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What’s the Real Source

of Contentment?

• Why are some of the most

prosperous people some of the

least satisfied?

• What is the real secret of

satisfaction and contentment?

• What Is the Real Source of


• Where do satisfaction and

contentment come from?

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Mysteries Before Us All

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Because no one is as they should be.

- Brennan Manning

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about us

People often ask us who we are, expecting to hear the

name of a particular Christian group or religious


We are not an organization, nor do we want to be one, so we

cannot introduce ourselves with a particular name. Jesus’

disciples did not give themselves any special name either, but

were recognized as such through their message and lifestyle.

Later they were called Christians because they proclaimed

Jesus as the Christ, the Savior who came to mankind from God.

We, too, are Christians, disciples of

Jesus. We want to follow the example of

the first Christians and put what we read

in the Bible into practice in our lives. We

do not belong to any denomination or

any other kind of religious society. We are

together because each of us wants to

follow Jesus, our Lord and our God (John

20:28) and not out of any obligation to

abide by the rules and regulations of an

institution. Religion only breeds two

things; Defeat (if you’re honest) and

hypocrisy if you are not

Leslie Leylands best put it this way,

“The basis for loving our neighbors, and

for unity in Christ, is not proximity, understanding

or commonality. We are one in Christ not because

we are one in the same, but because Christ is the same. It is an

impoverished theology that mistakes unity in Christ for sameness

in Christ.”

ACV Magazine ­ Who We Are

A short version of the

history of Christianity:

Christianity started in

Palestine as a fellowship; it

moved to Greece and became

a philosophy; it moved to Italy

and became an institution; it

moved to Europe and became

a culture; it came to America

and became an enterprise.

We regard the Bible as the sole basis of Christian doctrine.

This is why we meditate on God’s word. We take the Bible

seriously as the authority for our faith and life, while also trying

to understand it within its historical and literary context, using

the mind God gave us to continuously gain a deeper

understanding of it as illuminated by the Holy Spirit. We want

to avoid both the fundamentalist and the liberal errors in their

views on the Bible since many of these positions have a zeal,

but with a lack of knowledge.

Faith, for us, is a reality which fulfills

all areas of our life and does not mean

cultivation of traditional customs.

We believe it is not about what we do

but rather, what He did.

We reject the religious notion that

we are better than the lost because we

don’t have sin in our lives. That is a clear

contradiction to God’s word and brotherly

love. We humbly accept that our short

comings are viewed differently by our

heavenly Father because we are now His

kids. Our weaknesses are covered by the

blood of Jesus. We are convinced that

unity, which God wanted to be the reality

among Christians, cannot be achieved by

the controlling human structures of authority but is only the

fruit of obedience of every single disciple towards the Holy

Scripture. We are in unity because each of us puts his own self

aside and wants to follow what God revealed in the Bible and

made recognizable for everyone.

In 1 John 3:14–16 the apostle wrote:

We know that we have passed out of death into life,

because we love the brothers. Whoever does not love

abides in death. …By this we know love, that he laid

down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives

for the brothers.

We encourage the remedy for defficiencies in our lives

by heeding I Peter 4:8, “Love covers a multitude of sins...”

* Our “About us” was adapted by our dear brothers in

sisters in Europe. While we take a different position on

some “twiggier matters” of the law we love their spirit and

understanding of the Word of God and their response to



We also have a calling to honor the Families of

the Fallen soldiers and first responders with

FREE lodging through our Gold Star Family Inn

here in Branson Missouri. Their lost, loved ones

are “Christ types”. They laid down their lives for

the freedom of others. Our mission statement

follows on the next page.


ACV Magazine NEW Mission Statement

The American Christian Voice

magazine is published with the primary

purpose being to educate the body of Christ

through informative articles (Intelligent), to

edify the body of Christ through motivating

articles of Christian faith and courage

(Inspirational), and to promote the message

that disciples of Christ are not under the

penalty of sin or condemnation of it (Fun!).

It is because of what Christ has done...

not what we do that makes us in good

standing with God. Our obedience is to

Love Him and our fellow sojourners.

Now that Christ has cloaked us with His

Righteousness, God the Father looks at us

as Sons/Daughters, no longer at enmity

with Him. We are in training now. That is

why this publication focuses on politics. If

we are to rule and reign with Jesus Christ

we should be very much interested in

training here and now.

We are dedicated to be Kingdom

builders as we realize that our diversity

should not impede the method in which

God chooses to woo through the Holy Spirit

the lost through love. We can err in our

theological understanding of doctrine and

dogma but love never fails. In the law we

find death - in love we find Liberty to obey

by desire... not compulsion.

We implore all people to call out to God

and ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit.

THE Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a Person.

HE will fill your heart, mind and soul with

truth; Not some man's opinion of God. In

this manner, when you see the counterfeits,

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you will know it is not of your Heavenly

Father. He loves you. He is good and only

does good. He is not "out to get you". He is

out to love you. Not because of what you do

(or do not do) but because of what Jesus has

already done for you.

We encourage our readers to eschew

religion and pursue a relationship with

God through Jesus Christ as led by the

Holy Spirit, thus allowing an openmindedness

to differing opinions on

complex matters.

We strive not to be the fire alarm, but

the fire extinguisher.

Please be advised that the contents of

this publication often do not represent

the positions held by many of the

sponsors of the American Christian

Voice (or for that matter, the publishers).

John, & Lorri, editor & publisher,. ACV

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as long as your kids are leaders and not followers

The people taking prayer out of public school are the Christian

families that leave

By Christopher Graham

Last week, I attended a band concert

at my daughter's school. After the

introduction, welcome, prayer and

performances by several of the musical

groups, a girl rose and performed what

her friends called "spoken word." She

began, "Chapter 13 of Paul's letter to the

Corinthians. The Excellence of Love." To

the accompaniment of "amen" and

"preach it," she proceeded to recite from

memory the entire biblical passage

without abridgment. She received a

resounding ovation from the

congregation — er, I mean audience.

The program continued with more music

and presentations in which were

embedded acknowledgement of the

presence of God. My heart was beating

faster and harder than usual through the

event. That is certainly because of

parental pride (full disclosure: My

daughter was playing a flute in one of the

bands and delivered the recitation.) The

reason my heart has continued to beat

this week, however, is because I realized

that I am surrounded by people in my

churches whose first thought is that this

sort of evening can only be experienced

in a sequestered Christian community.

That is because a myth has taken hold, a

variation of which is, "They kicked God

out of public schools when they removed

prayer." That is a myth. How do I know?

Because my experience last week all

occurred in a Dallas ISD cafeteria with

faculty, administrators and parents in

attendance. I know because I have now

raised three kids (from pre-K to high

school graduate) entirely within DISD,

and each had an active prayer life

exercised privately and publicly at times

308 E Republic Rd. • Springfield, MO • 417­882­7788


throughout the school day. There was

prayer in each of my kids' schools

because my praying kids were in school.

Fellow Baptists, inasmuch as you have

taken your praying kids out of school,

then you — not "they" — have taken

prayer out of schools. Of course, it's not

only Baptists who believe this myth and,

to wit, many conservative Christians use

the myth of "godless schools" as a front

for other reasons to sequester their

children. But I speak to Baptists, yea even

Southern Baptists, yea even conservative

Southern Baptists because I am one. My

family actually believes the entire Bible

is true in every detail and in every way. I

am a raging, biblical fundamentalist.

In fact, because I believe the Bible holds

facts that are as equally true as 1+1=2, I

have no problem with religious liberty

(codified in our country's constitutional

documents largely as a result of Baptist

convictions and persistence). In the end,

I don't need to squelch or fear those who

say 1+1=25 because, in the end, the truth

will win.

For those of us who are Southern

Baptists, these convictions are found in

the document embraced by many

conservative Southern Baptists, The

Baptist Faith and Message. That

statement not only expresses a

conservative (dare I say fundamentalist)

doctrine of Scripture and a strong

statement on religious liberty, it also has

a wonderful section devoted to the

Christian's role in the social order. It says,

in part, "Every Christian should bring

industry, government, and society as a

whole under the sway of the principles of

righteousness, truth, and

brotherly love."

That will only happen when

we stop living the myth that

God and prayer to that God

is prohibited in our public

spaces. It will happen when

we live out and help others

to live out the reality that

"the greatest of these is

love," as that young lady

reminded us last week.

Christopher Graham is an associate

professor of theology at Criswell College.

He wrote this column for The Dallas

Morning News.


Well Christopher, your assesment does not

prove to be a great idea in many school

environments. I would not subject my

children to inner city schools that are out

of control. We have reached a Nineveh

crossroads in much of our public schools.

It is so dark and depraved in many of these

government schools we must remember

that the classmates will be the influencers

on your children, not the teachers. I am

glad that you have a strong, principled

daughter but I wonder how she would fare

in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Having

been a teacher for eight years in private

schools has taught me that not all

Christian kids can survive the barrage of

the enemy. Not even in the best

environments. There are many school

districts that I wouldn’t sacrifice my kids

to that worldview. They are young,

impressionable and spend more time with

classmates than with parents each day.

So, your blanket statement that Christians

are to blame for the removal of prayer in

schools is naive at best and dangerous in

a real and serious way. Most Christian kids

are not yet equipped to handle the very

hot bed of one of Satan’s greatest tools....

peer pressure and indoctrination through

a godless public school system.


Bransons only 24

hour fitness center!

554 Gretna Rd

Branson, Missouri,

MO 65616

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zuckerberg’s insidious liberal bias

Beating Facebook’s Algorithm and Being Your Own Curator

By Tim Challies.com

By now we have all read lots of

articles and opinion pieces on

Facebook, or at least seen lots of

scary headlines. We are slowly and

collectively awakening to the power

Facebook has over us, which is to say, the

power we have given it. We have given

Facebook power one click, one tap, and

one like at a time. The situation is not yet

dire and we don’t yet have to

#deleteFacebook. But it’s definitely time

to consider what power we are willing to

cede to it.

One key power we’ve given to Facebook

is the power of curation. Let’s talk about

curation, what it is, and why it matters.

I’ve just spent the better part of a week

browsing museums all over England.

Every museum has a number of items on

display and a much greater number of

items in storage. The job of a curator is to

select which items from the collection

will be visible to the public and which

will not. This gives the curator a kind of

power over the visitor—the power to

describe history. The curator can keep

key objects hidden away, thus obscuring

what really happened. He can choose to

display objects of little importance, thus

telling an inaccurate or unbalanced story.

The more you browse museums the more

you become aware of the power and

responsibility of the curator.

The Power of Curation

There is power in curation, and especially

the curation of ideas. Many of us have

entrusted the curation of the news and

information we encounter to Facebook.

