ENTHRAL Magazine

Enthral magazine is India's first digital makeup trends magazine.

Enthral magazine is India's first digital makeup trends magazine.


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Digital Trends <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

E N T H R A L<br />

Volume 1 Edition 1<br />

September 2018<br />

₹ 50<br />

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong> EXCLUSIVE<br />

• In detail with KALITA<br />

• Insta famous makeup<br />

bloggers talk<br />





TRENDS<br />


Break The Hashtag<br />

#Trend Edit<br />

Fashion Has No<br />

Boundaries<br />


ATTACK<br />

Pop Culture is the<br />

New “Bizarre”<br />





Digital Trends <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong> SEPTEMBER 2018 VOLUME 1 EDITION 1<br />

11<br />

CeLebrITy<br />

In mAKeup<br />

Trends<br />

credit: Vogue.mx<br />


3 Are yOu feeLInG InsTA<br />

InspIred?<br />

4 6 sTunnInG fALL mAKeup<br />

Trends 2016/2017<br />

5 unIbrOws - OLd sCHOOL<br />

Trend?<br />

6 TAIL Of brOws<br />

7 HudAKATTAn’s mCdOnALds<br />

brOw, LAsTTrend?<br />

8 mAKe upTrends Of 2017: brOws<br />

And TOnGues?<br />

9 squIGGLe eyebrOws TAKInG THe<br />

InTerneT bysTOrm.<br />

10 One mAKe upTrend- yOu need<br />

TO KnOw (HAIr nOsTrILs<br />

exTensIOns)<br />

11 CeLebrITy spOTTed In Trends<br />

12 LIp sprInKLes Or<br />

HOLOGrApHIC eVeryTHInG<br />

FASHION &<br />

BEAUTY<br />

23 beAuTy yT Guru AAnAm C’s<br />

seCreT sKInCAre TIps<br />

24 breAK THe HAsHTAG<br />

25 fAsHIOn HAs nO bOundArIes<br />

26 HOw TO weAr bLACK LIpsTICK And<br />

TrAnsfOrm InTO A GOTH<br />

27 CeLeb muAs - TAKe Cues<br />

42 enTHrAL TO THe resCue<br />



Kalita Lamba talks about her dark side,<br />

bizarre fetsish and more,<br />

21 DARK AND LOUD - pop culture is the<br />

new ‘bizarre’<br />

32 InsTA mAKeup bLOGGers TALK<br />

37 yOur fACe - yOur mAKeup<br />

29<br />

fAsHIOn<br />

ATTACK<br />

40 sALOnI mATHur’s mAKeup<br />

OpInIOn<br />

ON THE <strong>ENTHRAL</strong> COVER<br />

COVer GIrL KALITA LAmbA is<br />

wearing a spaghetti top and earings<br />

from a random shop in shanghai.<br />

pHOTOGrApH<br />

Kalita Lamba<br />

mAKe-up<br />

Kalita Lamba<br />

HAIr<br />

Kalita Lamba

E TEAM<br />

E N T H R A L<br />

Fashion Director<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Digital Marketing/Promotions<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Graphic Designer<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Head Human Resources<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Editor & Beauty Director<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Photo Researcher & Writer<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Features Junior Writer<br />

Asma Khan<br />

Senior Writer, Features Writer<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Senior Fashion Writer<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Creative Art Director<br />

Rabia Khan<br />

Associate Editor<br />

Yasmin Khan<br />

Copy/Sub-editor<br />

Yasmin Khan<br />

C O N T R I B U T O R S<br />

Madhvi Pandey<br />

(GOTH)<br />

Shefali Raghuvanshi and<br />

Arshiya Tabassum<br />


enthral Trends brings to you the first digital trends magazine<br />

featuring India’s net breaking trends surrounding the makeup<br />

industry.<br />

Online published by yumpu.com<br />

Text copyright © rabia Khan (2017-2018)<br />

[enTHrALTrends] respects the rights (including the<br />

intellectual property rights) of others and we ask our users to do<br />

the same. [enTHrALTrends] may in appropriate circumstances<br />

and in it's sole dis-cretion, terminate the accounts of users that<br />

infringe or otherwise violate such rights of others.<br />

The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are the<br />

authors’ own.<br />

Cover designed by rabia Khan<br />

sent to press by salim Khan<br />

special thanks to yatin sir

The<br />

Editor’s<br />

Words.<br />

Surrounded by never ending<br />

to-do-lists, gazing at the window,<br />

while typing these words. It feels<br />

almost uncomfortable to say that<br />

my mind is certainly forming<br />

clouds of notions and endless<br />

thoughts. I’m still surprised to<br />

know how did I wrap up enthral’s<br />

digital trends in teensy time, give it<br />

a teensy thought? These very<br />

energies fall brilliantly to attach my<br />

presence with lines of<br />

determination, hard work as well as<br />

ample focus.<br />

This magazine has been a<br />

lifelong dream and I cannot believe<br />

it’s finally ready to arrive at your<br />

digital door.<br />

Our cover girl Kalita Lamba<br />

might have set a trend on social<br />

media platforms with her<br />

spectacular avatar and an<br />

extraordinary visual creativity but<br />

there is more than what meets the<br />

eye. when she accepted our request<br />

to do the cover story, it was such an<br />

overwhelming moment for the<br />

team. read her awe-inspiring<br />

voyage and what sets her apart<br />

from rest of the beauty bandwagon.<br />

since, it is enthral’s first edition,<br />

I want to give my readers a taste of<br />

never-heard makeup trends and the<br />

hits and misses that has turned<br />

heads in a digital world. you might<br />

want to take cues from fashion that<br />

has no boundaries. This edition<br />

features an array of interesting<br />

things that will drive common girls<br />

into OCd!<br />

In the midst of opening the<br />

surprise edition, the most<br />

celebrated beauty bloggers are<br />

about to pop up, you will soon<br />

realize it’s alright to be over-dosed<br />

with these successful beauties.<br />

...Let’s see what is actually causing<br />

the storm in the digital world,<br />

enthral exclusively brings Insta<br />

famous bloggers talk and a<br />

heartiest appreciation goes to these<br />

special ladies for taking a turn from<br />

their hectic schedule.<br />

see you in the next edition!<br />

rabia Khan<br />


MEDIA<br />


T R E N D<br />

E D I T<br />

THESE<br />

VIRAL<br />

TRENDS<br />

ARE<br />

HERE<br />

TO<br />

STAY!<br />

A L L U R I N G<br />

&<br />

T H E<br />

M O S T<br />

S T U N N I N G<br />

T R E N D<br />

E D I T<br />

T R E N D<br />




ARE YOU<br />


#INSTA<br />


#makeupgoals<br />

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation<br />

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19 year old<br />

Divya<br />

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credit: pinterest<br />

credit: @biijall<br />

6<br />

credit: @biijall<br />

Sunset Eyes<br />

This make up trend appears to<br />

be extremely vivid and catchy,<br />

it can be worn on bohemian<br />

outfits with a binge of nude<br />

lips that might best match the<br />

look. Just mix different hues<br />

and you are ready to roll!<br />

4<br />

1<br />

D a r k<br />

&<br />

B o l d<br />

L i p s<br />

credit: Glowsy<br />

Stunning<br />

Fall<br />

Makeup<br />

Trends<br />

2 0 1 7<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

makeup artists love all things<br />

glittery, do you know glittered<br />

tongues do exist? This crafty<br />

make up trend is a must try,<br />

since a binge of sparkle on<br />

your eyes won’t hurt. you can<br />

pull off the glitter with tongue<br />

and brow, what a match it<br />

could bring!<br />

3<br />

Glittered<br />

&<br />

Sparkling<br />

Eyes<br />

credit:ravishly<br />

6<br />

Blurred Lips<br />

This make up trend might not<br />

be accepted everywhere but,<br />

we are head over heels in love<br />

with these blurred lips. It can<br />

be done by smudging your lips<br />

with a piece of soft cotton<br />

pad, it can look extremely<br />

fabulous if done right.<br />

The<br />

Arty<br />

Liner<br />

2<br />

credit:Vogue<br />

bold lips never go out of<br />

style, this trend has always<br />

been on top since ages and has<br />

been trending ever since it<br />

came into vogue! enhance<br />

your outfit this season with<br />

some boldness, just add a dash<br />

of darkness to your lips and<br />

you are go-to-go<br />

Natural 5 This is a brand-new makeup<br />

Contour &<br />

trend twirling around the net,<br />

it existed in egypt but soon<br />

Subtle<br />

faded away. The lines look as<br />

Highlight<br />

fresh as the ocean, we are<br />

pouring our hearts by noticing<br />

all the eye craft. If you want<br />

to stun in this look, artistic<br />

lines can be drawn across the<br />

lower lashes or above the<br />

eyelids stylishly.<br />

don’t go overboard with the<br />

highlighter and contour, keep<br />

your look minimal this season<br />

with bright lips.Hollywood<br />

celebrities are mostly spotted<br />

wearing minimal or no<br />

makeup, this is your chance to<br />

dupe them!

