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Student-Built House Dedication Highlights

Hard Work and Community Collaboration


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Women’s Council Lighten Up

OCT. 23 4:00 – 6:00 P.M.


565 Cameron Way, Suite 101,

North Liberty

Coffee and Conversation

with Kirk Lehmann

OCT. 24 7:30 A.M. – 8:30 A.M.

City of Iowa City Community

Development Planner

IC Area HBA Conference Room

Recent wet weather kept sod from being laid, but it didn’t dampen the impressiveness of the finished product.

Home Show Committee


OCT. 24 NOON – 1:00 P.M.

IC Area HBA Conference Room

Approximately 120 people attended the open house, including Johnson

County Affordable Housing Coalition and Reach For Your Potential

board members; students, their parents and teachers; and our members.

Just more than three months after the first shovel hit the dirt and

following hundreds of hours of hard work, an open house and

dedication/ribbon-cutting was held Oct. 1 for the Iowa City area

student-built home. The project, 1881 Dickenson Lane in Iowa

City, was sponsored by Greater Iowa City Area HBA members

and our Vocational Training Council (VTC) in partnership with

Kirkwood Community College. It now belongs to Reach For

Your Potential, a local nonprofit organization that provides

services for people with disabilities.

Those on hand for the ceremony included U.S. House

Representative Dave Loebsack from Iowa’s Second District

(Johnson County); Penny Vacek, regional director for Iowa U.S.

Senator Charles Grassley; Jay Iverson with HBA Iowa; many

Reach For Your Potential families, including the four ladies who

will be living in the home; and CBS-affiliated television station

KGAN, whose reporter interviewed students.

The celebration was kicked off by VTC Chairman Aaron

McGlynn of Cabinet Works and included handing the keys

to Reach For Your Potential Executive Director and founder

Ron Schieffer. Thirteen students of all ages from six different

high schools and one college were recognized. Each student

received a Stiletto hammer, engraved with the year and

address of the home, from Hills Bank and Trust Company;

a Milwaukee modular-storage toolbox from Schieffer; and a

letter of recommendation from Tim Ruth of McCreedy Ruth

Construction, a business highly involved with the effort.

U.S. House Representative Dave Loebsack (right), was on hand and

helped hold the ribbon (along with McCreedy Ruth Construction’s

Katy Stutsman) as Reach For Your Potential Executive Director and

founder Ron Schieffer cut it.

Many spoke at the dedication. Representative Loebsack praised

students for giving adults with disabilities a beautiful place

to live, while one of the new residents expressed appreciation

on behalf of herself and her roommates. The home is ADA

accessible, with zero entry at the front and garage; and features

an oversized garage that is wider and has higher ceilings to

accommodate a van with a lift. The interior has extra wide

doorways; higher outlets; wheelchair friendly closet knobs and

window cranks; and an oversized bathroom that also serves as a

storm shelter for the slab development.

“Watching a five-bedroom home being built by students across

90 days was amazing,” noted Tim, who spoke heart-felt words

at the ceremony. “With the labor shortage today, finding young

people interested in the trades is great. Being able to work with

them and getting to know them is even better. Having the ability

to see what they can do when given the proper tools and training

is unbelievable.”

The project broke ground June 28 with Governor Kim Reynolds

in attendance. Students received two hours of construction credit

from Kirkwood (paid for by our members) and also completed

their 10 hours of OSHA certification.


Remodelers Council

Build Day

OCT. 25 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity

Katie Lammers Women Build

924 N Governor Street, Iowa City

Annual Meeting

NOV. 1 6:00 – 8:00 P.M.

Urban Acres

250 Holiday Road, Coralville

Vocational Training Council

NOV. 15 10:30 – 11:30 A.M.

IC Area HBA Conference Room

Board of Directors Meeting

NOV. 15 NOON – 1:00 P.M.

IC Area HBA Conference Room

HBAI Fall Board Meeting

NOV. 16 NOON – 4:00 P.M.

