The only and most comprehensive directory of services, facilities and guidance professionals serving the lifestyle and needs of senior adults and their families, this 68-page, full color SENIOR SOLUTIONS RESOURCE GUIDE reaches over 25,000 Medina County area seniors.

Medina County

Senior Services

Network Information

P. O. Box #1788

Medina, Ohio 44258-1788

The Medina County Senior Services

Network (MCSSN) was established

in 1994 by a small group

of dedicated individuals who set

out to develop, coordinate and act

as advocates for a community of

care network in Medina County.

Over the years, MCSSN has

evolved into a group with over 100

members and organizations with

one common mission: “To develop

and coordinate a network of care

and resources for older adults in

Medina County.” For twenty years,

we have done this through networking,

sharing ideas, and publication

of this guide.

MCSSN’s first resource guide

was produced in 1996. This publication

was in response to a

growing need for a comprehensive

guide of services for senior citizens

in Medina County. The need has

now grown and become greater

and, much like MCSSN, our guide

has evolved into what it is today.

It is our hope that MCSSN

Senior Solutions, formerly The

Source, provides you with a for-

mat to easily navigate and find the

products and services you need.

We wish to continually improve

this guide and welcome your

feedback and comments. You may

contact us at:

Medina County

Senior Services Network

P.O. Box #1788, Medina, Ohio 44258

or you can email us through

our website at

Medina County

Senior Services Network

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