We have allowed Facebook to become

responsible for determining what we will

see and what we will not see. We type F-

a-c-e-b-o-o-k-.-c-o-m into our browser

many times each day to see what it has

for us. When we do this, we are allowing

Facebook and it’s content-choosing

algorithm to stand between ourselves

and the rest of the Web and to choose

what we will see. Every day countless

millions of pieces of information get fed

into Facebook—videos, articles, think

pieces, animated gifs, A La Carte—it all

goes in there and Facebook, through the

magic of its



what to

show each

one of us. It


what it

thinks is

most likely

to interest

us and what

will best




is, after all,

first a


We may

think that

when we

like a page on Facebook we are indicating

to Facebook that we desire to see that

page’s content. But it really doesn’t work

that way. The algorithm still stands

between us and the content to silently

and programmatically make that

determination. For a content-creator like

myself, I cannot count on more than one

percent of the people who like my page

actually seeing my content (unless, of

course, I choose to pay Facebook to

extend that reach). The algorithm keeps

it from people like you who may wish to

see it.

And so it’s good to ask: With all we know,

and all we have learned, and all we have

experienced of Facebook, is this—the

power of curation—a power we want to

entrust to it? As Facebook is increasingly

determining what is real news and what

is fake, as it is determining what is love

and what is hate, as it is algorithmically

enforcing its own values on us, can we

still trust it to curate our content?

Personally, I don’t mind if it decides

which of my friend’s photos I see or

which of my cousin’s updates I get access

to, but I don’t care to allow it to

determine what is newsworthy, what is

important, or what is moral.

The Future in the Past

I tend to think the future lies in the past,

in a brilliant little technology called RSS.

Essentially it works like this: Almost

every web site generates what is called

an RSS feed—a little file that contains the

site’s most recent content. It’s kind of like

a web site, but for computers to read, not

people. You can use an app or site known

as an RSS reader to subscribe to that

content on your behalf. When you do

that, it will “translate” it to an

understandable format, and present it to

you. The job of an RSS reader is not to

curate the content, but simply to provide

it to you in chronological order. You get

to be your own curator by choosing what

you will add in the first place.

Where should you begin? I’d start with

Feedly.com, a powerful and free service

that is ideal to get you going. You can

access it through their web site or

through a variety of apps. Basically, sign

up for an account, type in a few of your

favorite sites so you can subscribe to

them, and remember to visit a couple of

times a day. You’ll be well on your way.

Why don’t you try RSS and see if it can

work for you. Why don’t you see if you

benefit from taking back the power of



The Antidote for A Weary Soul

“When I look at your heavens, the work of

your fingers, the moon and the stars,

which you have set in place, what is man

that you are mindful of him, and the son of

man that you care for him?” Psalm 8:3­4


We are wrapping up our evening meal on

the deck when his eyes shift from the sliver

of pink watermelon in his hand to the

streaks of salmon sunlight hovering above

the horizon.

“It’s gonna be a great sunset tonight,” my

youngest boy declares.

“Mm-hmm …” I murmur as I gather dirty

plates and wrinkled napkins, empty milk

glasses and sticky silverware.

“Can we chase it, Mom?” Joshua begs, “Can


I’ve already spent the day chasing children

across the yard and chasing the dog around

the neighborhood. I’ve chased down

missing keys, missing shoes and my own

missing patience. And the only thing I really

want to chase is a little peace and quiet.

My body is weary. My soul is sapped. But I

let my gaze roam from the dirty dishes in

my hands to the shimmer of sunset in the

sky, and I think of the lesson God has been

teaching me lately:

We who are created in the image of a

marvelous God are made to marvel. And

sometimes our quest for solace is really just

an ache for awe.

So, I set those dirty dishes in the sink and

return my giddy boy’s grin. “We’d better

hurry. The sun is sinking fast.”

We hop in the car and drive to that place

where the thick tree line gives way to

sprawling sky. And for a brief moment, I’m

not just a weary mom with dirty dishes

piled high at home. I’m a wonder-seeker

lifting my eyes above my daily grind to get

a glimpse of the divine.

I breathe deeply and let heaven’s hush

invade my haggard heart. My son sighs

happily and wraps his slender fingers

around mine. “I’m glad we chased the

sunset, Mom,” he whispers. “‘Cause that’s

just what we do.”

The sky is growing dark, but I can finally

see it clearly — how wonder is an antidote

to weariness. And awe revives a flagging

soul like water fuels a drooping body.

I’m not the first to discover it, of course.

King David knew it, too. He had a nation to

rule and a family to tend, decisions to make

and conflicts to mend; yet David lifted his

eyes above the demands of his days to see

the wonder of God’s ways.

do not let familiarity breed contempt

He applauded God’s handiwork in his own

life (Psalm 139) and relished God’s artistry

in the world around him (Psalm 8). He

celebrated the magnificence of God’s Word

(Psalm 119) and the brilliance of His deeds

(Psalm 145).

In Psalm 8:3-4, David writes: “When I look

at your heavens, the work of your fingers,

the moon and the stars, which you have set

in place, what is man that you are mindful

of him, and the son of man that you care for




Entertain and Educate...

fun and learning has a link.

Start to finish while

you’re playing;

this game will

make you think!

Fahrenheit is a game about weather, featuring

positive and negative temperature values ranging

from –32° to +32°. Using temperature value cards

and weather wildcards, the temperature rises and

falls throughout each round of the game and at the

end of each round you are given a personal

temperature score.



We are hooked! ­ John & Lorri Sacoulas



astonishing attraction


By Jamie Rohrbaugh

The Ark Encounter is a one-of-akind,

historically themed

attraction in Williamstown,

Kentucky. In an entertaining, educational,

and immersive way, it presents a number

of historical events centered on a full-size

Ark, which is the largest timber-frame

structure in the world

The Ark Encounter demonstrates that

the Bible is scientifically accurate, and it

also serves as an evangelistic experience.

Ken Ham, president and CEO of Answers

in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and Ark

Encounter, has stated, “It’s called Ark

Encounter because people will encounter

the Ark, and then encounter God’s Word,

and then encounter Jesus Christ.”

Points of Interest

How Big Is the Ark?

You’ve probably seen pictures of Noah’s

Ark in children’s books, complete with

giraffe heads sticking out the top. But the

real Noah’s Ark, the one described in the

Bible, was huge. At 510 feet long, 51 feet

high, and 85 feet wide, this modern Ark

shows that Noah’s Ark was no dinghy. It

spans over 1.5 times the length of an

American football field. It was wholly

seaworthy—a ship that kept the

occupants safe during a yearlong,

worldwide flood.

Recreating this massive ship at Ark

Encounter has been an engineering feat.

While the Ark is a full-scale model, it was

originally designed as a ship but

constructed like a building to meet

structural codes and requirements. The

enormous logs were either standing dead

timbers or timber harvested from

renewable forests. In board feet (laid end

to end), there is enough timber in the Ark

construction to go from Williamstown,

Kentucky, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Its roof is long enough for NASA to park

three space shuttles nose to tail on it!


At the Ark Encounter, you’ll see a variety

of exhibits that will show guests what life

might have been like for Noah and his

family on the Ark, including the Living

Quarters and Noah’s Study. Learn about

the animal kinds that were on the Ark,

and how Noah and his family might have

cared for all of the creatures. Scores of

animal sculptures, furniture, and props

have been designed following extensive


Bring all of your questions about Noah,

his family, the animals, the Flood, the Ark,

and the culture of the pre-Flood and

post-Flood worlds, because you’re sure

to get answers when you visit.

Living Quarters Exhibit

Ararat Ridge Zoo and Petting Zoo Area

The Ararat Ridge Zoo and petting zoo

area are fun places where both children

and adults will enjoy a hands-on

experience with some of God’s amazing

creatures. See kangaroos, yaks, zebras,

and more in this ever-expanding zoo.

Don’t miss the live animal programs

throughout the day. Camel and donkey

rides are available.

Yaks with Ark Encounter

Restaurant and Zip Lines

The Ark Encounter’s snack stands and

1,500-seat restaurant feature a variety of

delicious food offerings, including

options for special dietary needs.

While you are visiting, make sure to set

aside time for the huge zip line course.

Steven A Ford reviewed Ark Encounter —

5 star

The Ark Encounter is something you

simply do not want to miss. I have read the

story hundreds of times ­ heard the story

(855) 284­3275 • www.ArkEncounter.com

preached and taught in church and

Sunday School but was never able to

comprehend the size and magnitude of

the project as well as to imagine/

visualize the inner workings of the Ark.

All of this comes together when you see

this life size replica. It debunked every

argument I have ever heard about the

whole story! I think 2 to 4 hrs is a

reasonable "geusstimate" of how much

time you will need to tour the exhibit.

Definitely a must see!

(417) 272-0090


17799 Missouri 13 in Branson West, and a new

location next door to the Dollar General by the

main Post Office.


The ark was to

save Noah, his

family, and

representatives of

all species, from a

divine flood

intended to wipe

out all life. Its

dimensions are

given as 300

cubits in length,

50 cubits in width

and 30 cubits in

height (450 × 75 ×

45 ft or 137 × 22.9

× 13.7 m).


By Dwight Widaman

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Don't all these celebrities protesting

Trump's wall have big secured fences and

gates around their homes?

Yes. Often guards too. But they only speak

from safe spaces.

Each of these celebrities should house a

few dozen refugees in their homes since

they love leading by example.

Great idea! They all have multiple

dwellings most of which probably remain

empty much of the time. I think the

refugees would love to live in Jackson

Hole, Aspen, Telluride, Miami, West Palm

Beach, Santa Fe, Palm Springs, Malibu,

Hawaii, NYC, the Hamptons, Martha's

Vineyard, etc. Don't you!?!

Randomly selected refugees

They don't get to vet them and only pick

the little Syrian kids

Let's see how comfortable they are with

a 19 year old Somalian male stranger.

killed by the refugee

he hosted.

Rich liberals don't

apply the same rules to themselves as

they do to the plebs. Al Gore owns

multiple mansions and flies around the

world in chartered private jets, but he

lectures middle class people about

cutting back on carbon emissions.

He has yuuge holdings of oil stock.

“Muslim” is a religious faith and”illegal

immigrant” is a criminal status. Neither

one has anything to do with race.

And the house Cher just sold to Beyonce

looks like Folsom Prison. It has a fence

inside a fence with walls!

The audacity on part of celebrities

absolutely amazes me. I mean, they live

in big, beautiful homes within gated

communities; they have bodyguards and

other forms of

private security; their

children go to the

best private schools;

things like healthcare

premiums are just

pocket change to

them. So they need

not worry about

PAYING for these

"refugees," or the

danger they might



themselves or their

families - BECAUSE





They don't even need to do it out of the

goodness of their hearts. They can also

hire them. Do you know how much

maintenance staff these homes need?

Can we find ONE celebrity who is willing

to hire ONE Syrian gardener?

I hear crickets.

They don't get to vet them and only pick

the little Syrian kids

They can pick "kids", but only by looking

at the written case file.

Suddenly when they open the door that

sweet 12y old kid is a 29 y rapefugee.

And since their homes are giant

mansions that can house multiple


And since their vacation homes are not

even occupied, they can surely pack

plenty into those.