Sioux City, IA

HBA Office Closed for


NOV. 22-23



Your deposit and applications

are due Nov. 1 to

receive your 10% discount


2 ICAHBA Builders News | November 2018

Message from the President

Dear HBA Members,

Welcome to fall in Iowa! It’s 75 degrees one day and 45

degrees the next, and the one common thing is no matter

what the temperature is: it seems to rain. The rain sure puts

a damper on enjoying

everything that Iowa

provides for us during the

fall from apple orchards

and corn mazes to

pumpkin patches and fall

construction starts.

Yes, I said fall

construction starts.

For contractors, fall

is a common time to

start “spec” homes.

Speculation homes, which

are commonly referred to as spec homes, are single-family

dwellings constructed in anticipation of finding a buyer

and not due to a contract already reached with a buyer

to build the home. Contractors consult with realtors,

designers, banks and others to determine what is desirable

in the market and what they think will sell. In our area, it

is common for contractors to start specs in the fall so that

they will be finished and ready to sell in the spring market

and showcased in the Parade of Homes.

Building a spec home can be an exciting and stressful

experience all at once. Exciting because contractors get

to examine floor plans, both old and new; and dig into

function of floor plans, desirable features and finishes,

available lots and the latest and greatest construction

trends, to name a few reasons. Stressful because the

contractor is taking the risk that the home won’t sell;

testing new floor plans; wondering whether finishes will

appeal to a broader audience and construction costs are in

line with selling the home for a profit; and more.

So, as you drive around our communities and see farmers

bringing in the fall harvest, keep in mind that your local

contractors are planting the seeds for what they hope will

be a successful spring/summer sale on spec homes and be

the next winner of the Builders Excellence Award in the

Parade of Homes!

Sincerely, Adam Hahn

Watts Group - Director of Construction Services

2018 Greater Iowa City Area HBA President



Adam Hahn

Watts Development Group


Andy Martin

Martin Construction


GT Karr

Sueppel’s Siding & Remodeling


Mike Bails

Urban Acres


Kelly Manning

Sobaski Abbey Carpet & Floor

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) of The

Greater Iowa City Area HBA held its annual

meeting Sept. 26 at the HBA office in Iowa City.

The past year was a busy one for the VTC with

the 3rd Annual Construction Camp at Clear Creek

Amana Middle School, the track shed at City

High School in Iowa City and the rejuvenation of

the Student-Built House Program which yielded

a home constructed by students from all over

Eastern Iowa (see related article page one).

VTC Names 2018-19 Board

The board voted to amend the bylaws and

increase the number of directors from no more

than eight to no more than 15 to include HBA

members interested in our future workforce


Additionally, a meeting was held in early October

to begin planning for the 2019 Student-Built

House. The VTC is always looking for members

to help with projects. Please contact anyone on the

board to learn how you can get involved.

The 2018-19 Vocational Training Council Board of Directors

Andy Martin Chair Martin Construction

Aaron McGlynn Past Chair Cabinet Works

Marty Tunning Treasurer RSM US LLP

Dennis Boelk Director Hodge Construction

Joe Greathouse Director Kirkwood Community College

Tony Frederick Director Hart-Frederick Consultants

Mark Mitchell Director Engineered Building Design

Adam Hahn Director Watts Group

Tom Balmer Director PSC Distribution

Corey Ackerman Director Ackerman Plumbing

Tim Ruth Director McCreedy Ruth Construction

Andy Hodge Director Hodge Construction

GT Karr Director Sueppel’s Siding & Remodeling

Karyl Bohnsack

Executive Officer/Secretary HBA of Iowa City

Andy Martin of Martin

Construction is the new chair

of our Vocational Training



SGA Construction Inc.

