CMCA Methodist News 241 (Eng)

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<strong>Eng</strong>lish<br />

<strong>241</strong> 2018 08<br />

ISSUE 期 YEAR 年 MONTH 月<br />

轉 化 教 會 • 改 變 社 體 • Reforming the Church• Transforming the Community<br />










TODAY<br />





* More photos front inside cover for Chinese.<br />

更 多 相 片 在 中 文 版 的 封 面 背 页 。<br />

Bishop & Mrs Kwang with all the Pastors, Local Preachers and leaders, and members of<br />

Trinity MC at the 25th Church Anniversary.<br />

官 会 督 伉 俪 与 赴 会 之 全 体 传 道 人 、 本 处 传 道 、 教 会 领 袖 及 三 一 堂 会 友 们 拍 于 廿 五 周 年 庆 典 上 。<br />

Bishop & Mrs Kwang and Pastor Esther Yung<br />

with members of the newly constituted Local<br />

Church - Solomon Islands <strong>Methodist</strong> Church ( 溢 恩<br />

堂 ) on 19 August.<br />

左 图 示 19/08 官 会 督 伉 俪 与 杨 小 琳 传 道 及 升 格 为 所 罗<br />

门 群 岛 堂 会 ( 溢 恩 堂 ) 之 会 友 们 同 影 。<br />

Solomon Islands MC ( 溢 恩 堂 ) new Local<br />

Church Executive Committee.<br />

右 图 示 所 罗 门 群 岛 溢 恩 堂 之 首 届 执 事 会 留 影 。<br />

Cutting the 29th Anniversary cake – Eight Mile<br />

Plains <strong>Methodist</strong> Church on 26th August.<br />

左 上 图 示 26/08 福 恩 堂 欢 庆 二 十 九 周 年 切 蛋 糕 时 影 。

BISHOP’S<br />


E3<br />




Bishop Dr James Kwang<br />

As part of the World <strong>Methodist</strong> family, our Conference Lay<br />

Leader, Brother Joseph Ting, and I as your Episcopal head,<br />

were nominated by the Executive Board in our June 2016<br />

meeting to represent the <strong>CMCA</strong> at the World <strong>Methodist</strong><br />

Council (WMC) for the quinquennium from 2016 to 2021.<br />

The first WMC meeting for this quinquennium was held after<br />

the 2016 World <strong>Methodist</strong> Conference in Houston, Texas on<br />

4 and 5 September. We attended the second meeting held in<br />

Seoul, Korea from 12 to 15 July 2017.<br />

The WMC is a worldwide association of <strong>Methodist</strong>, Wesleyan,<br />

and related Uniting and United Churches. It engages,<br />

empowers, and serves member Churches by encouraging<br />

unity in witness, facilitating mission in the world, and fostering<br />

ecumenical and interreligious activities.<br />

The Council corporately promotes evangelism and mission<br />

along with faithful worship and mutual learning as we are<br />

called to fulfil the Great Commission in making disciples of all<br />

nations (Matthew 28:18-19). Together, we are to encourage<br />

and build up one another to remain obedient to the Great<br />

Commandment of Jesus Christ to love God and to love our<br />

neighbour (Matthew 22:37-39).<br />

Currently, WMC has over 80 million members, affiliates of<br />

Wesleyan <strong>Methodist</strong>s, and United and Uniting Churches,<br />

spread across 138 countries.<br />

This quinquennium second Council meeting was held in<br />

Kwanglim <strong>Methodist</strong> Church in Seoul; the delegates were<br />

aware of the high expectations for major progress in peace<br />

talks after the Inter-Korean Panmunjom Summit. At the<br />

opening session, the President of the World <strong>Methodist</strong><br />

Council, Dr. J.C. Park, delivered a timely message on how<br />

we all need to participate in the work towards the goal of<br />

uniting the Korean Peninsula. He expounded on the story<br />

in Luke 5:18-25 of the paralysed man who was helped<br />

by his four friends as they came together to bring him to<br />

Jesus, and whom through their efforts was made whole by<br />

Jesus. Dr. Park brought home the point when he likened<br />

the ‘paralysed’ Korean Peninsula to the paralysed man –<br />

the combined support from nations in all four corners of the<br />

world is required to witness the ‘miracle’ of a united Korean<br />

Peninsula. We must believe in that, and much of this work<br />

will need our full prayer support.<br />

Moreover, we as contemporary Wesleyan <strong>Methodist</strong>s<br />

must continue to follow in the footsteps of our founder,<br />

John Wesley, who started Methodism as an evangelistic<br />

movement. Therefore, Wesleyan <strong>Methodist</strong>s must first and<br />

foremost evangelise to the lost and send missionaries into<br />

the whole world. The WMC member churches continue to<br />

carry out this task.<br />

In an age of migration, many Wesleyan <strong>Methodist</strong>s seek<br />

new homes outside of their home countries. Like in our<br />

own context, the <strong>CMCA</strong>, it was immigrants who planted<br />

churches throughout the diaspora, sometimes in areas<br />

where other member churches are present. At this WMC<br />

meeting, we decided to start a Consultation Process to listen<br />

and learn from experience, strengthen communication and<br />

cooperation, and eventually draft and adopt a “covenant of<br />

mutual support”.<br />

At the opening session of this WMC meeting, all the<br />

participants were nourished by a lively time of worship led<br />

by the Worship and Liturgy Committee. The great hospitality<br />

of our Korean <strong>Methodist</strong> hosts enabled the officers and the<br />

delegates to achieve a lot in a short period of time. The WMC<br />

General Secretary Ivan Abrahams, the member from the<br />

Lake Junaluska Headquarters and treasurer Kirby Hickey, the<br />

President Dr. J C Park, and Vice President Gillian Kingston<br />

led the sessions with inspiration, grace and humour.<br />

I thank God that as World <strong>Methodist</strong> Evangelism Regional<br />

Secretary for East Asia, I was invited to be part of the<br />

decision-making Executive Team at this WMC meeting.<br />

May all glory be to God as we unite together to serve our<br />

Lord on the World <strong>Methodist</strong> Council.<br />

Servant of the Lord,<br />

James Kwang


E4<br />




Rev Dr King Tai Tie<br />

President, SCAC<br />

A few years ago, I was leading a devotion in a joint meeting of<br />

principals and deans of various seminaries in Malaysia. I led<br />

everyone in a song previously written for a prayer meeting in<br />

a <strong>Methodist</strong> church. After we sang, a non-<strong>Methodist</strong> seminary<br />

principal remarked, “The <strong>Methodist</strong> Church is a church of<br />

prayer!” This comment is positive encouragement in praise<br />

of the <strong>Methodist</strong> Church. After all, prayer was one of the<br />

unique features of the <strong>Methodist</strong> revival movement led by<br />

the Wesley brothers. Piety in prayer is a spirit of Methodism.<br />

A decade or two ago, I was conducting a revival meeting at<br />

a <strong>Methodist</strong> church. The title was “Kneel until the floor caves<br />

in”. The message was on the prayer of the prophet Daniel,<br />

on how he persisted in prayer despite what he faced in the<br />

lions’ den, and how he had since set the example of prayer<br />

for many generations to follow. I emphasised that prayer is<br />

speaking to God while also listening to God’s words; prayer<br />

is to enter into the divine presence of God, to express our<br />

love and need to him in faith. In the message, I used the<br />

prayer of John Wesley as a practical illustration, as John<br />

Wesley prayed at 4am every morning, followed by open air<br />

evangelism at 5am. His wooden kneeling mat in his prayer<br />

room even had dents in them from his knees.<br />

When I preached the message, the Holy Spirit not only<br />

used me, but also touched me to continue speaking of other<br />

prayers such as that of Daniel and John Wesley, which<br />

involved costly prayer lives. I declared to the audience,<br />

“Brothers and sisters, I don’t really care how this message<br />

will help you or what action you will take after hearing it, but<br />

I can tell you, I’ve decided, from tomorrow onwards, I will<br />

wake up at 5am to pray!”<br />

Thanks be to God! Since that day, a morning prayer at 5am<br />

has become my spiritual habit. Slowly, I realised that the<br />

5am morning prayer is practised in every part of the world;<br />

the Korean church, for example, has maintained morning<br />

prayers at 5am for over a hundred years; mainland Chinese<br />

church also has a “5am of China” (whether they have<br />

persisted with this 5am prayer is another matter), and even<br />

the Malaysian native people of Sarawak and Sabah, after<br />

the spiritual revival, would rise at 5am to pray, young and<br />

all. Thank God for his leading and for the unity among coworkers<br />

and students of the seminary; my personal discipline<br />

in prayer later influenced the <strong>Methodist</strong> Theological School<br />

