Menu Dinner



Fresh flamed tartes with different toppings

L’Alsacienne € 9,50

Bacon and onions

La Parisienne € 10,00

Cooked ham and leek

La Végétarienne € 11,00

Arugula salad, goat cheese, dried tomatoes

and olives

L’Aveyronnaise € 12,00

Roquefort, leaf spinach and smoked salmon

La Truffe noire € 16,00

Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, black truffle


Roasted organic farmer's bread with different toppings

and small salad

Croque Madame € 9,00

Ham, topped with baked Emmental cheese

and fried egg

Niçoise € 9,50

Tuna, capers, boiled egg

Bretonne € 15,50

Prawns, cocktail sauce, avocado and

romaine lettuce

LES GALETTES(Gluten-free)

Buckwheat crêpes with different fillings

Champignon € 12,00

Cherry tomatoes spiced with mild peppers,

mushrooms and fresh garden herbs

Crevettes € 15,50

King prawns, leaf spinach, cherry tomatoes

and herb butter

Filet de boeuf € 16,00

Spicy sirloin stripes

with stewed peppers and onions


Petit Plaisir € 6,50

Side salad with olives, anchovies,

caper berries and French dressing

Roquette € 6,50

Small arugula salad with cherry tomatoes,

shaved French cheese and balsamic dressing

Café de Paris € 15,50

Leaf salad, stripes of French chicken breast,

asparagus, egg and olives

Niçoise fait maison € 18,00

Boiled potatoes, green beans,

tuna sashimi, tomatoes, egg, olives and anchovies

Marseille € 13,00

Leaf salad with grilled Mediterranean vegetables,

artichokes and grilled oyster mushrooms


Sardines millésimées € 14,50

Vintage sardines served in the can

with brown bread, butter and La Ratte potatoes

Crevettes rosé € 11,50

Shrimps in Cocktail sauce,

served on thinly sliced iceberg lettuce

Escargots à la bourguignonne € 12,50

Six escargots Burgundy style with herb butter

and fresh baguette

Trois sortes de canard € 16,50

Duck rillettes, smoked Barbarie-duck breast,

duck liver pyramid, bouquet of lambs lettuce,

red onion confit and walnut bread


French onion soup € 8,50

topped with baked cheese toast

Bisque au homard € 16,00

Lobster bisque with king prawns and leek julienne

Veloté des cèpes € 11,00

Creamy porcini mushroom soup

with roasted venison skewer



with a variety of sea fish and shellfish

with warm garlic baguette and saffron Rouille

as starter € 14,50

as main course € 24,50

Pommes de terre à la truffe noire € 12,00

Fried sliced potatoes with truffle mayonnaise

Parmesan and black truffle

Tartare de bœuf

Aromatic beef tartare from sirloin,

poached and baked egg, condiments

optional with toasted bread

or French fries with truffle mayonaise

as a starter € 14,50

as main course € 24,50


Pot au feu végétarien € 13,50

Vegetable broth, seasonal vegetables, herbs,

diced potatoes, fresh horse radish

Risotto aux chanterelles € 15,50

Risotto with fresh chanterelles

celery and apple


Saumon „Label Rouge“ € 24,00

Salmon tranche grilled on the skin,

Burgundy-red-wine-lentils, potato-leek-puree

Dorade Royale € 24,50

Crispy pan-fried sea bream, lime foam,

Mediterranean vegetables,

roasted La Ratte potatoes

Homard grillé

Lobster with shellfish risotto and beurre blanc

Half grilled lobster € 34,00

Whole grilled lobster € 54,00


Coq au vin € 24,00

of the French black-feathered chicken,

vegetables, tagliatelle

Bœuf Bourguignon € 25,00

Stewed beef with bacon,

mushrooms and pearl onions,

Vichy carrots, mashed potatoes

Carré d`agneau provençale € 34,00

pink roasted rack of lamb, sauce Béarnaise,

seasonal young vegetables and scalloped potatoes

Filet de bœuf Charolais € 36,00

Medium grilled fillet of Charolais beef,

Sauce Béarnaise, young vegetables, Pommes Pont Neuf


Crème Brûlée classique € 8,00

Parfait à la Crème fraîche et aux framboises € 8,50

Crème fresh and raspberry parfait

with marinated orange fillets

Gâteau au chocolat chaud € 9,50

warm chocolate cake with a liquid center

Tonka bean ice cream and crispy Tonka bean

Sélection de fromages

from Affineur Hofmann, Tölzer cheese shop

Comté vieux, Provinz Jura

nutty, sweet, lingering

Morbier, Provinz Jura

mild raw milk cheese, tart, with an ash layer

Livarot, Provinz Calvados, Normandie

gentle fruity, rough, earthy

Brillat Savarin, Region Bourgogne

fresh, tart

Roquefort, Provinz Aveyron

aromatic, spicy, salty

with bread, fig mustard, grapes

small dish 100 gr. € 13,50

big dish 150 gr. € 17,50

If you have any food intolerances, please contact our Service Team,

who will be more than happy to assist you.

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