Some guy in Germany did that. He was

Dear Whoopi, surely you are intelligent enough to realize that

your one­dimensional character acting has always been

propped up by casting directors looking for a token, angry,

liberal, black woman? Your profane, course dissertations on

a nihilistic worldview are a sad attempt to distract other

ignorant people to believe your false pro­choice mantra.

Sorry Ms. Goldberg, it’s not your body... it’s the baby’s body.


Yes, and one of them is even suing his

neighbors in order to build a bigger one.

The Obamas are built a wall around their

new DC mansion.

They want open borders, yet they have

high-end security .

I smell Bull Exhaust.

The trump haters should realize that

But that's different.

They want to keep

drug crazed

murderers and

rapists out

No joke, I am thinking

of recruiting a group

of centipedes to

canvas local

neighborhoods as

representatives of the

"Tear It Down"

movement against

walls. Our mission would be to convince

liberal homeowners to tear down their

walls as a show of solidarity with those

who would be impeded from entering the

US, achieving the American dream, or

reuniting with family because of

"Trump's hate wall". At first I expect folks

to be confused, but I am sure once we

point out that their walls impede the

natural flow of water, migration of local

animals, and foot traffic from other

people who may need to use their yards

as a shortcut to get to other places, they'll


see how wrong their walls are.

For the record, I live in Tucson, AZ. There

are more walled homes than you can

shake a stick at out here.

I am in Tempe. I have found that shaking

sticks at walls doesn't knock them down.

That is why we need The Wall

Of course, it's disengenuous that they tell

you how to live your life without ever

having to do it themselves.

Did you know that they receive free gift

bags at these award shows who's

contents could pay your rent for a year or

more, that their 2k a year sag payment

covers their medical and so on?

They'll never run into anybody they

champion for unless it's a photo op, just

like politicians.

Maybe the celebrities should give up

their citizenship for a refugee. One

celebrity for one refugee.

Or visit Somalia to show their support.

I was thinking the same thing. It's easy to

be for "refugees" and illegals when you

have armed guards and live in a bubble.

Who cares about the rest of us? Feelings


And underground bunkers, armed

guards, helicopters, etc etc.

I believe the answer is yes.

And their kids go to schools with armed

guards. My kids go to schools with a

sticker on the door that says "This is a

gun-free zone!"

They can't have the wall and pay their

illegal house keepers 25 cents on the

dollar too.

Yes they do because they are

intellectually dishonest.

I'm really turned off by so many

celebrities now. I honestly think they are

shooting themselves in the foot by being

so political.

They are almost excluseviley anti-second

amendment while

their Hollywood

industry continues

to be the biggest

purveyor of gun

violence than any

other group!

They are alienating

their fans. Not all,

but a lot of people

see through them.

Some celebrities

acted like such

jerks during and

after the election that I will never pay to

see another movie staring these people

or download their music ever again.

Meryl Streep is a joke in my mind now.

So is Bryan Cranston and Katy Perry.

Madonna, Beyonce, George Clooney,

Ashley Judd, Cher....they are lunatics in

my mind. They are totally isolated from

normal society by thier wealth, walls and

armed body guns and yes they carry real

guns. Their public opinions and outcry

WILL backfire.

Yeah, and celebrities had to pay for their

own walls, just like we will.

Yea because they wanna open their

mouths in order to stay relevant.

Not only that, but they also were

supposed to have these Houses

with fences and gates in Canada.

Why didn’t they move to Ottawa

liked they promised us if Trump


I want to know why none of these

spoiled brats threatened to move

to Mexico instead of Canada?

Fish swim, birds fly and liers lie.

Sounds like racism to me.....

They're also the same people who

block the development of low

income housing in places like San


Yes they do. They live high up on

hillsides with gates and walls

blocking entry from the road. I

drive by it every day.

It's very simple, if you have a lock on your

door how can you be against vetting?

And security guards too!!

They live so far removed from reality, in

their own bubbles in gated communities.

The celebrities that speaks about open

boarders and no walls should have to

open their homes up. They can't possibly

need to keep empty mansions empty.

Giving should start at home.

Most homes in Mexico are surrounded by

walls, to guard against uncontrollable

crime. But as soon as the US decides to

build a wall for the same reason,



do your kids not trust you for their next meal?

By Waleed Ahmed

Not Worrying

≠ Not Caring

Those nights when you lie awake,

restless and tossing and turning,

your mind churning over a future

that is uncertain and unknown. Those

days when your heart is heavy and your

spirit is sorrowful while you imagine

what will befall you or that person you

love. There isn’t a human being alive who

doesn’t know the agony of worry. There

isn’t a human being alive who hasn’t

allowed legitimate concern to devolve

into illegitimate anxiety. But just because

worry is universal does not mean it is

right or good. To the contrary, God warns

us against it: “Be anxious for nothing,” he

says, and “do not be anxious about

tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious

for itself.”

But it’s not so easy in the moment, is it?

If God forbids worry, why do we still

spend so much time doing it? If God

warns us against anxiety, why we do we

still find ourselves racked with fear as we

consider what we’ve done and are doing

and will do? Why do we waste days and

squander nights in the joyless captivity

of worry?

We think worrying is caring. We

associate the issue or concern with the

anxiety we feel for it. In fact, we may go

so far as to sanctify our anxiety, to elevate

it to the status of virtue. “I worry so much

because I care so much.” And maybe we

turn on people who don’t feel the same:

“You don’t worry because you don’t care.”

But worrying is not caring. Or, to turn it

around, not worrying does not equal not

caring. Our willingness to fret about

something is not a necessary indication

that we care deeply about it. Our

unwillingness to fret about something is

not a necessary indication that we are

ambivalent about it. In those times we

are fearful or uncertain, we can make

ourselves believe that our worrying

displays just how much we care, just how

much our hearts are engaged. But it’s a

false connection. The fact is, we can care

deeply and never feel a single pang of


We thinking worrying is

effectual. “Effectual” is

“producing or able to

produce a desired effect.”

We want our problem to

be fixed and convince

ourselves worrying will

help. We think our

worrying will accomplish something.

Especially, we think our worrying may

convince God just how much we care and

cause him to respond to our pleas. But

worry is not effectual. It does not

accomplish anything—or anything good,

at least. Worry is not the means through

which God wants us to express our

desperation to him. Worry is not the

means through which God hears us or

responds to our pleas. Worry is not a

shortcut to the ear of God or the key to

unlock his attention. To the contrary, it

may be the very opposite. Our worry may

cause God to allow our trial to continue

until we have calmed our hearts and

submitted them to his good purposes.

God does not mean for us to worry, but

to pray. He does not mean for us to bear

our own burden through anxiety, but to

entrust it to him through prayer. It is not

God’s will that we fret, that we feel deep

anxiety, that we spend days and nights

running over all the terrible possibilities

in our minds. Rather, we are to “humble

ourselves under the mighty hand of God

so that at the proper time he may exalt

us, casting all our anxieties on him,

because he cares for us” (1 Peter 5:6-7).

His care, not our anxiety, is our refuge.

When we hand it all to him, we can truly

be anxious for nothing. We can care

deeply without worrying for as much as

a moment.


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. Feed Back From Our Readers

yak bak

Response to "Legalism" by Joe


A legalist is one who thinks that you must

keep the Law to achieve Salvation.

Nothing could be farther from the Truth.

The Gospel is a simple statement and a

two page rant only makes the Gospel

more complicated.

It seems everyone wants to add their

twist(s) to the Gospel. The Gospel is a

simple statement. There are some

caveats, of which, everyone should be


The Gospel is a simple statement. A

person can hear or see it and take it or

leave it. They can decide to be right or

wrong. You will never successfully argue

a person into heaven.

They say, You must keep the Law to be

saved. No one can keep the Law. The

Law was and is a school master. The

purpose of the Law was demonstrate

that no matter how hard we try we will

always break some part oft the law. Jesus

said " If you break one of the Laws then

you have broken the whole Law.

Robert Killam, Marshfield, MO


Okay, I am confused. After reading your

“About Us” it is very clear you are antichurch

organizations and yet you

promote all the usual offenders on page

28 of each edition. Are you bi-polar or

just compromised by sponsors?

Bucky Lowell, High Point, NC

ed­ Church organizations are a good way

to respond to our salvation in an

environment that we are consortable

with. Our only beef is with those that

believe that they are in right standing

with God because of their affiliation to it.


I grew up in the Ohio Valley region

amongst a cadre of steel mills along the

Ohio River. It was a booming industry

that dominated the planet with the

highest quality product at a reasonable

price. Due to both Democrats and

Republicans refusing to protect the

industry with Fair Trade practices,

Japan’s junk-steel imports utterly

destroyed the American steel industry.

Because of the unfair trade practices and

our expensive agreement to defend Japan

militarily, Detroit’s automakers and the

steel industry were utterly destroyed.

This is not an opinion... it is a fact. If you

deny this truth because you personally

find Donald Trump distasteful, you are

totally deluded and an intellectually

dishonest human being. Grow up!

Jason Duke, Pittsburgh, PA


Thank you for your occasional articles

addressing the Holy Days of God. For

most of my life I have honored and been

blessed by them but it wasn’t until the

Lord showed me that my right standing

with Him wasn’t in keeping His Holy

Days but rather it was the Works of

Christ and Him crucified that made me

whole. Now, when I commemorate the

Holy days instead of the pseudo-pagan

holidays of man, I can rejoice in the

richness of the shadows!

Joseph Gargiolina, Holt, MI


Our family lost our precious son, in an

IED incident 4 years ago in Afghanistan.

We finally have been able to venture out

for some R & R without the enseless guilt

of enjoying ourselves. We never really

heard of Branson, Missouri as a place we

would like to visit until we came across

your incredible offer at the Gold Star

Family Inn. We thoroughly enjoyed our

room, the great entertainment and

visiting your fine staff. You all made us

feel like family and the back of our door

in our room had a sign reminding us that

God also knows our grief because He too

knows what it is like to sacrifice his Son

for other people’s freedom! Waiting on

our eternal reunion and forever grateful

to you, Julia Field and family, Orlando, FL


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Feeling liberated or oppressed?

The Space Between Courting and Hooking Up

Ihave often reflected on how and why

dating has become so difficult in the

20 years since it was of any real

concern to me. At least, when speaking to

today’s young adults and observing their

lives, it sure seems there has been a

significant shift. Something has changed

between then and now so that what once

seemed relatively simple has become

strangely complicated. I know there are

many reasons for this, but I’ve been

pondering the possibility that the

difficulties arise from two extremes, one

lauded in the church and one lauded in

the world. I wonder if today’s Christian

young people are having trouble finding

the space between courting and hooking


In the wider culture, hookups have

become the norm. A couple of

generations ago, it was the societal

consensus that the right and appropriate

context for sex was marriage. The sexual

revolution soon “liberated” sex from

marriage, but even then it was still

considered an act associated with some

kind of relational commitment. However,

the revolution has since advanced so far

that sex is now a kind of opening act. It’s

now considered perfectly normal for a

relationship to progress from awkward

introductions to tearing off clothes in

mere minutes. The discussion today is

not about whether it’s okay to have sex

before the wedding night, but if it’s okay

to not have sex on a first date. Sex has

gone from a rite of consummation to an

act of initiation. It is a pre-love, precommitment

ritual that people insist has

no real significance.