to perform morning prayers at 5:15am. At the same time, the<br />

Holy Spirit also led some church pastors to practise daily<br />

morning prayer.<br />

Previously, I thought some older people or spiritual giants<br />

who shared how they woke up in the morning to pray for<br />

1 or 2 hours were able to do so because they were getting<br />

older and didn’t sleep as much, hence they woke up to pray.<br />

But the 30- to 40-year-old great evangelist and revivalist of<br />

China, Dr Sung, woke up early every morning to pray. He<br />

often wrote in his diary: “The morning has broken, I wake<br />

up to pray watchfully and earnestly.” He said, “In the past, I<br />

viewed evangelistic work as important, but now I see prayer<br />

as more important than anything else.” Dr Sung was a man<br />

of prayer. He actively collected and wrote down prayer<br />

requests, and spent many hours praying for the saints. His<br />

definition of faith was: kneeling to see God working. He<br />

emphasised: “Only united prayer can bring real revival to a<br />

church; united prayer is the priority for the church’s revival.<br />

Prayer is the strength to work for God. When prayer stops,<br />

work stops. If the church doesn’t pray, it will die, and when<br />

they face the Lord in the future, many people will regret that<br />

they didn’t pray enough on earth.”<br />

The founder of the <strong>Methodist</strong> Church, John Wesley,<br />

developed a life of discipleship, especially the habits of<br />

devotion and prayer, because of his mother, and he inherited<br />

the long lasting tradition of the puritans. His diary shows that<br />

for his whole life, he woke up at 4 or 4.30am almost everyday<br />

to pray consistently. Prayer was embedded in all his daily<br />

activities. During his afternoon rest and after afternoon tea,<br />

Wesley often had another devotion and prayer session.<br />

Prayer before sleep was also another routine for him. His<br />

teaching and words on prayer might not be as numerous<br />

or as detailed compared with his teaching on salvation, but<br />

his diary shows that he prayed unceasingly; his prayer life<br />

features more prominently than his teaching on prayer. He<br />

was a Christian who truly practised prayer.<br />

John Wesley said, “When we think of God or speak to him,<br />

when we work or suffer for him, everything is prayer; beside<br />

his love, we don’t long for anyone nor any desire, but to<br />

please him. … Everything a Christian must do, even during<br />

his meal or sleep time, is to pray.”<br />

John Wesley emphasised the five means of grace, which are<br />

prayer, bible study, fasting, fellowship and the Lord’s Supper.<br />

Among them, two are closely linked to prayer, i.e. prayer and<br />

fasting.<br />

From John Wesley till today, for over two hundred years,<br />

many <strong>Methodist</strong> pastors and members have stressed the

importance of prayer, but not many have practised piety in<br />

prayer like John Wesley, while there are even less who fast<br />

and pray.<br />

May the Spirit who touched John Wesley doubly touch the<br />

<strong>Methodist</strong> pastors and members of this generation so that<br />

they will emphasise and practise prayer — from personal<br />

piety in prayer to the family and church’s piety in prayer, from<br />

personal fasting and prayer to the family and church’s fasting<br />

and prayer — in unity and in one heart, to experience God’s<br />

divine presence.<br />


E5<br />




Rev Dr Timothy Lau<br />

Principal, LAMM<br />

Quite often, when lay members of the church heard the<br />

term “theology,” they feel uneasy about it. The first reason<br />

isbecause, to them, “theology” exclusively belongs to the<br />

business of theologians, and has nothing to do with lay<br />

members of the church. The second reason is that, in their<br />

eyes, theology is cold and filled with lifeless arguments,<br />

spiritual Christians shouldn’t engage in it.<br />

There are reasons for the above misunderstandings.<br />

Often times, theology is treated as philosophy which<br />

involves rational and academic explorations and debates.<br />

Consequently they are meaningless utterance and only end<br />

up in dead end. Furthermore, some so-called theologians<br />

even doubted the reliability of the Bible, and also Jesus’<br />

divinity and miracles that he performed. Last but not least,<br />

there are stories about theological students who lost their<br />

zeals and ultimately their faith in the seminary.<br />

Certainly, if we don’t understand and study theology in a<br />

proper way, there are the above dangers. However, we can’t<br />

reject theology and its importance just because there are<br />

people who misunderstood the true nature and purpose of<br />

theological studies. Furthermore, the Bible never ask us to<br />

seek spiritual experiences devoid of the studying of God’s<br />

Word.<br />

In 1 Cor 11:2, Paul tells the Corinthians: “I praise you for<br />

remembering me in everything and for holding to the<br />

traditions just as I passed them on to you.” The verb “holding<br />

to” refers not just protecting the bible, or obeying God’s<br />

truth, but holding fast (or hold firmly)(κατεχετε,katechete) the<br />

gospel. Thus in 1 Cor 15:2, Paul says, “By this gospel you<br />

are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you.<br />

Otherwise, you have believed in vain.” What Paul preached<br />

is the gospel, and through holding firmly to this gospel, the<br />

Corinthians are thus saved. This holding fast to the gospel is<br />

an important message for Paul in the Pastoral Epistles, e.g.<br />

“So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the<br />

teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth<br />

or by letter” (2 Thess 2:15), “they must keep hold of the deep<br />

truths of the faith with a clear conscience.” (1 Tim 3:9)<br />

On the other hand, in Paul’s exhortation, he also uses<br />

another verb, which is “guarding (φυλαξον, phulaxion)” the<br />

gospel. He exhorted Timothy: “Timothy, guard what has<br />

been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter<br />

and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge”<br />

(1 Tim 6:20), and “guard the good deposit that was entrusted<br />

to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in<br />

us.” (1 Tim 1:14) Evidently, to Paul, guarding the truth, one<br />

one hand would enable one to grow in the truth, while on the<br />

other hand, it is apologetic. This holding fast and guarding<br />

the truth certainly include the understanding and application<br />

of the gospel message, and consequently enables one to<br />

discern what is true and what is false. Hence, Paul exhorts<br />

Titus that “he must hold firmly to the trustworthy message<br />

as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by<br />

sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it.” (Tit 1:9)<br />

Today, likewise, when we study theology (includes studying<br />

bible and other knowledge in relation to the church and<br />

ministries and the future), we are following Paul’s command<br />

to hold fast to the gospel message. And this implies that<br />

time and efforts must be put aside for the studying of God’s<br />

Word, so that we would understand the real meaning and<br />

significance of the gospel, so that we can faithfully explain<br />

the gospel to people in this generation, and to have the<br />

ability to discern the true gospel from that of the false. In<br />

effect, only when we are willing to spend time and effort to<br />

study God’s Word, we can only then avoid to own a faith that<br />

is fake, superstitious or superficial.<br />

May the Lord help us to have hunger and thirst for<br />

righteousness, constantly learning his Word, and to know<br />

what is authentic and lively theology.


E6<br />




Jimmy Kong<br />

LAMM student attending Camberwell MC<br />

Introduction<br />

“Mission” is widely used in church circles and even in secular<br />

organisations to define their identity and direction. There are<br />

various strategies for church missions and tentmaking is one<br />

of them. This essay will discuss how “tentmaking” can be an<br />

effective strategy for church mission.<br />

What is “tentmaking”?<br />

“A tentmaker is a dedicated, spiritually mature Christian man<br />

or woman who views work in light of the Great Commission<br />

and as an opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God” (adopted<br />

from World Tentmaker’s website). But what is tentmaking<br />

got to do with church mission? The word “tentmaking” was<br />

first introduced at the time of Apostle Paul. Based on Acts<br />

4:34-37 and 18:3, Paul was a tentmaker and this is what<br />

he did outside his “church” work.Paul was able to support<br />

himself while he taught and preached and reminded the<br />

Thessalonians of his labour as a way of affirming his love<br />

for the people (1 Thessalonians 2:9), so that he might not<br />

make the gospel of Christ burdensome (2 Cor. 11:7; 2 Thess.<br />

3:8, 9), even though he was entitled to be paid or at least<br />

have some maintenance allowance for the effort and time he<br />

spent with them.<br />

Good candidates for tentmaking missionaries demonstrate<br />

personal commitment and ability to engage in their<br />

local churches. Johan Ferreira in his lectures at Logos<br />

Academyexpressed that“tentmakers are Christians with a<br />

clear call to serve God in mission using secular employment<br />

as one of the key strategies to carry out that ministry.” He went<br />

on to outline the characteristics of successful tentmakers<br />

which include: involvement in evangelistic ministry before<br />

going overseas, actively sharing their faith at home, primary<br />

motive of going overseas to share the gospel and have<br />

strong relationship with local church.<br />

Tetsuna Yamamori holds that tentmaking is the strategy<br />

of choice for the twenty first century, while Ruth Siemens<br />

suggeststhat far more tentmaking missionaries are needed<br />

than ever before in this millennium. To Carol Davis,“the<br />

greatest percentage of people will be going out in this way.”<br />

Why tentmaking is needed into the future?<br />

There are some existing obstacles to one being sent into<br />

the mission field. Some mission organisations have certain<br />

policies where missionaries have to raise sufficient fund<br />

before they are ‘sent’ to the field. This may take years before<br />

they achieved the targeted amount of fund. A further obstacle<br />

is that the traditional missionaries would need religious<br />

workers’ visa. But this category of visa can be particularly<br />

restrictive for some countries like China, North Korea and<br />

Middle East.<br />

However, tentmaking would have easily remove the concern<br />

related to visa restriction as well as with income and career<br />

as their work salary will cover their expenses. The issue<br />

with raising fund to support the missionaries are thus no<br />

longer required. Furthermore, there is substantially less time<br />

needed for preparation to become a tentmaking missionary<br />

in both open and restricted access countries.<br />

While preparation for tentmakers may not be as lengthy<br />

and bureaucratic compared to sending out traditional<br />

missionaries, tentmakers still have to be ready and prepared<br />

in terms of language and culture.<br />

I am privilege to receive news and updates of a tentmaking<br />

family under a mission agency for over 10 years now. As<br />

the husband applies his engineering skills in the mission<br />

field, his wife is engaged in teaching. Their testimonies and<br />

sharing are very encouraging and the challenges they face<br />

are so real. They never give up proclaiming the Gospel as<br />

God always open doors whenever they hit any obstacle in<br />

advancing the kingdom of God. From daily and ordinary<br />

things such as suffering from cold and flu, children education<br />

to meeting with government officers and renewing visa, they<br />

experienced being truly led by the spirit of God. There were<br />

times and times again when I follow and read their newsletter<br />

with much anticipation and just praise God for what He is<br />

doing in them and through them as tentmakers!<br />

Conclusion<br />

No matter what strategies being employed in mission, it is<br />

rare for the journey to be smooth sailing. On the contrary, it<br />

is more often than not that the missionaries will go through<br />

difficulties and suffer setbacks (eg. transportation, cultural,<br />

language, health) to the extent of martyrdom. No one knows<br />

the lasting effects of the legacies left behind by missionaries<br />

including tentmakers. One thing we know is “Unless the Lord<br />

builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the<br />

Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”<br />

(Psalm 127:1)<br />

Tentmakers are able to break through the areas where<br />

traditional method is finding it hard to access certain countries<br />

or unreached people group. Everyone has a God given gift<br />

and skills, which in turn may be used to help others come to<br />

salvation in a mission field. God will continue to call, equip<br />

and lead the tentmakers just as He led Paul to win souls for<br />



E7<br />



JEREMIAH 33:1-9<br />

Rev Wong King Ping<br />

Kingsway MC<br />

Introduction<br />

The father of modern mission, William Carey, once said,<br />

“Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God”.<br />

He meant what he said and did just that.<br />

William Carey was born to a poor British family in 1761. At the<br />

age of 14, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a<br />

cobbler apprentice. In his spare time,he taught himself many<br />

languages: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch and French.<br />

