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Geocaching Tips for Beginners

Have a great, memorable experience while you are

on geocaching adventure. Geocaching is an

outdoor recreational activity, in which participants

use a GPS receiver or mobile device to hide and find

out Geocaching items.

What are Geocaching


These are items such as:-

❖ GPS/smartphone

❖ extra batteries/charger

❖ Tools of the Trade

❖ SWAG for trading

Some Points To Remember

❖ Only ramp up with the difficulty level once you

gain a little experience!

❖ Unless you are a hardened hiker, don’t jump to

higher terrain

❖ To enjoy your adventure well, start with smaller

D/T goals and go ahead only once you have some

experience in exploring the camouflaged


Use GPSr/Smartphone app properly

❖ Be familiar with all that it takes

to run the maps accurately.

❖ You must know that you can

even see yourself moving on

the map.

❖ Do an internet research and get

best prepared with the

usability of GPS receiver or

your Smartphone app.

Research on What a Trackable is

❖ Your cluelessness with trackables can set you

wrong on your geocaching adventure.

❖ It is important to know what exactly a

tractable is before acquiring it.

❖ Often, trackables are not properly logged on

or go missing.

❖ It is indispensable that you research on

everything about trackables.

❖ Trackables are more than game pieces that

move from geocache to geocache.

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planners help you out.

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