Today’s teens and young adults have

grown up in this kind of a world. The

hookup culture is the air they’ve

breathed through life, example, and a

million television shows. Now imagine a

young man and woman who are vaguely

interested in one another. A couple of

generations ago they could admit this

mutual attraction and perhaps go out

together for a no-commitment, nopressure

date. The invitation to dinner

and a movie was essentially the

invitation to get to know one another. But

in a hookup culture, any date carries the

possibility, perhaps even the likelihood,

of sex. “Would you like to go out for

dinner?” is understood as, “Would you

like to have sex with me?” This is a

tremendous weight to lay on the earliest

stages of a relationship.

That’s what’s going on in the wider

culture. Meanwhile, in the conservative

Christian subculture, courting has

become the norm, or at least held up as

an ideal. For years we were told that

dating was unsafe and would lead

inevitably to fornication, and further, we

were told that dating was unbiblical, that

it dishonored God and his vision for

Christian families. Young men were

instructed that they must approach a

young woman’s father to seek his

permission before they could do

something as minor and innocent as

asking his daughter out for coffee. They

were told that any God-honoring

relationship must see marriage as the


Today’s Christian teens and young adults

have grown up in this kind of Christian

subculture. The courtship model was

lauded and held up as the God-ordained

means of bringing couples together. Now

imagine a young man and woman who

are vaguely interested in one another. To

know whether that vague interest can

grow into romantic attraction, they need

to get to know one another. But they

cannot do that without securing the

permission of her father, and to secure

that permission, the young man needs to

express his interest in her as a potential

wife. Any desire to spend any time

together is understood as interest in

marriage. “I’d like to get to know you”

carries the connotation of “I want to

spend the rest of my life with you.” This,

too, is a tremendous weight to lay on the

earliest stages of a relationship.

The world insists dating has no real

meaning while the church insists dating

has the ultimate meaning.

On the one

side, the

world means

to convince

young people



begin with

sex in the



while the

church means to convince them that

relationships begin with marriage in the

immediate background. The world

insists dating has no real meaning while

the church insists dating has the ultimate

meaning. Courtship and hooking up are

two very different approaches for a

relationship, but they share a common

consequence: They put too much weight

on too weak a relationship.

What’s the solution? I suppose it’s

finding ways in which the early days of a

potential relationship can carry a

message no more complicated than, “I’d

like to get to know you.” Obviously we

want dating to be pure and purposeful, to

maintain the highest standards of sexual

purity and not to be merely casual, with

no hope for a shared future. The

challenge is to give young adults the

freedom to get to know one another

without attaching the weight of sex or the

weight of a lifelong commitment. That

may involve going back to an older

model, but, more realistically, it’s

probably working toward a newer model

that accounts for all the ways society has

been transformed over the past couple of


(I don’t mean that courtship can never

work or that there’s anything necessarily

wrong with it. Rather, the notion of

courtship that grew up in the past couple

of decades was taken from a different

time and place and then inserted into a

culture that, in many cases, wasn’t ready

for it. It may have been appropriate for

some families or settings, but certainly

not for all. Additionally, it was taught


condemnanton or shame.

If you disagree, the statistics of

Christian women having abortions

because they cannot handle the stigma of

being an unwed mother or dissappointing

their famies should keep you up at night.

kill the god you

created in your own


with the force of biblical imperative

where the Bible only

ever describes, never

prescribes it.)


editor’s note: When addressing our

Christian youth and young adults we have

to also be aware that they are “hooking

up” because they have bought into the

world’s moral deficiency that it is alright

as long as it is with the “right person” or

“in love”. They need to be taught that

condoms do not protect the heart. They

should be told that “hooking up” can and

most often results in life­long regret and

that if they fail in that area; abortion is

NOT an option. This is the tricky part. You

have to convince them that if an unwanted

pregnancy occurs you will absoltely

celebrate this new life with thanksgiving

and wild excitement WITHOUT

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a spoonful full of intellectual honesty makes the medicine go down

The Bitter Pill

us believe they have checked everything

and they are the final authority.

‘bitter pills of Truth that are difficult to


by Kathleen O’Neil

Do you believe the truth? Which

sources of information can we


My husband tells me that when he

reported the news on the radio several

years ago, they had to confirm everything

by three sources or more. This made it

mostly impossible to broadcast “fake

news.” But today, there is no

accountability and everyone gets worked

into a frenzy over things that are not

confirmed and are presented as truth.

Absolute truth still exists but is seldom

accepted. There is a huge division in our

country and people are no longer civil or

willing to listen to the opposing view

point. I have encountered people that are

so belligerent that they will not even

consider what I have to say.

Young people have been fed information

that is no longer based on even a

remnant of truth but opinion and we

know that opinions change often. At one

time, one of the political party starts a

program and then three or four

administrations later, they are suddenly

blaming the issue on people who were

not in office or involved in any way. It

was their conviction at the time but now,

they have total amnesia.

When I was a kid, we played a game

called telephone. You whispered

something to the first person in the circle

and then it was passed on. The end word

was never the same. An example might

be starting with “elephant” and the end

result is “every man.” We each hear

things differently and if we don’t confirm

things, we tend to believe anything.

Often internet sources and podcasts have

The simple Truth is based on the

Scripture but today even those have been

twisted enough so that we have split into

many denominations, with each thinking

they have the appropriate interpretation.

Many people have just given up and

stayed home or gone fishing.

The ‘church’ has stood by as so many

illegal, immoral and unethical

foundations were laid and now some are

willing to speak up but we are often

ignored or scorned. We are an easy

target. We have forgotten that Truth is

Truth whether we believe it or not. It is

Truth even if we don’t like it or accept it.

It is time for true “Truth Seekers” to give

up opinion and take the bitter pill. Jamie

Buckingham wrote a book called, “The

Truth Will Set You Free but First it Will

Make You Miserable.” While it is a tonguein-cheek

look at our ideas and opinions,

it has a ring of truth! Personally, I am

working on finding the Truth. It is the

There are many influential people who

are on TV, radio, and podcasts. We have

talking heads that tell us what the

speaker we just heard really said. As a

young woman, I heard people report the

news, but today, it is sliced, diced and

disseminated as they impart their ideas

and opinions as absolute truth. After all,

they believe that we are unable to

interpret the words we

just heard for ourselves

and will need the

benefit of their

enormous expertise

and opinion.

Help us Lord. We have

the mind of Christ and

need not be led by

others’ opinions. We

can listen to the Holy

Spirit who “brings all

things to our

remembrance”. While it

is a bitter pill, the Truth

sets us free and brings

us peace.

The Reformation was a time when men went blind, staggering drunk because they had discovered, in the

dusty basement of late medievalism a whole cellarful of fifteen-hundred-year-old, two-hundred-proof

grace— of bottle after bottle of pure distillate of Scripture, one sip of which would convince anyone that

God saves us single-handedly.The word of the gospel—after all those centuries of trying to lift yourself

into heaven by worrying about the perfection of your bootstraps—suddenly turned out to be a flat

announcement that the saved were home before they started... Grace has to be drunk straight: no water,

no ice, and certainly no ginger ale; neither goodness, nor badness, nor the flowers that bloom in the spring

of super spirituality could be allowed to enter into the case.

-Robert Capon


ancient, wonderful right of passage

Ask the Rabbi - What is Bar Mitzvah?

From Rabbi Jeremy Storch

One of the best known traditions of

the Jewish people is that of a

Bar/Bat Mitzvah. “Bar” is an

Aramaic word for “son” and “Bat” is

Hebrew for “daughter”. “Mitzvah” is

Hebrew for “commandment”. This is a

special time where a child takes

responsibility for his or her own spiritual

life, a crossing over from childhood to

adulthood. The most detailed description

of a Bar Mitzvah in the Scripture is in the

New Testament, the Bar Mitzvah of Yeshua

the Messiah. (See Luke 2:41-47).

In the Torah, the primary age of

significance was age 20, when a male was

fit for military experience, counted in the

census, and obligated to give a half-shekel

for the upkeep of the Temple (Exodus

30:14, Numbers 1:3).

The term “bar mitzvah” occurs in the

Talmud as a legal concept. A boy of this age

could perform acts such as being a member

of the rabbinic court and he may even buy

and sell property.

According to the Midrash, thirteen

was the age at which Abraham

rejected idolatry and set out on his

own spiritual path and Jacob

committed himself to a life of Torah


Today, in many Jewish and

Messianic synagogues, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

candidate would be called up to the Torah,

and lead the congregation in prayer. Having

accomplished the task of chanting the

Scriptures, the honoree presents the

"sermon" or “teaching”, and thanks family

and friends for participating.

As with weddings or other life events, it

is common to give the Bar/Bat Mitzvah

celebrant a gift. Common gifts include

books, writing implements, savings bonds,

or gift certificates. Because the Hebrew

word for “life” (“chai”) is also the number

18, monetary gifts in multiples of $18.00

(ie. $18, $36, $180, etc.) are considered


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This Post followed her

husband judging Jim

Bakker. Coincidence?

Maybe not.

Hi, everyone.

This is Aileen writing today. On behalf of

Tim I wanted to let you know that the

ongoing issue with the nerves in his arms

has flared up badly over the past week.

He is also having some issues with his

back—we are not sure if the two are

directly related although we suspect they

are not. What it all means is that Tim

can’t type and he also can’t sit at a desk

(or anywhere else for that matter!).

Because of this, he has not be able to

write anything for today. He has some

videos to share this week and will

continue to post A La Carte every day,

since I can do that typing for him. He is

also going to try dictating some articles

to a friend this week to see if he can write

that way. (After 20 years of marriage, we

are compatible in a lot of ways, but

typing articles for him would definitely

be a stretch for us.)

We very much covet your prayers. We

know God has some kind of plan in all

this and we genuinely desire to honor

and glorify him in all things. Please pray

especially for Tim’s pain and for wisdom

as we work through how to proceed. He’s

under the care of some good doctors but

it’s a long process identifying and

recovering from issues related to

damaged nerves.

ed: I left out the last name of this Christian

leader to cover him with grace.

How ironic... Governor

Cuomo said that

Donald Trump

was ripping babies from

their mothers.


However, President Trump’s economic policies have

created so many new jobs that young people

are finding work and ripped from thier

mother’s basements.

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there is a pool company on this page that is amazing!