Later, he also learnt Bengali and other Indian languages as<br />

a missionary in India.<br />

He took faith seriously. He studied the Bible diligently. He was<br />

also a tent-maker, and served faithfully in various ministries<br />

while he worked. He had a clearlife’s purpose, i.e. to preach<br />

the Gospel in foreign lands.<br />

In 1789, at the age of 27, he became a full-time pastor.<br />

He worked tirelessly to encourage the church to send<br />

missionaries overseas. The church at the time was rigid and<br />

didn’t believe in mission. They believed that if God wanted to<br />

convert someone, He had His way. Why did the church have<br />

to be be concerned? When William Carey proposed that the<br />

church carry out foreign missions, he was rebuked by the<br />

church leader: "Young man, sit down! When God pleases to<br />

convert the heathen, He will do it without your help or mine!"<br />

William Carey didn’t give up.Instead, he worked harder, and<br />

eventually convinced the church and won much support.<br />

In 1793, at the age of 32, he left for Calcutta, India as a<br />

missionary. During his time there, he faced numerous<br />

difficulties and challenges. His wife did not support him. He<br />

lacked financial support. His son died at an early age. His<br />

wife couldn’t cope and eventually developed a mental illness.<br />

By God’s grace, William Carey overcame these difficulties<br />

and challenges. He served in Calcutta, India for 41 years<br />

and never returned to his home country. He died in India.<br />

William Carey achieved many great things in his life. He<br />

translated the Bible into several Indian languages. He set<br />

up a mission society and recruited many missionaries.<br />

He worked tirelessly with the local authority to abolish an<br />

awful Indian custom, which was to bury a wife alive with her<br />

dead husband. He set up schools, trained up scholars and<br />

pastors, started many churches, and propagated printing<br />

and agricultural technologies, the banking system, steam<br />

trains – the list goes on and on.<br />

William Carey’s achievementsare clearly manifest in the<br />

North-East Indian peninsular, especially in Bangladesh<br />

and Nagaland. Today, there are millions of Christians in the<br />

region,along with many churches, schools and seminaries.<br />

When Billy Graham once preached there,the event was<br />

attended by more than 100,000 attendees. The unsung hero<br />

behind this phenomenon was William Carey.<br />

“Expect great things from God, attempt great things for<br />

God.” William Carey did exactly that. What about us? Are<br />

we expecting something great from God? Are we attempting<br />

something great for God?<br />

Content<br />

A Vision in Mission<br />

What is the single largest mission field in the world today?<br />

Who needs the Gospel the most? What is the fastest<br />

growing religion in the world? The answer is Islamic nations<br />

and followers of Islam. The single largest mission field is the<br />

“The Belt and The Road” region, which I will talk about later.<br />

First, let us look at some statistics.<br />

As of 2016, there are about 1.6 billion (22% of the world’s<br />

population) Muslims in the world, surpassing the number of<br />

Roman Catholics. This number is increasing rapidly. They<br />

live all over the world today, including in many European<br />

countries. It has been predicted that at the current rate of<br />

spread, European nations will turn into Islamic countries<br />

in just a few decades. This increase is due mainly, but not<br />

limited to, the following three factors:<br />

Population expansion. Unlike people of other faiths, those<br />

who are born in a Muslim family automatically become<br />

Muslim. As they have been, they will continue to be so.<br />

The birth rate of European family is less than 2.0 while the<br />

birth rate in many Muslim family is more 8.0 (to substance<br />

the population growth, the birth rate must be greater than<br />

2.0). Moreover, those who are born in Christian families don’t<br />

automatically embrace the Christian faith.<br />

Migration. Muslim migration to Christian nations has<br />

surpassed Christian migration to Muslim nations several<br />

times over. In fact, hardly any Christians migrate to Muslim<br />

nations,while hundreds of thousands of Muslims migrate to<br />

Christian nations every year.<br />

Evangelism. We have very little knowledge on how Muslims<br />

evangelise, whether due to our lack of information or our own<br />

ignorance, but they are extremely active. Islamic evangelism

is much broader than we can imagine, and involves many<br />

methods, including migration, social-political and economic<br />

strategies, marriage and theocracy. Their goal is to Islamise<br />

nations one by one. We try to separate the Church and<br />

the State while they combine the two. We do not support<br />

theocracy, while they embrace it.<br />

“The Belt and The Road”<br />

A British politician once said that the 19th century belonged<br />

to Britain, the 20th century belonged to the United States,<br />

and the 21st century belonged to China. History has thus far<br />

proven this to be the case.<br />

The British call their nation Great Britain. They once called<br />

themselves “the nation without a sunset”. At one point in<br />

history, it had colonized many nations, from North America<br />

to Africa, from Africa to the Middle East and from the Middle<br />

East to the Far East. History tells us that Great Britain used<br />

to be great, but not anymore. Britain was a powerful military,<br />

economic, and political force in the 19th and 20thcenturies,<br />

but those were the good old days. Today, its influence has<br />

diminished.<br />

During the Second World War, the United States defeated<br />

Germany in the West and Japan in the East. After the<br />

Second World War, it surpassed Great Britain as a world<br />

leader and conquered the world with its economic might. The<br />

US dollar became an important world currency. Oil and gold<br />

were priced in the US dollar. The country controlled major<br />

world financial institutions. In 1960s, it even control 30% of<br />

the global economy. Globalisation was one way in which it<br />

conquered the world.<br />

What has happened to the United States today? Simply<br />

speaking, its glorious days are over. Today, America is<br />

battling many social and economic issues. Even though it<br />

still has a strong military force, the cost of several wars in<br />

the past few decades has worn it down. Federal government<br />

debts have surpassed $17 trillion, and may even be as much<br />

as $20 trillion. Just how much is $17 trillion? That’s equivalent<br />

to about $60,000 per American. A large percentage of the<br />

federal government’s expenses is fed into the debt’s interest.<br />

That’s almost unsustainable.<br />

China had a dream since the 1950s to “surpass Britain and<br />

catch up to America”.So far, China has come quite close to<br />

that dream. China has become the second largest economic<br />

powerhousein the world. Technologically, it is the third nation<br />

to have put human beings in outer space. China ranks as<br />

one of the top military forces in the world today, and has<br />

caught the attention of other nations.<br />

China has many strategies which have helped to boost it as<br />

a powerful world nation. One of them is the infrastructural<br />

link between China to Europe. By building a massive rail<br />

and train infrastructure to recreate the Silk Road, China is<br />

paving the way for unprecedented economic co-operation<br />

among the nations on the route. This is called The Silk Road<br />

Economic Belt. China is also creating a 21st century Maritime<br />

Silk Road route from East China to Europe. From East China<br />

to Southeast Asian nations to India to Middle Eastern nations<br />

to Europe– this is the “The Belt and The Road”. China<br />

formally announced the “The Belt and The Road” strategy in<br />

2009, which would link nations from China to Europe through<br />

three major rail and train networks: the China Asia Link, the<br />

Europe Asia Link and the Pan Asia Link. Together with the<br />

21st century Maritime Silk Road, more than 60 nations and<br />

67% of the world population will be involved in this project,<br />

which will create unprecedented economic opportunities and<br />

impact.<br />

In the first century, the Roman empire created road networks<br />

throughout their territories so that “all roads led to Rome”.<br />

China is using the same strategy in the 21st century so that<br />

“all roads lead to Beijing”. This would make China a major<br />

player in the region.<br />

In 2013, China formally adopted the “The Belt and The<br />

Road” strategy. Through the construction of infrastructure on<br />

an unprecedented scale and economic co-operation among<br />

nations in the region, China will gain a strong foothold on<br />

the world stage. To realise this strategy, China even set<br />

up an “Asia Infrastructure Development Bank”. As of April<br />

2016, more than 60 nations contribute to this bank, including<br />

several European nations and Australia.<br />

Why am I spending so much timeintroducing this concept?I<br />

believe that it has a lot to do with mission. Where will the<br />

church be in world mission tomorrow?<br />

Nations in the “The Belt and The Road” region have the<br />

largest concentration of Muslims. This isthe mission field of<br />

the 21stcentury. If Christians do not act, Muslims will act and<br />

Islam will conquer this region. May God help us to act quickly.<br />

Mission in Today’s World<br />

The world today is very different compared with 200 years<br />

ago during William Carey’s generation. In general, I believe<br />

there are four main differences:<br />

First, education. People nowadays are generally much more<br />

educated comparedwith 200 years ago. Many people have<br />

access to Eastern education as well as Western education.<br />

Secondly, globalisation. Globalisation has changed how we<br />

live. It has made the world much smaller. We might beon<br />

this side of the globe today but can be on the other side<br />

tomorrow. We can continue to work from wherever we are in<br />

the world. As I write this, you can be doing work and sending<br />

it to China right now. With the technology at our fingertips,<br />

we can do so much more today at a very fast rate.<br />

Thirdly, multicultural societies. People in the past were mainly<br />

exposed to monocultures. They spoke the same language<br />

and lived among the same people. Not anymore! We live in<br />

a multicultural societytoday. We encounter people from all<br />

over the world and people of different faiths every day.<br />

Finally, language. Education has enabled many people to<br />

master several languages. <strong>Eng</strong>lish and Mandarin are the<br />

two major world languages. If you are fluent in <strong>Eng</strong>lish and<br />

Mandarin, you can communicate with 3 billion people in the<br />

world todaywithout the need for an interpreter. That’s a very<br />

powerful tool.<br />

Why am I bringing this up? These are our tools for carrying<br />

out mission. Today’s mission is very different comparedwith<br />

William Carey’s generation. We have an advantage in<br />

mission unlike anything else before. We do not need to

spend 7 years in a foreign land to learn a new language like<br />

William Carey did. We already have the language skills and<br />

we can evangelise immediately.The convert can also access<br />

the Bible without being hindered by a language barrier.<br />

Share the Gospel<br />

The single largest mission field in today’s world is the<br />

“The Belt and The Road” region. This area has the largest<br />

concentration of Muslims. Who is willing to reach out to<br />

them? Who will go there and share the Gospel? Where can<br />

we get the knowledge and resources to evangelise to them?<br />

We can begin with prayer. Ask God for great things, and<br />

attempt great things for God, like William Carey did.<br />

About 2600 years ago, God spoke to prophet Jeremiah:“This<br />

is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD<br />

who formed it and established it – the LORD is his name:<br />

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and<br />

unsearchable things you do not know”(Jeremiah 33:2-3).<br />

Shortly after Prophet Jeremiah’s prayer, God did something<br />

great: God brought the Israelites back from a foreign land to<br />

rebuild their nation.<br />

We can ask God for great things and prepare to do great<br />

things for him too. One of them is to share the Gospel with<br />

the Muslims. Let us all take courage to share the Gospel.<br />

Second, build up your church. Do not be discouraged by<br />

small numbers. Build up your church regardless of numbers;<br />

when the time is right, God will do something great. Prepare<br />

your people well for mission – who knows what God can do<br />

through you. Jesus did not look at a big number. He chose<br />

just 12 disciples during his earthly ministry. But the work<br />

achieved by these twelve disciples was explosive when the<br />

time was right. I believe that if we work together, God can<br />

achieve great things through us as well. Therefore, do not<br />

be discouraged.<br />

Doorstep Mission<br />

After hearing all these, you might ask, I am not in the “The<br />

Belt and The Road” region, how can I participate in such a<br />

mission? The answer is simple. These people have come to<br />

our doorstep, they are in our midst.<br />

We have opportunities to share the Gospel unlike anything<br />

before, right here on our doorstep. Are we willing to share?<br />

Will we allow God to use us?<br />

Conclusion<br />

“Do not think that because you are in the king’s house you<br />

alone of all Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at<br />

this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from<br />

another place, but you and your father’s family will perish.<br />

And who knows but that you have come to royal position for<br />

such a time as this?” (Esther 4:13b-14)<br />

The call to reach out to Muslims has come. If we refuse, God<br />

will bring them to Himself through other means. How will we<br />

answer for our refusal then?May we respond to God’s calling<br />

and reach.<br />




E9<br />

Rev Sean Kong<br />

Sherwood MC<br />

I think we would all agree that life gets harder as we get<br />

older.<br />

When I was in university, I thought my worst problems would<br />

be assignments and exams.<br />

Then I got married and started working.<br />

Then I became a parent.<br />

I did see the reality of this verse come to pass:But if you<br />

do marry, you have not sinned, and if a betrothed woman<br />

marries, she has not sinned. Yet those who marry will have<br />

worldly troubles, and I would spare you that (1 Corinthians<br />

7:28 ESV).<br />

Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m happily married to the best<br />