credit: GlamouruK<br />


UniBrows - Old School Trend?<br />

Love Your Brows!<br />

Unibrows are trending even if<br />

you don't like it, it won't stop<br />

trending. In the midst where<br />

accepting friendly fashion taste is<br />

concerned, there is certainly one<br />

odd and unfriendly array of<br />

‘joint-brows' catching all the<br />

attention these days. women are<br />

liking it hence, putting 'no shame'<br />

behind, accepting it.<br />

These gorgeous models are<br />

swearing to themselves by<br />

ditching high end trending looks<br />

and switching to old school<br />

fashion in 'stylistic approach'.<br />

baggy pants, tomboy hair cut or<br />

low waist jeans - this trend pretty<br />

much fits the bill if you have the<br />

courage to pull it off, making<br />

yourself oblivious to fickle<br />

minded remarks?<br />

baggy pants were once popular in<br />

90's too, women don't feel shy to<br />

mark that as a fashion statement',<br />

then why not 'unibrows'?<br />

popular models these days are<br />

flaunting their unique 'unibrow'<br />

art without even thinking twice.<br />

This trend is bizarre but<br />

challenging to pull it off, men or<br />

women - both are competing with<br />

each other to carry the best<br />

fashion statement forward -<br />

"unI brOws"<br />

Beauty In UniBro ws<br />

Another beauty to embrace<br />

unibrows is a 16-year-old model<br />

Scarlett Costello, her Instagram<br />

handle is randomly decorated,<br />

proudly flaunting her stunning<br />

unibrow that you'd definitely fall<br />

for.<br />

In an interview with Teen Vogue,<br />

Scarlett spilled some confessions<br />

about her brows<br />

"I've had it my whole life and I<br />

didn't think much of it growing<br />

up," she stated to Teen Vogue.<br />

"my mom always told me it's<br />

good to have thick brows because<br />

credit: scarlett/Instagram<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

she plucked her thin ones off in<br />

the '90s when pencils brows were<br />

in. I definitely wanted shaped<br />

pointy brows when I was 15 or so,<br />

but thick bushy brows got trendy<br />

around then and I figured it was<br />

more 'me' to grow them out."<br />

U N I B R O W S C A N ' T B E<br />

TA M E D<br />

I’m so unbelievably shocked/<br />

excited/blessed to have met so<br />

many of you. I know I don’t get to<br />

respond to all of your messages<br />

but I just want you all to know - I<br />

read everything you angels write<br />

to me!<br />

A post shared by Sophia<br />

(@sophiahadjipanteli) on Oct 4,<br />

2017 at 5:36pm pdT.<br />

popular model, known for raising<br />

eyebrows for unibrowmovement,<br />

sophia Hadjipanteli stated in her<br />

statements with Harper's Bazaar -<br />

"before a school dance, I<br />

remember having a tweezer in<br />

hand as my mom randomly<br />

opened the door. I said I wasn't<br />

doing anything, that I was "just<br />

plucking my nose hairs." she<br />

didn't believe me. I told her I<br />

didn't like my brows, and she took<br />

me to get them threaded — but<br />

I've never gotten them waxed." in<br />

her interview with Harper's<br />

Bazaar<br />

sophia adds it's not for everyone,<br />

in her statements to Harper's<br />

Bazaar, "I am not really doing<br />

this to show people that they have<br />

to like [my unibrow], I am more<br />

so doing it to show people that<br />

they can get on with their lives by<br />

having a preference. I personally<br />

think my face looks better this<br />

way. Others disagree, and that's<br />

totally cool."<br />

Tips & Hacks From<br />

The Uni-Brow Beauty!<br />

sophia embraced the beauty of<br />

unibrow when she accidentally<br />

dyed them 'black' and decided to<br />

give a whole new meaning to her<br />

brows, she didn't alter it any<br />

further to change it to the original.<br />

sophia treats her uni-brows like a<br />

baby by religiously applying<br />

‘castor oil’ at night.<br />

Let's see how far this trend<br />

goes, till then we hope<br />

'unibrows' don't run to '<br />

UN-unibrows'!<br />



T A I L O F B R O W S<br />

Fishtail Brow trend in 2018<br />

@sKyZedITZ<br />

@HudAbeAuTy<br />

@prOmIse TAmAnG<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

we have seen popular culture<br />

turning down the sky into<br />

rainbows but when it comes to<br />

brows, there are chances that will<br />

leave you feeling flipped, from<br />

the squiggle brow to the feather<br />

brow and to those endless tail of<br />

brows.<br />

The latest brow trend called<br />

'fishtail brows' started doing the<br />

rounds in 2018 and ever since<br />

then it has become the talk of the<br />

brows.<br />

beauty bloggers are popular for<br />

breaking the stereotype. many<br />

have their eyes on transforming<br />

the edge of the brows to gladly<br />

flipping it up just like a fish tail<br />

and that has what become the<br />

current trend.<br />

The trend took the rounds when a<br />

popular makeup account on<br />

Instagram 'skyzeditz' published the<br />

picture, which is also considered<br />

for photo-shopping new looks on<br />

popular makeup bloggers and<br />

influencers.<br />

beauty mogul Huda Kattan,<br />

joined the fishtail brows trend by<br />

publishing on her account,<br />

followed by which the beauty<br />

world applauded her as usual.<br />

despite the buttons of thumbs<br />

down, Kattan and Skyzeditz<br />

inspired various makeup bloggers<br />

to join the bandwagon, and soon<br />

the feed started flooding with one<br />

brow trend #fishtailbrows<br />

Promise Tamang who rose to<br />

fame with squiggle brows turned<br />

heads, when she proved that her<br />

ability to create marvelous looks<br />

are unlimited. Tamang's fishtail<br />

brows was good enough to break<br />

the internet.<br />

brow trends never end up in a<br />

clear stir, majority of them turn<br />

into a trend, where as the minority<br />

are still trying to find their spot.<br />

we are yet to wait for the top<br />

bizarre brow trends of 2019, hope<br />

it is not ‘AI’ flying across our<br />



H u d a K a t t a n ’s<br />

M c D o n a l d s B r o w,<br />

L a s t Tr e n d ?<br />

Huda Kattan is a dubai-based<br />

beauty guru and an influential<br />

youTuber, glamorously known<br />

for her enthu in the beauty<br />

industry. Huda owns her own<br />

website “Hudabeauty.com” to<br />

show passion for makeup, she<br />

often uploads makeup tutorials<br />

on her social media<br />

networking sites that whirl<br />

viral like floods.<br />

beauty freaks swear loyalty<br />

and worship her tutorials like<br />

fire. Huda is also one of the<br />

biggest beauty influencers in<br />

the beauty industry till date.<br />

she even claims that her craze<br />

for makeup kick started at the<br />

age of 9, and we assume that<br />

teenage girls grew a wild<br />

obsession in ‘make up’ by this<br />

whole ideology to hide their<br />

imperfections and to look<br />

sheer ‘perfect’ instead of<br />

embracing it.<br />

wacky trends are the most<br />

common thing that go viral on<br />

the internet, sometimes they<br />

are imitated by thousands of<br />

people while at times it raises<br />

a red flag, in return<br />

encouraging dislikes. Huda<br />

Kattan’s whole intention was<br />

not to initiate a bizarre trend<br />

post squiggle brow, but<br />

simply make a point to troll<br />

the weirdest eyebrow trends<br />

and put forth in a manner that<br />

‘mcdonald’s brow’ was<br />

related to a fast food brand but<br />

in the wackiest way.<br />

7<br />

by RABIA KHAN<br />

Huda showed the world,<br />

“mcdonald’s brow” also known<br />

as the “Golden Arch” that soon<br />

started trending like bombshell<br />

within the few hours on the<br />

internet, mcdonald’s brow gained<br />

million hearts.<br />

mcdonald’s brow trend not only<br />

caught the attention from makeup<br />

junkies to raise their brows from<br />

all around the world but also<br />

created a big buzz, trolling past<br />

eyebrow trends that swept the<br />

internet over a<br />

period. It was<br />

found that her<br />

fans started<br />

going total<br />

bonkers over<br />

her latest brow<br />

trend, and<br />

lovin it, since<br />

the eyebrow<br />

trend is said to<br />

be inspired by credit: maxresdefault<br />

mcdonalds.<br />

This is how Huda’s<br />

McDonald’s brow trend<br />

started…<br />

while she looked annoyed by<br />

these wacky trends, she started<br />

her clip by saying ‘we have seen it<br />

all’ (synC)<br />

Huda therefore claimed that she<br />

has seen a line-up of brow trends<br />

•Glitter brows<br />

•Barbie brows<br />

•Feather brows<br />

•Wavy brows<br />

•Braided brows<br />

while, Huda also demonstrated<br />

how to initiate the mcdonald’s<br />

brow, she looked super cute and<br />

even shared a gigantic laugh at the<br />

end of the clip which I’m sure<br />

made your heart melt.<br />

At first, she covered her natural<br />

eyebrows with the use of glue<br />

stick, foundation and a tad bit of<br />

powder to maintain a “no brow”<br />

look. she then created two golden<br />

arches over the invisible areas.<br />

credit: Hudabeauty<br />

Huda also stated that you can<br />

either hop into mcdonalds with<br />

foxy or rabbit ears, she clearly<br />

meant that out of concern for her<br />

vegan and non-vegan fans.<br />

Huda Kattan ended her clip by<br />

stating that “I hope *mcdonald’s<br />

brow* is the last trend”, well we<br />

guess if future trends disappear<br />

then there will be no fun, to make<br />

fun!<br />

Conclusion – Huda’s mcdonald’s<br />

brow trend have also raised a red<br />

flag, no matter who you are,<br />

