Slipstream - October 2018


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Midweek DE: MotorSport Ranch in Cresson

By Mark Pitarresi, Tours Co-Chair

photos provided by author

Wednesday, July 18 was a

day that went into the record

books. The temperature was

109 degrees at MotorSport

Ranch in Cresson, Texas. It

was a record high temperature

for that date by three degrees.

It also happened to be the date

in which our Maverick Region

added to our High Performance

Drivers’ Education program

by holding our first one-day

event; our normal HPDE

events are two or three days.

With temperatures that high,

one would think it would have

scared away attendees, but

not for the Maverick Region!

Several people on the wait list

were also on site, hoping that

there would be some no-shows

so they could participate.

With just a slight breeze,

you could hear the sounds

of crackling plastic water

bottles, torque wrench

clicks, and the air being let

out of tires as attendees

were in preparation.

I got to meet several advanced

drivers that were happy to give

tips for the track. One thing I

have noticed being a member of

the Maverick Region is that our

members are some of the

friendliest people I have ever

met, of any organization!

At the Drivers’ Meeting,

DE Chair Chris Tabor did

a slide show presentation

and cautioned everyone with

safety tips. Dr. Jeff Komenda,

a new Instructor who also

happens to be a medic, then

talked to everyone about the

symptoms of heat exhaustion

and gave prevention tips. As

the Drivers’ Meeting came to

an end, Chris Tabor talked about

Park Place Porsche and how they

had a tent and mechanics to help

if anyone had problems with their

cars. Park Place donated this service

to the event.

It was now time to get on

the track. As we returned to our

cars, the instructors introduced

themselves to everyone, looked

over the cars, and helped with tire

pressure adjustments. I already had

a goal for this event as it was my

second HPDE. My goals were to

have better awareness of the track

and other cars. I focused on looking

where I wanted the car to go,

scanning my surroundings using

peripheral vision.

After the last on-track session,

all of the attendees, volunteers, and

track workers were invited to an

informal social gathering, for which

food and beverages were provided.

Everyone had a smile on their face

as they shared highlights of the day,

and as we Mavericks like to use as

our club motto: it’s all about

Driving Friendships!


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