Prospectus Annexe 2018-19





“The resources provided by teachers in many subjects are fantastic and

will help you achieve the best grade possible. The overall quality of

learning is outstanding.“ (Student, Year 12)


Alperton Community School students have again exceeded all

expectations with a tremendous set of A Level results. They have been

awarded 81 A* and A grades, with almost 50% of the examinations being

awarded A*, A or B grades. As a result, more than 40% of students from

the A level cohort have been accepted onto top degree courses at

prestigious Russell Group universities.

We are particularly pleased with continued strong performances in Maths

and the sciences. Three quarters of students achieved grades A*/ A / B in

Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Art, Media, ICT and Sociology. We are

especially pleased with the exceptional progress students make in Art,

Business Studies, ICT, Media and Sociology.

ICT continued to be a very successful and popular subject with 96% of all

students achieving the highest grade of Distinction*. The 2018 results are a

further improvement on last year’s results which showed academic A Level

results to be higher than the national results.






Social Sciences

Science and Engineering


5 students

2 students

25 students

15 students

10 students

9 students



1. Level of course

• If you are predicted to achieve Grade 6 and above in 5 subjects

or more choose from the Grade 3 subjects listed.

• If you are predicted to achieve Grade 5 or above in less than 5

subjects, choose from the subjects at Level 2 listed.

2. What style of learning do you prefer?

• If you prefer coursework based assessments spaced out

through the year choose up to 2 of the subjects with an *.

• If you prefer exam based assessments, you should note that

these are all taken within a one month period and you will have

a minimum of 3 exams to sit in every subject where there is no

coursework assessment.

3. What are your career thoughts?

• Research your chosen career/university course before chooing

your subjects; use our handy guide as a first step.

• Remember students achieve best in the subjects they enjoy

and are willing to study beyond the classroom and curriculum.

4. How interested are you in the subject?

• Will you be willing to engage in extracurricular reading and

activities in your chosen subjects?

• Will you voluntarily keep up to date with research and new

advancements within the field of your subject?

5. Where to get more help?

• Sixth Form Staff (Ms Zaraat, Mr Rayleigh, Ms Batra, Ms Bailey

and Ms Warwick)

• University subject webpages listing entry criteria

• Prospects Personal Advisor

• Head of Careers (Ms Radford)


University Degree



A Levels


A Levels


A Levels

Architecture Art, Maths English, Physics History, Psychology

Art, Fashion Art, Textiles Photography, Media,


English, Drama, Business


No Essential Subjects Business,


ICT, Spanish, Politics

Economics Mathematics Economics


Spanish, Sociology

Engineering Mathematics, Physics Chemistry Further Maths




Drama, History,


Spanish, Media

History History English, Politics Geography, Sociology

ICT ICT Mathematics or Core


Physics, Business

Law, Politics or I.


English History, Politics Psychology, Drama



Mathematics Business, ICT Further Maths

Media Studies Media Studies English, ICT Politics/History

Medicine Chemistry, Biology Maths Psychology, English

Nursing Health & Social Care Biology, English,

Sport Science

Sociology, Psychology,




No Essential Subjects Sociology, Biology

Psychology, English


“I’ve had a great time at Alperton Community School.

The teachers are really kind and supportive. They gave

me great advice and I felt that I could talk to them at

any time.” (Sixth Form Student)


Level 3 Courses: Students will achieve Grade 5 – 9 in at least six GCSE subjects

including English & Maths, along with specific subject requirements listed below.

Curriculum Area Subjects Subject Specific Entry Requirements

Creative Studies




• Art/Graphics Grade 5 – 9 if taken at GCSE

• Ability to work to tight coursework deadlines

• Commitment to exhibiting work at school events



Social Sciences

World Studies






Further Maths

Core Maths

Health Care*


Sport Science*







English Literature*

• Grade 5 - 9 in the chosen science is essential

• Commitment to attend residential field trips

• Grade 7 - 9 in Maths is essential for Physics

• Mathematics GCSE Grade 7 – 9 is essential

• Strong Logical thinking skills

• Core Maths requires a Mathematics GCSE Grade 5 and

can be taken as a fourth subject

• GCSE Science Grade 5 - 9 essential for Psychology,

Health Care and Sport Science.

