The only and most comprehensive directory of services, facilities and guidance professionals serving the lifestyle and needs of senior adults and their families, this 68-page, full color SENIOR SOLUTIONS RESOURCE GUIDE reaches over 25,000 Medina County area seniors.

ASSISTANCE Financial & Utility

Get a Golden Buckeye Card

Medina County

Job & Family Services

232 Northland Dr.

Medina, OH 44256



F. 330-722-3383


Mon–Fri 8am to 4:30pm

Adult Protective Services –

Responding to Abuse/Neglect

concerns of adults age 60 and

over living in the community.

Assessing/referring for services.

Medicaid programs for nursing

home waiver and community, food

assistance, cash assistance, transportation,


Medina County Office

for Older Adults

246 Northland Dr. G-20

Medina, OH 44256


F. 330-723-950


Mon–Fri 8am to 4:30pm

Medina County Office for Older

Adults enables older adults and

adults with disabilities to live independently

within their own home

and function at the highest level

possible. Provider of county benefits

including transportation and

meals. Full service senior center in

Medina; activity and trip coordination

in the City of Brunswick.

Ohio State University


120 W. Washington Street,

Medina, OH 44256

330-725-4911 / 330-225-

7100 ext. 9237

Hours: Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm

Budget counseling, education

More than two million Ohioans

are eligible for the Golden

Buckeye card, honored at 20,000

businesses statewide. Golden

Buckeye cardholders have saved an

estimated $2.5 billion since 1976.

All Ohioans age 60 or older, as

well as adults age 18-59 who have

disabilities as defined by Social Security,

are eligible for a free Golden

Buckeye card.

How to Get a Card

Ohio residents who hold current

Ohio Driver Licenses or State

ID cards automatically receive

their Golden Buckeye cards in

the month of their 60th birthdays.

Individuals who do not have a

current license or State ID, as well

as people under age 60 who are

eligible due to disability, or who

otherwise do not receive their

card automatically, may apply for

a card at most public libraries and

senior centers. Due to ID, age and

disability (when appropriate) verification

requirements, you cannot

apply for a Golden Buckeye card

online or by phone.

How to Get a

Replacement Card

If your Golden Buckeye card

has been lost, stolen or damaged,

call 1-866-301-6446 to request a


Where to Use Your Card

Since its inception, the Golden

Buckeye program has been a small

business program. Thus, you are

most likely to find locally owned

small businesses who honor the

card. Merchants of all types (e.g.,

restaurants, retail, auto care, medical

and more) voluntarily offer

special savings or deals for Golden

Buckeye cardholders. [The savings

percentage off a total purchase or

special deals on certain products or

services.] Limitations may apply.

Ask anywhere you spend money

about a Golden Buckeye or senior

discount. Some participating

merchants display the Golden

Buckeye logo on their door, in

their window or at the checkout,

but many do not. Unfortunately,

we are unable to provide a list of

participating merchants because it

is constantly changing. However,

you’ll find some examples of the

types of businesses that offer the

card below. Please check back, as

these lists are updated often. Visit

our page on Facebook for more

business suggestions and tips.

Your Golden Buckeye card

includes the Ohio’s Best Rx

prescription drug discount

program. If you lack prescription

drug insurance, have

coverage limits or have a prescription

that isn’t covered by

your insurance, your Golden

Buckeye/Ohio’s Best Rx card

could offer significant savings

over regular retail prices. You

may qualify for Ohio’s Best Rx,

even if you do not qualify for

Golden Buckeye.

Call toll-free 1-866-923-7879

or visit

for more information.



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