Governor's Newsletter Oct 2018


Governor Newsletter

October 2018

Dear parents/carers

Welcome to the annual Governor’s newsletter. The

Governors are collectively responsible for the

strategic leadership of the School and work closely

with the Head Teacher and Staff to ensure the level

of educational provision is high and challenging. We

are also responsible for ensuring that children and staff

are safe and supported and that the school has the

resources to allow it to run effectively. Everything we

do at King’s is underpinned by the ‘character &

leadership’ ethos and high expectations. The

Governors use skills from a varied mix of backgrounds,

work on a voluntary basis and are committed to

supporting King’s on its continuing journey of

improvement and success.

This newsletter provides information about some of

last year’s Governor engagements (known as

challenges), how the school is performing and what

areas we will be covering this year.

King’s is a successful school – It recently had its second set of GCSE results and on behalf of the Governors I would

like again to say a huge thank you to parents, students, staff and supporters. Last year, the school was one of the best

in the North West, but this year and on many measures the school is one of the best in the country. We are particularly

proud of the significantly improved Progress 8 figures from last year, this was especially true where disadvantaged

students outperformed others. Progress 8 is the measure of how much the school improves results over what students

should achieve based on their results from primary. For the Ebacc subjects, King’s is within the top 1% of schools and

those with special educational needs (SEN) also had better results than non-SEN nationally.

Individual student GCSE success

Laura Cox 8 Grade 9’s equivalent to A**

Josh Johnson-Higgs 4-9s, 2-8s

Joe Ireland 5-9s, 2-8s

Jade Mahr 6-9s

Ellis Warburton 2-9s, 3-8s

Madgey Thomson 3-9s, 5-8s

Despite the stellar results this is not everything, and as a Governing

body we also ensure that the school has a broad and balanced

curriculum which includes leadership, character education and

enrichment programmes. A key success here is in the introduction

of “Character Passports”.

This year the body have held three full meetings, at these meetings

we scrutinise and challenge the principal and other members of the

senior leadership team on several school key performance

indicators. These include finance, school news and areas such as

teacher observations and student attainment.

We have also looked at several challenge areas which have


• Finance

• In-depth GCSE review

• Parental Engagement and Communication

• Pupil Satisfaction

• Staff Wellbeing

DofE 100% Bronze Yr9, 100% on

track for silver in Y11 and 100% on

track for gold in Y13

Other character & leadership

success stories:

- Beth Frank youngest Cadet Warrant

Officer in the country and selected

to carry the flag in the Royal Albert

hall on Remembrance day this year

- The academy raised 10K for local


These challenges have a multi-faceted approach which involve external research on policy and best practice,

interviews with staff and examining procedures, the school website and data. Governors provide a balanced view to the

school on areas which could be improved and highlighting activities which are particularly strong.

6 th Form Choices

As parents and students are aware, choices need to be made for what happens after GCSE’s and students move

on. The school opened its 6 th form last year and while we don’t have A level results yet - the indications are that

the current students are already ahead of National and local averages in terms of progress and results.

As Governors we have also looked at reasons to choose King’s to continue with post-school education and this is

our summary of findings

• We estimate around 300-350 Warrington students choose to travel outside of Warrington to study – mainly

at successful colleges in St Helen’s, Wigan and Northwich

• The average cost of transport to these colleges is £360 per year with the highest being £660

• The average time to travel is around 1 hour 30 minutes by college transport and students normally leave at

around 7:40 and return at 17:30

• Kings currently has a narrower selection of subjects than other institutions, however we are introducing

further Level 3 qualifications to address this gap

• King’s students are free to go off site during non-teaching periods and lunchtime. Many choose to use their

free periods to study or complete homework. Students are treated as adults with the primary focus on

preparing them for University or work. Students have low class sizes and much more contact time with

tutors than in other institutions

• We believe that the King’s teaching ethos, enthusiasm and energy is a key difference

• The time spent on travel to other colleges is spent on education for students at Kings. Kings students have

more free time outside of 6 th form due to less travel and ability to complete homework in school hours

A reminder, that we appreciative feedback through the

questionnaire on our website, located in the parent area and

through the “Your suggestions…Our Actions” campaign. You

will be pleased to hear that following our analysis of the results

of the last parent survey significant improvements have been

made regarding parental engagement, ensuring the school

understands the key drivers for families choosing King’s to

educate their children.

The Governing Board are also looking to add to the group and

have advertised on the school website - Unfortunately we

are already at the maximum number of parent governors

allowed however, if there are any individuals that would be

interested then please let the school know.

Lastly, as I called out last year it is vitally important that as

parents we continue to support the school – both from a behaviour and an academic point of view. Heightened levels of

parental engagement have shown to improve

outcomes for children and can be as simple as talking to sons and daughters about their day and lessons, through to

giving help on homework.

Thank you to all parents/carers that continue to work with us to support the students – it is much appreciated.

Governors would like to thank all staff for their continued commitment and hard work over the past academic year in

ensuring our young people are given the very best opportunities to fulfil their potential.

For and On Behalf of Governors

Mike Ireland

97% of parents believe their child makes good

progress (+1%)

99% of parents believe their child is taught well


92% of parents believe their child receives

appropriate homework (+1%)

98% of parents believe the school makes sure

pupils are well behaved (+7%)

93% would recommend the school (+3%)

Based on 97 responses for 2017/18

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