• Grade 5 – 9 in chosen subject if taken at GCSE

• A scientific and research driven outlook

• Grade 5 – 9 in chosen subject if taken at GCSE

• Interest in World Issues, past and present

• Commitment to remain up to date with current affairs

• English GCSE Grade 5 – 9 is essential

• Drama/Media Grade 5 -9 if taken at GCSE

• Excellent written communication skills




Business Studies

Business Finance*






• Business Studies Grade 5–9 if taken at GCSE

• Commitment to remain up to date with current affairs

• Grade 5–9 in the chosen language at GCSE

• Commitment to extracurricular spoken activities

• ICT Grade 5–9 if taken at GCSE

• Ability to work to tight coursework deadlines

Level 2 Courses: Students will achieve Level 3 in at least six GCSE subjects including

English & Maths, along with specific subject requirements listed below.

Health Care

Level 2 Science

• Commitment to attend weekly work experience

• Excellent independent research skills

• Commitment to re-sit English and/or Maths GCSEs

Level 2 ICT


“Alperton is a great place to learn. The school

has fantastic resources and teachers are really

supportive.“ (Student, Year 12)


Summer Schools

We support you in securing a place at these highly competitive residential courses held at

Oxford, Cambridge, Eton College and prestigious Russel Group Universities. These courses

provide you with skills and opportunities which aim to enhance your chances of getting into

top Universities. In 2017 over 70 of our year 12 students attended Summer Schools across

the country, including 9 students who were invited to Cambridge. Read about their

experience on our website.


You have the opportunity to sign up for The Extended Project Qualification alongside the

three subjects you will be studying in Year 12. You will be given dedicated and timetabled

supervision to support you towards completing this independent research based programme

in an area you are personally interested. Students in the Sixth Form have successfully

completed this project in topics ranging from Dentistry to Football, many achieving an A* - A


Enrichment Programme

We provide you with weekly and timetabled enrichment opportunities, allowing you to

develop a new skill or refine an existing one. Our enrichment programme includes certified

courses such as British Sign Language, First Aid and Multi Sports. Our dedicated Business

teachers support our students into applying for The Aspire Programme, which pairs students

with mentors from the Business world. These mentors will support you in gaining a feel for

the world of work whilst also encouraging you towards achieving your goals.

Student Leadership Opportunities

The Sixth Form Student Leadership Team and Student Council represent the Sixth Form at

key events throughout the year. They are responsible for running a number of iniatives,

including our Sixth Form Magazine, The Buzz, which keeps the student body updated on key



Every year teachers within the Sixth Form will encourage and support you into entering

national and global competitions. These include Micro Tyco, First Give, Maths Challenge and

more. Our students achieved national recognition in the Micro Tyco challenge, winning 2nd

Place after competing against schools in the UK and abroad. In addition to this, 30 students

from Alperton went on to win work experience at Deloitte, on their ASPIRE work

experience programme.

Other benefits

Every student in the Sixth Form is provided with a brand new Chrome Book to support their

E-Learning. A tailored PSHE programme ensures we begin supporting you in achieving your

next step goals early, with academic skills workshops and peer mentoring. We have 3

designated study areas, including an academic library open to Sixth Form students throughout

the school day. We also provide you with specialist support with University or Employment

applications and prepare you for interviews by planning strategic mock interviews throughout

the year.


“The atmosphere of collegiality is

wonderful and the teachers are

always keen to support and advice us.”

(Sixth Form Student)


1. We put you first

It’s your life, your future, so we’ll help you put together a programme of study that gets you

where you want to go. You can use our open evenings, our bridging week in the Summer

Term to look at what subjects to take at A Level. We will also sit down with you and talk

through your options in detail at your one-to-one interview. At every stage, we’re here to

listen, advise and support you in your choices.