people tend to get attracted to<br />

things which are extraordinary!<br />

credit: Hudabeauty


M a k e U p T r e n d s O f 2 0 1 7 : “ B r o w s a n d T o n g u e s ” ?<br />

J O I N T H E T R E N D I N G M A K E U P B A N D WA G O N<br />


Zestful make up trends are curated to<br />

grab eyeballs. sometimes, it’s done<br />

just for the sake of either entertaining<br />

purposes or to rebelliously mock other<br />

makeup trends. This year rolled into<br />

things that we thought would never<br />

exist. fashion is the most influential<br />

language to express emotions and<br />

symbolism, it often holds regards to<br />

individualistic approach in their<br />

personal style.<br />

sometimes, few things work, and few<br />

things trash but it gets captured right<br />

into our minds with a less or powerful<br />

impact. 2017 left us with rather<br />

electrifying and unexpected make up<br />

trends that curated all over the web like<br />

wildfire.<br />

Here is a list of bizarre make up<br />

trends of brows and tongues that<br />

kick started with hopes of<br />

appreciation but somehow got<br />

stuck in the middle attraction.<br />

D R A G O N B R O W S<br />

credit: allure<br />

credit: Allure<br />

G L I T T E R<br />

T O N G U E<br />

since the world is approaching<br />

towards all kind of crazy things,<br />

this trend will surely cut you off<br />

from a real world and throw you<br />

into a cluster of galaxies and<br />

flying clouds, well give it a<br />

thought? A melbourne based<br />

makeup artist Jacintavukovie<br />

beautifully failed at attempting a<br />

casual metallic make up look,<br />

instead comprised her tongue<br />

sparkled with glitter accidentally.<br />

Glitter tongue make up trend<br />

didn’t really buzz a statement at<br />

first, but later it filtered Instagram<br />

feeds racking with unexpected<br />

likes. In case you are up for this<br />

make up trend, go look for some<br />

‘vegan material’. playing with<br />

glitter tongue could land you in<br />

health concerns so we highly<br />

recommend not to try this bizarre<br />

make up trend.<br />

Amid endless make up trends, you<br />

might probably swim in the closed<br />

space when you’re least known.<br />

Harlibi is a gorgeous 23-year-old<br />

self-taught makeup artist from<br />

Oregon who proved that creativity<br />

is a craft that can be done by those<br />

who sweep out of their comfort<br />

zone, imperilling themselves to<br />

attempt new things!<br />

These were the makeup trends that in their own<br />

twisted ways accumulated much more attention<br />

than just an ordinary trend.<br />

credit: Allure<br />

B R O W C R A V I N G<br />

people often carve their craft in<br />

something fruitful, but this Texas<br />

based makeup artist Alexa Link<br />

introduced her internet besties to a<br />

complicated eyebrow trend in<br />

April 2017. she published a selfie<br />

on her Instagram handle with a<br />

‘rusty brown-hued extraordinary<br />

rendition’ eyebrow show, that<br />

caught more than anybody’s<br />

attention. It created a big buzz in<br />

uplifting and recreating this<br />

eyebrow trial by the rest of the<br />

muAs to fit the ‘brow carving<br />

bandwagon’.<br />

brow carving is more like a brow<br />

suicide, while some people<br />

assumed that Alexa Link’s good<br />

attempt to wound her precious<br />

eyebrows was a drab. don’t<br />

worry, she didn’t consume any<br />

sharp products, she took the risk<br />

with a binge of concealer and<br />

formed a smart outline with an<br />

eye-shadow. brow carving went<br />

viral like noodles and twirled into<br />

a new arch trend, there’s a whole<br />

lot of creativity breathing around<br />

us!<br />

Harlibi reincarnated<br />

Stella Sironen’s feathered brows<br />

by emerging hers into dangerous<br />

spikes with the tool of gel and a<br />

spoolie. Her selfie lit up the<br />

internet and gained over 6k<br />

impressions on Instagram,<br />

newbies got inspired and<br />

applauded her bright confidence<br />

with a welcome smile. she further<br />

quoted her selfie “I wanted to<br />

embrace the opportunity to move<br />

away from cookie-cutter brows<br />

that are so common and try to<br />

have more fun with my<br />



S Q U I G G L E<br />

E Y E B R O W S<br />

T A K I N G T H E<br />

I N T E R N E T B Y S T O R M<br />

Squiggle Eyebrows, Eyebrow Game on The Next Level.<br />

by RABIA KHAN<br />

Credit: feedfad<br />

credit: Indianbigul<br />

We all are aware that makeup is every girl’s passion but, what happens when a makeup trend alerts the flag<br />

in a vague direction? This crazy eyebrow trend is doing the rounds and has already encouraged dislikes from<br />

most of the makeup junkies. “squiggle” refers to an irregular curl or a twist in a layman’s term. for a better<br />

example, you might have experienced kids squiggling around the walls, books or even on their faces.<br />

since the fashion brow had its own history and followed its own revolution, there was also gone and lost<br />

eyebrow trend “feathered eyebrows” that once upon a time became Instagram favorite until this year.<br />

This bizarre yet creepy eyebrow trend was initiated by a famous social media influencer and a<br />

beauty/makeup blogger “Promise Tamang” who is recognized for performing various experimental looks.<br />

Tamang swears by her inspiring experimental makeup avatars and do not lend ears to the comments and<br />

public opinions. An edited picture on the internet caught her eye to re-create the eyebrow look in her way,<br />

though she wasn’t expecting people to react in a certain way.<br />

“squiggle eyebrows” is also known as “wiggle eyebrows”. Tamang’s Instagram picture accumulated with<br />

racist comments while most people described it as an eyebrow mess, odd and bizarre. while young girls are<br />

still struggling in attempt to endure a perfect winged liner and fixing eyebrow affair, this eyebrow trend<br />

could have gone far beyond the limits of normality. Instagram feed was flooded with hilarious memes and<br />

trolls that were circulated on other social media networking sites.<br />

makeup should be treated as a way of self-expression and accepting the beauty reality rather than creating<br />

such bizarre looks. personally, it didn’t look as appealing to me, it simply looks a wastage of product and<br />

time. beauty and makeup bloggers won’t take their 30 minutes of precious time to figure out how to style<br />

wavy eyebrows.<br />

This eyebrow game is not on fleek even though it caught Huda beauty’s attention. One has their own choice<br />

of likeness no matter who they are.<br />

Other eyebrow trends that kept the industry in ice and has carried on since 2016, though few of these<br />

trends have faded away.<br />

1 – Feathery Eyebrows 2 – Smokey Eyebrows 3 – Bushy Eyebrows 4 – Messy Eyebrows 5 – The Defined<br />

Dramatic Arch 6 – No-Brow/Anti-Brow 7 – Natural Brow 8 – Thick Dark Brow 9 – The Straight Brow<br />

10 – The Classic Dramatic Arch<br />






credit: thefashiontag<br />


credit: allure<br />

credit: popsugar<br />






by RABIA KHAN<br />

2017 Year of Craziness?<br />

Though we have been all through bizarre and fancy make up trends<br />

that twirled off 2017 and left the year with new and existing trends that<br />

displayed unpleasant looks may it be tongues going glittered or<br />

uncanny fashion brow experiments. It was intriguing to notice make up<br />

junkies exposing and experimenting with their faces. One such bizarre<br />

make up trend that staged around the centre of web like cherry on the<br />

cake were 'hair nostrils extensions'. where common people struggle<br />

with over grown hair in their nostrils and adapt all sort of things that<br />

result in kicking it off to trash, but these insanely popular beauty gurus<br />

grew a pro-found love to increase their hair nostrils with certain<br />

techniques. we're sorry, trends are going out of hands and this is<br />

forcing us to quit being a human?<br />

H A I R N O S T R I L S E X T E N S I O N S I S M O R E<br />

L I K E A S P I D E R ' S W E B C R A W L I N G<br />

U N D E R T H E R A D A R O F Y O U R N O S E ,<br />

E W W ?<br />

credit: sadanduseless<br />

A user named Gret Chen Chen on Instagram handed over this craze to<br />

the rest of the bandwagon when she posed herself wearing fake curved<br />

lashes in her nostrils, people went gaga over her post and immediately<br />

imitated the same. Amid thousands of trends, it has become simple to<br />

take any beauty trend ahead, since it has higher chances of going viral.<br />

Though, people reacted humorously and at the same time were<br />

annoyed by their craziness. @nadirahat stated "this is so cute and<br />

naughty at the same time" while another user @modernbeautyco<br />

stated "Literally makes me want to throw up", @kyharward stated<br />

"Thought this was spiders on her nose", @stephbear1979 stated "The<br />

ugliest thing I ever see in my life loll". while the rest found it too<br />

horrible to be true!!<br />

If hair nostrils extensions are trending right now, what would be<br />

trending in the 22nd century?<br />

credit: socialmola


C E L E B R I T Y S P O T T E D<br />

I N M A K E U P T R E N D S<br />

Celebrity makeup trends often go unmatched but these 5 celebrity-trend-spotting has all<br />

eyes set on them.<br />

From rocking white eyeliners to gleaming sunset eyes , we loved these 5 celebrity makeup<br />

trends and we are sure you are going to love them too.<br />

1 - stranger Things star millie bobby brown,<br />

famously known as “11” for the role she played was<br />

spotted rocking ‘hot-blooded eyes’.<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