wife in the world, with the cutest kid I know for a son. But<br />

God’s Word, which cannot be broken, has come to pass.<br />

Family does take its toll, as in all families.<br />

Life just gets tougher with each new stage.<br />

We will all grow old. Our health will deteriorate.<br />

And we will all face the reality of this passage:<br />

1<br />

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth,<br />

before the evil days come and the years draw near of which<br />

you will say, "I have no pleasure in them"; 2 before the sun<br />

and the light and the moon and the stars are darkened and<br />

the clouds return after the rain, 3 in the day when the keepers<br />

of the house tremble, and the strong men are bent, and the<br />

grinders cease because they are few, and those who look<br />

through the windows are dimmed, 4 and the doors on the<br />

street are shut-when the sound of the grinding is low, and<br />

one rises up at the sound of a bird, and all the daughters of<br />

song are brought low- 5 they are afraid also of what is high,<br />

and terrors are in the way; the almond tree blossoms, the<br />

grasshopper drags itself along, and desire fails, because<br />

man is going to his eternal home, and the mourners go about<br />

the streets— 6 before the silver cord is snapped, or the golden

owl is broken, or the pitcher is shattered at the fountain, or<br />

the wheel broken at the cistern, 7 and the dust returns to the<br />

earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it<br />

(Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 ESV).<br />

The fact is, the ‘end of the world’ as we know it is coming to<br />

each and every one of us.<br />

Yes, the End is coming for this world. Just as a man ages and<br />

suffers and dies in agony, so will this world and this creation<br />

age and suffer and die in agony. Listen to Jesus describe<br />

just how terrible the several years are going to be before he<br />

returns: 19 For in those days there will be such tribulation as<br />

has not been from the beginning of the creation that God<br />

created until now, and never will be. 20 And if the Lord had<br />

not cut short the days, no human being would be saved. But<br />

for the sake of the elect, whom he chose, he shortened the<br />

days(Mark 13:19-20 ESV).<br />

I just shudder when I read these words. This so-called “great<br />

tribulation” is coming for the world, before the return of Christ.<br />

But the reality is, the tribulation, the end of the world, in its<br />

individualised form, is coming for each and every one of us.<br />

And that End is called death: ...it is appointed for man to die<br />

once, and after that comes judgment (Hebrews 9:27 ESV).<br />

Now, if we know that this tribulation, this End, is coming for<br />

each one of us, we need to be prepared.<br />

I remember a year ago when we heard on the news that a<br />

storm of historic magnitude was going to hit Brisbane. I think<br />

the news said that we were about to be hit by another flood,<br />

like the flood of 2011. The news told those of us in Brisbane<br />

to ‘brace for impact’.<br />

When people heard the news, they immediately stormed<br />

Coles and Woolies. By the time my wife and I went to our<br />

nearest Coles, it was too late. When we got there, it looked<br />

like a zombie apocalypse had hit. It was like a scene from<br />

one of those movies featuring a ghost town. Most of the<br />

food items were gone. There was no bread, no rice. All that<br />

remained was a few cansof food and that was about it. It<br />

really was an eerie, haunting experience.<br />

Now, that storm eventually didn’t come, thankfully.<br />

But still, what all those people had done in buying all that<br />

food had been a wise thing to do. Because when a storm<br />

is about to hit, you have toprepare! Me and my wife were<br />

the foolish ones, getting there too late to buy stuff. We went<br />

home empty-handed. What if there really had been a storm<br />

and a flood? We might have starved! We would’ve been in<br />

real danger.<br />

Now, didn’t Jesus say something similar? Yes he did! The<br />

storm, the tribulation, the End, death and judgment is coming<br />

for each and every one of us: 24 "Everyone then who hears<br />

these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man<br />

who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the<br />

floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house,<br />

but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the<br />

rock(Matthew 7:24-25 ESV).<br />

Here is my message for the youth. The Storm is coming. You<br />

have to stock up now, before it is too late. I don’t want to be<br />

pessimistic, but universal human experience tells us that as<br />

we continue to live our lives, this Storm brews and brews<br />

and brews.<br />

As we graduate from university and become part of the daily<br />

workforce grind, the Storm is brewing.<br />

As we feel the pressures of marriage and parenthood, the<br />

Storm is brewing.<br />

As we age and our bodies don’t function the way we want it<br />

to, the Storm is brewing.<br />

As our hearts and minds become hardened and unmalleable<br />

by God’s truth, the Storm is brewing.<br />

And eventually, that dark cloud will break into thunder and<br />

storm and hail — that is, death will come, with judgment on<br />

its tail.<br />

Will you be ready?<br />

Now — when you aren’t dealing with the struggles of working<br />

life, or family, or aging or the thousand other tribulations of<br />

life that await you — is the time for you to prepare for the<br />

storm season. Now is the time for you, when you have all<br />

the time in the world, to dig deep into God’s Word and lay<br />

deep roots in your relationship with God, so that you can<br />

plant “roots in yourself”. Why? Because those who don’thave<br />

roots in themselves — those who do not have a personal,<br />

intimate, deep relationship with God — will NOT be able to<br />

stand the scorching fire of the pains and trials of this life to<br />

come: 20 As for what was sown on rocky ground, this is the<br />

one who hears the word and immediately receives it with<br />

joy, 21 yet he has no root in himself, but endures for a while,<br />

and when tribulation or persecution arises on account of the<br />

word, immediately he falls away(Matthew 13:20-21 ESV).<br />

You have to be ready.<br />

How long are you going to waste your time on video games<br />

and lounging mindlessly on Instagram? 6 Go to the ant, O<br />

sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. 7 Without having<br />

any chief, officer, or ruler, 8 she prepares her bread in summer<br />

and gathers her food in harvest (Proverbs 6:6-8 ESV).<br />

Are you an ant-like Christian? Are you gathering your food in<br />

the summer (youth!) to prepare for the cold, hard winter? Are<br />

you laying your roots deep now — by diligently listening to<br />

Christ, obeying Christ and loving Christ — so that even when<br />

the Storm hits, you will be able to stand, unshaken?<br />

I’ve been flying quite a bit recently. But I noticed that people<br />

don’t pay much attention to the flight attendants explaining<br />

how life jackets work or how to exit the plane in case of a<br />

crash. I admit, my mind switches off during those times.<br />

But what if you KNEW that that plane would crash?

You would pay attention to the flight attendants with all your<br />

life. You would want to know everything about how the life<br />

jackets work and what the precise escape procedure is.<br />

Well, the plane called “life” which we are on will crash. Are<br />

you paying attention to Christ who tells you exactly how to<br />

prepare?Everyone then who hears these words of mine and<br />

does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the<br />

rock(Matthew 7:24 ESV).<br />

May we hear Christ and do what we hear. May we do that by<br />

loving Christ and His Gospel, so that we may successfully<br />

‘brace for impact’.<br />


E11<br />

Phoebe Lam | Youth president, EMP<br />

Eight Mile Plains MC<br />

This year, our youth has been striving for intentionality in our<br />

gatherings. We have invested a lot of time in particular in<br />

running a weekly bible studysothat everyone may grow in<br />

the love and knowledge of the Gospel. Over the past few<br />

years, we have trained individuals in our group to write and<br />

lead these bible study sessions through mutual learning<br />

and encouragement. While rewarding, our leaders have<br />

sometimes become worn out fromtrying to balance the<br />

running of ministries and the discipling of individuals.<br />

Recently, we were blessed to be able tocollaborate with<br />

Sherwood <strong>Methodist</strong> Church in running a youth conference<br />

with the theme 'Gospel Worthy'. Everyone was encouraged<br />

to meditate on God's Word and it was an opportunity to spur<br />

each other on as brothers and sisters in Christ. It is easy to<br />

feel lonely and spiritually dry in ministry, especially when it<br />

seems that the things you do for your youth do not appear<br />

to bear much fruit. However, we always need to rely on God<br />

who is the one who changes hearts, and commit all we do<br />

faithfully into his hands.<br />

For the rest of this year, we are looking to prayerfully rely on<br />

God as well as support each other as we grow together as<br />

Christians. As always, we need Scripture to inform and guide<br />

us on how to live a Gospel-worthy life so that we can learn<br />

how to look beyond the things we do at youth and church.<br />

We hope that we will continue to learn how to witness and<br />

express Christ's love in all that we do during and beyond the<br />

times we are together.<br />

Some particular ways you can pray for us:<br />

- While we don’t have a permanent pastor for the <strong>Eng</strong>lish<br />

congregation yet, we have a new part-time youth worker who<br />

has joined us! Pray that he can help us in our ministry.<br />

- Pray that hearts continue to be affirmed after the camp of<br />

the desire to know God and how to serve him.<br />

- Despite whatever discouragements and struggles we may<br />

face, pray that we may rely on God instead of ourselves.<br />


E11<br />

Together, we raised $12,719<br />

The PNG Earthquake Aid Appeal would not have been<br />

successful without the support of our <strong>CMCA</strong> Churches<br />

around Australia together with the <strong>Methodist</strong> Church in PNG.<br />

On 9 May 2018, the <strong>Methodist</strong> Church in PNG 天 恩 堂 handed<br />

a cheque of 50,000 kina (approximately AUD $20,321)<br />

to the Salvation Army to help communities recover from<br />

the devastation caused by the earthquake in the southern<br />

highlands.<br />

On behalf of MM&M, we would like to take this opportunity<br />

to express our appreciation for your donations and support<br />

during our PNG Earthquake Aid Appeal back in April 2018.<br />

The generosity of <strong>CMCA</strong> Churches helped raise AUD<br />

$12,719.45 during the two-week appeal.<br />

We thank you for your role in our shared mission, to “Go and<br />

Reach Out”. May all glory be to God.