Travis Shield

100 N. Calhoun St.

West Liberty, IA 52776

(319) 631-0017 or

(319) 627-2990

Exit Realty Hawkeye

Tyler Riddle

2000 James St., Ste 119a

PO Box 5863

Coralville, IA 52241

(319) 626-2200


Marty Tunning



Glenn Siders - Siders Development

Mike Pugh - Pugh Hagan Prahm, PLC

Art Floss - CBI Bank & Trust

Chad Keune - Advantage Custom Builders

Rory Triplett - Insurance Associates Iowa City

Todd Helle - Terry Lockridge & Dunn



Tim Ruth - McCreedy-Ruth Construction


Melissa Schooley - Great Western Bank


Aaron McGlynn - Cabinet Works


Brad Storck - Bachmeier Carpet One



Dan Robertson - Overhead Door Company

of Cedar Rapids & Iowa City

Mitchell Manning – Sobaski Abbey

Carpet and Floor


Katy Stutsman – McCreedy Ruth Construction

Maggie Gehrls – PSC Distribution

The Greater Iowa City Area

Home Builders Association


Karyl Bohnsack



Michelle Moore

PO Box 3396, Iowa City, IA 52244

Phone: 319.351.5333 • Fax: 319.358.2443


Membership Drive is Underway;

Recruit a Member and

Turn in Your Directory Updates

The Greater Iowa City Area HBA fall membership drive is

on! Membership committee individuals have held several

call blitzes to reach out to lapsed members. Now (and

all year long) is a great time to recruit a new member.

Also, don’t forget to review your membership directory

listing and turn in any changes by Nov. 1. Refer to the

late September mailing you received for details on how to

process corrections.

Membership Committee Chair Art

Floss (above left) with CBI Bank &

Trust and Tim Ruth of McCreedy Ruth

Construction (above right) explain HBA

benefits to former members during a

membership committee call blitz.

Rory Triplett (left) of Insurance

Associates Iowa City talks to a

potential member about services and

discounts that come with an HBA


2019 Proposed Slate of Officers

November 2018 | ICAHBA Builders News 3

Mike Bails President Urban Acres

Adam Hahn Past President Watts Group

Glenn Siders 1st VP Siders Development

GT Karr 2nd VP Sueppel’s Siding & Remodeling

Marty Tunning Treasurer RSM US LLP

Kelly Manning Secretary Sobaski Abbey Carpet & Floor

Mike Pugh Director Pugh Hagan Prahm, PLC

Art Floss Director CBI Bank & Trust

Chad Keune Director Advantage Custom Builders

Rory Triplett Director Insurance Associates Iowa City

Todd Helle Director Terry Lockridge & Dunn

Andy Martin Director Martin Construction

Kevin McCreedy Remodelers Council McCreedy Ruth Construction

Aaron McGlynn National Director Cabinet Works

Tim Ruth HBAI National Director McCreedy Ruth Construction

Melissa Schooley Women’s Council Great Western Bank

Karyl Bohnsack Executive Officer HBA of Iowa City

Officers and Board of Directors will be voted on at the annual meeting Nov. 1, 2018.

Join Us

Annual Meeting

Nov. 1, 2018 | 6:00-8:00 pm

Urban Acres

250 Holiday Road | Coralville



Cost is $15/person – Gold Cards Apply

RSVP to or by Friday, Oct. 26.

4 ICAHBA Builders News | November 2018


Many of our members turned out to celebrate, including

(background left to right) Jim McGrew of Suburban

Lumber; Dennis Boelk and Andy Hodge of Hodge

Construction; Adam Hahn of Watts Group; David Mapes

of CertainTeed; and Aaron McGlynn – outgoing VTC

chair – of Cabinet Works. Pictured front, center is Mary

Ruth of McCreedy Ruth Construction.

Dwight Seegmiller, president and CEO of Hills

Bank, presented each student in attendance

with a special Stiletto hammer provided by the

bank. The hammer is engraved with the year

and address of the home.

Hunter Kopf (right), an Iowa City West High

School senior, was one of several students

who couldn’t make it on a school day, but he

collected his hard-earned gear nonetheless.

Tim Ruth of McCreedy Ruth

Construction passionately

talked about what the studentbuilt

project means to him.

The home’s ADA

accessible bathroom is

also a storm shelter since

there is no basement.