Let us bring your backyard to life

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ome You

east of


The Bible says that God’s children will be ruling with Christ the Messiah for a 1,000

year millennial reign. We are in training now but there will not be a need for

professional politicians, there will only be spirit filled, God lovers showing the world

the wonders of a planet ruled by His children of all races, denominations, tribes

and countries for we will lose all those distinctions and be known as the children

of God. We will show those not yet saved how to live and according to Zechariah

14:16­21 the Feast will be required and enjoyed. We keep it now as a

commemoration of a coming perfect government. ­ed




(Pray for the peace of


Tehillim/Psalms 122:6



Last Man Standing

Trailer Takes Shots

At ABC For



Fox is known for being a network

that plays faster and looser with its

comedic ethics than others. Such

pointed playfulness is on display in the

latest promo for Last Man Standing's first

season on Fox, which features several

gags where Tim Allen takes aim at

former network ABC over cancelling the

popular sitcom in the first place. Though

I guess it's up to the viewer to judge just

how playful it really is.

While perhaps not the most

bloodthirsty insults that could have

come from Last Man Standing's

creative team, the promo-friendly

jabs at ABC were still savage

enough. And one has to wonder

how quickly those moments were

written up after Fox first

announced it had ordered up

Season 7, knowing that a splashy

way to establish oneself on a new

network would be by throwing the

old one under the bus.

For those who didn't watch, the

first promo segment featured a

befuddled Kyle asking why anyone

would cancel a TV show so beloved

by the masses, to which Tim Allen's Mike

walks in and replies that they might just

be "a bunch of idiots." Certainly that was

an opinion shared by tons of petitionsigning

Last Man Standing fans who were

enraged after the show's surprising

cancellation last year. But it's another

thing when the show's star and executive

producer is voicing those barbs within

the context of the show itself.

Talking to Vanessa, Mike points out that

he thinks everything is way better on the

new network. But that opinion will need

to wait a little longer to find others to

share it, since the season has yet to kick

off at its new home. Even beyond taking

shots at ABC, these Fox promos also seem

to be very optimistic that the audiences

that tuned in for the first six seasons'

episodes will automatically be returning

for Season 7.

Specifically in the second one, when the

Baxter parents are called out of the

woods by "million of strangers" to come

back, it's clear that Fox is confident in

how well Last Man Standing will do in the

same Friday night timeslot it used to air

in. In its later seasons, the comedy was

bringing in between 5-7 million viewers

for its live viewings, and earned around

a 1.0 demo rating. But it would often

surpass those numbers to drive its yearly

averages up, especially when delayed

viewing came into play. So if Fox can

manage to bring in the majority of those

former viewers, the network could be

looking at one of its most-watched

comedies in years.

New and old viewers will be in for some

changes, too, with new actors

stepping in to fill the roles of

Mandy and Boyd. As well, the show

will introduce a new character into

the Baxter home that will have a

big impact on Vanessa. But almost

everything and everyone else will

stay the same.

Last Man Standing will

be back for Season 7,

the new episodes air

on on Friday nights at

8:00 p.m. ET.


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we cannot earn His favor... seriously

Many Christians refuse to live by Grace and insist on

earning God’s favor through personal behavior (legalism)...

the lost refuse the Grace of God by believing they are

righteous by “loving” the world into oblivion

Examples of legalism

Most of us are familiar with the famous

comic, Jeff Foxworthy. While he has his

famous redneck test ("you might be a

redneck if…"), I have my not so famous

legalist test ("you might be a legalist if…

"). Here are some illustrations of the four

types of legalism named above.

1. If you think you must become good

enough, or do a certain number of good

works in order to be saved and/or

maintain your salvation status with

God…you might be a legalist. If, when you

sin you feel as though you cannot come

before God until you have met some sort

of probationary period to regain your

worthiness…you might be a legalist.

2. If, when you think about the way God

sees you you can only think of your good

or bad works, rather than thinking about

your acceptance before God in Jesus

Christ…you might be a legalist.

3. If you elevate Christian traditions

(particularly moral traditions) to a status

on par with the teaching of Scripture

itself…you might be a legalist.

4. If you require others to live in the same

manner as you do, and yet you cannot

find the behavior you are prescribing or

prohibiting in Scripture…you might be a


Legalism is a Universal

Tendency of Mankind ­ both

Liberals and Conservatives

Legalism is common to us all In one

degree or another because it is consistent

with man's nature. We want to do

everything on our own; i.e. we are selfsufficient.

This is even evident in toddlers

who commonly say "I do it!!!, I do it!!!"

with great anger and vigor when mom or

dad try to do something for them. Human

beings like being in control. That's why

we rebelled against God to begin with.

We didn't want God to hold that place of

authority over us. So when it comes to

good works we look at them as the way

in which we can control our salvation. If

we are bad, we forfeit salvation; if we are

good, we earn it.

That is why the message of salvation

by faith in Christ apart from good works

is so difficult for us to accept. We want to

be able to have some control over our

salvation, to make some sort of

contribution as it were, and yet the

Gospel says "Christ did it all, and there's

nothing more you can add to it. You must

accept what Christ did for you on your

behalf, or you will die in your sins." That's

why Paul noted in Galatians 5:3-4 that if

you trust in your works (circumcision in

the case of the Galatians) Christ will

profit you nothing. He said that those

who trusted in their works

(circumcision) had fallen from grace.

How? It was because they were trusting

in what they could do, working for a

reward (salvation) rather than trusting

in what God did for them and accepting

salvation as the unmerited free gift of

God that it is. Those with a legalistic

mentality forget that God justifies the

ungodly (Rom 4:5:), thinking rather that

they must become godly before God will

accept them. by JasonDulle@yahoo.com

And now an intellectually

honest admission from a

person on the left...

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said recently that

though many

liberals think they

are tolerant, often

they aren't.

Zakaria noted

that "at the height

of commencement

season," many new

graduates across

the country had

made their

political views

apparent, from the

Notre Dame

students who

walked out as Vice

President Mike

Pence gave his


address to the

crowd members

who booed

Secretary of

Education Betsy

DeVos during a

speech at Bethune-Cookman University.

"American universities seem

committed to every kind of diversity

except intellectual diversity. Conservative

voices and views are being silenced

entirely," Zakaria said.

The CNN host said he found this attitude

strange, especially given that these

incidents occurred on college campuses

that "promised to give their

undergraduates a liberal education."

"The word liberal in this context has

nothing to do with today's partisan


it’s what He did... not what we do

language, but refers instead to the Latin

root, pertaining to liberty. And at the

heart of liberty in the Western world has

been freedom of speech. From the

beginning, people understood that this

meant protecting and listening to speech

with which you disagreed," Zakaria


That means, he said, not drowning out

"the ideas that we find offensive."

In addition, Zakaria noted what he

called "an anti-intellectualism" on the


"It's an attitude of self-righteousness that

says we are so pure, we're so morally

superior, we cannot bear to hear an idea

with which we disagree," he said.

"Liberals think they are tolerant but

often they aren't," he added.

No one, he continued, "has a monopoly

on right or virtue."

In fact, it is only by being open to

hearing opposing views that people on

both sides of the political spectrum can

learn something, Zakaria said.

"By talking seriously and respectfully

about agreements and disagreements,

we can come together in a common

conversation," he said.

"Recognizing that while we seem so

far apart, we do actually have a common



editor’s note:

To fill the missing “God Void” in their

lives, those on the far left have become

their own gods. They pander to every

dysfuntional, broken human behavior

with tolerance, acceptance-enabling

normalization of brokeness. All the while

participating in the world’s worst

genocide (abortion). They dubbed this

as “loving behavior’ as opposed to the

Christian “Haters”. Recent pundits ask ,

“If abortions were carried out with hand

guns, would the

liberals be in favor of

overturning Roe vs.


Consider Isaiah

5:20 ESV - Woe to

those who call evil

good and good evil,

who put darkness for

light and light for

darkness, who put

bitter for sweet and

sweet for bitter!

The scripture verse

found in John 8:44

ESV says, You are of

your father the devil,

and your will is to do

your father's desires.

He was a murderer

from the beginning,

and has nothing to do

with the truth, because

there is no truth in

him. When he lies, he

speaks out of his own

character, for he is a liar and the father of


The gospel that is beautiful and

transforming to God’s people is ugly and

odious to those who are not his people.

The gospel that so satisfies those who

believe it revolts those who reject it.

Rainbow Haven Resort

& Marina

2927 State Hwy 176 • Rockaway Beach, MO 65740






the peace that passes all understanding


continued from page 2

Throughout human history, people

have been searching for

contentment and satisfaction—but

when they think they have found it, the

feelings have been fleeting and

temporary. Mostly people have been

looking in all the wrong places.

For example, it is common and seems

logical to conclude that if everyone were

prosperous, everyone would

automatically be content and satisfied.

But is having enough to eat and drink

with the peace to enjoy it enough to make

us lastingly content? Is physical

abundance the cause of contentment and


What is the real source of deep, lasting

contentment and eternal satisfaction?

We’ll see it’s not prosperity that will

bring contentment. It’s something much

more important.

The satisfaction experiment

How do we know that physical things

alone won’t satisfy people? We may know

this by personal experience or by

learning about others’ experiences.

We can also learn it by reading about it in

a book of revealed wisdom. There are

verses in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes

that tell us:

“The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor

the ear filled with hearing” (1:8).

“All the labor of man is for his mouth, and

yet the soul is not satisfied” (6:7).

No matter what we see or hear or taste—

whatever we experience with our

physical senses—it will be temporary.

King Solomon performed the

quintessential experiment on this

subject. He recorded his experimental

search for happiness and satisfaction in

Ecclesiastes 2. In this chapter, we see a

man who had it all—who was rich and

powerful and had everything he could

imagine. Few people in history have had

all the blessings he had—and yet he was

not satisfied. He decided to try an

experiment to see what would really

bring him the satisfaction he longed for.

He tried humor and wine and song—

every type of entertainment. He tried

building projects and big fancy homes

and gathering all the treasures and

luxuries he could.

Solomon summarized his experiment

this way: “Whatever my eyes desired I did

not keep from them. I did not withhold my

heart from any pleasure, for my heart

rejoiced in all my labor; and this was my

reward from all my labor” (Ecclesiastes


Yes, he had some level of rejoicing and

reward for what he accomplished. God

designed the physical world to give us joy.

But Solomon goes on in verse 11 to show

the longer-term outcome of his

experiment: “Then I looked on all the

works that my hands had done and on

the labor in which I had toiled; and

indeed it was vanity and grasping for the

wind. There was no profit under the sun.”

He found it all futile—empty—

like trying to grab a handful of


Solomon’s reign was a time of plenty. The

people of Israel, and Solomon in

particular, were blessed with peace and

abundance. But Solomon learned that

peace and prosperity are not everything.

These physical blessings aren’t what

bring ultimate satisfaction and

contentment. You can have it all—

physically—but still feel empty inside.

The real source of satisfaction

So what does bring true contentment—

real satisfaction?

Solomon concluded the book of

Ecclesiastes with this moral of the story:

“Fear God and keep His commandments,

for this is man’s all” (12:13). This is what

makes us whole and complete.

Solomon explained it more completely in

Proverbs 19:23: “The fear of the LORD

leads to life, and he who has it will abide

in satisfaction; he will not be visited with

evil” (emphasis added).

