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Are you ready for the

Silver Tsunami?

by Laura Toth

If you haven’t heard the term

before, you will; the great ‘Silver

Tsunami’, used by many since the

1980s to describe the age progression

of the Baby Boomer Generation.

Society has known that this

generation will age….and you all

have, and aged very well!

Medina County’s

Over 60 Set is Growing

It is a fact that right here in

Medina County we are seeing an

increasing number of individuals

turn age 60 every day. According

to the Scripps Gerontology Center,

in 2010, 19.3% of the population

of Medina County was age

60 or over, in 2020 that number is

expected to be 25.8% and in 2030,

it will be 31%.

More Seniors, More Options

With the State of Ohio projecting

in 2030 Medina County

population of 194,510, that means

we will have over 60,000 people in

the county over age 60. More and

more, individuals are choosing to

Medina County estimates for

age 60 and over populations

From the Scripps Gerontology Center

age in place and this magazine is

such a great tool to help with your

choice, whatever that may be.

One of the most important

things you can do in life is to plan,

that becomes even more pertinent

as we age.

Resources for Decision Making

Most people enjoy making their

own decisions and making their

own plans. Taking the time and

doing some research can really

help you make better decisions in

every area of your life.


We are all witnesses to the takeover

of technology. Part of that

takeover involves less time for customer

service, which is so important!

The more information that

you can acquire regarding products

and services, the better prepared

you can be when the time comes

to utilize them.

You are Not Alone!

The great news about being in

an aging population is that you are

not alone! Statistically, a third of

the population will be 60 or over

in the next 10 years.

It is an exciting time to be living

in and we will see the world open

up and cater to those who are

aging – we are already seeing this

in the construction of more independent

facilities across the county

and for individuals of all incomes

and abilities.

We will have more and more activities,

events, stores, restaurants,

products and resources designed

to help you, your family and your

friends through the aging process.

Let’s enjoy it! So don’t think of it

as a tsunami, think of it as riding

the wave into better aging!

Comfort, care and community are hallmarks of the

Echelon Experience.

A unique Senior Living Community,

close to the heart of Historic Medina, Echelon caters to

the evolving needs of older adults.

Seamless continuity from independent to assisted living,

if needed, provides familiar comforts and minimal disruption:

same address, high quality cuisine, thoughtful environment,

and personalized care.

Experience elegance, excellence, enrichment, encouragement

and enjoyment: Echelon.

635 North Huntington Street Medina, Ohio 44256




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