KASTOspeed: High-Performance Automatic Circular Sawing

Machines for Economical Cutting of Large Batches of Steel

and Non-Ferrous Metals.

High-Performance at a Rapid Pace

Fully Automatic Circular Saws, KASTOspeed Series

KASTOspeed: Fast and precise

cutting of large batches.

KASTOspeed 9: for material

cross-sections up to

90 mm (3 1 ⁄2”).

KASTOspeed C 9 with tilting table for cut-off pieces up to

1000 mm (40”) and a container for trim cuts and remnant ends

Experts count on KASTO’s competence. Metal impact plants, forge

shops, manufacturers of fittings and electrical parts, steel service

centers and almost every automotive supplier use the services of

KASTOspeed when cutting sections of steel and non-ferrous metals.

These automatic circular saws satisfy because of minimal cycle times

and they produce millions of accurate cut-off pieces during two or

three-shift operations per year. Thanks to their high reliability and

precision in continuous operation, the KASTOspeed automatic circular

saws are worldwide one of the top-selling, mass-cutting circular saws

of their kind.

Large-scale production in continuous operation is accomplished by

the KASTOspeed 9 when producing cut-off pieces of steel and

non-ferrous metals with a material cross-section up to a diameter

of 90 mm (3½”). According to the chips produced by the cutting

action of the material and the product requirements, HSS solid steel

or carbide one-way saw blades with appropriate cutting speeds are

used. The optimal position of the saw carriage and the four-point

material clamping device enable shortest cutting paths. For the

handling of bars and cut-off pieces, different possibilities are offered.

The saws can be interlinked to storage systems and machining


Trouble-Free in Continuous Multiple Shift Operation:

KASTOspeed Circular Sawing Machine

KASTO Technology: Powerful

solutions for high profitability.

KASTOspeed 15: For material

cross-sections up to 150 mm

(6 1 ⁄2”).

KASTOspeed sawing machines for large batches set the pattern

for mass cutting of steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Solid high

speed steel (HSS) and carbide-tipped saw blades are used according

to the application. This guarantees highest chip production

because of the rugged machine construction. Further advantages

of the KASTOspeed: short cycle times due to the fast bar pusher

carriage as well as the hydraulically cushioned length gauge.

KASTOspeed 15 automatic circular saws fulfill the highest requirements

in power and efficiency when cutting steel with tensile

strengths up to approx. 1.400 N/mm (200,000 psi) also highalloyed

steel using one-way carbide saw blades and HSS solid saw

blades. The model M15 is used for cutting non-ferrous metals with

HSS or carbide tipped saw blades. The solid machine construction

with its helical high-performance saw carriage gearing in combination

with a hydraulically cushioned length gauge and a fast positioning

bar pushing carriage guarantees highest production performance

for precise cut-off pieces. Additionally to the standard

equipment, extensive customer-oriented peripheral solutions are

available for the efficient processing of your cutting requirements.

For easy and clear input of cutting jobs a user-friendly programmable

controller with operator interface panel is integrated.

Manually adjustable length gauge, e.g. with 1000 mm (40”)

cut-off length

NC length gauge for cut-off lengths up to 1000 mm (40”)

(option), alternatively available for 2000 mm (80”) (option)

Technical Data KASTOspeed C 15 KASTOspeed M 15

Material Steel Non-ferrous

Saw blade type Carbide tipped Carbide tipped/HSS

Saw blade diameter mm / in 360/425/460 / 14”/163 ⁄4”/18” 360/425/460 / 14”/163 ⁄4”/18”

Cutting width (blade kerf)

Cutting range

mm / in 2.6/2.7 / .102”/.106” 2.6/2.7/3.0-3.6 / .102”/.106”/.118”-142”

Round mm / in 20-153 / 3 ⁄4”-6” 20-153 / 3 ⁄4”-6”

Square mm / in 20-135 / 3 ⁄4”-51 ⁄4” 20-135 / 3 ⁄4”-51 ⁄4”

Rectangular (H x W) mm / in 20x20-155x135 / 3 ⁄4”x3 ⁄4”-6”x5” 20x20-155x135 / 3 ⁄4”x3 ⁄4”-6”x5”

Min. remnant end mm / in 70 / 23 ⁄4” 70 / 23 Dimensions and weight

(Basic machine up to 300 mm (12”) cut-off

length, without infeed equipment)


Length mm / in approx. 1700 / 67” approx. 1700 / 67”

Width mm / in approx. 2500 / 98” approx. 2500 / 98”

Height mm / in approx. 2050 / 81” approx. 2050 / 81”


Performance characteristics

Total power requirement of machine

kg / /lbs 2600 / 5700 2600 / 5700

in basic configuration kW /HP 27 / 36 HP 40 / 54 HP

Cutting speed m/min / in/min 20-160 / 65-525 sfpm 900-4000 / 3000-13000 sfpm

Saw blade feed rate, infinitely adjustable mm/min 25-1100 / 1-43 150-5000 / 6-200

Rapid return of saw blade feed mm/min ca. 10000 / 390 ca. 10000 / 390

(Other cutting speed ranges and saw blade drive motors upon request)


Flat magazine in combination with a bundle loader (option)

Saw carriage with saw blade guide for the KASTOspeed C15

Equipment Details and Accessories

Material infeed adapted to the

cutting task.