The main Hebrew and Greek words

translated fear in the Bible can have

several shades of meaning, but in the

context of the fear of the Lord, they

convey a positive reverence.

The Hebrew verb yare can mean “to fear,

to respect, to reverence” and the Hebrew

noun yirah “usually refers to the fear of

God and is viewed as a positive quality.

This fear acknowledges God’s good

intentions. … This fear is produced by

God’s Word … and makes a person

receptive to wisdom and knowledge”

(The Complete Word Study Dictionary:

Old Testament).

The fear of the Lord is not talking about

a paralyzing terror. The positive fear of

the Lord taught in the Bible is a key

element in leading us to change. It helps

us have a proper, humble perspective of

ourselves in relation to our awesome

God; it helps us in times of temptation

when we need to remember the serious

consequences of disobeying God; and it

motivates us to become more like our

loving Creator.

By doing these things, the fear of the Lord

helps us build a strong, loving

relationship with God that brings eternal

benefits. (Learn more about this in our

article “Fear of the Lord: What Does It


When we do put God first—fearing to

displease Him and seeking to please Him

always—we will be on the way to true

and eternal satisfaction.Even in the

“Millennium”—the utopian age God

promises will spread around the world

after Jesus Christ’s second coming—

peace and prosperity and physical things

won’t be the cause of satisfaction. The

real contentment comes from a right

relationship with God.

When we do put God first—fearing to

displease Him and seeking to please Him

always—we will be on the way to true

and eternal satisfaction.

God has real and permanent eternal

blessings in store—He has things that the

human eyes have not seen and that

human minds have not even imagined!

Consider some wisdom recorded by King

Solomon’s wise and God-fearing father,

King David. Psalm 36 starts by talking

about those who do not fear God, and


how that leads to sin, wickedness and

evil. But in verses 7-8 David shows the

eternal blessings of a close relationship

with God:

“How precious is Your lovingkindness, O

God! Therefore the children of men put

their trust under the shadow of Your

wings. They are abundantly satisfied with

the fullness of Your house, and You give

them drink from the river of Your


Learn the lessons of King

Solomon in Ecclesiastes and

recognize that the true source

of satisfaction and

contentment—now and

forever—is a right relationship

with our loving God!

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are you reading this online?

Jesus wasn't white:

he was a brown-skinned,

Middle Eastern Jew.

Here's why that matters


Igrew up in a Christian home, where a photo

of Jesus hung on my bedroom wall. I still have

it. It is schmaltzy and rather tacky in that

1970s kind of way, but as a little girl I loved

it. In this picture, Jesus looks kind and gentle,

he gazes down at me lovingly. He is also light-haired,

blue-eyed, and very white.

The problem is, Jesus was not white. You’d be

forgiven for thinking otherwise if you’ve ever

entered a Western church or visited an art gallery.

But while there is no physical description of him in

the Bible, there is also no doubt that the historical

Jesus, the man who was executed by the Roman

State in the first century CE, was a brown-skinned,

Middle Eastern Jew.

This is not controversial from a scholarly point of

view, but somehow it is a forgotten detail for many

of the millions of Christians who will gather to

celebrate Easter this week.


After winning the 2013 Oscar for Best Supporting

Actress for her role in 12 Years a Slave, Kenyan

actress Lupita Nyong’o shot to fame. In interviews

since then, Nyong’o has repeatedly articulated her

feelings of inferiority as a young woman because all

the images of beauty she saw around her were of

lighter-skinned women. It was only when she saw

the fashion world embracing Sudanese model Alek

Wek that she realised black could be beautiful too.

If we can recognise the importance of ethnically and

physically diverse role models in our media, why

can’t we do the same for faith? Why do we continue

to allow images of a whitened Jesus to dominate?

Many churches and cultures do depict Jesus as a

brown or black man. Orthodox Christians usually

have a very different iconography to that of

European art – if you enter a church in Africa, you’ll

likely see an African Jesus on display.

On Good Friday, Christians attend churches to

worship Jesus and, in particular, remember his

death on a cross. In most of these churches, Jesus

will be depicted as a white man, a guy that looks like

Anglo-Australians, a guy easy for other Anglo-

Australians to identify with.

Think for a moment of the rather dashing Jim

Caviezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s Passion

of the Christ. He is an Irish-American actor. Or call

to mind some of the most famous artworks of Jesus’

crucifixion – Ruben, Grunewald, Giotto – and again

we see the European bias in depicting a whiteskinned


Does any of this matter? Yes, it really does. As a

society, we are well aware of the power of

representation and the importance of diverse role

But these are rarely the images we see in Australian

Protestant and Catholic churches, and it is our loss.

It allows the mainstream Christian community to

separate their devotion to Jesus from

compassionate regard for those who look different.

I would even go so far as to say it creates a cognitive

disconnect, where one can feel deep affection for

Jesus but little empathy for a Middle Eastern

person. It likewise has implications for the

theological claim that humans are made in God’s

image. If God is always imaged as white, then the

default human becomes white and such thinking

undergirds racism.

Historically, the whitewashing of Jesus contributed

to Christians being some of the worst perpetrators

of anti-Semitism and it continues to manifest in the


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“othering” of non-Anglo Saxon


This Easter, I can’t help but wonder, what

would our church and society look like if

we just remembered that Jesus was

brown? If we were confronted with the

reality that the body hung on the cross

was a brown body: one broken, tortured,

and publicly executed by an oppressive


How might it change our attitudes if we

could see that the unjust imprisonment,

abuse, and execution of the historical

Jesus has more in common with the

experience of Indigenous Australians or

asylum seekers than it does with those

who hold power in the church and

usually represent Christ?

The Conversation Perhaps most radical

of all, I can’t help but wonder what might

change if we were more mindful that the

person Christians celebrate as God in the

flesh and saviour of the entire world was

not a white man, but a Middle Eastern


Robyn J. Whitaker, Bromby Senior

Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Trinity

College, University of Divinity




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insightful observation by Elizabeth Scalia


When Kate Spade and Anthony

Bourdain committed suicide

within days of each other this

past year, it brought into sharp focus a

troubling fact that had until then flown

under most social radars: suicide has

become the tenth most common cause of

death in both the United States and


In fact—and this is stunning to

consider—the Center for Disease

Control reports that while 2016 saw

almost 19,000 homicides in the United

States, the number of suicides was

more than twice that at 45,000.

We’re talking about 64,000 lives lost to

violence against the self or another. How’s

that for tragedy? Add that to the

approximately 800,000 legal abortions

performed that same year, and one fact

becomes very clear: we human beings,

loved into being and formed in the image

of our Creator, are throwing ourselves


Why do we think so little of ourselves

and our humanity?

This is a core question, not a frivolous

one, and it cannot be answered as glibly

as some might like. Because we fear the

question, though, and because we

desperately want to make sense of horror

when we encounter it, we try to make a

fast response that “seems” to address it—

mostly so we can compartmentalize the

mystery and not have to think about it.

Thus, after the Spade and Bourdain

suicides we heard, “Well, depression;

here’s a hotline number,” which helped

some tidy up the issue in their minds so

they could move on. But studies and

researchers have determined that

suicides, or suicidal ideation, are not

exclusive to those suffering from

depression or ongoing mental illness.

Fear, anxiety, trauma, a loss of hope, a lack

of trustworthy human outreach, deep

loneliness, despair—all of these can come

into play in suicide, and a one-liner can’t

be the answer.

So, it was disturbing to see some

Christian voices—some fellow Catholics

among them—suggesting that if only

Spade or Bourdain had embraced a life of

faith as fully as some of us, why, they

wouldn't have killed themselves, because

they’d know the joy of the Lord.

It’s a terrible charge to make against

another; it’s right up there with saying

that if only one had enough faith, one

would never become ill. You might as well

say that if only one had enough faith, one

would never sin—something said by no

saint, ever.

In fact, the saints attest to the truth that

darkness can, and usually does, visit all of

us at one time or another. In the stories of

their lives, we see that knowing Christ,

even knowing the Lord as intimately as

we may through the Eucharist and prayer

and service, does not preclude us from

losing heart, becoming confused,

imagining that we are alone, unloved, and

unlovable, and feeling forgotten or bereft

of all friendship. In her letters, we read

Mother Teresa’s writing of “my pain and

suffering, my darkness and separation.”

The woman had faith—she knew she

possessed the love of God—yet she

experienced feelings of abandonment and

unloveable disposability.

Sometimes we are so full of selfloathing

that the idea of anyone else

loving us, much less the Almighty God

who is All Good, seems frankly

unimaginable because we’ve become

convinced that we are All-Bad. This is a

dark lie, of course, but when the feeling

becomes ingrained within us the battle

against it can be lifelong. It is usually in

the weakest of our moments—moments

that will pass, but while we are in them

we cannot see how—that the fight is lost.

We throw ourselves away, and the people

we leave behind are left to agonize over

why it was we did not believe in their

love, call on their love, depend on their

love, trust their love.

The thing is, we often don’t call on love

because we do not understand love—few

of us do, really. “Love is patient, love is

kind,” wrote Saint Paul, and yes, it is that.

But love is also complicated, as any child

who has been molested by a family

member or abandoned by a parent (or the

parent who did the abandoning) can tell

you. Love means being vulnerable; love

brings the pain, and the deeper the love

(or the sense of having lost it, somehow,

either through our own actions or the

actions of another), the deeper the pain.

That’s why, even though we crave love

and want to give love, we so rarely fully

trust love.

19,000 homicides; 45,000 suicides;

800,000 legal abortions—the throwing

away of humanity—all of it is

symptomatic of a crisis in our

understanding of love, and possibly of

forgiveness too. And people who are

believers, people who have faith in a

God who is one hundred percent Love,

and can therefore be nothing less than

Love in their lives, can lose sight of

what that means (because it is, in fact,

a mystery) just as easily as those

without faith, or “whose faith is known

to God alone.”

I am a writer and a Catholic, and I have

many times repeated to others the

absolute truth that Pope Benedict XVI

promulgated in his Principles of Catholic


It is only when life has been accepted

and is perceived as accepted that it

becomes also acceptable. Man is that

strange creature that needs not just

physical birth but also appreciation if he

is to subsist...If an individual is to accept

himself, someone must say to him: “It is

good that you exist”—must say it, not

with words, but with that act of the entire

being that we call love.

Perhaps hundreds of times, I have

shared that quote with others, because I

believe it is completely right. And

sometimes, I have had to seek those

words out for myself because my own

self-loathing—casting me ever-farther

away from the mystery of love—requires

that reminder in a despairing moment.

The theology of Love is powerful but,

as the Crucifix itself attests, it is also

complex because humanity is still broken,

still prone to misuse love, or

misunderstand love, or misidentify love.

And because we do -- and because we sin,

and thus become further enmeshed in our

confusion of love -- we suffer. And

because we understand suffering even

less than we understand love, we throw

ourselves away, or we throw away others.

Ultimately, it's the same thing.