4 - selena Gomez was applauded for wearing<br />

gleaming sunset eyes that caught the attention of<br />

makeup junkies.<br />

2 - suicide squad’s fictional star “margot robbie”<br />

who got immense populairty for her role as<br />

“Harley quinn”, was seen wearing chic style white<br />

eyeliner at the premiere of 'I,Tonya’ in London.<br />

3 - Taylor swift’s beauty evolution has emerged into<br />

one bold beauty, Tay was spotted wearing bold lip<br />

shade at meT GALA 2016<br />

5 - Lily Collins is known to sweep every makeup<br />

trend like a doll. Lily was spotted in icy blue retro<br />

eyes at miu miu fashion show.<br />

2<br />

1<br />

credit: thesun<br />

4<br />

3<br />

credit: us weekly<br />

credit: Allure<br />

5<br />

credit: elle<br />

credit: Vogue.mx<br />


credit: Glamour<br />

credit:ALex&CO<br />

credit: makeupjournal<br />

credit: looks.in<br />

credit: pinterest<br />

banana powder<br />

Australis<br />

mrp: ₹950 - nykaa<br />


Lip Sprinkles or Holographic<br />

Everything?<br />

Best Vs Best - Trending?<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

These make up trends are set to<br />

win against the thousand trends in<br />

line. maybe, we could wear this in<br />

outer space?<br />

Holographic is high fashioned,<br />

loud and electrifying make up<br />

trend, good enough to give light to<br />

basic features of your face. ever<br />

wonder why beauty gurus on<br />

social media are leaving their<br />

cheekbones highlighted 3-4 times<br />

more than before? This make up<br />

trend is referred to as<br />

"Holographic".<br />

Glimmer, shimmer, glow this<br />

season with the town's hottest and<br />

trendiest make up trend. making<br />

everything glow will not<br />

disappoint you. It's just a matter<br />

of time, everything could turn<br />

magically holographic in the<br />

coming generation. make up<br />

junkies have also started<br />

highlighting their upper lips, high<br />

points of cheek bones or forehead<br />

quite a lot now.<br />

Holographic look is majorly<br />

displayed by high end fashion<br />

brands at fashion shows and<br />

bizarre fashion events. This is yet<br />

the best makeup trend that has<br />

ever come out.<br />

you can make the best of<br />

unwanted highlight palettes that<br />

are lying in the makeup vanity<br />

box.<br />

Tips to get the heavy glowing<br />

strobe -<br />

After setting the make up with a<br />

setting spray, dab on colourful<br />

liquid highlighters finishing off<br />

the look with a banana setting<br />

powder.<br />

Recommended products -<br />

NYX Away We Glow Liquid<br />

Highlighter, Smashbox Setting +<br />

Primer Spray & Australis Banana<br />

Compact Powder to get the<br />

extra-terrestrial & fabulous look.<br />

Lip Sprinkles, Fancy<br />

Much<br />

Lip art has turned out to be the<br />

most common make up trend that<br />

goes around and comes back<br />

around without an invitation.<br />

women these days are uplifting<br />

the makeup game without any fear<br />

or restrictions.<br />

you can try sprinkling scrubbed<br />

candy sweets as a lip coat<br />

underneath a vivid and shiny lip<br />

gloss.<br />

To keep the look subtle, sprinkle<br />

few bits and pieces of lip scrub to<br />

get that perfect sprinkled lip trend.<br />

you can simply add shimmer to<br />

look fancier, pop of vivid metallic<br />

eye shadow will work wonders.<br />

JusT TAp wITH yOur<br />

fInGers!<br />

make sure to exfoliate your lips<br />

well before embarking. In contrast<br />

to violent lips, you can give the<br />

sprinkling one a shot since it's not<br />

'over the top'.<br />

Away we Glow Liquid<br />

Highlighter -<br />

NYx<br />

mrp: ₹750 - nykaa<br />

photo finish primer water<br />

SMASHBOx<br />

$32.00 - sephora.


YOUR<br />


makeup by Kalita Lamba<br />

earings from Jabong

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong> COVER STORY<br />

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong><br />




16 20<br />



Choker by prerto<br />

“ I f I n d<br />

C r e AT I V I T y I n<br />

C O L O u r ” . T H e<br />

p A n T O n e<br />

H A s 1 8 6 7<br />

G u I d e<br />

e x C I T I n G<br />

C O L O u r s ,<br />

I m A G I n e T H e<br />

p O s s I b I L I T I e s ” !<br />

Enthral’s first edition opened its doors wide to give<br />

a hearty welcome to our trendy cover girl,<br />

Kalita Lamba. This gorgeous girl knows how to carry<br />

phases of life with delicateness, her aura can turn a<br />

spiritless bird into a high-flying phenomenon. perhaps,<br />

it comes with a lot of undeniable sweat behind each<br />

momentous victory. we may now find a reason to<br />

dwell deep into pieces of her entire journey.<br />

not all of us burn our drives to do what we desire<br />

with utter passion but Kalita Lamba was born in the<br />

heart of Lucknow city, with potential that would drive<br />

her creativity coupled with pure luck. now aged 27,<br />

she has proven that every single string of her soul has<br />

sparked many noteworthy achievements. Kalita’s<br />

creative mind cannot be described in so many words.<br />

she is an extremely talented creative director and<br />

currently resides in the capital city, new delhi.<br />

Kalita digs makeup, video direction and dancing.<br />

Just like a typical girl, she tells us that she loves<br />

watching period dramas, and that trying out new<br />

cuisines is her thing.<br />

she says that she has never made a magazine debut<br />

and has been featured in “Delhi Times” newspaper<br />

for their fashion week story, when she initially started<br />

off as a fashion influencer.<br />

Kalita shells immense creativity inside her, we take<br />

this opportunity to find out what succumbs her to such<br />

divine roots and what drives such inspirational<br />

creativity into her, she says “I find creativity in<br />

colour”. The pantone guide has 1867 exciting colours,<br />

imagine the possibilities! sshe adds.<br />

she answers the questions with her head held high,<br />

we ask her curiously, what is so thrilling about her?<br />

she says fiercely “well my supporters say they always<br />

find something different and unique in my style of<br />

work”.<br />

well, we believe that the sky has no limit, we have<br />

found the range of possibilities and happily take cues<br />

from Kalita via ‘the other side’.<br />

Kalita speaks about her wildest obsessions – “I’m<br />

obsessed with makeup” - new techniques, innovative<br />

products and how even the slightest change can bring<br />

about a massive transformation”!<br />

we then take a giant leap to find out if there is any<br />

existence of Kalita’s ‘dark side’, – “I just watch<br />

Tim Burton and Sofia Coppola movies when I’m<br />

feeling down”, she says.<br />

while most of us are lost dreaming about a<br />

voyage of bizarre fetish? we ask her and expect her to<br />

leave us with dizzy clues. - “I don’t think I have one”,<br />

she says.<br />

Though we thought it will be quite a turn off to<br />

ask a 27-year-old, if she feels right to break the certain<br />

monotony, let take a chance ahead of her response.<br />

what is the craziest thing that you have done? – “I quit<br />

my job as Content Head at a corporate to pursue my<br />

dream. I was dissuaded by a lot of people to do so at<br />

the age of 26 but I took the leap and I’m glad I did. I<br />

knew I’ll never reach my full potential if I don’t give<br />

it my all and put everything on the line”, she says.

