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The Pelican News - November 2018

The Pelican News - November

the Pelican News Vol. 74 | No. 4 November 2018 THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE LSNA & LOUISIANA NURSES FOUNDATION Quarterly publication direct mailed to approximately 63,000 Registered Nurses in Louisiana Follow Us On INSIDE Executive Director’s Message Page 2 ________________________________ President’s Corner Nursing as a Profession District News Page 3 ________________________________ Memorial for Leah Wilkinson, RN Page 5 ________________________________ Fellow of the Month Page 6 ________________________________ We Need You and Your Contributions Page 7 ________________________________ 2018 Louisiana Emergency Nurses Association Annual Conference Page 8 ________________________________ Welcome New Members Page 11 Georgia Johnson, MS, RN, NEA-BC, CPHQ The question still exists as to whether nursing qualifies as a profession due to the levels of education for entry into practice. In many arenas, this variability in educational preparation is considered a barrier to professionalism. To address Georgia Johnson this controversy, goals have been set to increase the percentage of nurses with a BSN degree. The literature describes the nursing profession as having a multitude of characteristics: • Specialized knowledge and skill set based on a theoretical framework; a distinct body of knowledge, known as nursing science; based on research to guide evidence-based clinical practice. • Values, beliefs & ethics are an integral part of preparation. • Service provided is vital to humanity and welfare of society. • Attracts individuals of intellectual and personal qualities who exalt service above personal gain and who recognize their chosen occupation as a life work. (Bixler) • Sacrifice, altruism, accountability, self-regulation, self-determination, and independence are features of the professional values. • A lifelong learning process that builds on and modifies previously acquired knowledge, skills, competence, and attitudes of the individual. • There is a Code of Ethics to guide decisions and conduct. • There is an organization (association) that encourages and supports high standards of practice. (Kelly) While the criteria set of characteristics for a profession vary widely, there is consistency in the presence of standards of practice, a code of ethics, life-long learning and involvement in the professional organization. Each of these are a critical part of a nurses’ professional identity and acquired through association membership. So, why are so few nurses upholding professional standards of association membership? As a student, this was instilled in me as a professional requirement – an obligation upon graduation. Professionalism is taught in all curriculums. Is this knowledge lost upon graduation, discounted as an individual benefit, ignored as an ongoing asset to career advancement, disregarded as too expensive (< a half hour salary a month)? Nursing leaders need to encourage professional membership as a vehicle for professional development, educational opportunities, networking, healthcare advocacy, information on state and national issues in nursing. This first starts as a professional role model who is a member and can espouse the merits of membership. Membership contributes to the promotion, protection and advancement of the profession. LSNA membership has been gradually increasing over the past four years. However, only a small percentage of nurses are demonstrating professional commitment to membership and are carrying the effort of LSNA to serve as the voice for all registered nurses licensed in Louisiana. LSNA maintains a lobbyist group to represent nursing with the Legislature, distributes the Pelican News to all registered nurses and sends designees to ANA to represent Louisiana’s interests. Show professionalism and join. Activities are sustained through membership dues. current resident or Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Princeton, MN Permit No. 14 Nurses! Louisiana has a large list of nurses to keep updated and we want to reach you all. Please be sure to email with address changes / corrections or if the nurse listed is no longer at this address. Subject Line: Pelican News Address Change / Removal – Last, First Name