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the dish by Nancy Pincombe CIDER! HERE! We knew it wouldn’t be long before the Sunshine Coast had an official cidery! The Bricker Cider Company opened its tasting room in June, with three ciders on tap and seven hundred trees planted. We hastened over to their tasting room on Norwest Bay road in West Sechelt, where we found a big dog- and kid-friendly grassy area with umbrellas and picnic tables. On weekends a small selection of delicious cider-pairing food is available, including cheeses, charcuterie, and curry. All three ciders—original, hopped, and frambo (raspberry)—are delicious, dry, and refreshing. Ask three friends and you will get three different answers as to which is the favourite. This writer loved the hopped cider, with only a hint of bitter and lots of herbal, almost piney notes. Think of the pairing with Octoberfest sausages! More flavours are coming, and we look forward to watching this much anticipated and already loved business grow. Conveniently central, in West Sechelt, Bricker Cider Company is just what the doctor ordered. blackberries A bumper crop of blackberries is out there, for those prepared to brave the thorns. Jams and pies, crumbles and smoothies, of course. But also wine! Everyone has a neighbour who shows up with a bottle of homemade blackberry wine. Fun, free, and almost certainly medicinal. Whether your style is sanitary and correct, or whether you like to stomp them up yourself in the shower stall (might as well get it everywhere—those stains won’t come out of the grout), the right yeast for your fruit and berry wines makes a big difference. Sure, you can throw in a blob of sourdough starter and the result will usually be alcohol, but the experts prefer Lavelin 118 for heavier fruit wines. Recipes for blackberry wine vary greatly and are kept secret, but we’ve heard that a pot of cold strong black tea, a 1:4 ratio of fresh apple juice, a few cloves, the juice of 2 lemons, and some appropriate amount of sugar yields something you won’t be ashamed to serve. Probably. new in town Sangria so delicious and refreshing that restraint might be called for. Craft cocktails, innovative appie specials, and a patio where everyone wants to be. Lunitas is a modern Mexican eatery that offers something for every craving. The newest waterfront restaurant in lower Gibsons already has many fans and is deserving of its first-class location and jaw-dropping views. Speaking of views. Davis Bay has welcomed the Wobbly Canoe with a big Canadian hug! This establishment has seen roaring support from the get-go. The menu is exuberant, borrowing from the yummiest of culinary traditions, while making sure to offer down-home basics. This is hungry-people food. Try the roast porchetta sandwich with crackling, or the steamed bairdi crab legs with baguette for dipping. The small drinks menu manages to give a diverse selection and the kids’ menu looks certain to please the little ones. 6 FLAVOURS 2017

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