“ A L L I ’ L L S A Y –<br />

C O P P E R E Y E , N U D E<br />

L I P - T H A T ’ S A L L T H E<br />

S H A D E A N D T E A<br />

Y O U ’ R E G E T T I N G<br />

O U T O F M E ” !<br />

makeup by Kalita Lamba<br />

earings from H & m

We made a point to not let her go, we held tight to the<br />

questions we were about to frame, and we made sure<br />

that she was not slipping off the interest. One makeup<br />

look that is close to your heart? we then ask her - she<br />

says “The rainbow look I did specially for pride month<br />

is the closest thing to my heart, it was to show my love<br />

and support for the LGBTQAI+ community”.<br />

“The tutorial for this look was very well-received by<br />

everyone on Instagram and even got reposted by a big<br />

featuring page (undiscovered_muas)”, she adds.<br />

Kalita could be a witty multi-tasker, she is so fierce<br />

while answering, as if we are taking conclusions from<br />

a well-known-celebrity who has experiences beyond<br />

our imagination, she is no less than a celebrity though!<br />

she manifests best of both worlds, the blue blood and<br />

moon shine – you are a makeup influencer, video<br />

director and editor, content creator, digital marketer,<br />

copywriter, and a strategist. why did you chose to turn<br />

into these labels, when and why? - we ask Kalita –<br />

“after finishing my masters from nIfT in fashion<br />

management, I joined a fashion forecasting company<br />

where I learnt everything about international fashion,<br />

fashion business and editing”. After almost 2 years of<br />

doing that, I moved to a luxury e-commerce company<br />

where I learnt all there was to learn about social media<br />

and digital marketing. my third and last full-time job<br />

was at the fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal,<br />

Jabong. Here I gained valuable expertise working as<br />

a content writer and strategist for 2 years again, so I’ve<br />

been fairly lucky to be able to explore new avenues in<br />

every job I’ve had and expanding my portfolio. I’ve<br />

always believed in being self-sufficient when it comes<br />

to getting a job done, which is why after resigning, she<br />

learnt photoshop and final Cut pro x on her own so<br />

that she could edit her pictures and videos without<br />

@KALITALAmbA<br />

relying on somebody else to do it. she adds ”I am a<br />

perfectionist that way, so this is what works for me”.<br />

we ask her – In what age did you start your obsession<br />

with makeup and visual art? – Kalita says, “I started<br />

wearing makeup when I entered college at 18 but I<br />

properly got into it 2 years back”. As for visual arts,<br />

I’ve always been around and worked closely with<br />

other employees who were graphic designers but<br />

never really explored those softwares on my own till<br />

recently in november 2017.<br />

we then ask Kalita how old was she to first put on<br />

a lipstick and which brand was it? she says that It was<br />

probably one of her mom’s lipsticks in the 90s, she<br />

believes it was by revlon. she says she has no clue<br />

how she felt at that time, and she honestly doesn’t<br />

remember but was obsessed with trying on her mom’s<br />

metallic wedding heels, chainmail bags and makeup!<br />

she concludes “All I’ll say – Copper eye, nude lip -<br />

that’s all the shade and tea you’re getting out of me”!<br />

we expect someone like her to binge watch a girl<br />

boss series, so we ask her – do you follow<br />

Kardashians? - she says she does follow them on<br />

Instagram, but she hasn’t been able to Katch up with<br />

the series for 2-3 years now. wOw! That sounds very<br />

intriguing.<br />

we decide to take the serious topics aside and ask<br />

her some light-hearted questions – our team makes a<br />

cheesy call to order 2 cheese burst pizzas from<br />

dominos and these questions pop up – we ask her in a<br />

very grumpy and hungry mood – things you binge on,<br />

she says cheese balls, dark chocolate and ice-cream.<br />


Art - “Touch me not”<br />

entry for NYX face Awards

While we move the pizza to the couch, we ask Kalita<br />

does she invest her time watching any likeable Netflix<br />

shows? she says - so many, at the top of my head<br />

Orange is the New Black, Anne with an E, GLOW,<br />

Narcos, Versailles, The Crown, Breaking Bad,<br />

Girlboss, Greenleaf, House of Cards, The Paradise,<br />

Alias Grace, Chelsea, Master of None, Riverdale, The<br />

Office, Schitt's Creek, Imposters, “I can keep going”<br />

she further adds.<br />

Kalita’s all-time favourites are Lost in Translation,<br />

The Great Gatsby, Mona Lisa Smile, Forrest Gump,<br />

The Theory of Everything, American Hustle, Gia,<br />

Vanilla Sky, The Help, The Duchess, Mean Girls,<br />

Bridesmaids 1 and 2 are the list of flicks she has<br />

watched and genres she loves to watch.<br />

we are overjoyed with her statements and now we<br />

go to Kalita Lamba’s social media numbers, we ask<br />

her how she takes her Insta following as – she replies<br />

– “As time goes by, I’m starting to focus less on the<br />

number of followers but the quality of the existing<br />

followers and my content”.<br />

being a social media star, fame doesn’t easily get<br />

to her, she says “I don’t care if I’m famous or not, I<br />

want my work to be famous”.<br />

since Kalita is a social butterfly, she manages<br />

social media support quite recklessly, she says “I’m<br />

very grateful for all the support I get, each like or<br />

comment counts for me”.<br />

Tell us your experience when you received your<br />

first pr package and how did you celebrate it – we<br />

ask Kalita in excitement, she says - “my first pr<br />

package was from Colorbar, I attended a party that<br />

they were hosting for their new releases and that’s<br />

where they gave it to me”. “It was made even more<br />

special by the fact that they personalised some of the<br />

items, I had my name on a blush brush and their<br />

highlighting palette which felt great”!<br />

makeup enthusiasts must learn to take cues from<br />

Kalita Lamba’s loud and quirky musical backgrounds<br />

from most of her tutorials. we ask her what is the idea<br />

behind such quirky music? Kalita says, “the idea is to<br />

create something I personally would also enjoy<br />

watching, in a day and age where thousands of<br />

tutorials go live every second, you need to stand out<br />

and engage the viewer”. she says that’s why she<br />

makes the most of that 1 minute with the best music<br />

and visuals.<br />

we are on the verge of taking off to another<br />

destination inside our head, but her spirit keeps the<br />

room lit. we next ask her what inspires her to create<br />

such quirky and vivid face art? – she says – “I see<br />

inspiration everywhere, specially on Instagram. when<br />

I see a look or colour combination I can’t resist, I save<br />

it and either recreate it or take inspiration from it and<br />

do it in my own style”.<br />

we ask Kalita is there one advice you'd like to give<br />

budding makeup influencers, what should they focus<br />

on the most? – she says - firstly, find your niche.<br />

when a person visits your social profile, they should<br />

know what they’re getting, be it wedding makeup,<br />

full-on glam, neutral dailywear or more colourful and<br />

creative looks. secondly, invest in a good camera and<br />

lightning because it’s 2018, there is no room for error<br />

with blurred pictures or out-of-focus videos.<br />

we move on to some different questions to turn<br />

the interview upside down, – does she believe in lucky<br />

numbers or superstitious things – on that, she says -<br />

she doesn’t believe in superstitious things or even<br />

numerology, but she is a big believer of horoscopes.<br />

“If you want the best advice on your horoscope, you<br />

can check out the Linda Goodman books, she adds”.<br />

As we are about to end ‘In detail’ with –<br />

Kalita Lamba, we finally ask her the final question,<br />

which her Insta following is also curious of, before we<br />

hit the power off button, we ask KALITA LAmbA –<br />

what is the inspiration behind the look that you crafted<br />

for “NYx Face Awards” and what is it called? – she<br />

says – “I took inspiration from Alice in wonderland<br />

where the character falls down a hole and enters a<br />

secret garden; she says “in my story I enter a forest<br />

and pluck a flower I’m not supposed to, as I’m<br />

smelling the flower, I faint and when I wake up, I have<br />

flowers growing out of me”. The look is called “Touch<br />

Me Not”.<br />

signing off - rabia Khan, fashion director of Enthral.<br />



The Bizarre<br />

‘Fetish’: Selena Gomez’s Latest Release.<br />

When the pop princess of music released the most<br />

daring track of all times ‘fetish’, it gave rise to<br />

worrisome behaviour in most parents that such<br />

music was aggregating gruesome culture that was<br />

being followed by their kids. ‘fetish’ represents<br />

seductive yet sad explicit content that should be<br />

banned online, at least for under-age individuals.<br />

when tracks are released by the record label, they<br />

don’t seem to retain in mind the target audience,<br />

instead, it is released for the masses, not taking into<br />

consideration the age restrictions, certain law<br />

enforcement, irrational content and more.<br />


GIRL?<br />

since music is the most influential and powerful tool<br />

to manipulate the youth, it can force a youngster to<br />

be in sorrow, depression, have a suicidal mind, be in<br />

an excited state or be happy, etc depending on the<br />

situation. Today’s generation is so hooked on to<br />

music that it reigns on their feelings and minds<br />

undoubtedly. The kind of subliminal codes and<br />

messages that the music of today’s pop culture<br />

addresses to the youth and the masses is rather<br />

highly odd. such content in media can let a<br />

vulnerable individual respond submissively to any<br />

event in their lives, well, is it a good thing or bad?<br />

you decide.<br />


“Indoctrination” is the right term to define today’s<br />

media culture as it endures extreme manipulation<br />

and endorses self-destruction. Selena Gomez has a<br />

down reputation when it comes to producing music,<br />

she mostly “unintentionally” or “intentionally”<br />

produces tracks that encourage the youth to<br />

self-harm, suicide or kill themselves in several ways.<br />

fetish is one such track of hers that depicts the<br />

motive behind such bizarre acts. while we have<br />

never been introduced to a darker and a louder<br />

version of selena Gomez. blooming masses have<br />

21<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

Credit: pinterest<br />

Dark and Loud, Pop Culture is the<br />

New “Bizarre”.<br />

always recognized her for quirky pop songs. what<br />

side is she even going to? Jesus save selena!<br />

In one moment, she is seen chewing on shattered<br />

glass, is she okay? who makes her do such odd<br />

crap? A person eating broken pieces of glass will<br />

choke to death, hell yeah! but if you’re a person<br />

already dealing with “mental issues” and find a way<br />

to die somehow will probably assume eating a piece<br />

of broken glass, loyally imitating a popula<br />

personality isn’t a crime at all.<br />

we surely know that the media is poisoning the<br />

youth to drive themselves to do crazy things<br />

accepting the fact that there’s nothing wrong in<br />

doing so by analysing it. In one clip selena is seen<br />

pulling her socks, sexualizing herself immodestly.<br />

selena’s bizarre ‘fetish’ has already followed up<br />

with a lot of unhealthy controversies discussing this<br />

generation’s mental health.<br />


‘FETISH’<br />

well, many conspiracy theorists believe that there’s<br />

everything wrong and nothing is right with selena’s<br />

fetish music video, the amount of mind control used<br />

in brainwashing the masses in the video is beyond<br />

anybody’s imagination whilst this could also mean<br />

that selena is trying to convey deep meaning and<br />

hints at enduring such sexual and bizarre<br />

performance, summing up what goes behind closed<br />

doors in this secretive and dark industry. some<br />

conspiracy theorists claim that she is possessed by<br />

demons. well, we’re not sure what it is, take care,<br />

selena!<br />

Though selena’s bizarre ‘fetish’ has carved out the<br />

young viewers in a sensual gratification.<br />

Credit: dazed<br />

Credit: Instyle<br />

Credit: popcrush

E BEAUTY<br />

B E A U T Y Y T<br />

