Slipstream - October 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

4th Annual Halloween Gimmick Rally: HHRRR

By George Luxbacher and Don Sebert, Region Rally Co-Chairs

pphotos by Bill Orr

Have you done one of our gimmick rallies yet? If not,

you are missing one of the most enjoyable Maverick

activities available! Picture a leisurely drive through

the countryside, looking for the location of some

unique and interesting pictures we have provided, and

answering a few somewhat challenging questions based

on landmarks you pass. The driver drives, the navigator

(and passengers) navigate(s), both look for the pictures

and answer questions, and there is bliss in the car – at

least that’s how we think it works. Our participants

have noted that there may be occasional disagreements,

but we hope they are few and far between!

Our next gimmick rally, the Halloween Hair-Raising

Road Rally, or HHRRR, is scheduled for Saturday,

November 3 at 9 am. Our start location will be the

former Gander Mountain store parking lot at the

intersection of the North Dallas Tollway and Eldorado

(12277 Dallas Parkway) in Frisco. We will be travelling

through Collin, Denton, and Tarrant Counties for a

pleasant 65-mile drive.

Our Easter rally was plagued with a

freezing start, but the ghosts, goblins, and

witches have promised to be kinder to

us than the Easter Bunny was, so we are

forecasting a warm, sunny day, perfect for

top-down driving!

Registration opens at 9 am, driver’s meeting at 9:30,

and first car out at 9:45. Every car must have a driver

and a navigator at a minimum; additional passengers

are fine, but just know that passengers often hurt rather

than improve your score. We often get a few singles that

show up and combine on race day as a team, so if you

can’t find a navigator, feel free to come on out as well.

We will have awards for first, second, and third place

finishers, as well as the coveted DLBF award (Dead Last

But Finished – you tried and there is no way to go other

than up!). Since this is a Halloween rally, we encourage

all to come out in costume and we will have costume

awards based on People’s Choice. There are rest stops

available on the route, and nothing beats seeing the

looks you get as you exit your Porsche in a knight or

werewolf costume!

While we will have primarily Porsches at the rally, if

yours is otherwise “indisposed,” feel free to join us in any

vehicle – we don’t want the Mavs to miss this opportunity!

Interested in putting on a gimmick rally in areas

other than north Dallas? We are looking for volunteers

to develop routes and pull together rallies in areas we

haven’t been to in

a while. We are

planning to hold

a rally school this

winter to discuss

types of rallies and

the planning steps

that are required. If

you are interested,

please email us at and we will provide further details.

We look forward to seeing you on November 3rd.

10 October

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