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Two new restaurants have locals skipping with delight. Entre Deux Mers in Sechelt

has opened its doors, and the first reports are enthusiastic. Popular menu options

include burgers and pasta, beautiful fresh salads, and bistro specials like a heavenly

Mediterranean cioppino and delectable duck liver paté. That is worth another

mention: duck liver paté, possibly the most perfect of flavour combinations: savoury,

sweet, unctuous . . . wow! All this one block from the sea, pier, and promenade. Staff

are proud of what they serve and this place will be a hit.

Buono Osteria, the eagerly awaited waterfront Italian restaurant in Gibsons, is

now welcoming diners to its absolutely world-class location (where the Waterfront

Restaurant used to be on Marine Drive, i.e., hanging out over the harbour). The

menu features authentic Italian favourites in small and medium plates, pasta, and

Neapolitan style pizza. There is a side room with the same knockout view for big,

boisterous groups, and a menu option to “Let the Kitchen Decide,” soon to become

the favourite choice of regular diners. This place has hit the ground running, with a

bustling kitchen, confident, cheerful servers, and a real Osteria menu. FLAVOURS tried

a Negroni cocktail (perfection) in honour of Anthony Bourdain (may he rest in peace)

and to sample a few menu items. We came away more than impressed. The child in

our party gave the dark chocolate torte (rhubarb compote and pistachios alongside)

two thumbs up. And steady yourselves: there is a late-night menu. That’s right,

Coasters, we’ve arrived. If we have to sign up and work shifts, please let’s support this

effort to provide later-night dining options other than gas station Doritos. At Buono

Osteria you can get select appies and wood-fired pizza after 9:00 pm. Benvenuto,

Buono Osteria!



Bitters have been around forever. Probably the best

known is Angostura, developed in the 1800s by a German

surgeon working in Venezuela. The recipe is guarded like

Fort Knox. Thought to be medicinal, restorative, a cure

for hiccups and upset stomachs, Angostura Bitters is a

concentrated alcoholic mixture of herbs and `herbalists

for over 2000 years to stimulate appetite and support

digestive processes. Seasoned Kitchen in Gibsons carries

Fee Brothers bitters and cordials in several flavours.

Plethora Fine foods in Sechelt has a nice selection of

small-batch cocktail bitters. These will fire up your

cocktail imaginations and possibly your digestion.

Because they’re medicinal. Definitely.


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