G U R U<br />

A A N A M C ' S<br />

S E C R E T<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

S K I N<br />

C A R E T I P S !<br />

credit: whatwhenwear<br />

SKIN<br />

CARE<br />

TIPS<br />

FROM<br />

THE<br />

BEST<br />

fashion and beauty youTube guru<br />

Aanam Chashmawala, popularly<br />

known as "Aanam C" for her<br />

‘vivid’ and ‘vivacious’<br />

personality, has many pleasing<br />

mini beauty tutorials on her<br />

Instagram handle. she makes sure<br />

beauty enthusiasts are on their<br />

toes with beauty and fashion<br />

updates. she promises to be the<br />

most attractive fashion/beauty<br />

blogger of her times.<br />

http://www.whatwhenwear.in<br />

Aanam inherits exclusive style<br />

from her gorgeous designer mom<br />

and modern husband.<br />

Her vibrant personality and<br />

charming face make her<br />

exuberantly intriguing, that sets<br />

her apart from rest of the fashion<br />

bloggers. with the booming fan<br />

following, she has caught quite<br />

the eye balls enchanting some of<br />

the biggest make up brands on her<br />

channel –<br />

Huda Beauty, Smashbox, Fenty,<br />

Estee Lauder, Clarins amongst the<br />

rest. Aanam's blog ranges from<br />

fashion, travel, lifestyle, beauty<br />

and her personal style. she<br />

addresses some bold issues that<br />

inspire younger women of this<br />

century.<br />

since, there's a massive growth of<br />

social media influencers reaching<br />

23<br />

their best reserved spot on<br />

Instagram, the only great platform<br />

for a neat exposure, Aanam's list<br />

of worshipers are numbered to be<br />

97k along with her subscribers on<br />

youTube which is over 30k as of<br />

2017.<br />

Aanam bestows advice most<br />

humbly and has no qualms in<br />

asking for the same. she<br />

endeavours to put her best foot<br />

forward for any campaign or a<br />

cause on social media platforms.<br />

S E C R E T S K I N C A R E<br />

T I P S F R O M A A N A M C<br />

with Aanam's latest and exclusive<br />

interview with fashion magazine<br />

GRAZIA, she revealed some of<br />

her unknown skincare secrets. she<br />

believes in good skincare regime<br />

before staging on-face make up,<br />

fixing sprays and primers are her<br />

go-to-go products! since, she is<br />

rarely seen with heavy makeup,<br />

she likes to keep her contour and<br />

highlighting a little subtle.<br />

Aanam's favourite make up tip<br />

involves brightening her beautiful<br />

features with concealer and<br />

highlighter. when Aanam isn't<br />

involved in any shoot, she swears<br />

by matte lipsticks, lip balms,<br />

mascara, blush, concealer and<br />

highlighter.<br />

Aanam is the 'all know-er' when it<br />

comes to a proper skincare<br />

regime. she indulges only in good<br />

quality products. moisturizing and<br />

prepping the skin is what she<br />

normally does.<br />

N I G H T T I M E<br />

Aanam's night skincare ritual<br />

involves face cleansers, cleansing<br />

brushes, night repair serums,<br />

moisturizing and tons of lip balms<br />

before going to bed.<br />

for latest updates from Aanam C,<br />

head on to -<br />

http://www.whatwhenwear.in<br />

credit: whatwhenwear

E BEAUTY<br />

Makeup Benefits for Men<br />

•enHAnCes JAwLIne<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

Credit: HuffpostCanada<br />


“10-YEAR-<br />

OLD”<br />

MAKEUP<br />

GENIUS.<br />

“BREAK<br />

THE<br />

HASHTAG”<br />

–<br />

MALE<br />

MAKEUP<br />

JUNKIES!<br />

credit: unnamed<br />

Credit: Cosmopolitan<br />

This 10-year-old makeup genius could<br />

be the next ‘big thing’ in the beauty<br />

industry. while we are struggling to<br />

perfect our winged liner, this pretty<br />

school boy from uK is breaking the<br />

internet by mastering makeup<br />

techniques effortlessly. He accidentally<br />

slipped to fame by confidently<br />

uploading a makeup video that had a<br />

cute caption “you walk in to you, son<br />

doing this, wyd?” on his facebook<br />

page ‘Vibeswithbae’ and insanely<br />

moved viral worldwide, around may<br />

this year. The video racked more than<br />

50 million thumbs up and buttoned<br />

more than 1k shares. Though it<br />

welcomed him with a tinge of criticism<br />

too, people encouraged and appreciated<br />

him for utilizing make up as a form of<br />

‘self-nuance’.<br />

since the minimum age to join<br />

Instagram is 13, 10-year-old Jack who<br />

is currently slaying the makeup game,<br />

stays loyal to his worshipers and never<br />

forgets to throw special mentions for<br />

the beauty products he endeavours in<br />

his posts. His initials on Instagram<br />

goes by @makeuupbyjack and carries<br />

over 200,000 followers. Jack’s IG<br />

handle is beautifully decorated with<br />

stunning posts in vivid make up looks<br />

and often swears to hashtag his posts<br />

with #makeupforboys. It will be<br />

intriguing to see him join the beauty<br />

‘bandwagon’ with other beautiful male<br />

makeup artists. well, look at that bake,<br />

highlight, eye shadow and that<br />

contour? while this 10-year-old<br />

makeup king is trading headlines for<br />

his ‘unicorn frappuccino’ and ‘natural’<br />

inspired make up looks, I’m still trying<br />

to apply lipstick with perfection!<br />

•HIdes fLAws<br />

•breAKs THe Gender sTereOTypes<br />

•sTAnds OuT<br />

•GAIns pOpuLArITyAnd CAsH wITH<br />

fLAwLess mAKeup TeCHnIques<br />

Successful Male MU<br />

Artists in the Beauty<br />

Industry<br />

•In 2017, Maybelline announced to<br />

stamp, a 26-year-old beauty blogger<br />

Manny Gutierrez (manny mua)<br />

as their new face.<br />

•Jake Jamie Ward is a makeup<br />

enthu who stepped into the world of<br />

makeup at the age of 19 and carried<br />

his own lovely initiative<br />

#MakeUpisGenderless campaign,<br />

to empower male makeup<br />

enthusiasts.<br />

•Gary Thompson is also a<br />

stunning makeup artist and a<br />

makeup junkie who acquired a<br />

position in L’Oreal campaign in the<br />

past.<br />

Other Popular Male MU<br />

Artists Include<br />

pATrICK sTArr<br />

CArmImuA<br />

JeffreyLynn sTeInInGer<br />

JAymAnueL<br />

suTAnAmruLL<br />

JAme CHArLes



HAS NO<br />



F A S H I O N W I T H N O<br />

R U L E S<br />

A gay person expresses himself freely, hence<br />

proving feminity is essential to carry off. A gay<br />

person flaunts his feminity more than woman. do<br />

we need any sexual preferences to flaunt our<br />

bodies in the best possible way?<br />

fashion has changed drastically over a period<br />

now and has passed on from one generation to<br />

another twisting it loyally in a modern form of<br />

approach.<br />

fashion has no barriers whether people like it, it<br />

is easily accepted and transferred.<br />

my perceptions on fashion is completely<br />

different and creative, I chose to dress as I emote,<br />

flawlessly. That’s the power of fashion, it is a form<br />

of self nuance through self display. Thoughts,<br />

emotions and mind are taken into consideration to<br />

select make up, clothes, shoes and other elements<br />

to describe the distinctive features on how people<br />

perceive fashion personally.<br />



Katy perry confessed in her interview, the reason why<br />

she chopped her hair off and stated the cause of<br />

depression and suicidal thoughts.<br />

fashion has no emotional boundaries whatsoever<br />

the circumstances be. young generation is busy<br />

flaunting their fancy emotions through the aid of<br />

fashion.<br />

young girls nowadays are chasing their depression<br />

and deepest anxieties by chopping their hair off while<br />

perceiving it as either modern or stylish. young<br />

depressed dudes are getting their bodies tattooed by<br />

over shadowing their ugliest emotions and anxieties, it<br />

however appears cool to them.<br />

by rAbIA KHAn<br />

Credit: youtube<br />

Credit: Instyle<br />

@mannymua733<br />


fashion is a form of art that is accepted in every form, makeup<br />

enthusiasts nowadays are setting the stage worldwide with<br />

their fancy make up trends. make up is the ‘IT’ corner of<br />

fashion and hence is the most essential part of the fashion<br />

world.<br />

make up enthusiasts are fashionably adjusting their<br />

eyebrows by carrying forward bizarre trends which are going<br />

viral like ‘crows’ on the internet.<br />


Lip Trends<br />

brow Trends<br />

Nose Trends<br />

Nail Trends<br />

Lash Trends<br />

Tongue Trends<br />

The rest is “HISTORY”<br />

25<br />

Credit: feedfad<br />

moreover, fashion moves people all<br />

over the world. It will be easier to say<br />

that all forms of fashion are growing<br />

each day and is becoming acceptable<br />

no matter what kind it is. people will<br />

chose fashion their best form for self<br />

nuance.<br />

may fashion chose to surprise the<br />

world each day as it is ‘storming’,<br />

already!<br />

Hence, this proves that<br />



E BEAUTY<br />

When we talk of the aspects of fashion, the Goth<br />

way of life is how they present themselves<br />

before the bright and vibrant things that sound<br />

too ‘attention-seeking’ and demanding.<br />


Typically they give themselves a pale, rad and<br />

dead look combined with dark clothes. It’s a<br />

combination of dark colors to highlight their<br />

pale skin; no look is complete without the<br />

lipstick.<br />

Goth makeup is not complete without a black<br />

lipstick yet people go with red and several other<br />

colors.<br />

now the question here is why anything but<br />

black? your lipstick speaks a lot about your<br />

personality, black color is immensely<br />

intimidating and normally people don’t choose<br />

a black lipstick shade because it often comes off<br />

like much of a challenge in everyday life.<br />

why a challenge? people often see the ones who<br />

wear a black lipstick as weird, mean and<br />

aggressive while its totally different, wearing a<br />

black lipstick doesn't mean they're bad, mean or<br />

evil, it simply complies with the whole idea of<br />

Goth, it reveals that they have a dark side and a<br />

dark sense of humor. different colors give<br />

different vibes; black lipstick shows you off as<br />

a bold person and fits best when you feel like<br />

transforming into a Goth.<br />

h o w t o w e a r<br />

b l a c k l i p s t i c k<br />

a n d t r a n s f o r m<br />

i n t o a g o t h<br />

by mAdHVI pAndey<br />

Credit: playbuzz

E BEAUTY<br />

B O R R O W E D<br />

1 O 1 C U E S<br />

F R O M<br />

O F<br />

S O M E<br />

T H E<br />

N O T A B L E<br />

C E L E B R I T Y<br />

M A K E U P<br />

A R T I S T S .<br />

27<br />


IT<br />

RIGHT!<br />

Using a concealer brush, apply cover-up to any pimples, making<br />

short, quick motions, like you're sparkling. why a brush? The<br />

tapered bristles can get into the crevices of a blemish better than<br />

your fingers can, says Mally Roncal, celeb makeup artist in<br />

nyC. be sure your concealer is made with zit-zapping salicylic<br />

acid; two separate formulas (zit cream and cover-up) layered<br />

won't stick to skin. set everything in place with a<br />

skin-tone-matching powder.<br />

Pro Spot Concealer Brush, NYX COSMETICS (Available at<br />

nykaa), mrp:₹650<br />


use your fingertips to apply your make-up. It is my ultimate<br />

trick, and how I have found my way to each of my signature<br />

looks. It helps to blend foundation, allowing it to settle into the<br />

skin in a completely natural way. The heat from your fingertips<br />

polishes the foundation, giving it this beautiful, translucent<br />

finish that is impossible to achieve using sponges or brushes.<br />

says McGrath in an interview to Telegraph UK. I also<br />

recommend using the fingers if you want to create a stain effect<br />

on the lips. The fingers are also sensational for providing a<br />

seamless application of cream shadow and blush, because they<br />

allow the products to melt onto the skin for a naturally gorgeous<br />

finish.<br />


"Apply two shades of blush for the perfect flush of youth. pink,<br />

or anything in the red family should be placed on the apple of<br />

the cheek; it will give the effect of blood coming to the surface.<br />

peach, coral, or anything in the orange family should be applied<br />

to the highest point of the cheekbone; that gives the effect of<br />

heat rising. finish by bringing a matte bronzer to the skin where<br />

sun hits the face (forehead, cheekbone, bridge of nose, and<br />

chin)." —James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist and director<br />