Student Sponsors

Ackerman Plumbing

Advantage Custom Builders Inc

Jack Ruth

Martin Construction

McCreedy-Ruth Construction

PSC Distribution/Studio H20

Sueppel's Siding & Remodeling

Watts Group Inc

Advantage Custom Builders Inc

Jack Ruth

Martin Construction

McCreedy-Ruth Construction

PSC Distribution/Studio H20

Sueppel's Siding & Remodeling

Watts Group Inc

IC Area HBA Members -

Project Donors

ABC Supply Company

Ackerman Plumbing

Aero Rental

Alexander Lumber Student Built Home

Andino Construction, Reach LLC for Your Potential!

IC Area HBA Members - BCI Lumber

Project Donors Blake Hershberger Enterprises LLC

ABC Supply Company

Cascade Manufacturing Company

Ackerman Plumbing


Aero Rental

CLB Home Planning & Design LLC

Alexander Lumber

Closets The Plus Greater Iowa City Area

Andino Construction, LLC

Croell Ready-Mix Inc

BCI Lumber

Blake Hershberger Enterprises LLC Duwa's HBA Quality Walls, Inc


Cascade Manufacturing Company Energy Advocates Control for homeownership of by Iowa promoting LLC

standards for quality and affordability.


Engineered Building Design

CLB Home Planning & Design LLC Grout Electric


Closets Plus


Hart-Frederick Consultants P.C.


Croell Ready-Mix Inc


Duwa's Quality Walls, Inc HD Supply White Cap

Energy Control of Iowa LLC Hills Bank and Trust Company

Engineered Building Design Homewood Community Electric Inc Members - Donors

Grout Electric

Kitchens Blue By Design Moon Satellites

Hart-Frederick Consultants P.C. Kuenster Colbert Heating Trucking & Air LLC Conditioning

HD Supply White Cap

Larry Yoder Dan Masonry, Cress Painting Inc.

Hills Bank and Trust Company

Dickinson Excavating & Hauling

Homewood Electric Inc

Lynch's Excavating, Inc.

Elite Stone Mfg

Kitchens By Design

McCreedy Housing Ruth Trust Construction Fund of Johnson County

Kuenster Heating & Air Conditioning MenardsKristin Knebel Memorial

Larry Yoder Masonry, Inc. MidAmerican Legrand/Pass Energy & Co Seymour

Lynch's Excavating, Inc. Midwest Midwest Poly Solutions, Curb Grinding Ltd

McCreedy Ruth Construction

Peppy's Ice Cream


PSC Distribution/Studio H20

Rob Wick Trucking

MidAmerican Energy Co River Products Company

S&G Materials

Midwest Poly Solutions, Ltd Sherwin Williams

Schott Family Farms

PSC Distribution/Studio H20 Sobaski Abbey Slauson Carpet Builders& Floor

River Products Company Stevens Erosion Control, Inc

Sherwin Williams

Stransky Concrete

Sobaski Abbey Carpet & Floor

Community Members - Employers

Stevens Erosion Control, Inc Suburban Howe Lumber Automotive Co West Branch

Stransky Concrete

Sueppel's Jim Siding Mahoney & Remodeling

Suburban Lumber Co

Sycamore Max Developments Long Landscaping & Mowing Service

Sueppel's Siding & Remodeling Weldon Drywall Presidential Builders LLC

Sycamore Developments Yoder Electrical Sanders Creek Services Company Inc

Weldon Drywall

Schwarz Grain & Fence

Yoder Electrical Services Inc

Student B

Reach for Y

The Greater Iowa City Area



Advocates for homeownership by promoting

standards for quality and affordability.