E12<br />


James Lau<br />

Sherwood MC<br />

In this modern age, we see social problems everywhere,<br />

regardless of where we live. Christians today have a<br />

responsibility to spread social holiness throughout the land<br />

we are living in. Social holiness has been proven to be the<br />

most effective means of reducing social ills.<br />

If we look at Jesus’s earthly ministry, he preached, taught the<br />

truth, healed the sick and delivered those in bondage from<br />

evil. Our Lord has set such a good example for us to follow.<br />

We as followers of Christ ought to emulate what Jesus did<br />

while he was on Earth. Even the founder of Methodism John<br />

Wesley emphasised the act of spreading scriptural holiness<br />

throughout the land. Scriptural holiness includes personal<br />

holiness and social holiness, which is in line with Jesus’s<br />

teaching on Earth. Wesley once claimed that there was no<br />

holiness except social holiness.<br />

Only by living out personal holiness and social holiness<br />

through faith and behaviour can the world experience God's<br />

love for his Christians and accept Jesus as its personal<br />

saviour. Early American missionaries came to Sarawak,<br />

Malaysia. They built churches, schools, clinics, orphanages<br />

and hospitals, and helped poor families. People’s lives<br />

started to change and they saw and felt God’s love in a<br />

personal way. They believed in God and spread this good<br />

news to their neighbours, relatives and friends. More people<br />

came to know Christ, and the churches started to grow and<br />

multiply. These early American missionaries cared for the<br />

underprivileged and marginalised. They truly followed the<br />

Wesleyan spirit in the fight against social injustice, poverty<br />

and social ills. They collected money, food, clothes and<br />

medicine for the poor. They were willing to sacrifice their<br />

own comfort and bring these essential things to the needy<br />

in the very rural areas of Sarawak. These early missionaries<br />

focused on practical love for the poor and the needy. As a<br />

result, many lives were touched and many souls were saved<br />

for the glory of God’s kingdom.<br />

John Wesley tried to understand the causes of poverty,<br />

encouraged hard work, and challenged the rich to help<br />

the poor and to find ways to eliminate poverty. Even in the<br />

affluent society that we live in today, we are surrounded by<br />

many social problems and ills; drug addiction, alcoholism,<br />

broken families, gambling and robbery are all on the rise.<br />

Today’s Christians have a heavier responsibility to spread<br />

social holiness throughout our entire land. The police,<br />

military and government have tried their best to minimise<br />

social problems, but with limited success.<br />

Through our Board of Christian Social Concerns, we have<br />

tried to spread social holiness in this land. There are five<br />

issues that I want to discuss here. As we consider them, we<br />

must bear in mind that we are not to isolate ourselves from<br />

society; we are here to connect to society and to make a<br />

lasting impact on our community for God’s Glory.<br />

a) Alcoholism & Smoking: Due to our fallen nature, we<br />

human beings are easily influenced, and we pick up bad<br />

habits in school or at our workplace. Once a person becomes<br />

addicted to such a habit, he cannot by his own power or might<br />

get out of it. All these bad habits will further lead to social<br />

violence and broken families. Individuals and families are<br />

destroyed by its use. The church must become a healing and<br />

redemptive fellowship for those who suffer from these habits.<br />

We Christians need to share the Gospel to these people and<br />

help them to accept our risen Lord as their Saviour. Only our<br />

resurrected Lord can deliver them from such bondage.<br />

b) Drug abuse: Drug trafficking and abuse seems to be<br />

the biggest social menace in the present age. “Once in,<br />

always in” seems to describe it best, since once a person<br />

gets into drugs, it is very difficult to get out of it. A parent’s<br />

tears, medicine, the police, military power, political power,<br />

economic power… none of these can do anything to help a<br />

drug addict return to a normal life. It is only the risen power<br />

of our Lord Jesus and the Bible that can help a drug addict<br />

regain a normal life. Breakthrough Missions in Singapore is<br />

a good witness to this truth. They have turned many drug<br />

addicts back onto the right path. Many of them get married<br />

and some even go into full-time ministry and give wonderful<br />

testimonies on how Jesus changed their painful lives into<br />

meaningful and free ones. Once they were under bondage,<br />

but now they have been set free by the risen power of our<br />

Lord Jesus Christ. Even the government of Singapore has<br />

praised the organisation for their achievements because<br />

it had already given up on them. Breakthrough Missions<br />

succeeded in restoring them to normal lives. Indeed, we<br />

have to give glory to God for his marvellous power.<br />

c) Gambling and the lottery: We need to be proactively<br />

concerned about the increase in the inclination to gamble<br />

in our community. We know that a person’s hard-earned<br />

money can be easily and quickly lost through gambling<br />

and the lottery. This in turn will create family problems, and<br />

might extend into stealing and robbery. We Christians need<br />

to spend time with these people and share the Gospel with<br />

them so that they can be set free from this bad habit. As<br />

an act of faith and love, Christians should abstain from all<br />

gambling, and should participate in efforts to minister to<br />

those victimized by this practice.<br />

d) Crime and rehabilitation: Prison ministry is one of the most

challenging and difficult ministries for churches to engage<br />

with. Churches should organise more prison visitations as<br />

this is the best time to bring our Gospel to prisoners. Once<br />

a person is locked away in a cell, he doesn’t have freedom<br />

anymore. If we share the Gospel to them, they will have the<br />

time and hopefully a humble heart to listen to the Gospel<br />

or testimony. Many times, God will use our sharing and the<br />

power of the Gospel to touch and save a prisoner’s soul.<br />

e) Sacred sex and marriage: Social holiness begins with<br />

the church itself and we should extend it to our community.<br />

In this era where a lot of western countries are legalizing<br />

homosexuality, our Christian society should stand up and<br />

voice our stand on this issue and influence our nation to<br />

preserve the teaching of the Bible in this land and God’s<br />

intention for creating men and women, which is to populate<br />

the Earth so that the human race might have stewardship<br />

over the world.<br />

To conclude, social ills have been prevalent since the<br />

beginning of civilisation, and a lot of efforts and resources<br />

have gone into trying to prevent or reduce social problems.<br />

Government efforts, community participation and individual<br />

efforts to eliminate social ills have been met with limited<br />

success. Christians and churches should step in to spread<br />

social holiness across the land, as social holiness has<br />

proven to be an effective means of turning people back to<br />

normal lives like Breakthrough Missions in Singapore. Social<br />

holiness not only reduces social unrest, it can also win more<br />

converts for the church. It benefits both the church and the<br />

community at large.<br />


E13<br />


JEREMIAH 1:4-12<br />

Rev Meng Tee Gan (Retired)<br />

Camberwell MC<br />

When the Bible was written, the beginning of “youth” was<br />

when people could join the army, which was at the age of<br />

twenty (Numbers 1:3). The upper limit of youth, according to<br />

some old Hebrew and Greek writings, seemed to have been<br />

the age of forty.<br />

Too many youths live without purpose<br />

It is sad to see so many young people in our society nowadays<br />

who live without purpose.<br />

Many youths don’t want to work and prefer to depend on<br />

the government for welfare. They smoke and drink and<br />

take drugs. They want the pleasures of the body and the<br />

excitement of sexual relationships, but they don’t want to<br />

take responsibility for them. They are rude and crude to<br />

each other, and they are even ready to use violence against<br />

those they don’t like. These youths don’t care much about<br />

tomorrow because they have no purpose in life. All they want<br />

today is to have pleasurable and exciting experiences. What<br />

do you want? “Pleasure and excitement!” When do you want<br />

it? “Now!” This is the tragic scenario among too many youths<br />

today.<br />

Dear youth, heed the wisdom of the wise. God has given you<br />

his Word, as it is said in Psalm 119:9, “How can a young man<br />

keep his way pure? By guarding it according to thy Word.”<br />

God wants you to keep your way pure for his purpose. Do not<br />

be seduced by the world which tells you that youths should<br />

be free to make their own mistakes. Too many never learn<br />

precisely because they mistakenly assume that they are free<br />

to err.<br />

Of course, we do make mistakes because of our fallen nature,<br />

and we must be humble to admit that we are not perfect.<br />

Therefore, during Holy Communion, we confess that “we are<br />

heartily sorry for these our misdoings; the remembrance of<br />

them is grievous unto us.” But for those who have no purpose<br />

in life, these misdoings have no significance beyond spoiling<br />

their pleasures of today. And so they continue to commit<br />

errors in life without much regret or sorrow, for they say, “I<br />

am just a youth.”<br />

But what does the Word of God say? In Jeremiah 1:7, our<br />

Lord admonishes us, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth.’”<br />

Life is not meant to be purposeless. Youth is not a good<br />

excuse to continue living in error, for God wants us all to live<br />

with purpose.<br />

God wants you to live with purpose<br />

A life of purpose is a life in which we know what we are living<br />

for, a life which makes us feel good living it because we know<br />

it is worthwhile in the eyes of God. Let us think about how we<br />

can be “Youth with Purpose.”<br />

Let us begin our meditation with the call of the prophet<br />

Jeremiah.<br />

1. It is God who gives you purpose for your life<br />

The Lord came to Jeremiah and said, "Before I formed<br />

you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I<br />

consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations"<br />

(Jeremiah 1:5).

