Hopulist Issue Six


Welcome to issue six of Hopulist…
• Our guide to the craft beer scene in Birmingham
• Exclusive interview with Unity Brewing’s Jimmy Hatherly
• Inside the mind of Lervig designer Nanna Guldbaek
• Our pick of the best European Imperial Stouts out there
• How top writer Breandán Kearney got into beer
• Our picks of what beer is hot right now
• All the freshest beer merch to keep you looking slick




Founders Brewing

have a simple

philosophy: “We

don’t brew beer for

the masses. Instead,

our beers are

crafted for a chosen

few, a small cadre

of renegades and

rebels who enjoy a

beer that pushes

the limits of what is

commonly accepted

as taste. In short,

we make beer for

people like us.” And

with offerings like

Kentucky Breakfast

Stout and Canadian

Breakfast Stout

it is hard not to

acknowledge that

this mantra has

produced truely

world-class beers.


Great fruit beer is

an art form, the

homeland for which is

Belgium, where they

have been brewing

exceptional fruit beer

for centuries.

But Belgian ales are

not the only vehicle

for fruit additions,

sour styles like

Lambic, Gose or

Berliner Weisse are

the most obvious fit

with raspberries and

cherries enhancing

the sharpness. Citrus

and tropical fruits

share flavour profile

with American hops

and work well in pale

ales and IPAs. Stouts

and Porters whose

rich flavours and

aromas fit perfectly

with berries, cherries

and plums. So much

fruity fun to be had no

matter your tastes.


A revered classic

English hop, Fuggle

has a delicate,

minty, grassy and

slightly floral aroma.

It can be used as a

main hop (perfect

for bittering) or for

dry hopping.

The hop is named

after Richard

Fuggle and was

first released

commercialy in

1875. Examples of

beer using Fuggles

include Tiny Rebel’s

Fugg Life IPA, Little

Creatures The

Fuggle is Real and

Fuller’s IPA.

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