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CS0-001 Exam



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Question 1

Version: 8.0

An organizaton has recently recovered from an incident where a managed switch had been accessed

and reconfggred withogt agthorizaton by an insider. The incident response team is working on

developing a lessons learned report with recommendatons. Which of the following recommendatons

will BEST prevent the same atack from occgrring in the fgtgre?

A. Remove and replace the managed switch with an gnmanaged one.

B. Implement a separate logical network segment for management interfaces.

C. Install and confggre NAC services to allow only agthorized devices to connect to the network.

D. Analyze normal behavior on the network and confggre the IDS to alert on deviatons from normal.

Question 2

Aoswern B


A secgrity analyst sgspects that a workstaton may be beaconing to a command and control server. Yog

mgst inspect the logs from the company’s web proxy server and the frewall to determine the best

cogrse of acton to take in order to negtralize the threat with minimgm impact to the organizaton.


If at any tme yog wogld like to bring back the inital state of the simglatonn please select the Reset

bgton. When yog have completed the simglatonn please select the Done bgton to sgbmit. Once the

simglaton is sgbmitedn please select the Next bgton to contnge.

Aoswern DENY TCP 7999 8080

Question 3

Which of the following BEST describes the ofensive partcipants in a tabletop exercise?

A. Red team

B. Blge team

C. System administrators

D. Secgrity analysts

E. Operatons team

Question 4

Aoswern A

Afer analyzing and correlatng actvity from mgltple sensorsn the secgrity analyst has determined a

grogp from a high-risk cogntry is responsible for a sophistcated breach of the company network and

contngogs administraton of targeted atacks for the past three months. Untl nown the atacks went

gnnotced. This is an example ofs

A. privilege escalaton.

B. advanced persistent threat.

C. maliciogs insider threat.

D. spear phishing.

Question 5

Aoswern B

A system administrator who was gsing an accognt with elevated privileges deleted a large amognt of log

fles generated by a virtgal hypervisor in order to free gp disk space. These log fles are needed by the

secgrity team to analyze the health of the virtgal machines. Which of the following compensatng

controls wogld help prevent this from reoccgrring? (Select two.)

A. Sgccession planning

B. Separaton of dgtes

C. Mandatory vacaton

D. Personnel training

E. Job rotaton

Aoswern B

Question 6

Which of the following best practces is gsed to identfy areas in the network that may be vglnerable to

penetraton testng from known external sogrces?

A. Blge team training exercises

B. Technical control reviews

C. White team training exercises

D. Operatonal control reviews

Aoswern A

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