Community Me

Blue Moon Satellites

Colbert Trucking LLC

Dan Cress Painting

Dickinson Excavating & H

Elite Stone Mfg

Housing Trust Fund of Joh

Kristin Knebel Memorial

Legrand/Pass & Seymour

Midwest Curb Grinding

Peppy's Ice Cream

Rob Wick Trucking

S&G Materials

Schott Family Farms

Slauson Builders

Community Me

Howe Automotive West Br

Jim Mahoney

Max Long Landscaping &

Presidential Builders LLC

Sanders Creek Company

Schwarz Grain & Fence

Hawkeye Ready Mix’s New Facilities Shine at September Membership Meeting

The Greater Iowa City Area HBA’s Sept. 13

membership meeting offered a chance to tour

host and sponsor Hawkeye Ready Mix’s (HRM)

new facilities. Nearly 60 attendees checked out

the plant and office space while noshing fare

from the Benny’s Bigfoot BBQ. HRM and King’s

Material donated Hawkeye, Iowa State and

Northern Iowa stones that were raffled off. The

raffle raised $100 for the HBA Women’s Council

Scholarship Fund that goes to high school

students entering the trades. Additionally, the

monthly 50/50 Raffle individual recipient was

HRM’s Klint Kirk, who drew his own name

and donated his winnings to the scholarship

fund. No one was on hand for the company

name drawn so that pot’s total sits at $225.

A big thanks to HRM for its hospitality. Join

fellow HBA members at the Annual Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 1 from 6 – 8 p.m. at Urban

Acres (250 Holiday Road in Coralville).

We’ll celebrate the accomplishments of 2018,

recognize the coming year and vote on the 2019

board of directors (see page 3).

Networking at the meeting were (left to right) Katy

Stutsman, McCreedy Ruth Construction; Pat Heiden,

a Johnson County Supervisor candidate; Barbara

Messer, Kitchens By Design; and Katie Lammers,

Lammers Construction.

Greater Iowa City Area

HBA President Adam

Hahn (left in the photo to

the right), and Executive

Officer Karyl Bohnsack

witness HRM’s Klint Kirk

drawing his own 50/50

Raffle ticket.

Hawkeye Ready Mix

employees (left) take a break

from providing facility tours.

Jason Duwa (front in the

photo to the left) of Duwa’s

Quality Walls checks out

HRM equipment with sons

Karson (left) and Keaton

(background). The younger

Duwas are past Greater Iowa

City Area HBA Women’s

Council Scholarship Fund


November 2018 | ICAHBA Builders News 5

Spike Appreciation Month: Spikes Are Critical to the HBA

November is Spike appreciation month, our chance to recognize the dedicated Spike Club

members who recruit and retain members to the Greater Iowa City Area HBA and its

parent federation, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Just like a nail is

essential in the construction of a home, volunteers who recruit new members are essential

to the growth, development and stability of the HBA.

Any HBA member can be a Spike by earning credits (see illustration) and as those credits

add up you achieve a higher status level with the club. But before you become a Spike

you’re a Spike candidate. That means you have earned between one and five Spike credits.

Once you earn a sixth Spike credit, you become an official NAHB Spike (provided you earn

those six credits within two consecutive membership years.) To retain Spike status, at least

one Spike credit (new or retention) must be earned annually. Once you hit 25 credits, you

are a Life Spike.

Benefits of being a Spike, besides being known as an accomplished and connected

member, include:

• Invitation to the Spike Party/Director’s Reception at the International Builders Show (IBS).

• Increased visibility, recognition and networking opportunities at industry events,

including a Spike ribbon on name badge.

• Unique and valuable rewards for each achievement level, such as lapel pins, plaques,

trophies, wearables and more.

• Additional VIP treatment throughout the year, including an opportunity to be in the VIP

area at the IBS closing Spike concert. (Spikes who recruit five new members and qualify

are invited to RSVP for the event.)


New builder or associate member recruited = 1 CREDIT

Recruit’s first membership anniversary = 1 CREDIT

Recruit’s subsequent anniversaries = 1/2 CREDIT

Member recruited to join a council = 1/2 CREDIT

Recruited council member

renews council membership = 1 CREDIT

*Affiliate members do not receive subsequent anniversaries credits.

Thanks to all our Spikes for your commitment to the HBA!