2. We will provide the best teaching

Our teachers are friendly, experienced, and creative in delivery and real experts in their

subjects. Above all, they’re committed to helping you get the grades you need for whatever

you plan to do next. We are very proud that many of our students meet and exceed their

target grades.

3. We are your kind of people

At Alperton Sixth Form, you’ll be with like-minded people who want to work hard, do well

and get on in life. We’re a tight-knit community of around 350 students and you’ll fit right

in with our high achieving ethos and aspirations.

4. It’s tought at the top, not!

We are consistently in the top 25% for progress of all schools and Colleges in England. Also,

Oxford Analytics Research, an independent company has shown that three of our subjects

at A Level are in the top 12 performing subjects in the country for progress for those

subjects. That’s top 12, looking at more than 2500 institutions! That’s beyond fantastic!

5. We support you with the next steps

Whatever you hope to do after Sixth Form, our dedicated Sixth Form Team will help get

you there. They specialise in UCAS coaching and preparation for university interviews – in

2014 and 2015, more than 90% of our students went on to study at university. The team

can also help you plan a gap year, go on to other types of study or find your first real job or


6. Teamwork makes the dream work!

We have a dedicated team of tutors to support you during your transition and every week

during mentoring. They know how to support Sixth Form students and they have been

handpicked to be part of the Sixth Form team. This will ensure you get the best possible

support at all times. We want your dreams to come true!

7. Where everybody knows your name

It’s always a bit overwhelming to start a new season somewhere else. Research has shown

that students achieve best when they stay in their own school. This is because the teachers

know you! They know how to support you and bring out the best in you! We are a Sixth

Form that continues to inspire, continues to achieve and help you be the best you can

possibly be!



Students from Alperton Community School are now represented in the

following Russell Group universities: Oxford, Cambridge, London School of

Economics, Imperial College, Warwick, Birmingham, York, Manchester, Bristol,

University College London, King’s College London, Queen Mary

and Southampton.

Surname First Name HE Institution/Employer Course

Abdallah Abdirahman Brunel Politics

Abdi Sahra Goldsmiths English

Abdi Samad Ilhan City Nursing

Abdullahi Afnan City Psychology

Abdullahi Laila LSBU Diagnostic Radiography

Aden Ubah College Access to Nursing

Ahmed Nagad London Metropolitan Teaching

Al-Djaitab Sarah Roehampton Psychology and Counselling

Ali Ali Bashir City Mechanical Engineering

Ali Zowda Queen Mary’s Pharmacology

Amaralingam Vinusan Brighton Medicine

Amratlal Diven East London Accouting and Finance

Amratlal Jigar Middlesex Computer Science

Ansar Asna Anglia Ruskin Nursing and Social Work

Foundation Year /Child Nursing

Argi Viquen Apprenticeship Finance (Deloitte)