Religion can certainly help with all of

this, but it’s not an “easy answer” or a

psychic bandage. The Catholic Church

possesses the fullest and best theology of

suffering to be found, because it is a

theology of the Cross inhabited by All

Love. It seems to me we have got to find a

more effective way to bring that theology

to the fore—to suffer together, that we

may better understand and trust in love.




Recipe for disaster or the favor of God? - Justin Bieber married

Hailey Baldwin recently, according to People magazine. The courthouse ceremony was

just for the two of them, but the couple reportedly will have a blowout celebration later.

"They're going to have a big blowout, in front of God and everyone they love," People

magazine’s source reported.The two attend Hillsong Church together and are friends

with several prominent pastors including Carl Lentz and Judah Smith. Hailey Baldwin

is the daughter of Christian actor Stephen Baldwin.

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Failure . . . The SECRET to

Success! Failure is the SECRET to

your Success! Don't believe me? Have

you ever seen a baby stand up for the

first time and take off walking across the

room? HECK NO!!!

That baby falls on his butt hundreds

of times before he even gets enough

balance mustered up to take a couple of

wobbly . . . TODDLING steps. Thus the

name . . . Toddler.

In fact, you may not know this but we

don't put padded diapers on babies

because they aren't potty trained, we put

PADDED diapers on babies because they

FALL on their butt so much.

But nobody has ever . . . EVER watched

a 2 year old fall on his butt and think to

himself, "what a loser, this kid will never

amount to anything."

When you are two, falling on your butt

is the price that you pay to learn how to

walk . . .

OR in other words FAILURE is the

price of SUCCESS. But somewhere along

about, I don't know 16 to 20 something,

people start to get this idea in their head

that if they fail at something . . .

They are a loser or It just isn't meant to

be or I will never amount to anything or I

guess I'm just not good enough or No one

will love me if they see me fail or I guess

it's not GOD'S will. (Yea, I'm pretty sure

that God just loooooves being used as an

excuse for our lack of development)

Whatever. . . . you get the idea.

Here's the deal . . . It doesn't matter if you

are 9 months old learning how to crawl

or 65 years old learning how to play the

drums for the first time or a middle aged

woman trying to stick to a diet so that

you can lose some weight. If you

ultimately want to succeed then you

must . . . let me repeat . . . YOU MUST. Fail

until you don't. Keep trying. Be

persistent. Don't let a natural little set

back turn into the universe being against

you. Failure is a normal, natural part of

learning ANYTHING. The only people

who don't fail at stuff are boring people

who are not growing as human beings

because they don't even TRY stuff.

So I say, if you wanna be GREAT. . . Fail . .

. Fail often . . .Fail fast . . . Regroup . . . Fail

again. One day, it absolutely does NOT

matter what we are talking about here . .

but one day you WILL get back up . . .

AND actually walk across that room

without falling, without even a wobble

and God will smile down on you and say,

I always knew you could do it. And at

that moment, you will acquire a

confidence that you did not have before

and the only way to acquire THAT

confidence is by swimming through that

big, dark, scary pool of failure to get to


Whatever that might be for you.

Losing 10 pounds. Losing 100 pounds.

Running a marathon or 5K. Getting your

black belt in some martial art. Finishing

college. Finishing high school. Playing a

musical instrument. Becoming a good

SPOUSE. Becoming a GREAT parent.

It doesn't matter what it is. YOU.



You might as well expect it and figure

it into the equation so it doesn't keep

you from success and an ABUNDANT


And Do NOT make a mistake about

this . . . an ABUNDANT LIFE is exactly

what is at stake here.

The SECRET to YOUR Success . . . IS

failure! With Love, Dr. Tim Onge

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Socialism has no moral

justification whatsoever; poor

people are not morally

superior to rich people, nor are

they owed anything by rich

people simply because of their

lack of success. Charity is not a

socialist concept ­ it is a

religious one, an

acknowledgment of God's

sovereignty over property, a

sovereignty the Left utterly

rejects. ­

Ben Shapiro

Cory Booker was recently overheard

screaming at an expired parking meter:

Don’t you know who I am?”

(That’s sarcasm, Spartacus)

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incredibles 2,

Equality and Fathers

By Jeremy Ham

The new

Disney film


2 was

released in


this past

Friday in

the US. At

Answers in

Genesis, we receive a number of requests

to give our take on various popular films.

As I watched this in a movie theater to

determine whether to write a review on

it, there was nothing that demanded we

comment on the film. But I do have some

personal thoughts and reflections that

may be beneficial to consider if you

choose to watch the film.

For those who would like to read a

review to determine if you or your family

should watch the film, I recommend you

read reviews such as “Incredibles 2

Movie Review” on PluggedIn. I will not be

commenting on whether the content is

suitable for children or adults.

In the Western culture, there is an

increased emphasis on women’s rights

and women being treated as equals to

men. A number of factors have

contributed to this focus in the culture

such as the MeToo movement, which has

helped keep this issue prominent,

including in Hollywood media.

Teaching Equality by Making

Men Look Foolish

Although this movie has been in

development for a number of years, I was

not surprised that Incredibles 2 includes

some of these issues.1 First, understand

that I found the film to be very funny and

entertaining. But as I was watching, I was

reminded that many movies will express

the importance of women being treated

as equals but do so by making the men

look foolish.

Now, God created all men and women in

His image (Genesis 1:27). The Bible—the

true history of the universe—is God’s

Word, and the truth of His Word is our

foundation that men and women are

created equal and should be treated as

such. As men and women we have

different roles in marriage (Ephesians

5:22–33), but we are still equal before

God (Galatians 3:28).

The secularized culture has no moral

foundation or absolute authority for why

women and men must be treated as

equals. In certain instances, people will

resort to belittling and joking about one

gender in order to emphasize the

importance of recognizing the other


Not Leading by Example

In the film, Bob (Mr. Incredible) is seen

looking after their children while his

wife, Helen (Elastigirl), works as a

superhero. If the movie had just stayed

with this scenario, I would not be writing

this article, but I came away with the

impression that Mr. Incredible was

initially shown as incapable of handling

his children. In addition, Elastigirl was

more capable than her husband in the

role of a professional superhero.

At one part of the movie (near the

conclusion), an ad is shown on a

television with a man making a pie. The

commercial said it was so easy to make

that anyone can do it (I am

paraphrasing). It was clearly a put-down

about men. This type of joke seems to be

harmless, but, with the many situations

portrayed in the film, it reminded me of

how men will unnecessarily be seen in

movies as looking foolish in order to

show the importance of women.

Of course, with any film, each moviegoer

can view it with a different

interpretation, and one could argue that

the movie redeemed each character by

the conclusion.

Are Men (Fathers) Being Foolish

in Our Culture?


I would venture to say that many men

(more specifically fathers) are being

foolish in our culture, but not because

they’re unintelligent. Christianity no

longer has the influence on our culture it

once did. America is becoming less

Christian with each day, and I would

place a significant part of the blame on






As a father who loves and fears God, I

recognize the enormous responsibility I

have to train my children and lovingly

lead my family in the fear and admonition

of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). The decline

of our culture has, in part, started in

homes where fathers have not trained

their children as they ought.

Even the culture will sometimes

recognize how men are not taking a

loving leadership role in the family. In

movies and books, women are often

portrayed to be the strong leaders in the

family while the men take a secondary

role— and many times are made to look

ignorant and foolish.

It is important for both fathers and

mothers to be equipped in the truth of

God’s Word, ready to defend against the

attacks of the Devil (Ephesians 6:11). But

the role of the father, according to

Scripture, is to lead lovingly and

spiritually. The Devil is cunning

and his attacks are subtle. We must be

prepared to recognize his attacks and

train our children accordingly.


If you decide to watch Incredibles 2, I

encourage you to teach your children that

men and women are created equal before

God but have been given different roles

in marriage. Teach them, too, that God

has made each and every one unique and

special, yet in his own image. I also urge

fathers to humbly seek wisdom from God

and ask Him to give us desire to hunger

and thirst for righteousness (Matthew

5:6) and to be the spiritual head of the

homes they were called to be.


By Tom Toles

good research... wrong conclusion

You can stop

calling for a


between right and

left. It can no longer

happen. We agree on


Here are all the things we agree on.

Tyranny: Conservatives and liberals

both say that tyranny resides in the

other party.

Official corruption: Conservatives and

liberals are alarmed at the official

corruption that is manifest in the other


Draining the swamp: Conservatives

and liberals are frantic at the swampwater

swirling around the ankles of the

other party.

Wall Street power: Conservatives and

liberals are quick to point out the cozy

relationship between Wall Street and

the other party.

States’ rights: Conservatives and

liberals both defend the rights of

localities to properly resist bad federal


Obstruction: Conservatives and

liberals both believe it is right and

essential to resist the president of the

other party.

Election fraud: Conservatives and

liberals think the other party is

manipulating elections.

Health care: Conservatives and liberals

both know the other party is out to

destroy the U.S. health-care system.

Deficits: Conservatives and liberals

both think deficits are the worst thing,


Fake facts: Conservatives and liberals

are both sure that the other side’s facts

are fake.

Am I implying a false equivalence here?

Hardly. Conservatives don’t care about

facts or logic and say whatever is

convenient to confound rational


And, of course, they say the same about



Tom, you are spot on with your

observation! However, there is a right side

and a wrong side when it comes to

progressive liberals and conservatives.

Celebrating Death

The party that now even “celebrates”

abortion rights are endorsing the largest

mass genocide in human history (60

million since Roe vs. Wade). There have

been more abortions committed than

every single person ever lost in combat.

Belief is acknowledging that God is our

source for all good things... worry and

concern is an acknowledgement that we

do not believe in a benevolent, generous

God that is more than able to meet all our

needs. There has arisen a segment of

society that demonstrates unbelief which

reveals the same fatal trait of their father,

the devil... self importance. They believe

that they know better than their creator.

This ignorant, barbaric attitude, all in the

name of inconvienance, drowns out every

other position they hold. They have no

credibility and thier pandering to self

indulgent, unambitious, self entitled

fringes of society is a futile attempt to

appear as a compassionate righteous

movement on the world stage.

However, it is nothing more than

sacrificing human life to the god of

inconvienamve rather than Molek. ­ed


What is so bad about


Drac Smith

The larger the scale of administration &

distribution the less voice any given

individual has in their lives. The less

control. If you are one voice in 1,000 you

are far more likely to be heard than 1

voice in 3 billion. Your opinion and

actions count considerably more. If a

company is limited to a nation, and then

does something which goes against that

nation’s character there are real

consequences for that company. An

international company can make up sales

in other nations for any transgressions

while things blow over. Thus no

consequences for poisoning people,

insulting entire nations or otherwise

being a bad corporate citizen.

Each nation is it’s own social experiment

and success is imitated and blended into

other nations. If there is but one nation

& culture there is no more experiment.

The scale is too great for rapid changes

which can occur in a nations, especially

smaller nations or confederacies like the

US where individual states are essentially

their own nation.