Greater Iowa City Area HBA Spikes

Lifetime Spikes

Spike Members

Spike Candidates

Glenn Siders

Aaron McGlynn

Jim Mulford

Aaron Klosterman

Dan Lammers

Randy Hahn

Tom Keating

Michael Pugh

GT Karr

Jim McGrew

Gary Frakes

Michael Hodge

John Roffman

Mark Hall

John Balmer

Randy Rempel

Tim Ruth

Swen Larson

Barbara Messer

Kevin Rocca

Karyl Bohnsack

Chad Keune

Jim Buresh

Rob Hajek

Robert Phipps

Craig Schroeder

Chad Mellinger

Tom Bockenstedt

Boyd Crosby

Ernie Galer

Siders Development LLC

Cabinet Works

Mulford Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Klosterman Construction

Lammers Construction Services

H & H Home Builders Inc.

Marv’s Glass Specialties Inc.

Pugh Hagan Prahm PLC

Sueppel’s Siding & Remodeling

Suburban Lumber Co.

Gary Frakes Construction Co.

Hodge Construction Co.

John Roffman Construction

Kings Material Inc - Retired

PSC Distribution/Studio H2O

Rempel Construction Co.

McCreedy Ruth Construction

Larson Builders LC

Kitchens By Design, Inc.

Rocca Custom Homes LLC

HBA of Iowa City

Advantage Custom Builders

Jim Buresh Construction Co.

Home Repair Team

Rob Phipps Building & Design Inc.

AW Welt Ambrisco Insurance Inc.

Mellinger & Sons Construction

B & H Builders, LLC

Boyd Crosby Construction Inc.

Urban Acres Real Estate

Kevin Hochstedler Hochstedler Building & Development

Rory Triplett Insurance Associates Iowa City

Bret Sharp Sharp Investment Properties

Art Floss

CBI Bank & Trust

Steve Gordon AM Management

Chris Mottinger Legacy GreenBuilders

Mike Bails Urban Acres Real Estate

Adam Hahn Watts Development Group

Amy Pretorius Elevation Home Builders

Nick Baxter Baxter Construction Inc.

Andy Martin Martin Construction

Jason Baxter

Trent Bockenstedt

Thomas Haman

Jill Marshek

Duane Musser

Mark Kamps

Lou Ann Lathrop

Jerad Kilburg

David Gerard

Brian Ahrendson

Jan Crosby

Ross Nusser

Elaine Rayner

Chuck Skaugstad

Todd Hahn

Dan Marine

Rob Mccain

Melissa Schooley

Marty Tunning

Mike Roberts

Don Otto

Joe Wegman

Michelle Bennett

Baxter Construction Inc.

Kings Material Inc

BCI Lumber

Lepic-Kroeger, Realtors

Watts Group


Iowa Realty

High Craft Homes of Iowa Inc.

Gerard Homes LLC

Alexander Lumber Company

Urban Acres Real Estate

Urban Acres Real Estate

Gazette Communications

The Mansion

Todd Hahn Construction

Oak Tree Homes


Great Western Bank


Mike Roberts Construction

DPO Construction

AW Welt Ambrisco Insurance Inc.

Keller Williams

6 ICAHBA Builders News | November 2018

HBA Represented on New

Affordable Housing Board

Fishback is Kansas City

Fall Parade of Homes Judge

HBA members are active in the community, as evidenced by the new board of directors

for the Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition. Leadership was inducted Sept.

28 during its annual meeting at HBA-member Urban Acres’ offices. The HBA contingent

includes (back row, beginning second from left) Andy Martin with Martin Construction;

Mark Signs of Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors; Maryann Dennis with The Housing Fellowship; and

(front row, second from left) Heath Brewer of Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Congressman Rod Blum

Meets with HBA Leaders

HBA representatives met with Iowa First District Congressman Rod Blum Sept. 11 at the

Cedar Rapids HBA office. Blum is a builder developer and a friend to our industry. He

is up for re-election in November. Included in the meeting were Glenn Siders of Siders

Development and Greater Iowa City Area HBA Executive Officer Karyl Bohnsack.