Arora Chanel Employment

Bhadra Parth Sunilbhai City Aerospace Engineering

Bharmal Moiz Kingston Aerospace Engineering with

Foundation Year

Nikita Reading Pharmacy

Chowdury Tahmid Employment

Deepal Keval Employment

Desai Aum Kent Computer Science

Deuchande Hinisha Middlesex Business Management

Deyr Hussein Brunel Business Management

Dondia Anish Brunel Computer Science

Dutt Monica York Mathematics

Elshafei Reham Ravensbourne Architecture

Galili Ahmad Shabir Southampton Engineering

Geedi Abdibasid Employment Security


Gurung Misty City Psychology

Hammoud Iman St Georges Radiography

Haresh Ankush Queen Mary’s Economics

Hirani Jaymin Exeter Maths

Ilyas Maria UEL Psychosocial Theory & Practice

Irachande Dharita Surrey Psychology

Jeintilal Vinisha Surrey Biomedical Science

Jethwa Zeel Sanatkumar Brunel Digital Design

Jimaleh Abdirahman Hertfordshire Computer Science

Jimalle Hudda City International Politics

Joshi Jeetendra Imperial Engineering

Kalooji Safa City Business

Kaneswaran Laxszaa Middlesex Biomedical Science

Karki Jessica Royal Holloway Politics and International Relations

Kathrecha Jugal Brunel Accounting and Finance

Kerai Sneha Ravensbourne Digital Film Production

Khan Saad Royal Holloway Economics

Khan Sarmad Westminster English

Kirticumar Mitali Employment

Lacmane Jenisha Queen Mary’s Physics

Lacmane Purvisha Employment

Lacmichande Sidhi Kent Economics

Lakhani Kanaiya Deepak Nottingham English Literature and Philosophy

Lakhani Kishen UEA Philosophy and Politics

Liptakova Veronika Bangor Psychology with Neuroscience

Lopes Nigel Apprenticeship Software Engineering

Mahendra Daxit Greenwich Digital Film Production

McHugh Daniella Queen Mary’s English and Creative Writing

Meggi Hemali Hertfordshire Business and Finance

Miah Mohammed Jamil Middlesex Computer Science

Mohamed Marian - Mulky Employment

Mohamed Samira Bulgaria Medicine

Mohamud Asmaa Brunel Creative Writing

Mohanlal Satyam Employment

Mokrani Jamaleddine Employment

Morar Hiral Brunel Global Challenges

Moubacher Maya Zakaria UEL Early Childhood

Muhammad Nabeeha UEA Economics

Mullici Endrit Hertfordshire Computer Science

Naik Hetvi UCL Medicine

Narane Sonali Kent Business Management

Narotam Hardik KCL Electronic and Information


Nayi Karan Northhampton Criminology

Parekh Pratik Brunel Computer Science

Patel Ajay Warwick Economics


Patel Akshar Hertfordshire Accounting and Finance

Patel Anikat Nitin Brunel Computer Science

Patel Ayushi Roehampton Psychology

Patel Pragna UCL Pharmacy

Patel Priya Hertfordshire Accounting and Finance

Patel Sarthak UCL MPharmacy

Pindolia Paresh Apprenticeship & Uxbridge Accounting


Pradipkumar Dinisha Hertfordshire Marketing

Rai Prashan Employment

Ramchande Jeny Westminster Biomedical Sciences

Ramesh Hariyali UCL Medical Sciences and Engineering

Ramji Pritesh Hertfordshire Business Analysis

Rangi Janame Hertfordshire Nursing

Raveendran Anojan City Aeronautical Engineering

Raveendran Mowshalan QMUL Biomedical Science

Ravindrakumar Krushang Hertfordshire Ecology

Sandrasekar Kiruththika Bucks New Nursing

Sanjay Shreyash Queen Mary’s Computer Science

Santilal Dhruv Brunel Computer Science

Siab Maryam Hertfordshire Law

Solanki Janvi Queen Mary’s Biomedical Sciences

Sukumar Koshal Raam Aston Pharmacy


Tailor Dharmika Middlesex Criminology

Tailor Nidhi West London Nursing

Thurairajah Adshaja Jessica City Psychology

Ullas Jimesh Coventry Computer Science

Uthayakumar Lavanja Hertfordshire Accounting and Finance

Vala Ritik Brunel Computer Science

Valgi Viral City Economics

Vassantlal Ankit Brunel Computer Science

Vyas Jay Southampton Physics

Williams Rhys Employment

Yassin Mohamoud City Economics

Yusuf Nasrin LSBU Radiography

Mohammed Brunel Mechanical Engineering

Deepak Nikita West London

Alselami Abdullah QMUL

Khalif Werda SOAS Law

Maharjan Surina KCL Medicine

Mehta Harshil Apprenticeship Finance (Deloitte)

Pal Sonia Tryphena UEA Film Studies and English Literature

Pangarkar Iqra UCL Medicine


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