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5 Tips For Effective Paraphrasing

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Effective paraphrasing help online will let you tackle any


Paraphrasing is all about creating unique content that’s designed to pass

all the plagiarism checks. However, good paraphrasing takes time and

dedication, so not everyone can do it straight off the bat. The good news is that

with enough practice, you, too, can become good at it and today, we’re going to

take a look at how. Whether you need ​paraphrasing poetry online assistance for

an academic project or if you’re simply preparing some website content which

needs to be unique in the eyes of the search engines, paraphrasing is of utmost


When paraphrasing online, you need a system

Coming up with synonyms for certain words can be challenging, but the

good news is that the results can be repeated with relative consistency, given

that you have a good system to follow. So to make your job a bit easier, here is

our list of top 5 paraphrasing tips you can start using today:

1. Know the limitations of online paraphrasing tools

Using a ​paraphrasing tool online is all fine and well, but in the end, you

need to understand its limitations. While these are great at outputting a wide list

of synonyms, not all will be contextually relevant, thus making them unsuitable

to use in a practical situation.

2. If you’re going to do it manually, don’t rewrite on a word-per-word


Instead, it’s much better to try to understand the whole context and

simply write a new version from scratch. That way, it’s going to read much

better than if you simply tried to rewrite it by replacing adjectives with

synonyms, for instance.

3. There are manual rewriting solutions too

If you decide to get ​paraphrasing help online​, know that you can always

get in touch with a paraphrasing professional and ask for help. Their prices are

transparent and they offer quick turnaround times as well, allowing you to do

other things with your time if paraphrasing is not that enjoyable to you or if

you’d simply prefer to focus on things you’re good at.

4. Never use automatic rewriters without manually rewriting the results

Automatic rewriters often have trouble understanding the broad meaning

of the content, so the final result often seems somewhat awkward. Therefore,

it’s best to simply go over it one more time and make edits wherever needed.

5. Change passive voice to active voice (and vice-versa)

This is one of the best tricks to use if you need additional ​paraphrasing

help to generate unique content. It’s not that hard to do and it’s often enough to

make the sentence unique, especially when coupled with other paraphrasing

techniques such as changing the order of the sentence or replacing synonyms.


With the help of these 5 tips, you’re going to be well equipped to start

paraphrasing on your own, which should eventually lead you to being able

produce content that will be both engaging and readable while also unique

enough to pass all duplicate content checks.

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