Outfeed and sorting without

an operator – important

precondition for an effective


Chip disposal and environmental


Bundle loader with material in

loading position.

Tilting table for long cut-off pieces.

In order to store large numbers of bars on the infeed side of the

machine, different kinds of magazines are available. Starting

with the inclined magazine on which one layer of material is

pre-stored, bundle loader on which one bundle is singled fully

automatically, or flat magazine for square and special profiles

as well as for surface-sensitive materials, different accessories

are available for an extended operation with limited operator

involvement. With the direct supply out of a KASTO storage

system, several material bundles can be processed fully automatically

one after the other.

Trim cuts and remnants are separated from the good pieces at the

outfeed side. According to the cut-off length and cutting task a

sorting slide or a tilting table can be offered. More containers for

good cut-off pieces can optionally be positioned in the discharge

area. An even higher grade of automation offers a robot sorting

device which stacks the parts with different grippers according to

the cutting requirement into customer-provided containers.

For the disposal of chips produced during cutting, sturdy chip

conveyors as well as powerful suction units of different designs

are available. Electrostatic air filters are also available for reduction

of coolant emission fumes.

Flat magazine for square and special profiles.

Sorting gate for remnants, trim cuts and good


KASTOspeed M9 with chip exhaust system

for aluminum chips.

Electrostatic air filter and signal lamp.

Sorting device with several container

locations for cut-off pieces

Tilting table with trough-type transfer

device and remnant end container

Outfeed conveyor for cut-off pieces with

pusher device (discharge “to the left”)

Removal of cut-off pieces with an especially

designed vacuum gripper


Removal and sorting of small parts

by a robot

Sorting and counting device for

cut-off pieces

Qualified Advice, Reliable Service:

Success Factors for a Long-Term, Efficient Installation.

The competence for solutions

does not end with the sawing


Satisfied customers are no


Competent advice is available at the beginning to assure a successful

application of KASTOspeed circular sawing machines and is based on

extensive technology, cutting trials, and long-term experience in all

different kinds of applications. For this reason other functions such as

material infeed, material supply out of storage systems, and fully automatic

sorting and stacking of cut-off pieces by robot are used. Longterm

advantage – also with later adaptations and supplements – is the

machine control developed by KASTO operating with established

industrial hardware.

Training towards the success of our customer’s installation is a

company policy of KASTO. Therefore service is an important part

of a long-term partnership for a durable efficiency and reliability of

KASTO products. Often a problem can be solved by the machine

operators after an advisory service by phone. Supply and shipment

of spare parts is normally carried out the same day of the malfunction

notice. Competent help on site, when required, is performed

by especially trained service technicians.

02880660 / 08.08 / 2k / Konkordia. We reserve the right to make technical changes.

The Complete KASTO Program:

Economic Sawing and Storing of Metal

Expertise right

down the line


Sawing Machines


Storage Systems



Your KASTO Partner

For over 160 years, KASTO has been recognized for quality and innovation,

and offers a complete range of metal cutting saws, as well as storage

and retrieval systems. Thanks to an ongoing development of new

technologies and constant optimization process of machine concepts,

KASTO has achieved the status of market leader in sawing and storing

of metals.

From the basic hacksaw to the high-performance automatic bandsaw capable of economically

processing bar stock, blocks or plates of all grades, KASTO has the best solution for every

challenge: Universal bandsaws and circular saws for light and medium applications, hacksaws

employing the pushing-arching-cutting motion originated by KASTO, and production bandsaws and

circular saws designed to cut medium to difficult materials.

Rapid access, optimum space utilization, clear and accurate view of stored inventory—KASTO

storage systems’ excelling features. And there’s more! Fully automatic sawing centers, cantilever

bar and sheet metal storage systems or cassette storage and commissioning systems, combined

sawing and storage systems with integrated inventory control computers. As a one-source supplier,

KASTO delivers the complete system, both hardware and software.

KASTO’s comprehensive service program includes everything: from commissioning and training to

maintenance support, service contracts, readily available spare parts and on-site service. KASTO’s

service incorporates individual consulting and immediate support with well-qualified teleservice.

And of course, KASTO service is available worldwide.


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Industriestr. 14

77855 Achern/Deutschland

Telefon +49 7841 61-0

Telefax +49 7841 61-355

E-Mail kasto@kasto.de

Internet http://www.kasto.de

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