of artistry for Ardency Inn<br />

This interview first appeared on MarieClaire<br />

r<br />

Pro Spot Concealer Brush, NYX COSMETICS (Available at<br />

nykaa), mrp:₹650<br />

High Definition Blush in “Hamptons”, NYX COSMETICS<br />

(Available at nykaa), mrp: mrp:₹600


ATTACK<br />

THe weddInG<br />

+<br />

CAsuAL edIT<br />




T H I S S E A S O N W I L L S O W<br />

Y O U I N T O S T R I N G S O F<br />

B R I G H T S - H U E R E D S T O<br />


TASTE<br />

THE<br />

BLISS<br />

OF<br />

NEW<br />





R E D<br />

MEANS<br />


&<br />


C A s u A L<br />

I s T H e<br />

n e w<br />

T r e n d<br />

IT’s A TALe Of<br />

COLOurs THAT<br />

drAw<br />

my<br />

sOuL<br />

InTO<br />

dIVIne<br />

&<br />

fAbuLOus<br />

THInGs<br />





ALIen prInCess<br />

NAME<br />

priyanka Ghosh, AKA<br />

@GOregeousGirl<br />

AGe<br />

30<br />

bIrTH pLACe<br />

Kolkata<br />

CurrenT CITy<br />

bombay<br />

prOfessIOn<br />

social media manager by<br />

day, Creator by night<br />

InTeresTs<br />

Gore, zombies, paint, doodle<br />

InspIrATIOn<br />

Horror movies. I’m a complete horror junky.<br />



TrAIn TO busAn InspIred ZOmbIe<br />

experIenCes<br />

Have already done a concept makeup gig as a<br />

makeup artist in the very beginning of my vlogging<br />

career, and that shoot is very close to my heart<br />

because with each and every look, I could connect<br />

and tell my own stories<br />

peT peeVes<br />

when people recreate your creation and forget to give<br />

you credit or steal ideas and forget to mention you!<br />

fAndOms<br />

superwoman Lilly singh and mykie from Glam & Gore.<br />

In fact they are the reason I started my own channel

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong> ExCLUSIVE<br />

post Apocalyptic<br />

steampunk Look<br />

#INSTA<br />

MAKEUP<br />


TALK<br />

W h a t d i d y o u<br />

c r e a t e f o r t h e<br />

N Y x F a c e<br />

Aw a r d s o f t h e<br />

y e a r ?<br />

I c r e a t e d t w o<br />

l o o k s .<br />

The Idea behind the look was from the Victorian era, since the technology has evolved, people have abandoned<br />

the idea and now she has a steampunk look.<br />

Name one overrated makeup trend<br />

Cut Crease eye makeup look<br />

Name one underrated makeup trend<br />

strobing makeup technique<br />

What is your take on brow trends,<br />

The wiggly brow trend on Instagram. I mean what was<br />

that?<br />

Are unique eyeshadow trends grabbing eyeballs?<br />

The cloud eyeshadow technique is recently grabbing<br />

attention for the right reasons. It is artistically<br />

appealing and requires great precision. One more look<br />

I would like to mention which we often see in the<br />

editorial photoshoots, that is the ‘glossy lid’<br />

eyeshadow look. They just look amazing.<br />

One makeup product that you cannot live without?<br />

Only one? That’s really unfair. If I really have to pick<br />

one that will be mascara but I really can’t live<br />

without my eyebrow pencil!<br />

Who is your biggest makeup inspiration?<br />

mykie from Glam & Gore and Jordan Hanz.<br />

The drop dead Gorgeous Look<br />

This time I took things literally and wanted to<br />

create something fun, sexy, vibrant and ofcourse<br />




every image tells a story. my story. The<br />

challenges I have met, the struggles I have<br />

gone through in my life. These looks are<br />

something which I’m proud of, since it was<br />

the first ever makeup gig of mine as a<br />

professional makeup artist.<br />

THe fIGHTer<br />

The Fighter!<br />

Life is not easy, sometimes you need to<br />

bring your inner demons out to face the<br />

world. makeup was done by me.<br />

CAnVAs<br />

The Ripper!<br />

The Ripper!<br />

damaged people are dangerous.<br />

They know how to make hell feel<br />

like home.<br />

You mentioned about depression in one of the looks that you<br />

have created, what inpired you?<br />

yes, I’m glad that you have asked this question. I was going through<br />

a tough time during that period of my life. I’m a person who is<br />

extremely hard on myself. I was not happy with the content I was<br />

creating, I was very disappointed with myself and was not being<br />

consistent. I remember crying during the shoot, just because I was<br />

afraid of failure. I thought to myself, what if I fail to create this look?<br />

I know it might sound funny to you, I mean it is just makeup and<br />

the tutorial of this look has very less views till date! Hahahaha. I<br />

didn’t even want to film this look. All I wanted to do was to sit and<br />

paint! but my husband insisted on recording it, so I did. At the end<br />

I was happy, satisfied and felt much better. This look is and will be<br />

very close to my heart. forever!

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong> ExCLUSIVE<br />



ISSA Q & A WITH<br />



Simone Lalwani, goes by ‘wedding and<br />

war paint’ as her Instagram initials, she is<br />

a popular 20 year old freelance makeup<br />

artist. she freelances at weddings, fashion<br />

shows and photoshoots. At present, she<br />

lives in Goa. simone loves to travel and<br />

she has also spent some time in the uK.<br />

Apart from creating art, she is also<br />

passionate about sports and photography.<br />

@weddingsandwarpaint<br />

1 - what according to you is the best makeup trend and why?<br />

my favourite makeup trend has to be one that is going around<br />

right now, the ‘insta-ception’ trend. This is where a certain<br />

portion of the face is made up and the rest is left bare. This<br />

allows people to see the original/ true image of a person. In<br />

today’s world everything is enchanced to some extent on<br />

social media and it is important that people realise that there<br />

is a real person behind the image.<br />

2 - How can one express through makeup?<br />

makeup is really about individual choice. doing makeup<br />

depends on your mood or destination. It gives people<br />

freedom to express themselves. for me, makeup brings out<br />

the creative side and lets my imagination run wild.<br />

3 - do you think bizarre makeup trends are taking the world<br />

by storm?<br />

yes, I do and social media is helping this phenomenon.<br />

Creative or bizarre make up trends have become increasingly<br />

popular as more people are becoming aware of them. people<br />

are intrigued and often try to create the look by themselves.<br />

It has also become more acceptable to think outside the box<br />

to express your personality through makeup.<br />

4 - what is the best makeup advice you can give to young<br />

girls?<br />

makeup can be simple or wild and dramatic. Have fun with<br />

it! makeup has no rules and really there are no rights or<br />

wrongs. Girls should be creative and use their imagination.<br />

everyone should have confidence to try something different,<br />

become a trendsetter or even go out with a bare face. makeup<br />

is a personal choice and girls should feel free to experiment.<br />

I also think it is important for girls to practice and not<br />

compare themselves to the images of others they see on<br />

social media.<br />

5 - Have you ever tried playing with your brows? Have you<br />

ever turned them into feathered ones?<br />

yes, I have tried playing with the brow but I have not tried<br />

the feathered brow trend. I think it’s quite interesting and<br />

some of them look really pretty. I would like to try it out<br />

some day.