More than 75 Midwest HBA

members judged more than

200 entries across three

days for the Kansas City

HBA Fall Parade of Homes.

Among the volunteers

was Greater Iowa City

Area HBA member Rachel

Fishback with Greiner

Buildings, Inc. (center). She

is flanked by Jen Nelson of

Ames Remax Realtor and

Joe Nichols with The SOHO

Shop. The event was a great

way to see Kansas City

trends, building techniques

and interior design.

Governor Reynolds

Recognizes Women in Building

Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation Sept. 18 declaring Sept. 17-21, 2018, as

Professional Women in Building Week in Iowa. It was a great turnout with Greater Iowa

City Area HBA Executive Officer Karyl Bohnsack and HBA Iowa’s Jay Iverson among

the attendees. Women have made gains in occupations traditionally occupied by men,

including roles such as business owners and executives, managers, office administrators,

attorneys, architects, engineers and more. Still, nationally, women in building amounts to

9 percent of all construction jobs, which hasn’t changed much since 2002. The event was a

great way to shine the light on the need to diversify our workforce. The gray shirts worn

say “#BuildingWomen.”

NAHB Leader Visits Iowa City

National Association of Home Builders Second Vice Chairman Dean

Mon of New Jersey visited Iowa City Sept. 6. He dined with Iowa

HBA leadership and discussed federal legislation, including tariffs,

insurance and more.

The Greater Iowa

City Area HBA

presented Mr.

Mon (right) with

an America Needs

Farmers Hawkeye

cap, which he

proudly wore. He is

pictured with Glenn

Siders of Siders


November 2018 | ICAHBA Builders News 7


Your deposit and applications are due Nov. 1 to the HBA office to receive your 10% discount

Exhibitors’ Information

Company Name_________________________________

Mailing Address________________________________



Exhibit Space Application

Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association

Coralville Marriott Convention Center

The Home Show

Friday , February 8, 2019 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Saturday, February 9, 2019 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday, February 10, 2019 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Contact Person____________________________________

City, State, Zip_____________________________________




Trade Category for listing in Home Show Magazine: _________________________________________________________

Products and Services Displayed: ________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Booth Size (Specify if End Cap or Corner): __________________________________________________________

LOVE IOWA - We will continue an Iowa Products Display at the entrance this year. Please list any Iowa manufactured/made

products that you plan to showcase at the home show. Specify which products will be included in the display at the entrance.






Exhibitor shall rent from the HBA a booth assigned by the HBA of the same size as the booth preference stated above for display

purposes at the Show; however, the HBA in its sole discretion, and at no additional costs to Exhibitor, may substitute different

space of equal size or larger size.

Exhibitor shall pay the HBA the booth price designated in the information packet. The balance is due upon receipt of the application

or no later than January 4, 2019. If the Exhibitor fails to make payment by the due date, the space and any rights to display

an exhibit shall be forfeited, with all amounts previously paid by the Exhibitor retained by the HBA. Exhibitor shall comply with

all Rules and Regulations of the Show, which are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, and also with such other

Rules and Regulations that may be adopted from time-to-time by the HBA. If Exhibitor does not comply with the provisions of

this Application or the Rules and Regulations, the HBA may pursue all rights and remedies available under the law. THE UNDER-


Indemnification and Waiver: The Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association (the “Association”) shall have no responsibility

or liability for any injury, loss including theft (Damage or liability to Exhibitor or any related individual or party or visitors to its

exhibit). Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the Association, its employees, officers, directors, organizers, sponsors, promoters,

agents, volunteers, their representatives and successors, and all other persons connected with the Association, harmless against

any and all liability, loss, damages, demands, suits, causes of action, or expenses, including attorneys fees, the Association may

incur, suffer, or be required to pay in connection with the defense or settlement of any action, suit, or proceeding brought by any


person, entity or organization arising out of any negligent

or other wrongful act or omission by Exhibitor. Exhibitor

hereby waives and releases the Association from

all liability associated with participating in the Home

Show, or caused by any act or failure to act of the Association,

its employees, supervisors, organizers, sponsors,

promoters, agents, volunteers, and their representatives

and successors, or any other person connected with the

Association. In signing this Application, the Exhibitor acknowledges

that they have read the foregoing, understands

it and signs it voluntarily as their own free act. No

oral representations, statements or inducements, other

than as written above, have been made.

