5 Reasons Why Every Colourist Uses a Tint Brush and You Should Too


Colouring your hair can make you look younger in an instant. The Shade provides salon accessories like a tint brush that can take your home colouring experience to a whole new level. Order online today!

5 Reasons Why Every Colourist Uses a Tint Brush and You Should Too

Ever walked into a salon for a colour appointment and sat back and relaxed while your colourists zig

zagged a squeezy bottle through your hair? So, no.

Colourists always use a tint brush and bowl and are very careful with their colour placement. Their

results (and job!) depends on them placing the right colour in the right place. There’s very good reasons

why we take our home colouring cues from salon colouring professionals.

Here are the top five:

1. Precise colour placement.

Layers are for cuts, not colour. Start using a tint brush for your home colouring to introduce control to

the hair colouring process. The tint brush helps you place the colour exactly where you need it, without

overlapping colour. Colour which has been overlapped will be darker and less vibrant at the ends . The

tint brush lets you paint the colour exactly where you need it, significantly increasing fabulous colouring

outcomes, and reducing the likelihood that you will have a home colouring disaster or even minor


2. Creating clean easy partings.

Follow our simple sectioning guide. for easier, neater sectioning. Use the handle of your brush to create

neat partings to section your hair. Use non-metallic sectioning clips (provided in your Free Trial) to clip

your hair out of the way. This will keep it neat and manageable while you colour and it helps you to

access and see the roots of your hair so that you can place the colour exactly where you need it. The aim

is to avoid overlapping colour which will make your hair colour darker and duller in the mid-lengths after

repeated colouring.

3. Colour saturation.

Using a tint brush helps you control not only where the colour goes but also how much colour you paint

on to your hair. This is especially useful if you are trying to cover some unloved greys .

4. Great for greys.

Grey hair has no colour pigments and can be coarser and naturally be resistant to absorbing colour. Use

your tint brush to paint the colour into the grey roots and continue colouring all sections of your hair

(roots or full-length depending on your colouring needs) and then return to place more colour on grey

roots. Push the colour into the hair with the brush to help the colour absorption. The tint brush helps

you double-up on the colour where you need it most, while avoiding overlapping and colour build-up on

the mid-sections of your hair.

5. It’s all about the result.

The upshot is that fabulous colour results can really only be achieved on an ongoing basis using a tint

brush – that is exactly why colourists in salons use them. It is very difficult to avoid colour layering and

the stripy colour banding effect that is seen after colour has been layered if you apply full length colour

or over-lap colour. Using a tint brush for your home colouring is easy, and fabulous colour results can be

achieved and repeated at home by using the right product and application method.

At The Shade we are bridging the gap between the salon and home colouring. We bring you salon

product, colour guidance and application to help you emulate and achieve true, ongoing salon results at

home. It’s easier than you might think to colour at home using salon accessories such as a tint brush. A

tint brush can take your hosssssme colouring to another gorgeous level.

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