Layalle, is a 29 year old presales/freelance makeup artist who<br />

was born in, Louisiana usA, and currently resides in dubai.<br />

she believes in making women feel beautiful. she is a self<br />

made woman.<br />

<strong>ENTHRAL</strong> ExCLUSIVE<br />

Name that one bizare makeup trend that you have come<br />

across<br />

fish tail brows<br />

3 favorite makeup products that you swear by?<br />

Tarte shape tape concealer, benefit brow gel, mac studio fix<br />

products<br />

What is that one element, a makeup junkie should keep in<br />

mind before publishing their content on social media?<br />

Lighting. you can have great makeup but poor lighting will<br />

ruin the image or video<br />

A makeup trend that is a big NO-NO! mention the reason<br />

no rules in makeup. I dislike unblended contour and<br />

eyeshadow<br />

@layallbeauty<br />

Who/what inspires you to create content related to<br />

makeup?<br />

Hindash and Huda beauty<br />

One makeup product that is over-rated, according to you?<br />

Cream contour<br />

Bijal Pravin Chawda is a 19 year<br />

old bms student and an extremely<br />

talented makeup freelancer. she<br />

hails from mumbai<br />

What is the one makeup trend<br />

that you die for?<br />

I Love The Kim Kardashian<br />

Contour & Highlight Trend<br />

What are your thoughts on<br />

feathered brows?<br />

They shook the makeup world, it<br />

was very unique. I still see them on<br />

my Instagram feed!<br />

One makeup trend that you find<br />

over-rated?<br />

makeup can never be over-rated for<br />

me! everyone prefers something<br />

different and has different views.<br />

I personally really enjoy trying<br />

different trends.<br />

Do you think going overboard<br />

with makeup is bad?<br />

nOT AT ALL.<br />

What was the first makeup<br />

brand that you used? share your<br />

experience<br />

I had lot of Lakme products.<br />

I guess, as they were on the<br />

affordable side, hehe.<br />



Y O U R F A C E<br />

Y O U R M A K E U P<br />

Credit: coroflot


by Asma Khan<br />

Your face is the most prominent and the most “out there” part of your body. It is the most<br />

exposed to the world, the pollution, the insensitive remarks, the how and why questions<br />

and so on. your face grows much like your limbs, and the skin on it evolves as you grow<br />

older. How many of us wish that we still had our baby skin? That soft, plump and fresh<br />

skin, you didn’t even need to apply moisturizers or scrubs or facemasks or all that jazz.<br />

you love your skin as much as the other girl does, and we are all united when it comes to<br />

our “skin problems”. make-up or no make-up? which moisturizer will make my skin<br />

break-out? why are my pores so big? Is my skin healthy? what do I need to stop eating?<br />

And so on are the issues that we are faced with every day. One zit can ruin a perfectly<br />

good day. but let’s get deeper into our skins, what it really wants, what it’s getting instead<br />

and what we should do about it?<br />

A skin has multiple layers and the skin on our face is the most exposed to all sorts of things<br />

out there, and all sorts of things inside us. we might not be aware of it but as much as the<br />

things on the outside affect our skin, so does our inner situations. what we feel and what<br />

we consume affect our skin much worse than what we are exposed to when we step outside<br />

of our houses. Let’s analyze this a little bit – you eat fast food on a daily basis. As a kid,<br />

this habit didn’t really affect your skin but as you grew older, you could see how all of it<br />

had started showing on your face in the form of acne or the texture of your skin. now we<br />

know what to put on our skins when we have to step out in the sun or pollution, but what<br />

do wear on our skin when we eat unhealthily? make-up? yes, make-up works too but<br />

eating healthily might work long term.<br />

There’s a connection- eating unhealthily and feeling sad. your feelings consume most of<br />

these foods that you’re binge eating. burgers, pizza, fries, ice-cream, chocolates (though<br />

good for your skin but not in large amounts), and all of the tasty but very unhealthy foods<br />

actually makes you tend to forget the reason you were feeling sad about for a little while,<br />

but then the cycle continues. How to stop this? every one of us feels sad or upset at little<br />

things or big things. we also tend to get depressed (either situational or clinical) at times.<br />

we eat these feelings up and cover it up with<br />

make-up. so, you are choosing your make-up as well.<br />

The point is not to stop eating your favorite food, not to stop wearing make-up, not to stop<br />

feeling sad but to deal with your feelings in a healthy way. As young adults, we need to<br />

indulge in mature ways to deal with something that makes us sad, like going for a run, or<br />

going to the gym, or making that healthy snack you have been putting off for months<br />

because of your laziness, stop being lazy and do what you love to do. yes, it is hard to<br />

attain these habits but you need to adapt this way of life to look beautiful and have a<br />

beautiful skin. your make-up is what you hold within yourself, more importantly what<br />

you feel about yourself. smiling more doesn’t help your inner demons, but smile to make<br />

those inner demons angry and to leave your body so that your skin glows for you, from<br />

within.<br />

so, make-up a healthier way to deal with whatever comes your way, make-up your mind<br />

for the right things and thrive, remake-up your thoughts about yourself and you will<br />

succeed with, finally, the make-up of your face!<br />

credit: billieeilish

M A D E F O R Y O U<br />

by AsmA KHAn<br />

Take the Vogue magazine in your<br />

hands or any fashion magazine for that matter<br />

and the first thing that captures your eye is the image of<br />

the perfect face on the cover page. As you turn the pages, you<br />

look at several other “perfect faces”. what goes behind that perfect<br />

face? make-up, photoshop, airbrushing, and everything that one can do to<br />

remove any possible flaw on the surface. That is on a piece of paper. you<br />

cannot compare that to your own face. you cannot strive to be something that does<br />

not exist in reality in the first place. A perfect, flawless face does not exist. when you<br />

look in the mirror and search for the images from the magazines, you’re betraying<br />

yourself. your face, with or without make-up is complete. you cannot copy the<br />

magazines, you cannot want to be somebody else’s face, how is that going to be special?<br />

where will your own identity go? This leads me to the main point. your skin and your<br />

features are different from the women in the magazines, your next-door neighbor, your<br />

classmate, your colleague or your best friend. The products they put suits them, the<br />

make-up they apply suits them. In order to know what will suit your skin and enhance<br />

your features, you must learn to love them first, discover them, take care of them and<br />

expensive is not always the best. you could find a drugstore concealer that works<br />

wonders on you and not the dior one. search for the one for you, just like how<br />

you would search for a soulmate based on who YOU are, this is somewhat<br />

similar and important as well. don’t look for<br />

yourself in others,search for what’s made for you.



while, I’m still wondering how to perfectly wear a<br />

winged eyeliner, 30 year old saloni mathur, a new<br />

delhi based makeup blogger and a lawyer is nailing<br />

every part of perfection induced in her journey of<br />

performing makeup looks. she first started to<br />

experiment with her face during 2016’s Halloween,<br />

it was the first time she painted her face.<br />

In conversation with enthral, she said it was a<br />

creepy clown look and that she has never looked<br />

back ever since then. for somebody unique and<br />

artistic like saloni, with her first Halloween<br />

experience it didn’t take time for her to capture face<br />

art and making it as her own thing.<br />

According to this makeup enthu, winged eyeliner is<br />

not overrated at all, winged eyeliner has survived<br />

centuries and is here to stay. A perfectly winged liner<br />

and good coat of mascara is an eye look which suits<br />

SALONI<br />

MATHUR’S<br />

MAKEUP<br />


by rAbIA KHAn<br />

all occasions. That's all you need, she adds.<br />

saloni is someone who doesn’t go crazy when it<br />

comes to new makeup trends or those which take the<br />

world by storm. she doesn’t find bizarre brow trends<br />

appealing and that is why she has not found it<br />

interesting to give it a shot.<br />

According to saloni, happiness is when her brows<br />

are nicely filled and bold. Curly or fishtail is<br />

definately not her type of jazz. Her obsession is quite<br />

simple, just like any girl driven with makeup,<br />

addresses her contour and highlight goals, saloni<br />

considers highlight and contour her all time favourite<br />

because it elevates and pulls the whole look together.<br />

saloni is dying to try out the recently gone viral eye<br />



E BEAUTY<br />

If QUICK-FIx- failed to fix your beauty edit issue, then write to us on write to us at<br />

enthraltrends@gmail.com we are right here to listen to you!<br />

Enthral to the rescue<br />

QuickFix Beauty Edit<br />

1. I have normal to dry<br />

skin, when I wear a<br />

foundation, my skin<br />

starts to crease or starts<br />

breaking out terribly. I<br />

feel uncomfortable<br />

wearing foundations,<br />

since it turns into a<br />

nightmare.<br />

quICK-fIx<br />

don't worry, we have got<br />

a quick-fix for you! If<br />

you wear foundations<br />

that are purely matte, we<br />

recommend you to wear<br />

primers that come in<br />

liquid form or the ones<br />

which include tinted<br />

moisturizers. Liquid<br />

foundations can be worn<br />

with matte primers, since<br />

you don't want the<br />

foundation gliding down<br />

your face and making<br />

your makeup last longer,<br />

matte primers can<br />

eventually help keep the<br />

foundation neutral. make<br />

sure to use a little<br />

amount, as it goes a long<br />

way. Also remember, just<br />

in case it comes off too<br />

dry, then moisturizers<br />

blended with primers can<br />

work just fine. I hope we<br />

have fixed your<br />

nightmare act!<br />

2. I hate wearing<br />

eyeshadows, it never<br />

shows up on my eyelids<br />

inspite of purchasing big<br />

brands. I need a solution<br />

that will show eyeshdow<br />

on my eyes.<br />

quICK-fIx<br />

don't worry, we have got<br />

a quick-fix for you! Lot<br />

of Indian skin tones<br />

complain of the similar<br />

issue. The best solution<br />

to show eyeshadow is to<br />

first lock your eyelids<br />

with eyeshadow primer<br />

and set it with a compact<br />

powder. eyeshadow<br />

primers can literally pop<br />

any shade on the eyelids.<br />

Also, make sure to check<br />

the originality as well as<br />

expiry dates of<br />

purchased eyeshadow<br />

palettes, as they come<br />

with an expiry date. stay<br />

away from fake products<br />

as they can damage the<br />

skin.<br />

3. I look like a zombie<br />

whenever kajal smudges.<br />

I have stopped using<br />

kajals, they lie<br />

untouched on my<br />

dressing table.<br />

quICK-fIx<br />

don't worry, we have got<br />

a quick-fix for you!<br />

brush a little compact<br />

powder on your<br />

waterline after wearing<br />

kajal and your issue is<br />

solved :)<br />

4 . How to conquer a<br />

flawless foundation look.<br />

I have blemishes that are<br />

seen on top of the<br />

foundation.<br />

quICK-fIx<br />

don't worry, we have got<br />

a quick-fix for you!<br />

primers minimize pores<br />

and are the best source to<br />

cover blemishes, we<br />

recommend you to use<br />

good quality primers.<br />

blending foundation<br />

well while setting it with<br />

good compact powder<br />

can help fix your issue.

S U B S C R I B E U S<br />

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d.O.b<br />

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CArd nO.<br />

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