The balance must be submitted in the form of a check

made payable to the Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders

Association no later than January 4, 2019.


Accepted By: _________________________________

Booth Assignment: ____________________________

Booth Size: ___________________________________



Main Exhibition Hall - HBA Member Rates

8 x 8 booth ........................$600

10 x 10 booth .....................$700

10 x 20 booth ................... $1,200

20 x 20 booth ................... $2,400

20 x 30 booth ................... $3,000

End Cap-10x20 .................. $1,500

End Cap-20x30 .................. $3,300

Corner Booth.......................Additional $100

Non HBA Members - Additional $200 for

each 10 x 10 booth

Members - Receive a 10% discount with

Home Show Application by November 1.

Membership Fee - $515.00 per year.

Exhibitor’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

Print Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________

Sign the application and fax or e-mail back to the HBA office upon receipt. Payment must be submitted in

the form of a check made payable to the Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association 35 days prior to

the show or no later than January 4, 2019. The HBA will bill you 30 days prior to the due date. Applications

without proper payment will be returned after the deadline.

Date Processed: _______________________________

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8 ICAHBA Builders News | November 2018



Remodelers Council Top Ranking Makes

September Social a Celebration

The Sept. 18 monthly Greater Iowa City Area HBA Remodelers Council Social had a

more festive atmosphere than usual thanks to that latest National Association of Home

Builders Remodelers Council rankings. The latest report, through August, lists our

council No. 1 in the country for the large associations category with a year-to-date net

growth of 62 members. HBA of Quad Cities (No. 9) and The Greater Cedar Rapids

Area HBA (No. 13) were other Iowa HBA associations in the top 30 for the same size.

Plumb Supply Company Showroom Water Concepts sponsored and hosted the social.

The 30 attendees got to tour the showroom among mingling and munching.

Aaron McGlynn is New Instructor

with Washington County Regional

Center ACE Program

When classes commenced at the Kirkwood Community College Washington County

Regional Center this fall, it marked the location’s fifth year of programming. A

total of 206 area high school students are enrolled for the

term, including new and returning faces. Among the new

instructors is our own Aaron McGlynn of Cabinet Works

who is teaching with the Architecture, Construction and

Engineering (ACE ) Academy.

Aaron McGlynn

The move is a natural fit as Aaron has worked extensively

with Kirkwood’s Workplace Learning Connection (WLC), a

high school intermediary that provides work-based learning

experiences and opportunities to high schoolers. He has

mentored WLC students in both job shadows and internships

as they consider potential ACE industry careers.

Aaron already has called upon his fellow HBA members to help. Mark Mitchell of

Engineered Building Design (EBD) hosted a class at EBD’s facility showing students

building products such as I-Joists, engineered lumber and trusses and sharing how the

business does its design work. Another time, Travis Murphy with Murphy Electrical

Services helped kids wire a job-site container project, including how to pull wire,

strip the ends, feed wire into the electrical boxes and terminate at the electrical panel.

Congratulations, Aaron!

Visiting during the social were (left to right) John Farlinger of Radon Elimination, Keven McCreedy

with McCreedy Ruth Construction and Brad Storck of Bachmeier Carpet One Floor and Home.

Mark Mitchell (right) with Engineered Building Design (EBD) talks about job opportunities and

promotion within EBD while giving ACE program students a tour of the company.

Travis Murphy (center)

with Murphy Electrical

Services points out safe

wiring techniques on the

job-site container project.

Attending the social is a great way to wind down after work and connect with colleagues,

as Taylor Goetschius (left) and Brogan Messer with Kitchens By Design did.

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Chatting between checking out the showroom are Pat Lang of P Lang Construction (left)

and Chris Desmet with ABC Supply Company.

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