See, it was God who appointed Jeremiah to be a prophet to<br />

the nations. It is God who appoints each of us to our purpose<br />

in life. Our purpose is in him. Therefore, the first thing we<br />

need to do in order to know our purpose in life is to know<br />

God first.<br />

We thank God that he is not a God who hides himself<br />

forever. We will find him if we are willing to seek him. He<br />

came to Jeremiah in his Word, but he has come to us in his<br />

Son Jesus Christ. Whatever God wants to say to us, about<br />

our purpose in life, he has said it in Christ.<br />

People allow the devil to rob them of their purpose as they<br />

turn away from God. But the Lord Jesus has come so that we<br />

might have abundant life. Abundant life is life with purpose<br />

because we have God’s Word as a promise which guides us.<br />

This is the main message for today’s youth. Jesus Christ has<br />

come to Earth to tell us God’s purpose for our lives. Come<br />

now to him and believe in him. You will find God’s purpose<br />

for your life in him. And you will find that God’s purpose is<br />

for your good. “We know that in everything God works for<br />

good with those who love him, who are called according to<br />

his purpose” (Romans 8:28, RSV). Why is this knowledge so<br />

important? It’s because if our life is rooted in the sovereign<br />

purpose of God, then the reward for all the good we do will<br />

be guarded by God’s own hand. We know! Why should we<br />

doubt? He has said it, and he will do it!<br />

2. God knows you personally<br />

This is a truly wonderful truth. God knows each and every<br />

one of us by name. Note what the Son of God who came to<br />

save us says of himself: “I am the good shepherd; I know my<br />

own and my own know me” (John 10:14). He is the Good<br />

Shepherd who “calls his sheep by name” (John 10:3).<br />

God knew Jeremiah personally. Not in the sense that he<br />

spotted the young man among the rest and then became<br />

acquainted with him, but because he was the One who had<br />

personally formed Jeremiah. He said to Jeremiah, "Before I<br />

formed you in the womb I knew you" (Jeremiah 1:5).<br />

You are not just a random number in a huge population of<br />

people. God knows you because he formed you in your<br />

mother’s womb. He knows exactly what you are made of,<br />

and what you are able to do. That’s why his purpose for you<br />

is the most perfect.<br />

3. God has consecrated you for his purpose<br />

"Before you were born I consecrated you" (Jeremiah 1:5).<br />

When God formed Jeremiah, he set him apart for some<br />

special purpose. He formed Jeremiah and consecrated him<br />

to be his prophet to the nations. To be consecrated is to be<br />

set apart, to be different from others. Even more importantly,<br />

consecration means that we are wholly dedicated to the<br />

purpose of God.<br />

Now, of course, we are not all created to be prophets like<br />

Jeremiah. As the Bible reminds us, we are all members of<br />

the Body of Christ, and God made each one of us a different<br />

part of the Body. Some of us will be hands or feet, others will<br />

be the eyes and ears, and yet others will be the mouth and<br />

ears. The important thing is that God has created us for the<br />

purposes he has prepared for us even before we were born.<br />

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for<br />

good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should<br />

walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).<br />

Dear youth, your life has purpose because the God who<br />

created you and called you in Christ has prepared beforehand<br />

good works for you to do, and he has given you your particular<br />

set of gifts so that you can accomplish his good works. Your<br />

life’s purpose is holy because it is God’s purpose, and God<br />

has consecrated you and set you apart for it.<br />

The spirit of consecration means that whatever job you get,<br />

whatever task you do, you will do it for the Lord. And this<br />

means you will do all things so well that God will be glorified.<br />

Then you can come before him weekly in worship and offer<br />

yourselves as living sacrifices to him, sacrifices that are truly<br />

acceptable and pleasing to him.<br />

4. God will enable you to fulfill his purpose<br />

Not all of you will be prophets. God has created each of you<br />

with a different set of gifts and graces so that each of you can<br />

fulfill your particular purpose in his plan.<br />

Do not say that you are only a youth, that you have no<br />

experience, that you are not trained enough for the task, that<br />

you lack the ability, the size, the strength or the support to<br />

accomplish the task God has entrusted to you. Have faith in<br />

God. He himself will give you the grace to accomplish the<br />

task you have been called to do.<br />

It is a great comfort to know that God did not just leave<br />

Jeremiah alone to work out his purpose. See how God<br />

prepared Jeremiah for his calling. The prophet testifies in<br />

verse 9,<br />

“Then the Lord put out his hand and touched my mouth. And<br />

the Lord said to me, “Behold, I have put my words in your<br />

mouth.”<br />

God will give you the grace to accomplish the task you have<br />

been called to do. Even more significantly, if it is God’s<br />

purpose, God himself will work in you to fulfill it. For he says<br />

in verse 12, “I am watching over my word to perform it.”<br />

Remember this: He has said it, and he will do it. And therefore,<br />

as it is said in Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will fulfill his purpose<br />

for me.” So don’t forget that God is working with you to fulfill<br />

his purpose for you. He is the perfect guarantee that you will<br />

receive your reward.<br />

Find God’s purpose, and strive for excellence<br />

And so you should find the purpose that fits best with your<br />

gifts, as well as make the best use of your gifts to excel at<br />

your purpose.<br />

To excel, learn to love what you have been called to do,<br />

and not just do what you love. Whatever honest and fair<br />

responsibility you have been given, do it as if it was a job<br />

entrusted to you by the Lord. If you work with this attitude, it<br />

will be easier for you to discover the purpose for your life and<br />

to accomplish it to your best ability. As the Bible says,

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not<br />

for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the<br />

inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ”<br />

(Colossians 3:23-24).<br />

See how God trusts in you? He trusts that you will accomplish<br />

his purpose, so he has already set up his reward for you. And<br />

don’t forget that he continues to work with you to fulfill his<br />

aim for your life.<br />

Be Youth with Purpose: strive for God’s glory<br />

So, young people, listen to the Word of God. He has given<br />

you his purpose for your life. He knows who you are. It is he<br />

who has created you in Christ. It is he who has called you,<br />

consecrated you and enabled you to carry out his purpose,<br />

that you may glorify his name. So live a life that is worthy,<br />

and know that you will surely obtain the inheritance that is<br />

your reward.<br />

Examine your own lives to see if you are living according to<br />

the will of God.<br />

There are ways to discover God’s purpose for your life. Read<br />

God’s word to know what he says. Have a chat with your<br />

pastors and consult older and wiser Christians as well. Speak<br />

with them about finding your destiny in Christ. And above all,<br />

pray with faith that God will make clear his purpose for you.<br />

Then act in faith and pursue your destiny in him.<br />

Be Youth with Purpose. Let all you do bring glory to his<br />

precious name.<br />


E15<br />



John 13:33-35: “My children, I will be with you only a little<br />

longer. You will look for me, and just as I told the Jews, so<br />

I tell you now: Where I am going, you cannot come. A new<br />

command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you,<br />

so you must love one another. By this everyone will know<br />

that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”<br />

Before the suffering, the resurrection and the ascension of<br />

Jesus Christ, he knew that he didn’t have much time with<br />

his disciples. So he gave his disciples a new commandment.<br />

This new commandment can be considered the most<br />

important instruction given to the followers of Jesus Christ.<br />

Disciples must display their love for one another, especially<br />

in church. This is an important aspect of a Christian life<br />

because a loving church reflects true discipleship, and the<br />

world will thus see that we are disciples of Jesus.<br />

On 15 July this year, Grace <strong>Methodist</strong> Church celebrated its<br />

18th anniversary with a Thanksgiving Service. The church<br />

has grown from several dozen people at the beginning to<br />

a church of 200 worshippers from two congregations and<br />

a children's Sunday school. One of the main reasons for<br />

growth is how believers and seekers thirst for and grow in<br />

both the Word of God and in the love that they have for each<br />

other.<br />

At present, the challenges and needs of Grace <strong>Methodist</strong><br />

Church are as follow: First, to raise sufficient funds for the<br />

purchase of a church building that costs 3.5 million. To date,<br />

we have paid 2.1 million and the balance of 1.4 million needs<br />

to be paid by the settlement date, which is 1 December.<br />

Second, the urgent need to sell an existing church property,<br />

the proceeds of which can help fund the final payment for<br />

the new church. Third, we still need a pastor for the <strong>Eng</strong>lish<br />

youth ministry. Please pray for the needs of Grace <strong>Methodist</strong><br />

Church.<br />

Below are some of our major church events:<br />

18 th Anniversary Celebration (15 July): Cake-cutting by ministers and LCEC, a children’s Sunday school presentation, and an<br />

adult choir presentation.

Fundraising for Church Building (30 June): Food, plants, pre-loved items,<br />

massage, face-painting, and singing<br />

Youth Camp: <strong>Eng</strong>lish Youth Retreat (1 to 3 July) and Chinese Youth Camp (8 to 11 July)<br />


E16<br />


We have experienced God’s abundant grace in 2018. Our<br />

ministries in Carlton <strong>Methodist</strong> Church are blessed by His<br />

richness in every way. The following are the highlights so far:<br />

1. CNY Evangelistic Meeting – CMC had a CNY Evangelistic<br />

Meeting on 10 February 2018. Around 140 people attended<br />

this meeting.<br />

2. Westfield Hurstville Music Outreach – We had an outreach<br />

community event in the main hall of the Westfield Hurstville<br />

shopping mall on 10 and 24 February. Many shoppers<br />

came and listened to the CMC choir presentation. The choir<br />

presented Christian hymns and Chinese New Year songs.

