

a variation of our desserts € 16,00

Trendy and favorite drinks

…in the coolest ski lodge north of the Alps…


Delicious, full-bodied dry herb liquor,

traditionally distilled according to old recipes

and with secret ingredients. With over

40 different herbs, mostly from the Alpine region.

2cl € 3,60

4cl € 5,70

In the small swing-top bottle:

Hirschkuss 4cl € 6,00

Kernlos 4cl € 6,00

Birndl 4cl € 6,00

Vogelgezwitscher 4cl € 6,00

For a perfect finish:

Holzfass Enzian 2cl € 4,00

Holzfass Obstbrand 2cl € 4,00

König Ludwig Williams 2cl € 4,10

König Ludwig Obstler 2cl € 4,10

König Ludwig Bierbrand 2cl € 4,10

König Ludwig Kräuterlikör 2cl € 4,10


with nitrite pickling salt; 2 with preservatives; 3 with antioxidants;


with flavor enhancers; 5 with phosphate, 6 with sodium metabisulphite;


with sodium ascorbate; 8 with ascorbic acid; 9 with stabilizing agents,


with quinine, 11 with sweetener, 13 waxed


A grain containing gluten B crustacea

C eggs D fish

E peanuts F soy

G lactose H nuts

I celery J mustard

K sesame seeds L lupine

M molluscs N sulphur dioxide and sulphite

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