Globalism inflicts a uniform culture and

values upon all infected by it. All the

character and identity that is unique is

lost so as to fit on the global stage.

Globalism removes responsibility to

community and nation from individuals

and corporations. They are acting on

behalf of the “world” which equates to

their own best interests and have no one

to answer too. If community X doesn’t

like what they do, then they’ll move

halfway across the world to a place that

likes what they do or at least stays silent

about sometimes brutal company

policies. Globalism has repeatedly bred

sweat shops all over the world.

Conditions that Western nations would

NEVER tolerate for workers, but it’s

excused as it’s globalism at work.

Globalism harms nations by wreaking

havoc with their economy. It makes the

rich richer because they are putting small

regional, local and national business out

of biz. The global

resources available

make it impossible to

compete even if the

Globalist company

provides a much lower


produce/service. Thus

wealth becomes even

more concentrated.

The larger the scale

the more capital and

resources are required

to start up an

enterprise and

compete with existing

players. This reduces competition which

degrades quality and increases price.

Globalism creates gigantic bureaucracies.

All organizations are prone to corruption

and inevitably succumb to it. The larger

the organization the greater the effects

corruption have upon individuals and the

more difficult it is to reform, dislodge or

disassemble the organization.

Globalism harms the environment.

Shipping alone has produced more CO2

than all of the cars in the US combined on

a given day. One single cargo ship

produces as much emissions as a

medium sized US city. When you have

hundreds feeding products halfway

across the world you have introduced a

tremendous amount of pollution,

expended staggering amounts of

resources on transportation alone.

Worse, globalism has pushed Western

industry outside of pollution controls

into nations with little or no pollution

control. So poor Asians are using the

same pan they fry dinner with to recover

lead from circuit boards and Africans are

burning huge amounts of toxic materials

to recover trace metals contained in

them. Factories that used to be mild

polluters are driven overseas and now

have NO pollution restrictions. Toxins

dumped by them eventually drift back to

the Western nations that pushed them


Globalism destroys the unifying force

between citizens of a nation. They no

longer have that umbrella that makes

them brothers and sisters. National

boundaries instead become nothing

more than a location and a formality. This

destroys the allegiance necessary to

create a functional social order. Everyone

is battling for the same piece of the pie

that used to be big enough for everyone

when we remembered what one does

affects all. The world is just too big a scale

to be brother and sister with everyone.

We psychologically need rivalries, friends

and enemies. While many Utopian

schemes believe everyone would be

happy and singing in 3 part harmonies if

there was no strife, it’d be a boring and

lackluster world. A horrible thing to

experience. Enforced equality would

drain our souls and march us to the beat

of exponentially lower standards.

Conflict and strife in reasonable

measures inspire us, fire our souls and

give us opportunities to be our best.

Think of it this way. Would you play a

video game where you always won no

matter what you did? That’s what a

world without strife is like. You win but

it’s totally empty and meaningless. What

you win is a meager life where everyone

shares an equal part of unending misery.


This is not a prophecy because if I am

wrong you are mandated by the Bible to

take me out to the city gates and stone me

to death. (seriously, we need to hold our

“prophets” accountable, don’t you think?

This is merely a “what if” scenario. If the

dems take control of the house they will

most assuredly “Trump” up evidence to

impeach our president. If he was removed

from office, Mike Pence, perhaps the most

mature Christian to hold the post would

take his place. Hmmmm. Even the worst

case scenario is not a bad thing since

President Trump blazed a trail for him to

pass through and maintain.

(Just saying) ­ed


JFK would be kicked out of the democratic party today

Left or Liberal?

Tell the average American you’re a liberal

and they’ll assume you’re on the political

left. Yet, leftists and liberals hold very

different positions on key issues. In this

article, Dennis Prager explains how the

tenets of liberalism like a belief in

capitalism and free speech have more in

common with conservatism than with

the identity politics and racial

resentment preached by the left.

Liberals once celebrated Western

civilization. Leftists now condemn it

as a euphemism for “white


Liberals have traditionally celebrated the

West’s unique moral, philosophical,

artistic, musical and literary

achievements, and have taught them at

virtually every university.

The most revered liberal in American

political history, President Franklin

Roosevelt, often cited the need to

protect Western civilization and even

“Christian civilization.”

But when President Donald Trump

spoke of the need to protect Western

civilization in a 2017 speech in Warsaw,

the left-wing media widely denounced


The left has increasingly associated

Western civilization with “white


While liberals have historically

embraced capitalism as the best way to

lift people out of poverty, leftists want to

dismantle it entirely.

Before the 1960s, liberals in America

believed in the individual over the state,

but leftism, which has since become

increasingly prominent, promotes state


While liberal FDR promoted

government intervention in the free

market, he still understood the necessity

of capitalism to create wealth and

improve living conditions.

Liberal John F. Kennedy promoted

pro-growth tax cuts in the early 1960s.

“Liberalism believed in creating

wealth; the left is interested in

redistributing it,” writes Dennis Prager.

Leftists divide the world by class rather

than national identity—that’s why they

reject national sovereignty and borders.

The Democrats’ increasing embrace of

radical ideas, particularly “open border”

policies, has brought more far-leftists

into the party who reject the tenets of


The left’s rejection of national identity

has famously played out in the Superman

comics. When the writers of Superman

were liberals, he was proud to be

American, fighting for “truth, justice, and

the American way.” But under the lead of

left-wing writers, Superman has

since renounced his American

citizenship and become “a

citizen of the world.”

The left is leading the first

widespread suppression of

free speech in modern



starting with

schools and



The most

common anti-free

speech tactic promoted by leftists on

campus and online is to label anything

that counters their arguments as “hate


View Source

The tech companies that govern the

internet use subjective terms like

“clickbait” and “fake news” to curtail free


View Source

Google famously fired James Damore for

writing a memo leftists deemed an “antidiversity


Leftists reject the liberal view of

race—that we should be colorblind,

focusing on an individual’s character

rather than race.

The modern left has rejected Martin

Luther King Jr.’s concept of


Western leftist have increasingly

pushed the racially divisive idea of “white


he University of California has so fully

rejected the liberal view of race that it

has deemed the statement, “There is only

one race, the human race” as “racist.”

Public universities are beginning to

allow forms of racial segregation, some

even promoting all-black dormitories.

Some universities have started

holding separate black graduations.

Liberals once promoted American

exceptionalism, creating wealth and

national defense—now, leftists fully

condemn such pro-America ideas.

American liberals used to endorse the

idea of a strong national defense.

Liberals have long promoted creating

wealth rather than redistributing it.

Liberals also once widely endorsed

the idea of American exceptionalism.

Historically, liberals have been quite

aware of America’s imperfections, but

they’ve agreed with Abraham Lincoln

that America is “the last best hope of


View Source

American leftists,

however, largely

view America as



violent, and


View Source

What’s the


between a liberal

and a leftist?

This question stumps most people

because they think liberal and left are

essentially the same.

But they’re not. In fact, liberalism and

leftism have almost nothing in common.

But the left has appropriated the word

“liberal” so effectively almost everyone—

liberals, leftists and

conservatives—thinks they are

synonymous. But they’re not.

Let me offer you six examples:

1. Race:

This is probably the most obvious

difference between liberal and left. The

liberal position on race has always been

a) the color of a person’s skin is

insignificant and b) those who believe

race is significant are racists. Meanwhile,

the left believes the very opposite. To the

left, it’s the liberal attitude toward race—

it’s unimportant—that is racist. That’s

why the University of California officially

lists the statement, “There is only one

race, the human race” as racist.

And liberals have always been

passionately committed to racial

integration, while the left is increasingly

committed to racial segregation—such

as all-black dormitories and separate


lack graduations at universities.

2. Capitalism:

Liberals have always been procapitalism,

because liberals are

committed to free enterprise and

because they know capitalism is the only

way to lift great numbers of people out

watching overtly patriotic, Americacelebrating

films—virtually all produced,

directed and acted by liberals. Liberals

were quite aware of America’s

imperfections, but they agreed with

Abraham Lincoln that America is “the

last, best hope of earth.” The left,

however, believes the left is the last, best

hope of earth and regards

America as racist, sexist,

homophobic, xenophobic,

violent, and imperialistic.

5. Free speech:

No one has been more

committed than American

liberals to the famous statement,

“I wholly disapprove of what you

say, but I will defend to the death

your right to say it.”

liberals in America, Harvard Law School

Professor Alan Dershowitz, said, “As a

liberal, as an American, and as a Jew, I far

more fear the left than the right.”

Dear liberals: Conservatives are not your

enemy. The left is. I’m Dennis Prager.


He just keeps getting

dumb and dumber

(Jim Carrey fans will get the pun)

of poverty. It is true that liberals want

government to play a bigger role in the

economy than conservatives do, but

liberals never opposed capitalism, and

they were never for socialism.

Opposition to capitalism and advocacy of

socialism are left-wing values.

3. Nationalism:

Liberals believe in the nation-state,

whether that nation is the United States,

Brazil, or France. But because the left

divides the world by class rather than by

national identity, the left has always

opposed nationalism. So, while liberals

have always wanted to protect American

sovereignty and borders, the left is for

open borders.

When the writers of Superman were

liberals, Superman was a proud

American whose very motto was “Truth,

justice, and the American way.” But that

all changed a few years ago, when leftwing

writers took over the comic strip

and had Superman renounce his

American citizenship to be a citizen of

the world.

The left has contempt for nationalism,

seeing it as the road to fascism. Better

that we should all be “citizens of the

world” in a world without borders.

4. View of America:

Liberals have always venerated America.

Watch American films from the 1930s

through the 1950s and you will be

But the left is leading the first

widespread suppression of free speech

in modern American history—from the

universities to the tech companies that

govern the internet to almost every other

institution and place of work. Of course,

the left claims to only oppose “hate

speech.” But putting aside the fact that

the left deems “hate speech” anything it

differs with, protecting what you or I

might consider hate speech is the entire

point of free speech.

6. Western civilization:

Liberals have always championed and

sought to protect Western civilization.

Liberals celebrate the West’s unique

moral, philosophical, artistic, musical

and literary achievements, and have

taught them at virtually every university.

The most revered liberal in American

political history, President Franklin

Roosevelt, often cited the need to protect

Western civilization and even “Christian

civilization.” Yet, when President Donald

Trump spoke of the need to protect

Western civilization in a speech in

Warsaw, the left-wing media, also known

as the mainstream media, denounced

him. They argued that Western

civilization is no better than any other

and that “Western civilization” is just a

euphemism for “white supremacy.”

So, then, if liberalism and leftism are so

different, why don’t liberals oppose the

left? In a nutshell, because they have

been taught all their lives to fear the

right. But as one of the best-known

Riddle me this, Batman, Why is it that a

plethora of Canadian entertainers

stumping for free health care for all

Americans have opted for dual citizenship

tax treaty here in the United States?

Because Jim Carrey, just like the Beatles...

you do not want to give the major part of

your entire income to your mother country

to support the socialist positions like

universal health care.

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