3. Marriage and Family Seminar – Rev. Houng conducted<br />

his LAMM course seminar on 10 March for the CMC<br />

congregation. There were 27 attendees.<br />

4. Leader's Training for CMC – The training was conducted<br />

on 25 March by Rev. Houng. LAMM students and church<br />

leaders benefited from his sharing.<br />

10. Sister fellowship nursing home visit – Members of the<br />

sister fellowship went to a Chinese nursing home to share<br />

Christian hymns and distribute gifts to the senior nursing<br />

home members on 9 May.<br />

5. Evangelistic Event – The event was held on 28 March<br />

(CORE combined with ECG). Gospel singer Geoffrey Woo<br />

was invited to share his testimony and his album.<br />

6. LCEC Day and Meeting – Rev. Chiu conducted the CMC<br />

church planning meeting on 31 March. We studied chapter<br />

12 of From Embers to A Flame by Harry L. Reeder III. We<br />

apply principles from this book to build up CMC.<br />

7. Round Table Event – Rev. Chiu, Kam and Betsy attended<br />

this event on 4 April to learn how we can work in partnership<br />

with RICE.<br />

8. CMC Family Camp – We had a fruitful family camp at<br />

Stanwell Tops from 20 to 22 April. The theme was “Building<br />

up a healthy church, loving each other”. Rev. Paul Wong<br />

was our keynote speaker and he delivered a challenging<br />

message. Rev. Matthew Moffitt (Topic: ‘Now and Not Yet’)<br />

was our keynote speaker for the <strong>Eng</strong>lish congregation.<br />

All the participants enjoyed the games, the food and the<br />

accommodation provided. There were around 140 camp<br />

participants.<br />

9. Bishop Kwang’s visit – Bishop and Mrs Kwang visited CMC<br />

from 4 to 7 May. The pastors had wonderful fellowship with<br />

Bishop Kwang and Mrs Kwang. Bishop conducted a leaders’<br />

training session in the morning on 5 May. Bishop Kwang and<br />

Mrs Kwang also attended the adult fellowship movie night<br />

to watch the movie “Miracles from Heaven”, and prayed for<br />

whoever was in need after the movie. Bishop also conducted<br />

a <strong>Methodist</strong> open forum after Sunday service in CMC on 6<br />

May. Bishop and Mrs Kwang also proclaimed God’s Word in<br />

both CMC congregations.<br />

11. Rev. Piao Piao Long Evangelistic Meeting – Rev. Piao<br />

Piao Long came to Sydney to host an evangelistic meeting<br />

at CMC on 11 May. Around 120 persons turned up, and 11<br />

newcomers responded to the altar call.<br />

12. Parents Sunday – We celebrated Parents Sunday on 13<br />

May. Each senior member received a gift prepared by CMC<br />

and joined the thanksgiving lunch with pastors.<br />

13. Evangelism Training for Youth (UNITE – Rice Event) was<br />

held on 26 May.<br />

14. Youth Sunday – Our teens fellowship (REEF) and young<br />

adult fellowship (CORE) presented their leaders, programs<br />

and mission to the congregation on 6 July. They also led the<br />

congregation to worship the Lord in this meaningful Sunday<br />


15. Mission Trip – CMC sent a mission team to East Asia<br />

with Rev. Scott Ang in early July. Team members brought<br />

exciting testimonies back to the CMC congregations.<br />

16. National Mission Week – CMC invited Rev. Dr Xin De<br />

Zhuang to be our keynote speaker for our mission seminar<br />

and mission revival night on 14 July. The theme of his talk<br />

was “Mission on the Horizon of the Great Commission”. He<br />

also proclaimed God’s Word on National Mission Sunday,<br />

15 July. His passionate sharing inspired the congregation in<br />

CMC.<br />

17. Bible Quiz – Around 90 members joined this annual<br />

event on 21 July. CMC and RMC pastors prepared the quiz<br />

based on the Gospel of Luke. After a peaceful competition,<br />

we received the prizes and shared the rewards with all the<br />

participants. We are happy to study God’s Word together.<br />

18. Badminton Competition – The adult fellowship hosted a<br />

badminton competition for the whole church on 29 July. 35<br />

participants enjoyed good fellowship and exercise together.<br />


12/09/2018 Preaching at Glory MC<br />

18 - 20/09/2018<br />

Asian <strong>Methodist</strong> Conference &<br />

Fellowship of Asian <strong>Methodist</strong><br />

Bishop President representing World<br />

<strong>Methodist</strong> Evangelism in Singapore<br />

23/09/2018 Preaching in Preston MC<br />

30/09/2018<br />

07/09/2018<br />

11/10/2018<br />

Ministries in Australia West District<br />

– Preaching & Conduct 2nd Local<br />

Conference in Grace MC.<br />

Preaching at City light Combine<br />

Service on Holy Communion Sunday<br />

Conducting Eight Mile Plains MC 2nd<br />

Local Conference<br />

12 - 23/10/2018 Ministering in PNG Mission District<br />

24/10/2018<br />

26/10/2018<br />

27/10/2018<br />

03/11/2018<br />

Attending the Australia East District<br />

Conference<br />

Speaking to Australia South Pastors<br />

and Local Preachers<br />

Attending the Australia South District<br />

Conference<br />

Attending Australia West District<br />

Conference<br />



Thank God for:<br />

• The World <strong>Methodist</strong> Council meeting in Seoul with our<br />

Bishop invited to be an Executive team member of the World<br />

<strong>Methodist</strong> Evangelism Committee.<br />

• The meetings and planning were carried smoothly for the<br />

Program Boards Chair, Board on the Ministry & Executive<br />

Board meeting on 2, 3 & 4 August respectively.<br />

• Trinity <strong>Methodist</strong> Church 25th Church Anniversary<br />

Thanksgiving Service held on 12 August.<br />

• All the safe travel of Bishop and Kim, and for all the Pastors<br />

& Leaders in their faithful labor in carrying out their various<br />

ministries faithfully.<br />

• Meeting all the financial needs of the Annual Conference<br />

having the full support from all the local churches and<br />

preaching centers.<br />


<strong>CMCA</strong> – Pray for:<br />

• The Pastors’ Retreat on 20 - 22 November, the 17th AC<br />

Session to be held from 22 - 25 November, the Australian<br />

<strong>Methodist</strong> Youth Convention, and Women & Adult Fellowship<br />

Retreat held concurrently from 25 - 28 November in Adelaide.<br />

Pray for the speakers, and also for good weather throughout.<br />

• Election of the new Bishop, and all other elections at the<br />

17th AC Session that the election will be smooth that God’s<br />

name may be glorified.<br />

• The theological Students that God give them the strength<br />

and wisdom to do well in their studies.<br />

• God’s to continue to lead and guide all the Pastors to<br />

carry out the various ministries entrusted to them in the new<br />

year 2018 to continue to preach and teach on the theme of<br />

“Reforming the Church, Transforming the Community”.<br />

• All the <strong>CMCA</strong> local churches / preaching centers to keep<br />

focusing on the importance of prayer and fasting.

All the Local Churches / Preaching Centers to catch on the<br />

vision of Disciple making, and their involvement in Missions,<br />

and to form Covenant Disciple Groups.<br />

• More young people to take up LAMM Courses to equip<br />

themselves to be local preachers, or to be fulltime workers in<br />

God’s Kingdom.<br />

• The Lord to provide the monthly expenses of Board of<br />

Missions for mission work around Australia and overseas.<br />

Pray that His people will continue to support and give $1 a<br />

day to the Mission fund.<br />

• The fund needed for the <strong>Methodist</strong> Medical & Mission<br />

ministries and mission work in helping and reaching out to<br />

those underprivileged in countries like Cambodia, Nepal &<br />

PNG.<br />

• The organizing committee for the Annual Conference<br />

2018 to be held in Adelaide. Rev. Gloria Ling & Rev. Peter<br />

Yong together with the organizing committee.<br />

Local Churches – Pray for:<br />

• All the local churches/ preaching centers to work together<br />

with the Annual Conference to implement all the plans<br />

adopted by the Conference for 2018.<br />

• The building fund required for the Holy <strong>Methodist</strong> Church,<br />

and Faith <strong>Methodist</strong> Church.<br />

• The building fund needed to purchase a shop lot to be<br />

used as a place of worship in our Solomon Islands Preaching<br />

Centre.<br />

• All the pastors to serve faithfully in the local church or<br />

preaching center that he or she has been appointed. The<br />

members to give generously towards the various funds for<br />

ministries in the local churches.<br />

<strong>CMCA</strong> Pastors and their families – Pray for:<br />

• The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all the<br />

pastors. Pray for God to use his servants to minister to His<br />

people and to further God’s Kingdom.<br />

• Bishop Kwang & Kim for good health, and sufficient grace<br />

and strength for safe travel and to cope with the many<br />

ministries engagement.<br />

• Our 3 District Superintendents, Rev. Milton Nee, Rev.<br />

Tiong Ting Ling and Rev. Alexis Lui for grace, wisdom and<br />

strength to co-ordinate the ministries in each District.<br />

• Rev. King Ming Wu, Rev. Mei Hua Chan and Rev.Xiao Min<br />

Cai & his wife, Vanessa, Pastor Stephen Wang & his wife<br />

Maggie who are serving in our Mission District in PNG, and<br />

all the brothers and sisters in PNG. Please pray for protection<br />

and good health.<br />

• Pastor Esther Yung serving in Solomon Islands Preaching<br />

Centre.<br />

LAMM 学 院<br />


E19<br />

相 片 廊 LAMM Photo Column<br />

《 儿 童 事 工 》 课 程 ( 墨 尔 本 ) 师 生 Lecturers &<br />

Students of “Children Ministry” Module (Melb)<br />

《 儿 童 事 工 》 课 程 ( 柏 斯 ) 师 生 Lecturers & Students<br />

of “Children Ministry” Module (Perth)<br />

上 课 情 况 Lecture

LAMM《 青 少 年 事 工 》( 墨 尔 本 )<br />

LAMM “Youth Ministry” module (Melb)<br />

Unbelievable Transformation at Trinity MC

Chinese <strong>Methodist</strong> Church in Australia<br />

AC Women Fellowship & Adults Fellowship Combined Retreat<br />

主 题 :<br />

Topic:<br />

( 一 )<br />

重 修 家 庭 祭 坛<br />

Rebuilding<br />

Family Altar<br />

讲 员 :<br />

Speaker:<br />

( 二 )<br />

( 三 )<br />

重 思 教 会 团 契 重 审 文 化 使 命<br />

Reviewing Church Reiterating<br />

Fellowship<br />

Culture Mandate<br />

龚 紫 阳 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Adrain King<br />

● 纽 西 兰 华 人 临 时 年 议 会 会 长<br />

● CST 教 牧 博 士<br />

● 纽 西 兰 颂 恩 堂 主 理 牧 师<br />

( 四 )<br />

重 拾 福 音 使 命<br />

Regaining Gospel<br />

Mandate<br />

NZ CMC Provisional AC President<br />

Doctor of Ministry<br />

Christchurch CMC Minister<br />

报 名 费 :$270( 澳 西 澳 东 教 区 ) $290( 澳 南 教 区 ) Registration Close 15 th of October<br />

早 鸟 Early Bird:$250( 澳 西 澳 东 教 区 ) $270( 澳 南 教 区 ) Before 1 st of September<br />

住 宿 :unitingvenuessa.org.au/nunyara<br />

Address 地 点 :<br />

Nunyara Conference Centre<br />

5 Burnell Drive, Belair, SA 5052<br />

Enquiries Contact 咨 询 联 系 :<br />

Email:gmcawf2018@gmail.com<br />

主 席 Erick Chua 蔡 亚 文 0432 426 768<br />

副 席 Jonsen Tan 陈 庆 祥 0433 345 886<br />

文 书 Emma Lee 李 炜 华 0402 465 077<br />

思 恩 堂 主 理 牧 师 : 林 文 光 牧 师<br />

Rev Gloria Ling 0420 227 956<br />

专 题 Special Talk:<br />

与 青 少 年 孩 子 的 爱 之 语<br />

The Love Languages with<br />

your teens<br />

Special Speaker 专 题 讲 员 :<br />

林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev. Milton Nee<br />

澳 西 教 区 长 AWD Superintendent<br />

思 恩 堂 协 理 牧 师 : 鄢 礼 银 牧 师<br />

Rev Peter Yong 0429 030 390

澳 洲 基 督 教 华 人 卫 理 公 会 通 讯 录<br />

Contact list for Chinese <strong>Methodist</strong> Church in Australia<br />

卫 理 办 公 室 <strong>CMCA</strong> Office<br />

1219 Dandenong Rd., East Malvern 3145, VIC<br />

Australia. Tel/Fax: (03) 9994 7250<br />

E: cmca.melbourneoffice@gmail.com<br />

会 督 Bishop<br />

官 佰 全 牧 师 Rev. Dr James Kwang - 0414 073 737<br />

E: revjkwang@gmail.com<br />

年 会 会 友 领 袖 <strong>CMCA</strong> Lay Leader<br />

陈 守 仁 Joseph Ting - 0413 866 887<br />

年 会 文 书 <strong>CMCA</strong> Secretary<br />

林 国 地 Thomas Ling - 0403 250 373<br />


教 区 长 : 雷 少 康 牧 师 Rev Alexis Lui - 0402 419 361<br />

布 里 斯 本 Brisbane, Queensland (QLD)<br />


5 Levington Rd., Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113<br />

Tel: (07) 3841 4483<br />

雷 少 康 牧 师 Rev. Alexis Lui - 0402 419 361<br />

E: alexislui@bigpond.com<br />

郑 日 强 牧 师 Rev. David Tay - 0422 091 598<br />

E: david.jktay@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 语 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />

Wishart Preaching Point,<br />

Cnr. Ham Rd & Wishart Rd, Wishart, QLD 4122<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 3:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


405 Oxley Rd, Sherwood, QLD 4075<br />

Tel/Fax: (07) 3278 6899<br />

Rev. Sean Kong - 0431 346 138<br />

E: seankong14@outlook.com<br />

附 属 : 陈 周 荣 牧 师<br />

Rev. Dr. Michael Tan ( 退 休 Retired) - 0414 639 859<br />

附 属 : 王 连 进 牧 师<br />

Rev. Paul Wong ( 退 休 Retired) - 0413 993 292<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 语 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />

Chinese Preaching Point<br />

11 Hamish Street, Calamvale, QLD 4116<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 10am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

坎 培 拉 Canberra, (ACT)<br />


Cnr. Launceston St. & Melrose Dr., Lyons ACT 2606<br />

Tel: (02) 6247 6249<br />

待 定 To be appointed<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 1:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

悉 尼 Sydney, New South Wales (NSW)<br />


17 Planthurst Rd., Carlton, NSW 2218<br />

Tel: (02) 9546 2632<br />

丘 品 尧 牧 师 Rev. Samuel Pin Yao Chiu - 0450 003 447<br />

E: samruthkairos@yahoo.com.tw<br />

李 金 龙 牧 师 Rev. Kam Loong Lee - 0430 369 382<br />

E: llekag@yahoo.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

10:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


46 Sorrell St., Parramatta, NSW 2150<br />

张 济 富 牧 师 Rev. David Tiong - 0433 749 238<br />

E: redeemer@cmca.org.au<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


教 区 长 : 林 忠 傧 牧 师 Rev. Ling Tiong Ting - 0405 651 123<br />

阿 得 雷 德 Adelaide, South Australia (SA)<br />


158-160 Goodwood Rd., Goodwood, SA 5034<br />

Tel/Fax: (08) 7123 3723<br />

林 文 光 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Gloria Ling - 0420 227 956<br />

E: glorialing@hotmail.com<br />

鄢 礼 银 牧 师 Rev. Peter Yong - 0429 030 390<br />

E: peterlyong@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

10:30am ( 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish/ 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


7 Churchill Road, Ovingham, SA 5082<br />

钟 美 琼 牧 师 Rev. Christina Bee Kheng Cheong<br />

- 0421 993 927 E: christina.cheong2012@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

Info can be found at: http://cmca.org.au/index.php/districts/<br />

墨 尔 本 Melbourne, Victoria (VIC)<br />


58 Cooloongatta Rd., Camberwell, VIC 3124<br />

Tel/Fax: (03) 9889 0702<br />

林 忠 傧 牧 师 Rev. Ling Tiong Ting - 0405 651 123<br />

E: glzbmriwb@gmail.com<br />

周 家 熹 牧 师 Rev. Elijah Chew - 0421 468 655<br />

E: echew07@gmail.com<br />

于 建 华 牧 师 Rev. Jian Hua Yu - 0417 479 734<br />

E:liuyong2309@yahoo.com.au<br />

驻 任 会 督 : 官 佰 全 会 督<br />

Resident Bishop: Bishop James Kwang - 0414 073 737<br />

附 属 : 颜 明 智 牧 师 Rev. Meng Tee Gan ( 退 休 Retired)<br />

- 0433 231 415 E: solomentaga1953@outlook.com<br />

附 属 : 雷 雯 冰 牧 师 Rev. Wen Ping Loi ( 退 休 Retired)<br />

- 0412 182 088 E: wploi@hotmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

8:30am/11:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin) 11:00am/4:00pm ( 英 文<br />

<strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />

Wyndham Preaching Point<br />

200 Tarneit Road, Werribee, VIC 3030<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


717 Flinders St., Docklands, VIC 3008<br />

彭 能 顺 牧 师 Rev. Neng soon Pang - 0450 065 775<br />

E: pangnengsoon@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

11:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin / 英 语 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


1393 High Street, Wantirna South, VIC 3152<br />

方 友 义 牧 师 Rev. Yu Ngee Houng - 0430 576 633<br />

E: hymarudi@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


118-122 Wellington Rd., Clayton, VIC 3168<br />

黄 永 森 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Albert Wong - 0433 015 363<br />

E: ingseng@hotmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4:30pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


101b Royal Pde, Reservoir, VIC 3073<br />

洪 南 明 牧 师 Rev. Scott Ang - 0406 702 070<br />

E: scottangdorothyhow@gmail.com<br />

附 属 : 夏 长 华 牧 师 Rev. Dr James Ha ( 退 休 Retired)<br />

- 0428 947 778 E: jamesha1949@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 10am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


157 Kidds Road, Doveton, VIC 3177<br />

Tel: (03) 9794 7525<br />

陆 同 佑 牧 师 Rev. Alvin Liik - 0426 817 818<br />

E: alvinliik99@gmail.com<br />

刘 晋 福 牧 师 Rev. Michael Lau - 0413 233 222<br />

E: mkinglau@me.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin) 11:00am ( 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />

Casey Preaching Point<br />

426 Princess Highway, Narre Warren, VIC 3805<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 3:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

塔 斯 马 尼 亚 Tasmania (TAS)<br />


56-58 Melville Street, Hobart TAS 7000<br />

Mailing Address:<br />

65 Kingston View Drive, Kingston TAS 7050<br />

张 功 荣 牧 师 Rev. Kong EingTiong - 0432 949 122<br />

E: fmc112018@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


100 Invermay Rd., Invermay, TAS 7248<br />

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 357, Mowbray, Launceston 7248<br />

Tel: (03) 6326 4303 (T)<br />

官 清 忠 牧 师 Rev. Ching Jong Kwang – 0433 533 907<br />

E: cjkwang740719@gmail.com<br />

附 属 : 官 佰 威 牧 师 Rev. Peck Kui Kwang ( 退 休 Retired)<br />

- 0403 861 508 E: peckkui53@yahoo.com.au<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 10:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

North-West Preaching Point,<br />

30-32 Madden st., Acton, TAS 7320<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 2:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


教 区 长 : 林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev. Milton Nee - 0457 068 108<br />

柏 斯 Perth, West Australia (WA)<br />


3 Woodthorpe Drive, Willetton, SA 6155<br />

林 宝 强 牧 师 Rev. Milton Nee - 0457 068 108<br />

E: pastornee@gmail.com<br />

林 良 敏 牧 师 Rev. Shirley Ling - 0434 225 199<br />

E: sling1026@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

10:00am ( 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish/ 华 语 Mandarin)<br />


33 Cloister Ave., Manning, WA 6152<br />

Tel: (08) 9450 7700<br />

苏 本 仁 牧 师 Rev. Allen Su - 0424 685 582<br />

E: alljsu@gmail.com<br />

刘 孙 宏 牧 师 Rev. Alan Lau - 0448 259 566<br />

E: alanlau80@gmail.com<br />

陈 芳 恩 传 道 Ps. Michael Ting – 0422 243 770<br />

E: tfh83@yahoo.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

8:30am/7pm ( 华 语 Mandarin) 11:00am ( 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


28-32 Nicol Rd, Parkwood 6147, WA 6147<br />

Mailing Address: 3, Jooleen Way, Thornlie, WA 6108<br />

陈 芳 恩 传 道 Ps. Michael Ting – 0422 243 770 ( 兼 )<br />

E: tfh83@yahoo.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 4:00pm ( 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


38-40 Kingsway, Nedlands, WA 6009<br />

Tel: (08) 9389 9248<br />

蓝 秉 贤 牧 师 Rev. P.H. Lam - 0422 199 980<br />

E: lamph12@gmail.com<br />

黄 敬 平 牧 师 Rev. Wong King Ping - 0405 088 979<br />

E: kingping.wong@yahoo.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin) 11:15am ( 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


62 Royal St. Kenwick, WA 6107<br />

Mailing Address: 34 Firefalls Close, Huntingdale WA 6110<br />

Tel: (08) 9398 8220<br />

丁 华 镇 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Hwa Jin Jung - 0402 141 544<br />

E: dinghwajen@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service:<br />

9:00am ( 华 语 Mandarin/ 英 文 <strong>Eng</strong>lish)<br />


4/41 Action Rd., Malaga, WA 6090<br />

周 政 强 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Albert Chiew - 0420 844 278<br />

E: albertchiew@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 10:30pm<br />

巴 布 新 几 内 亚 Papua New Guinea<br />


Lot 29-33, Section 171, Malolo Estate, 8 Miles<br />

Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea<br />

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 592, Vision City Waigani NCD,<br />

Papua New Guinea<br />

吴 庆 明 牧 师 Rev. Ngu King Ming +(675) 7000 8798<br />

E: kingmingwu@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 9:30am ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

Vanimo <strong>Methodist</strong> Preaching Centre<br />

陈 美 花 牧 师 Rev. Chan Mei Hua +(657) 7133 2348<br />

E: tenlex2@yahoo.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm<br />

Kimbe <strong>Methodist</strong> Preaching Centre<br />

蔡 晓 明 牧 师 Rev. CaiXiaoming+(675) 7303 7710<br />

陆 亚 萍 本 处 传 道 Ps. Lu Yaping<br />

E: cxm081689@gmail.com<br />

E: 20110701lyp@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm<br />

Madang Preaching Centre<br />

Lot 3, Section 128 Modilon Road<br />

王 涛 传 道 Ps. Stephen Wang Tao +(675) 7931 1888<br />

E: stephenamy585@gmail.com<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Sunday Service: 7:30pm<br />

所 罗 门 岛 屿 佈 道 所 Solomon Islands Preaching Centre<br />

Sunvalley Cross Rd., Lungga, Honiara,<br />

Solomon Islands<br />

杨 小 琳 传 道 Ps Esther Yong +(677)7405 054<br />

Elite Enterprise Ltd., P.O. Box 1388, Solomon Islands<br />

崇 拜 时 间 Service: 2:00pm ( 华 语 Mandarin)<br />

真 道 事 奉 与 宣 教 学 院<br />

Logos Academy for Ministry & Missions (LAMM)<br />

卫 理 大 厦 <strong>Methodist</strong> House<br />

刘 利 宇 院 长 Rev. Dr. Timothy Lau - (03) 9973 6137<br />

E: principal@lamm.org.au<br />

本 会 在 神 学 院 服 事 的 牧 者<br />

Ministers serving in other Organizations<br />

陈 廷 忠 牧 师 Rev. Dr. Justin Tan - (03) 98 817 800<br />

廖 玉 强 Rev. Dr. Yuk Chong Liong - (03) 9881 7800

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